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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  May 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> i am rose a. welcome to outside source. roz: in texas, morning 19 children and two teachers killed by a gunman in the second deadliest mass shooting in american history. president biden. pres. biden: i'm sick and tired. weave to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage. roz: in the u.k., but official
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reports on rulemaking parties and downing should during a pandemic have been published, it lays the blame on political leaders and senior oicials. boris johnson has apologized again. >> at dick fuld response ability for every thing that took place on my watch. z: the reporters describe winds build on walls, vomiting and labor says the prime minister shod shows t ot that under this prime minister has spread in mber 10. ♪ roz: let's start with the mass shooting at a school in texas. 19 children and o teachers lost their lives. it is the second deadliest school should -- school shooting in american history after sandy hook a decade ago. it happened in the city of
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uvalde near san antonio texas. the people are between seven and 10 years old and it is a redundantly hispanic school. let's hear from an official who works there. >> my heart was broken today. we are a small community and we need your prayers to get us through this. roz: the gunmen arrived at the school around 7:00 a.m. full-time tuesday. he was 18, a local student, with a handgun and a semi automatic rie. he got the guns for his 18th birthday and it is reported he shot his grandmother before heading to the school. local police tell us what happened then. >> we have local police here from the police apartment, school police officers, state troopers that responded on scene. there were the primary officers on scene. they are the gunfire and saw the shooter, then they were met with gunfire by the shooter. several officers were shot.
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the shooter was able to make entry into the classroom, barricading himself, and there was no regard for human life, a tragedy. an evil person going into the school and killing children for no reason. roz: the gunmen made several facebook poached -- posts. >> the first published this post was to be effective i'm going t shoot my grandmother. the second washot my grandmother. the third post less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school was i'm going to shoot an elementary school. roz: we know the names of some of those who lost their lives. xavier lowe has was 10 ars old. his mom had attended his award ceremony hours before the shooting. garcia was nin his grandfather
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described him as the sweetest boy've ever known. 10-yeaold was also killed us was ellie garcia. his brush her father wro ellie was a doll into happy as ever. a teacher also died, a relativ told reporters she was trying to protect students when the gunman killed her. we also heard from audrey garcia, whose daughter is a former student of her. >> my daughter had her in third grade and my daughter has dn syndrome. she is a special needs student and i had her included in regular classrooms. so she was on her third grade -- she was her third grade teacher. she treated gabby like the other kids, she did not have any lower expectations of gabby. she worked every day.
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you can see the kind of educator she was in that photo and gabby and i will never -- we could never have thanked her enough fo what she did, but now that she is gone, i want the world to know exactly who she was as an educator and a human. we don't ever want that to be forgotten. roz: we know in washington, flags were lowered to half-mast and we heard from the president. pres. biden: how many scores of little children will witness what happened, see their friends die as if they are on a battlefield for goke? i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. roz: president biden has had this message because this happens a lot in the u.s.. in 20 alone there been more than
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200 mass shootings, including 27 school shootings. as the bbc reported, guns overtook car crashes to become the leading cause of death for u.s. children in 2020. david hawk is the cofounder for march for our lives, ich campaigns for more gun control and is a schoo shooting survivor. >> the trauma that has, literally almost dying on the classroom floor and having people killed around you, is unfathomable. it is hard to mobilize people. it is hard on the people being affected by this. it is re-traumatizing for many of them. roz: activists like david want to change america's gun laws, some of the most relaxed in the world. access to assault weapons also comes up as an issue. this shows the states that have are sections on it, there are relatively few. it has the highest rate of gun
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ownership in the world, by far. 62% of americans want restrictions o gun laws, the lowest level it has been for years and this is wound with the constitution and the right to bear arms which he details. many americans oppose fundamental changes to gun laws, like ted cruz, a publican senator for texas. >> the media, whose immediate solution is to try to restrict constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, but does not work. it does not prevent crime. we know what does prevent crime, which is going aer felons and fugitives, and those with serious mental illness. roz: republicans like ted cruz tend to support gun rights. democrats want further checks. it is a partisan issue is many things are in america, which brings us to another clip. this is texas governor greg abbott. last year he relaxed gun laws in texas and the challenger for the texas governorship, wade
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o'rourke, interrupted his press conference. >> you are out of line and an embarrassment. >> so down i don't stuff. it's >> you are doing nothing. >> he needs to get his ass out of there. >> sir, you are out of line. please leave this auditorium. roz: there have been multiple efforts to change u.s. gun laws over the years, particularly after mass shootings. dae connecticut, 20 students and six teachers were killed. barack obama was president and joe biden the vice president. they put forth a bill to make gun ownership harder and it failed to pass and similar moves have failed again and again in congress. chris murphy became senator of connecticut month after sandy hook. the address to tuesday. -- he addressed lawmakers to
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say. >> i am here to get on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues, find a path forward here. work with us to find a way to pass laws that make us less likely. roz: t chanc of laws being passed for further gun control are not high and often after mass shootings in america we hear a focus on one organization in particular, the national fl association or nra. it lobbies against most forms of good control and argues more guns makes america safer and has a big budget to influence numbers of congress on these issues. it has a conference this weekend in texas. ted cruz is duto speak, as is former president trump. on the nra, president biden had this message. >> as a nation we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? when in god's name will be do
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what we all know in our gut needs to be done? roz: our correspondent is in uvalde with the latest. >> this quiet neighborhood, this quiet city has been torn apart by the events that happened inside the school behind me. every now and again you see families with young children carrying flowers and balloons, teddy bears, which the police pick up to put outside the sign of robb elementary school. inside are still parents waiting to find out what happened to their loved ones. the amount of media here is intense. so mucmedia, you ask yourself, do mass shootings is still make headlines in this country given th thi is the eighth this year, the 27th school shooting this year? and it does because we are talking about children. 19 children killed inside a school. we are learnin more about the
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horrific details of what happened, the gunman identified as 18-year-old svador almost -- ramos barricaded himself in a classroom and kill those children as long as -- as well as two teachers. what we always see when there is a shooting like this, you see politicians unite. they grieve and are united in their horror, their anger. they pray but they quickly divided. on political lines. president biden, the democratic party want more meaningful legislation. they want to stop things like this from happening again. but on the other side you have the republican party who say this is about the right to bear arms. this is not about the gun, this is about mental health, arming more teachers was what the attorney general of texas said in reaction to this. you end up in this stalemate as america always does. whilst the families grieve behind us in the school.
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roz: because school shootings are not unusual in america, with the school have been protected in any way? >> who don't know the full details about that. but the thing with a lot of schools in america is that they are used drills where they practice if there is an active shooter. which horrifies many americans who don't believe that should be the answer. they want meaningful gun legislation. they don't want children or anyone to live with this. just on texas itself, texas is a very pro-gun state. last year the governor, who held a press conference earlier, signed a law that allows anyone in the state over 21 to carry a handgun and anyone over 18 to carry a rifle without license or
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training. another thing, the annual conference of the nra, you mentioned their powerful national rifle association, the pro-gun lobby is holding its annual conference here this weekend where you will see texas senators, the texas governor in attendance as well. that gives you a sense of how comfortable xas is with guns and the idea of guns. generally, the country is swamped with guns. the u.s., u.s. firearms make -- mars produce more than 139 million guns for the commercial market over two decades from 2000 and imported another 71 llion. what do americans think? the latest poll shows that 53% want stricter gawuns. l how t gidivided the country is on it. roz: thanks for that update. in a few minutes time, after this new report on lockdown
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parties in downing street has been published, we look at the story from the beginning and how the government is responding. ♪ it's roz: the u.k. government has approved a $4.25 million takeover of chelsea football club by this man. it was on sale before the owner was sanctioned over links to putin. it had been operating under a government license that expires in may. >> there have been more things -- because of the freedom -- but last night the government finally got legal assurances it needed that the proceeds of this sale would not benefit abramovich and they can issue a special license or permit the
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sale of the club. the proceeds will go to humanitarian causes in ukraine. the premier league also approved the sale, saying the consortium led by an american billionaire and a private equity firm had passed the owners and directors tests. ♪ roz: i'm roz atkins. our lead story comes from texas where a community's morning, 19 children and two teachers kileld -- killedy a it is the second deadlygunman. her resignation after the culture inside leadership insight in downing street is questioned in a report. it should not been allowed to happen.
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when asked about the lockdown parties, johnson has often said this. >> we need to hear at sue gray has to say. roz: sue gray is the civil servant who iestigated gatherings and now her report is out. detailed multiple -- a detailed multiple events and what took place at these gatherings was not in line with covid guidance of the time. we know some of those gatherings lead to police fines and when the report was public, the prime minister addressed parliament. >> i am humbled and i have learned a lesson. roz: sue gray looked at six and events, one a bring your own booze gatheri in the downing street garden in 2020. the secretary said then -- invite and a special advisor messaged him saying the press conference will probably be finishing around that time, helpful of people can be mindful of that as speakers and cameras are leaving, not waving bottles of wine, etc.. he replied, will do my best.
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others raised concerns, lee kane mailed martin reynolds saying a 200 person invitation for drinks in the garden number 10 is a risk in the current environment. 30 to 40 people attended including johnson, then there was this event on the prime minister's birthday, for which he has now been fined. there also details of parties the prime minister did not attend, one in june 2020, then head of ethics in the cabinet office brought the karaoke machine. she has since been fined. sue gray tells us the event lasted a number of hours. it was excessive alcohol consumption by some individuals, one individual was sick, there was an altercation between two others. responding to the report, boris johnson says he did not know the extent of what was happening. >> i have been surprising disappointed as anyone else in this house as revelations have unfolded.
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>> number 10 stuffers of question this. one told the bbc's nora that he must've known the rules were being broken. >> yc denying this when we have been with him this entire time? we knew the rul have been broken. we know these parties happened. >> but if the prime minister did not realize rules were being broken, some security stuff did. >> are a number when a custodian tried to stop it and he was shakinhis head, being like, this should not be happening. people laughed at him. roz: the report addresses this, she writes of examples of lack of respect, poor treatment of security and cleaning staff. boris johnson condemns that this happened and some of those staff are workg after a christmas party 20, about which the prime minister said this. >> i have been repeatedly assured sie these allegations emerged that there was no party.
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roz: but there was. she notes the event was crowded and noisy, such that some people working elsewhere in the building current significant noise, something characterized as a party. she goes on, a cleaner who attended the room the next morning noted there had been redwine spilled on a wall. mr. johnson has said he did not know the extent of what happened and listening to him was the leader of the position. >> that report lays bare the wrought that under this prime minister has spread in number 10 and provides definitive proof of how those within the building treated the sacrifices of the british people with utter contempt. roz: if that was the opposition, here is conservative tobias ellwood addressing mp's. >> are you willing day in and day out to defend this behavior publicly? roz: yes, one replied. most mp's do still support the prime minister.
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>> is it not really true that it is now time to turn a page, and for this country, our politics and this house to move forward? roz: the moment between waiting for e supreme report and moving on has been fleeting for some, but the inquiry as to whether johnson misled pilot continues with a focus on students like this. >> all guidance was followed completely. roz: the ministerial code says ministers who mislead parliament are expected to give their resignation. before johnson denies doing this. >> i said in all sincerity that the rules and guidance have been followed at l times, it was what i believed to be true. roz: that will be f the inquiry to decide and this in december will also be scrutinized. >> will e prime minister till the house whether there was a party in downing street on the 13th of november?
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>> no, but i am sure whatever happened, the guidance was followed and the rules were followed at all was ann that date and the stuffer was there. >> there were about 30 people if not more in the room. everyone was shoulder to shoulder, some people on each other's labs. roz: at this time, england was a lockdown, indoor gatherings with other households were banned except her work. for johnson was at this meeting and one other person was fined, but mr. johnson was not because he says he was doing his job. >> i briefly attended such gatherings to thank them for their service, which i believe is one of the essential duties of leadership. roz: one other gathering was on the same date, november 2020. this is the gathering the telegraph reported was allegedly held to celebrate the part or of the ime minister's then advisor and where it was reportedhe abba track winner takes all was blasted loudly.
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sue gray reported this was a meeting and said it would not be appropriate to invest get further because the polichad already decided not to. but the conclusion more broadly is different. she writes, the offense -- events i investigated were attended by leaders in government. many should not of been allowed to happen. the senior leadership at the center, political and official, must their response ability for this culture. boris johnson has not quile with that. >> i take full response ability for everything that took place on my watch. >> he also noted that since the parties >> the entire senior management has changed. roz: but taking was possibly can be different things, to labor it resigning, but to johnson it means learning lessons. >> she writes i am pleased progress has been made in addrsing the issues i raised.
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roz: and the prime minister outlined the stakes. >> we will get the final words of this matter and i think people will be able to make a judgment. roz: have made their minds up, but this report and the police findings before them offer another moment to make a judgment about what is and is not acceptable from the politicians and civil servants who run the country and who set the rules and millions follow. ♪ roz: back to the issue of u.s. gun control, inevitably back in the ur because of the mass shooting in texas. earlier we heard how the nra is an influential body when it comes to america's gun debate and has significant influence over lawmakers. anna is from open secrets, a nonprofit organization that monitors campaign donations in the u.s.. >> there has been very little movement in u.s. congress or at the state level to address and control an much of this is
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fueled by lobbying by gun rights interests. roz: tell us about the kind of money spent on lobbying related to gun control. >> we have seen record amounts of lobbying spending from gu rights. last year we saw more than $15.8 million in lobbying just by gun rights groups. this is an amount that is completely dwarfing the gun-control side. that said, gun-control spending has increased in recent years but is very much a fraction of the overall gun rights spending, which has not just big numbers now but years and years of spending and implicating elation jiu-jitsu of nubbers of congress and building up this grassroots support, especially with groups like the nra, it is more than just those spending numbers. also see this large influence network and that is something that is tough to go against. roz: in terms of the most important people to lobby, where's is the money going?
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>> it is pretty much going everywhere. we are seeing significant funds going to numbers of congress. from the gun right side, primarily contributions to contributions -- politicians on the right, republicans. from gun-control groups we are seeing contributions to democrats and the money is flowing all over during the 2020 election. saw significant money going to presidential candidates as well, some thing that has books rated over the years but very much heavy spending all over, often with members of congress who are in committees in a position that they could've dress gun control. -- they could address gun-control. roz: we post videos from outside source in a number of places on the website. you can also get them through my twitter feed, at abc roz atkins. if you saw me going to the party gate story and the u.k. and the new report from sue gray, i will be tweeting that out in the next few minutes.
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do remember as well, whether you want updates on the gunontrol debate in the u.s. or party gate the u.k. or the war in ukraine, you can get all of this through the bbc news website, or the same material through bbc news app. that is a for this edition. extra watching and see you soon. narrator: funding for th presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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