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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 1, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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th candidates isso fm me etenng car a iow di t cebo nsheexoon he a vtron shoor gh oar w oer show om tovie "sve jo." ka wsl i hitus tot. [ cheersndppus]frhe miser "mf," ard dreyfusssereith .kate win ricthe aolute peo get on a boat wit toge this is fun. omes to fro b prieser parishioners a service that i ha ever heardf . y hanin
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dizsomethg? thenll dto t - par but tthe ki hees theittlehampoo out t ther an pheshe aloheir way. en iss t allo hom mon-. almt l cthe utf coeconas t er here maybhe checkintoaksuthei spillhe y ourly t lorfted usithde "the or." we'reeks"theotch lar" aassic "bac tonightdded bit ra a rytentesta. >>on -th ouhang tre nonst othbachor thiisir. he's aops.
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>> oh, rdra >> aris keeps hn i s acond?herot sever w co. >> ye all a vithegggh >>"t e f e. ch appuse ] >>: osissed toght'epise, o tseo n't ve te wch it, r owhat, to caisoryo e st iw w.wi oj you hav tpesh uerand this heree te brca ton n.
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jimmye backe kate win, richar dreyss,musiomin o supebo issuay y'rck s gtoho deliong50ther super bow50 broncoersushers.eanthers are 5 1/2 point favoo cordingrbes" magine e ave pce f aup bowlicke thi y $ oy pplehoan aor o eupl t gulange sur wl. ck priseayre o o coro llell y setng, when
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[ hter ] [ eersnd alaus e yoettingn tuiller >> jimho do yok is gog to n? >>ll: panthers >>im: dyou ink tt? >>uillmobeusth'r vo [ ug ] jim allightll kes you'erring to erts what i ysaying. guillery. gh day aheer b is t nba-starga. the is ing edn ront thi ye. but youkn uted states an cadren' the only
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it ishe counheate. they all-sr fll serleague andig fhe areilelexnhey lla le>>immye cwd a it .[ andppus] acl ga, the f's anoer lesar athletichievement.psn front. the cch pu pouead h rlid tt fulp le t go.neapci ttubl sngut treegian ay.oh,. te' ,no>> t i e he hd it. it's o lap oacg to he thie'n the wotle. kond
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if y t you w n'tou r"t se"? 's cled sualin as mentioned theyeluch lk auta. thad tmows .whice.a ccus at's ttherend i words we pretde m ears. us to you don'tt y're unedn i you uned.thaausereest o e stera cr oo llywdouleva tsk peopf t got t vot it. ich of coue n. most peopleavbe i iowaeowa cauc
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ything yreaou cand i yno oggleditof "tnws." >>e today is ucus o presiial elec. >>. politi ou bt tet?>> have heou? i a amear b myho yobe aeetutvo ut >>nd wrerli e? >> it i trahu i lld. hereheesto n d. ot ba tay is f ccuf e psielti, did get o andte? i>>he iot- t wh for?>> ere? ede str heollipeere? ery ce vernice. d ty oer ckiesr ice? >>he d. i cond hn. >>owas theff iidha ititase iwafed. bolsdtyoe t tvelrd? - t s taretfreeough
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t rd fe ee wich stue at do tosay peopdi vday? needget yo- cabs oherend go v laer ] [ rs appe ] >> jim: tonig o show mm d mion. chdrfuand 'lbe rht bk wi teslet [ chnd appus dic: o "jimmy kimmel li" are to yy dino he r cal gday th fsh-b drno a. noteliv ino-me r liteti, ououhaffsmneventone opurarho angethe cone ic
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y otr,ndetheouh halpre, too smarholike samng gaxy6,ot5 d nyrr tilhalfffartpne e w ists and t e whol tod pimusic.i'gladoualde.hapeci th'su wa s.yowe rhtbo t foh h k y tronreit bif, it how aba ba gameti done boceless expie around tbe with... ...yworld at
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shoghed tacoie u inthases d shs. , ir ooro andpplause ] weomba. ght,brand ne vion m "madoff icieres y reonhecharfure. chrs a aus , asil, nnse iseialm,t' "at cdy o mion fm thg rs appuse we havgreat sh tomoight, geloon here mo [ roaning immy: ho do yo makes theseel?ve salmo iil anathis jais, regi hie, ctum, [ and app]ok
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i'soy.r rsgut t owner o oarangoen esndvea am ard th mthheayo en manr rk t miee ,"hi cos teb obly,andigillto plse wco kate wit! [ chrs andppla] : how ado yo s allards i t like wiitng near you. ju proxy. >> j:hiis the first . isur firstme, my: i itsnur
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wo i't talkinabt a to orowbi i m i fe. at t fstonorou ev receeddo remeer >>do al. >>mywh wasit >> c son iongnd ncanygineua i agell d scarecrow with i camend. go yoer ad. >> iasch yrso. my:ired thi as an wh you remember whoeat you in ? no, i thini no, i d ionre : no onemember o on remeho re look aow. [ hter
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dangngeemeike y wehaunt t>> g.s larmg usf tt wo? g? awar?'say struc mengintlyusin n't in weauab thatgh my i funny bause herenyging al youreig autha' is n,t wa rely a. there'such a strange wondme youw. d se y realized recently that wedurlvn cribtion to red aompetihat w did ooo antheninally wan it like, wt' hapne to jmydo you really hthat? >> i do ae tual'mnest immywow. i . >> thinkt'snarasn't it,antin o o tse ea fuls pzes.
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not --, i dt sp. >>'m d sayg that i'ne sint'at nonate ,t rll y grto [ a appus it'so eat! i'ames it'so sgngt . jmythsite viy ard ov theeekend yes thice.ok at michaelshannon, he's sodeghted. immy i dhie kn what'speng an telou ing s. jimoh! >> s shameless. >> jim: diu ask t? of co notitag fel kirsten well. immy people wxcited you werittingext t n dicat the even t in aou him tinheer.>> i. kouldte th.
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room. >> know. pelway so e e and mysel i tame ace. you knt e d of the day, tha loisn't it it's bee20rsle stiet [ cheelause so-it al -lly ar lbo, w gingut lasght. go canyelie ,tple so -- ty justeto whelme byhe ck a r >>im: ,ye. firsof a isne of e biestovieev.rely is t fir ti tyou, s,idn'eet you, tirste >>ye. my wha me yinated>> eag, t that was di. bit. it's hardack. no, i heen - i'd d afilm cense a sensy" whi was written by emm t wholso wasnfilm. >> jimright, ye
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was 19old. i was y old andlf at the awards myparents. and l i remember is my [ p ].it's qncy anty w aef sp t foupeon itascomplely y ow, ovwhelming andtills.stl ablutely >>my:ey b sitng with y ats ow? yes, thewe >>my: ey weoh >>yyde. o momnd myhat' ao be ba gh mean you ner knowha pasre g t tt' ue d d c bete st extaendpricbl ct'r gh >>im wlblurt thgsutomet tha hav no rl bringnanhing heorre o oth guyom dictn theatoom.>> d hey? >> j: y ncea bi
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t brlit,oveat>>mys if he didtw . >> tisoluty fstic. my: whe com, we haething -s is goi to it's anercise. nessarily a game. beuse youot n -- it's just something for us to do. there wil you end,ant you to yr hopup. hyt?>> jimmy: allt, we'e thin ant prizes >> jan my be aakca aga ious. ets here, the movie is "steve jobs."rs and applause ] by 3.thining so w t caal d the yprtoowopleicopelr bu.toah opleeay doegef $0 en tsw. i meabyoveg it inveed ttory
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icha] saple wione thnd dol evy atlock. you stn. com! it'sefason. thboblmewhs n they lau tection dryness,omfortontrol. ds,inhape padflex technolog
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gu sign'workin uncan sm, awherout. t nes $1 mon whe at wir v.
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likewh e a mon and tirst90. 0,a mon aft. >> thore t focast >>s isy field. m ggin y to geexpectatns o tre. >>'manexctions w n goingo a miio tir 9. >>yo ne eryo, evne wti forhe ma mae. tt haenshen ty find outhat $295 the noing you wit? [ ppe my. jailae ry 16tond tasre itooe nine muteso iz iwasyo whei w yo
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atasy .th wypl iando- reallan to letely dpent r. i didn wt leono tht me jmy wt ayyo? >> s tim w jnna ffmauc anor lady, areatrienp witevbs. thrieshe were edibly lpful. thect.was born iolan brais inia,ent b pond half fam s russn- ian, it prey ting . the ithia sthat with eurean o you' onl o epaw fro a atdanit veketc ifou get itt a hr it co the wngway. immy: pe right, are nine a that it'rftly right, and she's o of them. s.
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probab douhe sounecausends like tso wasete time>> you'rri ave just donet my standard rp jimmy eoyed the mo how ovies havyo in?>> i don. 12old coand s tng likeis , 14. then sorof leun thk it probay sewre arnd30 jmy we're gngo yo t. you' bn i 0moes so>>isamesam that you. e ot theame -- i'l you ptograp o oneectersm one your moviyouoell ur's name. >> goo s we'taith on art -- thone. a hoffman. >> jcorrec surnes awell?>>immy tha w b nice. you' g bonuspoin. >> some tm dn'ha surnes
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h . >> j:corrt. xten andseilit arnn dashwo>> jiml right,e rely -- janine m at cre. >> oh, w - jmy:on >>ser me? my she w do eri >> jmyt! i do impressed. >> rita. >> fr -- lemeinechy. >>im:al oneor thtae t'--moth laer ] j ksl theal caccahe inalars" >>s righ jim, it'sod havouhe
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upi'haib i'gouseg get tz di stra sdwh. (kz'emee hey hey i mon l ply? on'tott. no le saunpakirkeverheev on y th hetso pa isnedaa hl? i wiy t okt cami yorey?sn w saunise ettyh helse.
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theeling rectured. d@5ttv# 8 [ ch a a] immy: hico back. comeusrom do. our ne gue is an r winnndne othgreaf all- youw hiom s,"cse encou r.olla's opumany monext us as a vnamed berntv mief,it st abse so ard [ ch anduse >> it m fee tterel tot sndcascaras. m vepyha youre aap tre jmyki tat autth dse u o o tyou
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new i woing to andhrilledoath. >> jimmy: you ? i knew >>im: how did yknow? i s im y no,o.>>imulations mled m andid, u' been noted.that was ak.en i id, whoe was minated? enold me whoe i said,i' win laereeimi keand wer h alreaonatalfng ast mylf aumrf yrs re.>> jmy whoouou bethonse this? , peothz. j: inai ur bet agays i he apprenteshif dkrz.
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mite id, they id iai i betyo and wasgh a tyeron t feduthard elo woody alle john travolta. i'm a -- appl [ a] mydi you wmone >>fmoney. . exye -- >> jimmy: wtan bet agaiu? ext y ion lotfmoneting -- quk, wh wonhe b act lt i at'sowas ppl et im: ally ye. atrue ory. jimmydihahaer life? imaty? whouon tt -- >>he>>immyno, be laht ] trhyit. i eawa imestood? u caactuly kd s
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an-too outrse t whatwa d iwas t itnor autnyone inhat auence d hn' --eleut hai i easi 2earsoosoon. >> jreal nd i f tnd of stab of. ment. do you thinkwon oooo becauad r. hadhing ah me.knen i snothin itly m noinbut at wo longed of me. >>: atbollx, th,now? >>de. ughter appuse ]
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ti out o it. amousutmenhrs at you en pk we --thes. >>im: y'd broht mto thawar i wouldave putt in psptiver mediely.who didouringoha ? >> bht mrlfr at th. and m : l righstatleta outf aihe tha happed. immy st leas pso youbouthae tl jim i he t y,n ncountame [ rs ande ]that mie e see 0 s, thamovi irearing out? davit talki "t ople g kic ouingheano. ine y eat tanblic. u'ttohe cae "ws." i an- ts why, a awvita don l eihoe.
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im. was i on m f -->>rou tt.immy: t tt. u wea jmy don'tmeerctuauchinere ag hars a u,"tin " uer cck u ugng at tt pot ot rllyet an celeitie i'ke, wos isra fehis g hriend d triple expert. use tosic d t in oanro a oddasinntf m i the urghdoa
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ja! an thougert was kill :s cno vi. bere moff watcdisointereths manngs d owbouthiguy. ha - y kw, sd t dep ofm. ree, ybe wa t g in ishe rea ver -- veryad guy. ba sociopathological, cppling sipsyc n. >> jim: sho kws i meveha todl e f hdprtlhe as ater facte h ent w is ewe. e t
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s h i everyby es an i g w ." jmy aha w thgh idt ce were no 'sik i otll iago stohe audice ok u athe ,, inth i loveit ani'ng t i becamuleep fun!'t care what i'ringim dn, hevybody!e ds ior th he doest forure ev. and bernie did it for the same r ife htelevision in thacell. ableatu. >> someone els he can gm . >>myye ah.'s greatha you h rsuse ]
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dnesy n two-ghtethe a 4thf an io realls od. t' not joke y. it's n- >>my: nt yeah >> dtelyious and le werperatelyinis ofaly and whenou wat it,emem at hea a t fr iri dat i mb putddep. which ieekharyon po mon intgeingouo wak. sos t gat li t shoou er jimmye'reky tve u re.
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be rig bac >>ic: thjiel liv concerries is ted by samsun erg g errotrtenga. >> dickythe jimmy
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saung. >> jimmy: i'd like to winslet, richdr out of time.and erth the song "spbacminion! ictla osit woupen ou g witme kissinyou uld hhe swith m me o a uple wh gimmof heart
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ouapba t seeshnyours bed o my bab ey'rxed u inr snck shofr foritro ban chkin'oumakep iny y ns ean'rtli oy yoca in yousnba ahohoh o wh ooh ywo o o wo oohh woaohh r ap woh hahh oh o oah o ysnck woh oohh oah oh inour apba oa o
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. heillion w eecayslt the noti of winng isroct snarru len tti , he stothe ce-itablelary con lockn a d bers. behe sne wit sam twi. practgingocauc >> gf bedandca hind e c an army of volunso theng weth m anden who candidatter thaybod a rare insi intoovend litics. hbeable tonht wha tesou tel abo ng rhtysi.
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