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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 16, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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barack obama says the oil leak test are encouraging. sorry. the apple blossom has apologized to -- the apple boss apologize to users. and regulations against illegal gambling. welcome to bbc world news. coming up later for you -- why was george clooney in court today? it had nothing to do with a movie. and remembering the dolphin. he was loved by many, and an audience to some. -- an annoyance to some.
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hello and welcome. the u.s. president barack obama has welcomes bp's success in stopping the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. he told reporters it was undoubtedly progress. new research is being done to determine whether the leak can be shut down without new leaks of peering. >> is this the moment the stain of the oil spill starts to vanish from the borders of the gulf of mexico? 1 mile down, this is how it looked last night. the leak gradually being turned off, until the flow was cut to just a wisp of oil. news, but president obama warned americans to be cautious. >> one of the problems is that when the oil stopped gushing,
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everyone feels like we are done. and we are not. scientists are doing a number of tests. what they want to make sure of to make sure the oil is not seeking out in other ways that could be more catastrophic. -- the oil is not seeping out in other ways that could be more catastrophic. >> is images like this that have battered the reputation of bp. but what have they achieved on the sea bed? the flow of oil was successfully shut off last night. watching for signs of leaks, our robot down there, with all eyes on the pressure building up inside the system. if the pressure is too low, it could mean there is a leak from down below. if too high, there is the risk of it rupturing the pipes. what is likely is the pipes fitted into the cap will channel the oil of two ships on the --
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up to ships on the surface. relief wells are being drilled. the closest is only a few feet away. the plan is to fill the will would cement, and finally to close it. these shots show how the operation is working. these are anxious times, watching and waiting, to see if the pressure can be contained and find out if this is really a turning point. >> it is not just bp. officials in washington are anxiously waiting to see if the leak has stopped. thousands of residents and businesses to earn their louisiana. delta at the marina. is quiet, as it has been since the oil spill began. the fishermen who used to make a living from the water have not been able to.
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he hopes that the tours will return, once they are confident the oil is now flowing into the water. >> it is good news for everybody. we have been waiting for over three months now. >> these men used to fish for shrimp and oysters. they are desperate to get back out on the water. >> it is the first time in 100 years that nobody fish to -- fished oysters. when you have a hurricane, you know what to expect. with this, you do not know what is going to happen. i have no idea if the twisters are contaminated. >> it is a relief in one way. but in another way, it is still not over. >> relief that the oil spill may be over continues with cautious -- caution about what is left behind. this extends to the restaurant owners in new orleans. kevin reid manages a seafood
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restaurant, where he has seen his business decline and the price of fish go up since the spill began. >> yes, we are quite excited they finally got it capped. we are ready to move on to what can clean it up and move on to the next phase. >> everyone here is longing for the water to return to normal, but they know the tests on the leaking wells are not yet complete. for now, it is watch and wait. bbc news, louisiana. >> steve jobs has apologized to customers for an antenna problem with the iphone 4. he says customers will get a free case to improve reception. he admitted things could not always be perfect. >> we are not perfect. we know that. you know that. and the phones are not perfect.
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but we want to make it -- make all of our users happy. >> in a moment, we will be in california for the response to correspondent with the background on the story. >> a market full of ever-smarter gadgets, but one fund stands out from the crowd. abel's iphone has dominated the industry, and the latest version is the smartest yet. >> you can help me out if you are on why five. if you can just get off. -- you can help me out if you are on wi-fi. [laughter] annual blog post of crowds -- annual crowds flocked to buy the iphone 4. here is the problem. some customers have found that if they hold their phone like
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this, reception melts away. apple's response has not satisfied everyone. in their main london store, apple customers were told they would have to go on a waiting list to buy one. >> reception does. he told the -- my other phone has five bars 3g. this one is fading reception. >> my daughter has an iphone. it has not affected me. >> you are happy with that? >> yes. >> apple has been riding high. will be brand be damaged by the problems with the iphone 4? >> you only have to look in the apple store to see how popular the brand is. it could tarnish it a little bit. >> couple of tracks such devotion from its fans -- apple
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attracts such devotion from its fans it felt it could ignore the complaints. now the message about the faulty phones appears to be getting through. bbc news. >> are correspondent in san francisco was at the news conference held by steve jobs. she joins us now. of free plastic case. will that be enough to retrieve the damage done here? >> i think what is really going to tarnish the reputation is steve jobs's performance. he admitted from the get go that apple is not perfect, but neither are smart phones. yes, this will alleviate the problem, but was steve jobs said was this problem is not just a problem for apple and the iphone, but it is a problem for all the smart phone industry. it became much more noticeable. steve jobs give up a rather
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robust defense of the situation this morning. he apologized for what he said was a small percentage of users who experienced a strong drop in calls. as far as he is concerned, the iphone 4 the best iphone out there. he says the numbers prove that. 3 million in three weeks. and he says the customers return very few, the number of complaints to their help lines are very few. steve jobs offered of something of a mea culpa, but also a strong defense of his brand and device. >> so, i think they will have to get that upgrade 100% absolutely right? >> yes, i think it is important they do not suffer from problems like this. one of the reasons they had this problem coming out of the gate, defending this, was the were
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busy gathering data. they did not want to come out until they have the data. they have been working their butts off to get the information together. steve jobs came from hawaii to speak with reporters, analysts. he said the criticism has done him and laughed at the fact it was an antenna problem. he did take the criticism on the chin. he said the next time, it will be a better product, but he said it was still an industry problem that the industry has to sell. he thinks that apple will get their first. >> thank you very much. venezuela has rejected allegations that they are harboring rebel leaders. they call this a desperate attempt to undermine a return to diplomatic relations. they recalled their ambassadors form -- from consultations. columbia said they had detailed evidence of rubble -- colombia
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said they had detailed evidence of rebel groups inside venezuelan. on thursday, amnesty international said north korea was failing to meet the most basic health needs of its people and its hospitals were barely functioning. today, the secretary general said that it was largely based on anecdotal evidence. it is one of the biggest crackdown on illegal gambling asia has ever seen, busting organized crime gangs involved in unlawful betting on the world cup. interpol says more than five dozen people have been arrested in china, thailand, malaysia zia, and singapore. rachel harvey has the details. >> these are a large number of arrests across a huge region. this involves coordination across such a wide area. that kind of cross-quarters
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operation is talked about. action in making it happen is tricky. it looking at something that affects all of the country's -- that probably provided the push. it may not be the end of the operation. police have confiscated cell phones and computers and the hope that will lead to more information. the gambling is not only illegal across -- the family is not a legal across asia. -- gambling is not illegal across asia. it has to be with licenses within the sporting arenas. despite strict controls, gambling across asia is hugely popular and huge leap relevant. it is ingrained in the culture. there have been people who have
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said why not legalize it, and of course, that goes against some religious traditions, so -- some social conservatives who say this is not how the one society to go. it is very prevalent. >> still to come -- new zealand says farewell to its celebrity dolphin. >> he was a revolutionary artist whose life was as rich as his paintings. now roam remembers care of caravaggio's life. >> the painter of the night, a description of the painter that only is matched by its -- by his inner conflict in demons. his pictures are full of shadow and contrast. pioneer of the baroque, bringing his world of religion and life,
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not sweetly idealized, but depicted as harsh, brutal, and disturbing. >> his style was revolutionary. not only his contrast between darkness and light, but for him the light was life in the darkness was death. >> he painted more than 80 works in a brief life cut short at 39, possibly by syphilis. he was a hard-drinking man. he was even accused of murder. research recently claimed to have found his remains. his work has sustained interest. rome was his home, the place where he created many masterpieces and laid down his reputation as a 17th century hell raiser. he may have had a corrupting presence on western art, influencing ruben's and
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rembrandt. for that, he is being remembered 400 years after his death. he was a genius with paint on canvas and his words off of it, creating conflict wherever he went. he courted scandal, but his work revealed a terrible, beguiling imagination. duncan kennedy, bbc news. >> this >bbc world news. is of the top stories so far. president obama has congratulated bp for stopping the flow of oil into the gulf of mexico. he warns the problem is not completely resolved. steve jobs has apologized to customers over an antenna problem with the iphone 4. he says customers will get a free case to improve reception. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, has met with
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her british counterpart william hague regarding the lockerbie bomber. he was released on compassionate grounds last year. the decision has been condemned by the new government of britain. it is now being alleged that bp lobbied for his release in hopes of securing an oil deal with libya. bp denies that. as far as mrs. clinton's comments, what is the situation in the states? >> for both the united states and the u.k., this is about containing public aner in the u.s. -- containing public anger in the u.s. where there are allegations about the release of the lockerbie bombing. families called for an
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investigation into what happened in the lead up to the release of mr. al-megrahi last year. when i spoke to the spokesperson, i i asked what is pushing them to bring up this again, and to call the release of him a mistake, and this is what he said. >> the american people are distressed. we see him a free man in libya. he should have served out the rest of his life in a scottish prison, which was the original agreement. in doing so, she indicated that congress will be having hearings, having questions. she hopes that the british government will provide help. this was the decision by scottish authorities to release
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him on humanitarian grounds. >> the can ask all the questions they want. there is little doubt there is not much of both governments can do to turn the clock back. he is still alive, despite the prognostic a the time, which said he only had three months to live. >> they're going to investigate the circumstances leading up to his release. the bad feeling is not to go away? >> no, absolutely. we are going to have this hearing in the senate foreign relations committee on july 29. they will be looking into events leading up to the release of mr. al-.q.qdumegarahi. there is some suggestion that they will be calling executives from bp as well. certainly bp's reputation and in the united states is not getting better, to say the least. >> thank you. footage has emerged of the moment two suicide bombs
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exploded in iran. the first@a@azu device went off mosque worshipers went to see what happened, and the second explosion went off, killing dozens of other people. an organization said the carried out the attacks in revenge for the execution of their leader by authorities. the hollywood heartthrob george clooney had a serious matter to attend to. the oscar-winning star appeared evidence against a gang of alleged frauds tears. -- fraudsters. >> it was a moment worth waiting for. the arrival of the star witness,
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in every sense of see word. clooney arrived to give evidence in the 's palace of justice -- to give evidence in milan's palace of justice. he maneuvered his way into the courtroom. he was in deadly earnest. he gave evidence away from tv accused of having tried to use his name fraudulently to launch their new fashion range. police discovered this when they raided a hotel in 2008. the after's decision to testify -- the actor's decision to testify in person suggests how seriously he took the allegations. he told the judge, i came here because i believe in the traditional system. i do not want them using my name
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to take advantage of people. the italian justice system is notoriously slow, but for george clooney's adoring fans, it can take as long as it once it gives them another chance to see their idol in person. bbc news. >> it is the biggest festival of classical music in the world. royal albert hall will host the bbc proms. a lot of instruments to shift in and out. we were there as the orchestra was moving in. >> it is final rehearsal for prom #1. >> it is a huge orchestra. 100, are around 100 people.
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>> as you can imagine, getting everything out the door is one of classical music's bigger jobs. this is the harmonium. there are eight double basses, and 10 cello's. all of this has to go through onto the stage. 125-piece orchestra. the key is to get everything in the right place. and intact. take this heart. careful there. it took three and a half years
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to make this, and there are only seven like it in the world. >> i was petrified because i have only had my own harp in my own vehicle. it, it was scary. >> and then the double basses. >> it is such an important thing that you can touch. my bass is getting on for 200 years old. you do not want to be the person over all those years to be responsible for it being damaged. i feel very responsible for these things. >> within two hours, it is all in place, all in -- all intact. previous year, everyone. bbc news. >> now, he was of oysters teenage dolphin, but imagine how much -- he wasa boisterous
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teenage dolphin, but i imagine, if he was loved. moco was beloved for interacting with swimmers. he was found dead on a beach. >> they came into farewell a friend. he had an extraordinary life. in death, at his funeral+h+h-x - funeral receives prayers' with no exception. for three years, the playful dolphin was a familiar sight around the east coast. he swam around beachgoers and made headlines when he helped find two stranded whales out to sea. everyone has their own memories. >> it was nonstop for about two hours. >> it was very different. he was a unique dolphin. he definitely loved people.
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>> not everyone was charmed. he overturned kayakers. he was known for pushing citizens out to sea, known for leaving one woman stranded on a sea boy when -- sea buoy when should he stole her surfboard. >> our main news tonight, president barack obama has stopping the flow of oil from the gulf of mexico. he reported this as definitely progress and experts are studying the results of pressure test to see if the new cap could be used to shut be well down without new leaks appear in. you can find a story and much more on all the day's chores online at our website -- we relaunched that's website this week. he will have much better access to stories and videos.
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