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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  July 14, 2010 11:54am-12:00pm PST

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dimaggio, mantle. and you have to put george right up there maybe above all. as the greatest yankee figure of all time. longevity alone. but also people say should he be in the hall of fame? of course, it should be a first ballot to the hall of fame. a lot of those hall of famers had flaws, too, in their lives. george had a few flaws but overall george is a hall of fame guy. >> rose: here is one more interpret from the conversation with george steinbrenner "60 minutes" 2 profile in 1999. >> this is my favorite view of the whole thing. >> rose: more most people baseball is about winning and losing and how you handle both. but not for steinbrenner, he dreams of a game where losing isn't a part of it. are you the guy that says to joe torre "is it possible to win 162 games?" i >> i didn't say that. i said has any team in baseball ever gone undefeatd?
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he says that's pressure. that is pressure. >> rose: george steinbrenner dead at 80.
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rozat k. sabich. and they're gonna charge me. don't be seen with me, man. they' your own autopsy notes? you dictate them you may stop answering questions at any timnt? any feeling that you might be a political scapegoat? is now in session,
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the honorable larren l. lyttle, judge, presiding.
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