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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  November 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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captionipong snsedor by wsnehour product, ionsllc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on n theewoushr tonight, the aroadhe--ad president biden gnsis his $1 trin lliobirtpaisan infrastutrucreil bl into law, as thfuretu of the resthi of s agenemda rai insn doubt. enth, under firehe-- t ptaengon faneces w rusctiny for its halindng of an airkestri in sythria atil kled dozens of civilians. anead, srcnghi for justice: a former inmate helps others nateviga tirhe release from ison, and mes ntoratis-rk yoh utstill incarcederat. ty hemake us feele likwere a hein t sesho and that we d cano ggbier things wiurth o le ifand we do haveut a fure. >>dr woouf af:ll that and more on tonightbs's p nshewour.
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>> major funding for the pbs newshour has been providedy: b >>iditely is here top helyou work through u theneecxpted, with finalanci pnnlaing and adceor f today, and rrtomoow.
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>> tilhe wli aamnd flora hewlett foundation. mofor reha tn 50 years, advancing ideas and supporting institutions to promote a better rld. >> then- chazuerckberg initiative. woinrkg to build ae morhethaly, ju a indnclusive futfoure r everyone. at >> w anditthh e ongoing sutppor of thensse ititituons: inand diduvials. >> this prm ograwamas de poib bley the corporn atiofor public brostadcaing. d by contribnsutio tyoo ur pbs stioatn from vieweikrs le u.yo thanu.k yo
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>>dr woouf sf:pirits were high at the whitese hou ades mocratic and repuanblic lmaawkers joined president bitoden mk ara hiicstor liseglative achievemenigt: sni tnghe rtbipais iannfrastructurlle bi inawto l. biden celebr tatedhe bipartisipansh tt hagot them re. >> the bill abi'm outot sign in ltoaw is proof dthatestepi cythe ni, csdemocrats and repuanblics n cacome together d deliver res.sult can do this. we celan div rereal results for re ppleoe. weeen iways that really mattacer eh d anevery day to each person thout ere. d we're taki mng aonenumtal ep forward tilo bud ckba tter as a na.tion wdroouff: the $1.il2 trlion leatgisliohan s $550 billinon i
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new spngendi tt hawill go to blic infrasturructe ojprects roacss the countvery or e thnext vefi years, inclg udinmoy nefor ad bs,ridges and mtrass forer mo oaln l this, i'm edjoin urby o wtehi house corredespon yamialche ciornd and our ngressional escorrpoenndt lisa sjardins. so o hellto both of you, this is ao mment thpre esident hasen be wroking fofor r a long time. yoom ich is it huge for him, give us an idea of atwh is in this legislation. t>>his is a humoge ment for president n,bide sgniing this bipart iisannfstraructure bill into will isyou raelly a viy ctorheas h been looking for, ashe h bnee wanting. i was outn othe white house la rtso of shivering withl al e hoter lawmakeanrs d what i tcanell you and was maybe not sible on camera, there were so manyw lamarske repubnslica adn moatcrs standing up and asit w ao jyous eventra, re show
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of biispartanipsh, this is a hiicstor bl,il 1.2 trillion doll $ars,550 billion of new spdienng. rere a key invtmesents also. 0 llbiion dollars for ghhiways, bridges and roads. 66 billion for paserseng and eit ghrail that includes am.trak the president, o onef eth presidenfat's ms ouways to travel. tharere e5 6 billion fro brdbd aninternet which the white houssae ys is imrtpoant especiallyri dung p aandemic erwhe so many peopleare relying on thet inert neand 55 billion r fowater and w wasteat tero ensure cleannk driinwg ater for kids ano cmmunities. the other inthg tonote is that the siprede, ntthe vice presiden wt aselasl a number of catbinef ofic, ialsthfie rst lady, the d jekgentleman will all be fanniung ot acrthoss e country to talk about this inasfrtructure bild l anthe rg beruild bacbek ttary genda. the idpresenwit ll kick thofat f ingog to new hairmpshe. the idpresenwit ll travel to odocstk, new hamps.hire he isi gongo t a woodstock grid, an y82ear olstd ructure on the state's d relist for needing repair since 2013.
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the en hwil ltravel to detroit d visit a engeral motors faorcty, it is sort of reongpeni for eth facty orbec iauset it will be retood leto specialize in bungildi electveric hleics. there is reathlly er pesident hammerinog hmeh te idea taht isi bll will sort of have directp imt acon people and that it will bee, h hopes felt typret soon of thhe ot terhing to note ishis bluid ckba better enda, parto tw othf is as eth presidwaent s mentioningv eens'e was towting thenf irarustcture bi, llthat bill isi beng goattied but the w hhiteouse isoping the ntmomeumf o this fit llbi will car tryhat voer. >> woodruffd : antoo yu lisa, eayu rd e thbill. weno kw it is historic in a number of categories. y whdon't you dri dllown on a coleup of the reallimy portant ones, nstrapoatrtion, and clean water. >> thereso is mh ucto say. t buthese are two areas, both of which are hisc toriin proportionn ed ith bisill. d thbo of whi ich think most lepeop wl ilsee in theiro lcal commieunits d anstates and in
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micong yaers. let's talk first autbo roads dan bridges, traditional infrucastrtu, resources of anorsptation, let'lks ta aoubt wh iis n that. inot tal this is newmo nney ad exct medoneyl , altogether th bisill, over 500 bioilln, mo hstalf of thisl biis fro adros, rails andu bses. w that includes some big ticket pros jectlike new york's gawatuy nnel. erthe has been t a loofpr oblems wirth tafc,fi of course, ginettg too manhatt, angetngti o outf new yoirk cty, rails, carhis, ts setomhing that st aatend the entireth norea hstas wanddteed. th wl ilbe funded in this bill but ait'sls ao billion dollars foinr thgsi lke rureal frries in kaalas. and , judytht ais oneso rean that yawou s smoe repubcalins keo dn young of alaa skvote foth bisill because sthi bill sisimply is a critical infrastutrucreer svice for his let's tablk aouwat ter. also m theo wste've eevr seen in investmennt i canle water in is country i s inthis bill. wt hais iint? ein trmofs a wter we have the
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largeset clana wter investment in history, sas iaid. thand ey will repla lceead pipes, probably not every lead pipe in thisun cotrby utt will makeg bi giansth in atr aea and sota ckle chemicalst thaare hao rd tclane up, finding more and more in places like the eagrt las keand this bill would letack toshe problthems at both ed a lot of investment. >> and btoack yuo, yamiche, as yonu metioned, despite this win thprsiedent still has several chleesng on his plate. surely of ne othbie ggest is in flation, ringsi rate of inflation. w does this bill if at all ctaffe that? >> itinflaons itop of mind for th wishite house aornd f esident bid.en ciespeal alys you see p hisoll nuerdes ur-- things thatthey arwoierrd about the noecomy, e itwhe house insists the rtbipais iannfrastructurlle bi as wel tl ash beuild back better acit wllp helwith inflati,on atth it will help bring costs down. the vast majy oritof experts
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e agrethe osbills willel liky bring inflatdoion wn ien th long-tberm uth te shortr tem is e suise. there are a number of issues atay s this bill could inea isenflation befitore bringsdo it wno sthere is ally sort ofe a rathl ing to wah n i aasmericans are woierrded and payi mngore for everything fgarom so t meats to thanksgi wo>> oufdrf: watching it ro-tsshe-board, yahemic alorcind, slia desjardins,nk tha you both. >> woodruff: let'sn turnotow two rsmayo w whoere at the white house thftis aeronno and are on the frliont neofs the imemplentation of nthisewaw l. naaln wheys ia democrat sngervi dayton, ohio. d andavid holt ires a puicblan leg adinokholama city. theych co-aid rethe u.s. coerceen of mayors et fforto t gethe infrastrreuctu blil edpass. d anwelcome to bofoth y.ou s it ive gryood to yoveu ha btoh he ithn e stud, ioare you in wn for the signing. mayowhr ay,le let me stwiart th you. for peopleo whhaenv't been following thall e s inand outs of iranfstctruure, why is st
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going to maake difference? whiy s itmp iorntta to your nscotituents ini oho? >> well, acrthoss e uncotry and rticularly iyn datowen see that w be'veeetrn ying to invest in roads, bridges, ports and broadband,t thaisea rlly the basi wc ofh tathe big word inasfrtructure meabuns t cbeause dn'ot have fedaler fnuding andp suport it t aakes really loing tmer o bridgesit, is cotemplelyn udone and becomes ryan dgerous so this is a satys isue. catrees really dgoo unn-iopaying jobs albut sito s makepeploe's ability etto g to work a lot eieasr dan not have toi ht those potlehos atht they hate suco mh. in my commutyni partaricully 'vwee had the highest saactisfti ronate in 40 years, but the thone infog lks wantead w femonths agos wa better roads, this will tmakeh hatappen and e thosarthe e kind of things people snee i tehir community erevya dy. >>ay horolt, oklahoima cty, what aboutu yor constituents, what are yoau herg infrom them th catould mak edia fncferee tou he?re
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>> our taxparsye send t a loof colors to wagtshinonnd a the one thinhg teya wnckt ba aer core rvesic and infstraruurcte and th iats what this package provides. specific iallyn e thpackage, i mean 60 pnterce oitf goes to roads and dgbriesn ad just as yor whaley waas sying that is a huge iss iuen laokho macity. we are ave ry sprawled souwethst city, 62q0 suarlee mis. so it's always a srtuggle usfor eeto kp wupith our street isil wl hopefullyis asst that. but it is jt usas muc ah of struggle toep ke up with public tranansit d inbrg that to taye level pthateople expect. soon mey in fear for public tranissit appealing to u sand paenssger rail, ptheresident is viobously know n tobe a big fan of aakmtr sothere is bia g instvement in passenger rail he arend specifica fllyor lamaho city it promis seto connect usth nor to kas nsawhich open s upthe whole northern unitedte stas rfo us and reayll thwhleo amtrask ystem, so the osare some of ththe is ngbut l e thstuff is hollpefuy uff, program c wesant sap into ether st thead bro bbad or wateinr fstraructure and nso o. >> mayorle whay enev peoe plwho
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like this say ita myta ktie me rtooll thiuts o. w long areeo pple going to have to wait to seean tgible benefitsm frothiseg lislation? >> ist i a long-terma pln. it it is not a year infrastrreuctu pn latrk is over so we will s ee ithnki movement in f theit rsof next year and some road dollars being moved typret qiuckly. alrely througah wht we call meopitolan plagnnin gazanitions. ansod there are many projects inayont ando cmmutinies across e country tharat e alrdyea on list that co'tuldn gt ethe fuintog get it done. now that the funding will be there to reuibld roads to make reha tt we can start doing real brondadba in our cmomunity, llwi you start seto em saller proj aectst e thvery beginning and th enlarger projes ctreally move. inh oioa prtilacurly i think you'ell se r foexample the bridge thant conects tohioo kentucky thas t habe tenaldke abnaout tnaiolly, done,ta srt mongvi really, really quickly, for plexame. a>>nd mayor holrt, ae peoe,pl
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e aryou bracingrs youel af,re op gleoing to sayai wt a mitenu, when are gweoing to see mesothing real cg ominouoft isth. >>ur ye,ou know, butm i a in a businehss werwee plant trees so ouanr grdcldhiren have shade, yokn.ow m mcofortable witeh th pace of thgsin. >>nd we'vet go a lot of imrtt aninitiatives uin or cityat th we pasd seeovr the last 30 yethars apet ople know it takees tn or 15 years for ospue blic worksn iitiastive toialnly open. so i thk inwe're ki ondf nditioned tore be adfoy r the wait which isobouvisly going it bpae rt oft i. but i alnso kow look, if anybody igetsmpieatnt i will saylo ok, you know when these proswctres ren't opening? the last ten years when we were iting on this pasgesa. w we know it will happen, it st jus mt aatter of when. >>he t two much yoru ae for it, obouy slthe white hoisuse for t the democc ratileadersp.hi we know most members of thohe io reicpublane dlegation edvot agaithnst is, i'mu qoting cossngremawan rren davidson's west oernhio s, heaid among other ts hingit's pork legsmgi t
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iso nt narrowly tailowred hich hais wt nweeed, it ise rceskls spdienng, how do ynsou awer that? >> senatorr potm, anan ohio puicblan spoke todt ay athe sig gninanhed really went through howe th bipartisan action ie n thseatne hapneped. we did have 69 vteos for this in e thsenate. what hapd penei ithnk thamat kes so diffi icultn washington i ithngs get mied rein rtanisship. p63ercent of amcaerinsu spport th iisnfrastruct bureill. ithatsa hugeu nmr. it it does have bipsaartin ppsuort across touhe cnt.ry wh ihi tnk is frurastting for us asma yors to try to keep on moving aetn g sfftu done is that lot of timhes wen it cmoes to isth town everybgeody tins eir cor.ners i'hapyp to seen othis bill, wetu acal slyaw bipartisan support,rs fit mtie in a really lo te,im so we s paweoliple ke senatoorr ptm oanr congressman gonzalez ini oho vote yes for this. >> woodrufndf: a myoar holt, your part y,the repcaublin y,part mh ucmore opposition. mar yowhaley is right, the polls were showing bipartissan uprtpo,
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but repubnlica spupoeert smso t libe sding. e thentire oklaha omdelegioatn tevod against it t andhn eyou haheve t cmoments frofom rmer presidtrent ump. heay's sinitg is nonfstraructure bill. he's very sadh tawht ineos, publicans in-rh- ino, repuanblics niname only were foir ths, he sayhes iss ahamed th ratepublicans woho vd tefor sithould be a f oamedf themselves. >> a lot di kd inow not all by yan many means. but tesena rubeplican leader mitch nnmccoel lvoted for this. >> e >> whaa d letter from 400 marsbi, parsatin marsyo across thcoe untry in all0 5 atstes supportihng tis. my se tatchmbaer oof cmmerce supporthted isi bll. men ai get as nan said that there are politics inh tis city, and sort ofop peleo d things hthatavdie fferent motivations than just p theoicly but mayors have bcoeen nstsient over ten ye mars,arsyo have come to that sa wtehi house and the obama ministration t andrump admiranistti aonnd now in the
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biden admisintration speaking virt ulthely t se amthing which waa jomar package, very similaf r, ino itdent ticalo twha wae sw signed today. and the pols iticchange but the needns do't. e thpolingsee dsnoe't and titemaly i'm justa gld that it passed. i don't havey an grudge against neanyo woh voted no btu i'm very atulef to the many reicpublan os,bviously thean my democrwhats o rkwoed together to make sure itdipad ss, and you , knowdisod mething thneat eded todo be nen i this cuont, ryyou kn, greardless of the policy n wihere. eyor wked togr.ethe blrepuics anand democrats worked toth aercross bipartisan lines too d something impor atantnd i ho tish isn't the last time th phapens. >> and qckuilyto both of yuo, is this political oppitosiodon u yothink going to afft ecyour ability to leimpme ntthis? thwiin i've in t thedhat even wh fksol vote aga inst tithey go t andell commu nitymembers atwh came from washington. so i don'tnk thi i wtill actually affimect plementation. we saw this withe thme arican
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resclaue pn nemoy, as soon as it wapas ssed, even folks that vod cnoame to daytoton say twhathegay ve to the community which we rey allwa tnto make ret igets done so we are fine with that. i dothn't k inthereil wl be much ouble. t>>hese this,ng roads and idbrges and tra.nsit >> eonverye llwi be at the ribbon cutting. >> evee ryonlis kethese thisng and it w hon'tae vanything to do with picolits enwh it opensv fie arfrs om nowey, th wlil all be there. >> woodruff:yo mar ann whaley dayton, ohio, mayor david oholtf laokhoma city, we prapeciate it. >>ho an n r toto be wth you- - hor noto be with you, thank you. oo>> wdrf:uf in the day'hes otr , newslotingme trump allevy ste nnon appearefod bere f aederal jue winashington onmi crinal contempt cha.rges adhe h rusefed to cooperwiate th coa ngressional stinveigioatn of e thjanuy arassat ulon t uhe.s. pitol.
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bannon entered no plea at his initial court appearance, but outside, he declared his defiance of congress, the presidenant d the attorney negeral. ts hiis going to hebe t sdmiemeanor froml helfor merrgaick rld,an nancy pelosi, d anjoe biden. joe biden ordered merrick rlgaand to prose mcutee omfr the white house lawn when he got off marine one. and we're g gointoo gon the ofnse. 'rwee tired of pnglayi denefse, we're goin gg too tonhe offense ons thianstd and by. >> wufoodrf:f iconvicted, bannon facesax a mim oumne year inso prin eonach of two cs.ount onhe t pandemic, hhealt official ns inewor yk city called for adull alttos get osr teshots, goingon beyd d. gc.uidance. several stataves he realady taken sthatteasp infections surge again. meilanwhe,us atria ordered a dolockwnor f unvaccinateopd pele thronough veermb 24th. a jury in kea,nosh wcoisnsin arcld osing argumetonts y dain thlee ky rteitnhouse murder trial.
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kheilled two pe aoplendou wnded a third durirong ptes stover raciusal jti lceast year. precoruts argued that rittenhousige trged rethe roconfntioatns. e fedense said it sewas lf- fense, as tho e twsis demade their final enprestaontis. >>hethn e defendant okproves e inntcide, lheoses the right to self defense. you ca cnnotla simelf defense against a da yngeroure cate. th cat'sricatil right here. >> they're g gonnaethe tir licks inn leky rittenhouse a, ors ey perceive shim,omodeby from e thother side washo h bnee puinoug t their fireaus, csing oblems for t shem,toinppg them wfromreinakg havoc in khaenos. oo>> wdrf:uf earlier, thdge jue isdismsea d misdemeanor gechar osof pseiossn of a dangerous apon by a minor. idpresenbit den and chinese pridesent xi jinpiavng he a vicodeo nfenerce tonight, rthei rsmet eting since bimr. den
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took office. omit cesmi ad tensions over iwan, human tsrigh and instatigions into thige orins ofid cov-19. whe ithouse officisaals y eth callex is peedct to last several hours, bheut ty ndoot expect y major annomeuncents. e roeupean union wediden tisanconags ainst belarudas toy, r fotrying to puigsh mrasnt across e.u. erbords. sathoundofs people are edcamp onalg the belarun ssiaboerrds with poland and lithuania. hund hredsavtre ied to cross illegally. e e.u. says idpresent exander lukakoshen gneind up thcre isis to retae liatfor ear rliesatincons. americanrn joualt isdanny tefensr hiseaded home from mymaanr, after sixth mons in jail on chs argehepr sead lies abt outhe militaryer govnmt.en he flew toar qat tayod, joined byne o-time u.n. asambasdobir ll riarchdson, who wos n hiaslee. fenster saidwa he s laretively >> i was arrd esteanhed ld in ptitivy for no rea sson,o i
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suppos, e sobupht ysically, i was healthy,as i wn'stt arved or beaten. wdroouff: just larist fday, fenster was ensentcetod 11 arofs hard labor. the inatterniol naspace station kpieeng an eye ounit toght for a clou sd ofpa dceebris. u.s. officiaayls s aus rsian aps ontest destroyn ed aold satellite to cday,reinatg at leas50t 1,0 ecpies of junk, all trelg inat high speed. direct hits d coulenngdaer the stios n'crew of four americ tans,wous rsians and one german. ba ithn is country, onvermt senator pak tricley ahis reri angfter eight t.erms th81ea-yr-old democrs at ithe sete s'senior memberd , anthe laf st othwae tergate class of 1974. in monietpelr datoy, he said it te imto come home. i know i haeeve bn erthe for myta wtehen i was ne mededost. i know ie havtan keour best ids d ani've helped gthemrow.
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oui brghvet rmont's voic te tohe ited states tesena and onvermt'vas lues around the rld. wdroouff: leahy w las aeangdi liberal e voiconum han rights thand e vienronment. 's also appe iaredn vefi ma"batn"ov mies along thy.e wa a niner--yeaolbod y has died of injuries sreuffed aat music fealstiv ihon uston, bringing e tatol to 10 killed. the victweims rera tmpled in a owd surge. itpe hapnedud ring rapper istrav scott'rfs peorncmae on november h.5t thtie naon t'shree largestg dru stdiributors wen tt onri taloday stteale over the idopio epidemic. wagtshinonta ste is seeking bi8 llion for treneatmt dan ateducio pn,lus billions in das.mage an cd inlelavend, a federaryl ju arhed closing arntgumes ain suy it btwoho io counties against three pharmacy ann d, owa slltreet, the dow
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s joneinstdurial averagene gaid stou rghly 13 poino ts tcleos 6,at 3087. e nasdaq felvel sen inpots. e p s&500 was virtyuall unanchged. still to come on the newshour: how a erform iatnme helps others navigate t rheirelseea from prison. tamara keith and lisa lerer weigh in on the president's infrastructure win and steve bannon's appearance in federal court. pareshnts arthe eir questions about vaccininatg eithr chdr.en and chmu more. woodruff: t todayhe depart omentf fedense said that secretary d lloyauinst is qutiesng more infoiormatn about a au.s.irristke that llkied civiliansth at e d enof e r waagainst isis. is weekend, "nthe ewor yk tis"ub plished a stobory aut th siktre, and what tithe mes
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describes cas aov-uerp by the u.s. mily itarfoowlling one of the deesadlit mbboings on vicilians in years. nick srichifn porerts. >>if schri in:n march 2019e, th u.s. marility d anits syrian liales isolated fithe nal remnants of isis in a small ercorn osyf ria, called oubaghz, along the euphrates river in eastern syria. it was the end of four-and-a- lfha years of fingghti ttha stroyed the miislac atste, s. military said it was supporti ingts allies on the ound, the mo kstlyurshdi f.s.d., soryrian defense fo, rcesagnsait 200 isis tefighrsin, cluding womedn an chilmbd attsan. on march8, 1 201u.9 s. acriraft heavily bombhoed tsesi is tefighrswh, o the u.s. sweays re threatening to overrun the s.d.f. and had already caused 30 the milarsay ys it lachuned an investioigatn owknn as 16,5- that initially tedermined the b hombsadil kled urfo civilians aound wnded gheit. thvee instatigion concludeed th stkewes re in "legiteimat seeflf-den,"se "proportional," t buthe times' itinvesgaonti fod unthat regionamml coanrsde imatmedielkny ew there were as nyma as 70 civilcaian sutiales anthdee fense depart smentince
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enth "concealed" s thetre.ik jog ininmeow n is one of the tis'me reporters, pdavehipplis. lcweome to the nouewshr,e w have just gonre thoh ugwhatha ppened. urn ivestigation, what do you lieve regnaiol comndmaerkns ew about the kestri a wndhen? >> here hais wt we kn.ow there was eca srevetil caiessifd ndgrou ut nithat cald lein this air stre.ik d citlaimed it was a lf-defense se trikbutht ere was anotr hepart of t.she u. litary, an foair rce dorne vering overhanead d witas teining the scene in high detifiniono cr lovideo. ansod people cbak in the mmand centere werlkioong at isi vdeo and they didt n'see al lyanyba comt. athe ty saw was ae vry large oup of what appreead to be stmoly women and childn,re seiantlly seekingh selter in a low lyirng aea. thoeat dsn m'tean that trehe wa'ti fghting swhomeer ye,ou know, revelatilyea nrby but ceaiy nlnot in the immiaedte ar. and wthenihotut war tninghey saan f-15 fightere jt streak ross and drop somvee ry large
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borimbs ghint the middle of isr cowd. anwd hen some of the survivors ietrd to stumbutle o otf he rmafteatthh e jet came back rothugh and killed theasm wlel. atwa s inttieresngs i imdimeately when pe eoplsaw in video tinhe command center, they we sretunned. d anthought thas t waa reayll sbad trike. th matay have even been aa wr crime. we need to rertpo it and have it stinveigedat. anwh pateople in that fou indt waves ner vinestigated. >> with was sounding the alarm that this a was posblsie war crime? whasat w t rheesponse? whand ata hs happened ttho at peonin sce. t pheerson whoobse j witas to sound the alarm was a legal ficer, a mily itarlawyer in thie ar operaontis command nter. heas w one of the lepeop woh saw hthisigdeh finition footage. it was reported to himy b other peoplea as coerncn and the relaontis requirethd at he rertt iup the chain of cod.mman >> whe dn heidh tat essentially
3:27 pm
mend a time again he was told we're gonot ing to do anygthin abt iths, d won'toryr about .it djustroitp . thffis oic iers a lieutenant lonel nameda den korsak. he rseefud dtorop ite h tried toak te it to their a for'sce ven rsioofh te fbi. they wn'ouldt adonngythi, so tuevenal tlyook it to the independent chwatdoofg the mitaliry, the department of defensspe inecr togeneral. d said youg've ot to do thsomeinwig th this. and militarffy oiclsia who i lktaed to point o lutook, wei dd benvtiesgation knowna as 156 byouinr vestigationun fod atht quote at nearly every step the military madve moesh tat ncleead the strike. why didou y write that? >>hethn e report twentoth e intospecr ngeeral's offiche, te spector genealral soh tought my gosh, ts hi ais really hoenusdo event and eit ne dsto bed inepdeenntly investedigat by criminal intivesgarsto. th iwhs at our rules reqreui. d t yeit wasn't done. e thinvestigatan thwat s done
3:28 pm
s an investitigaono dne by the samei unt that called inh te rike. esntseially they are grading thr eiown homewk.or aso mybeo nt-- what they decided yeah, ths is iai mstake but not a big deal. its wanever reporupted to hieru athorities. it was never looked at independentlty ousi odef that noand o wneas ever disciplined r it. >> h youavbee en covering mita fryor 15 years now. ere ha vebeen stori tesor mnay years abtout he military sharing le iornfmation than inthe past, on deployment,a shring ssle incite on hhow tewa rs are ing,es pecilyal in afghanistan over l theasfet w hobiw g of an issue is this whheetr the militar sy isharing all ofe thinrmfoation that the publiced nes to understand. >> what is funny is thatht e tamiliryur ding the war against isis sd aith iatf was cergatin the most humane and transparent air ware evr. yoowu kn, atht they were going
3:29 pm
to bte exlyreme cefarul, follow all s sortofu rles and if a singile cviailn-- report of a silei cvilian hapd penethey would inigvestatite and report itbl but whate wfous nd ithat they sort of died thop pitose. they used the bureaucraocy t ma iket appear that evryethgin okwas aevy en when thehay dn't done a anyctual work t moake athatsstieron with any cucyra. anson ia lot of ways the new way ofin wagg war islo a t like the waold yth, e militisary o nt very tranenspart dan it is not veryes rponse ivto the public. stho ank you very much. tnkha you. >>dr woouf tf:onight, we begin the first iner a sieofs stories tonhe challengenys ma fmeorrly incarcederat ppleoe face. llm iabrangham anddu procer mike fritze havth pisrofile of chl aeplummer, whove serd remo
3:30 pm
an two decadn es ipronis. w raseleased a yendar a a lf ago and hw e nowos rkwith atisyok uth to pass heon t ssleons he learned. it's part of o ourngngoi series, searching for justice. >>ra bngham: for 4ar2 ye-old mil chaeplmeumr, the reality of s frdoeem still hasnet't s in. >> you sokay, ayis, this real. you know, amri i dvi tnghis car orm ati this restau?rant anso'm i used to beiomng he. but mentalyoly, u owkn, the mind is always there. >> brangham“ “the"e” is the 23 arths at plummer s ipentn ispron for a murheder cmiomtted ene hwas 16. heasel reased in 202an0 thks wto aasnghiton, d.c. laatw th freed lsomeonimgte prisoners if theiimr creser we committed as junis.le heow's n bn eeout more than a ar a and hal af,nd wvee' been followinumg plmeasr he's rebuils t hili.fe
3:31 pm
he re-ecconntewid th his ugdahter, mayanao , whwajus st 18on mths old whenwa he s arst, edand he became a grandfather. anhear mried ramell psthomon, wh home'd dated asee a he now w torkswoob js: one rkwoing for “e“cln cidesions,” a companaty th hesir formerly inrcatered people. >>ouan wna get peopl ye inour corner to pichamonou y and i pichamonou y. >> brang aham:ndno ather working as what's knasown “ “credible messe”ger" w--here he counsels unyog people who are in custody asin whitongn, d.c. plmeumr's nepartr tinhat job is 47 year-olthd anonpey tty, whom ethe m iprn ison. >> even th roughightow you're inon a cfid nearea, use this tio me tdoom sething. >>ra bngham: when y pettwas reedleas lt asyear after being inri pson for near0 ly 3yesar for murderum, plmeher lped him land this anjob d aitrned him ho dw too .it >> hrve seed 3 a0 year prison term. he refd ormehilis fe while in
3:32 pm
there. and even thoheugh sntpe a ley ngthti imen prison, it didn't affecs t himealnt pacabilities of g beinstleab. an hd soe'abs le to share with the youth rla wod wofisdom. we went to wjailhewen were 16. one of the imostmptaornt things that nti wa tdoo with e young peops le ii n'dot want em to go thr woughhamit chael ani d went through. thathe's t mt osimportant thing. and by me bearing ou mndichael in his wfoork r e thcredible mee ssagwoforkrce. you know, i neleard loa t of thinusgs jt bbyeing around him. >> bram:ngha reaesrch suggests is type of mrsentohicap n have bia g impact on g younadtsul in e stjuice system. one study found that over a two- year period, a similar “credible ssmeenger” pamrogr inen w york heedlp reduce feloe-ny r convonicti resat by more than lf. ian wt to get out h, goome d have a goob.d jo >>rahang one young i mann e washingtonc., d. pgrroam
3:33 pm
told me e thesmeornts are trteusd because ofir the own ckgrounds. he>> ty s waincarceratede, onc t they ain't t lethe5 2to 35 s yeartoif le impact therm fo atwh all they goint gog fonor e tufure. thbut eyak me us feel lieke w e tinhe shoes andt thawean c doigr gethings with liour fe d anwe do have aur fute. d we do haveam a fily. ra>> bngm:ha and plummer and petty n ofteme wetith parents of the young lepeop ty hesee, like thmoer ashley andagel rt.on >> to him, h le beikite 's small ait's sllma thing, okay, i lebuft, t cai me back so why they tinrippg tsohat's his thing. dheoesn't take unaccotalibity for his actions. bngraham: darton hsayseron s behas enn iand out of jiluvene eyth're trying tlpo he her untadersndha wt he's been dealinthg wi, d anhow to help him. >>po suprtim h but let himw kno thsnis i'toi gng to be totelerad. yot u goso pmearents, they't don say nog.thin >>t' is kind of hao rd ttrtoy de walith a child ythatouon d't
3:34 pm
unders, tandyoknu ow, so it was li iket was reallyd gootoor wk with somebodaty th uerndstands whyoere u meco from. unrsndta what you'reng goi thugroh and they c jouldust basically relate to erevything you're d.oing >> brangham:le whi pmmluer's ngim te in prison omin se yswa ma h pimerfect for hobis j, it's t notheam se for his personifal le. >> u i'msetod being an introvert, sloo a t tofimes i still be in olisatiomon de, you now, eveoun thghm iin society, u owkn, just my frofame brangham: perlumm a hndis wi rmeamll thompson t firsmet tnaeegers. they botreh we sgline parents, they fell in love, and even ta alkedbo mutarriage but then plu wmmerasrr aested, convicted ofde murr,nd a given a year-to-lifnte seen.ce wn heyou ndfi out that he's going to gawo ay for a long time, whasat w yr oureaction to at?. i was mad, s i wapiedss off. >> bharangm:is psed off at? >>heho wle situation. of him jusavt leing. >> bharangm:he t two lost touch whe ilplummer was , awaybuwht en he gutot o, e shsays she'd
3:35 pm
forgiven him. >> i don'tw knoif a isked her out heor s aedsk me out? y aousked me out. >> yurou se? >> ios'm pite.iv >> i think a yousk mede out. no, he aske.d me >> bram:ngha ihi tnk i'm going to go hwithern othis. o>>h, okay, we itgo wh r.he brangham: py rettso, onthey fell back in love and got married. eaierlr th sisumme tr,hey'jud st celebratheed tirne o year anvearrsy. and were busy packing up their d. ac.partment forla a pnned move ia nto nehow use they're about to buy. thdid isro pcess feel nal turato u yofrom where yuyou gs arstted anbed ing apart anmid congac bk toth?er i>> know that wyohen u etme sobo adygain, there is a process. forget abohaut wt pphaened 20 some years. ago yoveu' got to dealh witthe riheght reri, ght now and see where wefr go omhe tre. >>ra bngham: but fttorgeinisg alnot wa tyshe easiest t ihingn the worl dd too. >> so, oeane yr,t iwas kind of
3:36 pm
rough. it was kofind rghou because th iiss something tonew mtoe o. sti'm illel arning him, he's still lengarni me. i mean, no magarrie piserfect. hweave our days. b>>rangham: butew a f mthons later, ttrhe sesses on the relation gshipotor wse. plummer d moveou at,nd is now ving in a setepara artpament. eyid dn't buy the e.hous ahend tmphoson e arin mriarage uncoseling. ion d't think nobhaody s eth all thswe anertos a relationship. 's a trial arrnd eor. u owkn, some thingu s yolenar meng goi tpro ison, i didn't ha aon cstant relatiiponsh th w aoman. soh witth sataid obviously, i know tham t i'bacasilly out of you knowm , i'nogot ing to say, ite,'s m i n'mot going to say it's her. m ingog to see as obothf ,us you know, tjustryg into dance arouarnd mriage and make it work. >> brangham:mm pluerem rains poti avebout their fe.utur >>'m i a human beii'ng, m a turerning citized n ani veha a
3:37 pm
normal life. thupans d downs of it. so i thihink ts llwi bring us backet togheinr a stronger bo. brahangm: hsae ys tshi optimism, and faith, has been uciatol getngti himo tthis pot,in ande hhopeits will contuein to y paoff tinhe tesim ead. for ths e pbnehowsur, i'm llwiiam branghamwa in shgtinon, c. >>oo wdruff: todaysi predent biden celeesbrat aaj mor leslivate win on infrastructuhare tt ulcod be a mu-ncheeded politiwical n aat time when hiprs apov ralating vwithots erhas been sli.ding here to weighaht wt datoy's insigng ulcod mean, and :more tamarath kei onpf r. and llisaer oerf the "new york metis." y walter is .away good te o sebo othf on this
3:38 pm
pocsliti mnoday, tam, let's start with p theresident today, a lot of happissne, big smiles at the whiteus hoe. t sheigning of this infrastrreuctu tit i ds oecomate aou tgh ment, for the presintde. is this li tkelyo flihit m polillticay,ow h dpow see? it iwat s a big biparn tisapatyr e thsouth lawn, a par ttyhat he had been eagerly hoping to but in terms of ite tmshat op alere going to see in their evy ady livnes ay time soon, thatot's n ralely what this is. this is a long-termn ivestment. la wk eewe weres aking eth coermmce secretaowry h lgon tiunl this brondadba soihs up. ane d thanswer was well, it may not beth is yeaorr nexyet ar. it do take some time. an td sohe politic balenetsfi maty no bem imediante ad also kef i youal tk about things that amensrica are acutely woierrd abt,ou yes, they drive ov ber arie dgthat thehay ve
3:39 pm
ncnser about. bugot ing to the gas station, intog the grocery store, dealing with covid stlli in thr aifeliesv, those are items that are mortoe p of mind. >>ndi lsa, how do y souee the litical equa htione freor the esenidt? >>el wl, i think tisam x eactly ghrit. atag l in rtems of whenhe tse prec wtsill actlluay comtoe tricn-ia- freuician eais rlly imanportt ehre. enre a you out talking to voters, asi w out l aot dinurg e thelections we had earlier is month, pe aoplereo nt yisang man, i wsih i just had better inftrrasucretu, right, eyre a talking abthout eco st milk, thest co of gas,ha wt going on with schlsoo. en life is gngoi t goet cbak to some kifnd o precovid tso ihi tnkhere has abeen lot of foincus democc raticiclres one gttinig thngs done and that's rey allimportant. the ocdemra htsave to look like the ey'rgornveing but it n isot gjustetitng thingsn doe toge t th dingson ye,ou have gtoet things done to actuallpy imact oppele's lives andi suspect
3:40 pm
atth we will see republinsca lyreal cnuontie to drive that economeic msgesa hom e,to push erconcnsb aout inflationou, abt hoscols and about crime. i>>t traitions kiall nds of questions weand wlil seeh were at goes. i want tuo trn to something very fferent, thsat i oanthter sory rwe ae reportiong tnhtig, tam narcs is the inicdtmt enof fo prmerredesint trump, very e closadisvor steveba nn,no he refutsed o ocoperate with teh house spl eciacommittee lngooki inheto t attack on the capitol ckn ijanuary. we saw, we aired erali sero omef hires action. hego is ing on off, ensehe says, and hpe secifically lesingdu ot prthe esenidt, speaker pelosi ane d thatrntoey genaler. how do youho, w does one weigh thadanvtages of the comttmiee going afthter is proseoncuti, getttoing teh bottom of it, sothg inso importaont t meermbs, some mersmbe of ngcoress butn othe other hand thtee pontl iaforer ttialiaon.
3:41 pm
er>> ctalyin steve banisnon going to fig ththis. ihes a podcaosst ht. he is someone whose bra inds built arouend bing loyal to erform pesrident trumpo wh really has nhiotngo t selo in figh ttinghs ifight. hise going to fight this fiaght nde sems to have very little ip-ne- ceinntive to coere ateven though h head meet vingserney ar the white hoe e thnight beforee th inecsurrti, onit it was osn hi dct,as he talked t abouthings are going it to be wild. in terms of will g goinafter iso cmpel h timo tes, tifywill ath cange thimngs aterially, it 'snot cleart tha it will. the uniteda stteiss currently in atu siatnio where wea hve dierffent sets of facts dendpeing on your pols.itic and thiis beng as politiziced, ws aalready politicized, that n't really gngoi t ochange. and democ aratss wea sid lisa
3:42 pm
sath aeyre determined. thayey s iths is ipmorntta for e thcountry, for oure dmocracy it get toth e bottom of what happened. many repcaublinsar e looking at its purely political. >>ha tt is exactily rght. it is c notlear that this will help decrmoats all that much when it comes to mid-term elections, t ahatmriecans are that foedcus, marein that cused on jan 6uaryth, particularhely wn eyth are fangci the kind of pockebot ok issues we twerealngki about earlier. i also th tinkhat, but i do think y todawa as victory for inthe veigstation. it itwas a vicryto for cossngre. if trehe hn'adt been coeqncuees, for bannon sirefungo t comply wihth te subpoena that ulwod have ipcrpled this investigation. and part of what rwe ae seeing re is an ef bforty republicans to just ruutn o the clock. puicblans very feel confident that t cheirhncae in the temid-rm ps,articularly tinhe housne ad they made clinear their dswor a andctions that ey have no inten otionf contnginui ts hiinvestiga,tion even th hougits i really iportant fore th functionifng o
3:43 pm
r oudemocracy tro sot of deunrstand whatpe hapneond that y,ha tt is not somhietng that n is oth erepublican agenda. sohefey el they can jt usrun t eth they t canakcoe ntrol oef th house and icbasal plyush this thing aside. >> mgeessa fomr a grongwi number of republicas ns awe want to lo aehad. we dowan't nto t look back, that has all kinds of impcalitions. the last th iing anwt to ask you th about, senorat l leafhy o vet,rmon fniishing eight rte,ms ihes not running againhe, 81 aryes old, jusrt fo moa ment aboust hi lgeacy. a>>nd sometimees rtemirents are abt oupolicits d ansometimes they are jusret temiren.ts knyou owth, is is not an important opartf his political legaucy bt to me what stands out out senator lea ihys all of th timesa i hve seem n hiat eventsa, inugaturion or state of e thunion or an oyf these eevnts whheere h aas has like a nice lens anhed is taking pics.ture he'sen be inthe sene atthis
3:44 pm
long and heeas bn part of the washin egtonstablintshme tihs nglo and yet he marvelsth at e functioning of our government enoughc to onnutie to be a tourist if you will, in washin.gton >>ot n all the senior memrsbe of then seate,s lia, a sreaying they'roe ging to tirerewe, 're thnginki o cfhuck grassley of iowa but what about senator ahy and thee lgacy he will avafe ter he is leaves. el>> wl, d io think thsis i a bit of a mt omenfor the moatcric party, a moment that perhaps som te inh pearty would arigue s overdue but whereou y ha ave party with snieor members that are octinoaga airans, ptbeemro againer yasos mt of thae lersdehiinp their 70sd an 80s, this s ia thing that will ppwiy th th pisarty. that a youngere gnaterion will enevtually have ato tke the ig ansnd st not cle warho will rip se ui tnhis ntmome but i think it is the beginning of atwh we will shaee pp ienn tihs rtovy er the next several
3:45 pm
years. >> woodrufe f: wshldou point out he hase a yar left but he haans nounced andwi we ll see what happens to the steta of rmont. ve gryood to havboe th of you, ratama kieth, lisa lere. thyoank u both. oo>> wdrf:uf now, let's rnretu to questionsut abo yngouer chdrilen getting tovhe cid vaccine. toand dtho at, i would tlikeo introduce ni ecolell, isthe newsho nur'sewig dital anchor and escorrpoenndt. nile will oranch le ivcoverage uron o seatrming platforndms a wi rorept for both the broadcast ouand r bsweite. e just finissphed eangki with pas rentabt outhe questioneys th ha avebout the vac.cine and nie,col wlecome. >> ia'm hpptoy be her je,udy. at's rigi ht, takeld to parents acall ro tsshe country, and inm soe scaes the kirids too. e of the th tingshy ewere most
3:46 pm
concd erneabt ouwas when they would bble ae to take the vaccanine d etwhher norot iits safe for their kids. iso want to introduceu yo to one one mom. h>>i nicole. thanks for takouing r qutis.on rewe a ierntested in knngowi if ere has benen ay development rerdgaing the cov-1id9 ccvaine for kids under 5 years ofag e. an additionally, fodsr ki that e getting thace vci nneow, are ll any side eff tectshat have been seen ort thawe can expect for kdis. >> heron secd equstion gets to onofhe t maiunn dlyering concerns m ofot sparentshi wch is ie s thvciacne safe. and the t shoranswer is yes. buju stlikade ults,d kiars e intg o hae vsome of the same diomrtfo and accordiong t the cdth iatncludes soreness at the injen ctiosi ates are you ttgeing injecte wd aselasl some reesans d swelling. anth iatncludes some ntpoteiay llnausea or pain or hes and a feinver teh days that follow. and finallyl, al of the rseeahrc atas h gone into creating a
3:47 pm
cce infor adults afond r childrenom fr 5 to 11d diplay a role for cinreatg vaac even for ilendr unr defive. ilwee may not havexe act das for when thawit ll pphaen weon kow there is a body of wo trkhat will pperol that pace at which wvee ha a vacneci for drchilennd uer 5 to happen at a much fasrater te. >> nicole weyou reel tling us erthe were al qsouestis onabout gedosa adn about in the case of a d chilwhiso just about to turn a yer aolder and arpents tr tyingoe dcide what to do. >> that's htrig, loa t of pantres want to khonow wh te dogeor wks and whether otr no if the irkid is at the cuff,sa y , 11 and a half yea orsld whhethr ey should wfoait r eithr child to gt epthfue ll vaccine dose. t i gosome advice from an iniofectus disease physician on that. t>>he reason thhat te doses come out tayhe w atth they do for yothe unger population is tthathey e argettis ng amuch
3:48 pm
me adzs they trunely edh wich is aclytual ls esthan the adult se but stillt jusas cteffeive. so e thealirer the better. dowan't ital, l of the research haens be dnoe to give rithe ght dose to the right age group. a>>nd niole, t youo ulds ovalerl there is a message for pantres who just can d'tecide whetheisr th is the right thing to do for the cirhild or not. >>ha tt's right judy. bu at tonersw that big question whether or itnot wstorth , it is impntorta to think throtugh he severit ty ofhe skris here and researchers and icphysia ansll point outa tht rithe sofk the consequences for ntpares d anfor their children they don't take the vaccine and if they contract covid fra twet the side ectffes. soh tat is the biggest idconserioatn a lot of ptsaren armaking. d everyone t thai vhae spoken to in the sciee rlwod and who parerctaicing physicis anhave poteind out that while chireldn y not be experiencing the most severe cas tes,hey are still
3:49 pm
ing hospitalized because of is d ilwhe ita my seem iliket is t nonecessarily as risky for kids or t thathey may ju bste okay, sit i not worthin fding out aftter h heyave conactrted vicod and experienciong n conseque vncesersus navigating the consncequeesf otaking the vaccine itself or ratr hethe side effecfts o tkag inthe vae ccinitse.lf wl,el we know how seriously repants take these decisioofns, courseou abt hetirch ildresn' health. tsohis all really helpf.ul cole ellis, cowelmega ain and anthk you. tnkha you for having me. odworuff: and yoau cn twach conile's full c >>dr woouf yf:ou can watch nicole's full conversation with doctor patel on ouwer bsite, pbs.neorg/wsurho. woodruff: fheor t ltas dedeca, liputzer prize-wnginni joliurnastnd area elliott has been folnglowi "sadani," a child who grp ew uinom heless
3:50 pm
shel atersndos fter care in broo, klynneyow rk. aneld liot's new book, "invleisib cldhi: poverty, rvaliv and hope inam an eranic ,"city eanxpds on her 20ne13 "w rkyo times" profofile danasi and rasksearsde to question thr eiviews about rtpovey dan oppoitrtuny ainmerica. nitoght, elliotter offs huser brf iebut spectacutalar ken o ngseei t uhenseen. >> we ttendo velo this romantic sty orabout poverthiy, wchs i that isot's meinthg you escape, th iatf you work henard ou,gh ithatf u yoare talentedug enoh and maybe with l aittle bit of ckyo, u can make ir t foevyer kid who maitkes o.ut e therarsoe many more wreho a stju as capable,t jusas tale, ntedju asts willing, but who faceri barerths at are much ear tethan their oalwn tent and willr.powe d dweon't ask ouresselv why msoany of thoses kiddot n'make
3:51 pm
it. out we just ttendo lecebrate the one who did,au becset ilets us f ofthe hook in nsa see. and yet s it ithpae th that i belimoeve step rresents what poor kids hao ve tstggrule with in this trcouny. i'll n thfie rst moment i d sawisian anhefar mily, they were wag lkinouoft the sheltera in ngle file liitne wh anchel, r thmoer at the frofont the li. they just ex tudedhis togetherness as a family, this stre, ngthth uisnity, and over the next ndeear ca tdehat i coinntue to follow. her i watcthhed atam fily get broken t.apar i watched suher rve ivthings i never inimagedn othat first day, meeting t herhai t would wiestns. e onof the firstng this e shsaid to me was ammy ne disisani like the water, hoter mhenar med her r fothe bottled r,wate bauecse shnte waedis dani to have a
3:52 pm
beertt life. and that botsytle mbizoled this r otheamicera, the peoploe wh could rdaffo tpao y for water, her grandmot jher,onnai med dini m'sother chaneler aft the fancy perf wume,hi schhe spotted ain magazine atim a te enwh that was these clostou y could getot this other tlifeo tcwah the disani guprow was hetbarreaking and lywild it is an incblrediy ghhi wire ac st tourvevi deep poverty. iteqreuis all kinds maof sll miracles onif geuso tjust get rothugh the day. 'sea rlly importan rt toeach st t lheabelths at a greiven to k lidike disani hesomels fostider k pr.oo thlaose be alsre an invitation dtoelveee dp in htoistory. r great-granhedfatr ugfoht in world war ii. whheen t mitilary was segredegat returnited wh rethe bronze rvice stars rintoedneli, broo, klynunleab to get a
3:53 pm
mort ugagenae blto work in his chenro pfession and d wounup earnabing ou$2t 00,000 less than shehould have ed arneov terhe co oursef s hilifetime, unable to b huy aom we,hich is so cralitic tfao mily wealth. atth road was cuf t offor disaniams' fily. for i woulscd deri mbey work as an tet mpto understan'sd it almostro a tpeha tt journalists reach for. thatow's h wexe plain our work. e throot of the uwordndsterand is undanerstdi, ngwhich means to std anin the midst i of, tnkhi if d iid anything hiin ts cadede with desani,wa it s stotand in e thmidst of here. lif and that wheas t gatreest privilege inof me. ne amis andrea el, liotand ths is imyri bef, but sptaeccular take oein senghe t unseen. wooufdrf: y couan watch all r brief but taspeccurla
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♪ hello,ry eveon e. weomlce to “amuranpo &om cpany”" here'st' whas micong up. >> i didn'to d anything wrong. i ddeefend lfmyse. >> k ryleitnhteouse on trial. ial tk to legalna alyst about at the kenoshaas ce and the killofing aauhmd arbery tell us abjuout ste icand race in america. en- - w>>hen i met wiheth t cldhi sold, iersthe erwas a similarity aoo lk iad h seenth in e chdrilen i'd seen or known omfr my ignehborhood in south cel.ntra >> fstilm aror fest whitaker tells me hisow h ainctg career inspired his global activism and wh athe's setting his sights on ne.xt al asohead -- d'tonw kno wshat' happe ning inde. >>


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