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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  May 10, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". will >> me while russia continues to target another port. >> last time we will hear it was difficult to see the extent of the damage. >> government has brought in --
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to demand the president stepped down. in the u.k., prince charles stood and for the queen at the stay opening of parliament because when elizabeth's ill health meant she couldn't attend. ukrainian officials said at least 100 civilians are still sheltered under the still works in mariupol. and more than 1000 ukrainian soldiers remain at the site. many of them wounded. we have this update. >> we are in contact with our military but there needs toe a steady cease-fire in order to confirm where we are with the civilian evacuations.
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we need to search through all the bomb shelters and confirm everyone is evacuated. unfortunately, we don't have that option. >> human rights monitoring in ukraine has confirmed 3300 81 people have been killed since the s of the war. and the 3680 civilians have been injured. they say they are almost much higher. they have access to mariupol. he is one of the reasons for that. he is the u.n. chair. >> in mariupol it has been difficult to fully access and get information. we estimate there are thousands of deaths that have happened. however, we have yet to be able to fully corroborate those. >> next we focus on another port
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that has been hit by several missiles and at least one perso we know has been killed. these pictures are overnight show a fire at a shopping mall. this is the aftermath today. emergency services working at the scene. caroline daly is in the city. >> here in odessa, we are several hour's drive away from the front line which is currently just to the south of another port city. there is the hope that odessa will also be, by comparison, relatively safe. despite the fact there are defenses in place, we know there are sea defenses and land defenses in place. they're still being hit by these missiles.
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in the last three weeks, we have often seen these missiles hitting infrastructure like airports and residential targets, too. over a few weeks ago, -- was hit killing a family, including a three month old baby girl who was in that flat. whether that means there is some form of assault they are planning, the worry is they will continue to target the city. it creates a sense of into relationship -- it creates a sense of intimidation for people staying in odessa. >> odessa is -- in agricultural products including corn, wheat and grain.
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>> without cultural exports, dozens of countries indicia -- different parts of the world -- over time, the situation can become terrible. partitions are already discussing consequences of famine in africa and asia. this is a direct consequence of russian aggression. >> this was a were -- this was a message echoed by --. this badly needed food is stranded because of the russian war and blockade at the black seaport. >> at this stage we are unable to reach the destination markets.
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we are not conducting any business at this sge. i don't think we will unless the blockade of the ukrainian see -- ukrainian seaport is going to be lifted. as our president has mentioned, it is going to be a devastating impact on other economies worldwide. a lot of people are going to be affected. half a billion around the world. >> we need to talk about the volatile situation --. it has brought on a new shoot on sight order in an effort to quell unrest and the economic crisis there. the defense issue this order after protesters defied a nationwide curfew. weave seen violence overnight which led to the violence of -- quitting.
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that didn't ease the tensions. this was the scene outside the prime minister's home. buses and vehicles belonging to public officials. they are demanding more. the president who is the former prime minister's brother also quit. supporters and opponents of the government left eight people dead. this is the scene and colombo this morning. the streets were empty but evidence of the violence the night before was everywhere. you see the damage to burn buses and their window smashed out. these are buses that had transported government supporters who then clashed with antigovernment protesters. the opposition is blaming the government for the violence we have seen. >> eryone in this government, including president and prime minister must be held responsible for this inhumane attack. this was a planned, thought out
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attack. it was an act of state terrorism and political terrorism. the attackers must be held responsible. >> protesters blame -- for power coats. it has left the government struggling to import items like medicine and fuel. >> hundreds of people have been coming here in the last few hours. this was the place that witnessed violence yesterday. that triggered violence across the country. now the violence is also giving a very different message. i saw christian priests and buddhist monks coming. >>, lead -- all the underlying
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factors driving this? >> to get fuel when he could not fill the tank up, at the same time we have -- 13 hours a day. >> in the middle of economic crisis, this is not how it should be at all.
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>> earlier in westminster, prince charles stood in for the queen at the state opening of parliament -- state opening of parliament. asking prince charles to step in is a further sign the queen's handing over some of her duties to her son. ham pala said the queen took the decision to draw in consultation with her doctors as she continues to experience episodic ability concerns. it has been 59 years sce the queen last missed one. the prince of wales read the words for him. setting up the uk's program for the year ahead. >> the government's priority is to grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families. her majesty's government will level out opportunity and all parts of the country.
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and subverting -- >> her majesty has only missed giving the speech on two previous occasions. it was an empty or house of lords this year. the queen is said to watch this year's television. >> her absence was really felt amongst politicians, diplomats, everybody. there hasn't been a speech she has missed since 1953 when she was pregnant. the absence of the monarch, as to the politics of it, what struck me was for aovernment that has an adc -- 80 seat democracy, it was an evolution rather than revolution.
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i government led by someone like boris johnson and -- the european union. >> in a fewinutes time, we will talk about stories getting all the intention in the u.k.. the so-caed wet at the christie trial. if that doesn't make much sense to you, we will take you right through it. >> u.k. and glasgow particularly did a spectacular job that. it was enormously successful
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pulling together commitments which the international agency -- if they are all following and promises are fulfilled, you would be at one --. t enough corporations, companies are moving to implement those promises. bottom line is we are in trouble right now. >> our lead story is more than 100 civilians are said to be trapped in those steel works in those ukrainian cities of mariupol. a story here in the u.k. where a
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long-awaited trial involving two wives has begun. -- is suing for libel. this is a story about how a social media post led to a trial in the high court. why the former england footballer blamed theirs. form a celebrity. because of their husbands, their paths crossed. they both watched england in 2016. this week, they are in court because what happened in- to try and prove this i came up with an idea. i blocked everyone from viewing my instagram stories except one
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account. over the past five months, i posted a series of false stories to see they've made their way into the newspaper. you know what, they did. these are stories that are referring to. one was about a flooded mansion during the storm. another about talks to join --. another about traveling to mexico to look into gender selection treatment.not knowingh account it has come from, it is rebecca -- account. that post went viral. rebecca was quick to respond. >> rebecca vardy posted a stimulant -- a similar link the statement. she said it wasn't true. she it was a shame colina didn't ash. >> she has always been adamant
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she didn't do it. straight after the interview -- she replied that will be like arguing with a pigeon. geek they -- you are right, and they are wrong. our said, what have you done? you denied me in public and lessening out to dry. people who knew them began to take sides. >> someone who has come out in favor of colleen's former wife --. >> we also have boris's father stanley borden. she will be on a tv show.
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>> calin is a private person. this must have been months if not years. >> rebecca vardy has always denied she did this. in an interview in 2020, she talked about the toll the allegation was taking. >> i suffer from end zaidi attacks. -- i suffer from anxiety attacks. >> fouronths later she decided to ask. >> a torrent of onlin abuse, ridicule and threats to herself answer family. >> the first and came in november 2020. >> a judge.
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22,930 pounds and 50 pence. >> there will be cost on the others, too. cca was going to paid 10,000 pounds. caroline watts is rebecca's agent. they wanted to look at messages on her phone. they added it was most unfortunate because it was only a short time after the court odor -- the court order but the phone had to be searched. this was a diligent -- a deliberate and calculated campaign. her loyal say there is no such campaign.
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if there was a leak from calin release account, there are three possibilities. >> one is that she did them, or her team did them at her request. in one is the team did them of their own initiative. if it is the third, rebecca is ok because it is not her fault. if it is one or two, she loses. >> another trial began and colleen spoke for her team. we heard a most intuitive reasons. on day one, she had testimony. when she asked for an interview,
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-- she implies, it was something i was forced to say. the trial continues in the high court through the week. thousands of fans are grad -- are gathering in him -- gathering in italy. ukraine currently favorite to win. >> after cooked to covert restriction years, the jamboree is back. the strange and joyful, musical, fun.
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there is already a runaway favorite for the final on saturday. it is about more than just the song because the country we are talking about is ukraine. ♪ >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> we made it through. how does it feel to go this far? we consider this the biggest, the highest use we can be for the whole country. they have been given special permission to leave ukraine. however, one member is left behind a serving with ukraine's military. for the rest of the band, it is part of something much bigger. what does being in a song con this at a moment like this mean
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for you? >> for our country, it is so important to have the threes. if we win, it will be another victory to show to ukraine and the world. and to increase morale to the whole country. ♪ >> while they may be firm favors, sam writer representing the u.k.. no one is expecting -- this year. david cilento, bbc news. >> let's talk about elon musk. he says he will reverse the twitter ban imposed on anna trump if and when he takes over the social media company. he is the richest man in the
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world. he has agreed to a $44 billion takeover deal with the twitter board last week. now mr. musk is talkingbout a financial -- she called the band morally wrong. james clayton is with us. tell me more. >> he has already hinted at this would already happen. this is the first time he has admitted this man will be reversed. donald trump was banneter e capitol riot. musk said it was a mistake. jack dorsey just tweeted he regrets that decision. the door is very much now ope to donald trump coming back onto twitter. donald trump says he doesn't want to come back to twitter. he said he would much rather
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post on his own platform. i wouldn't assume he is going to suddenly start tweeting. elon musk hasn't actually bought twitter yet. musk is actually going to buy twitter. lots of reasons donald trump may not want to come back home. musk has said is going to be more of a job than ever. >> the reason twitter was focused on donald trump because he w saying things that weren't true about covid and about the election results. what is elon musk one to do about people who are spreading misinformation? >> he made a distinction about a permanent ban and suspension. he is not going to stop people from being suspended but he doesn't like permanent bands. he also talked about
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de-escalating certain tweets, not promoting certain tweets. this is the first time we have heard about a moderation policy. to put it simply, it is not going to be moderated anywhere near as much it is now. you are going to see a lot more disinformation on the platform. you are going to see people once again, false claims about covid, etc.. a necessary evil to promote free speech. >> that is a story that is going to run around. that is james live with us from the u.s.. that wraps up this edition of outside source. if you want further information on all the stories we are covering, whether it is elon musk, whether it is one of the
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more serious stories like ukraine, you can get that. my colleagues work 24 hour today maintaining the bbc website as we run on the biggest stories in the world. we wil narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundati. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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