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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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headlines. the community that will soon get their packages delivered by drone. i don't like when the drones are flying over my property. >> so if they can drop it in a guy's backyard, that's maybe five acres. he's got a big backyard. >> no kidding. i'm elizabeth. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. a good amount of smoke right now. it is told it is threatening some homes. >> this is our bare oaks drive in pittsburg. this is burning in the dry hills near a neighborhood and more lines in the area. >> this is a look at the fire. smoke still coming off that hillside. and darren, you just see how brown all that grass is. and you can see how quickly a fire can spread, even if there is not that much wind. >> heranowy weeks, tfhe guys? a lot of them. it does say a lot about the
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condition the lan sdscaping is . you can see the plume of smoke rising off of that fire. look to the right of that. so that's where the grassy hills are. and that's where the majority of the fuel is. and that's also the direction a lot of the new growth that we've seen in just the last 15 minutes is. now you can't see the exact front lines of the flames from that perspective. but you can definitely see the direction the smoke is getting taken away with this off towards what would be the south from that view. and that wants to take it apparently what would be back towards the grassy ridge in which case it will have plenty of fuel. but this is a developing situation. the winds are not terribly out of control here. but if a fire like that can generate enough heat with enough dry grass, it starts to create its own havoc of itself and that creates other issues for those on the front lines. and they're just getting there now. we'll have much more on this. i'll talk to you about our weather coming up in if complete forecast. back to you. >> we'll definitely keep an eye on that fire. in our other top story, the search for a suspect who shot and killed a 15-year-old in east
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palo alto. it all happened last night on manhattan avenue. that shooting comes just after -- weeks after four people were shot during a gun battle at a city park. new at 6:00, kpix 5's kiet do reports the violence triggering emotions in a city once known as the murder capital of the country. >> reporter: there have now been two fatal shootings in the span of four weeks, and the last thing anybody wants is a repeat of the city's violent history. >> this is some mother's son that has now died. >> reporter: the gunfire broke out at the woodland park apartments around 9:00 p.m. last night. the scene tucked in between two buildings on the south end of the complex. police got there within moments of the shotspotter notification. the teen had been shot multiple times and was still alive. >> the victim was transported to stanford where he later passed away from his gunshot injuries. >> reporter: officer eric lopez says they have not established any gang connections to the victim, who was 15. by the next morning, friends and
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family had formed a makeshift memorial. what's your confidence you'll be able to solve this? >> at this time it's fresh. we have good video footage and a good relationship with security. please help us help the family and bring justice. >> with the history that we have, just for violence and death. of course it's going to trigger an emotion. >> reporter: back in 1992, east pamt had 43 homicides, the most
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per capita in the nation and was labeled murder capital of the country. reverend luis virges says to end the violence and bring about justice, those who have information should do the right thing. >> parent, family members, community members often know more than we're willing to share. but we got to get out of those comfort zones. we got to get out of the fearful of resal united nation against us. if we want this to stop, we need to put our foot down. and that's the only way it's going make a real difference in this community. because people do know more than they're willing to say. >> reporter: in east palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. the man suspected of pushing over and killing an 84-year-old man in san francisco was in court for preliminary hearing. kpix 5's andria borba with how the victim's family and friends are rallying for justice in the wake of a rise in attacks on asian americans. >> reporter: today the sfpd officer who arrived at the scene talked about who and what he saw when he arrived.
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prosecutors also played surveillance video of the push that ultimately ended visha's life, causing audible gasps from his friends and family. family and friends of vishna say that will continue beating this drum until there is justice for the thai grandfather pushed over and killed on january 28th, 2021. >> today has been 400 days since my father passed away. >> reporter: today is the only preliminary hearing for antoine watson, the suspect in his death. for family and friends, justice delayed is justice denied. >> he did nothing wrong. he did not provoke anyone. what happened to him was just horrible. and this should never happen again. and this is why we're out here over and over again, to remind people. >> reporter: grandpa visha's death sparked an uprising among the asian american community as
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the rising tide of phobia turned into deadly attacks, they could have been my grand father that could have been your grandfather. we need our voices to be heard. >> reporter: this case was not charged as a hate crime by san francisco saturday chesa boudin who said it didn't look to be a racially motivated attack but rather a temper tantrum. surrounded by supporter, vicha's daughter saez they'll be out here every day there is a hearing in her father's case, continuing to beat the drum for justice. >> it is strong and very powerful that make us rise up demand justice for vicha. the story of my father is going to be in vain. his memory should be about equal rights for everyone. asian american deserved to be treated equally. that is the promise of the american life. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing in will continue tomorrow. that's when a judge will decide whether or not there is enough
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evidence to hold and charge antoine watson for a jury trial. andria borba for kpix 5. looking live at san francisco where there is now a new proposal to invest $118 million into the city's asian and pacific islander communities. three city supervisors are backing legislation to create an equity fund. if approved, it would support local nonprofits that help hundreds of thousands low income asian and pacific islanders. authorities in santa clara county are looking for a man accused of attacking a vta bus operator. deputies released these surveillance video images of the suspect that assault happened on may 25th at the milpitas transit center. official says the driver stepped off the bus for a break and was knocked to the ground. the victim suffered a concussion. new at 6:00, san mateo county approved a $1 million cash infusion to support planned parenthood. the board of supervisors approved the plan today to help
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buy new equipment for planned parenthood miramonte and improve abortion access. the plan also creates a buffer zone around parenthood clinics in unincorporated parts of the county. is goal is to protect patients and employees from harassment. still ahead on kpix 5, elon musk in the hot seat. expected to address twitter employs for the first time. plus, i'm john ramos in san joaquin county. it's one small flight for a drone. one giant leap for mankind. welcome to lockford, california. we'll have that story coming up. and gas station glitch. the man who accidentally gave away gas
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new at 6:00, after years of development, amazon announced where it will finally begin delivering products by drone. >> it will happen in the small san joaquin county town of lockeford. so we sent john ramos there to imagine the future. >> reporter: first there was kitty hawk. now there is lockeford. mankind is about to take its next giant leap in the most unlikely of places. call it a pilot program without the pilot. amazon prime air will soon begin autonomous delivery of packages up to five pounds to people's backyards using a large five-foot-diameter drone. and it will be here in lockeford, population 3200, that the future will begin. >> i don't know. to be the start of something is really interesting. >> reporter: at the rock 'n
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roller salon, the owner seemed pleased, sort of. >> we're such a small town. i mean, not a lot happens out here. this will probably be the biggest or loudest our name is for a minute. >> reporter: before this, the town's claim to fame was lockeford meat, where people stand in line to buy dozens of different styles of sausage. owner pete peterson doesn't see a day when his products will be delivered by drone. >> you can't drop some sausage in a guy's backyard and he gets home six hours later and it's precooked by the sun. >> or the dog looks really happy. >> the dog gets it, yeah. somebody gets it, a raccoon maybe. >> reporter: no one here seems to know why lockeford was chosen. amazon mentioned something about a guy who built biplanes back here in the 1900s. but it's possible they simply wanted to give their current delivery drivers a break. >> they don't have to worry about the driver getting bit by a dog or a horse kicking him or something, you know. or cow jumping on him.
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>> reporter: but most think it's just because aside from the water tower, there isn't a whole lot of stuff to crash into. but walmart just launched its own delivery service. and robert ramos thinks the skies could get pretty crazy. >> let's say a thousand families in this town right now ordered something at the same time. how are you going to direct the traffic? how are you going to keep one from hitting the other? >> reporter: most people here aren't against the idea. they're just not sure what to expect. some are concerned about noise or invasion of privacy. and if you ask the local kids, it really gets weird. >> you could probably carry a kid on that. >> reporter: they might grab you and take you away? >> they switch the package for a kid. and you get a kid at your front door. >> reporter: conspiracy theories aside, amazon says it just wants to increase the speed of its deliveries, and they're starting in a place where life already moves a little slower. in lockeford, john ramos, kpix 5. elon musk is set the take
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questions from twitter employees for if first time since he agreed to buy the company. musk will take presubmitted questions at a virtual all hands meeting on thursday. it comes after musk announced the $44 billion deal was on hold pending more details about the number of spokesman bots on the platform. many employees have reportedly raised concerns about how musk might upend twitter's products and work culture. fallout after a gas station's incredible price glitch. the gas station manager who made the mistake was fired. john cecena actually put a decimal in the wrong spot and began selling the $6.99 gas for just 69 cents. now it happened last week at a shell gas station in rancho cordova in sacramento county. people started posting the low price on social media. and as you imagine, drivers guzzled it up. >> i put all three prices on there, except the diesel. but the last one kind of didn't
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go, you know, right. so i just took responsibility for it and said yeah, it's my fault. >> his family started a gofundme with the goal to raise $16,000 the gas station lost in revenue and pay it back. john says he's already filled out ten job applications and hopes he won't be looking for work for very long. everybody makes mistakes. all right. we're following multiple grass fires right now. one of them actually burning in san francisco's mclaren park. it broke out near the soccer fields off moscow street and geneva after. no structures are threatened right now. at one point the flames were moving towards the park's golf course and the sunnydale neighborhood. drivers are asked to avoid the area. that's a perfect example of how dry and hot conditions can really impact. you always think it's going to happen out where it's not as world. it can happen everywhere because it's just that dry. >> and it says a lot about the particular kinds of fuel that we're focused and concerned on
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now, which is grass. three fires today, all three of them are grass fires. one of them is in san jose. that one under control. it was closer to milpitas. you know that one. the one liz was just talking about. and then this one, just outside pittsburg. woo we're going go to the alert fire. it does not look that impressive any more. but let's get oriented. pittsburgh, out in the delta. that arrow shows you the camera. and it's looking that way. that fire is burning just on the outskirts of a golf course called the delta view which is on the outskirts of pittsburgh. you want to see a promising sign? watch the smoke really diminish. we started the newscast talking than one. it looked pretty ominous. but just within the last few minutes now, things have improved a little. obviously, you've got to get reports from the front line to come away with any concrete information on that fire. but just from looking at the plume from a difference, it's a
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little lighter in color and there is a little less smoke coming from it. i can show you what the overall winds are going to be through the delta, but that doesn't matter that fire is going to be strictly driven by terrain and its own heat that it's generating. so that's going to be an issue on the front lines. there it is. this the view from the salesforce tower looking east. that's the plume of smoke coming off of that particular fire. thankfully, it hasn't grown much either. i've been watching that since the start of the newscast. it looks pretty much the same. okay. back to the weather. got kind of warm today. concord 90 for the daytime high today. you warmed up. san jose was 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday. today was the day we did the big jump in temperatures. tomorrow we're going to go up a few more. that's the peak. and then we're going start cooling down. kind of dramatically too. as we get into thursday and friday, it's going to be 20 degrees cooler than that. morning lows tomorrow down into the mid-50s. daytime high, let's get everybody in here. these are the warmest temperatures of the whole week. south bay upper 80s. i think we'll hit a few 90s down
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there. we'll certainly hit a few 90s. pleasant hill 91. livermore, you might make it to 90. but back in the bays, a lot of green over here. we don't feel this as much if you're near the water. it's one of those days. still going to be int the upper 60s in the city. we'll be in the mid-70s. as soon as you go inland, look at the numbers through sonoma. rohnert park, 81. you're getting a little influence through the plume gap there. pulling in some slightly cooler air for you. but you don't get that help in mendocino county. you're going to be in the low 90s. i mentioned the dramatic cooldown on thursday. that's it. that's the cold front you're kind of seeing in the clouds there. you really see a big trough on the water vapor. that's how we're going cool down. it's got plenty of water vapor to work with. it's just not going to hold together in terms of rain. by thursday, even if the rain misses us, there is a big pool of cool air right there otrying to come our way. if you look at the high resolution futurecast, going into wednesday night and thursday, that line in the clouds is a cold front. and that will move through into thursday. and that's the reason why we're
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going see daytime highs go from the low 90s today to the low 70s inland by thursday as that cold front comes in on wednesday night. it will also get kind of windy as it does that. we're not looking at any wind advisory. it's not fire weather concern kind of wind. everything is going to be fire weather concern for the next several months. but these are not going to be dry offshore winds. these will be better onshore winds. and they certainly cool us down. that's san francisco, san jose, oakland. let's get the microclimates on here. this is where you see going from low 90s to low 70s in two days. we warm up a bit. father's day will still be nice. but father's day is going to be a little warmer, keep the outdoor plans. >> sounds good. perfect barbecue weather. >> worked out well for dad that way. here is the latest on the wildfire burning in pittsburg. this fire has grown to ten acres along golf club road and leland road near the rancho medanos junior high school.
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firefighters responding to help local firefighters. to sports. >> game four was the curry foot game. game five the andrew wiggins breakout game. is it game six klay who helps close out the celtics as the dubs have shipped out to boston. one more win from a fourth nba championship in eight years. the game six preview is coming up next. ands at we count down to game six of the nba finals, we have a team headed to boston. our very own
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welcome in to sports, everybody. after game four klay thompson, he thanked steph curry for putting the team on his back and said the guys needed to provide some more help in game number five. curry went 0 for 9 yesterday and golden state still got it done. they got the help. >> everyone is happy. we're one win away from winning the championship, you know. so everyone is excited. >> andrew wiggins got chase center on their feet last night with the exclamation point in the fourth quarter. back-to-back games where wiggins has played a team high 43 minutes. he had 26 points and 13 rebounds in game five. just the latest moment in a career year for wiggins. the former number one pick. it seems like he's found a home. >> a lot of people looked at the tray like oh, it's another piece
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that they could move. and we looked at the trade from the very beginning as that is a guy who can fit next to a healthily the group absolutely well. >> he has found such a crucial role on our team. and i think that empowers him. he knows how much we need him. >> thompson has been pretty fantastic lately. thompson 64 points over the last three games. and splash brother is not just a nickname. it is a way of life. game six klay may be even better with a pregame dip in the atlantic. >> honestly, you just feel a little closer to god when you look up at the beautiful skies and just in the ocean like it's -- i'm an aquarius. so i have always loved the water my whole life. it really is my happy place besides the hardwood. >> boston is going to be a zoo this weekend you. had the nba finals as the main entree. but there is also the u.s. open at brookline country club. the opening round begins on thursday in the boston suburbs.
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steph curry loves golf. we saw him get the clubs regripped a few weeks back. will he attend? >> i'm not going out there. obviously, my attention is on rest and recovery and getting ready. >> two-time open champ brookss koepka will be ready. he had no time for the ongoing drama between the pga tour and the new liv golf league. >> i think it kind of sucks y'all are throwing this black cloud over the u.s. open. it's one of my favorite events. and i don't know. why you guys keep doing that. >> serena williams will make her return later this month at wimbledon. she has not played since getting injured at the all england club last summer. the 40-year-old hasn't won a grand slam title since 2017. having a kicker? a fan with a sign asking joey votto to make a tiktok. they talked over a routine. there he is filming, doing the gritty. that's behind the scenes. and here is how the tiktok looked when it was all said and
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done. and vato on opening day for the cincinnati reds after bengals quarterback joe burrow if he would film a tiktok with him. he said hey, man, aren't you a little old to be doing tiktok? so it seems like he found someone that would get him done with him, and it looked good. >> it looked great. i want to know how many people looked at that. >> he is brand-new to tiktok. brand-new to social media as a whole. he had never been on social. before this year, i'm 38 at this point. why not give it a crack? >> why not? he is a natural. >> you know it's going viral. >> i'm sure he'll have millions of followers after this.
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a truck crash turned into a tricky horse rescue mission in sonoma county. >> this morning a truck pulling a horse trailer crashed 40 feet off old adobe road. fire crews rescued the driver, but the horse was still stuck. >> and crews used the jaws of life to pry that trailer open. the rescue taking almost two hours. >> the crews had to cut the side door to get the doors out. it was a very rough ride for the horse. the horse was in very good condition. had a few minor abrasions and cuts. >> luckily that horizon made it out safely. just walking away with a few scrapes and cuts. that is wild. good work by those rescuers. pretty amazing. thank you for watching at 6:00. we'll be right back here for
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kpix 5 at 7:00. have a good one. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight; the extreme weather battering nearly every region of the u.s. with heat, storms, flooding, and fires. a third of america under weather alerts and a half a million americans in the great lakes and ohio valley without power after damaging thunderstorms. and the historic flooding that's closed yellowstone national park, as the shocking video shows the destructive strength of the river. the economic anxiety: with the cost of food and air travel skyrocketing, the president on the defense. and the fed is expected to raise interest rates, what it means for your home loan and credit card. one month since the massacre in buffalo. the big news out of the nation's capitol, as a key republican signals support for gun safety regulations. sex abuse in the southern baptist chur:


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