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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  August 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". kasia: welcome. you are watching outside source. nancy pelosi has arrived in taiwan with a collision course with china. the speaker of the u.s. house of our present lives is the most or american to visit the territory for a quarter of century. beijing promising a firm response. >> we are closely following the itinerary of speaker pelosi and if the u.s. continues down the wrong path, we will take strong and resolute measures. kasia: president biden says justice has been deliver with a drone strike that killed the 9/11 terrorist, ayman
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al-zawahiri in afghanistan. katerina johnson thompson leads the heck athlon as the commonwealth games get underway. we begin the program with the u.s. house speaker, nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan. it is a historic moment, marking the highes ranking visit by an american official to the island and 25 years. this is that moment she arrived. there is nancy pelosi, leaving the plant the airport where she was initially met by a small delegation. in a statement, ms. pelosi said the american solidarity with taiwan was more important than ever as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy. for china, the visit is a provocation. >> china has on many occasions
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made our position clear on this. we are closely following the itinerary of speaker pelosi and if the u.s. continues down the wrong path, we will take strong and resolute measures to ensure our sovereignty and security interests. kasia: let's take a look at why this visit is such a historical one. taiwan is a self ruled island, but taiwan -- but china sees it as a breakaway province. china has not ruled out the use of forth to seek unification and opposes officials having state visits with taiwan. you can see it has been conducting military drills. china has vowed targeted military action in response to the visit and the visit hasee condemned by china's ally, russia. >> we view the unannounced visit of u.s. house speaker pelosi as another provocative action by the u.s. administration wishing to assert additional pressure on
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beijing. because of the -- it appears to be -- it is a purely internal affair from china. kasia: we have been hearing from taiwan's residential office saying they wish to maintain peace and stability in the indo pacific region. let's get a flavor of how this visit has been received in taipei. this is a taiwanese politician. >> speaker pelosi just landed in taipei. we are very happy about it. her journey was safe and she arrived safely. so many people are very happy. we hope china can down. taiwan is a sovereign and independent country. they don't have any right to interfere in anything related to taiwan. kasia: our correspondent in beijing has more. reporter: i know there have been
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visits in the past from speakers but it's a long time ago. xi jinping is now in power here and the administration here has been talking up its intention to one day grab taiwan back, even using military force if it is necessary, and to have such a senior figure from the u.s. arrive in taiwan, they say it's a bit of a slap in the face. however, what was nancy pelosi goin to do once china starts making threats? it's going to be hard for her to back down as well. the danger with all of this posturing from beijing and washington and threats going back and forth and all of this military hardware in the region being assembled is that somow or another there will be an accidental flash, an accidental mishap or miscommunication and it could lead to actual fighting between the world to superpowers. kasia: there's also some
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important histical context to consider, what is known as the one china policy. it is beijing's official position that china has a claim over taiwan. the u.s. acknowledges that claim but does not endorse it. instead, the u.s. says it has what is called a robust unofficial relationship with taiwan. in 1979, the u.s. passed the taiwan relations act that basically guarantee support for taiwan, including in defensive matters. that is why the u.s. continues to sell arms to the island. with that in mind, here is a former prime minister of australia. >> the bottom line is if you ask yourself this question, does this help taiwan's overall security circunces, i think the answer is no. but there are a whole range of other measures that could be undertaken and i think the biden demonstration is undertaking to begin to work in the direction of enhancing further taiwan's
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own deterrent capability. at work here is one fundamental thing as well -- beijing is beginning to convince itself that at an operational level, the united states of america is changing its one china policy, that it is in subance moving, d therefore china, for its own domesticolitical reasons needs to demonstrate it will not accept that under any circumstances. kasia: i spoke to our correspondent in washington who began by explaininthe timing of nancy pelosi's visit. reporter: she was meant to go in april and wasn't able to go at that time, so it was rescheduled as we have been hearing, she got lots of warnings that this was not the best of times to go because it could escalate tensions. there is very strong support in congressor taiwan as a flourishing democracy and lawmakers tend to believe ch visihow solidarity. especially nancy pelosi, because
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she has aong history of criticizing china and its human rights record. as we were hearing, if she decided not to go in the midst of this controversy, she could have been accused of appeasement. she did say when she landed that r visit did not contradict u.s. policy in any way. beyond that, despite the warnings, she was blunt about her views. she said taiwan was under threat from an increasingly aggressive china and her visit should be seen as unequivocal statement of support from america for a democratic partner who had to defend its freedoms. kasia: very determined also in terms of wanting to go at this time despite president biden's residence -- presidentiden's reticence. reporter: president biden did not feel it was his place to tell her not to go because congress is independent from the executive. technically it is up to the speaker of the house to decide if she wants to take a foreign
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trip or not, but he did not think, as we understand, that this was the right time to go for a number of reasons. one is u.s.-china relations are at a very low ebb. it's assessed here that president xi is under quite a bit of political pressure and might have to react more strongly than he otherwise would and could not afford to look weak. taiwan's diplomatic profile has been risg in recent years and that makes the chinese even more on edge about what this trip would mean, that they see it as u.s. and taiwan strengthening their alliance and this may encourage america's allies to also strengthen alliances with taiwan. kasia: nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan has in the biggest story in mainland china. satirical cartoons like these are floating around online. this is from the chinese newspaper, global times. this one has been doing the roundsn china's biggest social media network. this message was posted for
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nancy pelosi on the taiwan -- on the taipei 101 building. showing the message on casper by taiwanese television channel ttd. i spoke to the bbc china media analyst. reporter: it's the only story today in mainland china and on social media platforms you look at the hashtags that are trending, they are all devoted to pelosi. you have had social media users who have been following her flights so intensely, really wanting to know where she's going to be. state media have been posting inflammatory messaging about this, suggesting this could be the brink of military action between the u.s. and china. for anyone reading this within mainland china, reading about these developments, there is a big fear this could result in a war, another invasion similar to what we have seen with russia and ukraine. kasia: when we talk about the
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military drills china has been talking about, saying arguably increasing the number of these drills in response to this visit by nancy pelosi, is that something that is also being spoken about? reporter: yes. should -- since she arrived, there have been announcements that there going to be drills all around taiwan and leading media have been putting out images showing when they are going to take place. more or less around the island. these are going to take lace between the fourth and the seventh of august. there's a suggestion china does want to demonstrate its military strength. this comes off the back of just yesterday, it was the anniversary of the people's liberation army, the 95th anniversary. what people have been seeing in china, knowing this visit is going to happen, they've seen a huge propaganda wave of what
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china can do with its military. this has come on top of the visit. kasia: our china media analysts about nancy pelosi's visit. still to come on the program, a major figure in the 9/11 attacks on america, the al qaeda terrorist, ayman al-zawahiri is killed by a drone strike in afghanistan. in golf, tigeroods is reported to have turned down more than $700 million to join t rake away saudi backed series. our correspondent has more. reporter: this has been bandied around for quite some time but has been effectively confirmed by the chief executive, the saudi arabia funded circuit. greg norman is the man who fronts that and he did an interview with fox television in
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which he confirmed before he actually took over as the chief executive, tiger woods was approached and something in the region of $700 million to $800 million was the offer made to tiger woods. woods is a massive figure in the world of elf, the dominant player for two and half gates and dominant personality as well, so he was seen as the prime target as they set up their breakaway league. woods was not interested in taking the deal. kasia: you are watching outside source from the bbc. our main story -- the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, nancy pelosi, has arriveon an official visit to taiwan to a furious response from china. let's turn to afghanistan where president biden says justice has
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been delivered with the killing of one of the world's most wantederrorists in a u.s. drone strike. al qaeda leader, ayman al-zawahiri, helped mastermind this september 11 attacks. mr. biden announced his death. pres. biden: on saturday, at my direction, the united states successfully concluded an airstrike in kabul, afghanistan, that killed the leader of al qaeda, ayman al-zawahiri. al-zawahiri was bin laden's leader. he was with him the whole time. he was his deputy at the time of the attack on 9/11. he was deeply involved in the planning of 9/11. one of those responsible for the attacks that murdered 2970 americans on americail. kasia: the cia operated air force drone carried out a so-called precision strike as
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al-zawahiri stood on the balcony of this house. our security correspondent explains how the operati was rried out. reporter: after years on his trail did the -- how did the u.s. find the al qaeda leader? they appeared to have first tracked his family to kabul and by this spring, th established al-zawahiri himself was in a particular building which he never seemed to leave. they spent months monitoring his movements, establishing what they called a pattern of life, even building small scale models of the compound. after previous disastrous mistakes in the afghan capital, washington wanted to make sure they had the right target. eventually, the decision was taken to launch two missiles from a cia drone when he was out on the balcony. some reports say they may have used blades rath than explosives to minimize the risk of other casualties. kasia: this is what you need to
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know about ayman al-zawahiri -- a second in al qaeda, he putted this september 11 attacks with osama bin laden. he was one of america's most wanted terrorist, with a bounty of up to 25 million dollars for information leading to his capture or conviction. he took over al qaeda after the death of bin laden in 2011, but under his leadership, analysts say the group struggled with many leaders in hiding and the emergence of rival group islamic state. white house officials say senior members of the taliban's haqqani network new -- knew al-zawahiri was in afghanistan. >> it's impossible to believe the leader of al qaeda was here in kabul without the approval of senior taliban figures and that puts the taliban any a difficult position because they have been publicly insisting al qaeda is a
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group that no longer really exists in this country. al qaeda and the taliban you have a long-established relationship. al qaeda being based here is the reason america invaded back in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks. kasia: while the taliban has responded, al qaeda has not. here is the bbc's jihadist media specialist. >> it is important to say the group has yet to comment on news of al-zawahiri bus death. high-profile groups have offered condolences come they have called him a martyr, so it seems they are privy to information he has been killed. in terms of the taliban, this is an embarrassment to say the least for the taliban. in front of the international community, the taliban has vowed to not allowihadist groups to use afghan soil to plot attacks. on the other, it has been an
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embarrassment withinhe jihadist community, so there's a different kind of debate going on online on these platforms where they are saying, especially supporters of isis, taliban and al qaeda, they were saying was the taliban involved? where they colluding with the u.s. to prove their cadet jewels -- there credentials to mark so there is contention within the jihadist hardliners and international community. there was rumors that taliban was offering support to al qaeda but both groups have denied that . but this is the first concrete evidence that there was a high profile al qaeda figure there. sia: let's focus in on that doha agreement struck in 2020 between the taliban and united states. the taliban called saturday's drone strike a clear violation of the agreement, but so did the u.s. of secretary of state accused the tele-band of grossly violating the agreement by hosting and sheltering ayman
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al-zawahiri in kabul. under the terms of the pact, the taliban agreed they would not harbor al qaeda members in afghanistan. the u.s. said it would refrain from the use of force against afghanistan or intervening in its to mastiaffairs. the death of al qaeda's leader is undoubtedly a big blow to the group. here's a security lecturer. >> it is the end of the al qaeda that existed during and shortly after they 9/11 era. al-zawahiri is the last of the iconic leaders. of course, bin laden has been killed and so have others, so the point here is the old al qaeda is dead. at the brand of al qaeda will continue as indeed the nazi
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brand continued after the death of hitler's and the defeat of the nis in germany. i don't think we can call it an end, but a transition phase in whatever al qaeda morphs into evenally. kasia: earlier, i spoke with our chief international correspondent from kabul. reporter: the details are so sketchy. there's so much speculation that swirls around ayman al-zawahiri d it continues to this day with people hearing kabul expressing skepticism he had actually been killed, that he was in that safe house in the neighborhood just a few streets away from where we are broadcasting from. there were many on social media who remindedryone that there is been repeated reports that al-zawahiri had died for, one that saying he had died of illness. those wh said he was still
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alive believed the man who went into hiding after the september 11 attacks in the united states was likely to be living in the rugged terrain a reclusive life along the afghan/pakistan border. it has become as a shock to kabul residents and many beyond he's not living way out in some motainous region in a cave somewhere in afghanistan or pakistan. he is in a multistory villa right in the heart of the afghan capital. we understand he's a guest of the taliban government who are hosting him here. kasia: does this mean for the taliban in terms of the promises it made about not enabling organizations to launch attacks on other nations when you've got this man living in afghanistan? reporter: it clearly underlines the taliban understanding of the deal. it's an observaon many have made about the deal signed in
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may 20 in the gulf state of qat ar, that t taliban did admit themselves to not allow afghanistan not to be used as a launching pad for terrorist attacks, a rept of the september 11 aacks. but e deal is not clear they have agreed to sever all links with groups like al qaeda. i remember but in -- in those negotiations, i aed the american envoy is it going to be spelled out in black and white because we heard the taliban were resisting saying in a sentence we will not have any links wth al qaeda. as it turns out, the deal which emerged was not watertight. the fact they do or did have al-zawahiri underlines that they see this very differently ever nce the taliban came to pow. we have been hearing rorts, what seem to be credible reports that al qaeda fighters have been
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coming across the border into eastern areas of afghanistan, across the pakistan border. yet the taliban continue to insist they are not allowing any of these fighters to use afghanistan as a base, as a place to plot attacks. kasia: we are going to turn to the commonwealth games taking place in birmingham right here in the u.k. it's the first day of the track and field events and we've seen action in basketball and swimming. we have the latest from victoria park. reporter: the main highlights for the hurt -- for the host nation for england is the gymnastics. a fantastic way to finish for england today. what a story this is -- england finishing with 16 gymnastics metals, 10 of them gold and four of them brought by this man on your screen. what a superb debut for him.
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on theolts final today, 20 years old, injury problems in covid earlier this year. for golden birmingham, one of the great stories and now he sets a record, the most successful male think -- mail english gymnast at a single games. the local lad, every time he comes on the big screen, they give him a loud cheer. he just about missed out on four goldals. he will have to do with three. he had a fall on the horizontal bar earlier. he finishes with those three gold medals. i want to mention -- a sport that doe't get much of a mention -- wales beat england in a thrilling final. the wel pair gtting themselves over the line. jamie walker finishing 19-18.
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we saw scotland take gold. outstanding over australia. an outstanding result for india and new zealand takinbronze. kasia: so many gold, he will have to do with three. lotsf action already but plenty more still to come. reporter: absolutely. athletics and swimming. let me talk about the athletics -- the first night, six metals up for grabs. 10,000 meters men final to come. i want to talk about jamaica's olympic champion -- a jot fastest in the 100 meter heat at 10.99 seconds. we have no shelley and frazier price, no sherika jackson, she is not to compete here. such a tight window just off the
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back of the world championships. elaine thompson very much that woman to beat. caterina johnson thompson, she's had all kinds of injury problems. she finished eighth in oregon at the world championships recently but was top after the first two events of the habitat for lawn today. i want to talk about e swimming as well -- a blockbuster night in the pool. emme mckeon, keep an eye on the screen next to me -- she's taken bronze in the 100 meter freestyle. she becomes the joint most decorated commwealth game swimmer athlete across the board today. so much to look forward to. kasia: there is indeed so much to look forward to. our live pages updating us and we are waiting for adam petey to come out for his final next and
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