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tv   PBS News Hour Weekend  PBS  October 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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. on this edition for sunday october 6th, u.s. apertucapture terrorist. u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s go after and in our signature segment foregoing our traditional college education. >> i remember sitting in my class and an entrepreneur was using that 90 minutes to further his career. >> next on pbs, news hour weekend.
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and by contributions to your pbs station by viewers by you, thank you. >> good evening, thank you for joining us. details emerge today about those two surprise raids by u.s. forces in africa yesterday. secretary kerry said the missions proved america's resolve in the war on terror. >> we hope this makes clear that
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america will hold those accou accountable those who attack. they can run but they can't hide. we will continue to try to bring people to justice in appropriate ways with hopes that people with these activities will stop >> word of the raids conducted some 2,000 miles apart. first trickled out yesterday evening. in libya american command does with fbi and cia agents wap t r captured a high ranking al qaeda leader. the pentagon issued a statement today said al libi had been
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indicted in a u.s. federal court in 2000 in connection with attacks. but the raid in somalia by navy s.e.a.l.s was retaliation for the al shabaab mill stant groitn a mall in kenya. they engaged in an hour-long fire fight with militants before withdr withdrawing. the team was forced to withdraw before it was able to confirm that it had killed it's target. so, i have to ask, how deal is the presence of islamic mill
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tansta militancy now? >> for years america has feared the small conflicts and security vacuums would allow al qaeda to imbed itself in these local wars and use them to target american interests. so far that has not happened. but in recent years, it has become more and more of a reality and in the west gate attack in which al qaeda forces coordinated with the local rebel movement indicates that the threat may be very real. are they moving out of somalia and across libya and establishiestablish ing footholds in other countries as well? >> al shabaab is the group that is thought to have committed the
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attack. they are not known to have fwrups in libya or mali. it is likely that a group working with them had those contacts. at this point you are looking at al shabaab attacking uganda and either op ethiopia as part of the war on terror. >> do these countries become our new front lines for the war on terror? >> well, these countries are excuses basically. the small conflicts that are taking place on the local level allow al qaeda to in fill trait these places. they have reasons to work with
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al qaeda ap rativeoperatives. over the years, al qaeda has been unable to operate in other countries. it was a reason for al qaeda to persuade somali that kenya was an enemy and deserving of an attack. and the question for the united states is, how successful will al qaeda continue to be at using africa's small wars to hurt u.s. interests? >> what are the u.s. interests in going after them what are our threats doe messically? >> i think there are very little threats at this point. 50 somalis who have u.s. passports have left the united states and gone to somalia. there is a remote possibility
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that they will come back and launch and attack. the u.s. is worried about al qaeda operatives. they are coordinating with the radicals. the u.s. has little reason to worry about al shabaab itself because it is primarily an insurgesy. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> there was still another apparent terror incident today this one in yemen. gun men attempted to kidnapping. >> under terms of the recently approved un security council resolution. syria's entire commhemical weap
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stock pile is to be destroyed. >> people were killed when police fired on supporters of the president of the muslim brotherhood. he had been democratically elected last year. iran arrested four people that they said were trying to sabotage one of four people. iran has blamed israel for a series of assassinations. in china, another day of horrible air pollution. leading to flight cancellations and delays and causing headaches for vacationers on their way home. the city has more than 20 million people and five million cars. the u.s. embassy says the levels
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of pollution are hazardous to health and issued a pollution alert. >> back at the nation's capitol today a partial government shut down continues for a 6th day and efforts appear to be going nowhere. that could happen 11 days from now if the debt ceiling is not raised. house speaker, john boehner, insisted that the president negotiate immediately. >> we are not going to pass it when the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. and he is risking default by not having a conversation with us. >> the president had said he will open conversations but only
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after the shutdown is lifted. >> the president does not have the authority to take action in that kind of a way. he has consulted with his lawyers and that is the c conclusion that he has reached. of course the so-called war on terror began in afghanistan weeks after the september 11th attacks. troops are still deployed in that country and four of them were killed today in a bombing in the south. >> for the latest about all of this we are joined by matthew resenberg from kabul.
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where are we in the plans for troop withdrawal? >> the plan is a small residual force up to 9,000 people to help train the afghans with a smaller counter terrorism force. guys who would go out and continue the fight against al qaeda here. the thing is that is contingent on the afghans and the americans. after 2014 when their legal mandate ends and everybody said we are going to get that done but in the last few months, the impasse has gotten longer and longer and within the white house, you can tell a growing contingency, let's just leave we don't need to be here anymore. why are we try sng. >> what are the concerns that leaders have about reducing our
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troop levels to zero? >> the americans have said if the military leaves the aid that they depend on, they are not going to get the money. afghanistan is not a country that can support itself. the security forces, how the government run ares. the afghan army does not have air support. it needs help. and if we leave, it won't get that help. >> perhaps this is a question of logistics. but how soon is this going to be made? >> not as soon as you think. the withdrawal plan has the numbers down by february. you can get roughly 10,000 troops out a month. i think for the administration,
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they don't want to have a repeat of what happened in iraq. it looks bad at home and they have to pull 8,000 or 8 tho9,00 people out. >> so, we have also seen release of high profile taliban leaders from pakistan. where are we in negotiating with the taliban? >> we have to know where i'm at. there was an attempt to open this office with the taliban putting up a flag and saying that he won't do it if they are going to act like a separate government. it has been a good confidence building measure and the americans are trying to encourage that. but in terms of actual talks
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they are -- they have been stalled and have not started up again. matthew, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> follow matthew's reporting on the ground and in afghanistan. visit our website. and now to our signature segment, original in depth reports about important topics here and abroad. tonight our focus is about higher education. and whether the growing expenses are actually worth it. but more and more people are looking for alternatives. every year thousands of young people around the country celebrate this important right of passage, college graduation. for generations it has been the
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traditional route to adulthood and success. how did he end up here working side-by-side with the president of a multi million dollar tech start-up? >> the limit was a 4.0. here, it is if i work hard enough i can accomplish what i want to do. >> he got this job through institute. it is a two year program that aims to be an alternative to what aims to be a higher alternative. he works with the president of air time. video communications company. >> he is in a great job of grabbing onto a task and receiving input and learning along the way. it has actually been productive for us. more and more people are looking
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for al teternatives for a colle education. probably because they earn more over their life time, recent college grads have struggled. these kinds of numbers are what prom prompted them to act. >> we believe that you need to learn. you don't just graduate high school ready to rubn a company. we just believe that you need to learn in different ways. >> both are big believers that learning on the job provides more value than learning in the classroom. >> i joined the starred up community with a harvard mba it was the biggest thing. i stopped mentioning that i was an mba, people have many interpretations of what that
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means and they don't know how good you are. i started working at another start-up for me. soon after, when she got a job, her bloof was reinforced that experience was more important than a fancy degree. >> no matter what schools they kim from. they couldn't think through anything and it didn't give me confidence if i give you a task could you get this done. >> she and sarhan quit their jobs and created institute. they raised $90,000 by liquidating their savings. when they solicited applicatio s
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many applied but only 11 were chosen. >> this is what i have been looking for. >> take sebastian's stance. he left after a year and a half. >> they make you a whole person. do you miss those kinds of classes? >> no, i remember our freshman year sitting in my astronomy class. it was not even a course and i remember sitting in the class thinking that a student like a entrepreneur was using that 90 minutes to further his career. >> but they spend at least 40 hours a week working for tech companies that provide two year apprenticeships. companies include bently, thrillest and flavorpill.
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>> for the last year each fellow lived for free in this manhattan apartment. and living on their earnings of 800 to $1000 a month. some would say it is very little pay and there is no guarantee that they will get jobs in that industry. >> s i think if you would come and ask them, they would 100% disagree with you. the on the job training and education that they are getting. >> once or twice a week they invite tech entrepreneurs to network with the fellows. >> the industry as a whole has gotten used to the idea of students got going to clotolleg. a weekly news service that
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covers academic affairs. he says that higher education is in a state of crisis. for public universities alone is in a state of inflation making it unaffordable for many. right now, we have this one size fits all system and students want to have a chance to work and study a broad. they want to have a chance to learn online. this is a place where we say how do we build into the curriculum? >> they see this as an alternative to college. >> i see them as an alternative to college at 18. but having a college degree at some point in your life is still
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the best insurance of getting higher salaries over the course of your life time. >> even so, more and more of these are popping up. paypal founder started a fellowship to young adults to skip college and focus on entrepreneurs full time. >> and my feeling in school is a nine month residential program in social entrepreneurship. he says these should be encouraged. >> used to be in the united states that apprenticeships used to be very big. and you kind of learned on the job. and this is still true in parts
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of the world. a lot of students end up going to apprenticeships instead of college. >> as it plans to expand and open offices this january. he's been offered a full-time job at a company where he is doing his apprenticeship. creating tech nickel innovations in the campaign field. what happens if your dreams aren't realized and you need to go back into the job market? >> i think college is always going to be there. and so if worse comes to worse i guess i can go back to college. >> this is pbs news hour weekend sunday.
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>> and now the connection. we love an awards ceremony and in america we tend to give awards out for anything. in the fim world there is the razeies. i want to thank the cast. it simimportant in order to give a bad performance like i did you need a lot of bad actors around you. in the fashion world richard black well became famous for his worst dressed list. the prizes were awarded just last month celebrate not the worst scientific achievements but the funniest. >> every winner has done something that first makes people laugh and then think. they studied scientists who
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studies opera on mouse heart transplant patients to the talents of dung beetles. >> some people think science is crap. to the possibility of running on water on the moon. the ceremony sometimes features people demonstrating new inventions like this bra created after a nuclear reactior accident. >> yes -- please. >> but more than anything else the sceremony provides a venue o showateven the minds in science still like to have a good laugh.
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>> on the news hour tomorrow. on air and online the latest on the shut down and the supreme court kicks off it's turn. plus more analysis of the raids in somali and libya. that is it for this weekend. thank you for watching.
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pbs news hour weekend is made possible by: additional support is provided by: and by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station by viewers like you. thank you.
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