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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  October 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> hello, i amh outside source. an inquiry in france has uncovered abuse by french priests on a massive scale. >> those in france over age 18, by priests, clerics, or nuns as minors. ross: they say they were abandoned. the president is planning to defend democracy against an aggressive china, after days of warplanes flying close to taiwan. another damning indictment of
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facebook who used to work with the integrity team. >> the products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy. ♪ ross: an independent inquiry in france has revealed the scale of sexual abuse by the catholic church and found that 260,000 chilen were abused over the last 70 years. abusers were protected by a veil of silence and the church showed cruel indifference. he was abused himself and his head of a victim's association. >> no culture has been able to stop this church with regard to the commission of crimes against prepubescent children. children aged seven to 10 in massive numbers, with the whole
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enterprise, organization of concealment. this report is important with regards to humanity and at the very least, in the idea of what is human dignity and respect for life. ross: the inquiry was commissioned by the french catholic church in 2018 which spent more than two and a half years combing through records and spking to witnesses and victims. they found a total of 3000 abusers, buthe report says this is probably an underestimate. here is the head of the inquiry. >> out of those in france aged over 18, 260,000 were sexually assaulted by clerics, priests, or nuns as minors. if this is added to the victims of laypeople, employees or lunteers in religious education, or establishments or youth movements, the number of victims increases to 330,000.
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in total, violence against minors in the catholic church represents 4% of the total number of sexual offenses in france. ross: while most of these cases are too old to prosecute, the inquiry is calling on the church to take responsibility. we got a reaction from the pope via a statement from the vatican that says he felt pain learning the details of the report and his thirst -- his first thoughts are for the victims and gratitude for their courage in coming forward. he hopes and recognizing these events can take the path to redemption. one of the most senior bishops. >> i say to the victims that i'm sorry and i ask for forgiveness. i'm aware this comes only from me today, so we are working that this comes from the church as a whole.
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i want to restate my determination that the church moves forward so we can absorb all contents of the report. the church should be purified, then reinforced and grown how god would want. ross: they may ask why it would take until 2021 for details to emerge. hugh: a lot of countries have had independent commissions set up by their churches. france's next after germanythe states, ireland, who have done the same. it certainly is timely. there is a lot that was waiting to come out, but i don't think any bit was secret. we know there are problems with pedophile priests and have known for years. this puts it on record from a source completely beyond reproach, and independent commission run by a man who has won the respect from all people
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in both sides of the debate. he has done a diligent process of research in the archives, talking to survivors or victims, and going through newspaper cuttings. it is exhaustive, and that's why his word carries a huge amount of authority. and it is why people will now listen to what the report says in the way of recommendations, setting out what has happened in a way which i think is irreproachable and inarguable. ross: explained to us what those recommendations are, and whether there's been any reaction from the church or the government as to whether they will be acted upon. hugh: the church, in all of this, is an agent. it commissioned this rort. they are not church people who undertook, formed the commission, independent but it was set up by the church and
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some accused the church of trying to interfere, but i don't think there is any real way to impugn the work of the commission because it is certainly not complacent with the church. it documents the huge numbers of persons who were abused and it has recommendations. above all, it says the church needs to recognize that it was responsible for everything that happened, it was not rogue individuals that carried this out. the church has to see that in itself, was part of the problem because it was systemic. it was in the system. the system of the church was incapable of correcting itself. it what was going on but could not let it go on as treating the priests as sick people rather than understanding the harm was being done to the populatn as a whole. the understanding has to come
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and the question of demonization, or compension, i should say, to people who have been abused. that will be a huge dossier that will amount to billions of euros . the question is, should canon law be more reformed and more cooperating with penal law to attack abusers when they appear and e punished? ♪ ross: we started in france and returned to taiwan where it's president is vowing to defend its democra against an aggressive china. the president published an essay and warns of catastrophic consequences if the island were to fall to china. she says it would mean authoritarianism and the upper hand over democracy, and adds that while taiwan does not seek confrontation, it would do
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whatever it takes to defend itself. the context is that in the past four days, a record number of chinese air craft have -- to which taiwan's prime minister has said this. >> taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over the top. the world has also seen china's repeated violations of regional peace and pressures on taiwan, so democratic countries have issued warnings and our countrymen have to be self-reliant. we've seen the president ceaselessly supporting the army. we must come together as one. only then will countries work to annex taiwan. ross: taiwan has reported china's jets flying nearby and now than 150 warplanes with nuclear capable bombers have entered the same area, what
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taiwan calls its air defense zone. this is not the same as the territorial airspace which china has not entered. this is japan's response. >> we hope that this matter related to taiwan will resolve peacefully through direct talks, and this has always been our consistent stance. we will continue to keep a close watch on related developments. at the same time, instead of simply monitoring the situation, we hope to weigh the various scenarios to consider what actions we might have an reparations we must make. ross: all of this has to be seen in the context of decades old disputes. taiwan and china were divided during a civil war and there has been disagreement ever since. beijing views taiwan as a breakaway province which it vows to take back by force if necessary. taiwan sees itself as its own sovereign nation.
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although it's legal status is unclr, it has all the requirements. >> we don't have a need to declare ourselves and independent state, we are in independent country that is ready. we call ourselves the republic of china taiwan. we do have the ministry and we have elections. ross: that was january. the u.s. reassured taiwan of its continued support, and while the u.s. does not have formal ties with taiwan, joe biden says their commitment is rocksolid and the white house has repeated the message. >> we remain concerned by taiwan's provoked -- china's provocative activity near taiwan which undermines regional peace and stability. we urge ijing to cease its military and economic coercion,
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and we have an interest in peace across the taiwan strait. we will continue to assist taiwan in self-defense capability. ross: in response to that from the white house, china has said engagingn china -- taiwan independence is a dead-end. china will smash any independence plots. china has issd is morning before. >> china is firmly opposed to any form of official exchanges or military contacts between the united states and taiwan. national divination and reunification is the common aspiration of the people, and an irresistible trend of the times. those who follow it will prosper. ross: australia is also paying close attention, saying that it wants an indo pacific region
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based on the rule of law. the former australian foreign minister. >> it is quite clear that if china were to invade taiwan and create a war and endeavor to take taiwan over, that would create a regional armageddon. it would certainly draw the united states into that war. i think it would certainly draw japan into that war, and there's every chance australia would be drawn in as well, and other countries. it would be a regional armageddon if china invaded arm -- taiwan. ross: the global times editorial was stronger -- time to warn taiwan secessionists war is real, and warns that the peaceful atmosphere of only a few days ago has all but disappeared. let's get an analysis from howard's and. -- howard sang.
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howard: chinese as cranking up -- the chinese are cranking up military pressure just at the end of august and early september. most of the audience will remember even the united kingdom had the hms queen elizabeth, for the first time, a carrier group sailing to asia and the south cha sea. one of the british warships sailed through the taiwan straits and met up with the u.s. expeditionary force in the area, joined by japan, netherlands, and a multinationalmajor show of force flotilla and exercise. then the hms queen elizabeth went over to japan for a visit and came back to the south china sea. so in many ways, beijing always wanted possibly to give a response. this in one way, national day in
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beijing, october 1, they want to show force and show their determination, and also following a couple days, october 10 is the national day of taiwan or the republic of china. this is a sensitive moment, and beijing is possibly trying to send multiple messages to taiwan, to u.s., and to possibly u.n. and u.k. if you look at the formation of the fighters and the early warning planes as well as the bombers and things, and many experts say they almost assembled some type of sea strike force that could be attacking surface vesls. it could be one assigned to other countries that wants to send navies here. ross: in the next few minutes, we will hear of how one of
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russia's famed actresses hits the national dutch international space station and is ready to shoot the first space film. ♪ u.k. prime minister boris johnson is not worried about roy nate -- rising prices, and fuel supplies in t u.k., saying supply chains will sort themselves out. he said the economy is facing the strains of a post covered recovery. -- post covered -- covid recovery. p.m. johnson: what you must not do is go back to the old failed model of the u. economy that is under productivity in comparison to competitors in decades and has held growth and productivity down. we are not going back to that. that's why we are putting in the
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super deduction for businesses to invest. that's why we are investing in skills and our power industry, to give is this and industry the platform they need to improve their productivity. -- businesses and industry the platform they need to improve thr productivity. ♪ ross: i'm ross atkins with "outside source." our lead stories from france, the scale of child sex abuse within the roman catholic church has been revealed with over 200,000 victims. a former facebook employee is telling a committee that the country -- company causes harm to the country. on monday she revealed the person behind leaks to "the wall street journal." she accused
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facebook of putting profit ahead of people's safety. she repeated those accusations today in front of this committee. >> i'm here today because believe facebook's problems harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy. they won't me the necessary changes because they've put their astronomical profits before people. congressional action is needed. they won't solve this crisis without your help. ross: her accusations contradict the message from facebook. mark zuckerberg spoke to a congressional committee in march and id overall, the research is that using social apps to connect with other people can have positive mental health and well-being benefits. he didn't mention the negative effects on some people which facebook's research had found. >> it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs, becoming
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an almost trillion dollar company by buying itsrofits with our safety. at nighttime during dutch at facebook -- at my time during facebook, i realized the devastating truth, nobody outside knows what happens inside. the company hides information from the u.s. government and gornments around the world. ross: republicans and democrats often disagree but they were more and were less united in their criticism. >> big tech now faces that big tobacco, jaw-dropping truth. it is documented proof that facebook knows its products can be addicve and toxic to children and it is not just that they make money. again, it is that they value their profit more than the pain they cause. ross: facebook has defended itself against this criticism,
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releasing a statement that says -- protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits, pointing out measures working on safety measures. and the investment of $13 billion since 2016. our washington correspondent gary o'donoghue explains the impact. gary: this is a subcommittee of the senate commerce committee which is prett powerful and has a lot of oversight over american consumers and danger -- data protection. it has significance and power in that senseand its power in this case is as you alludo, the fact that these senators seem to agree. extraordinary position where you see ted cruz, the most partisan of senators if you like, possibly on that extreme end, completely agreeing with
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democrats about the nature the problems raised by frances haugen, which means there is a prospect of something getting done, whic should worry facebook. in the last few minutes, they've pushed back ready hard on this testimony and said that frances haugen only worked for two years with the company. six times they say she couldn't being asked about, and other sort of jarring, slightly halted communication strategy. she never attended aexecutive meeting with c suite executives. ross: if facebook keeps saying no, the situation is under control, we are doing the right thing by our users and societies , what options are available to american politicians to tackle that view of the situation? gary: facebook does believe that
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congress should do something. they believe it has been 25 years since any regulations on the internet. they believe it is not just about them. they don't believe they created the societal issues and problems. they said partisanship existed before them and will exist after them. the claims suggest they magnify this problem, that's what the issue is, not that they created human nature toe nasty to one another and comparing body images of young girls, that was around before. it is the speed and scale that these platforms provide for that sort of thing to replicate and touch literally billions of people around the world. they are not really, i think faced up to that issue in terms
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of their role in this. ♪ ross: now let's talk about what looks like a new type of space race. russia appears to have stolen the march on the u.s., sending an actor and director into space to shoot the first movie. they arrived at the international space station on a soyuz rocket. they will shoot a movie called "the challenge." this has been a huge- this has been huge news in russia. the actress has undergone four months of weight net -- weightlessness training and speaking behind glass, as she admitted that being under command has been a challenge. >> we have been working really
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hard, although we look all happy and smiles. we are very tired. it's been very difficult both mentally and physically. ross: she has to do her own makeup and work without lighting or a sound crew. they will have 12 hours -- 12 days to film the scenes. she will play a surgeon sent to save a cosmonaut. nasa is excited to work with a film with tom cruise aboard the space station. so far, that plan doesn't seem to have become a reality, no further announcement from tom cruise or nasa. an astrophysicist at the university of central lancashire in england, i asked if it is
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worth doing. >> it was very inevitable. whether it is -- people have filmed in space but not professionally, so it will be interesting. ross: what do you imagine will be the challenges? >> there will be plenty of challenges. this is a weightless environment . it is the first time the actor d director will have to deal with those conditions. it is also very cramped on the international space station and not a lot of room to move around. they will have no one to do lighting or make up so it will be very different. ross: one cosmonaut saying this is no place for clowns or tourists. you should not get in the way of the work. >> that is a valid criticism.
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it is a danger to the environment in space a lot of things can go wrong. that's why they have to be truthful and cope if there is an emergency so they knowt to do. i think in terms of whether it is a good idea or not for the international space station, i think it is kind of inevitable that this stuff is happening. nasa funded the iss. if you are not sending tom cruise as part of the space station, adventures like this will possibly be the way forward. ross: we will see how that turns out. if you want an analysis from the team away from your televisions, follow me on twitter, at bbc -- @bbcrossatkins. thank you very much for
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