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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 21, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> after more than nine months of iraq -- they have mostly a new government. snowbound travelers -- either the european commission threatens action against airports as the freeze continues. the business secretary in hot water for boasting about his clashes with the media tycoon rupert murdoch. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, rashaya's president meets india's president and talk about nuclear energy and technology. >> russia looks very favorably upon this cooperation. i said to the prime minister that this was a good partner for
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us. >> more wedding bells for the britain royals. queen elizabeth's granddaughter announces her engagement. >> after more than nine months of political deadlock iraq has a new government. significant parts of a new government. maliki's second term has been floated through parliament along with several key appointments. there are major sectarian and ethnic groups. the lack of a political settlement has played a big part in their instability. >> when the moment finally came, it happened quickly. the prime minister nouri al maliki read from a list of names, nominees for his new
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cabinet. people voted on everyone individually with a raise of the hand. >> i would like to congratulate the minister is for receiving their new posts, wishing them success and good luck. i would like to thank members of the former government who were loyal in their work and accomplished their mission in peace. >> this is only a partial cabinet. in number of key ministries have been left vacant. this includes the -- these are especially sensitive to the [inaudible] the security forces might be used to promote sectarianism. it has taken a long time to get here. elections in march made it so no candidate could pull together enough seats. iraq has been in the world
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record for the longest period between holding an election and forming a government. news of the break met with a certain degree of optimism tempered by long experience and political firestorms. >> i hope the new ministers will serve the iraqi people as a whole. not only their sect or party. >> there are still some negotiations ahead, but the test will be whether these members will spend -- who spent the past nine months arguing can start to pull together. >> just a few days before christmas and much of northern europe is at a standstill. heavy snow is causing disruptions for travelers. there are few signs of anything getting better. transport operators are under fire from the european transport commissioner. this level of destruction is
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unacceptable. we have the chaos at frankfurt airport in germany. >> at frankfurt airport there are having to manufacture the ch christmas theeer. -- manufactures the christmas cheer. people were inclined to blame the weather first. now they are questioning the way the system is run. >> nothing works here. no one knows where to go. you go to the counter and they send you to the next counter. >> as the plane scattered snow on the tarmac, airport authorities blamed the weather either. but not everyone does. the european commission says it may change the law and force airports to maintain minimal services. >> airports must get serious about planning for this severe weather conditions.
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we have seen in recent years snow this not an exceptional circumstance. whether -- many argue that should be taken to other parts transit system. trains were getting through but with big delays. this is the latest arrival. it was due to get here at 11:33. it arrived over two hours late. let's see if we can chat with a couple of people. how was your journey? >> i woke up at 4:00 the the to stand here. -- woke up at 4:00 to stand here. >> at the other end of the line it was more chaotic. they're telling passengers not to turn up until one hour before departure. >> i have been here since about 6:00. this is how far we have got so far.
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>> while thousands remained stuck, this situation is said to be improving slowly. temperatures are expected to stay close to freezing for some time. there is no >> -- there is morris no forecast. the trouble nightmare is not coming to an end. >> an american reporter investigating the satish report to the -- abdelbasset al- megrahi was freed from prison in august last year. the government accepted he had only three months to live. the report describes the condition as unsupported by medical science. the nigerian government has offered to help end the crisis in ivory coast. the former president is refusing to step down. the u.s. has just banned dozens of his allies from traveling there. the un has approved similar
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restrictions. census results have repealed the population growth is below is since the great depression in the u.s. the population is about 308.7 million this year. that is up 9.7% but the slowest growth since the 1930's. what has been described as the most important immediate takeover was already causing upset in britain. the government minister in charge has been saying he declared war on report murdoch. -- rupert murdoch. our business editor reports that this took the the awhile to emerge. >> here is what they did not publish this morning. >> [unintelligible] [laughter] [unintelligible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] >> it matters that he talks about having declared war on mr. murdoch because he has the say on whether the new corporation will be allowed to buy 61% of the broadcasting it doesn't already own. it is the most important takeover in the media in years. he is not supposed to speak with approval about how much the empire is under attack. this is what rupert murdoch's news corp. said. we are shocked by vince cable reports by's comments. -- reports by vince cable's
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comments. a tv executive says mr. cable has damaged himself. >> if it means what it appears to remain, i don't see how he can do this credibly. we already know what the outcome he is determined to procure. >> david cameron says his remarks about mr. murdoch were unacceptable. although he would be staying on the business secretary he would have no role in making any decision on the takeover bid. 600 people in belarus have been jailed after the wake of the president's reelection. it looks likely plus will be held for two weeks, but some could face 15 years in jail for their part in mass disturbances. this report from david stern. they are asking questions but
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not everyone is getting answers. days after a paris police arrested hundreds, these people came to the -- days after police arrested hundreds, these police -- these people came to the jail. they've brought food and warm clothes. others are told to look elsewhere. >> nobody knows where he is or what happened to him. there is no information whatsoever. >> of belarus authorities say they are guilty of violent protests. demonstrators clashed with police on sunday after presidential elections. so far, more than 600 have been detained. the country's opposition says the government is trying to crush them. this is the wife of a
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presidential candidate. on sunday night, police beat and arrested him at a hospital. either >> they held me and i was screaming and fighting. they realized my husband could not walk so they tracked him to the hospital. >> the present is unapologetic. -- the president is unapologetic. he triumphed with 80% of the vote. he said what the opposition was practicing was not democracy. in the run-up to the elections come and there was hope belarus might be entering a time of reform. but the post-election landscape is different. five of the 10 candidates have been arrested and their parties may be outlawed. >> not much has changed in belarus. russia and the u.s. on the verge
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of a new era of arms control. president obama looks to have the support to ratify the start of the nuclear arms treaty. in an echo of the cold war britain and russia have been in date -- engaged in spies. one person was accused of breaking the rules on intelligence activities. south korea has warned the north not to attack a giant artificial christmas trees they have let up. it is seen as potential provocation to the north. stay with us if you can on "bbc world news." in a year that will see a record number of children in the u.s. with a parrot in jail, and one family tries to cope -- with a parent in jail.
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the american politician acting as an envoy to north korea is saying they had agreed to allow international nuclear inspectors back in. bill richardson said they must be his deeds and not words from north korea. he ended his talks and is currently in beijing. >> arriving in beijing with a message from p'yongyang. governor bill richardson says he has a new offer from the north koreans. the north will allow un nuclear inspectors to go back into the country. p'yongyang may also have -- will also get rid of some of the material that could be used to build bombs. and consider his proposal for a joint military commission to work with the u.s. to try to reduce tension along the border.
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>> my meetings with the north koreans, they are always very strong in their position. they were very strong on their message. they are sometimes problems, but i notice a pragmatic attitude on their part. >> un inspectors have tried to get an accurate picture of the nuclear facilities in the face of limitations on where they could go and what they could see. china welcomed the suggestion and they may be allowed back in. in seoul, lawmakers were reached by the defense minister wendy military drills close to the disputed border. officials have given a cool response to the offer from the north saying it still has not been confirmed officially by the p'yongyang government.
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>> the latest headlines this hour. after nine months of wrangling, iraq finally has most of the new government. the european commission is threatening action against airports as the big freeze deepens. leaders of russia and india signed a contract for a development of a new fighter aircraft. dmitry medvedev agreed to double bilateral trade within five years. >> in a changing world, old friendships can be the best. russia and india have been allies since the cold war. now they have agreed to jointly develop a new fighter aircraft. it is a deal worth some more than $30 billion to moscow.
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in return, diplomatic support for india's ambitions. >> russia considers india a strong and deserving candidate for a seat in the un security council. we also talked about the overhaul of international financial institutions. >> diplomats fear the foreign ministry has never been busier. the the in many parts of the world india is booming. it is not only russia that once a piece at the action. all permanent members of the un security council has visited india. there are great opportunities for everyone, but something that india itself should india more heather-- >> and visits by more -- world leaders are instructive as to how diplomacy can actually help
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secure contracts the same ladies foreign governments or securing contracts through the leaders to india. eith>> india is only going in oe direction. there is a feeling here the rest of the world can no longer afford to ignore it. india is opening its gates to the world and can expect even more visitors seeking ties of mutual benefit's. >> it was the worst natural disaster in pakistan's history. monsoon rains wreaked havoc on 20 million people. hundreds of thousands turned to a lifeline established teh bbc. our correspondent has returned to one of the provinces hit the
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hardest. >> sari, we have a problem with that. we will try to bring that to you in a moment. this christmas for children in america will have one parent in jail. one in 28 children have a parent in jail. we have gone to maryland to meet one family trying to cope with that separation. >> this 6-year-old is celebrating christmas with her mother. for three hours they have been inseparable. in this women's prison. we don't this when christmas is still two weeks away. on the actual day they will be miles apart.
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she is not just a visiting her mother, her grandmother is incarcerated here, too. >> it has taken a toll on our family. a mother and grandmother is gone. >> both women were convicted of attempted robbery after she tried to steal a woman's purse at a supermarket and she helped her mother get away. neither was armed. they both died nine years. >> my brother played a part in me being incarcerated. but i think my sentence is harsh. >> african-americans are five times more likely to go to prisons. it is black children that are most affected by the incarceration rate. one in 9 have a parent behind bars. it is the female population that is growing the fastest. in maryland, four times as many
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women are behind bars as 30 years ago. this girl is being brought up by her great-grandfather. he is also responsible for three of her children. whether >> it takes a toll. they don't understand why. they know that she did something wrong, but not fully understanding why. they are really hurting. >> this is mommy. i am reading you a nice little book. >> she reads to her daughter from prison. >> i love you. i picked this and not just for you. >> i know that song. >> it is a program called the storybook project. her voice is recorded by volunteers who hope that the story tells will help women bond
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with their children. they are hopeful this girl will not repeat the mistakes of her mother. but the odds are not on her side. like millions of other children, having either her parents in prison is affecting her every day. >> i love you and i miss you so much. enjoy your book. i love you. >> let's take you back to our report on pakistan's floods. our colleague was in pakistan when the floods struck. >> [speaking foreign language] >> a call for help from one
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village. we decided to try to find this caller. our journey takes as deep into the s interior intoindh in -- interior of sindh. >> [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] >> our own journey to find him
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comes to an unexpected end. >> he eventually finds us. with a guy in hand from one of his relatives. because as we discovered during our journey, he is blind. eihis father as soon joins us to escort us to their village. it lies in ruins. >> [speaking foreign language] >> his family including his children only returned here a few weeks ago. before that, this milledge was under water. -- this village was under water. he is still waiting for a tent.
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food was delivered to his village. this flood water will not be going anywhere for many months. and this crisis will test pakistan for a long time to come. ei>> it very different and to the spectrum. another british royal wedding. queen elizabeth's granddaughter is now engaged to marry her longtime boyfriend. it was -- examining the latest royal romance. >> either winning the personalities of the year-2006 and now the next royal bride. the husband to a rugby player. it has been a relationship
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conducted in private. like her brother peter, she is not a working member of the royal family. she has been able to live her life with freedom. there has been a rebellious streak. but either he has been a steady and influence and with that has come a success. in 2005 she beat her mother's achievements in winning the european gold medal. one year later she became the world champion. >> the main is for you, the iraqi parliament has approved most of the new government, ending more than nine months of political deadlock. snowbound travelers for the european commission is threatening action against airports as the big freeze continues. on the ivory coast the president has been refusing to give up his job despite the election results. he is willing to allow an international body to reexamine
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