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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 28, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> a national day of mourning in pakistan. a passenger planned -- passenger plane crashes on the outskirts of the capital, killing 152. a judge blocks keep parts of the arizona immigration law just hours before it is to come into effect. these campaigners in catalonia have won their fight to kill off the controversial spanish spectacular. welcome to bbc world news. forecast to our viewers on pbs in america. there has been much talk about sanctions in iran. we are taking a closer look at whether or not the work -- they work. why could these teeth be about to fetch tens of thousands of dollars in auction? did they really win the second
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world war? hello. a pakistani airliner has crashed near islamabad, killing all 152 on board. operated by air blue, trying to land in bad weather. it was on a domestic flight. rescuers have recovered bodies from the charred wreckage north of islamabad. we have the report. >> rescuers worked frantically on the mountainside for hours. the aircraft, lying in smoldering pieces, minutes from the airport. passengers would have been preparing to land. bad visibility and driving rain
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caused of the airplane to smash into the forest hills. the rain made it hard for emergency workers access the site. rumors that there were survivors dissipated. all of those on board the aircraft are known to have died. over the last hour, one ambulance after another has been arriving. many of those relatives have been waiting for loved ones to arrive here in the hope that they can have bodies to identify. >> they will be demanding as to know why the plane was allowed to fly in such bad weather conditions. right now simply dozens of families are mourning the losses of those nearest to them.
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>> a federal judge in the united states has blocked part of a tough new immigration bill passed by the state of arizona, due to come into force on thursday. they approved the measure in april to attempt to sell the infant -- stem the flow of illegal immigrants in -- from mexico. arizona authorities are expected to appeal this latest ruling. let's get more from laura in our washington studio. what happened here? how significant could it be? >> the obama administration had argued that the law was unconstitutional. that immigration policy should be made by the federal government and not by states like arizona. about 20 states were thinking of passing a similar law. the federal judge back of the obama administration, ruling out the most controversial aspects. police in arizona were going to be required to check the status
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of criminals. the basic problem remains. this was a popular act, more than 60% of the americans were behind it. comprehensive immigration reform, whereas the obama administration would like to pass. but for those that are here illegally that pay their taxes, republicans want nothing of amnesty. >> thanks for that. we will have a special room for just a bit later in the program about what this means for those in mexico dependent on family in arizona. 100 days since the deep water horizon rig exploded in the gulf of mexico, triggering the worst offshore oil spill in american history. scientists are saying that the oil is clearing faster than they expected. researchers say that much of it is biodegrading by naturally occurring bacteria.
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25 people have been killed in afghanistan. it is thought that nato forces were patrolling the area shortly before the explosion. in russia, poisonous smog had trotted moscow and public health officials have urged residents to stay indoors. the worst smog to hit the city in a decade. the city is sweltering in a record heat wave. the british prime minister, david cameron, has said that pakistan must not be allowed to look both ways, as he put it, with the public working against the taliban. al qaeda is secretly supporting militants, unacceptable for any support to be given from within. >> we will be very clear with
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pakistan. we want to see a strong and stable pakistan but we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea dead the country is allowed to work both ways and is able to work the export of terror anywhere else in the world. >> the british prime minister there. rescuers said to a town in northeast china where flooding has trapped 13,000 people. it is believed that the reservoir in the province has overflowed. china is suffering its worst floods in decades. the prime minister has caused -- called the situation critical. >> engulfing several homes, coming to rest in this residential area.
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onlookers could only fear the worst. , record levels of water surged along the river and into the reservoir behind the wall. the reservoir was still short of its maximum capacity. the floods had been a disaster for many. hundreds of missing. the rainy season is not yet over. emergency workers continued to battle against the elements, shoring up the fences along the rivers, flooding in food and water to stand residents. >> it has been a tradition in spain for centuries and for the first time bullfighting has been banned in part of the spanish
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mainland. tens of thousands of people signed a petition calling it barbaric. sarah has the report from barcelona. >> it has been a part of spanish culture for centuries. a ritual in which a matador uses tapes and darts to subdue and kill a bowl. for critics, this is torture. for supporters, it is art. now bullfighting has been banned in catalonia. the historic debate in parliament was emotional. the issue was brought to a vote after animal rights campaigners collected 180,000 signatures of support. when they won, there were shouts of joy and unconcealed tears from the losers.
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animal rights groups gathered outside of parliament for the vote, saying this board had no claim in 21st century spain. >> bullfighting is not for any culture in the world, let alone catalonia. it will make as a more ethical place to be. >> many believe that this is about more than protecting animals. an attempt by nationalist minded cattleman's to mark the differences from the rest of spain by rejecting one of its best known traditions. here in catalonia bullfighting has been losing popularity for years. now that bullfighting has been banned, there is only one more fight left. >> avoid by their success they have vowed to extend the
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campaign across the country. they will face far tougher opposition in southern spain and madrid. police in france have detained a couple in their 40's after the bodies of eight newborn babies were found in a house in the north of the country. christian frazier gave us more. >> what we are hearing from police is that they were tipped off about two of the bodies found in the garden by the new owners of the property. the skeletal remains of newborn babies, leading them to have property about a kilometer away for. -- away. they were all wrapped in bags. did did may have been going on since 1988. the couple arrested was in their '40's.
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there were unconfirmed reports, and i imagine that some of these details might change over the course of the next 24 hours, but we believe that they're being held at the moment for concealment -- concealment of a corpse and the non-reporting of a crime. they will be investigating how these bodies died. >> a brazilian television host who was accused of killing to boost his crime shows has died while awaiting trial. while in hospital because of his death has not been confirmed. his program often feature exclusive footage of crime scenes. police accused him of ordering killings and alerting the crews at the scene of a crime. it may seem like an unlikely duet in philadelphia, the former u.s. secretary of state, condoleezza rice and aretha franklin, getting together for charity.
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she accompanied the queen of soul in one of her best known songs and raising money for the privilege children -- underprivileged children. good to have you with us on bbc world news. still to come, misery and highland horror, choosing victims carefully. doctors have warned that an obesity epidemic is putting thousands of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies at risk. new device is being issued about managing weight during and after pregnancy for women to reduce the chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and miscarriage. >> kate gave birth to her son four weeks ago with a relatively straightforward pregnancy. with a body maxed index over 30, she was considered obese.
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>> i tried to stick to the healthy diet as much as possible. you find that as you lose no weight and become bigger it is disheartening. >> these pregnant woman were taking part in a exercise class, the kind of activity encouraged in new public health guidelines. relaxing afterwards the woman said that they understood the benefits. >> the midwife instructs you with what to do, nothing dangerous. >> is not publicized enough. >> statistics show that while 60% of the women in the general population are over weight or obese, more women in the child- bearing age fall into that category. >> included gestational diabetes
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-- diabetes. it is very important to limit the amount of weight put on during pregnancy. this protects the mother and child. >> k hammond fell into the high- risk category, saying that the boy she was given health and she was able to enjoy the first weeks of motherhood. >> the latest headlines for you on bbc world news, a national day of mourning in pakistan when an airplane crash near the capital. a judge in u.s. has blocked key parts of the tough new arizona immigration law just hours before was the big effect. beyond arizona there will be relieved as the state's immigration bill flounders, not least of which in mexico where
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it had been condemned by the government. many families and towns in mexico rely heavily on money sent back by family members in the u.s.. tensions had been running high in central mexico. >> this town seems bound to become a ghost town. 60% of the regional population have migrated from this rural community to the united states, mainly to arizona. most of them are there illegally. just a few of them can come to visit their relatives and re- enter the u.s.. every year they drive down from arizona to visit what they call their peaceful home town. >> we are lucky because many people are not able to come back. they do not know what the future holds.
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>> besides the slow pace of this town, any news from arizona is creating deep anxiety. the prayers of this religious ceremony were mainly dedicated to the hundreds of people born in this town that now live in arizona. there are deep concerns in the town about the fate of the relatives and friends that live north of the border and the impact that the new scenario have on the livelihood of a town like this one. in a town where unemployment is at least 30%, migrants are a key force driving the economy. in addition to helping relatives, some of them have helped to develop the town's infrastructure. this man tells me that this area is the town's only primary school, built with the aid of migrants.
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also paid for with money sent by arizona. in the dimly lit room where this woman and her stepdaughter lived, they show me wedding pictures. just weeks after that happy day, she says, that her husband crossed the border illegally and has since lived and worked in arizona. today she is preparing a gift for him. packed with his favorite mexican suites to be sent with her neighbor. the separation, she tells me, is worth it. she shows me why. with that the money sent every month, they are slowly building a house that they dreamed of living in. but all of that is now in jeopardy. >> with this new law, we do not
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know what will happen. so, i am worried. he could be imprisoned for a long time. >> thousands of miles away from arizona, the worry is that turbulent times are just beginning. >> this week the european union imposed tougher sanctions on iran to try to curb its nuclear program. the u.n. has already done the same period to the surprise of many, china gave its backing despite what was once called the cell growth. this week we are examining whether or not sanctions work and what the chinese approach is to squeezing tehran. >> supply boats, tanker both, and containment issues. >> for four years the captain
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has held his fellow iranians on the ships from china. in the last few weeks the work has been halted. chinese banks are no longer accepting letters of credit from iran. he blames the united nations. >> i have stopped my business. i cannot export anything. no one except our letters of credit. we cannot buy the normal goods for our people. >> the iranian president went to shanghai himself last month and saw how relations are cooling off period and none of the country's leaders came to meet him. chinese scholars said that the country's ties have been tested. but it won't be broken.
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>> we are not holding them close like a friend, but we are friendly. we hope that they can deal with the pressure from the un sanctions and we will do what we can to bring them back into the international system. >> there is perhaps one overwhelming reason why china continues to support iran. the country's huge and growing thirst for oil. this film celebrates the chinese oil industry. to the visitors here, they're probably not aware of how reliant their country is on foreign suppliers. half of the crude oil used in china today comes from overseas. >> these exhibits are designed
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to remind chinese people how important oil is to their country. searching for a stable and long term sources of crude oil has long been a national priority. iran is one of the most important sources. by the middle of this decade more than half of the chinese population will live in cities, creating a huge imposition on the demand for power, making countries like iran more and more important for its future. abc news, shanghai. >> the highlands of scotland have much to recommend, including breathtaking scenery. nature has also provided a blight, attacking natives and visitors alike for generations, of direct experience last week from one of our correspondents.
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new research suggests that they are not indiscriminate in their choice of victims. the surge in aberdeen university showed little creatures preferred small men and large women. >> mao's like scissors, they are the scourge of the summer. one question has hung in the air with the insects for years. why do they leave some people alone and flake others? for 20 years these scientists have been trying to find out, carrying out the research of the monster challenge. some of the athletes here were a bit more than 100 times. to fare worse? >> we found a size that not matter. men that were tall were a bit more frequently than men that were smaller and women with a larger body mass index were bitten more frequently. >> why? of the first is that they lived
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in chief -- in trees and like to crews at two meters, so the tall man of the first victims they come to. the second is that our bodies give off heat, moisture, and chemicals. >> genetics could be playing a part as well. if a parent is britain often, it is very likely that the child is also bitten often. important in understanding genetic components is what makes the practice inviting for insects. >> there is some hope. one out of town of us are not been that all. it appears we are giving up a chemical that asks us. the next challenge is the holy grail of insect repellent. >> a set of false teeth worn by winston churchill as he led
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britain to victory in the second world war have been sold at auction. >> on the seas and oceans, we shall fight. we shall fight with growing strength in the air. >> the unmistakeable words of winston churchill. instant -- inspirational and instantly recognizable. churchill had a natural speech impediment, giving him a distinctive voice, which was a crucial tool in winning the second world war. an unlikely weapon, a set of gold dentures specifically designed to preserve his list and keep his voice faltered on the airwaves. -- but all turned on the airways. made by a young dental -- un- altered on the airwaves.
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made by a young dental technician. >> his papers were torn up in front of him. churchill said you are going nowhere, you are saying here. he was given the job for many years. they had been in a drawer and i wanted to show them to the wider public. >> the only other surviving said is one of the most popular exhibits. churchill's benchers have a proud place. -- dentures have a proud place. >> without them he would not have been able to deliver his great speeches from the second world war. >> who would have thought that this would have been the most acceptable talk about item i had ever seen at auction? >> churchill's dentures are valued at 5,000 pounds. the auctioneers said that they could detect tens of thousands.
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>> much more on that and international news on our website, twitter and facebook as well. thank you for being with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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