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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm MST

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tnk of being elmed bycas.n ju h, iaalcommon re t'rnt ree ca wewe anerat." w is bei of voeer base.. i thci mo th n icto ande rirt, tida de erhowagooder38 yf e to t commy.. he joic-s- p-in 17.. wa promot in 1988 then liein 2003.. and ander in 2008. riimorado howard red everm et pls to py d commity relations. a naal wawaor a sout lorahool ming ufit e schonofrom
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ngemenol gna lighl compet giberselementa why.. and moy to neexci equient. the school won the "fueup to py 60" onsod e nfl wschannel 13'snnieilkman fo national all about
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de imesav ver e de. s e captt balheipd ficis ll e sefutoom ugig boin tc ktreaso "t weig ls re th dan tono abt" he wouty frdi oa n peles okotedalstlln llar is inis coeralhtll fimeetafmo t ta fi countri gnhe agreen toy. ur llve10flhtstti thal mmcirlerbannedro intoub53 arag bl r flhtha ened. a ntay wl re, dop more thatw
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rgbu tinaiatmpelhe sme co es, sang"iento do my j. hetoo eib, wl.agatthca wo firstthgh acse tea what dred is h mike cica loves admiwoering, nide plane.odanit's gonuesday night. d we beginht veryous coom t, other t ton th ines cg antoo nfird
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iveron-9le you wi s res in a me, ayinouelsewhe. ile,heha reaio ass fuhenoh. x rn sleet, at i iia i-siann, trud carsdiweeghth c' be ones syer nk city toni gio,ing. >> reporteodveni to you this sto has bll long, from oein the ngerhttogh aanommu ihe hilaineser traern the whitman br e threay sout a vicamera in poano h drivro ssis reesn st cour caschg thorm i anrsebs co proj even t


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