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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  October 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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ca ptniiong sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff:d gooevineng, i'm wjudyooufdrf. onheew nshour tonighidt, ben agenda be-attl- modecrats scmbrale after a k seyenator brea wksith e thpresenidt on rainisg taxes on acameri's wealthieo st tpafoy r a package ofoc sial spendinggr proams. th, enbrazil versulss boono-ar- onofhe t world's most cororsveial leaders sface criminalrg chaesor f his hand olingf e thcoronavirus paem.ic tk alwith his forhemer alth minister. and, learning gap-- minnesota haonofe the countryor's wst ucioatn inequities. look at theat debe deunrway erri bdging that de,ivid and w it's impac ttinghetu sdents ucink the middle. >>tuntdes of color in rtulicar are put at a
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sadvantage bseecau soochls don'cet nessilary function to close thospse ga iann y inmeangf wulays. wdroouff: all thad t anmore tonight's pewbs nshr.ou >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ moving e ourcomyno for 160 aryes. , bnsfthene gine that cotsnnec us.
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spouprting soal entrepreneurd s anthrei luontis to the world's most pressing problems-- >>heem lelson founda.tion itcommtetod improving lives thh rouginntveion, in the u.s. and developioung cntesri. on tebhe w alet >> supedport bthy e john d. and catherine act. marurth untidaon. committoted blduiing a more st, verdant peand aculef d.worl mo irenformation acft maou.ondrg >> aitnd wh e thongoing support of theseti instuontis:
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>> this raprogm s wamade ssible by thrpe coorioatn for blic broadcag.stin and bytr conibioutns to your pbs stioatn from vieweikrs le u.yo k thanyou. >> woof:druf pssreure is moun otingn wmlaakers and white housfie ofcis,al who met again today mbscraleo tsecure a deal on trehe psintde's build back bettgeer anda. but keicy stki pngoints remain, li h towo pay for thsse maive socialnd speinbig ll. for the la otestn gonetiations, m joined by whour ithoe use rrpoesndent, yamiclche elso hloya, miche. th aeyre underh te gun. righwt no, llte us whawht ite hoofuse fialcis and the pridesent are doing to try to reh a deal, and tell us what thlae test sticking points are. >> preorter: well, presidendet bin d anwhite house fiofcials are scrambling, judy, t tryo make a del ato try to un t hedemocratic party so
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that the prentside, enwh he aves for eure optomorrow, can haomve setnghi to talk aboout t our european allies. that beinidg sa, erthee ara tlo meetings going a onnd the itwhe house has sbeenangyi that theyco're nfidten a deal codul ibposslye b reachedy b tonight oro tmorrow, buitt 's really rdo tsee that coming togheetr beusthe e detailsf o eth bill are still ngbei wroked out. e whithoe usofficials ien th la huor say develmeopnts have been changhoing ubyr o hur. day white hopruse ess seetcrary jen psaki told me -- >> i thi wnkhat members of recongssa hvone cveyed to lal of you leand arsde in congress as awells e thwhite house tandhe president ist thawere a very cle.os 'sthat bauecse we aree vry close. ditoes require worki tnghrough specifict deai alsnd componesnt th nd eeto be final bizedefore have a finalgr aeentme. >> repor nter:owth, e keyt par of wshhat e said ethre are
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ecicif details ando cmpones.nt so in the last houer, w learned, between mysaself well as lisa ardesjdi, nsourap cit holill escorrpoenndt, that one ibg key ovision that democtsra wandte in, rprogesvesi democrats wteand in i aslready saseen likely out ofhede al, and that is paid mi llyeave. the presides nt awl elas prreogssives had bineen itially pushfoing r2 1weeks of famyil paamid filley ave. in thet lashor,u white house officialds anap cit holill urs cetell us that is likely out beecaus senorat j moeaninch dot esn'wa intt in. athi ts is shapipng u to be is bill mirroriwhng ato je himancn ntwas rathethr an what ogressive deatmocrs nwats. anheotr thing to lfoook r is how to pay for all this. there was this bilailionrea tx oated by senate deocmra atsnd, to pday,redesint biden through his white house pressc setarery came a outnsad id he was in suppofort the billioe nairtax. buagt ain senator manch ciname
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t ouand said hwae s ctiril caof tthisa, xsaid that he did not want t to beagerting ses tashough the billionreai istax dade on arrival. thke in ist n'even ydr ont tha provisioutn b i'ts gone because enof sat moranchin of stwe virginia. woodruff am yiche, president biwaden s pihong to getht is done bee forhee laves torrmoow for the global climate mm iitn europe. hocoerncned is he taht he may avlee without aa del anwhd at are thce hances lookiling ke erthe cou blde sometnghi before morrow? itwhe house offlsicia he avbeen verydi cand oabut the idea that prest idenbin deabsolutely wants a deal beefor h geets on a nepla to t goo europe an hde's gngoi bemeetintg wih the pope, he gngoi to be meinetg with a mbnuer of european allies ate th g2 ehe's also g gointo a climchate an cgeonference, and at all theee mtings he's sangyi he wre'shadet mocrats want to get do anendon cl imate chaeng onand paid familya onl al these prosivions, paid
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fa lmilyee avis likouely t. it ucnlear whetheer h will get wihiz rsch. hell reay anwts a cviryto here. e itwhe house ist sill insistinerg the s habeen a lot of progresos, smething could enhapp. houseae spkenar ncy pelosi wrote a letter to lamawkers today ying the houseul res comeemitt tomorrilow wl ldho a heangri on thbue ild back betacter t. at is nay ncpelosi leapgrhing the urgency laakwmers want to move with here anshs e'telling cmomittee chairs sanhe wtsto see a text tofhe bill tbyomorrow'us rles hearing. 's very up hin te rai whether that's goiong t hpeapn. deatmocrs ntwa to see a text of e corenciliation legislation berehe ty vote on the bipaanrtis twhenher pesident waluks ot tomorrow at ththe e itwhe house it's anye'ons eguss wheerth 'll be able ayto s whae ve a alde or don.'t night there tawas lhek might goo t capitol hill but thehi wte hoe uswill call a lid saying wee otn going to see the
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esenidt on camera or goo t capitol thillongiht. rpeorter: oo>> wdrf:uf so many moving parts aned th drama conestinu. yamialche cindor, watg chinit at thite whe ushoe. thk you, yamiche. as you just heard, with the >> woodrufitf: wh e thfate of a poiatentl x taon billionaiupres in the, airdecrmoats are also looking at o otherptnsio to fund thr eimassive reconciliioatn bi. wiiallm brangham hheas t sryto. ra>> bngm:ha judy, this so- caedil blionaires' touax cld raise up to b$250ilonli if teenacd,ut b there are also renewed s lookatha cnging taxes on cortiporaons. forer mo othn e democrat'sns pla for thpeis sndg inbill and how they're goin pg toayor f it, i'm edjoin bney il irwin, eciconom reporter for the "new york s.time" ne, eagrt to have yocku ba on thewe "nshr"ou, as yamichse ha been rtieporngi , mean, a lot of isth is still i fnlux and i'm reluctant to say sometnghi is derad o aivle at any given minun te ocatopil hill right now, but let j'sust unpack this idf ea othe bonilliaires tax. ats i it, h owwould it actualoly wrk? >> w sohemon ste pople buy
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as, setsinstvements, and oit ges iupn value, you only owe pil tagains tax oe n thpfrosit when s youel tlhat investment, sehell t scktos or the business, and thsere' gd ooreasonsor f that. lothe giisc that thath's wen yokn howow much it sold for, how pmanyrotsfi you have, you have that h castop send. i think what the billireonai tax aimeatd is the ability of people to truly accumulate massivue sms of wealth that never geats tx tedhat reach asshtoniing levels. ejff bezos, his net worth might brisey 0$10 llmiion, his amazon stocks goes up but he doesn't owtaonx the earnings, abuto 70bi0 llionaires w boulde afct edbyh te, at thayt paing ta tx onhea gins alonghe t way. rpeorter: the aserious dergirding tihis s billioesnair, thwi these osblsoming funds ofmoney that grow, thatht erey' not somehow pangyi a fair share. yo dfeinition of fair share is as difrefents aneanyo esles,
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thbut ate sems to be the essentarial guntme thatht ey ghtot be payinge mor to the government. >> it inds a thisot nion these people can aclacumuteh tese maiv pesiles of we aalthn gdo yes dan years payg invery li tttleo eth government -- waenrr buf hfettase ben talking for years hise scretarys pay a gh rerate than he doesec bause hials weth is creg atincatapil gas hinis company. that's tohe lg.ic it raiseis faqur eiostns, ecexution questianons d atht's the reason s weaw doubts emerge y todaonn icluding thsis a part of the biden agenda. >>rertpoer: let's tkal about the exioecutn equstions. w howould you abgo o tutaxing th ithf e person is not sellinhg tose assanets ydou can gure out howh mucthey gained, muhow chth ey lost? >> i meathn, elo g iics, at that erti of wealth,op pele havae loof liquidi, tythey can borrown moey. e theslie quid astsse,h tey teo nd tbeu pblicly traded ocks they caen slla esily, you would phitase in and not make oppele, nota mke jeivedz and
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wat rranbufeftt sell all their ocovk ernight. this wouldt be heh ting that billionairaves he tslo of accouns tantancad pacity to deal with would beafctfeed by, you kn, ownot owners mof saller sibunesses thagt mi fhtace real instras. thatar's pt tofhe reason esom htoave the inttseres ithn e nasete are at t leasop ento isw, ho don't wat nto raise tarates on the waehylt, onthe capitainl gas x,ta for exa,mple t ear willing to entertain is. rorepter: puttingt thatax e,asid wt haare some of the otwaher ysem docrats are trying toraiese renvue onh tis big lls ithis. >> oneha to vehe t things people e artalking abou t isthe coatrpore nimimum taxcu, rerntly 21%. it was a lonmg tie they thghout eyth would raise the corpotera inmeax t to5 2%. senator sinema from arizona didn't want oto d that. nothe'ers talk that we mnay ot israe the corpo iratence omtax ratet , bumabey we say even if hayou veh tese deducs tionand arxpe eenngsi stock optnsio that make your tax rate below 21%,
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we s'llet a minimumo tbe fective on increasing corporat te athas t,on companies th hvae the stmo dduections d ilabity to get lo rwerates in effe rctight now. reporter: thso e poposition to thagut aresh wat agastin that opprosal? >>el ol,ne argenumt tishat ancompieths at are able to lessen their cortepora t baxill is usually for reasons we like to suppor bt,ec tausehey're makingv inesentmts and they have to expenhse tose invesentmts, cabeuse therey' paying emploesye with s otockpiotns that tends to line incveentis dan these are siderable and yonu do'tan wt the tax code to disincente ivizthem. ouif y'rnoe t raising r, atesif u're looking m foroney somewhere, tmihis ghbet a less painful way thfor e vgoernment to raise the revenue than some t ohetopher tio dnsisedcuss. >>epteorr: as we watch the negoiotiatnso gforward, there e ara graveyard cho fckedull of oposals thate havbe fenloated and alre dadyied. my unstderanngdi is that, acrdg into polling, taxgin
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rpatorions and bilonliaisre polls fa wirlyel.l iwhats uryo sense fr yomour reportasing to why those proposals ha hve aa trdime kisticngi wth the demraoctic jotyri? >> tnkhi the reality is just th iiss a vanshinsmgly all democr aticmajority. they neeid lterallyv eery single decricat vote inhe t senate, 50ot peslus the vicpre esenidt eaking teas. nelyar that closeth in e house. theeey nd eanrly every huose democro at tben oboard. the realisity en veif most crdemoatars e comfoabrtle with ising capitaal gins tax and orcorpattae x rates, thsoese rts of things,lo as ngs aone or two hror teer ae not so sur ie,t don'est haenpp an tdhat e thwhat wev hae ghrit now. mostm deocrats w bouldep oen to maony mrein kd of revenue raer jonce mahifrn om wesvit rgiain, kyrsten masine are mucho mre
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open. >>ep rr:orte we heard bernie sanders and elizathbe sanders ospropinag wealttah x. hoesw do tt hacompare to the otr oprposals and is that ntpoteiay llon the table. >> it's nbeot ingi dscussed. ita hs simarilits ieto the llnaioires tax we'are tlking ouabt, marketingp cait galains xes to markth e very rich. if anythinheg, t waleth taxa hs moren coitstutional quesstion around w it,od ulit be legal, woul bd ite upheld in court. thati sad, t ihink most progressivesld wou hbeappy with something tlikehe billionaires tax dissscued. aparpes to be by the wayside for a momt enbut th iiss a fluid tuioatn with lots hof canges happg eninbyhe t hour. r>>eporter: veruiy fld ot say e thleast. neil irwfin o teh "new york times," thank you so much for being here. tnkhas for havin.g me woodruff: ie n thdas y'other
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, newsthwhe ite house says stesat are moving klquicy to orpfder iz'ser low-dose covid vaccfoine r unyog children. fan.d.a. advisoanry pel doedrs it tuesday. millions of s dosecod ulbe shipped wnextee ok,nce the full f.d.a. and t.dhe c.cgi. ve the eegrn light. coa ngressional rtrepo ss ayat leas,0t 5900ea mtpacking workers caught c lovidasyet ar, and 269 ed. atth's nearly thtiree meths e evusio estimates. the report oodut tayay ss coans iewere slow toe tak precveti steps. thdue inst dryisputes that aiclm. miatgrion arrests hein t u..s interior have hit theilor west veinl more than aad dece. "the wngashitopon st" reports ice ag mentsad72e ,000 arrests away from thute sohe brnorder in thste la fcaisl year. that d wasowfrn om 104,000 arrests in trehe pvis ouyear. meilanwhe,he t homeland setycuri padertment annou ancedges ntwill opak ming routine grimmiatnio
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arrests at slschoo, sphoitals anthd e like. thp e tou. ms.ilitary commrande confd irmetoy dathat china has te asted herypsonic weapon. the nuclear-d armeveclhies can la iunchntoro bit, evade early tedection, and pe lungba tcko eah stotrike. gel nerama mrkilley likened cha'ins test to thvie soet union's firstet salle,it "spu,"tnik i19n 57. e thpentagon sai'sd it pt arof a ttn erby beijing, cioffial,ly p"theeoe'pls republic of china." >>se the aandvced military capabilities p areaid rewith a foigann d defense policy appr toachhaust es intimidation and cicoeronf oneighboring natitoons yldie to china's terest. and akso tenn isum, it reinfo frcesors uthe need to ntuein to treat thr.e p.c.s a nuour mb oerne pacing chngallee. w>>oodruff: the. u.shanos t yet cotenducd tea st similar to
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ina's. acvitists in sudan s sayecitury foesrr aested three pro- democrleacy ads erin khartoum overnight, a mfteronday's army up. despe itthe rearsts,nd ueterdre protesters took to the streets for another day to voice outrage at the military's takeover. many businesses remained closed agn. in iran,g lonlis newrapped arndas g stations foser a cond day. state mediaia clmemod st stio wnsere back up and running. but those whd o dimagena to fuel wupere forced ty o pahiergh icpres. iran's prentside bmelad a racybettk acdesigned to ntfome unrest. idhe d n notame the atta.cker israel will d buil3,0 00new mefos r jewish sets tlerinhe t occupied wbaest nk. asthe soatcied press rep aorts niplanngou cncil approveed th tmoveod.ay it's the bstigge sh ucaction under elisra'sew n governing coioalitn.
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backth in isou cntry, investigatinors n mewexico say ere were defe initsatyfe probleefms bora e fatal shooting onov a mieet s. it happenestd la wk,ee when acr toalec baldwined fir aro pp gu kn,illing the netomagrapher. toy,da thean sta fcoe unty sheriff said it's too soon to discuss any charges, but they're not ruling out baldwin, or anyone else. >> he's obslviouy e thperson fthatir tedhe weapon. so we're goio ng tcoinntue teiervwing and get ttingo-- geinthg e facts of his statements t andhevi edence and the candse a psiosble witnesses or anybodyt thahaans y information. so r nightowhe, is an active part of thises invtitigaon. wdroouff: investirsgato say th feyound complac iencyn eth handling of onweaps dan amnionti on the set. for the firsmet ti, e thunited states todayue issd paa ssport with an "x" ergend digesnation. it's forse tho w dhoo not identify as omaler mafele. the option wbeill oerffed more oabrdly next yeader unr nea w
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biden adminitistraonol picy. on wall streodet tayst, ocks lledow oil prices r.lowe e dow jones stinduri aalverage st 266 point cs tolo aset 3590. the nasdasaq w vtuirally chgeand. e s&p 500 sld ippe23oi pnts. d, mort sahlbe is ing rembeder tonight for volutionizinang std- cupomedy. he died datuesy cinalifornia. sahl gained ntatteioinn the 1950nd's a ''s60 with satirical commentan ry one ewsvents and pu.s.redesints. telar, his work irinspedth oers, omeo grge carlin tno jo arstewt. mortl sahwa94s years old. still toe comonhe t newshour: y whone state isre addssgin educatiodinal spitaries through gileslation. the prenesidt bofrazil faces possible cril minachgears for his handlingth of e ndpaemic. we s wpeakitthh e country's foerop t health offi.cial the retivoluony arway a philadel mphiausm euis
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showcasing d theivsierty of americhia's sty ormakers. d anmuch more. >> woodrufchf: soobol ard races noare rmlyal quiet contests centeredun arod calol issues li bgeudts. butht is year, man ty ofhese bo aardsreng eulfed in tinaonalized, cualltur h-ot buontt fights. amthong e suises-- mask maesndat and "ccaritil cera theory"-- an adicem framework adroun americlea's gacy of racism and segrioegatn,ut b that term has be acome cchat-all for lessons on diversieqty, ui atynd inusn ioin the anr geat school bo hardsas resu iltedn atheed meetings and threofats vleionce. da ay,ttorney genemeral rrkic
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rland faced rra baagofe itisicm from repubnlica sersnato f horis department's voemlvent in proteg ctinscolho fialcis. garlanidd sa t mheoment called for federal rvinteenonti: >> i think o allf husave seen esree ports of vioe lencand ths reatofio vlence. that is twhatheus jtice dertntme is concerneoud abt. nit'sotnl oy in the con otextf viol aencendhr teats of violence agnssct hool board mrsembe, >>dr woouf ff:or a look at how th iiss playing ourot acsshe t cotr iy,'m joined bynt gra geocofk iowpua blic radio. he joins us omfr des moines. jenny brundi cn ofoladoro public rao. shs sebad in denver. and inum colbu os,hio, jo ingles ofhipuo blic radio and television. it's so goodse to e e ththree of u.yo k thanyofou r joi unings. jo ingles, in wat tot sart with u. whats doescolho board races in ohio look like this year comp taredo eprvious years?
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>> w tell,herey' intense. e thohio school board's asciioatn says we have more 2than600 candidates fohor scol arthd is year. now, compahre tat withr fou yes goa,ju dy. it's a 50% icnrease. e craes are hotlyo ctensted in stmo areas. >>oo wdruff: and skipping over toolorado ando t jenny brn,undi ian wt to say, beefor we hearr fomo yu, i want to play meso of theo cmmentary, and this waan octoberch sool board idcandate forum in lorado springs. this is t jusan excerpt. >>e wdon't need to indocintrate loregisle atprograms to expect reecspt. >>o hoscol should e hveraev abthe ily itto make healthcare cidesions for yan family. >>t is crt adn at its core lelve marxism. >> ino am t an fa of dei. th'rnie ce flowfery dswor btu ex aist th inos t a word that is
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reallye e>> rpteorr: t. >>odrouff: this isst ju a samp, lingbutet ll us how typical are thise sues that escae ndidates area ringsi? >>es y, i would sa hy iae vsat inn quitae few schooarl bod fomsnd a, for the most part, the traditionasl iss,ue tt hais student achmeieventho, w to closhee t achveiement gap, school bus,dget tseho are the inma issues, buhet wn uyo get into som te ofhe more conserva ativereas around lorado sprinndgs a ae fw races cl osertoh te denver area, you doe har more quest aionsnd answerous abt masksab, out cricital race theondry a a ysou sa there, eyth were mentiinong dei,at th'si dvtyersi, queity and inclusianon, d many parents coare ninflatg atht with also-clecrd itical race rytheo and arse upetb aout it. >> woffodru: sitounds like it'sin comg aup fair amount. i nto t movev oer to iowa now
3:24 pm
d to grt angercklo. grt,ow n we have a sorht iclp. this is what some citizens were yi tngo school bo mardembers inpt seemr bein akanny, a suburb of des moines. ut(shoing) >>ooufdrf: so for those who couldn'ta her, he was saying we're gotoing ce omto your house, we'oire gngo t stalkyo u. ouit sndlis ke a pretty fevered pitch there. >> y eeah,spiaeclly at that eting. th wat'shere theoo schl abord vod ptout in palce a mask mandfoate r lal students which hadn't bieen n aplce beorfe. in fact, there hade ben a state laprw ohibiting scs hoolfrom putting maask mndates in place teafr that was blocked by a deral court inrulg,c shools ca bk acand sev eralha veput maesndat ipln ace. buit n ankany,ha tt's been a ntroversial e issugog inback asto lt hoscol year, a ndit really came to a head that night
3:25 pm
anl tedo those harassing statem fentsrothm at person in the crowd, a hndeha s been assoedciat wh ita group woh has been vy ervocalg aainst mask ndesat and in some cesas is spreading fainlse formation abouskt mas dan conspiracy theseori a tndhat type of thing. eyth have be penretty prominent the school d boarras,ce too, th'sat carried over, the contrsroveieabs out the mansdate ancad redri oveinr to the school ard debates as well. >> woodruff: jo ingles, you rewe telngli us atht ino sme parts of ohio, schboool ard memberves ha atcually been thatreened. wee 'vheard a litoftle taht in atli cp there from iowa, but wh aatre you seeing inh oio across ttahe ste? y, essome schoola bord members re tporthehay ve been threatened. we've sa een looft bad behavrio latocal schooal bo mrdees,ting and 'sit teham sthe ing as everyolsne ee is saying, it centaers rod uncovid prolstoco,
3:26 pm
mas,sk and it also centers ouarnd the teaching of diverts in the schoo -ls- divtyersi in thhoe scols. >> woruodff: jenny brn,undi lls uwhat you're inseeg in locorado, and i know i--t's hard to ask you n toto neralize bec iause'asm king yotoa tlk about an entire state, butlk ta aobut the isssue athatrbee ing rais bedut also e fact you wer seaying you're seeieng nw people runngni for scbool oas,rd peowhple o adh r neverelyal been involved in pulation before. >>n locorado law, ind,dee the eris a law saying schools edne to fousc o tnhe hisryto, cultaure nsod ciacol ntribnsutio ofa a vrtyie of minority gros,up an s, oschoolsre a actually followthing e wla, but it's been twisted a little bit by parent groups. ybut,ea ih,n general, the main issues are, yoou kntuw, sdent acevenemt, the critimecal ntal he calthris sithat youth are in, and also the cricatil shorteag
3:27 pm
ofea tc, hersscolho bus drivers, those are e somofhe t issues micong up. buast you said, we're seeaing lot of newcomers. tritnaiolly, people o whrun foth sechool boardv hae sa otn accobiuntali ctyommittees and rent-teacheran orgizioatns for nyma years and we're eseing lots newcomersy, mabe just parents who tare uning in ngduri teh paem aicnd caught inup the poli aticsndom se of the asoihpnt issues. >> woffodru: sintangyi with you, jenny dibrunn,or f a minuteou, y said some hof wat the wmecors, the candidates are saying is twisting awht's in the curriculum? wh datid you meabyn that? es>> y. i'vee spnt l aot of time looking at currim,culu adn the many school distr nictsowr ae undengrgoi a pro ocessf makgin their iccurrul mumore inclusive anred presentative r toeflect thstdeunt body. , for example, reangdi a piece
3:28 pm
of english that might ber witten by an afric-aanmerican person. so, you know,ti nkering with the cuicrrulum so it s lookmore like thste udent bodhiy, wch is what codolora l cawaflls or. d i thi, nkwhen you hae vomse gr ooupsf partsen that are ading aboriut ctil carace eo arynd are reading about diitversy,qu eity and inclu,sion wahtever form they're reading it, thvieir eiw s somehow that actehers are teachkiing ds to sldiike white pleeop and that studenf ts ocolor are the victims and white people are the esopprso, rsand everythiing 've re icun rriculum and talking mtoany teachethrs, ats i not wh iats bei tngaught, but there arsie a zleab segment of the populationre, pantwhs o believe this ips hapening. ani oushld also say vei' sat oinn ma, nymany, many olscho
3:29 pm
board meetis ngand there are dozens d andoenzs of partsen woh pldau the equity efforts. >> wooufdrf: g granterlock, whboat autn i iowa? mei an, what is your sen osef hoproroptionate the criticism is? >> oh, well, t allhi ssounds very famiailr, what i'm hearing fr oiho andor colado, whether itn's o mkiasng or it's on acnghi racism and equity in schools. for the most part, it's only a handful ofs ditrictsos acrs eth atwhe ere these are really congo t a strg,on enconttisou pot inahead of the school board elecs.tion tentimes, i'nove tid ceit's been in somofe the fast-ingrowg suburban areheas wreh tey're growinig quck, lythe popatulions and the deapmogrhi acsre annggi, more stus dentof color in tchhe sool districts, and sometimes sit' stusdent themesselv w ahore trying to
3:30 pm
drive thcoese nrsveations about race andu eqitiy n their scs.hool parente s arhearinabg out it. ybcoe ming late ttohe nvsaertion, andco mi,ng in nyas ces, from this frame of e national debate oabrut ct or e buzz wor adsround these issuaes, ndit 's creatgin this dichotomy nggoi io ntthe slchoo d boarelcteion whe wree vhae nationals iss uebreaki in on locanvl coertisaons about these sues. >>o wodruff: well, iist scuh a tno only important story for us toco ver but oneha tt we want kepe an ey on as we get oscler not only to this year's elonectis utb, of course, midterm elcteio nnsext year. anwe wt ttohank the th oreef u ryve much. ijongles in oho,i jnyen brundin inl cooradno, ad grant gckerlo joining us fro imo.wa thyoank u lal very much. were appcie atit.
3:31 pm
wdroouff: many scs hoolacssro cothe uny trare also grangppli with ways loto csehe t evachiemt engap between ewhit enstudtsnd a students ofor col. spiaecl correspondfrent ede d lasam za hroas a report hoon tse effoinrts mneinsota, a state with some of w theorst diitsparies. it p'sart of our ongngoi reac ermatts vecorage and fred's se ariesges ntfor change. >> reporter: it's a busy monday hein ttiwhs ite's fifth egrad class onat mroele ementary. maenth, glh isand even some hiy,stor a bllefore lunch. whs ite'cls asin the minneisapol suburb of brynookl pk aris an our tlieinhi ts state: highly diverse and httaug ba y black male. >> i grew up in minnesota. i had i hasod me very impalctfu teachers. blachik, wte. t buwhen i say tt hathou, ghi dn'te havmyir fst black acteher until i inwas 7th grade.
3:32 pm
a tllhrough my edioucatn, i hared the actehers of color. reporter: etoven da fy,ewer anne o percent of heteacrsn i nnotesa are black men. white's own hiteacngar ceer ard teless than thyeree ars ago, after wngorki f uor.p.s. and dispenngor me than a decade as a youth falootbl accoh. eveuantlly nncoectewid th acmek n teach, a nofonprit th wksor to recruit,pa prere, planace d tarein black malnes i scs.hool >> i ry eallwa tnthem to detarsnd that, youw, kno pecially fore somofy m africaern-amic santudents that e in my clasm srooth yatou are mo trehan just theor col oyof ur but ag yain,ouo dhave to have someone ththere atay mbe looks ylikeouet lting you knoatw th it is inattaab.le >> repr:orte eerxpts say the low number of heteacrsf ocolor contributotes vt aseducational diarspities in mintaneso. the e stathahis storically rated near tophe t iten st scores and aduation ratore, f empxale. t osthe numbers maidsk we differenbeces twn eewhite and,
3:33 pm
particular,ck bla sdetunts. this y aear,bo 5ut2% of white students mtaet steta sndards for math, coedmpar t18o % of black udtsen. and on rngeadi, % 60of white udstents were proficient, double pethe rctaenge of black udstents. mineheahoh jnsons ia fihft grader in thetis white's class. he used to go to school in the nnmieapolis publchic sool stdirict. buhit s parents wa sntedomhietng different. yoknu ow, all his heteacrser we older white n.wome and i efeltve dryay with him th iat would have ncto eougera m hito ask for help. u yoknow, don't ntbe iimatided. don't be nuservo. don' st becad reto just ask for you know w, itast iwas more keli he was uncotamforble. >> repr:orte b wutith white, nemiheah has foundfi >> becausehe he lpmes on my work in, ithn ma a rndeading >>t' is good to seate th seoomne cares. you know, a k blacma tleeacher isho swing that, essxpreinheg cares abouemt th.
3:34 pm
it proy bablwod ulhave helped being that aavge hina g mr. ite. knitow, dinefitely would have helped me. >> repr:orte uvenirsity of nnmiesota profesjusor stin gragine stieuds rasmci and ineqliuaty iedn grinowg up here, hdne di'tav he a ng tleeacher of counlor til llege, and ustnderan fdsrom his teown aching experience why they're so difficult to recruit and retain. >> i was mee ntingewea tchers. d ani would go u ap to tcheaer d trinoduce myself. anoud abt rethe or four times they assumed i was security stafigf, rht? d it impacte md myenlta alheth. bee causi arstted to like,, say okay, arhow e oppele perceiving me, ldshou ive en be a teacher? d ani kind of goist th cplomex ke, oh, i'm gonot odno eugh. d tsohat's a subtxale emp,le but like thohise tngcas n acmulate. >> reportemor: anghe t systemic chalesleng, ingrage says public educatiolln doarars e not distributed taequiblbey tween e state's po aorerndea wlthier scolho districts. there's beeden wi sieoctal
3:35 pm
ineqtiualiesha tt have existed for decades scand hos oland asoosrms don't exin st ia vacuum. stenudts of color arin ptilacur arpuatt a disadvantage usbecae hoscols don't ssneceary ilfunction to eclos the psga in any meanulingf ways. ep>> rorr:te in recent y,ears wmlaakers, educa atorsnd researchers shaveeahercd for twayso oscle the gap. e oneffort is beleing d tbywo prominent figures in minnesota: alan page, a former minnesota viking, n.f.l. hall of famer and retired state supreme tcour stjuice, and minolneapised feral ree servpridesent neel kasi.hkar th'vpre oposed an amenendmt to thate ste'cos nstitution. thrre cuenlat nguage requi"res“a geraanl d uniform sy ostemf public schools” funded by the legislature. the amendmenyst sa “all children have a fundaalment rhtig to a qualitbly puicdu ecation.” and that fulinfillg atth right is a “r“pamot unduty of the state.”
3:36 pm
t >> ipu ctshildren first. cuour rrt enconstitutionus foces on tduhe ecaonti system and ndfuing of that emsyst. doessan't y e onword about chdrilen. wehi tnk that it'sor imptant thveat eryhi cld, no matteatr wh eiecr onomic circuncmstae,o n matthaer wt e thcolor of their inno, matter theiilr abitory salibity can learn o andur proposednd ameme snthifts the fos cuto iivndiduachl ildr aennd repteorr: under the amdmenent, the staoute wldet s standafords r qua ality edatucion. pas rentwhfeo el they aren't being met secan ekem redies in e thcourts. bucrt itics say thouat wldnl oy larey forms. denisech spet tishe president ofduticaon minnesotae, th e'stats rglaest teacherson uni. >> iult wod qureire groups geintog gether to define
3:37 pm
th lingsikque ality. i g aet little worrwhied en we l areoongki at a solution th ides pendent highnly o lawsuindts a t cheourts. we t seeherg uent needs of students r iightn onfrt of our faces right now. >>or repte sr:pecht says the state coulked ta me orspecific imand meatdie action. >>ct i auay llwouldn't mind if were talkinoug abt a cotunstitialon amendment that uld specific callyalfol r r lowecls assizes in ouroo schls or ursnivealea hlth care for y everstenudt. univl ersaprk e-for every student. osare e the thingst thawe aknowreff aecting the gaps t righnow. and i thweink he avto get down and figuhore tseut o. >>epteorr: many critsaics y fixing ttahe ste e'sducation emsyst dsnoe't require a ticonstuontial amendment. arthe guntme being, you know th'she wre the solut oionsught to be. they ougo ht tbeeg lislated, not litid.gate he>> treer we probably those peleop that said tabhat out brown vs. thare bod of edioucatn.
3:38 pm
the erare probablypl peoe owh thsay atbo aut a woman'sht rig otto ve. tharere e obprably people who said thaout abt eefrd slaves' right to vote. yand,ouno kw, if we wer ien'tn thpoe sition we i ane d thcuenrrt constitutional language w wasorngki, we wouldne 't bhe hreaving this cosanverti.on >> reporteher: t andmement has soipme barsatin support bu'st it t ptoass the state leslgiature, whichre is quedir rebefo icat n bela pced tonhe ballot. amheid t datebe over reforndms a hotona ect them, there's little disagenreemt tonhe impocertan otef achers like et wishite. ts himakes me emoaltion, enev kithinngbo aut it, i jusalt rely hope tsohat medybo is going to see athisnde bturned into wanting to be ecoma acteher becaweuse dneo ed african- americeaan tchs,er but we also general. thesty ju he avto want stotep up. >> reporter:si clonghe t education ga tp inhists ate may dependit on . r fothe pbs news, houri'frm ed s lamazaro in bron oklypa,rk esminnota.
3:39 pm
>> woodruff:d' fres porerting is paa rtnership wiheth t uernd- stoldtoesri project at eth university of st. thomas in minnesota. >> woof:druf ara bzilian senate coite teinvestigating president bjairolnasoro itsubmtethd eir findingsay tod heto t cntoury's attorney generaecl, romndmeing the esenidt face crimichnal arsge hifor s ndhaling of the pandemic. e thinquiry is ucenpredeednt and scathingcu, acsi ang sitting he ostf ate of crimeais agnst humaniorty f bziral's covid attoh ll, the secoignd hhest in w theor.ld 'shere nk icschifrin. s>>chifrin: it mis aemiaorl of ie wf,hat activistlls ca a shrine oamf she. 600 tissues, for more than 00600,0 azbrilian lives .lost the postasers k“ “who is onrespsie blfor this tra?"ged”
3:40 pm
the senate's answer: largely one man. since thgie benng,in president ir bsoolnaropp oosed a naontiwideoc lkdown, blocked mask mandaantes d cisoal distancing requintremes,nd a denied v their' usgravity. >> ( sltranat ed ): in my case, given myle athtihic story, if i towas bine fected it wonould t necessarilncy coermen . i ulwodn't feel anngythi oerth th aant most a litcotle ldr obe unthder e atweher. >>ch sifrin: he to uutednpveron therapies. afteter stg inpositive, he caedll antimalarial hydroxychluioroqne c aure. anjud st this weeksp, diaredag vacc winesitlih es. >> ( an trsledat ): the rtsepor from tnihe utekid ngdom gornvement officiaugls sgest that they armpe colelyte ccinated. ey are develg opinai fdsaster th wanhat was expe.cted >>ch sifrin: facebanook d youtube later toowok dn isth and other bolsonviaro de.os while spra tyinghafit rehose of faoolsehd,e htold brazilitoan“" wstophingni,” and pd usheto reopheen t enocomy. >> ( tranedslat ): the lleratal damage of the asesur to fight the coronas virucaotnn be worse than the very issllne. >> srichifn:ra bzil has ended up
3:41 pm
wiheth t wldor's second hitghes officieaal dthol tl, just after the u.s. senator omarz azilethd e inquiry. >> (tr anatsled ): the presid iencys iannstitution. the presidens cy inoant office in a w barhe yreou say what you nt while drig nkinbe aernd ting barbecue. bolsonaro s tellthbre azilian people abonfut uouednd studies, when we ask to vaccinate the population. >> schn:ifri aaj mority of the mmsiison's membersor endsed e porert's recommeiondatnso t cuse bolsonaitro wh imcres agaihunst matyni, inciting an idemic, charnilatasman, d misef opublic funds. e 12-p00age cudomentou fnd boono'ars governmentit "omted and opted to i actn noa n- tenil caand recklessne manr in e thfight againse t thpaemndic, debeteraly exposing the popula ttiono coa ncrete risk of mass infec"tio” in order to achieve herd iitmmuny. todathy e rertpo wasub smitted btorazil's atto grneyenaler austaro as. he is a bolsonaro appointee, and don'est have to pu crsuehaesrg. lsonaro himshaelf s pereatedly dismissee d thcoitmmtee and its
3:42 pm
rtrepo apos litically motetivad. >> (tr anatsled ): howd goo would e it bifhi ts senate mmittee was g doinsothmeing odpructive for oouur cnt.ry th teyook time fror m oumistniry eaof hlt ph,ublic employees, mbhule people, besusinsm.en they produnoced thg inbesides trhaed and rancor. >>chriifn: dr. luiz iqhenrue mandetta sd erveasra bzil's mistnier of health20 in 19nd a , 2020unl tipresident boarlsono fid rehim over theifir dfencrees in how tonrespd ttohe ndicem. s he inolaw ying the growound rk r funor presidentbr of azil anhed joins us now. dr. atmanda,ha tnk you, welcome to the "honewsur". yoreu we teh committee's first witness. do you a wgreeitthh e charges coremmended? >> yes, yeths, as nkfor havgin me here on pbs. wethll, e comttmieea mde six months' k,wor adn in theix s mohsh tey showed tooma ny miesstak ttha were under covid.
3:43 pm
yi tnghe vaccineos, nt neatgotiinwig th pfizer, 81 masil fropfm izer offinerg ccvaines and thsaey id no and they tried to buy vaccines from diina that didn e'tven have a phtwase o. then they weshod eth pridesent d haa paralolel ffice wthatas ying to sell hydxyroquinoline an ivermecn tiand had fake news. the erwere so mathny is ngshown hiby ts mcomittee that we think it's goio ng tta mkeore time to alrely put them under juicste. r>>eporter: wea herd president bnaolsoroa sys these gechars ear politlyical vamotitecrd eated byo plitical opneponts, you'ren runi fngor pridt enagainst blosonaro. yare ou making your charges because of your political
3:44 pm
opposi ttiono e thpresident? >> welhel, ty ear facts. they d hon'tave anrsswe for anything. there aroe s many mistakes and wrong this,ng wro dngecis,ions a and toxic learsdehithp at he dema. la week, he said thath wo takes vathe cnecis goes into i.v. kheeeps on doing it. >>eporte r:wheyn ou urged m to take vtheirus more riseously, why dheid saye hwas resistind g anwhe erwas he getthiing s nfiormaonti? >>el hl,e said that gohe t in ato false dilemma that says between economy and ahelth, i'll keep with eco, nomyand he cid deto doha tt whe hne came back from a tript tha he madtoe maagro lo where he met pridesent trump. next they weotre bh twih a dryqoxuinoline on their hands and tsaido goverrsno anda myors
3:45 pm
not to stop the coenomy, keep on working, take this medinice, it llwi work. ey didn't want to prepare the stem to anyngthi. byha tt time, i w lasookinng ad sa, yingwe, llmaybe the amicerans have som ye,ou know, just lik te inhme ovs iethat th ceyome with soe mkin ad of vaincce or a medicinate th will sothlve er poblem because they arree allyo nt takingn ay- -any nd of mee asurto proctte their people. and when i sawha wt phapened in w york and all those shopitals at central p, arkyoknu o tw,he health systoem cu nldot hanedl althl , ati gave to him three kind of sceosnari, eon very opsttimiica, nother reastliic d ananothers pestsimiic, and i showed i himf he would tae kaway dethe cioisns that hase w going dtho at he would have these ndki of deaths we, unrtatunely, had. he knew t whahewa s doing. >> rteeporr:o dyou believe
3:46 pm
pridt enbolsonaro believed what he dwasoing could actlluay ve the economy? >> no, hwae alysn kew that he wod veha more problwiems th thone ecom by,ut he just want a potilical vaccine,h so e made that choice hin te election, thin okingn eth elections. >> reporte r:what happefns i thatrntoey general ealquivent dooes nt pursue criminal ars?ge oudo y tnkhi actually that the peltboy lsonaro macey fa is actu mallyore politic?al el>> wl, t ihink tha bt,y isth ti, methis is a senate committehee, tya hve t a loof in tgshat were shondwn a now are going t so beentot the ecprosuts.or n'i dot owkn which -- threey' going to probably go deepethr an these investigations. is is not the end. this ists ju the beginngni. it le ikyou shweod,o yu turned the light on, but now uyo're goingo t have the cases and this isr fothe procusetors. >> reporter: dr. louis
3:47 pm
mandetta, thyoank u ryve much. >>ha tnk you, thank you for ving me here. >>ooufdrf: a new exhibit "leribty" in philahidelpa ekses toela l more inclusitove sry of a themecarin revolution, introducinsig vito trso people cralitic tbuo ilding the nn,atio but e whosnas methey've likely never heard. jo yhnang visited aras pt of our arndts a ctuulre series, cs.anva >> yant g: afit rsglance this patiinng at the mu oseumf eth icameranev rolution in pheliladph liaooks like a typical depin ctioofhe t time, butat ke a closer :look it's a littlowe knn memont in hu.s.isryto: the rhode ndisla gintme, which had two coiempans sofoldiers who were native amen ricaorf oafrican descent, marg chinpast peindendceen hall. >> this is janust irencdible sce atth when i laids eye it fheor t fstir time, just
3:48 pm
really helpe cd toenr tethe ntburitions of peoofple afn ricadeensct in the foronmati >> yanicg: mha ieldriss is the semuum's africanri amecan tererptive fellow. >>higrs oup is primarily riafcan-american. eyre a led by a white commandiffng an td inheid mdle of this is th yngou man who is inlookg at is scene, an wd heillal ter cot unin his laterrs yea. s hiname is jamerts foenan, d that these mween, rere a brave of menev as erou fght. >> yang: fn'ortes rdwos-- “brave men as efover ug"h”-- give this pati ingts name. was commissd ionebyhe t museum ae s thceerntpiece of a special biexhit llcaed “liberty: don troii'ans paintings of the revolutionarr.y wa” rtfoen is an unhdeerald volutionary fiwar gu--re a grandsonen of sledav people who wabo frnree. he ft oughinhe t war as a enager and l baterece ama wealthy businessman d anleading abolitio.nist >> we deselirve feli, berty and ppesins. >> yang:la a py ouabt his life
3:49 pm
ops voneteran's dayrt, pa of the muse eum'sfftsor to showcase the diversit ay ofmecarin hiory. >> there appre aromaxitely two and a mhalfilonli people in itish north icamera tonhe eve of the amen ricareluvotion, and eyth are not alln johads,am right? >> yang: anndriee alwhey is the mu'sseum decirtor of education and communenity gamegent. >> if we aotre n lkioong at a orsty of the amen ricareluvotion that icls inuse ivof all of those peopwele, 'rdoe ing poor history, numonber e. but numbwoer t, 'rwee not providing lepeop wh itthe opportuntoity uerndstanhod w ey tmsheelveans d counmmities ke tirhes mit ghhaveee bn aldeing thwi theha cllens geand the complicas tionofhi ts crazy, chaotic, hopefulbe, autiful, chngalleintig me. whae d hoped thatco we uld sof rt oben aamerican votiluon 3.0 museu pm, alace that fesocus me oron asking estions. >>an yg: sttco stephenson is prest idenanc.d e.o. of the semuum, which op ienedn 1720.
3:50 pm
>>e wwanto tteacpeh opleo tbe hiornsia rather thant sorof psiasvely walkingou thrgh a musejuum, stoo lking at the artifaancts d tra aditional kind tlielng we reallyte wand it to y be,ouno kw, interrogative exriceen. a museum ts hat'abt ouinquiry atth asks questions. th'she t best kind oarf lening i think tthathawet can we can possibly do oufor r siring geneonratis. yan tg:he meuusm's reco exbihit includes mliany tt-le d notestieors: the fiercely deteded cision by theie onda nationna of ti avemericans t suortht e revolution. enslavomed wenik le phillis wheyeatl, e thfirst african american anlnd oy cosend woman in north acameri tpuo blish a obookf etpory. d anenslaved peoofple aicfran endesct o whfought for the britis eh inxcnghae for their freedom. 'sthat iuslltrated in this taea cuxalled “tisomemes frm eedowo are red coat.”
3:51 pm
it dtsepic aom wan overhearing an young ensd lavematen lling a iefrnd he was rug nninaw tayo johein t r cedoats. byes dign, all theur figesre a e thlikenesses oopf peleow n nglivi. >> one of the reasons that wdoe that is re jallyustot help to asemphizthe e fact that ethes e arreal life liheke ty' gveot e thbreath and tlohe bodf oreal op ilen them, right? when you latook aig fure like this, th aat'sctlluay been life cast. you can see dethe tas,il you can d anyou start toab be leo tmake nntiecons to the pe eopland stthe ors ieof the past. >> yanndg: a y toualked about being lifet casansed eing the tadeils of the s tkin,hiiss ..your. isth is you, this is your skihin, ts yisour face l>>iterally me. this is my skin. ths is imyac fe. onofhe t first thingats th i wakes asd dtoo at the museum was to lend my likeness to one of the tableaux figures, which y>>ang: there alsre ao esflh- d-anblood interprsrete in costumes pyilang the roles of hiicstoralig fures. thsee muum b'slack interprseter portrathy bo elansved and free pe.ople historical iprnteret keralela lliams: >> k youno ow,ther black folks wiooll lk mate and say, you know, how idoest elfe to portray a slave?
3:52 pm
and i generally don't. but ouof crsi e would. anthd at's somethihang tt atth's a at a's role that ild wou like trto poray. an md toe,he tre'sea buty in porartyingho w washe tre, yg:an currently, iawillms portrays helhaena rr, isa philadel sphiachltooeacher-- a rare proiofessn r foa black woman in the0s 179. >> we have ay vernaowrr idea of erble ack folks pl aayed reol hein t htoisry of the united states. i ntwa people to cawome ayit wh e understandthing at. black histor uy iss sthiory is rld history amis filhiy story indigenousto hisrys ius history world histos ry ialofl our story. eryone's his itorys rtpa of o cweollectively are. >> yanicg: mha ieldriss, the inrpteretive felloorw, ptrs aya phadphelia baker basned o rus bustill,or a fmeyrl enslaved mhoan w oedwn a ccessful bakery. >> wt anto tell storthies at et people ofic afranes dcent batedrock, at itincepon. i nteo pple to underd stanthat e thstories of pe eoploffr aican
3:53 pm
endesct e arcentered thesre a ll, among ot.hers th a preart tofhis a vorelutiarony sty.or yan ig:drissas ys ialt so rves to draw a direct line from theh 18tceurnty to today's remi-exanaonti of racial justice. esdo that affect, youthis bridging of urcentieass it were ofhas t'going on now w andhat was going heon tre? >> pinning bhiack sty oris really impntorta. 's w aay of revealthing at ther ae islws aybeen tension. iss ian experimenatt th is ongoing. thmue seum speaks hato tt. it's a revoln utioth iats ongoing inma so nyes rpects. >> i thinkt thaweav he this oppoitrtuny ttoell diverse stories atom a menwht en so many mbers of theli pubc ear lyreal, alrely hungry foosr the divestrse >> yang:t tharenasotes with many visit lors,ikcue rrent alabama schoeaol tch serhae deason. >> it's neatse to e mesoone that looks liouke y, ktonow that, he yy,ou do care a mbouty history. you do see it. you know, erwe we erthe, too.
3:54 pm
>>g: yan .an..d retired terache gary strinlogfelw cofalifornia. >> that's thrte pa tt haputs the tears in my beyesecseau, you know, we're in the room whe erit ppeden. ll borrow framom hiln,to the but yo au'relsseo eing everybody's point of yg:an points of vthiew at haven't al bwayseeinn cluded in story books. the exhib“t “belirty: don troiani's pangintis tofhe revolutiy onarw”r" runs through ptemr be2022. for e thpbs wsnehouri', m john yang in philphadelia. >> woodruff: a andn daupte before w, e goeaierlr in the ogram i said o thebama adminitistraonpp oosed israel's rrent plan tilo bud 003,0 new mehos for jewishtl seterins the ocpi wedest bank. meant to say b theiden miadnistration. d that's thesh newoufor r toghnit. i'm wjudyooufdrf. jo uins online andin aga heer motorrow evening. for all ofat us t phebs newshouran, thk u,yo please stay safe, and we'll see yoonu so. >> m fajorunngdi for the pbs wsho huras bn eeprovedid by:
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thrue les bofusins esare inbeg inveednt, wi ath morfle exible woforkrce,y bembrinacg invaonti, by looking o notnly atre curntpp oortunities, but ahead tour fute eson. p>>eoplwhe o knknow, ow.d b.o. f>>or 25 years,su conmer cearllul h baseen offering no-contract wireless plans, desi tgnedo lphe people do more of what they like. our u.s.-based customer seervic team celan hp ndfi a plan that fits you. to learn m vore,isit >> the ford foundation. working with visnaioriesn othe frontlines ocif soalha cnge worldwide.
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and with thgoe oninsug pport ofhe tse institutions and indialvidus. >> ts hiprogm rawas dema poib bley the corporn atiofor blic broadcag.stin anbyon ctributions turo yo pbs stn atiofr vomiewers like you. thank you. captionipong snsedor by
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♪♪ ♪ hello, eveonrye, and welcome to "amanpour & company." he'sha wt's coming u p --
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i am here to sound the alarm about a psycpahoth kleilr in the ddmile e wastith iinnfite resources. >> aor fmer saudi spyhi cef comes forrdwa withes dpetera pl feaor help. i sp teakois h daughtehor, w fearers h father and filamy uld be the nextti vicms oh of e saudi krcrowrin pnc -e- erve thought of inpassg? w shyhould i? av heve erything i erve want.ed >> actssre rebecca hlal uncovers racialre sectsn i "passing" ileexploring uneranswed esontis about her own fa.mily >> we have a lote mor of the iegrving process. >> talking about covid and grief with dn oreedoerdg-mcgee.


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