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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 6, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamaoto. when will drivers actually notice the difference in gas? >> kpix max darrell reports not as soon as you might think. >> reporter: with the price of oil dropping you may think shouldn't the price for a gallon of gas drop, too? the answer is yes, it should but an industry expert says it may be a few weeks before we see that impact at the pump. for gabrielle, a full tank of gas isn't feasible all the time. >> i don't have enough money to fill my full tank so i'm just doing 25 for today. >> reporter: $25 got her a little under four gal lons toda but that's a little better than a month ago. here is gas a month ago in san francisco, oakland, san jose and napa. between $6.46 and $6.58 a gallon. ed today between 6 .23 and 6.43. >> it's a matter of time before
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most stations are under $6 a gallon. >> reporter: he's the head at gas buddy with the price of crude oil dropping to below $100 a barrel for the first time in several months, he says gas prices should follow there will there likely be a lag. >> stations deliver lower prices but takes time to get access to the cheaper price to share through the fuel and lower price. >> reporter: people waited in line at this costco today for cheaper gas. many in may were in line for about 15 minutes. how much do you think you'll spend on gas today? >> $100. >> reporter: cheaper gas doesn't mean cheap to fill up. >> $103. >> reporter: if oil continues to get cheaper, barring unforeseen circumstances, he thinks the price at the pump will, as well. >> stations will probably lower their price a penny or two every day for the next couple weeks so two to three weeks from now, i'm hoping prices will be 20 to 40 cents lower. in redwood city, kpix 5.
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we are following developing news in southeast san jose where a two-story home has gone up in flames east of 101 and capital expressway. the neighborhood is full of up scale homes, that fire gutted the garage and did serious damage to the rest of the structure. no reports of any injuries and too early to say how it started. >> the oakland a's are on a winning streak. the city counsel rejected a plan to let voters weigh in whether public money should be spent on the howard terminal project. council member noelle sponsored the proposal one of two votes in favor. he says taxpayers deserve to know what they will or will not be paying for. >> we've been at this for three years, negotiating, talking but we don't have facts or numbers. i love the a's. i want the a's to stay in oakland but at the same time, it's a business. you're dealing with billionaires
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to make money but the way it's presented, the public, the residents have to put up billions of dollars. >> a's president told us last week the team is pursuing a potential stadium in las vegas as a parallel path but another recent designation from howard terminal was a very good sign for oakland and oakland mayor libby schaaf thanked the council members saying a non-binding advisory measure would keep the a's in oakland cost tax payers as much as a million dollars and done nothing but provide special interest with opportunities to spread and return misinformation adding quote, oakland taxpayers will be protect from the cost of the ballpark and associated development. we have learned the mistakes of the past and we will not repeat them. san francisco mayor london breed could name a new district attorney as early as friday. that's when she will be removed
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from office. his replacement will be very temporary. voters will elect a new d.a. in november who will then have to run for a full four-year term in 2023. to the fire watch in the sierra foothills where firefighters quadrupled their containment. the electra fire is 40% contained now. from 10% earlier today, that's the good news. but there are still mandatory evacuation orders in both amador and vacalavaris. the drought picture isn't looking better as we head deeper into fire season. new data shows san jose received 49% of the average rainfall total over a three-year period. san francisco was 56% of normal and oakland 58%. and so far, californians have been missing the mark when it comes to conservation.
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the santa clara county water district even hired enforcement officers to look for water wasters. as kpix devin feely found out, the get tough approach may finally be working. >> reporter: we're entering the heart of the summer, the hottest and driest part of the year but the good news is conservation numbers are rounding a corner. >> we don't wash our cars or water unnecessary land scraping. >> reporter: nicolaus and matthew tran are sophomores at santa clara university. they are also children of drought for whom notions of water scarcity and conservation are just baked into how they see the world. >> being in a drought has always been on my conscious growing up. it's always never watering plants during the daytime. >> reporter: they do all of the little things that can add up to big savings over time and if everyone is on board. >> turning off water when you're like brushing your teeth, just all the little things that people think they don't add up but they do. >> reporter: the problem is not everyone has been on board.
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the response to calls to conservation in santa clara county are dismal. in april, water usage up 2% but the chairman of the water district says the numbers will be out in days but there are encouraging signs. >> we're starting to increase the amount of conservation we're seeing in the charts. we're not increasing the water level but people are starting to pay attention. >> reporter: the water district is shifting from education to a more aggressive crackdown on water wasters. they've sent out 485 letters of warning, which could be followed up by fines. matthew tran says it's disappointing it took fines for people to do their part in the face of a deepening drought. >> all it takes is a little change of protective to think about how, like, their actions can affect the greater northern california in terms of the drought. >> reporter: the pendulum has swung a little from education to enforcement. the water district is trying to give people as many
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opportunities as they can to educate themselves and voluntarily conserve. at lexington reservoir, devin feely, kpix 5. there is a a monmonkeypox a connected to pride weekend. people that attended events are urged to watch out for symptoms. according tonight cdc california has the second highest number of monkeypox cases in the country. 117 right behind new york with 122. several local clinics have traced transmissions to at least one event that occurred during san francisco pride. >> it definitely can be transmitted in multiple ways, although, we're pro edominantly seeing skin to skin contact. it can live on clothing or material someone that might have a lesion leaves around and is exposed to your own skin or could be through long term respiratory exposure, although, we're not seeing that currently.
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>> lab core is performing 10,000 tests per week and we posted testing and vaccine eligibility information on our website on the coronavirus front, mask mandates will not be returning to california classrooms for the upcoming school year. face coverings will still be recommended but the california department of health also says quote, we've learned methods and gained tools to decrease covid's impact on health and well being. the state strongly recommends students stay up to date on vaccines and outilize testing. a chilling revelation from the gunman in the illinois mass t -- massacre and a couple that rescued a toddler from the scene whose parents were killed. >> he was pulled off his father who was still bleeding by good samaritans. tax cuts for the cannabis
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industry. it's all part of governor n newsom's budget but why growers say they don't go far enough. a restaurant under fire after the neighbors being forced to close. the battle between two neighborhood favorites in perkily. nice conditions across the bay area this evening including san jose which was one of the warm spots today. the warmest locations san jose and napa reached the upper 70s. one more day in this weather pattern. tracking the warmup in the first alert forecast.
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a memorial is growing in suburban chicago for the seven people killed until the mass shooting at highland park's
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fourth of july parade. the suspected gunman made a virtual court appearance today. police say 21-year-old robert crimo confessed to committing the attack and also told them he was considering attacking another event in wisconsin. prosecutors say he fired more than 80 rounds from a rooftop at the parade killing seven people and wounding more than 30 others. crimo was ordered to be held without bail and due in court in july when he'll likely additional l ccharges. meanwhile, a toddler found alive in the aftermath is an orphan. a couple rushing to find shelter with their children encountered someone holding their toddler covered in blood. the family took the child with them and later found his parents, irina and kevin mccarthy did not make it out. >> i said this is not our kid. what should we do? the cop said we can't be babysitters. can you take care of him? of course. how do you tell an 18 month old
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boy mommy and daddy are in heaven now? >> the toddler was later reunited with his grandparents. the tsa is on track to confiscate guns at airport this year. screeners got more than 3,000 guns in the first half of 2022. the previous record was last year with 6,000 guns confiscated and the tsa says more than 80% of those were loaded. people can bring firearms in checked backs but the locked ha unloaded and declared at the airline check in counter. the guns also have to be in a different case than ammo. if a gun is discovered at a tsa check point, it can result in a fine of up to $10,000. california is overhauling its cannabis tax structure in an effort to help the marijuana industry. but the reform bill the governor signed today doesn't appear to go far enough for many in the marijuana industries. sellers aren't seeing a cut instead the state cultivation
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tax is suspended and while growers reswe spoke with are ha to hear it, they want relief for the middlemen and retailers, as well. >> between the two of them, the money will be split up and figured out and won't ever go to the consumer and won't come to the farmer, either. >> it's a balancing act, right? i think the state, what you see in this tax reform package mechanisms by which this state is trying to continue to fulfill that promise. >> that cannabis grower says the real problem is that the state has issued too many cultivation permits that flooded the market and driven down prices. a decade's old restaurant will close down this month after a long battle with its famous landlord. it has been a neighborhood favorite for 24 years located right next to another prominent restaurant you may have heard of. it owns the building. the owner tells us the lease is up at the end of the month and despite a petition and public
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pressure, it will not renew it. the restaurant has not responded to our request for comment. it plans on moving to a new location in berkeley which it has yet to be disclosed. okay. let's give you a live look outside at oakland right now and kind of a beautiful clear day today. >> yeah, it was. it was nice. you saw some blue skies if you were not in san francisco probably but it was also kind of muggy, which is a little different for this part of the world. >> yeah, the humidity took a little step down today but noticeable. it will take another step down tomorrow. our temperatures do the opposite. we're still basically in the same weather pattern for one more day. the storm system that's been parked off the coast of the pacific northwest still swirling around, still keeping those on shore winds in place and that low pressure that means less atmosphere on top of us allowing the marine layer to expand vertically and spread farther inland traveling along those on shore winds, which means another day of normal temperatures around the bay on thursday below average temperatures inland and that will change by the end of the workweek.
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let's look outside right now towards the golden gate. nice look. we can see the fog not rolling through just yet. be patient. it will. temperatures mostly 60s. san jose warm at 71 on a july evening. the warmest location is 71 degrees. this is an unusually cool weather pattern but saver it while we can. we have above average temperatures in the forecast by the second half of the weekend. the fog will spread out and well into the inland valleys tomorrow morning like this morning. the difference is, it's going to dissipate more quickly. the fog will back up, lift off and more lingering clouds will break up by noon in most locations. it took awhile today which is why temperatures today were a couple degrees cooler than yesterday but the faster diminishment of the fog, is diminishment a word? it is now. we'll see temperatures warming up a couple degrees thanks to the sun breaking through earlier. let's track it hour by hour. everybody starts off in the 50s. temperatures, that's normal for this time of year but they will
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warm up towards noon. again, with the sun breaking through a little earlier should be up into the 70s in hosmost inland locations by noon. the bay still shaking the last of the cloud cover. temperatures during the afternoon top out in the upper 60s in san francisco. 67 is exactly tomorrow's average high temperature. low 70s for oakland in the east bay and temperatures inland instead of being wide spread in the 70s is going to be more of a mix of 70s and 80s and mid 80s around fairfield and antioch and brentwood, warmer than the past few days but well below normal. we'll return to near average temperatures by friday and saturday a return of near average fire danger but one more day with fire danger index tracking very low values. now it's never going to be zero in the summertime afternoon but any time in july, august, september, we can stay below the half way point on the fire dingding danger scale, that's territory we want to be in a three or four by tomorrow afternoon. the numbers will be closer to five or six on friday and
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saturday. not off the charts but still something we have to keep an eye on. temperatures will warm up slightly in san francisco. a little more for oakland from 70 to tomorrow to 76 by sunday. temperatures in san jose will jump up almost ten degrees from 78 tomorrow up to 87 by sunday and a slow drop. temperatures inland in the east bay and north bay, the hot spots around or above 90 degrees sunday and monday before those temperatures also drop off by tuesday, wednesday, back to near average temperatures by the middle of next week so just a two-day warm spell, not even a full fledged heat wave. we'll avoid triple digit temperatures on the map. i'll have an update at 11:00. >> we can handle that. >> yeah. nasa has reestablished communication with its capstone satellite after losing contact for two days. the satellite was launched from new zealand last week and had just separated from the launch vehicle when it went dark. its mission is to make its way to the moon and/or orbit for at
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least six months for the future lunar missions. carlos santana collapses on stage. how he's doing tonight. >> coming up, cbs news bay area, the 24th season of "big brother" premieres tonight. a look at what fans can expect. you can watch our when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter.
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but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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♪ ♪ now at 7:00 a jury has found a 32-year-old man guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of nipsey hussle. eric holder junior shot the rapper near his clothing store in 2019. holder's attorney said he acted in the heat of passion because hussel called him a snitch. carlos santana is recovering after suffering a medical emergency during a performance in michigan. the musician was taken to the hospital after clapollapsing on stage and told fans via facebook he was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. his wife and drummer cindy blackman santana said carlos is resting and doing well. she said the stage was 100
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degrees and the lights made it hotter. carlos didn't drink enough water but will be better soon. the latest breed of dog joining the american kennel club. look at that face. >> awe.
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a new dog breed will join the american kennel club. this is a breed used for nting. the dog originated hundreds of years ago and is native to italy. the american kennel club recognized the dog making it the 200th breed. they are strong, intelligent and active and affection anytid easo train. >> love the eyes. so cute. love them. all right. now the a big loss for the san francisco zoo. the olde est penguin has died a
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40 years old, captain eeo was oe of the holdest. life expectancy is 20 to 30 years. he was one of the first residents to live on the zoo's penguin island and has captain god got older, he required special care after losing eyesight and hearing. he lived to be 40. that's amazing. they are so cute. if you ever get the chance to go, they are rascals. >> are they? >> they are. they like to play pranks on each other and people. we'll see you 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: [indistinct]. come on. i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. i appreciate it, everybody. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from yonkers, new york, it's the champs, it's the lane family. [cheering and applause] and from gary, indiana, home of the jacksons, it's the heizer family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself some cash and somebody


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