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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 22, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> and international court's rules of kosovo's declaration of independence was lawful. serviette refuses to appreciate biggio -- serbia uses to recognize this. >> we will not under any circumstances. >> hugo chavez says he will sever ties with colombia. mayra can authorities opened up three -- one-third of the fishing grounds closed after the bp oil spill. very warm welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later for you -- the race is on to find the so called god particle. the americans are coming up on the outside. also -- irrepressible, iconic --
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now desmond tutu says it is almost time to start slowing down. the international court of justice in the hague has ruled that cause of a's declaration of ndependence -- kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008 did not violate into international law. it is non-binding, but it is expected to lead to applications by kosovo for further international recognition. we have this from belgrade. >> it was the most important moment since they were declared independent, the first time an international body declared its opinion on whether the succession was lawful.
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many expected a halfway judgment. in the end, it was much more clear-cut. >> there is no applicable prohibition. accordingly, it concludes that the declaration of independence did not violate international law. secession was greeted with delight by the majority ethnic albanian population, but it was not sanctioned by the u.n. security council due to opposition from china and russia. the international court of justice has rejected it was a violation of international law. this prompts kosovo to hope those who have not recognize its to do so. spain, greece, romania, cyprus,
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and slovakia have refused to recognize kosovo. they and others feared that this will inspire secessionist movements -- groups in the south of the basques in spain, ossetia, and others saying if kosovo managed it, why not us? the war ended with an nato bombing campaign to force belgrade to withdraw troops from the southern province. serbs still feel deeply attached to kosovo, and the decision brought reactions of bitter feelings. >> it is an injustice. >> serbia will not let go. >> serbia will not under any circumstances recognize the
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legitimacy of the so-called republic of kosovo. >> but relief from a government that firmly believes the republic of kosovo has a right to exist. the foreign minister once contact with belgrade. >> there is no other alternative but working together in a joint operation. this is the best way. >> kosovo is economically weak with high employment and a devastated infrastructure. but now it has fresh momentum and a major diplomatic victory. bbc news. >> the venezuelan president hugo chavez says he is severing ties with neighboring colombia after accusing venezuela of harboring left wing and rebels. he made the announcement live on television. colombian diplomats have been given 72 hours to leave venezuela.
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joining us from the capital of caracas, our correspondent. what we know about the central allegation here? >> basically, columbia said out its accusation at a special organization of the american association in washington. it said it this included several rebel leaders and around 1500 different rebels, operands in venezuela. that created a storm here in caracas and in washington when the ambassador, the venezuelan ambassador, of the organization of american states rebutted the suggestion. it did not take minutes for mr. chavez to come out and launch a blistering attack on the colombian government and his president. >> he is called the president's
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and madmen and a criminal. it is tricky to see how they will step back from such tough language. >> that is right. these are the final days of his presidency. it is about two weeks before his successor takes up, and he is the country's previous defense minister. there are moments that also caused friction with mr. java's in his past. it will be interesting is see if the job as government can move on from this. at the moment, diplomatic relations are completely broken. as he points out, they want the diplomatic mission, the colombian plan that it mentioned to leave venezuela in the next 72 hours. >> the north in korea has warned
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that war games pose a major danger to the region. pyongyang has responded to allegations by it secretary of state hillary clinton, saying "they destroyed the mood for dialogue." our world affairs correspondent explains. >> the american secretary of state hillary clinton arriving in hanoi prevents the normalization of relations between united states and north vietnam. the message that vietnam is on the path to becoming a great nation, but the u.s. would like to see improvements in its human rights record. she is also here for this regional forum of the association of south east asian nations, and the discussion for this gathering looks set to be dominated by events and the seas around the caribbean -- korean
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and celeb. >> at the u.s. is really interested in removing nuclear weapons, it should hold the military exercises and the sanctions that destroyed the mood for dialogue. >> hillary clinton came to vietnam from the south korean capital of seoul where she and robert gates laid flowers for those killed in war, and also in memory of the 46 out three and sailors who died in march and the sinking of zero warships, blamed on north korea in an international -- sinking of a north korean warship, -- sinking of a south korean warship, blamed on north korea an international investigation. joint u.s.-south korea and naval exercises are planned for this weekend, aimed at deterring any attacks from north korea.
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this was a south korean exercise in may, a response to the sinking of the warsaw -- warship. american said they strongly support the idea of south korea demonstrating that it can defend itself. china and north korea -- china, ally, hasea's main expressed concern. the mood is likely to become more intense. bbc news. >> authorities are said to reopen one-third of fishing grounds in the gulf of mexico. they say no crude-oil has been found since the middle of june. meanwhile, some ships being used and the cleanup are being called off. forecast -- forecasters were calling for a job will storm to hit the area. the american national hurricane center says it could hit the site of the oil spill within the next three days. the oil spill chief, admiral
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thad allen, says they have countermeasures if ships have to be evacuated. we have more. this is good news? >> this is absolutely good news for all the fishermen in the gulf to the been so badly affected by the oil spill. they say that because there has been no oil for the past 30 days in 26,388 square miles of federal waters, which had been closed, they are going to reopen those to be recreational and commercial fishing as well. that is very good news. >> as a gun this way because the borders of the gulf are warmer -- has it gone this way because the waters of the gulf are warmer than the waters in alaska? as the oil broken up in a different way than in the exxon valdez situation? >> beckham 8. the size of the league under the ocean as well.
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it is controversial for different reasons. some say dispersants are more toxic than the oil itself. you are right. they are also using this person. >> they are moving the surface ships away from the cap, but the capping device is so far down, we assume it will be ok? >> that is also very good news. the concern was that if they were not going to be able to monitor the cap as they have been for the last several days, that they might have to remove it and in case there were any leaks that came from the cap, and more worry from the ocean floor as well. the fact that they feel confident enough in the cat to move away, if need be, should that -- confident enough i handicap to move away, if need be, should the storm, yen is a
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good sign. >> thank you very much. the pakistan been -- pakistan -- he says this is a move to preserve continuity in the fight against islamist militancy. he was appointed by the former sheriff in november. he served at an intelligence agency. he is respected but domestically and internationally. china has been battered by the second typhoon in less than a week. it brought 120 kilometers an hour. recent floods and landslides across southern and central china killed at least 700 people, with hundreds still missing. the russian scientist deported to britain in a spy swap between u.s. and britain says he wants to go home. nothing had been heard of igor
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sutyagin since he went to the russian authorities. now in a statement released from his brother, he says he wants to return to his family. banks across europe are being assessed as to how they cope with a renewed recession. a british far-right politician has been barred from attending a garden party with the queen of buckingham palace. he has called the withdrawal of the invitation "deeply shocking." >> all dressed up, and nowhere to go. griffith wask invited to take tea with the queen.
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but he was barred from the palace. >> they have made it very clear. they will not discriminate against anyone, and i thought that was the right thing to do. >> the palace made it clear he had been kept away, but they could not keep them away from the microphone. >> i was invited as an elected member of the european parliament. it is symbolic. it is even more symbolic now that the political leaders have decided to kick me out. >> in the unlikely event he had wanted to, he did not go quietly. he was bundled away by minders. >> white don't you apologize, if you -- why don't you apologize, you gutless cowards? >> what ever you think of the man and his policies, he was invited. >> despicable as his policies
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might become a key is a democratically elected, and therefore he has the right to come. he has exploited the opposition. i think the prime minister is correct. >> buckingham palace does not want to repeat this -- the chaos his appearance on question time created. but the private appearance has now become a very public route. wherever he goes, trouble follows. bbc news. >> you are watching "bbc world news." the headlines so far -- an international court says that kosovo illegally declared its independence from serbia. and is willing president hugo job as a result diplomatic relations -- you go to chavez break off diplomatic relations with colo,bia.
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regulators are expected to announce how much capital they are supposed to raise as protection against losses. >> in the midday in madrid, this is what you need. for months, banks have been gasping for liquidity, because their creditors fear many of them face painful losses. how week are spanish banks? we will learn tomorrow when european regulators unveiled the results of tests of europe's 91 biggest banks. but creditors say banks have been so concerned they have been demanding their money back. >> spanish banks have suffered from the squeezing of the funding market. the main problem, the main problem with the spanish banking system -- it is the liquidity problems. >> some savings banks to face
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huge losses on loans they make to finance vast new housing developments, like this place outside madrid. all around the, a sprawling manifestation of the unsustainable bending it -- building boom, which means millions of properties are on the market to that. bling beckham met loans to property developers and others. -- this building boom that loans to property developers and others. this is terrifying. 40% of those loans are going bad. is the spanish government pruning the banks sufficiently? >> it is too late. i hope they do enough. now the stress tests will show whoever is weak, to allow them to get some private money. i think it is the government
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that will have to pay, to merge them, to shut them down. >> and if they can strengthen the savings banks their mergers, that will mean this measure is not universally possible -- popular. many banks are perceived to have too little capital to ignore potential losses. how much capital banks across europe before it to raise? the signs are it will not be a big sum of money, but that is not necessarily good news, because investors and creditors may fear that governments are in denial about the painful reality. if these creditors continue to start banks of violence, we could be back in the shadows of the banking crisis. bbc news. >> it is one of the biggest scientific projects in the world. the large hadron collider is smashing microscopic particles together to replicate the
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origins of the universe. researchers have presented their first results. but they are now in a race with another team from the united states. >> 13 billion years ago, there was a big bang. the universe came into being, and the forces that caused us is the so-called god particle. this is the hadron collider in geneva. it is a gigantic experiment to find the so-called god article. it is smashing particles together, harder than they have ever been smashed before. >> i think we will find it. if it is there, the chances are there will be super complex, supersymmetry, extra dimensions.
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papers on what we might find. >> each time particles are smashed together, there is a chance that for a split second, this particle is produced. but it is masked by all the particles are rounded. to find it, they're taking readings from trillions of collisions. each one might contain a trace, but together, they build up a picture. like these dots on a television screen. and the picture becomes gradually there any hope is the particle will emerge. a rival team in the united states are gathering their data faster. they are saying they will be the europeanscgaí÷ and find the pare first. >> they have unveiled these new pictures which show some atomic -- shows subatomic particles
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already narrowed to science. senate will find already . -- shows subatomic particles already known to science. bbc news. >> in china, local elections have become a more expensive business. according to an investigation, polls are marred by allegations of bribery, and the price of a vote is going up. a used to cost a modest $1.50 per bribe, but that's figure has crept up to $170. we have more from shanghai. >> it began in the late 1980's. most villagers told an election every three years. in the chinese system, you cannot get to vote for anyone more senior than a village leader. there are reports of bribery, corruption in book collections. they crop up quite regularly in the official media. -- there are reports of bribery,
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corruption in vote collections. certainly the chinese people i've spoken to that said they do not want to see these elections produced more widely at different levels of society, because they say the example from the sport, rural areas is that they do not work out well -- poore , rural -- poorer, rural areas is that they do not work out well. bbc news. >> desmond tutu is set to retire. we have more. >> he announced his retirement in his own irrepressible style. >> the time has now come to slowdown. to.
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tea -- to have tea with my beloved wife in the afternoons, to watch cricket, rugby, soccer, tennis, to visit my children and grandchildren, conventions and university campuses. >> the archbishop turns 79 in october, and from then on, and he will restrict public appearances. he will withdraw from many organizations he represents. south africa will miss him. under his leadership, the anglican church camp kind -- campaigned actively for the end of our pride. the archbishop was one of the loudest voices, calling for an end to what -- to white rule. >> all of us. black and white together.
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we are marching to freedom. >> he spoke out against all forms of violence. pictures of him intervening in to stop at township -- intervening to shop -- to stop a township were lunching with around the world. but the end of apartheid and the transition to democracy, he it shows no signs of slowing down. he headed up the truth and reconciliation commission, which investigated the evils of the previous era. as recently, the archbishop was seen enjoying himself at the world cup, increasing up re- tournament concert with energy and charisma. -- addressing a tournament concert with energy and charisma. >> it is a wonderful tribute to the man to whom we all owe everything. çhe.
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if we make a loud enough noise, he will hear us. and so we say, hello, nelson mandela. >> south africa successfully navigated a tricky path under the leadership of desmond tutu and nelson mandela. he has served as the conscience of this rainbow nation for years, and desmond tutu is at last taking a step back. bbc news. >> just time for a reminder of the main news. kosovo's declaration of independence and in 2008 did not break international law. a judge has ruled in a non- binding decision today. they rejected serbian claims that the move violated its territorial integrity. the president of serbia says his
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