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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  July 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ kasia: hello, i'm kasia madera. you are watching "outside source ." england and denmark are kicking off in there euro semi-nal/. 60,000 fans are inside, most of them supporting england. danish fans are watching in copenhagen, the team has had a fairytale run since christian erickson -- eriksen's shot collapse. a victory tonight would give england their first trip to a major final since 1966. whoever wins will take on italy in the final in london on
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sunday. a state of emergency has been declared in haiti after the untry's president was shot dead at his home. president biden: we need a lot mo information but it is very worrisome. ♪ kasia: warm welcome to our viewers on pbs in america, d around the globe. it is the semis at euro 2020. anglin playing denmark at wembley stadium in london. they have just kicked off. --ngland playing denmark at wembley stadium in london. denmark hopes to continue their fairytale run. they won the trophy back in 1992. the winner will face italy on sunday. let's take it to the scenes live
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in london, one of the designated fans own aas in wembley. there are 60,000 fans. england fans usually outnumbering those cheering on the danes but denmark has been allocated around 8000 seats for supporters living in the u.k. let's cross over to copenhagen ,live, at one of their fans owns. fans prevented from traveling to london due to coronavirus restrictions, so most of them are in fans owns there. kickoff just a few minutes ago. let's get a look at the strength of denmark and england. >> england may have the bigger names and individual talent but denmark are a very strg collective, they work we together. they know their jobs, they keep
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things tight. it will be difficult for england. they have a lot of experience, it is a young england team, but they are growing into this tournament. they have made three semifinals in the last the years, so for these players, it is not business as usual, but they are used to this. southgate talked about how being in the arena really motivated the players. they cannot get more motivation than this. i was walking around this morning and there were fans queing then. there will be 60,000 fans cheering them on. it is therefore them, if they win and get to the final, on the cusp of becoming legends. kasia: an awful lot of anticipation but the players say the anticipation of making the finals is not getting to them. here is harry ke speaking just
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before the game. >> we have a great opportunity to do it this year. we are not takg denmark lightly, by any means. they have some great players, a great unit of a team, as well. kasia: denmark have already had a tournament they will ner forget. the team was shaken in the first game atheir star player, christian erksen, collapsed on the pitch and then went into cardiac arrest. it is still not clear whether he will play again. he is the goalkeeper asking -- when asked about the idea of foball coming home to england. >> what would it mean to you guys to stop it from coming home tomorrow night? >> has it ever been home? have you ever won it? >> 1966. >> was about the world cup? >> the whole thing about a national tournament coming home
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finally, what would it mean to you to stop that from coming home? >> to be honest, i have not given any thought to what it would mean to stopping, than what it would do for denmark. i have not been focused on the england national team. kasia: here is an author explaining the similarities between him and southgate. >> england really connected to the country in a way that we have not seen for years that was the big ambition, to do something similar with the danish national team. during the euro, he has succeeded.. he is praised as a role model, leader, beloved by the nation. kasia: of course, we saw the tragic collapse of christian
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eriksen in that first match. how's that -- how has that impacted the team? >> they ha managed to stick together, show some basic values which is also one of the reasons whyhe country is now loving the team. it is not only a love created by reaching a semifinal, but it is mo to do about how they reacted to christian eriksen. how the team stuck together to show competitiveness, showing their emotions in a way that we have not seen be or from the national team in the past. that has created a connection between the team and the people, which is very potent. we have seen some scenes here in denmark which we have not seen in decades around the national team. kasia: travelers coming from denmark to the u.k. currently need to isolate or 10 days. that means there was not enough time for fans to make it over in time for the game itself.
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most fans are watching in mark from -- denmark from fans owns. lucy williams is there. >> there has been momentum behind this team even before the tournament started, they were in good form. they have shown how strong they are getting to the semifinal without one of their key players. it is a story going around here that the coach showed the team a picture of wembley stadium early on and said we have got to play here. tonight, they are. kasia: when it comes to supporting the team, we have been hearing about what happened with christian eriksen has really brought together a whole nation. >> that is right. there was already quite a lot of momentum going into the game. what happened when christian eriksen collapsed on the pitch, it brought in the rest of the country, that is what people are
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saying, it went beyond football and brought the country together, gave it a real emotional undercurrent. there is a mantra going around, let's do it for christian. it has been an emotional roller coaster for this country. call it hope or confidence, they are ready to win. kasia: in the u.k. alone, it is estimated 25 million people will be tuning in to watch from home or from pubs and bars. let's have a look at one area in london. many people watching, a lot of beer being drunk. it is predicted punters will purchase 1.6 million pints of beer over the match. that works out to 50,000 pints a
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minute, not including people drinking other beverages o drinking at home. a lot of beer ing drunk in england. a lot of beer no doubt being drunk in denmark as well. live shot from copenhagen. we can see a lot of anticipation, billing on the team- willing on the denmark team, not least because of what happened to christian eriksen in the fit match. england taking on denmark at the moment. whoever wins tonight will have a tough final hurdle. whether it is england or do mark, they will be facing italy in the finals sunday. they won in penalties last night in a hard-fought match against spain. the italians are unbeaten in their last 33 matches.
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report on the celebrations and excitement ahead of the final. >> as midnight struck, italy dared to dream. with the winning penalty against spain, elation became relief or a country now on the cusp of its first european title in 53 years. daytime brought over hangover cures in thway italians do best, as they digest this special moment. >> it means a lot. if italy wins e european championship, it will be the first since 1968. if we win, we celebrate until we die, i think. >> after italy's year from hell with the devastation from the pandemic, this team has brought joy back to italians.
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for many, that in itself is a victory, no matter what happens on sunday. for the next generation of footballers, watching the successes and inspiration, and they say, a spur to follow in the team's footsteps. we hope one day to get to that level, to play for italy and celebrate victory. national glory is one game away. national pride is already here. ♪ kasia: we will turn to haiti, where there is a state of emergency following the assassination of the president. this is president jovenel moise. his killing has plunged what was already a precarious political situation into a crisis. the interim prime minister says the president was killed in an attackn his home in the capital, port-au-prince. i'd identified -- unidentified
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gunmen shot him and his wife. moise took office in 2017. the opposition said that his time should have ended in februaryf this year. but mr. moise insisted he had one more year to serve. the killing comes days after moise named a new prime minister, the seventh person who had been appointed to the post. mr. henry had not been sworn in when the president was killed. now there is considerable confusion about who is in charge. the interim prime minister went on national television to declare the state of emergency. >> in strict accordance with article 149 of the constitution,
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i have presided over extraordinary counsel of banisters, where we decided to declare a nationwide state of seizure -- siege. i asked the population to keep calm. kasia: during his time in power, jovenel moise had faced accusations of corruption. he was also challenged by often violent antigovernment protests, as in 2019. this is what president biden had to say in response to reporters questions about haiti. >> what is your reaction, mr. president, to the haitian president being assassinated? president biden: we need a lot more information but it is very worrisome. kasia: the assassination has drawn condemnation from neighboring caribbean and latin american countries. the president of the dominican republic tweeted "this crime
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attacks the democratic order of haiti." we translated some of that from spanish. rose from the bbc is following the developments in miami. she says the developments in haiti provide a confusing picture. >> so far we know that a group of foreign, armed individuals, who were said to be speaking english and spanish, where haitian creole is spoken, entered into the private residence d killed him, mortally wounded the first lady, who has been transferred to the hospital in miami. this has come ami a rise in the capital, political instability
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which has gripped the nation for quite some time. kasia: amongst all of this confusion, do we have an understanding of who is in charge? >> at the moment, it is quite confusing. the person who would normally succeed the president, the president of haiti supreme court recently died of covid-19. as you mentioned earlier, the prime minisr was meant to be replaced by a new prime minister, the seventh prime minister since president moise took office. he was appointed on the fifth of july. it remains unclear who will succeed the president, whether the current prime minister will remain in office. kasia: we are hearing how president biden has described the situation as very worrisome. in terms of people living in
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haiti, it's been a difficult time for them. >> yes, it's en very difficult. gang warfare has steadily worsened, particularly in june. the last week in june, we sought reports of armed conflicts between gangs which had left at least 60 people dead. this also comes amid a humanitarian crisis, with many of the gangs looting, kidnapping, and creating road blockages, which has led to a decrease in the supply of fuel, food, water. just to mention, around 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. the food insecurity crisis looks set to worsen. kasia: monitoring the events in haiti from miami. stay with us on "outside source ." still to come, we are turning to
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afghanistan. the taliban has entered a major city in the west of the country as the u.s. withdraws its troops . india's health minister has resigned ahead of a major cabinet reshuffle. he was criticized for the handling of coronavirus which crippled their health services, leaving hundreds of thousands in dire straits. >> he has been blamed for not being able to ramp up resources fast enough to deal with the covid challenge, leading to crippling cris of shortages of oxygen and medicines and even vaccinations and hotspots. his successor will have the challenge to ramp up the vaccination drive which has slowed in india. the other big change we are seeing in the information technology portfolio, where the outgoing minister has been at a
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crossroads with many social media giants like twitter and facebook over content regulation. overall, 43 ministers were inducted into this and more responsibities were given to younger politicians. ♪ kasia: you are watching "outside source" live from the bbc news room. england a playing denmark in the second euro semi-final's in wembley. 60,000 fans are there. let's go to copenhagen as danish fans watch their team take on england. fans unable to travel to the u.k. of course due to coronavirus restrictions. let's get the latest in afghanistan, where the taliban is advancing across the country, as international troops prepare to leave.
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today, the u.s. announced 90% of its troops have withdrawn after 20 years of war. today, t taliban launch their first attack on a major city in the recent offensive. militants have effort qala-e-naw , a key city in western afghanistan. this is footage from the taliban, said to show its fighters riding motorbikes into the city. people cheering on the streets. let's turn to pictures of afghan troops inside the city. let's hear from the state governor. >> we are trying really hard to get the situation under control. we have now control over the strategic areas of the city. we are in control. our security forces defeated the enemy this morning. kasia: however, the state governor has also admitted to losing ground to taliban fighters. >> i confirmed that the central
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prison was taken over this morning by the taliban because they came to us from different directions, they came into the city, they did open the prison, but luckily, our security forces went in in time and took control back. some inmates were captured but unfortunately some dude escape. kasia: most foreign forces in afghantan left ahead of a september 11 deadline, leaving the afghan military insole charge of security. as you heard, they are losing ground. the taliban now claims to have taken half of the country, 166 out of 369 districts nationwide. they claim to be in control of the areas you see in darkray. red districts are contested. light districts show government controlled areas. two months ago, the taliban
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control just 61 districts. >> unfortunately, the worst case scenario may be inevitable, and that is that the taliban not only gets a foothold in afghanistan but they retake huge swathes of territory. already they are operating from the south and north. they are tryingo encircle the government, make sure they don't give them an opportunity to operate effectively. kasia: let's turn to someone in kabul. >> we understand there was an understanding between the united states and the taliban leadership, they would not seize any provincial capitals,efore the u.s. drawdown is complete. it is not just here where this is happening, but local fighters
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are exploiting holes where they can. it doesn't matter who you talk to. the street cleaners with their protective gear, traffic policemen, advisor to one of the ministers, the ministers themselv, they are all worried about the future of afghanistan, worried about their future, and their families. everyone here going to bed at night with reports of more districts tumbling to the taliban. e narrative matters so much, and there is a narrative at the taliban are on the way to victory. it is not factually correct, but it is true that they are gaining ground. kasia: the giant cargo ship that blocked the suez canal in march is on the move again. the ever given was impounded by egyptian authorities who were demanding compensation from its owners.
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in march, it blocked passage through the suez canal for six days, causing huge disruptions to global shipping. we were at the scene when the ship eventually sailed off. >> the atmosphere here is that of relief. the ever given is finally leaving egyptian waters. a ceremony is being held to mark the signing of the agreement that ended the complicated financial dispute. the termof the agreement will not be disclosed. as the ship sailed off behind us, we were reminded of the scene in march when it blocked off one of the busiest shipping routes around the world, and held up billions of dollars worth of trade. so how did the ever given story unfold? passing through the suez canal, a 400-meter long vessel got stuck sideways across the waterway. it was carrying more than 18,000 containers.
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hundreds of ships queued up, waiting for the congestion to clear. over the following six days, all eyes were on the rescue mission. social media was flooded with interactions from different parts of the world. people shared their thoughts about how to dislodge ship -- the ship. there was this small digger that inspired many memes. after a lot of hard work, the ship was we floated, but then egyptian authorities held the ever given and its crew members on a court order pending a financial settlement. initially they asked for nearly $1 billion in compensation to cover loss revenues and reputation damage. the ship's insurers found the claims unsubstantiated. later on, this figure was reduced by nearly half. kasia: the ever given finally
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back on the move, and some of those memes are classic. returning to our top story, england are taking on denmark in the euro semifinal, and a place in sunday's final with italy is at stake if it is england who get there, it would be their first final in a major tournament for more than 50 years. denmark have previously won the euros, took home the trophy in 1992. the game is being played at wembley. 60,000 fans are inside. england fans hugely outnumbering those cheering on the danes. denmark has bee allocated -- been allocated about 18,000 seats for those danish living in the u.k.
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you can see fan are continuing to monitor the game which is underway. a place in the finals at stake. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪ narrator: you're watching pbs. ♪ da-da-da-duh-da-da-da♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da-da ♪♪
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