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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc wld news". anchor: hello, t. here are the latest headlines. boris johnson says 90% of people in intensive care with covid have not had their booster job as cases in the u.k. hit a pandemic i over 183,000. >> we know a small percentage of people will be ill. that will be a small number of people admitted to the hospital over the coming week. anchor: record infection rates are reported across europe and the u.s., the world health organization warns of a strain on health services. >> i'm concerned that omicron, being more transmissible,
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circulating at the same time as delta, is leading to a tsunami of cases. anchor: the european court of human rights urges russia to suspend the shutdown of the country's oldest human rigs group. [singing] players -- prayers and thanksgiving as a south africa hold week of events celebrating the life of desmond tutu. ♪ >> hello, a very good evening to viewers in the u.k. and around the world. the u.k. prime minister has urged everyone in the u.k. to get their booster jab. he says 90% of people in intensive care beds with covid have not received their third
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vaccine. new figures showed more than 10,000 people in england are in hospital with covid, the highest number since march. some doctors and pharmacists are warning they are running short of tests because of high demand. officials say more are on the way. pressure is coming from a surge in cases, the latest data showing 183,000 people testing positive in the u.k., a new daily record. it is partly due to a delay in reporting results. our healtcorrespondent has more details. >> george and his wife nikki are both dps. he tested positive for covid on a lateral flow device which means his wife cannot return to work until she has received a negative pcr tests. >> she could potentially go back to work if she remains symptom-free.
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she has to isolate. it is a real issue not being able to book pcr tests, not get them in a timely manner and get lateral flow tests. correspondent: at some points today there was no availability on the government website for home pcr kits or walk in sites in englandnd northern ireland and limited supply in scotland. there has been a surge in demand for lateral flow tests, that has led to pharmacists warning that supply is not keeping up. they have not had any here since christmas eve. >> it is not just our pharmacy that is out of stock, it is many more pharmacies. some customers are very understanding but some are getting angry as well, saying we have been told we need to test every day, so how are tests not available? correspondent: health officials say they are responding to unprecedented demand with record numbers of pcr and lateral flow tests sent out. the advice is to keep trying back on the government website as more are released throughout
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the day. spiraling cases are leading to an increase in hospital admissions in england, the weekly average is up by more than 50% compared to a week ago. the number of people withovid in the hospital has risen by 10,000 for the first time in 10 months, but there are some signs of optimism. >> it is difficult to interpret the data. we have high rates of infection in the community and we may see some of those people naturally in the hospital as well. but equally we are not seeing the same rate of admission to intensive care units. so that could be a positive sign. correspondent:he prime minister on a visit to this vaccination center was pushing the message for people to get boosted. >> cases going up, a lot of cases of omicron. but on the other hand, we can see the data about the relative mildness of omicron.
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and what we can also see is that clear effect of getting those jabs, getting those boosters in particular. correspondent: mr. johnson says 90% of covid patients in icu have not had a booster. but there is uncertainty over what impact the omicron variant will have on older age groups as the virus spreads from the young into those who are most at risk of falling seriously ill. anchor: to bring you breaking news from the united states, reports say the jury in the sex trafficking case of ghislaine maxwell has reached a verdict. she is accused of having procured teenage girls to be abused by her former partner, jeffrey epstein ms. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
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the jury is expected to read up the jury in manhattan. we will keep across that as soon as we know what that verdict is. we will bring it to you live. let's return to the covid situation and speaking about the latest u.k. figures with professor anthony gordon a consultant in intensive care medicine in london. >> it is a huge number and i think it is worrying, seeing so many cases, even though it is a small percentage of those people will become seriously ill, that will be a large number that are going to be admitted to hospital. anchor: it was interesting hearing the prime minister speak about the trends in terms of who is being hospitalized, who is gettg most ill, and it does seem to be that those who do not have the booster are most at risk.
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>> yes, undoubtedly, the vaccines work. they do prevent infection, they prevent serious illness. it is crucial that people get vaccinated. what we see in intensive care, there are a mix of those completely unvaccinated, those who have not had their first dose, and more in older patients and those with underlying conditions, even people with two vaccines have come in. it is crucial that people get their boosters. anchor: there was a point made about interpreting hospitalization numbers in the u.k., that we have to be careful about over interpreting them because there will be some people admitted with covid, they have come in with some other problem but they tested, so they count as been hospitalized with covid, not necessarily being hospitalized because of a severe covid infection.
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>> that is certainly true with infection, there are people coming in with other conditions who have covid and not ill from covid. that is good news that they are not sick from covid, but it is still a strain on the hospital. these patients cannot be looked after in an open ward along with a patient without covid. this puts a huge strain on the system. they are still important to count even though it is good news that hopefully they have not got severe covid. anchor: what is the situation like at the hospital where you work? >> i think it is typical of many hospitals, we see an increase in the number of admissions. that has come up a lot. the number of patients in icu has risen slowly, not so much, which is good news. but, of course, the challenge is also managing now with fewer staff who are either sick themselves or having to self. -- having to self-isolate. the system is being challenged.
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the hospital is busy with other cases as well. anchor: some people are talking about a possible peak with omicron in london. do you think that takes account of the fact of intergenerational mixing, so grandparents for example over christmas, having -- or have you not seen the effects of that yet? >> we do not know. anchor: let's interrupt that to bring you breaking news, we are hearing from the united states that the british socialite ghislaine maxwell has been found guilty of five of the six charges she was facing. a jury has returned guilty verdicts on five of those six counts. ghislaine maxwell was facing charges relating to grooming and trafficking underage girls for her former partner, jeffrey epstein, and the outcome of the jury deliberations means she may
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face up to 70 years in prison. let's bring in our north american correspondent. what more do we know? correspondent: after nearly six full days of deliberation by the jury in new york they have returned those verdicts as you said. they found her guilty on most of the counts. count one, guilty, count 2, guilty, and count three to count six, guilty. the most serious carries a jail sentence of up to 40 years. i want to remind people of what the jury had to decide. the jury had to decide this. were ghislaine maxwell and jeffrey epstein the convicted sex offender who is now dead
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partners in crime or was she a scapegoat for his crimes, and that last point is certainly what the defense have focused their strategy on. they have said she was an innocent woman, and after epstein killed himself in jail whilst awaiting trial the government had gone after her because they could not go after him. they said she was being used as some sort of proxy through which the accusers of epstein could have their day in court. for the prosecution it was a different case. they said regardless of what happened to epstein, ghislaine maxwell was independently guilty , culpable and therefore worthy of being prosecuted and convicted for her crimes. they say she was not an innocent woman as the defense had maintained. they say she was integral to the
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abuse that took place. they described her in court as a sophisticated and dangerous predator who lurid in these young, naive women into this lascivious world that her and jeffrey epstein lived in and they were then trapped in this cycle of sexual abuse that lasted for yea the only time maxwell did speak in court was to say she would not take to the stand to defend herself because she said the government had not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt. in the last few minutes we have heard from the jury. they have rejected that argument by the defense and they have brought back the prosecution's case, they believe maxwell did knowingly get involved in the crimes she was accused of. she was found not guilty of a second count, enticing a minor
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travel to engage in illegal sex acts. in terms of sentencing she is facing up to 40 years for the most serious charge. she turned 60 on christmas day, so she is facing being in prison for the rest of her life. anchor: just a reminder, breaking news of the jury in the new york finding ghislaine maxwell guilty on five of the six chars. they found her guilty of having lped jeffrey epstein to sexually abuse teenage girls and 4 other counts. our correspondent has been there the past few weeks. there have been many dramatic moments in the trial but none more so from what we heard from
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maxwell's mily who plays you be there every day. correspondent: they have been in the actual courtroom to support her. she has been very animated throughout the trial. she observes everything and notes are passed through her attorneys to their family. they believe that she is innocent. they say she is being persecuted because epstein is no longer here to answer f his crimes and they say she is being used as a proxy through which there women have tried to have their day in court. the prosecution built their case
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on the testimonies of 4 women. there was only one woman o made her identity public during the trial. the other women went by a pseudonym or their first name, and these charges stretch back decades. we heard very extraordinary detail by theseomen, they portrayed ghislaineaxwell as a chief enabler in this. they said they built a relationship with ghislaine maxwell it which they were then convinced to have this relationship with epstein, that she set up sexual massages. just to remind people who are tuning in that ghislaine maxwell has been found guilty of most of the charges she was facing, six charges in total, being found
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not guilty on the second count. we a expecting them to appeal. anchor: i understand there were several moments where journalists and others covering the trial were called back in not knowing whether the jury had reached a verdict. the jury was asking for more details. correspondent: the jury has bee asking a lot of questions to the judge. even today there were asking to see the testimony again of some of the witnesses. they asked to see the testimony of all 4 women. at the start of the case they asked for office supplies. there was a sense that this jury were really engaged in all of this.
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they had an opportunity to sit before christmas but declined saying they want to have their christmas plans and they would return. even today in court they asked the judge to clarify if they would have to sit over the new year eve period. the judge has been aware of those good things, the omicron cases and she was worried that someone could fall ill. if anyone in the jury fell ill you would have to bring in alternate jurors. she was also conscious of not rushing the jury, and the defense of teen conscious of that as well. the defense did say to the judge who emphasized that the jury cannot be rushed into a decision and the judge had relayed that to them and they certainly have been engaged. this was a jury that was not going to be rushed.
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as you would expect them to do. they had to deliberate the fate of ghiaine maxwell, decide what would happen to her. they have come to their verdict. anchor: i suppose 2 very different images were put forward. the prosecution portraying her as a sophisticated predator, while the defense portrayed her as a victim, being kept in the dark. as it turns out the version that the jury agreed with was that of sophisticated predator. corresponden that is right ghislaine maxwell was known before she had a relationship with epstein. when he died, she is the
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daughter of robert maxwell, the disgraced media tycoon. she was well educated, spoke many wages, and there are so many deep dives that have been done into her. what you hear about her was this was a woman who was incredibly sophistited, incredibly similar -- glamorous. the weight she looked, a confident, elegant woman, and the prosecution safthis is how she managed to beguile many young girls who wanted access to that elitist world that she lived in. all of those characteristics about her are exactly wha
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attracted epstein to her. he may have been rich but he did not have access to these socially elevated world. he was someone who was ruthlessly ambitious and he wanted mobility amongst upper classes with lots of money, and that is how they had this friendship. she was the person who helped inducted into really high ciles in british society. she was notably friends with the duke of york, but the couple went on to rub shoulders with many high-profile people. some names were mentioned, former president trump, bill clinton as well. the defense argued epstein was
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already in his own right a very charming man and that is why lots of women were attracted to them anyway. they tried to portray that he might have had a life with maxwell but he compartmentalized so much of it that maxwell did not know about himshe was not aware of what he was doing, but that narrative has been rejected by the jury today. anchor: thank you very much. let's get the background to this case from our correspondent. correspondent: ghislaine maxwell will finally pay for her terrible crimes. her victims were robbed of justice for decades but 4 of them have no put an infamous sexual predator behind bars. each was from a troubled home der the court learned how
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maxwell gained their trust. they tolthe jury out she instructed him to give the late jeffrey epstein massages the transsexual. all but one testified anonymously. jane said maxwell participated in her sexual encounters with epstein and was terrified and felt gross and ashamed. when you are 14 you have no idea what is going on. kate said after sexual contact with epstein he asked her if she had fun? carolyn said maxwell told her she had a great body for epstein. any farmer, the only -- annie farmer said maxwell gave her a massage and rubbeder breasts.
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they said the attack on the women's motives did not help overcome the evidenc >> she had the advantage of trying to explain the way this parade of girls coming in and out of the homeaily, and she claimed she knew none of that, that it never happened, and that is difficult for jurors to credit. they concluded that ghislaine maxwell was a liar, a predator. correspondent: please rates show -- police raids showed their lifestyle. the staggering wealth on display from opulent properties in florida, new york, new mexico, and even epstein's private island only highlighted how they use their power together over the years to lure, intimidate,
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and silence everyone around them. house rules told staff to be deaf, dumb, and bloind -- blind. >> i think this verdict is immensely meaningful, no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, justice is still possible. correspondent: ghislaine maxwell will be sentenced at a later date and she still faces a second trial for perjury. anchor: just to remind you of that breaking news within the past half-hour, a federal jury in new york has found ghislaine maxwell guilty of having helped late financier jeffrey epstein sexually abused teenage girls.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> nawaz: good evening, i'm amna nawaz. judy woodruff is away on the newshour tonight, covid surge-- what you need to know about rising infection rates, and a spike in hospitalizations among children. and, a jury finds ghislaine maxwell guilty on five of the six counts she faced helping lure teenageirls into having sex with jeffrey epstein. then, remembering harry reid. looking back at the life and political legacy of the former senate majority leader from nevada. and, tightening welfare rules-- 25 years after major changes, we examine how eligibility restrictions have failed americans in need. >> all the paperwork you have to fill out for the programs, you have to go to parenting classes,


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