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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> welcomed outside source. the european union says it is not supplying into the eu. >> if the situation does not change, we will have to reflect on how to make exports, to vaccine producing countries, dependent on their level. >> meanwhile, the u.k. this morning -- had this morning about its vaccine rollout. >> vaccine supply is always lumpy, we regularly send out technical matters to the nhs to explain ups and downs of the supply over the future weeks. >> the european union is proposing a new digital passport. we will have a look at who may be eligible. it is unclear whether it's shooting at three massage parlors in atlanta was racially motivated but the suspect may have been a sex addict.
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six of the victims were asian women. ♪ what are you watching on the bbc news channel, world news or pbs in america, welcome. the uk's vaccine rollout has been a major success, it has reached were people more quickly than any other major country. things could be about to change. the national health service has told world health organization's to expect a significant reduction in the supply of vaccine doses from the end of this month. the reduction is being blamed on the amount of vaccinations coming into the country. let's learn more. reporter: every jab, another step towards the way out. every induction, the government seen as a huge success. not far off, half of the ult
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population with protection against covid. >> i have fantastic news to bring you today. reporter: news the secretary was happy to share. >> we have now vaccinated over 25 million people. now is not the time to waver, we are on the road to recovery, the vaccine is our way out. let's stick with it, follow the rules, and when you get the call, go get the jab. reporter: perhaps the journey is le smooth than we had assumed. a letter from the nhs says volumes for first doses will be significantly restrained, because of a reduction in national inbound vaccine supply. services should close bookings on march 29 and not look any further in april. you just told everybody we are on track with the vaccination but you have not mentioned the letter from the nhs which says there is a significant reduction in the available supply and vaccine centers should stop
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taking appointments for the whole month of april. what is going on? >> vaccine supply is always lumpy. we regularly send out technical matters to the nhs to explain ups an downs of supply over the future weeks, that is a standard one of those measures. reporter: boris johnson has been a regular public visitor as the jobs of god in. the vaccine program with massive success. but i'm told, this letter does not represent just a standard glitch. sources suggest fewer astrazeneca vaccines are available then the nhs expected. >> they said things were going well in terms of vaccine supply. but early this morning, something had gone wrong in the last couple of hours. the answers -- none of the answers today were sufficiently detailed. reporter: no one with the
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vaccine booked already should lose their chance. our journey to the end of restrictions should start to slow tonight. >> let's have a look at how the uk's vaccine rollout has been going so far. the number of first doses administered into the u.k., it should be more than 400,000 per day. the current seven day average is around 300 doses a day. our political correspondent is in westminster, help me out here, what is the cause of this delay? is it connected to what the european union is talking about today? reporter: the short answer is we don't know. but, it is coincidental perhaps that this news comes on the day the euhreatens to potentially restrict supply of vaccine coming from eu countries into the u.k.. today, the health secretary
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scent, from the start, supply has been lumpy. inconsistent is another way of describing that. and he attempted to lay down the latest report from the nhs of a significant reduction in supply. it seems there is a lower than expected amount of doses of one of the particular vaccines available in the u.k.. and that is the reason behind this morning, and the nhs to restrict any further comments made, focusing instead on the top early groups. those deemed to be clinically extremely vulnerable. the government attempted to play it down, so far saying it will not have an impact on the targets of vacnating all adul in the u.k. by the end of july. >> are we getting word from the
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nhs later -- letter blaming the national inbound vaccine supply? correct me if i'm wro but the astrazeneca's doses are being vaccine -- being administered -- produced in the u.k.. reporter: the pfizer vaccine is the other one, it is being produced elsewhere. the inbound supply being affected, it is not too much to suggest that it is the supply of that particular vaccine that is the problem at the moment. from the start, it is difficult to establish exactly where the vaccine is coming from because contract struck by the u.k. are such that the supply is determined in france. that has been the key to government in terms of getting ahead of the countries being able to vaccinate a large
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portion of the population so far. it hopes for that to continue to be the case. >> the press conference earlier, what seem to be treating this as a routine development, but the journalist covering it seem to be saying this is more significant than perhaps it was suggestion. reporter: they said it was a standard letter and it would've revert to lumps and bumps in the supply of the vaccine from the start. and there have been slight inconsistencies. some areas with more supply than others, at times it slowed down. other times, there have been something of an excess. living some areas to get through larger parts of the population. this is more significant, i thinrankly. because, it is having an impact on the role. we are seeing a change in approach. the government is stretching they want to make sure the more vulnerable categors of people vaccinated can get both jabs
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before the under 50's, the less at risk start to get there first. that is a change in approach, we have been potentially looking at hitting targets ahead of schedule for today. i think, this morning, there is a significant reduction in supply for protection of the next month or so that calls that into question. >> thank you very much, indeed. now, new american sanctions against russia maybe on the way. that is because this week, u.s. intelligence publisher report saying vladimir putin is likely to have authorized attempts to influence last year's u.s. election and influence in favor of donald trump. that is in response to that report, president biden to abc. >> i don't know him relatively well. in the conversation, i said i know you and you know me.
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i sent bprepared. and his response was we understand one another. >> president biden said his actions would be revealed shortly. russia has called its u.s. ambassador, looking for consultations about future ties with america. this report during the election campaign, moscow spread misleading or unsubstantiated allegations about joe biden and a disinformation vaccine -- disinformation campaign undermining the broader election complex. also, ron is accused of ying to weaken support for donald trump and russian intelligence push narratives to senior officials and allies of donald trump. here is the reaction in moscow. >> we have all heard such accusations before, so the response was usual.
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prudence - putin's spokesperson says russia has never interfered. washington has provided no evidence of moscow's wrongdoing. russians who wish there to be good news, it is hard. it is classified, certain moments for political reasons, all of the views and pressure, they to see again and again that there is no evidence. actually doesn't help build mutual trust between russian people and politicians, actually helps food reinforce the message , he tries to spread internally within russia. he keeps saying that russia is the fortress to the west but it is after the west attacking
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russia and for russian people, it is easier to have such a message when you hear allegations. >> let's turn back to the u.s. because police in georgia state is too early to establish motive behind the shooting of three different massage parlors. eight people were killed in atlanta by gunmen, six of the victims were asian women. >> the main indicators are that he has some issues, potentially sexual addiction. he may have frequented some of these places. >> you said he has sexual addition, was this racially motivated? >> as the chief indicated, it is still early but the indicators right now are that it may not be. >> this is what we know about what happened, the first
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shooting took place at around 5 p.m. local time. two people died at the scene, to others were to die later on. less than one hour later, police were called to a robbery in progress in northeast atlanta. three women have been killed. next, police were called to a aromatherapy bar across the street where another woman had been shot. this woman heard some of the attack unfold. >> we heard numerous gunshots coming from across the street, they were not letting us out. so what we hear, there are about five girls shot. they have a whole bunch of asian girls standing outside, beautiful women. i am just like what is going on here? >> what happened next, police studied cici the -- ctd footage and released info on a suspect.
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they arrested this man to hundred 40 kilometers outside of atlanta. he was heading to florida, police say he may have intended to carry out an attack then. >> we were able to put that out on social media shortly thereafter word we were contacted by members of the family. indicating that maybe it would be their son. we met with them. and, i was there speaking with the family, they were very distraug they were very helpful in this apprehension. we were able to track his phone. the sheriff, a good friend of mine, he reached out -- i reached out to him anticipating the movement into his county. we were able to coordinate with the state patrol and set up a position to intercept the suspect. >> investigators say they have
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not determined whether the shootings were a hate crime. we do know attacks against asian americans are increasing in part because of them being falsely blamed for the pandemic. >> obviously, whatever the motivation was for this guy, we know that many of the victims, the majority of the victims are asian. we also know that this is an issue that is happening across the country. it is unacceptable, is hateful, and it has to stop. >> others have echoed that, barack obama tweeted yesterday shootings are another tragic reminder that we have far more work to do. and root out the pervasive hatred and violence in our society. last week, president biden raise the issue, condemning what he called vicious hate crim against asian americans who have been attacked, harassed, blamed
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and scapegoated during the pandemic. this is vice president kamala harris. >> is fixed to a larger issue, the issue of violence in our country and what we must do to never tolerate it and always speak out against it. the investigation is ongoing, we do not yet know, we are not clear the motive but i do want to say to our asian-american community that we stand with you and we understand how this is frightened and shocked and outraged all people. knowing the increasing level of hate crime asian-american brothers and sisters, we also want to speak out in solidarity with them. >> for more, here is in washington. reporter: we are told the white house is keeping joe biden informed of the situation, they are keeping in touch with the mayor of atlanta as well. the secretary of state antony blinken.
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and, they have expressed their condolences because as we understand it from the korean consulate down in atlanta for of the women who were killed are of korean descent. the background of a huge, massive rise against asian people over the last few months, some putting that around 3800 separate instance since last march. many people attribute that to the sort of anger that was whipped up by the former president, president trump. as he checked -- as he kept calling the covid-19 virus the china virus. some fear that has led to backlash. >> in a few minutes, we will turn our attention to the european union. they are threatening to withhold exports to countries which it says are not supplying other vaccines back into the eu. ♪
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>> the polish government has announced it is introducing a three week partial lockdown. reporter: saturday, hotels, shopping centers, cultural facilities, classes for the youngest primary school children will go back online. poland's health minister said decisive steps were needed to try and slow down the surgeon cases. teresa levels seen in more than four months. the main reason for the surge is rising numbers of u.k. variants of effect -- of infections, responsible for more than half of new cases in poland. the country's third is expected to continue into april and test the limits of thpolish health services.
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hospitals are scrambling to find extra beds and ventilators. ♪ >> this is outside source, our lead story is that the european union is saying it will threaten -- ithreatening to withhold covid-19 vaccinations to countries outside of the eu that are not providing them at a reciprocal way. the president of the eu commission is saying the eu is willing to use whatever tools necessary to get its share of vaccines. the eu says it iwaiting on shipments of the astrazeneca vaccine from the u.k.. meanwhile, tens of millions of doses from other manufacturers have already gone the other way. >> if the situation does not change, we will have to reflect how to make experts to vaccine producing countries. dependent on their level.
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we are extorting a lot to countries themselves produci vaccines. we think this is an individual -- we think this is an invitation to be open. so we also see coming back to the european union. >> let's have a look at what vaccines are going where. the u.k. is using pfizer vaccines faxon -- manufactured in belgium and astrazeneca vaccines shown with the red dot. the eu believes that astrazeneca is prioritizing the uk's orders. david, good to see you again. doesn't this come back to the fact that the u.k. and eu have different contracts with astrazenec reporter: they do have different contracts, we know the u.k. does not have an official government mandated expert ban in place. the factor, no vaccine has been exported from the u.k..
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the eu vaccination program is going slower than they had hoped, but at the same time, the eu is supplying vaccine, tens of millions of doses around the world. there are places in london and washington that need to stepp and start helping to do that. some 40 million doses have gone to europe -- from europe to countriearound the world, just the country subject to more control to get an idea of where the vaccine is going. we know millions more doses are going to other countries, to those control. you hear some frustration on the part of the president, but we know she does not want to be in this war over supply chains, things about how vaccines get made. indeed, it is not clear to me how the u.k. government could increase vaccines even if it wanted to. u.k. government does not in fact manufacture vaccines. it could resell some of its own supply. these are things that were done mostly by private companies
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operated under the contracts slavery refer their customers. >> you say the eu would not want to have a r over this, but there might be some political conflict given that it has to explain to people within the eu why this rollout is not going this planned. reporter: i don't know that they need this kind of a fight to explain to folks what is going on. it is pretty clear, we have talked about this before, if 35% or 40% of germany was already vaccinated, as is the case in the u.k., there would be some people in other countries that would not be vaccinated. those could be frontline health care workers and romania, bulgaria, croatia, there has been a benefit to the eu of having the solidarity in place. the vaccine production is just limited. you can't make as much of it as everybody wants. production of anything is limited. the way i read what they were saying today is to say it is time to start stepping up. we also know the u. and the
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u.s. will soon be at a saturation point, where the have inoculated people who want vaccines and are in a position to start sharing vaccines around the world. and again, as you say, there is a political message there, to eu leaders, telling you they can do everything they can and brussels. >> briefly, if you would, tell me how central astrazeneca is to the broader rollout? reporter: the astrazeneca vaccine is extremely important for an supply. they are falling short of their first quarter expectations, because of their production shortfalls by astrazeneca. pfizer, biontech, moderna, there meeting there back -- their contracts with the eu. if there is a slowdown, is because of astrazeneca in the
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eu. there are a lot of restrictions about that. we do know there are reasons for these things happening. >> thanks for your help. now caliph look at another aspect of this story, religious leaders are working hard to spread all of the approved vaccines. but, in almost every faith, there are people trying to undermine that message. we have this report. reporter: they want -- >> they want to alter us. >> they are sharing false rumors and lies about covid-19 vaccines. >> this is the final enslavement. reporter: and they have influence, because they are religious leaders. >> i look at anti-vaccine context all day. these figureheads who have a
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large platform, ties, they are often respected. and they understand what are the values, what is necessary to make that informatiopowerful and resonate. reporter: it is a minority spreading the false messages, most leaders in every fate or trying to do the opposite. but when religious lears spread wrong information about vaccines, it can be powerful. this then suggests the vaccine is an international conspiracy. but, there is no cow's blood in covid-19 vaccines. a greek orthodox bishopays slaughtered fetuses are used to make vaccines, but this language is extremely misleading. >> there were two fetuses aborted in the 1960's that are used to produce a cell line that is still used today and the process of making the virus that
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goes into thvaccine. that does not mean they are taking fetuses and putting them into the vaccine reporter: in israel, they cleaned the vaccines will make you gay. and in the u.s., some evangelical christians say the vaccines are the mark of the beast, a sign of the devil and the end of times. >> i think it is difficult for social media companies to figure out where is the appropriate moderation limit when it comes to religious content. reporter: it is crucial that religious leaders get vaccine messaging. >> that ends this half-hour, thank you for watching. narrator: funding for presentation of this program is provided by.. the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum-kovler foundation. pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs.
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