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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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news 4 at 4 starts now. and good afternoon to you. happy friday, everyone. i am joe hart. >> i am shelby sheehan. welcome to news 4 at 4. >> a snowy start to the day. the kids were happy about that with the delay? >> they were. i got to get haircuts for everybody this morning. it all worked out. >> we digress. >> i am sorry. madison is here to tell us about the forecast. we might see more showers come in tomorrow? >> that's right, shelby. we have got a lot going on. we have got the possibility for those slick roads and slushy conditions on the valley floors tomorrow morning. right now we have an avalanche warning in effect until 7 a.m. tomorrow for much of the tahoe basin. as you can see, the sierra here, and again very dangerous conditions out there. it's not recommended to be out
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will remain in effect through 7 a.m. we will keep an eye on that to make sure it is not extended. definitely something we have not seen recently. i am trying to get my graphics to -- there we go. they are moving now. right now in reno 43 degrees with partly cloudy skies. no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 51%. on live doppler radar we can already see the next system making its way in. it's hitting the coast right now of california and by early tomorrow morning we are gonna start to see that rain and snow mix make its way in. on your 24 hour day planner you can see partly cloudy skies through midnight, and then we start to see around 4 a.m. that mix of rain and snow, and then even clearing out again by tomorrow afternoon with a daytime high above average. a closer look at this storm track and your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. well, a man has died following a car crash on sun valley boulevard earlier this morning. authorities say a car failed to
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intersection of sun valley drive and arapahoe drive ending up in a ditch across the road. the driver, an adult male, was taken to a local hospital after the crash around 6:15 this morning and was pronounced dead. the cause of the crash and the identity of the man involved is still being investigated. anyone with information is asked to contact the washoe county sheriff's major accident investigation team. the number there on your screen. well, when the sun isn't out the roads are icy, especially in the morning on the way to work. in order to he prevent yourself from getting an an accident caused by slipping on the pavement driving instructors offer three important tips. all include corrections and the way you brake, accelerate and steer. the most important is spacing. a driver is supposed to allow themselves three to four seconds away from the vehicle in front of them on dry roads. >> add slick conditions and wet conditions, add, you know, time
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so if you are doing four seconds, you know, on dry pavement, you want six to eight seconds when it's slick. >> and in order to tell how many seconds you have between the two vehicles, find a sign on the road and once the car in front of you passes it, count until you reach that same sign and that will give you a better idea. a mineral county man is facing additional charges after being represented back in november for luring a -- arrested in november for luring a child, open and gross lewdness. robert peterson is also being charged with 70 counts of what they call possession of visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of someone under the age of 16, and 70 more counts for use of a minor in possession of pornography. peterson is being held in the jail in mineral county. he is set to appear in court on january 20th. a down day on wall street to end the volatile week.
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dow was down 391 points. cheap oil and china are said to be the culprits. retail sales were down in december. that's when the holiday sales are crucial. another important number is the retail manufacturing index. it slipped to levels that we haven't seen since the last recession. local financial experts say their phones are ringing off the hook right now. investors are asking a lot of questions, and news 4's terry henry will tell us what they are telling their clients tonight on news 4 at 5. time for our my news web poll question. have you changed your investments based on the current stock market conditions? in the republican race for the white house, donald trump looks poised today to possibly
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he struck a blow in last night as debate against ted cruz. his strongest challenger in iowa. the first state to vote. steve handlesman back were the debate, has the latest from washington this afternoon. >> so we have to get out. we got to win. >> we are gonna win. >> reporter: donald trump campaigned in iowa where he is tight in the polls with ted cruz. >> i am gonna be here so much in the next two weeks, you are gonna be sick of me. >> reporter: trump who surged to a double-digit lead figures he has the nomination if he wins the lead-off contest. >> the fact is i think we can come in first in iowa and then it's off to the races. >> reporter: ted cruz campaigned in south carolina. >> people are rising up and we are gonna turn this country around. >> reporter: in last night's debate trump scored when cruz accused him of having new york values. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> reporter: but trump emotionally evoked 9/11, when the world trade center came
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i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york, and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and to tell you that was a very made. >> reporter: he hit a nerve. news." hillary clinton tweeted, just this once trump is right. in new hampshire today marco rubio attacked trump. >> he has shown he will change his positions. >> reporter: targeting the chief challenger while chasing the frontrunner. >> all right. and again that's how things are shaping up as the candidates head towards iowa. and on the heels of the debate, carly fiorina will be making a stop in reno this weekend. she will be here sunday at the lake ridge golf clubhouse from three to four in the afternoon.
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the public and no registration is required. news 4 will be there covering the town hall event. tune in sunday evening and we will have latest for you then. looking to head out on the town tonight? tickets are available for the bobby dolan baseball event dinner. it looks back on their 41 win season last year. it's also looking forward to a new era of pack baseball with coach bruce leading the program. tonight's keynote speaker is wolfpack alum chris singleton. it's being held at the silver legacy. a resort and casino in the reno ballroom. it kicks off at 4:30 with the v.i.p. reception followed by a social hour at 5:30 and then dinner at 6:30. visit nevadawolf pack. a man played a pretty big role in u.s. history.
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having lived an entire century. he says today did not feel any different than any other day. his family and friends are not offensive line only celebrating his birthday, but also honored his many accomplishments. he has climbed mount whitney seven times. most recently with his daughter and grandchildren when he was 75. he also started working for an aerospace company, lockheed martin, in 1936 and helped design several aircraft during his 35 year career, including the p80. he says technology has changed dramatically since he was growing up. >> the airport, we flew over the city, somebody would yell airplane and everybody would rush out into the streets to see the airplane fly over. >> the 100-year-old says watching airplanes spark his curiosity d aviation when he was young, and ultimately led him to
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tune in for more tonight at 6. a local high school has caused to celebrate after receiving a donation today. > [ applause ] >> blackstone development donated $5,000 to spanish high school during a ceremony earlier today. the money is being used to support ap test fees for students as well as supporting the needs of children in transition at the school. there to present the check donors from blackstone development and county commissioner vaughn harteau. a major chain is shutting down hundreds of stores around the world, and many of those are here in the u.s. who is causing thousands to fear for their jobs? plus, professional bull riders are coming. we will have a pro in the stud owe. he will fastball to know about what it's like -- he will talk
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do that for a america's largest retailer is closing hundreds of stores across the world putting thousands of people out of work. walmart announced the first ever mass closing on friday, today, with 269 stores worldwide closing their doors. 154 of those stores are in the u.s. the company says approximately 16,000 employees will be impacted by these closings. 10,000 of them are in the united states. according to its press release, walmart says more than 95% of the closed stores in the u.s. are within ten miles of another walmart and the company hopes that those associates will be placed in nearby locations. none of our walmarts though here locally are closing. we are seeing an amazing innovation from car makers between the consumer electronics show last week and now the north american international auto show. so what does the future hold
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autonomous cars? brian moore has the scoop. >> reporter: the future of self-driving car tech is front and center at the detroit auto show. >> volvo and mercedes-benz had big announcements. they are bringing semi autonomous function to the road in 2017. >> reporter: the pilot assist in the new volvo s90 allows it to speed on its own. a safety system detects objects and helps brake to avoid a crash. the new mercedes benz e class has a drive system that follows traffic up to 130 miles an hour. >> you can change lanes just by hitting the turn signal. it's impressive stuff. >> reporter: it uses smartphone technology to alert other vehicles to upcoming hazards. >> these cars are going to get smarter. it's basically cars that can park themselves. >> reporter: drivers of the tesla model s car don't have to
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the chevy mailbu with brake and keep the car from wandering out of the lane. still cars aren't doing all the driving. at least not yet. >> we are five years away before that's a reality across the country. >> reporter: they are blazing the trail to that future. brian moore, nbc news. and the newly revealed volvo s90 and mercedes e class don't have a price class yet, but don't expect to pay less than $40,000. the tesla s starts at $70,000. the chevy mailbu starts at about $20,000. all right. time to toss things over to madison courtney. this is a holiday weekend. a lot of people have plans. >> they do. they might get a little bit wet out there with this weather making its way in. the thing to talk about right now is this avalanche warning we have in effect for much of the tahoe basin and sierra here. that is in effect to 7 a.m. tomorrow. very dangerous back country conditions if you are planning
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now, on live doppler radar we don't have much going on in northern nevada. but we are watching that storm begin to hit the california coast and then early tomorrow morning better going to see rain and snow across the region. in reno 43 degrees. no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 57%. but those winds are going to pick up as this storm system makes its way in. around the area we're already sitting in the mid 30s for south lake tahoe and truckee. satellite and radar is showing this system and it's the first of a few more on your seven-day forecast. but it's going to be making its way in again early tomorrow morning. the bulk of the storm hitting between 4 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. we could be waking up to similar conditions to what we saw this morning with slick roads out there. so be ware of that for any of your saturday perhaps. tonight in reno and sparks 35 degrees. again that storm system really making its way into the area after 4 a.m. that is an above average low for this time of year and those light winds will stick around
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tomorrow we are definitely looking at gusty wind conditions in reno and sparks. gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour. and in the morning we could see a mix of rain and snow before 10:00 a.m. we have warm daytime highs expected across the region. in eastern nevada 1-2 inches of snow possible there tomorrow and daytime highs mid-to-upper 30s. heading west the lower 50s for fallon at 53 degrees. so definitely going to see rain there tomorrow afternoon and then 57 degrees for bishop. a little bit cooler in round mountain at 37 degrees. daytime highs in carson city here upper 40s and lower 50s for fernly and dayton. more rain here. gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour. so windy conditions. tonight overnight lows in the 30s across the board there. as we head up around the lake we're looking at those overnight lows in the 20s and 30s but then topping out in the upper 30s to the lower 40s here. 43 degrees for glen brook and south lake tahoe.
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the daytime high is warmer with this system. up north more overnight lows. 30s it the trend. upper 20s, mid 30s. the daytime highs in the upper 40s in sutcliffe. on the valley floor tonight again the 30s overnight tonight and then we do reach the 50 -- or above 50 -- excuse me, i can't talk right now. above the 50-degree mark. we reach 51 degrees, which is above average for this time of year. forecast. we do have a chance for rain or snow every single day. i have been saying that the past couple of days. it keeps extending out. here is a locations that. a mix of sunshine as these storms move out and then move back in. but through the weekend definitely expecting wet conditions and on our holiday there, monday is going to be the next bulky storm that moves in with a 60% chance of rain there. as you can see this weekend those daytime highs reaching the 50s. quite a bit warmer than what we have seen. >> thanks. professional bull riding is
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here to tell us all about the toughest sport on dirt is bull rider brian tipton. thanks for coming in. you are riding tomorrow night? >> yes. >> and tell us how it works and what fans will see. >> it's the best sport on dirt. you can't get any better than that. you will have fireworks, live music, real loud entertainers entertaining the crowd non- stop. a great event for the whole family. >> going on at lawler? >> yes. >> tell us how rough this sport is and what your experience is, what kind of tumbles you have taken. >> it's a real rough sport. i have had broken bones from broken hip to a pelvis. i am getting over a broken arm. i broke my collar bone. my ribs. it's part of it. if you do something you love, you are willing to pay the price. >> ever thought about hanging it up? >> no, sir. it's all i have been since i was a little fella. >> you said you came from denver
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>> i did. >> how did you do? >> finished sixth. >> nice. >> i was doing good and bucked off my last bull. but i am ready to fix it up here in reno. >> what's the key when it comes to successful bull riding? >> just your heart. have a heart and have a lot of faith and keep focused on what you want. the more you focus, the better off you're gonna be. >> all right. i know people love to watch it. glad to have you in town. good luck tomorrow night. >> appreciate it. >> head out to lawler event center tomorrow night. >> it's at seven. you can go to the box office and get tickets starting at $15. >> awesome. sounds great. shelby, back to you. >> thanks. a light festival like you wouldn't believe. where you can see installations from 30 international artists coming up after the break. here is a look at today as numbers on wall street.
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news 4 at 4 will be right back. time now for web question. have you changed your investments based on the current stock market conditions? there is plenty of time to vote. it's on our home page and we will have updated results through our evening newscasts tonight. the fight over the sage grouse continues pitting land
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tonight at 5 a look at the bigger story and the people affected on both sides of the issue. and then coming up tonight at 6, meteorologist cassie wilson will have a closer look at what impacts the avalanche warning has on back country activities this weekend. that's coming up tonight at 6. well, it's a case of bright lights, big city in london this weekend. light installations from 30 international artists illuminate the streets and building in london's biggest ever light festival. for four nights they bring 3d projections, interactive installations and extra ordinary light works to iconic and unknown corners of the city. it first debuted in durham in 2009. >> that would be awesome to check out. >> gorgeous. all right. madison is back. here we are friday, heading into the holiday weekend. we got a whole bunch of weather coming our way? >> we do, absolutely.
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morning with that tricky travel out there. the bulk of this storm moves in between 4 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. so right when that morning low is at the lowest and we are gonna see the slushy conditions again. we are hitting the lower 50s. we are warming up and then we will see quite a bit of rain with these systems as well. >> makes it easier with the shovelling the driveway when it warms up. >> yeah. there is that. >> i like to see that. >> thanks, madison. that's all for news 4 at 4. we will see you back here for news 4 at 5. have a great weekend, everybody. >> i am staying here.
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>> judge judy: you gave your son money to purchase a used car for you. >> announcer: mother and child aren't in sync. >> she didn't give me money for the vehicle. >> judge judy: how much money did she give you? >> $2,000. >> judge judy: because? >> i just accepted money from her. i mean, it's been like this since i was a kid. >> announcer: and the judge isn't buying any of it. >> judge judy: if you're making $8,000 a month, why would you take $2,000 from your mother? >> extra money -- i like the
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everybody does.
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