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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also pvided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> this is bbcs america. russia intensifies its bombarent of the eastern donbass region. president zelenskyy says the area is completely destroyed. >> the organizers -- occupiers are trng to further spread. it is hell and that is not an overstatement. >> president biden makes his first trip to asia as he tries
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to undersce his commitment to the region. >> the bbc pains access to one of the places in rwanda were the u.k. government plans to send migrants who plan to enterhe country illegally. we report from cuba where an easing of u.s. sanctions comes amid an exodus of those trying to leave for the u.s.. >> this is more acute than it has been in many years. >> welcome to world news america on pbs and around the globe. we start tonight in ukraine where baltimore zelenskyy has said the donbass region has been completely destroyed. he said it was like hell and is accusing russians to deliberately kill as many
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ukrainians as possible. there have been russian advances in neighboring areas. russia's defense minister says the liberation of the region is nearing completion. >> the russians are showing as they tried to encirc the region. or than 100,000 people lived in the cityefore the invasion. now, it is one of russia's biggest targets. this is russia using the methods it perfected in syria and chechnya. heavy bombardment to try to brk the will of its opponents. ukrainian rescue crews can still operate to reach civilians who need to get out.
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day by day, family by family, pressure is grinding forward. it is a long way to safety. roads out of the city the russians are shelling. they've tried to cut off the city from support, rescue, and reinforcement. children here were born into a war. ukrainians have been fighting russian backed separatist since 2014. >> in moscow, the defense minister held a made-for-tv briefing designed to back the kremlin's message that russia is winning. the minister said advancing forces would soon take all of one half of don bosse. ukrainian combat engeers are trying to slow down russian
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advance. laying charges to blow this bridge on a strategic road. president zelenskyy started with s good news. >> the ukrainian armed forces continue to make progress in the harkey region. the russians are trying to strengthen the pressure. it is hell, and that is not an overstatement. barb is brutal and meaningless. >> -- bombardment is brutal and meaningless. away from the front lines, life goes on in ukrainian cities. in thend, the outcome of this war depends on ukrainian resilience. on the amount of help his army gets from nato, and president putin's determination to fight
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on whatever the cost to russia. >> joe biden is in asia for the first time as president. he arrived in south korea where he is spending several days before traveling to japan. the purpose of his trip is to strengthen alliances toounter china's rise. his efforts are in danger of being overshadowed. the white house is bracing itself for the possibility that north korea could launch a missile or nuclear test. here he is speaking earlier. >> so much of the future of the world is going to be written here over the next several decades. we are standing at an inflection pot in history. the decisions we make today have far-reaching impacts on the world and our children of tomorrow.
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this fight on democracy has become a powerhouse of invation by educating its people. companies like samsung driven by responsible development of technology and innation will be key to shaping the future of our two countries. this is the moment in my view to invest in one another. to deepen our business ties, to bring our people closer together. >> i have en speaking with a bbc reporter on at all. >> it is an opportunity for the u.s. to show up about it power, but talk us through, what does joe biden want to get out of this trip? >> is away for the by the administration to tell asian allies that the ukraine war has not diverted his attention from china which he has said along is is main foreign poli goal.
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he wants to boost those alliances to send a message of strength to china. in that, he will have a fairly willing partner in the new president of south korea who has said that he wants to have closer ties with the white house and his predecessor and his indicated he wants to take a stronger approach with china. he has limits, because south korea is dependent on the chinese market. i think a lot of observers will be looking to see how much of a shift the new korean president could take. >> presumably when you have the two sides getting together, north korea's nuclear program is never far from their minds. are we expecting to hear anymore about that this time around? >> u.s. and south korean officials have warned that they could be expecting -- instruction from north korea. they're prepa for the possibility that kim jong-un could have a weapons test while
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president biden is visiting. that would be highly unusual, but at the same time north korea has carried out 16 missile tests this year presumably part of the push to build pressure for what he wants to get which is to have sanctions lifted and to have noh korea recognized as a nuclear state. both of which the u.s. is not prepared to accept. that may happen while mr. biden is there. no doubt the weapons program will be a topic of discussion and perhaps the covert outbreak because there is a covert outbreak at the moment. cases from zero to million in one week in north korea. >> china is always the elephant in the room. the u.s. would like to counter some of the rising power and influee. what is joe biden able to bring to the table? >> security assurances. south korea and japan were
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rattled by donald trump's threats to pull back from the region. they are right about china's assertiveness, i think that will be a big part of joe biden's message. we want to demonstrate how like-minded nations can create a security architecture for the region is also a message to china. the weak part of the strategy is that there is not a similarly strong economic component. president trump pulled out of the tpp and president biden has not moved forward on that sense. he is coming now with a new trade agreement that is focused mainly on things like economic security arrangements, rules for the road in terms of environment. it does not offer preferential trade access which is something the allies would be looking for. >> many democrats keen to say this is not trade deal.
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thank you. yesterday, a u.s. officer visited the american basketba star detained in a russian prison she was arrested in an airport in moscow in possession of cannabis infused vaporizer cartridges. the stat department has urged russia to allow for more regular access to her. now we turn to the cllenges faced by refugees in northern france, most migrants say they e committed to reaching edition shores despite plans by the u.k. government to send asylum-seekers to rwanda. many continue to cross the channel and small boats with a number of crossings expected to increase as summer begins. our reporter has been there to assess the impact of the new policy.
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>> people smugglers use these bunkers to hire -- to hide people. these beaches have always been hard to defend. despite new u.k. equipment including high-tech binoculars and drones, france says the lure of life in britain is too powerful to be stopped. so is the threat of resettlement made any impact over the last five weeks. >> it's too early to measure the impact regardless of the announcement, smugglers will watch to see if this measure is in plummeted. that's what might dissuade them and migrants from continuing to try their luck in the u.k.. >> smugglers used to tell their passengers get into the water and you are in the u.k.. the french authorities won't intervene unless you are in trouble. in the british waters, the
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british coast guard will take you to shore. the new policy means that those crossing the channel could end up in rwanda not the u.k.. >> aid workers state the number of migrants has fallen what it is not clear how much of that is down to tough policing breaking camps. one estimate put the number of those deterred by the resettlement policy at 10 to 15%. no one in this camp wanted to speak on camera. standing next to a generator as he charged his mobile phone, one man volunteered to speak. >> summer waiting to see if the u.k. follows through on its plans. >> regarding the u.k. policy, make pple leave for a few
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weeks, a few months to try to see how the situation will evolve. we have seen people asking asylum in french cities instead of staying here because we don't know what will happen with them once they reach the u.k.. >> more than 600 people crossed this past weekend. more have followed since then. it is early days, but for most migrants ready to gamble their lives to reach the u.k., resettlement is one more risk. >> what awaits the asylum-seekers on the r end in rwanda? the governnt says it expects to receive the first 50 people at the end of this month. some human rights groups question whether the policy is legal. our correspondent has been to see some of the facilities prepared to house migrants.
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>> we have a conference hall, a restaurant. one of the rooms. >> chosen destination for migrants. not the destination of choice. this is one of the hotels that is to be used for migrants. the provisions manager doesn't know much about the deal, but she says they will be ready when it takes effect. >> will you be able to do that when you start hosting these visitors from the u.k.? >> no more of our guest, especially when it is a group from one place. >> it is known as the land of a thousand -- most people know rnda as a place where genocide took place. since then, the country has enjoyed steady economic growth and there have been benefits to the people.
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there are serious concerns about the human rights record. >> rwanda is a country that routinely flouts international norms, protocols, and laws with regards to refugees. this is a country that has abused refugees in its own country. >> allegations the government denies. >> there is nothing wrong no matter what the external rights organization say. we have surveys that talk about how safe rwanda is. we have made this progress tremendously in the past 28 years. we have people who come to live here on their own. we consider ourselves a country of migration. >> to illustrate, we are invited to a transit camp. is run by the u.n. refugee agency. post 1000 migrants were brought
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here from libya. the majority have been resettled in europe or north america over the last three years. >> this 26-year-old will soon join them. he says he was imprisoned, tortured, and survived a shipwreck. now, he is close to achieving his goal. >> i am waiting on travel to canada. >> if you had another option to settle in africa in an african country would you take it? >> i'm not so sure. >> like most migrants, it is to go to a country. rwanda is not where they hope to settle. that raises questions about the u.k. deal and whether it will work.
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>> more cases of monkeypox have been detected in europe and north america. it is the first time cases have been detected in people with no links to central and west africa. the virus has a fairly low transmission rate in humans and it has no chance of spreading to the point of becoming an epidemic. in oklahoma, legislators of past the most restrictive abortion law and the you -- in the u.s.. it would prohibit all abortion except in the case to preserve the life of a woman. the case could potentially overturn the rights to abortion in the u.s.. a decision is expected to be released earlyhis summer. russia is cutting off its supply
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of national gas to finland as of saturday. it is the third european country refusing t accept the kremlin's demand that it pay in rubles. the announcement comes as finland announced its decision to join nato in response to russia's invasion of ukraine. the biden administration announced that it is easing some sanctions on cuba and plans to increase consular services on the island. the move means that thousands of cubans should be able to obtain a family reunification visa and flights between the u.s. and cuba will be reinstated. it comes after the island is experiencing its biggest exodus since the cold war with tens of thousands attpting to reach the u.s. every month. our correspondent met one man who has risked everything over and over again to flee. >> i am experiencing really bad
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moments with no compass, no gps, almost knocked overboard. thanks to god, i am still alive. >> his story is one of grit, persistence, and unwavering determination. on seven different occasions, the fisherman has attempted to reach the united states in boats barely more seaworthy than the one he fishes in. seven times he has been picked up at sea by the coast guard and returned to cuba. his latest attempt with his pregnant wife was the closest yet. >> two miles. three month ago, i was just a few kilometers from the shore at a clock at night. the sun came up and my motor gave out. i have been as close as 300 meters from the coastline on the
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coast guard's boat. >> cubans have been leaving cuba for decades. the outward migration and brain drain nothing new for the calm use leadership. theurrent dire circumstances mean that this exodus is more acute than it has been for many years. authorities here and in the u.s. are doing little to curtail it including the most treacherous journeys across florida straits. with 16.5 thousand cubans detained at the border in febrry alone, many compare this to the boatlift in 1980 when fidel castro said anyone who wanted to leave could do so. 125,000 cuba fled that year. today, most are not crossing by c. they are reach nicaragua which requires no entry visa for cubans, then they make the trek
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overland to the u.s. mexico border. the government recently held its fit parade after the last two were suspended for covid. despite the signs, the revolution is a link unable to provide for its people as it once could. thousands of young people see little option but to leave. the cuban government blames washington for the current exodus. >> with our cies and propaganda, their own migration rules, the u.s. government fuels immigration by granting special status to undocumented cuban migrants. it is barefaced political manipulation. >> he personifies the length
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that so many thousands of cubans will go to in order to reach the u.s.. even after seven failed attempts. desperate measures in desperate times in cuba. >> the 12 day can film festival -- cannes film festival is coming to the end of the first week. the organizers hoped to risk -- to see a return to normal. from the french riviera, tom reports. >> i am happy to report a festive atmosphere. very normal, different than the past. very little talk of covid. one of the biggest events was the arrival of tom cruise who came here to promote his new hollywood film top gun maverick.
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i was very impressed by the filmmaking. some of the content leaves some to beat desired. he was given an honorary palm door, the hight award of the festival. that is for his body of work over the past 40 years. this isn't just about hollywood stars, it's also about serious international cinema. one of the finest films i saw was called tchaikovsky's wife. it was made by a russian filmmaker and it is about the contortions that people in check off these life made to deny that he was a gay man. the war in ukraine continues to be an ongoing future -- future of the festival. this morning, i saw a documentary shot in a tragic way by lithuanian filmmaker who was killed allegedly b russian
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forces iapril and his fiancee smuggled out the footage and they assembled this film together. it is a grim portrait of a community living amidst devastation. -- you watch a film like that, then you come out here to see that beautiful sunshine, cappuccino, and you are in a different world. it is a very lively inspirational atmosphere. as an assignment as a journalist, i treasure coming here. >> don't we all wish we could get assignmes like that? let's turn to switzerland where it may be snowing in may. these are narcissist flowers ooming on the foothills of the alps above a swiss town. creating the illusion of falling
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snow from a distance. a huge tourist attraction since the 19th century. remember, you can always find more from us on our website and check us out on twitter. for now, thanyou for watching. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to ts pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ judy: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, economic concerns. investors scramble as a financial markets hover in and out of their market territory and questions arise about a recession. and the president abroad. mr. biden focuses on technology gaps and security during his first presidential trip to asia. and on edge. new york city struggles with a sharp rise in violent crime complicating its recovery from covid-19. >> the pandemic unearthed some of our deepest concerns. judy: and it is friday. david brooks and jonathan weigh


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