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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 22, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise, what can we can do for you. >> it's calling of bail on prison on $2 million. and president obama signs a national reform since the great depression. david cameron's u.s. visit is overshadowed by acquisitiocusat mixed message. and now word on art.
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>> welcome to bnd "bbc world news" broadcasting to our viewers in u.k. and around the world. tycoon, conrad black has spent first night of freedom, he was charged in 2007 of taking pounds, and there was concerns by the u.s. supreme court. >> conrad black taking shares more than $6 million, and security cameras showing him taking boxes away. >> the shareholders showed he
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was stealing from the company. jury was found he was stealing from the company. and the genius like conrad black, they are irrepressible from the climb up the mountain and down from the mountain. >> conrad black started in the building, and out maneuvered the owners and revamped. and it was what was the third largest newspapers. but will telegraph is long gone from fleet street and long gone is conrad black. >> his citizenship was that of the lords, and he renounced it. but while some admired his
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achievements, many found him arrogant with his homes in london, and florida, some said that he was living a billionaires lifestyle on a millionaire's lifestyle. he and his wife was party people. he was freed on appeal. so what now for conrad black? >> he will let out of his way to let those know he was vindicated and if he stays out of jail. he will attack for revenge. look out, conrad is black. >> now conrad is told he must stay in the united states or forfeit his bail. he may face a retrial. >> our correspondent kingston has been following the story from washington. i asked him why conrad black was
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granted bail. >> the judge indicated following a ruling by the u.s. supreme court last month. that found that one of the elements of conrad black's conviction, a law of depriving shareholders of their services. and the supreme court found that law was too vague. but what it has done is send the case back to the lower court. that will have to look again at the charge and the obstruction of construction. and those pictures of conrad black showing the cameras and he was lead to obstruction of justice. that charge may remain on his record. what we know in the short-term he will appear in court on
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friday in chicago, the lawyers said that while pending he could return to canada. >> it would seem flat that black granted bail would be well for the appeal. >> there are commentators in the united states saying that if someone leave prison it's unlikely they will return. but we must stress that the judge is yet to make a ruling, whether to squash the conviction or retrial. and serving just over two years with 6.5 years left thus far. >> do we know when conrad black could be free?
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>> there are commentators say he may go back to canada and should be able to go to canada and come back for a subsequent hearing. and a judge is to decide on that, and no way to know how long to make that ruling. >> and there is a sweeping overhaul of the rules in the financial crisis. after signing into law, president obama said they would help protect consumers and bring more transparency to financial markets. >> another key obama initiative goes into law. an increasingly unpopular law signs the bill that will reform how america runs their financial
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system. >> we will finally bring process to this crisis, and finally in this law america will never be asked again to foot the bill for wall street's mistake. there will be no more tax funded bailout period. the opposition says that bill will cost more jobs because it will squeeze access to credit. that may ring true for those with high joblessness. >> i think that the national reform bill is ill received and it will make credit harder for businesss to get. >> it's nearly three years from the housing bubble that burst and bringing down wall street in a worldwide recession.
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>> we saw nearly half a year of deregulation and saw what that brought, a wild, wild west foolery. >> this new law tries to put an end to that, with consumer regulation and those for winding down financial firm. >> this is a feather in president obama's cap, and on wall street they can only now figure out much this will cost. as they rewrite the rules of the most financial complex system. >> the head of the u.s. federal reserve, ben bernanke said that the outlook for the america economy is unusually uncertain. saying that it may be necessary to take further action to
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stimulate the economy. but still expects and continue the moderate growth. >> with financial conditions and much improved since the financial crisis have been less supportive of growth in the recent months. notably the concerns of euro countries to manage their sizeable budget deficits. and spurred with global financial markets in the spring. resulting in lower stock prices in the united states. >> ben bernanke, the british prime minister has denied of sending out mixed messages. during the day david cameron said that forces would not stay beyond 2015, but with the pull-out on the ground.
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and speaking that there is no contradiction between the two points. we have james landle. >> the sacred ground of the national cemetery in washington, the final resting place for military service people. david cameron came here to meet those and want successes to come home year. >> as we providence districts to afghan control, there will be ability to draw down troops. >> why this change of policy? it's a huge leap of saying all troops out by 2015, and start next year? >> there is no change in policy at all. >> and it was something that he discussed with military commanders as they briefed him at the pentagon.
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he insisted that his withdrawal is not a new policy but a strategy that would have all british forces out by 2015. critics accused of him mixed messages. >> can we be clear, your deputy said come 2015 all troops will be out. >> to give people some certainty, we have said, to be clear in 2015 there are not going to be combat troops or large number of british troops in afghanistan. there will be a relationship with afghanistan and troop training but nothing like it is now. >> david cameron is not just here regarding afghanistan but to meet for those on the british economy. >> the world men in new york
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that can open all doors is the mayor, michael bloomberg. but for the warm welcome and friendly hot dogs, there are some who feel that the spending cuts could put the recovery at risk. the prime minister said that if the deficit were not cut, they could face high inflation. dave cameron is here on two issues, the global recession and the war in afghanistan. he's got exit strategies for both but will be time before he knows they are the right ones. >> two more soldiers have died in afghanistan, they were trying to rescue a colleague. they are from guards and scotts guards, their families have been told. this is "bbc world news" still ahead, another milestone for
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facebook. the internet giant has signed up half a billion users. a relief well that will permanently seal bp's broken well in the gulf of mexico should be in place this weekend. three months after this started, there is a storm on the horizon. our reporter has been to the louisiana coast. >> here on the louisiana coast, the sun is shining but the forecast is for bad weather to come in the next few days. and that couldn't come at a worse time. bp is in a critical stage in its operation to shut off the leak permanently. if a storm strikes all the vessels in the gulf would have to be pulled into harbor for shelter. that means leaving the cap unattended for perhaps three to
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four days with all the uncertainty about whether it n canstand the pressure. and meanwhile while a leak 2-1/2 miles below the sea bed, that work may be held up. the coordinator says that the delay could amount to 10-14 days. >> davidshook man. and meanwhile in china with clean-up continuing. since a pipeline exploded the oil has spread 61 square miles and they worry about the threaten to the sea life. the international financial fund has canceled haiti's debt to the
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fund. they approved a new move to $61 million with help to haiti's reconstructi reconstruction. more "bbc world news," lord black has been freed pending fraud convictions. president obama has signed in a new law. and david cameron spoke about withdrawing troops from afghan. i spoke to barbara in new york, and mr. cameron is packing a lot in his visit to the united states. he held a private dinner with
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mr. bloomberg and had a meeting with top leaders from businesses and banks, and met with ban ki-moon, attending the national conference, and able to update prime minister cameron about the plan put in place. or agreed to increasingly hand over control to the afghan national army. >> you mentioned afghanistan, and that's the big issues between president obama and david cameron earlier. and there seemed to be a new sense of urigences about the timetable in afghanistan. >> i think what is happened you had this conference in kabul that they agreed upon a plan that has a timetable, that by 2014 the afghan army should be
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able to take over, and they have a plan that could begin as next year. there is a controversy over fixed date and conditional terms. but here in the united states, president obama and mr. cameron were united in the strategy of the war. >> and some may say what shattered is the topic of bp and the lobbying for the locker b bomber, what have you heard about that? >> you are right, it and furry that the locker b bomber was freed and demand for senators to hold an inquiry why the bomber was
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freed. and why lobbying from the british company, bp, had anything to do with it. mr. cameron was firm, and i don't think you can have a court inquiry but the review of the documents of the case. but he felt that the decision was wrong and he and president obama were united. >> he may have a war of genocide against him but omar al-bashir is traveling to chad, sudan correspondent reports. >> a visit unlike any other. president al-bashir arriving in a country that is legally bound to arrest him for crimes
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including genocide committed in r-4. and now they say that president al-bashir is a valued guest. even six months ago this trip would be impossible. in february the two countries signed a deal that they for once respected. >> everything that went on between chad and sudan was an accident. we regret it enormously. now we have turned the page. we are working together for the interest of our two nations. i always thought of chad as my second home, despite the war that both of our countries went through. >> in recent months chad was kicked out the rebel they sheltered. and now chad will welcome president al-bashir.
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and not sure how all will react, but president al-bashir is reporting welcome to the dismay of many in the west. >> the bolivian president has pledged 1.5 million to pay for the problem of cold cut, and they claim that the government hasn't paid them for compensation they were promised. facebook's rise has an extraordinary landmark, the website has gained its 500 million user, that it is more than the entire global population. not everyone see its as a cause for celebration. >> it's the place where millions of people socialize.
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500 million to be precise, using a site created by a university student. it started at harvard university by 2004, and spread throughout the united states, and by july 2009, it had 250 million members around the world. and a year later that has doubled to 500 million. for users it has begun to reach into every area of their lives. >> it's a clever product that allows for sharing and imagery online. and the second thing is enabling people to create their communiti communiti communities online and gather your social networking.
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>> facebook didn't begin just in the u.s. but also in the u.k., my face was available in the facebook, and with growing there are two concerns of two issues. primacy and child safety. this parent is to remain unanimous because he feels repercussions for his daughter. he made her leave facebook with her being 10, under the legal age. >> how many of the people are underage, age 10 and 11 are on facebook. my concern that theunderage use don't know how to respond. >> half a million is a nice number. >> an achievement that stands to
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make him more than half a billion. >> the fastest growing art form in britain is dance. it's a trend being lead by street dance, with a mix of hip-hop and with a world premier in london. and now reports whether it's high art. >> this is more about footwork. >> these are just some of the move that is make up street dance. the hip-hop based innercity art form that is part of the mainstream. this is opening of boy blue, the success won't stop them from keeping their feet firmly on the
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ground. >> i am community based, and coming here, i am not different. i am doing the same stuff, just in a bigger place. for me it's not about, i mean taking it and bringing that organic raw material that we were doing in the community, i am bringing it here. >> audiences in general has increased, it's the country's faster growing art form. one that street dance has benefited from. but perhaps the most significant change is that street dance is accepted into the rarefied world of international contemporary dance. >> street dance has really grownup, and it has a lot in common with other forms, and it has a form of narrative. and i believe that belongs on a stage alongside these other forms. >> the hip-hop musician and
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co-founder of boy blue entertainment agrees that street dance has much in common with other dance forms. >> you are dealing with dances. and we are all into this art form, whether hip-hop or ballet. but the elements are pretty much the same. there has been plenty of talk in the arts about the need to reach new audiences. with street dance the talk is replaced by action. it's an art form that has between the street and the elite. >> a couple who are watching a whale swimming off the coast of south africa had a lucky escape, when the creature slid on their yacht. while the boat was badly damaged but the man and women were
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incredibly unhurt. this is "bbc world news," thanks for watching. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe, and click to play go to, for the news online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont and honolulu, newman's own foundation, john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation and union bank.
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