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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  December 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ >>el hlond aelcome. this is "out ssideoue.rc" another record foras cesth in e is e lyonun cra viaarnt of corironavusak tes old takes --es tak hd.ol >>an my will become illhi wle tangar ce of oerths, across e theconomy. >> six premier league games have now been postponed. in turkey, c theurncrey keeps llfaing. eth government has cut interest rates again end inflation is getting wseor. danan d new yorirk, fst witns esseha tveaken the stand
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inhi gslneai maxwell'd's fee.ns hefoerrm assistant said she never sawna ippropriate behavior. ♪ weeg bin with the latonest the omicron variofant conoravirus. eth h rteepord a rdecor numbf er ocas sefor the second dayn ia row. 88 thousand positive ttses were reedcord trshuday. atth10 is ,0 m00ore than dnweesday. u. ik.s racing toel diver easter jathbs, ats i t thehirdt sho of thvaincce. almost 750,000pl peoe received it yteesrday, that is alsao rdreco. here is england'ies chf dimecal ficer. >>au becsef othe stessepne of thevis, enf i thiens ds uinp a siattuion where booersts help us toar a lge de,egre a lot of people will ltsimuanuseoly fall l iland be unwl,el isolatingnd a
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caring forth oers at theam se ti across the whole emycono. atth se idofng this, a ilso inwek nd to take quite seourisly. thawat sro pfeorss chris whtyit. iss ithe view of an epidemiostlogi aunt iversity llcoege london. >> t ihink this cogeuld t ryve ba we had a newec rorday tod, and we pblrobay e argoing to see a new record the cnextomgins day asell. omicron is al rea sprinter and it isit hti pngace at the moment. earlierim, pre nimister boris johnson wased ask if the omicron wave meaeont pplshe ould be alscingac bk plans for >> we do''t ntwa to make your oichces about yoocur sial life, we are nloot csingng this, what awere saying ihas tt oppele shlde bcautious and they should t ahinkbo tutheir activitiesth in e-u runp to
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chrimasts. nobody wanots t get omioncr and be uelnwl and be fortoced isolate. >>he t queenan cceleder h traditiona plrehr-cistmasun lch wi h eerxtended family. it would have brought up to 50 oppele together inin wdsor castlet nexwe.ek buckinghamac pale idsa the decision was a cautionary one, it welas ft- -as it was felt it wouldut p too myan people at risk if it here ires mo. porert: erthe queenl wilbe wantg intoe bti setngn a kgoodno hwsow many housdsehol woulde havbe cenoming together forhi ts lunch t forhext eended rol yafamily. therare e quite a ff ew oth.em butis it important atolso say tht at athe time of wringti as it were,an arrgentmes for the famio ly tgoo t sandringham for richstsma were still in place but clearly, the queen and her adrsvisol wil be watching the
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situatioosn clely. >> fra mnce,eahinwle, is titeghning covid restrictions for travs elerarviring from the k.ef, fectively bnganni tourists from satu.rday a atenemt fromhe t fncreh pre nimister'sic offeay ss th fedac with a extremely rapid sprofead t ohemicron vaanrit in the u t.k.,he goventrnme h cashosen to inrestate t nheeed for an essential re fasonorra tvel to d anfrom the u.k.. we wlil be speaking owithur pas rrcoespondent. porter:he ty e aramong the most strntinge fncrae has imsepod on u.the k. since the ole thingan beg. basiycalln osaturday, yoonu w't bebl ae to come tonc frae omfr the u.k. for holiday pseurpos,r ofor rkur pposes. all tourismas, biclyal, is going be sto fppedrothm e u.k. a presofsional journaseys wlel stare u yocan come if you have peouris, compellinasg reons, iyof u arenc freh d anwant to me for christm oas,r if you
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have an oiafficl siredence in anfrce. but athll oerra tvel is to be stopped. anr d fothe oswho comeve or, there e arneruw les regarding testing. you hgoave t gtoet yeloursf testedef boryoe u come and get sted aft yerou, andft aerou y come, you have elto sf-olisate tiyol u get a negeativ rulest. so, s it ia gbi change. ans d itaim is to stop thisil bl atve eryone fears oiis gngo t fcomerothm e u.k.. hearg inborisoh jnson warngni t aboua tltie wave ofmi ocron tabou to hit u the.kco. me and th deyon't wanitt to happen here. witillap hpehen re,ut bhe ty want to delay s it,trg init out, shpu it not t, sohahot spitals nca cope and so that toohe bster prraogm of vaccinas tioncan prdocee apace aavnd he sit feefct to minimize the effect of thmiis ocr wonave when it s.come >> sohe ty wanat delay, hence thees restrictions. inms ter ocof vid figures now
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fforrae,nc can you brisng u upo-teda? rert:er they are not paicarully good eitheher re. eyre a going upwards fast, 6000,0, 65,000 dailyes cas, largelydo to wh ita huge amount ofti tesng that is goingn. butll sti, it is a anlot d iits head uingp. of tha at, tiny percen otagef theen momt is from onlyun cra. the mvastajitory is delta. thnoneelses- -om menist from omicron. e thva mstajority is d.elta but the expeioctatn is there will be annl oy craun takreove eight ngcomi wksee, andhe ty are sa tyinghe arere now about -- takeover in coming wee.ks erthe are0 200ed bs now taken over by covid ahend ty etxpec that t uo gopo t4000ve or the hodaliys and want e to breyad thfor at. at theom ment ierntnally, they haven't deinsira fnceea rlly had y antough measuroes t combat omicron.
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but ty heare prengpari f iort. the is a cinabet meeting morrow on the hlteah issue, after which e ixpecthe tre wlil be more meas auresnnncoued inrnlyal. >> humanof schie -ld-ug hh schofield inis par. ineacrsingas ces he avhad an impact oorn spt wasell. ur matchnes i the english premier le hagueavbee en stponed, ivinvolng games with manchester udnite and edmonton. porerter: this is aboutla pyer'' health and prslaye ttiesng posi ftiveoror conavirus it is ita suaon which is anging allhe t e therha bveeen calls from premier le magueanerags for a few days oout te hav ftuixres for this weeken bd toe postponed ahead of chrasistm. omas frank, moneanerag, said tangki a short break could sort things out in time forox bing y xtfiures, but theme prier leue said thasat w not going to hpeapn. rleaier today, thtonig's match s wacalled off. d anthat isec bauseot bhea tms,
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leisrte and tottenham, had massive obruteaksn i their spor.ts d anaew f hou arsfterha tt, ncmahest uernitesad id tyhe ulcod not fldie a teatom la py brighton osan turd bayecause agn,ai thehay d so myan coronavirus positive sts. theth oer matches wseere t to betp poson.ed four mchateshi ts saturday are postponed, incdilung maheerst-brighton and ertveon agnslet ister is off. a match ton iights ingog ahead despite three liverpolaol pyers teg stinpotisive for conarovirus. >> je anto gal their --ai gn legoog --d jaeug dalhe ty are. americanoo ftball is also impacted, about 100la pyers st pedositive the cpastouepl .days rehe is the hea td ofhefl n.
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>>ve erydybo is entirely focused on how we stay safe in bethe st poss wibleay. >> i feel conft identhsee ason n stay -- do you feel confidene t thseonas can stay on track? >>e wha fveaced this thste pa two years. it is a chall.enge the th tingshat make us successful aspi keeng safety fit,rs second, beiilng wli tngo adt aatll times. here ise moron that from cbs news. coeyurtn: there aore sy man milliondns a mliilons of dollars at stakee herfor g, amesand vaccioinatnsre a widely aiavlable for atethles aannd fs alike. so, t mhereaye bgame disrups.tion the nfl, proiofessnal amenrica follotba, 'on' ptostponed g.ames fotsrfei might happen, which adgin up to theer sup bowl could bero pblematic. prsiofeson balasketball and hockey lea hguesado tos ptpone gameits, wh ayplers sidedelin in lathe ston mth. d isth rising reoutbakf o co19vid- d tueo the delta variant and now o thenly utcommatnio even as -- the only
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craun -- the omicronat mutio,n has the whituse hoeom cmenting onaying t iheres no need to cklodown. turk heyas cut -- >> turkey c hasut iesntert rates r fothe fourth month destepi d rapiinatflion and alu pmminetg we are told the move was driven president eanrdog andis h orunthoxodco enocmi policies per thrke tuislih ra has hit athnoer low, falli%ng 5ga ainst the u.s. lldoar, 30% in pathe ston mth. 47%th in remoe nths. as itsal vue drops, inioflatn has soared to 21%. and that is fueling pros.test these nsdemotrioatns were staged by health wcareorrske. ey areem danding better workers amid rithe cngost of lingvi. isro ptest againstin risg espric w haseld in istanbul on ndsuay.
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nowe comathe t center of this is turkey'res psintde eogrdan and his unohortdox view that cutting insttere resat will cut flation. emostcominosts believe the opposite is true. in fact, mcet ntral banks raise interraest tetos control flination. in turkey though, on november , turkey'c's lra bank cut insttere resat were a third consecutivone mth, and l theira fell% 6in a day. a lweekat, erpresidentog erdan edpush t cheentral bank to go furtheecr, dlangri an economic war of inddeepennce. e thlira fell again by 50%. today, the calentr bank cut rates agaimen co f torhe fourth nsecutive month. here't's e esprident on that. >> we willot n letur o turkish lira bewa sllowed. there are troubles at the moment that wel wilget over thsem a soon asss poib.le dynobo sho duldou tbthat. a dreetermined tout p an end to the uncinertatyha tt has
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arisen due tuco fltuioatns in thexe change rate, and exorbitant pri icencreases, as soon as possible. >> last month, inflation hit 21%. isth is what ieat mnsn i itrealy. the icpre of wheat honas ge up 10,fl sunow oeril37 1%, toilet per 90%. families are now queuing for subsidized bread k's they can no ngloer afford bakerieves, enf i d breaisne o of thehe capest stleaps. isth is repr orteviorctia greg in istanbul. victoria: the justitificaons i that pderesint erdoganan wtso t en a environmehant tt has low interest r aatesntgri-owth and heas hot bh tofhose at the moment. tbu tyhe -- inlow testre rates and hhigro gh, and he has both at the moment. t they are w notorngki as eyth ould be. insttere resat have been cut by one petarcengeoi pnt today. t the problem is, we are seeing sky-high inflation and a
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currency that is in pshar decline. so am a pe'ple' isur pchasing wepor has been decreasingnd a that is causing economic leprobmsn iturkey. >> so the rtieal-meac impt is huge. in terms of reaction, what are people saying? victoria: people are feeling the pinch. the value of a five lira note has significantly decreased since january, gone down by almost half. people areli feengha tt when th geyo to theup sermarket. ey c'a't buy nearlasy much as eyth used toe bable to. talked to oneam fily, the sband is a cruonstction worker who is only doing odd jsob cabeuse dheoes''t have enough work to make ends meet. his wife just had a baby who is four months old, and she has reacd hethe end ofer h three-momanth teitrny so she had m toakehe t disecion qt uiher i jobn deorr to stay me because they couldn't afford a babityster. are hearitong sri lesike that om people across this city and deed acrosshi ts cou.ntry these are the real eff oectsf a
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currency cs,risi and infonlati that hecas bomoue t of control. now, the calentr bk antoday bl aamed ht osof isssue that ghmit sound fami tliaro rou listeners. a blameavd treles rtrictions cause ofov cidsu, pply chain suisesnd a higmmh coodyit espric. but ihi tnk theif dference, and i will say iont e more te,imhe t ffdierence betwecoen enoesmi tlikehe u.,.s u.k. and other euro cpeanourintes and turkey is that you havcue a rrcyenn ithe client and inftilaon -- currency in dliecnend a inflation the ceralk ban hn'a't been atoble control. >> its ia movpue shed by the presidenmst hielf. whasat h hbee en saying? victoria: idhe d come out today had one thheing h dasone to try alleviate pressure on householerds hes iannounce that sttiarng ntexea yr, miminum wage will rise 50%. that is in response to what is going on a price precious people are saying. cause like i said, people are gry and canl fee the effects of this atinfliospn iral.
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people know that there is a central-bankis decion. i nhaveev bereenom sewhere where peohaple ve been so closellly foowg inwhat limacykers at thetr cenalan bk veee bn doi, ngornd ieed whether cucyrren ibes enoi dng -- hasee bn doing dayo--tday and urho to .hour the psiredent annncoued this anchge in thein mimum wage and oneor reptug sgests 40%f o op hleere in turkey aren o minimum wage. so, the idea is, by puttinge mor neiny their poct,ke you will ur ecoc nomigrthow andbe may t e theconomy backtr on ack. but onecomists sayct auayll the potesi is likely to be true. because giving peomople re money, but t aheyren i a situatwhion er tehey need to spend it, thilat wlnl oy cause further price incre aasesnd there eforinatflion. the suaittion in turkey. ayst with us her "e onouidtse soce." still to come,hi gslneai elmaxwl's defseenut ps first tnwiesses on thend sta ihen r trl in new .york ♪
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>>n ithehi plippines, a supertight f hoodasad me lafa wllith winds of more than 165 kileromets per hour and heaviny ra. thoussand opef ople have been evacuated. howard johnson reports. >> meteorologists say the typhoon is now moving toward islandsit wh winds upo t165 mekiloters h perour and inundating c theenaltr ipphilpis anwith heavy rain. vi pdeososd teon social media show the philippines coast guard helping to moveil famiesro fm ooflded coastal and riverside communities. thousands ofeo pple had acevuated theomir hesef bore the phtyoon hit, but the united tions warnede morth 3an0 miio pneople live in areas likely to be affected by the storm. the international federation of the red cross has described this as a monster m storansad id climate cehang wasak minthg e ss tormmore feourocis d anunpredictable. ♪
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>> welcomeac bk. yoare watching "odeutsi source," live fromhe t bbcsew room. rou lead story, t bbc recorded another rd ecornuermb of rovinarus cases as thecr omion varitaant kehos ld. th deefseen haseg bun making its case in trthe iaofl ghislaine maxwell. the cou irtn new yorhak s been hearing teonstimy omfr first ofnsfee witnesses. get lane malxwel iscc aus oedf procuringnd uereag girls for convd icteseofx fender jeffrey epstein to abuse inhe t late 1'90' asnd early 20'0's. shes say s ihesot n guilty. nada tawfik is ewin n ykor with wh wlee arned from wssitne kimberly espa.inoz nada: it ieaclr why sheas w chos fenirst tspo eak.
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she spoke glumly of ghislaine xwl,el saying sheam bece her executasive sianstt after working witsth epein at that she was a demngandi bs,os but when shead h aot l of respect for. then, t defense staedrt asking ouabt one of t kheey accusers that is undenirpinnghi ts case, jane. neja had said both epstein and xwl elsexually abuhesed rhe wn e was 1ar4 yes d.ol well, kimberly eozspina said jane was see inn jefeyfr epstn'e's office a num ober times, but that she her as epn'ste'' got h outer. e says jane'a' h o mwnother deriscd her that. way thshe enas wed askbo aut that laretionship. she said it was a lovg inone, at even after jane mov tedo lirnfoia to starn iaoa sp operhaa, tt she remained in touch, sdienng kimy berla stca photo with nsan icrtiipon. but the protisecuon's crs-osexamination was splime and
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clrea -- they asked if she ever worked in epstein'' homes. at is where e thalgeled abuses acto le. she ssaidhead h not,he sas w only ampn eloe yein the offes. as i, sayitas w clear why she was chosen ashe t fstir witness, but e havyetot hear from others at nd isesem clear the defense strategyju is st to continue to try to discredit the acse arsnd for smerta hffave stieifd. >>re theas w anoerth wneitss, a memory et.xper what de id whe farrom them? da: tishat rhtig. she is a psycholog tisthahat s testified be,efor ithn ear hvey weeiinstnri tal, the r. kelly trial,he t o. .jsimpson trials, and shes sayth sathe has testd ifieinve or 300 cases since 1975 bas oedn her studies that theem mory can often be unreliable. she says that,r ove time, people cane b given inftiormaonha tt
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wi aecfft their emostion and what tcahey n carell about past event. the defensen ihe tir opening atements trio ed tsathy e acsers eithebrr faicedat their memories or were think ginget lane maxwell had a more prominent rolen iepeistn's life atth she really indid hindsight. this is thxpe eertht ey are usg into hit back on that point. >> four wenom accused by eiepstn have already given encvidee for those precioutn, some using false names to protect their idtity. as we have been hrieang, one tnwiess, je,an told how epstein began abusinger h wnhe she was 14 years old and that get lane xwell was somemetis tinhe ro. another witness, car, olynsaid she was theam se agen whe eiepstn rsfit abused h and also said genet laax mwell -- ghisinlae maxwell groped her.
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the defense accusedla cims t pasabeusf oalhocol and ugdrs danan finci galain. rehe's a former pserocutor on e thstrategy of dethe fee.ns >> theen defse from the beginningas h bnee aggressive. wtheyerere agge ivin their enoping statemenhet, ty rewe esaggrsive with a s-crosexinamation of the gomevernntit wnesses, rtpaicularly theti vicms. danha tt is a calcudlatek. ris uyo are taking acu calladte risk dbyoing that, becausey the certai cnlyanli aenate the jury by comintg ou soar hdga ainst thviose so, i certainlyec expt they wlil incontueha tt aggressive snctae the defenseas ce. but they may th tinkhehay ve sc enough tspoin ithn e cross-inexamatnio that they n't nee pd touts. m maxllwe on the d.stan ros: -- he eris more on wheerth
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maxwwiell llak te eth stand. da: a filamy spokesperson supposedly said maxwel dl isue - t- isoora fil to take the stand. sheil wl follow theic adve of hertt aorneys te o sewhheetr teifngyi will help or hurt. i can tell you that if d sheoes testify, it will expheose r to innstee cross-examioinatn omfr ptherocusetion. if she is conedvict and she testifies,ry evethg inshe said on the stand could opeern h to furtpeher rjy urtrials. tathend e ofhe t day, it is her decisioner ents onlyde -- cionsi and hers only. we do''tno kw what her final decision is. ♪ >> the only isbrith woman convicted raof tvengli toyr sia to join theam islicta ste group yssa now she isam ashedf oher tis.on
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she says shees hop her case servses a ani warngbo aut the daerngs of extremism. isshe o onefro aund 450 brits who returtoned the u..kro fm arson ctrolled by ithe.s.. wee havth riseport. reporter:hi ts itbrishhe motr, in syria binack 24.01 she secretly tveraled to eth heartlofand t iheslamic state grouwip th herne o-year-old son. she lediv in ase hou wh itdozens ofth oer women aeys th prepared marry foreiiggn >>on cveatrsions were often listened to and you were exctpeed to behave in c aertain way. you don'c't usane y tubrole. reporter: she ss aythe brutal reality of lunife der i.s. bemeca apparent. >>rehe we ertwo girls who di'd't act thatay, i can't relyiv ge an examplehe, ty weret jusonea rlly, ryeall -- unrurely,
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aan m ceamnd aoo tk e thgirls aw aaynd we had nesever enhe tm agn. repo:rter lesans th teehr months teafr arriving inia syresh escaped backth to e k.u. cepoli aesrrted her at the airport. i did this bright studenth wit ambis tionofec boming a doctor end up embcirang a gupro which muered, raped andor ttured sathous? dungri herri tal, e thcourwat s ld tt haafter r heabivuse marriagend eed, sheas w caradilid zeonline. eshos ptethd e black flag of i. os.n social media and exand gemessages with prominent i.s. members,rg uing heotrso ttake herh. pat jailedor f six yeashrs, eas h servered h steennce and hase gon rothugh a de-dirazalition prm.ogra >> i rreegt eryve thing about my dioecisno t go to syria withch my ild. reerport: sheow n looks very different.
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online selfiesav he replaced i.s. pparoganda, but habitalitingon cvicted teorrristss icompx.le do wkne ow s hheas rlleay chandge ands ino lgeonr a thre?at >> it has been a long nejoury. and alo tnghe way, i havhae d a t cofonversationsh witaot l people, imams in prison, mrsento outside. reporter: she says sheai remns bitterow tards i.s. and its online recrus.iter >> i remember feelreing ally saead, rllgey tser h -re- ally ttitter, tak aendvantage of and duped casome iwet re. rembmeer fee rlingeayll meashad ofys melf at i had allowed it to happen. >> she sshays e h tasurned her back on thesl iamic state group dts i ideogoly. e yssa she hopes her story laughed aas wniarng to other girls and women vraulnebltoe
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lionne radicalizn.atio bbc news. ♪ >> atnarrorfu: nding for th esentation oisf th pgrroam isro pvided by... narr:ator financial icrvesir fm, raonymd james. rrnaator: fundin s also provibyded , frthe een mafoundation. udby jy d anpeter bl kleovr foundation; rsngui solutions for america's ecnegltened eds. and by conuttribio to this s pbstioatn from vierews like you. anthk you. ♪ ♪ rrnaatoryo: u'reat wchinpbg s. ♪ ddaa--da-duh-da-d♪a-da♪ d♪a--ddaa-da-da-da ♪♪
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