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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." g$xg9iwl >> i national day of mourning in pakistan. a passenger plane crashes, killing 152 on board. campaigners in catalonia how one at their fight to kill of the controversial spanish bull fighting. making friends while angering those in another country. >> we cannot tolerate in any sense that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able in any way to promote the export of terror. >> welcome -- welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- you have heard a lot of talk about sanctions against iran. taking a closer look at whether
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they work and whether it -- what their longtime ally, china, really thinks. winston churchill -- >> dentures are credited with -- winston churchill -- >> dentures are credited with winning the second world war. hello to you. an airliner in pakistan has crashed near the capital, killing all 152 on board. it was operated by the company air blue. it was on a domestic flight from karachi. it was operating in poor weather. it crashed in the heavily- forested hills north of islamabad. authorities are examining the flight data recovery. we have this.
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>> rescuers worked frantically on at the mountainside. the aircraft flying in smoldering pieces, only minutes from the airport. passengers would have been preparing to land. the plane smashed into the forests of the hills. it was difficult for emergency workers to access the crash site. they were helped later by the army. desperate relatives also tried to make up the mountain. to get there, he said, to see if god had spare the life of his brother. but early rumors that there were survivors soon dissipated. all of those on board the aircraft are known to have died. over the last hour, one
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arriving here at the main hospital in islamabad from the crash site. many of those relatives have been bracing for loved ones have now moved here, so they can at least have a bodies to identify. but most will not even get that. such was the force of the most ambulances had only arrived with body parts. the it was the most distressing, it seems, for families like that of a 30-year-old, realizing that he had so suddenly been taken away. perhaps the plane should never have flown in such bad weather. perhaps it was pilot error. hours after the crash, people need to know. commercial flights on one of the busiest routes in the country -- how could it have ended up like this? bbc news, islamabad.
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>> britain's prime minister is making a bid to bolster the country's ties with india. big business deals are due to be signed. there is already controversy on this two-day trip. in a keynote speech, david cameron blinked pakistan to sponsoring terrorism, pleasing many in india. >> important visitors stay away during the monsoon, but the british prime minister decided this was a moment. and for plain talking, too. he had a word for the near neighbor, pakistan. >> we cannot tolerate that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able in any way to promote the export of terror, whether to india or to afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. >> he talked later with i.t.
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experts in bank a lark. he did not shy away from his comments, and said he was not attacking pakistan, but urging them to do more. >> he wants to send a clear message. i think it is absolutely right to do that. we work closely with pakistan. we want to do that in the future. we want to work with india and in doing so. we expect all countries to do as we do -- to fight terrorism wherever it occurs at every opportunity. >> the prime minister might have preferred to dwell on a 700 million pound deal finalized today. this will help india build 57 new trainer jets. feel to this message. it comes after the leaking of u.s. documents that accused pakistan intelligence of hoping
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insurgents in afghanistan. >> india and pakistan have a very complicated relationship. with the prime minister of britain to make this a statement in india seems to suggest partiality. >> this is not the first time david cameron has indulged in plain talking on foreign soil. yesterday's description of gaza as a prison camp was frank, too. he is establishing his own reputation in britain as well. on the ground in delhi, it is clear that pakistan will be on the table on talks between the prime minister and his indian counterpart tomorrow. david cameron has shown he is not shy of trying to set the agenda. bbc news. >> 100 days since the deep water horizon rig exploded in the gulf of mexico and triggered the worst oil spill in american history.
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oil is now clearing from the surface of the ec faster than expected, according to experts. -- from the start se of starta -- from the surface of the sea. st8 b)people have been killed n roadside bomb. it is thought nato forces were patrolling the area. french police have found the bodies of eight newborn babies found in france. the parents have been arrested. dogs are still searching two separate sites and in the village of villers-au-tertre. rescue workers have been sent you a town in northeast china where it is reported flooding has dropped 30,000 people. it is believed that a reservoir overflowed at jilin province. heavy rains and landslides have claimed 800 lives.
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with more rain forecast, the prime minister has described the situation as critical. we have this from beijing. >> this river slid down a mountainside, hitting at several homes lining its path. soldiers and rescue workers mobilized to look for those buried in landslides. fear the worst. in another part of china, a massive dam collapsed on wednesday. record levels of water surged into the reservoir behind the dam wall. the river is still short of its maximum capacity. the floods have been a disaster for many. more than 800 people have died. hundreds more are missing. and the rainy season is not over.
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soldiers and emergency workers are battling the elements. they are shoring up defenses along many rivers. they're bringing supplies to stranded residents. bbc news, beijing. >> it has been a tradition in spain for centuries, but for the first time, all fighting has been banned in the spanish mainland. it will end in catalonia. tens of thousands signed the petition, calling it "or eric." we have this from barcelona. >> it has been a part of spanish culture for centuries, are rituals a in whichmatador -- in which a matador uses tapes and lance is to kill a bull. to critics, is torture. -- it is torture. this was their reaction in
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parliament. shouts of joy from those favoring the ban, politicians and activists alike. animal rights groups gathered outside parliament for the vote. they said it was a barbaric a blood sport that has no place in 21st century spain. >> bullfighting is not set in stone in any policy, let alone in the catalonia. it will make it a more ethical place to be. it will become a better place. >> many believe this was about more than protecting animals up. it is an attempt by nationalist- minded catalans to reject one of spain's best known traditions. >> here in catalonia, bullfighting has been losing
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support for many years. now, bullfighting has been banned altogether and the matadors know they only have one sees and left in which to fight. have vowed to extend their a -- these activists have vowed to extend their fight across the country now. of brazilian tv host accused of ordering killings to boost his crime show ratings died while awaiting trial. he was being treated in hospital. because of its debt has not been confirmed. he often featured exclusive footage of crime scenes. he is accused of ordering qt::[okillings and alerting hisw said they could be first to be seen at the crime. health officials in moscow are urging people to stay indoors. this is the worst smog to get
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the city in a decade. pollution levels are 10 times normal. it may seem like an unlikely duet, but the former american secretary of state condoleezza rice and a wreath at franklin performed today art -- perform together for charity. the concert was raising money for underprivileged children. stay with us, if you can, and "bbc world news." a highland horror chooses is the victims very carefully. first though, doctors have warned and obesity epidemic is putting thousands of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies at risk. advice is being issued to women in england about managing their way during and after pregnancy
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to reduce the effects of high blood pressure and miscarriage. we have this report. >> she gave son to her -- she gave birth to her son brightly four months ago. with the body mass index over 30, she was considered obese. >> i did try to stick to as healthy a diet as possible. you find you are not losing any way, it really is this morning. >> is pregnant women were taking part in a water exercise class. this is the kind of activity encouraged in the new public health guidelines. the women extolled the benefits of exercise in pregnancy. >> you do not over-stretched or do anything dangerous. it is not publicized.
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i only heard about this through a friend of mine. >> was only 60%o2t:x of women ie women in the general population are overweight, 50% are considered obese at the start of their pregnancies. >> it is very important to limit the amount of way you put on during pregnancy and to get you a good week before the pregnancy begins. this protective mother and the child. >> kate fell into the high-risk category. she says she is now able to enjoy the first weeks of motherhood. >> the latest headlines on "bbc world news." it has been a national day of mourning in pakistan after the country's worst air disaster. 152 people died when a flight
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from karachi killed -- on a flight from karachi crashed near islamabad. david cameron says that britain will not tolerate pakistan supporting the insurgents in neighboring countries. it, the european union imposed tougher sanctions on iran -- this week, the european union imposed tougher sanctions on iran. it is a price that many, china gave its backing, despite the long association between china and tehran. what is the chinese approach? >> we support the timetable and containment. >> for four years, he has helped his fellow iranians by ships from china -- buy ships from china. but china is no longer accepting
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letters of credit from iran. he blames the united nations. >> i stop my visit. i cannot export anything to iran. no one except our credit. so we cannot buy it. this is everything for our people. >> the iranian president saw for himself in shanghai how relations are cooling and in the wake of china's decision to back sanctions, when none of the country's leaders came to meet him. >> and chinese scholars say the country's ties with iran have been tested by the nuclear crisis, but will not be broken. >> we are not cutting them close like a friend, but we are friendly. -- a tu are notgging -- not tugging them close a friend, but
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we are friendly. we will do what we can to bring iran back into the international system. >> there is perhaps one overwhelming reason my china continues to support iran. ofs country's huge reserves oil. this film celebrates china's oil industry. the shanghai world expo. but businesses here are probably not reliant -- not aware of how reliant they are on foreign oil suppliers like iran. half the crude oil used inlg:xyñ china camp from overseas -- comes from overseas. >> the message to chinese government -- a message the chinese government knows only too well. oil is a national priority. iran is one of the most
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important sources. by the middle of this decade, more than half of china's population will live in cities. that will create huge opposition all demands for power, and that will mean countries like iran are more and more important to the future. bbc news, shanghai. >> in the u.s. state of arizona, key parts of the new immigration law have been blocked. there will be a relief for many, not least in mexico. many families and towns rely on money sent back from relatives in the u.s. our correspondent has been doing area and central mexico where tensions have been running high. >> it seems bound to become a ghost town. an estimated 60% of the town's original population have migrated from this rural community to the united states,
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mainly to arizona. most are there illegally. for a few, the ones who have papers, and can visit their relatives and revisit the u.s. he drives to visit what he called their peaceful hometown in mesa, arizona. >> we are lucky because there are those who cannot come back. people who are scared about what is happening and are fearful. >> despite the slow pace, any news from arizona is welcome. the new immigration law is creating anxiety. has just ended, where many were dedicated to those who live in this town and were born in arizona. there is deep concern about
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their relatives in north of the border, but also the impact the immigration law can have on the livelihood of a town like this one. in a town where unemployment is at least 30%, the money sent from my friends in arizona are a key force driving the economy. some migrants also help develop the town's infrastructure. this man tells me that this area is the town's only primary school. the few paved roads in the town were all paid for by money sent from arizona. in the dimly-lit room, she shows me pictures of her wedding day, two years ago. weeks after that happy day, she says, her husband crossed the border illegally and has since lived and worked in arizona.
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today, she is preparing a gift for him. it is packed with his favorite mexican suites. -- sweets. the separation is for but, she tells me. and she shows me why. with the remittances sent every month by her husband, they are building the house they have dreamed of living in. but now that is all in jeopardy. >> with this new law, we do not know what will happen. i am worried. he could be imprisoned for a long time. >> thousands of miles from arizona, be wary in this mexico town is that turbulent times -- be wary in this mexican town is the turbulent times are just beginning. bbc news. >> flightmidges -- flying
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midges have been common in scotland for years. researchers find that they prefer tall men and large women. >> they are the skirt of the summer, about four years, one gun tree -- one question has plagued it people in particular. the scientists have been trying to find out. some of the athletes here were bit more than 100 times. but new fare worse? >> we found that size matters. with men, they are big and more frequently, and women with a larger body mass index are didn't more frequently. >> why? >> the first reason is that they
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live in trees. the tallest man are the first victims become too. the second is that our bodies give up heat, moisture, and chemicals. bad news, say scientists, for the larger lady. correct it seems that there is a hereditary -- >> it seems that there is our hereditary link. this is important in understanding our genetic components as to what makes us attractive to biting insects. >> but there is hope. one in 10 is not written at all. it appears the lucky few give up a chemical that masks them. the next challenge is to identify and bottle it, making the holy grail of insect repellent. >> and it gets weirder. a set of falsezeg::)6 teeth way
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winston churchill have been sold at auction. we have this report. >> we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. >> the unmistakable words of winston churchill. inspirational and instantly recognizable. >> we shall fight on the beaches. >> he had and natural speech impediment. his distinctive voice was a crucial tool in winning the second world war. faith in in norfolk vault, a set of dentures designed to keep his voice unaltered on the airwaves. >> we shall never surrender. >> the dentures were made by a gun at mitchen, and i have been in his family's sense -- made by
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a technician, and they have been in his family since the debt of churchill. >> they were brought in front of them, and he said -- you are going nowhere. you are staying here. >> they have been in a drawer for many years. i would like to show them to the public. >> at the wheel college of london, the only other surviving said -- set exists. they have pride of place, flanked by the teeth of royalty. >> without these, he would not have been able to deliver the great speeches we know from the second world war. >> yes, who indeed would have thought this would be the most exceptional and talked about item i have ever sold at auction? >> they are valued at 5,000 pounds, but auctioneers think they can fetch tens of thousands when they go on to the house.
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bbc news. >> more on that and all the international news at our website. thank you for being with us on "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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