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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  October 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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judy: gd ooevening. i'm'judy woodruff. on thews "neho" urtonight -- biden ag bendaate tl-- democrats ralemb after a keyat senor breaks with the president on raising taxes on america's wealstthie tpao y for a package ofia socl enspding programs. then -- azil versus onbolsar--o one of the worl''s stmo rocontveiarsl leaders faces criminalrg chaesor f his lihandngf othe coronavirus paem.ic we talk with his former health minister. and -- learning gap. minnesota has one of the country's wi ddestisripaties in thede ucation it os fferstenudts rdaccointog race. weoo lk at the debunate deayrw overri bdging that de,ividnd a w hoit's imctpaing udstents stk tinhe middle. justin: de stunts of color in partulicar are put at a disatadvangeec bause schools
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don't ssneceary ilfunction to close those ga ipsn any meinangful ways. judy: all that and more on tonit'g'"ps bs nshewour." ♪ >>at nure ndfuing rfo thepb "s newshour"as h beeprn ovided by -- ♪ ♪ >> movg inour economy for 160 aryes. , bnsfthene gine that cotsnnec us ♪
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>> consumecer llul, arjohnn so& johnson, fciinanaler svicefis rm raymond james, bdo accountants and advisors. >>up sporting social entrepreneurs and their solutions to the world's most prsiesng problems. >>he t lsoemeln foundation, on e b weat supported by the jd.ohn and catherine macthur unfodation, commd itteto buil ading meor just,er vdant dce peafuwol rld. mo irenformation amat . and with the ongoing support of these institutions --
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this program was made polessib by thepo corraonti for public broatidcasngnd a by ntburitions to yousr pb statioomn fr vweiers like you. thank you. dy p: ressure is minountg on laerwmaks d anwhite house ofcis,al who met agaodin tay, as they mbscraleo tsecure a deal oen th predesint's build cket bter agenda. but key stic pkingois ntremain, hlikeowo tpay for the ivmasse alsoci sndpeing measure. for the laten st onetigoations, i am joined by our whituse hoe escorrpoenndt, yamiche adolcinr. heo. they are under the gun right now. tell us whawht ite house officials thand e esprident are doing eato rch a deal. tell us what theat lest sticking points are. yamiche: psiredent biden and white housfie ofcis alare rascmbngli to ytr to make the dealun to ite democcrati party
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so the psiredent when he leasve eforure optomorrow has someg thintoal tk about to our european as.llie that said,he tre are a lot of meetingsng goi oann d the white hoe llwi say they are coennfidt a deal couldos psiybl be reached thtonig otor morrow. it isar hd to see that coming tothgeer because tethe dai olsf thil bl are being worked out. whhoite usofe ficials i have talked to said developm hentsave been changing hou-hr-byour. white hopruse esses cretary jen psaki said i shes nfcoident the possibil oityf a deal could be reached. iss preeder h on why she feels conft idenginve the details are stileil bng worked out. he's whasht e told me -- >> what membersnd a ldeearsf o congres ss awell ashe t white hoe usand presidenvet ha conveyed ist thawere a very close. its doe require worngki through ecspific details andom cponents atth need to be fizinaled before we have a fiagnal reenemt. yamiche: the key part oft wha she said is scipefic details and
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components. in the last hour we neleard twbeeen myself and lisa, one keepro pvionsi theway nted in is seens alilyke out of thel dea tandhaist paid familyve lea. they were initially pushing for weeks of fy amilpaid leave whisich imen so ways mirroring what hapnspe in other coieuntrs. now inwith the last hour, white ehous officials andit capolil hl soce ssay that is ly ikelout because sen jatoroean mchin does t want it in. what this is shaping up tois be al bilth jatoe manchinan wts rather than what aggressive democrats want. anr othethgin is how to poray f this. therse wa thisil blionaire tax floated by seenat docemrats. y todapridesent biden through hishi wte house preecss sreryta said hs e wainup sport.
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senator himancn s wacritical of the tax. heai sde hdoes w notantot be rginetg people. it seemshe t billionaire i taxs dead a onrraliv. they think is not even dry. dyju: we havbee en reporting that presideidnt benas w hoping to ghiet ts nedo before he leaves tomorror w fothe global clatsue mmit in europe. w hoconcerned is hee m -- he that he lemay avwie thout a dlea wandha atre the chances there could be somngethi f toromorrow? miyache: whitese hou officials have bcaeen nd aidbout the idea of president biden -- that president n bidewas nta deal before he go teso europe. he will be meeting with the po, roeupean allies. he wilall so be going to a clatime change coennferce. hets wan t soay, here isha wt democrarats e doin ng oclatime ange, onai pd family leave, although i saidd paifalymi e leavisik lely out.
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you really wants a victory here. e white house isns iisting the erhas been a lot of ogress. another t thingo teno, house eaker nancy sipelo w arote letter sayingom torwro theou hse rules commeitte wlil hold a arg inon what she is calling thbue ild back better act. thatpe is lo tsielegraphing the urgency. e shis telling cttommiee cirhas ean wts to see a tex otf the bi blly tomorrow. it is up in their a wthheer or t that will hapn. senatoayrs s ty hewant to see thlee gislationex tt before they vote oe n thbirtpaisan bill. enwh the presidealnt wksut o tomorrow it is aonnye's guess to whetrhe yeswe, have a deal, or no, we n'd't. thwhe ite house ca illedt a lid. we are noiot gngo tsee the presidonent er cama soree him
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tgoo capitol hill. judy:o s manyov mingts par and thame dra ntcoinues. michelle synrde- -ic yamhe al cindor,ha tnks. with the billionaire tax in l,peri docemrats are looking for other way fs tounthd eiroc sial spngendi william: this dcoul rseai up to 50 billion. ifct enaed. ere are also renewed looks at chgi cngorporate taxses a llwe. fomo oren the democ'at's plans ami joinedne by il i wrwinho covecors enocsmi for the new york times. as yamiche has beenep rorting, its i iuxn fl. i am reltaucnt to say anngythi isea dd or alonive citapol llhi, butet l's unpack this idea of the billireonais x.ta iwhats aitnd how would it wo?rk ilne: wmohen st peoepl but an
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ast seor investmenout, y oynl owe capital gains whenou y sell osthe stocks. ere is a gooasd reonor f that. the logsic iha tt is whenou y know m howuch it soldor f, how much profit you h yave,ouav he at cash to sndpe. thbiiollnaireax t is aimed at people who aulccumatmae ssive su omsflt weah atth neveret g taxed. jeff bezos for example, his net worth may rise by $100il blion, buhet does not setll i or owe xetas on thare the ear 700 bilonliaires it d woulbeff eective -- ateffecd. william: the assonerti uernd ithiss atth billionaires with theselo bssoming fund ms ofoney throat gwth, at they a nreot pang f aair share. dyourefitinion oirf fa share, thatms see tbeo the essential
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mearguntha tt they ought to be paying mtoore t gheovernment. neil: it is. nthisotn iothat people can accumu plateil oesf wealth and go years payveing ryit ltle to the government- -warren buffett has beenki talngbo aut this for s.year the searcrety yspa a higher incomeax t then heoe ds because his weals th iacmuculating in capi gtalai.ns oeit ds israe queiostns. ithats meso of the reaseon w saw tsdoub ergmee today on cluding this as part of the debin agenda. neil: -- iawillm: howou wld you aboutin taxgha tt if the persons inot selling those assets and you can fe igurout how much they gained, how much they lost? :neil at ttha tier of wh,ealt they ha ave lot of wh,ealt st tockshecay n sell easily. u yowould phase it in and not tmakehesom all t sheirtock nioverght.
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itld wou ba e thingt tha iobillnaesir have lots of cacipaty to deal with. ownot ne orsf smaller businesses atth would face real str.ains thsat i why some in the senate werepe ono tthis. eyth don't want trao ise tax teras on teahe wlt, hythe pilta gainsax t, w butere wig llintont eertain this. william:ut pting that tsiax ade, awhatreth oer wayshe t crdemoat asre looking tiso rae revefonue r isth big bill? ne:il tnehe o that people are taglkin aboodut tay is havaing corporatein mimum tax. e thcorporate iencomax t is 21%. there was aug thoht theyou wld just raiset tha tmao y 20 5%. sea nator from azorina did not nt to do that. we might notse rai the corporate coinme tax rate, e butveifn you have these deductions andto sck options thedat ruceou yr tax rate below 21%, we willet s a
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mimu15m %. th watould be effective on coanmpies that haheve t mtos dedunsctio a tndhe mostbi ality g letower rates. wiiallm: the oioositnrg aues what againhast tt opprosal? ne:il companies tarhat e leab to leen tirhe tax bilisl for reasons we liktoe suprtpo, they ha tveo make investstmen. they a preaying thempir eloesye sckto options, tharese e derasible things and you d'o't want taxhe t ce odto diinntceivize them. that said, if you're looking for thison meyom sewhere, thisht mig be a less fupainlay w for the vegornment to raise rev.enue wills m: aweat wched these negotinsatio g foorward, there is a grardveya o pfroposals that have bnee put frdorwa and aly readdi.ed coinrdg to polling, taxing coorioatns, billions,aire
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lls well. y tdohose proposals he a hard tstime icngki with the mocratic majy?orit neil:s this ia vanishingly lsmal democratic majority. eythd nee eryve vote, 15lu ps thcee vi psiredent, to break ties. arnely that close hein t hseou. eythee nd erevy house demtocra e to bonoa brd. mo hstouse democrarets a cotamforblwie th rsiaing corporate ratax tes. asg lon as two or three are not sure, it does not ha.ppen mostoc demra atsre open to revenue raisers. joe manchinma, yba e couple othersar, e rtaelucnto tpull e igtrger. it is ssnecearify they want to pass this. iawillm: during the democratic prary ware hedli ezabeth warren and bersanie ndser
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propg osina alweth tax. w does that idea compared to thesote her proposals? is that ntpoteiay llon the tae?bl neil: it is notei bngis dcuedss. hasim silitaries to the llionaires tax. we are tkialngbo aut f torhe very rich. theea wlth tax has more constitualtion qstueions. wod ulit be legal, uphenld i cot?ur those progress sivewod ulbe very happy with b theilonliaires tax in disgust. it appears to be by the wayside for theom ment, but it is a uifldit suaonti with a lot of changes hainppeng. william:er vylu fid to say the least. neilin irw o"tf he new york times," thank you b foreing here. ♪ stepe:hani ist am epnihae sy
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withsh newouwer st. wlilet rurn after tathe lest heneadlis e arthe white house ys statee s arwoinrkg quickly rd oer pfizer's losow-de vicod invacce r foyoung children. an a fdadvorisy panel endorsed it tuesday. miio onsf doses could be shipped wnextee--k once the full a fdandhe t cdc give the green t.ligh a congioressnarel port says least 59,000 maceatpki wngorkers caughtid cov lt asyear -- and 269 died. that's'nelyar three times the previousim the rtrepo ss aycompanies were slow to red.spon the stinduryis dputes that aim. immigratarion res stin the u.s. interiavor he t hitheir lowest veinl more than aad dece. "the washingpoton stre" ports i.c.e. as gentma 7de2,000 arstres away from sothe utrnhe border ie n thla fstiscal year. th w dasown from 104,000 arrests hein t pvireous year. anwhile,the lahomendec surity dertpament announcgeed antwis ll st minakg routine imatmigrion arrests chat soo alsnd hospitals. the top milarcoy mmander
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irconfmetod day that chiasna h testedyp a hernisoc weapon. the nucleamer-ard hivecles can launch intbio ort,va ede early tedection, and pe lungba tcko eah stotrike. aichrman of the t joinchfsie, general mmarkily,le said the test came close igin snicafince to the chisene -- to t sheoviet unn'i's first llsateitspe utnik in95 17. heai sd it is part of a pattern by beingji, which he referso t as theic offial name the , peleop's repu oblicf incha. >> these acedvand limitary capabiesliti a preaired with a foreign and nsdefee lipocy apchproa tt hauses intimidnatio d ercocion of neiginhborg nas tiontoie yld to china'' n takeinum s, it reinforfoces r ushe t need to cone tinutore tat thpre c as our numonber e cipang alnglee. epsthanie: u the.sha. s not yet
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ndcoucted a testil simaro t a'chi's' activists in s sudanayec surity forces arrd estethere depro-moaccry leaders in arkhtoumve ornig, htafter moay's'armyou cp. spdeite e tharres,st underetred protesters took to the streets for another day to voice outrage at t mheility'a'tas nyma busesinses mareinedlo csed ain. in iraonn, lg nelis wrapped arndas g stations for a cosend day. atste media claimomed st stations were back up and rug nninbutht ose who did gemana , to fupuel we erforced to pay gh perrices. ir'a's presidblent am aed cyberattdeack siedgn to foment rest. idhe d n notame the atta.cker israilel wl ilbud 3,000 new mefos r jewish sets tlerinhe t pioccuedes wt bank. thase sociated preepss ror ats niplanngou cncil approveed th mo tayod. 's the biggescht su aioctn unr raisel's nevew gorngin itcoalion. e thbiden adminitistraonad h rostngly opposed p thelan. back in thisnt coury inveatstigorins new mexico say
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,an aissstantir decrtons oet of a tafal shooting hotad n outhorgh clyhecked a prop gun fore livrodsun before handing it to actor aleldc bawin the shooting lweast eked l to the atdeh of theil fm'' cinematographer. today the santa fe county er, shifsaf id it's o tosoono t discuss anhay crg,es bheut ty're not ru olingutal bdwin, or yoanne else. >> he is obviously the person who fire teahe wpon. we wlil continutee inrvwiieng d ttgeing the fact hs ofis emstaten atsnd the evideannce d thsee ca a pndossible witnsesse or any tbodyhahat s any infoiormatn. right now he has an ae ctivpart ofs thi iesnvtigationd rea stephanie: iesnvtigators say they sawpl comaccyen in the ndhaling of weapanons d ammunitin on othsee t. fothfie rst time, thite uned stesat today issuepad a ssrtpo awithn " "xgender desigonnati. it's'fothr ose who do not identify ales ma ofer male. opthe ti wonill be offerored me oay dlnext year una der new biadden mistniration policy. on wall strtoeet dasty ocks lledow o prices lower.
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the dow s joneinstdurial average lost 266 pois ntto close at5, 3 49 the nasdaq was virtually unchanged. e s&p 500li spp 2ed3 points. mort sah bl isei rngemembered tonight refor votiluonizing stan cd-upomy.ed heietud esday in calniifora. sahlne gaid teatntion in the 1950's 19and 6''s with sataliric encommta oryn news eventds an s. presidents. later, w hisorink spired others from george incarl tjoo n start. rtmo sahwal s 94 years old. iltol come on thews "neho"ur onwhy e atste is addressing educatiodinal spitaries through legislation. the presiden bt ofral zifaces possiblemi crinachl arges for s handling oe f thpaemndic. sakpe with the coy'unt'' erform t hopealth official. the lurevotiarony way a ilphadelphia musiseum showca tsingheiv dersity of erica's orhisty kemars. ♪
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>>s thiis the "pbs honewsur," from waetdi stuosn iwashington frand omhe t west at thete walr oncrkitech sool of journalism at arizona estat uvenirsity. judy: schooarl bod ceras are alnormlyui qet contests ercented on l iocalsss uelike budgets. but this y mear,anofy these boards are efenguld in nationalizedlt, cuural buhot-tt fonights. onamg the iuesss, maskda mantes anitd cric ralace theory, and acad femicrawomerk around ami'a's legacy ocif rasmnd a egsegratn,io but that term s habecome a catllch-a for lessons oner divsi, tyequity and clusion in tlahe cssomro. r angeatch sool boards has suedlt in heated mngeetis dan thatofs violence. today,or attnegey neral merrick garland d facea rrbaage of cricitism from repcaublin sena ftorsoris h department'' inemvolvenint protecting olscho ofalficis.
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garland saied th mtomenal cled r deferal monitoring. >> i think o allf husave seen esree ports of vioe lencand threats of vioe.lenc that iats wh t jheustice department is erconcne adbout. its inot onl ty inheon ctext of violence andea thrtsf oviolence . judy: a look at how thiss i inplayg t ouross thent coury, i oiam jne bdy grant gerlofock iowa publidic rao. he j uoinss omfr des moines. jenny brundin olof coro adpublic rao.di isshe bedas in denver. ann d icombluus,hi oo jo ingles , ofo ohipuicbl radio and letevision. so gtoood s teehe three of you. what does school board races in ohooio lk keli compared to previous years? jo: they arent iense, the ohio school b aoardssiaoction says we have more than c2600andadites r hoscol board this year. comparate th witurh fo yrsea
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ago. it is a 50% increasd e anthe races areot hlyon ctested in st areas. judy:ki sppg into colorado, to nn by,efore wer heafrom you, wai nt to play commeyntar. th w aast an octoberoo schl dboar forumis, th ijus st an exrpcet. >> we do not need to indoctri onater gileslate programs texo pect respect. >> no slchoo shoulved ha the ilabity to make hlteah care decisions foy r anfalymi. >> it is at its core lleve ismarxm. >> i anom t a fan ofei d. very nice, fryloweor wds, but eq iuitysot n a word that is american. judy: this is jtus a sampling. tell us how typical are the issueshe tse candidatees ar raising? jenny: i havsae t in on quite a
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fescw hool board fs.orum for the m postar tt,he tritnaiolue isss, stenudt acevt,emen how to cselo the psor f budgets, tharose e eth inma issues. when you get iont the more nsvaertive areas adroun lodora springs and in ewa f raceoss clero tthe denver area, you doe her --ea hr more questions answd anerabs out ma csks,ricatil raceis htory,, dei, that is diitversy,qu eity anind clusion. some aonre cflinatg that with italic race theord y anare upabset outht at. dy: it is coming up a fair ouamnt spirit i twanto move to io gwa,ra, ntwe have a short clip. ths is iwhat some citizense wer sayingsc to ho boloard members inte sepmber in ankeny, aur subb
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of doies mnes. [indiscernible] judy: w arehoou cld notr, hea he was say wing,e llwi come to your house, stalk you. itnd sous keli a fevered pchit. grant: yes, espelycial atht at meeting,he wrehe tchool board voted to i putn pcela a mask maat feor all studewhnts ich d not been in placeef bore. there hadee bn a state law ohpribiting schools from putting skma mandates ince pla he read teafr that was bedlock b ay rafedel urcot ruling, scshool came back and salever put maesndat ipln ace. ay,nkenha tt has b aeen ntcoroversial isgosue inbag ck toas lt school year. he came to a hthead atig nht and adle to hainrassg stetaments fr tomhat person ie n thcrd.ow heas h beenss aociated with a groupha tt has beecan vol against mask mandates and in
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some cases is sprea fdingalse inatformi'n's about masks and conspiracy thes.orie eyth have been inpromenint the school board races. citarried over, the coventrorssiebo aut the ndates. judy: jo, w youertee lling us that in soarme ptsf ohi oo, scoloa brd mrsembe he avbeen rethatened. hweeard a litetl inha tt clip fr iomowa. what are s youeeg inin ohio? jo: some school d boarmeermbs rert theyav he been reenated. heav seen l aotf o bad haorvi at localch sools for etmeings. it iths e samehi tng as everyone seel i ssaying. iten cters arocound vid otprocols, masks. it also cesnter arodun the aching of diitversy in scs.hool judy: jenny, utells atwh you
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e eiseng in colorado. i know it is rdha t aosk you not genalerize because i am asking you tok talabtou an reenti steta, but talk t abouthe issuesng bei raised and the fact uyo are seeing penew ople ruinnng s forchloo boards, oppele who had neveree bn inlv iedn public eduoncati before. jenny: in colo oradthe eris a la saying olschos edne to focus on htoisry, social and culratul coritibuons of a varietyf o groups. schools are following the, law but asit h bn eetwisted a bit by parent groups. in gerenal, the mainue isss are enstudtch aievement, a cricatil mealea hlth crisis theou yth are in and c thericatil shortage teach sers,chl oobus drivers. neerwcoms,e w are sg eeina tlo of newcomers.
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trioaditnay,ll people who run for the olscho board haveat s on accountatybili cmiomttees and parent-teacher organizatioorns f many years. we are see lingotofs newcomers, people who are just parents who y be tuned irin dunghe t empandic and he avbeen swept up hein t nioatnal picolits dan e thesflhpasoint issues. judy:yi stangit wh you for a minute, you said some of what the newcomethrs, e ndcaidates arein sayg, is titwisng whats i in the curriculum. what did y mouean by that? nnjey: i have spe lnt aotf o time lookit ng acuicrrulum. machny soo dlistricts are undergoing aro pcessf o making eithr curriculum more incvelusi anred presentative to reflect thetu sdent body. foamr expl re,eading a piece of englthish at m bighteri wtten by aanfrican-ameripecan rs.on tinkerwiing thhe t curcurilum so
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it looorks me keli the student body,ch whi iwhs at colorado law calls for. i tnkhi whenou y have some oups of parents that are readabing oucrt itical race theory aeand rding about divey,rsit eitquy andnc ilusion, it is tirhe view tsohat mewho teac ahersreea tching kids to dislikite whe peeopl ahand tt udstents of color are the victims andhi wte people aree th yteverhi ing have read ihen t currumicul, atth is not being taught. t buthere are siz sableegntmes of p theopatulion,ar pen,ts who lieve this ipps i satn i on many school board etmeings and there aozre denofs parents who audppla t ehequity forts. ju:dyra gnts, wt haabout in iowa?
6:29 pm
wh iats your sense of how proroptionate the iccritisism ? grt:an all ofhi ts sounds very familiarha, wt i am hearing from iooh and cadoloro,he wther it is in mkiasng or tcheaing equity and racism inch for the mosrtt pa, it isy onl a handful oftr disic atscross the ate where t ahesere coming to a strong, cteonntious point ahead of school brdoa elections. often s timei veha nicotedt i has been in somef o the fa-gwirong suburban s.area these arare eas where they are growing quy,ickl the populations are changi tng,heem dographics e changing. more students of color are in the schooltr disic.ts tisomemesis it students sethemlves were trying to drive these convtiersaonabs out race d equity in their slschoo. parearnts e arheing about it, lao te ttheon cversation, and
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micongro fm theat niol nadebate aboutrt c,r o the buzzwords around thessse iues. its i creating ica dhomyto going into the slchoo boardle ection wheer we have natliona issues breakin ng ionoc lal coertisaons. judy:t is iot n onlyuc sh an poanrtt story to cover, but one we wtoant kpee anye e on as weet g closer nott jusof this arye's elensctio, t bumidterms eestr. wet wan ttho ank the three of you, jo ingles ino, ohi jenny brundinco in lodora and grant gerlockoi jni ungs from ia.ow ♪ jumady: nych sools across the country arsoe al gppraling with
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ys to close acthe hiemevent p gabetween whitude sten atsnd sten otsf color. special escorrpoenndt fred de m zalaro has a reponort tseho foefrts in minne -sota- a stwiate thom se of the eagrtest dispari.ties i''s part of onour gog inrace tts ercoverage andd' fr'' risees agents foanr chge. x it is ljustike muliltipcaonti. fr: it's a mbusyony dain etthis white'f's ftgrh ade class at monroe eltaemenry. >> i knew i made a mistake somewhere. ed: matngh, eli ashnd even someto hisry- -all before nch. whe'i's class hein t mneinapolis surbbu of brooklynk parisn a ieoutlr tinhis state, hyighl diversd e antahtug by a black male. mr. white: iw greupn i minnesota. i hahad i d meso very impactful tersache. blk,hi wte. buwht en i say thaout thghi, did''t veha my first black acher until s i wainth 7 e.grad all rothugh my eduticaon i had three teac ohersf color. fred: even to fday,ew terhan 1%
6:32 pm
of teachiners mneinsota are acblk men. whe's own teachiarng ceer stteard less than e threyesar --ago aerft working for.s u.p. and spendiorng me anth a decade a youth fool he eventuallnny coecd tewith blacn k meteh,ac a nonprofit that w torkso crreuit, prepare, place reand ta binlack males in schools. mr. wh iite: rlleay want them to untadersndha tt, you know, escipeally for som me ofy africaern-amic santudents that are in my srclasoothm at uan c be whoevouer y want to be,ut b you do haveha to ve soe meonth latooks like you ttleing you kno iw its attaleinab. mr. e:whit eerxpts say the low number oacf tehe orsf color contributes asto vt ucedational diitsparieins minnesota. taeste has histollricay nkraed ne t theop in test ss coreand uagradtion rat besut those , mbnuers mask widffe dierceens betweeitn whe d,an in rtulicar, black sttsuden. is year, abo2%ut 5 owhf ite sttsuden m settate standarords f math -- arcompedo t18% of black students.
6:33 pm
and ondi reang60, % of white sttsuden we erproficient -- dolehe t percentage laof bck stud.ents neahhemi jnsohon is a fifth adern ithet wishit''s ascls. uhesed gtoo toch sool tinhe nnealipos puicbl school district but p hisartsen wanted so, mething difft.eren >> a hllis teachers were older itwoe men. and i fevelt eryay d with him that ild wou he avto encourage him to f askorel hp. you know,'don'bet intimidated. don't be nervous. don't cabe sred. itas w more likewa he s uncotamforble. fred: w butitwhh ite, nehemiah has unfod confidence. >> he lphes me with my wkor in math anddi reang. >> its i good to sosee meeon carebls a acmak le teacher is , showthing atex, pressing he res about them. it probay blwould have hdelpe being athatgeav hing a mr. white. ditefinelwoy uld have helped me. mr. e:whit university of
6:34 pm
minnesota professor justin grinage studies racism and inequality iucn grinupg here, he d'dn'hat ve a ng tleeacher of counlor til college and understands from his , own teaching experience why they're so difficult to recruit and retain. >> i would go upo ta acteher d trinoduce myself three or fo times. they assumed i was security aff. iacmpted my mentaall heth because i started thinkinowg, h are pe popleerivceing me? oushld i even beea a tch? erand kii nd of got thomis cpl lexike, oh, i'm gonot odno eugh. and so that's a subtle example, but like those things can aclacumute. mr. white: a tmongheys stemic lechalng, esgrinage saysli pubc edatucion dollars noare t distteribud uieqtably between the state's'poeror and wealthier school diststric. st: inthere's wbeenide soet ialnequalities hthatave isted for des cadeanscd hools and clasmssroo d'o't exist in a umvacu. students of r coloinar pticular are put at aad disvaagnte
6:35 pm
because scs hoold'n't cessarily fuonncti tclo ose ose gaps in meany angfinul .ways fred: in re ycentea,rs wmlaakerdus, ecarsto and rearerchs have searcfohed r ways toso cle e thgap. efone fo irts being led woby t prominent figures in minnesota. alan page, a former minnesota vikinfng, l llha of famer and retired statsue premcoe urt justanice d nnmieapolis federal rervsee president kneelasarhki. 'the'v' proposed annd ameme tnto the state's constitution. the currlaent nggeua requires gea neraanl d unorifm syemst of blpuic soochls fdeund byhe t leslgiature. the amendmenyst sa a cllhildren ahave fdaunmental righta to quitaly public eduoncati. and fthatulllfiing that right is a pouaramntut dy of the e.stat t >> ipu ctshildren firsurt. o rrent constiontuti fusoces on the educn atiosyemst and funding that system.
6:36 pm
n'doe'' say word one about chdr.en hiwe tnkha tt it's rtimpoant that every c, hildnoat mter what theceir onicom circumstancoe, n ma wtterhatht e color of their sknoin, mteatr their abilority sadibityli, can learn. and ouopr pros aedmendment shifhets t fusoc to individual chdrilen. fr:ednd uerhe t amendment, the state would stset anrddas for a quality ateducion. res ntwho feel theeny ar't being camet n ekse remedies in the courts. buitt cricsas y that wouldy onl dey lareforms. nidese specht is p theredesint ofduticaon minnesotae, th atste's largteest acr heunion. denise w: itou rldequire groups tting togetho er tdenefi in lgsike quality. i do a get ltlite worried when we are lookit ng aa lusotion at is dependhient gh olyn
6:37 pm
lauiwsts. s teehe urgent neofeds students rign ht ifrt onof our fas ceright now. ed: specht tsaysheta ste cod ultake more spicecif and imdie ataction. sedeni: aci tually woul'n't ndmi e if wwe trealking about a constitualtion andmement that uld specific callyalfol r weclr ass sizes in s ourchlsoo uvenirsal health fcareor everudy sten t. erunivsaprl e-k for every student. those are e ththgsin that we owkn are affectiheng t gsap t righno w. and i k thinweav he to get down and fi tgureho oseut. edfr: manity cricsas y fixing thste'a's educatsyion stem d'esn'ret quire a constitituonal amenendmt. frede : tharmegunt being, you owkn the solutiougns ohto t be leatgisledno, t litigated. >> the wreere probablyse tho peophole w sdai that about nbrow vs. the d boarofdu ecation. therare e probablypl peoe owh thsay at a about wanom's right
6:38 pm
to ve.ot er aere probablypl peoe owh tsaidhat about freed slav's' right toe. vot if wwee re not in the position we are id n anth ceurrent cotinstutional lane guagwas working, wule wod''t be here having this erconvsaonti. fred: the amemendntas h some bipartisan support, butt ihas yet tsso pa t shetate legislatwhure icish required before it ca pn belad ceon the paetlls. am t dheebate over rmsefor and how to t enacth, emthere is ttle disagret emenonhe t impocertan otef achers like thetis white. mr. e:whit tshi mesak me otnaiol even thinkabing out it. i just reaholly peha tt somebody going to seise th a bnde tuednt io wanting toom bece a acher becaus we wee ndoeed rican-americeaan jtheyushat ve to want tepo st .p fred: clongsi the educatiapon g in this e statmadey pend on it. for "pbs newrshou,"' 'm'fred de m zalaro in brooklaryn pk, minnesota. dy: fred'r's poinrtg is a panertrship with tndhe uerol-td
6:39 pm
stieprs oject at the university of st. thomas innn miesa.ot ♪ judy: a brazilian seenat coite teinvestigating presidenirt ja bsoolnaro bmteitd its findinodgs tayo t e country'a's toeyrn general, commending trehe psintde face criminal cesharg f horis ndhaling of the empandic. inthe quy iris unprecede antednd scathiacng, cungsi a sitting ad of state riof cmeags ainst humaniorty f bziral's covid death , tollthsee cond highest tinhe world. re is nick srichifn. nit ck iis m aemorial of g,rief : what activisalts cl sha rine of shame. 600 tissues, foror me anth 600 ,000 resilient lives lost. the posters ask, who is responsible this tgerady? theen sat aesnswer, largenely o n. nce e thbegiinnng, psiredent ir bsoolnaropp oosed a nationwide lockdown,
6:40 pm
blockeskd ma mdaantes and social dianstcingeq ruirentmes, d denied their vus' gravity. >> in mye, cas geniv my athletic historty, i would nonot ccern .e i w nouldotee fl anything but a ld or a leittl undheer t weather. nick: he td outeunovpren erapies. afteser tting povesiti, chealled antimaallari hydroxorychloqneui a cure. a>>nd just thisk, wee diarspaged vaccineths wi three ports from tnihe uted ngkidom governmeffnt oiclsia ggt esthat they armpe colelyte invaccat.ed atheyreev deloping aidste fasr thant whawaexs pected. >> facebook yoand ute ublater took down thndis a oerth boarlsono devios. while spraying that firehose of faehlsood, he toldzi bralis anto opni whing and pushed to re topenheco enomy. >> the collateralam dagcae nnot be worse than t ihellness. b>>razil you'll -- ciprislla enupded w tithhe secd-onhighest fiofcial death tolusl, jt teafr thu.s. ser natoom aarziz led the inquiry.
6:41 pm
askhe t presidencyan is institut nion,otn aoffice in a bar whyoere u y sawhat you want whiline drki bngeer and eating bauerbec. boarlsono lltes the brazilian peopbole autnf uounded studies, whenas we k vtoaccinate the population. :nick aaj mority of the cosimmisonem mbers endorseed th reportom recmeatndions to accuse bolsonaro cwithris meagainst mahunity, incitin ng aepemidic, lachartasmni, and misuse of public f.unds e 0012-page documeount fnd bolsonaro's'gornvement "omitted d teopd to act in a nochn-tenil caand reckless manner in thghe fit aiagnst the endemic, -- pandemic," "delibery atelexsipong the polapution to a cotencre rk isof mass infection toch aieve herd immu."nity day the repoasrt w smiubtted brilaz's atto grneyenaler. he is a bnaolsoropp aointee and es not have urto psuche arges. boonlsaro himself rehas peedatly diissmsed the comme itteanitd s rerts apolitically vamotited. >> how good woituld bife this
6:42 pm
nasete committee d wasoing meinthg productive o forur theyk tooti fmerom our ministry country? they took tirome fm rou ministry health, pubemlic pleeoys, humb tlehey producedhi notng peopbule, sissnemen. eyro pduced nothiesng bides ha atredndan rcour. nick: d lr.uiz henriquede mantta servedbr as az'i's ministfer o health i19n 20 a 2nd020, until esident bolso onarfid rehim erhe tir differencn es ihotow spreond to the pmiandec. ihes now laying g therod unwork r funor presidentbr of azil an jd heoi unss now. omwelce d anthank you tos "pb newsho."ur you are the commi'tte'' first witness. uyo agreeh wit thahe crg?es >> tha ynkou for having me on pbs. the committee madeix s months of rk andho swed tooan my akmistes. th deyid not buy vneaccis.
6:43 pm
pfizffer oer vedaccines and they saido nand triedo t buy vaines from aom cpany that did noevt en have a phase two. they shod weclearly the president hadno ather office th w tasrying to sell hyoxhlycoroquine and ivermecti n and make the fakes. new soh muc was shown by this mmcoite,te mistakes, wine thk it wi te akmore timebr to ing tho em tjuicste. ni: prentside bolsonaro says these charges are politlyical motid,vate created byol pitical opneponts. you rareunngni for prentside agaibonst lsarono. are youin makg uryo charges because of yourit polical optiposion? drma. ndetta:he ty e arfacts. they don'' heav answers for anything.
6:44 pm
there ao re smanyis mtas keand ong decnsisio t andoxic leeripsh. la wsteek he saidho wever takes the vaccintse ge h.iv he k deepsoi ingt. nick: wyohen u geurd him tkeo ta the s virumoreer siously, why did he say he was resisting emth? whwaere s he ingettg shi rminfoatn?io . drmandetta: heai sd he got into a false dilemmaha tt says between omecony dan health i llee kp with economy. he dideced to do thahet wne h bcameacfrk om a tpri wrehe he t esprident trump. the next weethk ey had the hydroxychluioroqnen itheir hasnd and saido t gover anorsnd mayors not to stop the economy, l't's keep on workinakg, te isth they did notan wt topa prerehe t emsyst tdoo anything. by the time i ld,ooke m baye the
6:45 pm
icamerans just like the movies me with somed kin of vciacne armee dicine that will solve the prm oblebeuscae they are lyreal not taking anyin kd of measure to protect t when i saw whatap hped nein new yo wrkith all the hpiostals at centparal rk, the health system could not handle t ihat, ge avto himee thr scenarios, one very optistmiic, one reali, sticone peisssimtic. i edshow himhe if wldou take the decision he would do twehat woulde havthe eskind ofth deas that uornftunately we had. he knew whatwa he s indog. nick: do you bveelie psiredent lsboonaro beld ievewh hate was dogin could actuallvey sa the ecy?onom dr. matandet: no. he would have more probl wemsith
6:46 pm
the omecony,ut b he just wanted aol pitical vaccindne a mead at choice, kithinngf othe econtis. nick: what hasppen if the torney general equalivent does not psuure criminal crghaes? ou y tnkhi the penalty lsonaro maye facisor me potil?ca . drmaetndta: by this time,s thi ais senate commi.ttee they ha ave looft things that were shown and will be sent to e prosecutors. eyth g areoi tngo probably go epdeer in this invgaestiti.on thiss iju tsthe beginning. you have turned the light on, t isth case is foer th prosecs.utor :nick doctor, thanyok u very much. dr. mand:ettaha tnk you for m ♪
6:47 pm
judy:ew a n eibxhit elentitd "leribty," in philphadelia, seeks toat cree a more incsiluve vedirsity of america's'hiorsty paintings. >> thises muumt a pdehilalpa shows t aypical depictionf othe me. buket ta a closer look. i's'a little knoomwn menint htory. thode rhe laisnd regiment -- which had twmpo coans ieof soie wrsho were native american o ar offranic descent -- marching ipastndenepdence ha. >> this is janust irencdible scenate th wn hei laid eyes on it for the f tirstim je,ust al hlyelped to centhter e contribution ps ofeoe plof afcaden scent in thema fortion ofs thicotruny. miaechl idriss is muthe se'u's
6:48 pm
jomihnchael idrissth is e mus'um'afs rican american : interpre ftiveelw.lo >> thisup gros iri pmalyri rin-caamerican, threey a led by a whiteom cmainndg officer. in the middle of this is this ung man look aingt the scene. s name is jafomes rt, enand that these mween, rere a brave mofen as ever ft.ough jo: forten'w's rd--s brave measve er fought -- tgivehis panginti i ntsame. was commissd ionebyhe t muumse as the centecerpie aof specexial hit bicalled liberty: n troiani'p's inngtis of the vorelutionary war. fortenan is uernhalded volutionary fiwar gu -re- a anonds of enslavedpl peoe owh s born free. you thought in wathe r aas teenager l andat berecame a wey althbunesissman and legadin itaboliostni. >> we desveer life, liberndty a pphainess. john: a pablay ouhit s life s openonet veran's pday,aroft the mus'um'efs forts to shoewcas thvee dirsy itof american history. >> there a areppxiromately two
6:49 pm
and a haillf mli poneople in itbrish north ama ericonhe t eve of tmehe arin carevolution, and th aeyre not all jadohn ams, right? jo:hn adrienne eywhal iths e se'u's directf or oedatucion ancod mmunity engantgeme. >>f iwere a not lookinga at story heof t arimecan revolution th iins clusive of afll o the oppele, we'oire dngoo pr hist nory,umr beone. t mbnuer two, we'r' not providing lepeop wh itthe pounrtity to underd stanhow they themss elveancod mmunities like theirs might have been dealing with the challenges and the complicatiofons ts hicrazy, chtiaoc, hopeful, tibeauful, chngalleintig me. >> wd e hahod pethat we could so ortf be an american lurevoti 3on.0 museum, ace pla atth focuses mor ae onskgin questions. john: sco stttephsoenn is presidend t anceofo the museum, which openn ed i20.17 washitongn'' armaty yorowktn 1781 mayav he been as muchs a 25% solerdis that were lepeop of
6:50 pm
color. we want eato tcheo pple to be hiornsia rather thant sorof be pveassilyal wking through a mu, seumju lstooking at the artis factanand d a traditional kind of telling. we wanted o it tbent ierrogative expecerien. a museum 'hat'abs out inquiry thats askqutiesons. th's the best kofind lrneaing thi ink that tha ct weane wcan ssibly do for r ouringsi generations. john: the museum's'co erexhibit cludes many lelitt-nedot stories there fice dlyebated , deci bsiony e thoneida nation ofiv nate eramicans to support thvoe reluonti. enslavomed wenik le phillis eatley, the t firsafcarin american and oy nlsecond woman north amerio ca tpuisblh a bookpo of et.ry enand sledav people of aanfric desceno t whfohtug for the itbrish in exchafonge r eithr frdom. tha''s luilstrated in this able -- tableaux auld somesetim freedoorm we a red coat. dicepts a woman oeaverhring anou engnslaved man intellg a fr hiende s warunning away to join the c redoa.ts
6:51 pm
design, all f theigesur are e likenessespe of op nleow living. o onef the reasonats th wdoe ats ireally just elto hp to asemphizthe e fact that ethes are real lifelike. they have b thereh atand the oobld of real pe ioplen emth, right? you can maknne coecontis to the lepeop othf e past. hnjo: this iyos urs. >> this is litlyeral me, my skin, my face. one of thest fir things i was asked to d to atheus meum was to lendli my keness to one of the bltaea fuxigures. whic jh isust -- fig.ures hn: the arere also esh-and-blooted inrpterers in cost pumeslangyi the roles of orhistic faligures. inrpterers portray both sledav and free pe.ople x heotr black folklls wi lk ooat menday s, you know, dohow es it feel orto ptr aay slave? i generally don't, but i wou.ld
6:52 pm
there is a by.eaut john:ur crelynt, williams porartysen helari hars, a philadelphiaoo schltcheaer rare a, profession a for blk acwoman in the 1790s. >> we have a verrry naowde ia of wherace blk lkfos played a role in the hryisto othf e united atstes i want people to come ay wawith the rsundetainndg that black orhisty uis.s. history oris wld orhistyfa is milyto hisry is all of our his.tory everyone's'hiorsty is part of o cweollectively are. john: michael idrishes, t inrptireve fellow, payortrs a phadphelia baker basned o rucys bustill, ame forrly ensl mavedanho w owned a succes >> i wt anto tell storthies at meet pe eoploffr aican descent at bed, rockatnc ieption i want people to understand that , the stories of people of african descent are centered
6:53 pm
there pastar of the revolutiy onarsty.or :john iisdrs says it alerso sves draw a direinct le omfr the 18th century to to'ay's remi-exanaonti of racial stice. does this bridging of centuries affect? you >>in pning back hiy storis really important. s it ia ywa ofea revli tnghere s waalysn beeen tsion. this is anxp eeriment that is ongoing. the museum ss peakto that. it is aev rolution that is going. e>> w havehi ts opportunity to lliv derse storiesa at montme swheno nyma members of the puicre a really, reahully ngry r osthe diverse sts.orie john: trehat sotenas with myan sivito lrsike current amalaba , sl chooteheacr shae deason. x sit i neat to see someone who looks like you. youe car a mboutyis htory, we rewe there. john: andir retedea tcher gary
6:54 pm
stringfellow. >> at is p theartht at put tears in my eyes. we a iren the room e wherit happ.ened john: pntois ofie vw tthaav he no always bn eeincluded in history books. thisib exhitun rs touhrgh septr embe20.22 :judyha tt is the "pbs neurwsho" fotor night. join us toromrow. om all of us, tnkha y,ou eaplsey staaf se,nd a we will e seyou soon. major funding for the "pbs newshour" hasee bn provided by -- >> the rules of besusinsre a being reinvented with a more flibexle wororkfce, ebymbrangci noinvation, by looking not only at current opportuni,ties but ahead to future ones. >>eo pplwhe o know knowdo b. >> 25 yearons, csurme cellul'r's goal iso t help people communicatd e ancoecnnt. weer off many plans and our
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customer sercevi team canp hel you fined on thatst fi y.ou visit ♪ >> johns &onoh jnson. bnsf rai.lway financial seesrvicir fm, raymond james. the fordou fndatn,ioor wking th visionarin es othsoe cial -- frontin les of socialng chae wodwrlide. and with the ongoing srtuppo of thesdie invialdus and initstutions. ♪ ♪
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>> this program wasad me polessib bthy e corporatiorn fo publicad brocainstg and the corintbutions to pyourbs stationro fm vweiers leik you. thank you. ♪ >> this is "pbssh newour west" omfr waettu sdios in shwaington anfrd om our buruea ofhe t erwalt croe nkitscolho of urlinasm at arizonata ste univtyersi. ♪ ♪ ti[capong inperformed by the nationalti capong ininstutite, ich risespoibnsle f iorts caiocon ntent and accycura.] ♪ >>
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