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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  January 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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[audio went out] >> this whole proce could have taken 25 minutes, and then you can get back to dealing with the covid congress and a new administration. >> woodruff: danny weiss, john hart joining us all afternoon and into the evening to help us understand ando dissect what's been goin going on in this elecl count process. thank you both and, as i thank you, i want to tell our audienc itw 8:00 p.m. on the east coast. we are continuing our live special coverage on pbs of ts remarkable and disturbing day.
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we thought we would witssed a peaceful transition of power, including some legislati debate as lawmakers counted the legally certified vote all 50 states to confirm and the district of comb to confirm joe biden to be the next president. instead, president trump spoke to protesters for more than an hour. he repeated false claims that he won the election. shortly thereafter, repubcan lawmakers contested the vote in the state of arizona. momes later, a mob supported and encouraged by president trump stormed the capitol. they ovean capitol pice, violence ensued, shots were fired, and, at this moment, we can report that at least one woman was killed. we don't know the details of that tragedy. our lisa desjardins has been there at the capitol all day. yamiche alcindor is at the whitm house, and ito the two of
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you as we still are absorbing the shock an dismay and alarm at all we witnessed lisa, you wenthe capitol this morning thinking you were going to cover, as i'just mentioned, an accounting ofl electotes. you knew there were going to be some objections buyou knew it was all going to reach a conclusion at some point late b tonigh that's not exactly what happened. >> that isn't what happened. i am grad to say it does look like i will get the chance to cover that electoral process. we have just been monitoring senators and house members who are planning to object. one of them senator ron johnson of wisconsin, he is the senate homeland security chairman he is an ojector. he just told reporters at the capitol who passed along notes to me that his quote is obviously given what has happened, attitudes are changing. cleay, at least som objectors are thinking of removing their
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objections, and i think the place watch is the u.s. senate. that's one reason that we are going to see three sates versus six. senators were less embracing of sort of a full throttle object to everything approach. now we'll hae to tch to see if senators object to any states at all. it seems like it is carly under consideration. but one oer piece of big news especially for myself personally, you may he noticed, i am back in the u.s. capitol. i was fortunate enough to be in the right pla at the right time, when the staff of the gahouse radio tvery was escorted back with other bjournalists, i was able escorted back with them. that is a very positive sign.pi l police feels the building is secure enough for some of us to be here and work however, my understanding, from what i saw, it is on an escort, only, basis. i don't think i'm able to leave this area, i don't feel like i seed to at this point, but it is a very poive sign, i personally am very relieved. it's good to be back where i cn
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plug in my phone. about that, too, and i should say, lisa, extraordinary reporting you did today, all walking with your camera all ov the u.s. capitol to the underground tunnel that leads from the capitol to various buildings the members used. >>ood arm muscles. (laughter) >> woodruff: quite an extraordinary performance it's been noticed by a loteople and we can't thank you enough. >> thank you. >> woodruff: before i go to yamiche, though, i want to just clarify -- so you're aying it sounds like there may not be any senate objections or we're not sure yet? >> let me be clar, we're not sure. we know senators who are planning to object seem to be reconsidering their plan. we don't know how far that goes. does that mean we'll obect to fewer states, no states, will fewer senators themselves join e objection? it only takes one senator, so we're talking abut 12 senators who all would have to remove their objections and -- but we
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should watch that. it doesn't seem impossible to me but i honestly don't know how they will end.h one ofm, ron johnson, who is one of the most ardent suorters of the president, unapologetic he has been about the objection movement, is now saying there's a different attitude because of what has happened. odruff: that may very well being a telling comment. so we will hang on thatmb re that until we learn more and we'll come back to you as the hour goes on. lisa desjardins, tha you. and now to yamiche alcindor at the white house. yamiche, the preside had an active hour or morsaking to his supporters, and everything fell apart after that. m thched to the capitol, they assaulted the capitol, people were hur a woman was killed. where do things stand tonight? >> judy, remarkably and in some ways troubling -- in a troubling
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way, president trump remains defiant, remains wedded to the idea that he is the rightful winner of the 2020 election. i was just talking to someone who is familiar with some ofhe conversations the president has been having as he's been watching all this unfd from the white house on tv, and that person said that the president is genuinely embarrassed, genuinelyworied about trying at all to say that he is not the winner of this ection and, as a result, there are some peple who feel like the president hast simply just is way. there are people telling me that the president has often walked up to the line, t then walked back right after -- walked up to not wanting to denounce white supremacists and then at some point being able eto denou them. now i'm told the president isse confused bece doesn't want to denounce these people too forcefully because they violent protesters as they breach security and in some cases are arrested. they are doing what president told them to do. he stood in front of hundreds of
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people today and said fight and march to the capitol and that'st exactly wh people did. so the president is in a situation where he wants to denounce violence and wants to make sure the cnitol isn't ru over entirely but he ao wants to keep the same people as his supporters. the thing that's also you're seeing is you're seeing the tensions -- >> woodruff: yamiche, we have vice president pence sitting in the seat at the u.s. senate. let's listen to him. defended our capitol today, and we will alwaysgr beateful to the men and women who stayed at thei d posts toefend this historic place. to those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did no win. violence never wins. freedom wins, and this is still the people's house.
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and ase reconvene in this chamber, the world will ain witness the resilience and streng of our democracy, fo i evthe wake of unprecedented vience andva alism at this capitol, the elected represtatives of the people of the united states have assembled again on the very same day to suort and defend the constitution of the united states. so may god bless the lost, the injured and the heroes forged on this day. may god bless all who serve here and those who potect this place, and may god bless thes united sta of america. let's get back to work. (applause) >> mr. president.
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the majority leader.k i unanimous consent the majority leader and minority leader be ableo speak and not count two hours of objection raised on the state of arina. >> is there objection? without objection, so ordered. >> on the state of the american people, the united senate will not be intimidated. we will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs or threats. we will not bow to lawlessnessim
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or ination. we are back at our posts. w l discharge our duty under the constitution and for our nation. and we're going to do it tonight., this afternongress began the process of honoring the will of the american people a counting the electoral college votes. we've fulfied thin s solduty every four years for more than two centuries, whether ourn nation's b war or at peace, under all manner of threats, even during an ongoing armed rebellion and a civil war, the clockwork of ouremocracy has carried on. the united states and the united states congress have faced down much greater threats than thee unhinged crowdaw today.
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we've never been deterred before, and we'll be not deterred today.ey ried to disrupt our democracy, they failed. they failed. they failed to att tem obstruct the congress, this failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the tass before uor our republic. our nation was founded precisely so that thfree chice of the american people is what shas our self-government and determin the destiny of our nation. not fear, not force, but the peaceful expression of ther popuill. now, we assembled this afternoon to count our citizens' votes anr tolize their choice of the
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xt president. now we're going to fi finish exactly what we started.'l complete the process the right way by the book, we'll follow our precedents, our laws and our constitution to the letter. and we will certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election. criminal behavior will never dominate the unid states congress. this institution is resilient, our democratic republic is strong, the american people deserve nothing less. >> democratic leader.
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mr. president. mr. president, it is very, ver difficult to put into words what hatranspired to. i have never lived through or even imagined an experienclike e one we have just witnessed in this capitol. president franklin roosevelt set aside december 7, 1941, as a day that will live in infamy. unfortunately, we can now add january 6th, 2021, to that very short list of dates in american history that will live forever in infamy. this temple democracy was desecrated, its windows smashed, our offices vandalized. the world saw americans' elected officials hurriedly ushered out the house and senate floors were
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places of shelter until the acuation was ordered, leaving halls.s to stlk these hallowed ers in our substance, average citizens who love their country and serve it every da feared for their lives. i once that one woman was shot and tragically lost hr life. we mourn her and feel for her friends and family. these imas were projected to the world. foreign embassies cabled thir home capitals to report the harrowing scenes at the very heart of our democracy. country not so easily washed away. the final terrible, indelible gacy of the 45th president our worst.ted states undoubtedly i want to be very clear -- those
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whperform these reprehensible acts cannot be called protestors. no. these were riote and insurrectionists, goons and thugs, domestic terrists. they do not represent america. there were a few thousand violent extremists who tried to take over the capitol building and attack our democcy. they must and should be prosecuted to the full extt of the law, hopefully by thismi stration, if not certainly by the next. they should be provided no leniency. capitol hill police and secret service and local police who kept us safe today ad worked to clear the capitol and return itg to itshtfuowners and rightful purpose. i want to thank thee laders, and senate.d republican, house
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it was speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell, leader mccarthy andse who came together and decided that these thugs would not succeed, that we would finishhe work of our -- that our constitution requires us to complete in the very legislative chambers to have the house and senate that were desecrated, bul we knowys belong to the people and do again tonight. but make no mistakes -- makno mistake, my friends, today's events did not happen spontaneously. the president who promoted conspiracy theories that motivated these thugs, the president who exhorted them to come to our nation's capitol, egged them on, he hardly ever discourages violence and moreen ofteourages it, this president bears a great deal of
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the blame. this mob was in good par president trump's doing, incited by his words his lies. this violence, in good part, his responsibility, his ever lasting shame. today's events certainly, certainly would not have happened without him. now, january 6 will go down as one of the arkest days in recent american history. a final warning to r nation about the consequences of ac demagoesident, the people who motivate him, the captive media who parrot his lies and the people who follow him as he brink of america to the as we recoonveneight, let us
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remember, in the end, all thi mob has really accomplished is to delay our work by a few hours. we will resume our responsibilities now, and wer will finish task tonight. the house and senate chambers will be restored good as new and ready for legislating in short the counting of the electoral votes is our sacred duty. democracy's roots in this nation are deep, they're song, and they will not be undone, ever, by aroup of dey will triumph, as it has for centuries. so, to my fellow americans who were shocked and appalled by the images on thir televisions today and who are worried about the future of thiset country, me speak to you directly -- the divisions in our country clearly run deep, but we are a
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resilient, forward-looking and optimistic people, and we will begin the hard work of repairing this nation tonight because, i heamerica, we do hard things. in america, we always overcome our cha yield the floor. >> mr. president. ajority leader. i yield two minutes to the senator fromk olahoma, senator langford. >> senator from oklahoma. thprmr. vicident, you say things more eloquently than we say it in oklahoma.a in oklahe'd say something like why in god's name would someone think attackit law enforcemd occupying the united states capitol is the best way to show that you're right? why would you do th? rioters and thugs don't run the capitol. we're the united states of
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erica. we disagree on a lot of things and have a lot of spirited debate in this roome talk it out and we honor each other, evenn ouri dsagreements. that person, that person, that person is not my enemy, that's my fellow american. and although weisagree an strongly at times, we do not encourage what happened today ever. i want to join my fellow centers and say thank you to the capitol police, law enforcement, national guard, secret sevice who stood in harm's y. while we were in here debating w the pushing back. i was literally interrupted mid ecausece speaking here we were all unaware of what was happening right outside of thi room because of their faithfulness and because of what
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they have done. and i want to thank themo ronald reagan once said peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict peaceful people in my state of oklahoma want their questions answered but they don't want this what happened today. they want to do the right thing, antthey also want to do i the right way. they want to honor the constitutional process but they also want to have debate aboutit election secbecause they want to make sure it's right which is why it's an important issue that still needs to be resolved. transparency in government just doesn't seem like a bad idea. obviously, the commission that we have asked for is not going to happen at ths poi, and i s derstand tht, and we're headed towaonight, towards the certification of joe biden to be the prident of the united states, and we will work
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together in this body to be able to set a peaceful example for the days ahead.d i yihe floor. >> democrac leader. senator from nevada, senator cortez masto. >> senator from neada. mr. president. i know that this room is full of leaders of both parties who love this country, ad many believe our politics must find common ground, and that has neer been clearer than today, when arme rioters stormed the u.s.en capitol, embo by president trump's false and inflammatory rhetorict the 2020 elections. i believe we in this chamberpe have aal duty as leaders to work together to lower the
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temperature of our politic and i hope that my colleagues would question theegitimacy of this election in arizona and all of these other states now see the dire and dangerous consequences of sowing doubt and uncertainty. i also know that, as u.s. senators, we all take solemnly the oath we swear to support and fend the constitution of the united states against allf enemiereign and domestic. at this moment iin historan think of nothing more patriotic than reninour faith in the charters of freedom that our founding fathers crafted for our republic, starting with the fundamental american principle in our declaration of independence that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the government. e people have spken in this election and our only job here
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today is to do what they ask. it is not to argue election security. that's not the place for what we are doing today. our constitution specifically reserves to the people the right to meet in their respective states and vote for the president and vice president. as a result, individuastates oversee and implement the election process, not the federa government. irregularities in ting or process, the states are required to have robust election securits es. likewise, state legislatures have the opportunity to examine evidence of voter fraud before they certify their electoral llege votes, and ou courts from district courts to the adjudicate legal challenges and election disl tes. those things happened after the 2020 election. state houses and courts across the country took allegations of
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voter fraud seriously and followed the constitutional process to hear challenges to thisear's elections. no state found evidence of any widespread voter fraud, and neither did any court ask to review the states' findings. in arizona, republican governor doug doocy, democratic secretary state katy hobbs, republican attorney general mark bernovich and sta sreme court chief justice robert rutenel all certify the results ofe election on november 30th. and we know, we have heard arizonans have been voting by mail for almost 30 years ago, and governor doocy has expressed confidence in the ocate's s numerous times. in november he said we do elections well here in arizona. the system is strong and that's why i haveragged on it so much. he further stated, we have some of the strongest election laws in the country, laws that
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aioritize accountabilit clearly lay out our procedures for conducting, canvassing and even contesting the results. and they ar right -- arizona has one of the most transparentn elecprocesses in the country, with built-in accountability, starting with internal auditing. we have heard unfounded allegations that voting mahines in arizona and elsewhere somehow changed vote tallies or somehow improperly rejected ballots ile claiming to accept them. these allegations all ignore the fact that arizona counties nducted ballot audits by hand to double check the machine counts, and these auditfou no widespread fraud or irregularities. c mir conty, the county populatiosides, conducted astate post-election hand-count audit in the week after the election
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which sho0%wed perfect 10 accuracy in the machinela taons. so why would we need, my colleagues, to call for a ten-day merge audit to be conducted by a legislative commission, when it's already beenone by the state arizona? what happened to states' rights? the audit involved checking pilots for the presidential election but also ballo for federal and state legislative elections. the audit report showsvery precinct's machine and hand count totals for each of the races audit, and for every single race in every precinct, the difference between the hand count and the machine count was zero. memir copa's aud report stated no discrepancies were und by the hand count audit boards. seeking to find any reason to contest these results, some republicans tried to claim the county failed to follow law b
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selecting voter center locations to audit instead oft voing precincts. this was wrong, and this, too, went to rta cou in rejecting this claim, state court in arna found the county followed the properly issued guidance on hand auditing procedures from the arizona secretary of ste, and the court found that mericopa county officials therefore could not lawfullyave performed the hand count audit the way the plaintiffs wanted it done. if they had done so ty would have exposed themselves to criminal punishment. >> the snator's five minutes is expired. >> thank you, mr. vice pre cdent. i wouse by just saying, please, my colleagues, do not disenfranchise the voters of arizona, and certify their votes tonight. ank you. >> majority leader. r. predent, i yield up to five minutes to the senator from utah, senator le.
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>> senator from utah. mr. president. at the time i prepared my marks for today, seems like a lifetime ago. a lot's changed in the last fw hours, and, so, i'm going to deliver some of the same remarks but it has a little bit of a different fe than it would ve just a few hours ago. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family members of those who have been injured or lled today. my heartfelt gratitude goes out to the capitol hpolice who valiantly defended our building and our lives. while it's true that legitimate concerns have been raised with regard to how some of the key battleground states conductedid their prtial elections, this is not the end of the story. we each hae tomember that we've sworn an oath to uphold, protect and defend this document, written nearly two and
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a half centuries ago by wise men raised up by god to that verye. purp that document makes clear what our role is and what it isn't. it makes clar who does what when it comes to deciding presidential elections. you see, because, in our system of government, presidents are not directly elected, they're chosen by presidential electors, and the constitution makes very clear der article 2 section 1 that the states shall appoint presidential electors according to procedures that their legislatures develop. then comes the 12th amendment, it explai what we're dg here today in the capitol. it explain that the president of the se tate vice president of the united states shall open the ballots and the votes shall then be counted. it's those corhat can -- words that can define and constrain every scrap of octhority that we have in this


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