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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  June 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> it's a great morning. the dubs came out with a win against the boston celtics to tie up the series. we're live from thrive city with how fans are feeling this morning. and a grocery store employee gunned down in the south bay safeway. the search this morning for the shooter. plus a law forcing california bartenders to step up safety this morning. >> good morning to you. it is monday, june 6th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. the warriors finally got it done taking home game two of the nba finals, a crucial win against the boston celtics. steph curry led the dubs to
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victory with a dominating performance last might. >> jocelyn moran is live at thrive city. you're happy, a ray of sunshine this morning. >> reporter: yes, definitely a lot different than we were feeling friday morning. i think we were a little bit sad after thursday night's loss but make no mistake, we were confident we were going to come back and tie up the series and it was a great game. steph curry led the way with 29 points and jordan poole finished with 17. fans couldn't stop talking about his near half court shot at the buzzer to finish the third quarter. fans you were excited, you felt it inside chase center and thrive city and bars and restaurants throughout the bay. among those at chase center was c. lo green and rapper e40. even though we lost game one dub nation was confident they'd get it done.
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>> they had us down, we needed to bounce back. >> obviously we need our fan base to keep that energy up. the energy has to be up because you know, the team, you know, we love -- the team loves, you know, to get the fans involved. that's why i'm here to play my position. >> reporter: the dubs now travel to boston for games three and four. game three is on wednesday night, tip-off at 6:00 p.m. we have a couple of days off. once game three hits the anxiety continues but all positive vibes, len, amanda, i'll send it back to you guys. >> quick question, before you go, jocelyn, did you get any rest last night or stay up with the adrenalin from the big win last night? >> reporter: listen, i don't want to reveal how many hours of sleep i'm going off of right now, but i am tired but it's well worth it when the dubs win so it's fine. everything's fine, guys. >> we can't tell, jocelyn. we can tell you're here and with us this morning.
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>> thank you, jocelyn. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage. coming up at 6:45 this morning, 95.7 host dan dibley will join us live for our "it's game time" segment. he'll give you insight into what he saw go down during game two. >> time is 6:0 3. from the sutro camera looking east a little bit of fog but the sunshine is coming in and we have a warmup as well. jessica joins us with a look at the forecast for this monday. how is it looking? >> things are clearing up in the neex next couple of days. a live look at the bay bridge, and the sutro cam shows us the fog is dense. in the afternoon hours we expect a significant warming trend by late portions of this week. for now mid 80s for our daytime
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highs, mid to upper 60s for the bay and 60s along the coast so very mild start to our work week for us this week. we did deal with rain yesterday though. we did break a record rainfall total for san francisco along where we got up to about a quarter of an inch. last time we saw that significant of a number on that day alone back in 1934. even though it was a short-lived system it was a well-needed system for us throughout the bay. we'll keep you updated in the weather center regarding any new system pushing in. for now it's warming up as we head into this week. >> let's look at the roadways right now. we'll start with a live look at the bay bridge. it sets the tone where we're at for the morning commute. this is one of the slowest spots. the metering lights are on and it's starting to back up a little bit there but not too bad as of yet. so if you're getting ready to head out the door and you're still sipping that cup of coffee, you might think about wrapping things up and getting going because it is certainly going to start to get only busier from this point. right now as we head into san francisco about ten minutes for that commute. take a look at this, one of our
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caltrans cameras here. you can see the bumper-to-bumper traffic westbound 205, the connector getting on to 580 out of tracy getting into the altamont. busy for super commuters and busy westbound 680 headed toward the dublin interchange. the good news is you have a break as you work your way through the livermore valley. the golden gate bridge beautiful shot, no delays headed into the city. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with a quick check of your headlines at the 6:00 hour. starting off with a mass shooting in nigeria left more than 50 people dead at a catholic church. among the dead many children. authorities say gunmen shot at worshippers and set offservice. the pri est presiding over the mass was reportedly abducted. security officials have not shared information about suspects nor a motive. police looking for the person who shot and killed a
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safeway employee just after 3:30 yesterday morning on hamilton avenue. police haven't said they have a motive but except it started as a dispute. >> a couple pleading for help finding their stolen chihuahua named riley. they left her in a mini van as they went on an afternoon tour of alcatraz may 24th, the vehicle parked in a public lot their passenger window smashed, their belongings stolen and riley and her crate gone, they're offering a monetary reward for her safe return. that was a look at your headlines. >> i hope she gets to go home, anne. ooh. coming up, changes for people who serve alcohol in california, as part of a law passed in 2017 scheduled to take effect on july 1st. people who serve alcohol will have to go through the responsible beverage training program. the training covers state laws plus how to spot people who are
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underage or who have already had too much to drink. >> bartenders and servers have a tough job. they have to make sure that people are going to get home safe to their families. they need to make sure they'll have a great night out. >> once they are hired, bartenders and servers will have 60 days to complete the training. still to come, bay area voters just 24 hours away from heading to the polls. we take a closer look at what you'll find on the ballot. plus the north bay fire department declaring today the official start of fire season. the city getting ready this morning. and we're starting off this work week with mild conditions. we warm up a lot as we head into the late portions of this week. more coming up in your full forecast. as we take a look at the roadway, golden gate bridge moving pretty nicely, it's one of our bright spots but that bay bridge is starting to back up.
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we are a little more than 24 hours away from primary election day. >> anne makovec has more on some of the highlights you will find on your ballot come tuesday. >> all coming down to this, you saw more ads during the commercial break before we came back on. i still have my ballot in hand, though. only 13% of california voters have turned in their ballots so far as of this morning. we still have time. got to get them in by tomorrow. among the local races, could be tests for sheriff in several bay area counties, alameda, contra costa, san mateo and santa clara and all of those counties except san mateo are electing a new district attorney so the landscape of law enforcement could be changing significantly. taking a live look at san francisco where voters will decide on the recall of district attorney chesa boudin, known for his progressive policies and
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diversion programs to reduce incarcerations. recall supporters say his two years in office have made the city less safe. >> not holding him accountable when they violate the parole. they go out, they hurt, they kill, they injure, they murder. this is the problem. >> team boudin boasts a slew of endorsements including the san francisco democratic party, teachers and nurses unions, aclu of northern california and the sierra club. >> when he ran in 2019, he ran on the central platform of putting safety first and he followed through on the campaign promise.
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>>. the presidential cycle instead of on the midterm ballot in hopes of upping voter turnout. >> just kind of the last thing on people's mind is to get out and vote sometimes.>> t tenth l america the mayor has a lot of influence. it's a place to start. >> a lot of the state wise offices are all but decided for governor and lieutenant governor. tony thurman is ahead. they have to run again in november, this is just the primary whittling down the field. there is a little competition in the senate race and confusion as well. you'll see it twice. same? some state legislative and congressional races, with that and the district changes, there are a lot of new faces on the
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ballot. i spoke with kcbs political reporter. >> having some track record with the voters they know your name and you earned this job and says u.s. senator or whatever the position is on the ballot is a huge advantage. >> taking a live look at the state capitol there is the race for attorney general and state comptroller, both of which has viable republican candidates, since democrats outnumber oingolicans2:1 i calornia. who makes it into the top ten. santa rosa's fire department is officially declaring the start of fire season. santa rosa is one of a few cities to mark the beginning and end to the season. officials with cal fire now say they no longer track a beginning and end of the fire season. hopefully that rain we saw over the weekend made a little bit of a difference out there.
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let's get a check of weather and traffic now. >> all righty, let's start off with a live look real fast just over mt. diablo, looking into the concord area. it is a dry day for us, no matter where you're at here in the bay. we're seeing a little bit of a cloud setup, actually fog i should say building its way into the san francisco area, closer to the sutro tower. however, look at the opposite direction, dry skies for the most part, just a little bit of a marine layer for us, no rain for now. official sunrise already happened. let's look at what we expect as we head into the next couple days. today alone the fog will start bleeding it sufficient back as we head into the afternoon, up and in full force warming us up through the afternoon. we see clear skies, that's the trend for us today and into the mid portions of this week and especially by the weekend. we're seeing a huge temperature change just by thursday and friday. triple digits returning into the forecast and to add to that a lot of upper 90s throughout the whole san francisco area, excuse me the whole bay area. san francisco will get above
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average, too. let's look at the wind. today they are still pushing in mostly from the northwest. that's another reason why we're expecting a gradual clearing trend as we head into the afternoon hours, anywhere from 5:00 in the afternoon all the way to the evening hours though we're still dealing with winds anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. daytime highs today are pretty average for the season alone with 15 days away from the first day of summer and we're going to warm up a lot as we head into the next five days. upper 50s near san francisco alone, upper 70s near san jose and within the next couple of days dealing with mid to upper 90s. this is what i'm talking about, by friday, lots of sunshine as we head into next weekend a complete change from this past weekend alone where we were dealing with rain and a record-breaking rain totals. just by wednesday and thursday, we'll see some partly cloudy conditions even for our inland areas in the north bay but we are expecting triple digits as
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early as friday and upper 90s, too. things are changing across the board. we'll keep you updated on the gradual warming trend in the weather center. gi gianna, how are the roads? >> it's getting busier closer to the 7:00 hour. seeing more cars on the roadway. mobile 5 is on the roadway, brian kiley traveling westbound 80 through berkeley, not too far from the ashby exit and right now not a bad ride. traffic moving at the limit for the most part. we'll see slightly slower speeds as you get closer to emeryville headed towards the bay bridge. the east shore freeway ride typically our slowest approach to the bay bridge toll plaza and since the metering lights are on, we're seeing the backup build anyway. a live look at the bay bridge you can see things getting busy here and stays sluggish across the upper deck as you work your way over in san francisco. a live look here, you can see things getting crowded as folks work westbound. heads up, dealing with b.a.r.t. delays this morning. if you plan on taking b.a.r.t., about a ten-minute delay berryessa line.
6:18 am
nothing major. should get back on track shortly, due to equipment problem earlier. muni, cal train, ace rail no brake lights or issue. a slow ride for super commuters as you work into the altamont pass so if you're just getting ready to make that drive onto 580, i think it's starting to load up for that ride at tracy, getting on the 580 itself and you have brake lights all the way to north flynn and it slows down again as you approach the dublin interchange connecting onto 680. plan for that. the an um west hollywood pride parade was back in full force. in the-person celebration went down a section of santa monica boulevard yesterday known as the rainbow district, it capped off a weekend full of street fairs, live music and more. janelle monet was the grand marshal this year. still to come, the shot seen rounded world, one of the biggest highlights from last night's warriors win next in "morning mix."
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let's take a live look outside at coyte tower, and sunny skies over san francisco to get you started. jessica will be back with a look at your forecast after this.
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i hope you're hungry. it is lunch time forecast time. did i say that right? daytime highs warming up after the 2:00 hour. we expect upper 70s, lots of sunshine for our inland areas from the coast off into the bay. we'll still be seeing partly cloudy conditions, mid to low 60s at that point. taking it hour-by-hour into the noon hour, 76 near napa, 72 into
6:23 am
vallejo. 60s hayward and north to concord. we warm up a hair more into the 2:00 setup. things change into the rest of the week where a gradual warming trend is in full force. we'll talk about that more in the full forecast. for now, back over to you guys. >> it 16:23 on this monday popo morning. time for your "morning mix." >> gianna franco joins us with what's making the rounds. >> warriors in the best highlight from last night's win when jordan poole made a shot that had chase center roaring. check it out. >> launches. oh! money! done. >> so good. jordan poole beating the third quarter buzzer with a shot from mid court from inside the arena to outside of thrive city, fans were going crazy. of course social media also lighting up and fans taking to
6:24 am
twitter. one user writing "jordan poole plays like his high school crush is in the crowd watching him." >> i love it. >> pretty accurate. >> right? what a great moment for jordan. he had a rough start to the game. >> mic drop after that for sure. so perfect. >> a lot of people said they were happy to see him show up, what a way to show up and show out. >> it turned out as it should have with a warriors win. we're back on track. one of the biggest stars in the music industry is being sued over one of the biggest christmas hits of joweall-time. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> i thought we'd have a few more months until we hear this song again but hearing that line, carey is facing a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit over the massive hit. a country music artist named vince vance said he reported "all i want for christmas is you" five years before carey's song debuted. vince vance really name is andy stone filed his lawsuit on
6:25 am
friday in new orleans federal court. experts say the only thing the two songs have in common is the title and they do point out the u.s. copyright office has dozens of songs with the same name, so i don't know, guys, do you think this is a little bit of a reach for him? >> vince is 94. are you serious? i'm sure vince vance's song is getting listens now because people are looking it up. >> right. >> so there. >> two words. >> just take it >> really, vince? or andy, whatever your name is? >> i feel like he's being a grinch. >> kind of, right? and it's not the first time a song has had the same name. i went down the google rabbit hole, jump with the pointer sisters and van halen. there's a ton out there. i think this is a little bit of a reach. >> we'll see how it plays out, vince, i don't think it's going to go your way. thank you, g. in our next half hour, we're live from chase center with the
6:26 am
rest of the highlights from last night's win and what's to come for game three. and we're celebrating pride month, up next how kpix 5 got involved in the aids crisis and became part of the solution. >> let's take a live look from our sutro cam once again looking east, some clouds in the sky but we have a warming trend on the way. we'll be right back. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning. if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. the golden state warriors bounced back, tying up the nba final series beating theel 107-88. the warriors travel to boston for games three and four. game three wednesday at 6:00 p.m. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a safeway employee in san jose. the shooting happened inside the safeway store on hamilton avenue just after 3:30 yesterday morning. no word about the motive. parents staging an around-the-clock sit-in will reveal their demands to the
6:30 am
oakland unified school district hoping the decision to close a school will be reversed. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. we begin with traffic with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and we begin the week with a warming trend. >> that is right, len. we are warming up a lot as we head into this upcoming weekend. this past weekend yesterday alone we were dealing with rainy skies to start off the day, as we head into the afternoon this is mostly isolated along the coast and our bay area. we did break a record for rainfall totals in san francisco alone where we got so close to a quarter of an inch. the last time we saw this much rain june 5th was in 1934. there's a fun fact for you as we start off this work week. daytime highs warming up into the 80s in our inland areas, mid to upper 60s actually for our bay with a lot of sunshine no matter where we're at. we did wake up with a little bit of fog this morning. it is starting to bleed off as we head into the afternoon hours. things are really starting to change. we'll have more on what you can expect for the gradual warming trend in the full forecast. for now, gianna, how are the
6:31 am
roads looking? >> it was an interesting weather day for sure. right now the roads are looking busy. brake lights already at the bay bridge and sets the barometer, the tone where we are at for the morning commute. metering lights were turned on before 6:00. you have the backup and slow ride out of richmond into berkeley. there's no accidents so it is the usual stuff if you're getting ready to head out the door and take the freeways, you kind of know what to expect if you typically drive this time of the morning. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway, 880 at pa paseo grande. we're tracking the brake lights san leandro, hayward over to 92 but again no crashes so that's the good news. live to chase center where the warriors came back to tie the series against the boston celtics. fans watched the game from inside the stadium and also bars and restaurants. >> jocelyn moran is keeping the
6:32 am
momentum going still at thrive city. i much different warning than last friday for all of us. >> reporter: definitely. i'm pretty sure i talked to you friday, we were all feeling a bit counsel after thursday night's loss but i was texting gianna, we never lost faith that we would come back and tie up the series. it was a great game. not gonna lie we were feeling anxious throughout the first half. it was a close one at halftime the warriors up by two points, that changed in the third quarter, though. the dubs outscored the celtics 35-14, stephen curry a long three with two minutes left in the third. fans were enjoying it, a great night, finished with 29 points. you know who else had a good night, jordan poole, finished with 17 and what people couldn't stop talking about his near half-court shot at the buzzer to finish the third quarter, warriors won 107-88, and here's
6:33 am
what steve kerr and gray mond green said after the game. >> we knew we had to come with a much better focus and sense of aggression and i thought that started right from the beginning. >> we always talk about playing 48 minutes and if we do that, we er, ust inhat wol break at some and hopefully they'lea wnit. >> reptelet'hope the me three ibost is00 p.m wednesday night. until then, just positive vibes, len, amanda. no negativity. just positive vibes going into it feeling confident. >> all the good vibes. jocelyn, thank you much. >> reporter: um-hum. ♪ june is pride month as we take a live look at san francisco city hall lit up in the colors of the transgender
6:34 am
flag pink and blue. >> today the lgbtq community is able to openly ly celebrate th free dom to be their selves. >> how kpix got involved in the aids crisis and became part of the solution. >> reporter: the city of san francisco, imagine more than 40 years ago, the date june 26th, 1978. the occasion? the gay freedom day parade with lots to celebrate. harvey milk has just become a san francisco supervisor, the first openly gay official in california, and for those who lived in the castro, the future looked bright. >> people here are celebrating. they're celebrating their liberation, their freedom to come out of the closet and so be gay peopleunafraid. they hope and they fear but they are walking out of the closet and in such great numbers that they are encouraged with themselves to think that they won't be stuffed back in the
6:35 am
closets by anybody else. >> reporter: but by 1981 a lethal virus was already silently spreading within the gay community. on june 5th, a cdc report, five gay men in los angeles all previously healthy with a rare pneumonia. >> i thought that was a fluke, actually. i didn't know what to make of it. i thought perhaps the men were taking some drugs that were compromising their immune system. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci at that time 40 and immuneologist at nih. soon a second report would shake him to the core, more cases of gay men sickened with pneumonia as well as a rare cancer, fungal infections, and dramatic weight loss. >> and that to me just -- i was completely floored and i describe it as i was getting kind of goosebumps because i realized that this is a brand new disease. >> reporter: by 1982, that disease finally got a name. >> aids, the acquired immune
6:36 am
deficiency syndrome. >> the disease known as aids. >> the disease aids. >> i heard about the aids epidemic but had not reported on it at all. >> reporter: in the summer of 1983, kpix hired a young reporter named jim bun. his very first story involved the safety of the nation's blood supply. whatever was making these patients sick was transmitted through blood. >> i'll be honest with you, from the first story, from the first day i could see it was this huge event. >> reporter: kpix management agreed. >> there was a commitment from the very beginning to focus on the science. >> reporter: the station made a monumental decision to extensively cover the develop epidemic with nightly news reports and in-depth specials packed with information. >> aids is not just a gay disease. >> reporter: bun became the station's first dedicate the aids reporter. >> i just saw this remarkable, big story that had international
6:37 am
intrigue with researchers racing to find the cause, then trying to find the cause. everybody died. everybody died. >> reporter: tonight, there's a doctor in san francisco -- >> reporter: in his cover ax, kpix broke new ground, explicit detail was used to explain how the disease was spread so viewers could protect themselves. >> i mean, we put condoms on bananas on television to show people the right way to put on a condom. >> reporter: also on the team, former anchor and reporter hank plante. >> i'm proud of the work that really we all did in the station in those years. >> what was your reaction when they said jeff, you tested positive for aids? >> well, i asked my doctor to leave the room so i could cry. >> reporter: kpix was the first station allowed to broadcast live from inside the aids ward at sf general. former kpix talk show host ross mcgowan remembers -- >> we went in and so much information came out of that, about just the human side of
6:38 am
this thing. >> reporter: kpix began a public health campaign known as aids lifeline. the program was nationally syndicated to 55 other tv markets. >> we had them take the money that they would have paid for the use of the aids lifeline name and donate that money to local aids support groups. >> reporter: public health experts were grateful, but not everyone was pleased. >> you know, i have to say, we got hate mail. i got hate mail. the station got hate mail. i remember calls coming in saying "too much with the gays on tv, too much with aids on tv." it did not deter my bosses at all. we lived up to what's written on the license when you have a television station to serve the public's good. >> reporter: reporters detailed one lasting legacy from the aids epidemic that is still practiced today, the creation of the san francisco model of care. >> there were people from different specialties, cancer specialists, skin specialists, infectious disease specialists who found themselves around the bed of the same patient.
6:39 am
>> reporter: aids triggered an intense activism that was shared by patients as well as medical staff. >> way back in the early years of himself, what san francisco did, the creativity of developing a ward for persons with hiv at the san francisco general hospital, you know, the activism that went way back, when you look for leadership in addressing an outbreak and doing it in a very sensitive, effective way, san francisco was second to none anywhere, so that's the reason why we always look to san francisco when you want to talk about leadership and responding appropriately and effectively to an outbreak. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> tonight at 5:00, allen martin has a special interview with our former colleague about covering the aids epidemic as one of the first openly gay tv reporters and how the assignment turned out to be a gift. you can catch all our stories
6:40 am
this month on a special pride section of our website, it's on the home page of it is now 6:39. up next, it is game time. will the warriors keep their streak alive on the east coast? 95.7 host dan dibley joins us live after this break. has owed ahead on "cbs morn" another weekend of gun violence. we break down new cbs news polling on guns including three restrictions that a majority of americans support. also rafael nadal joins us from paris where he won his 14th french open. we'll ask the tennis superstar if he thinks he can keep adding to his record 22 grand slams. and rick astley became an '80s pop sensation with his hit "never gonna give you up." he talks about quitting music and and what made him come back and how he's making the most of it. see you at 7:00.
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i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. another crazy day? of course—you're whe a cio in but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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it's 6:44. i'm anne makovec with your "cbs moneywatch" report with breaking news anthony mason threatening to call off his $had 4 billion acquisition deal accusing twitter of hiding data about fake user aaccounts, accusing it of resisting and thwarting his right to information on fake accounts and calling it a clear material breach of the terms of their merger agreement. a live look at the stock mart the dow opening up after ending on a down day friday now in the green over 200 points. share prices are down for
6:45 am
amazon but there's a good reason for it. amazon stock split goes into effect today. each share which traded above $2,400 friday will become 20 separate shares today. the split brings the stock within reach for small investors. that's a look at your money watch report. len and amanda, back to you. ♪ all right, it is game time, a live look at chase center, warriors fans waking up with smiles on their faces this morning. the dubs beat the celtics last night 107-88 to even the finals at 1-1. >> joining us is dan dibley from 95.7 "the game." >> so much better circumstances. good morning, guys. >> game two was close at the half but what adjustments did you see the warriors make out of the locker room? >> gary payton, the fact he was able to play, a great defensive
6:46 am
player, long, athletic, matching up perfectly against boston. otto porter, jr., aim came off the bench and played solidly. offensively they were not strong in the first half and went to the locker radioment in a two-point game. they played with an edge and feisty, they were able to do their thing in the third quarter but i thought steve kerr and the coaching staff did a great job of making the defense first adjustment in that second quarter to kind of keep boston at bay until the offense could catch up. >> and dan, despite the win last night, klay thompson he's been struggling so far, especially from long range. does this concern you going forward in the series? >> i think with another player, maybe a younger player, it might concern me but klay suffers from a great affliction, it's athletic short term memory loss, which is what you need from your pro athletes because klay had a
6:47 am
tough game, we a bad game but klay thompson is the athlete who understands the next game, the next opportunity is not connected to the last opportunity. so he has a chance to come out, put it all behind him. he's had bad games before. maybe not as bad a game as he did in the biggest spot or the brightest lights but he knows what this is about. it's about the next game, the next possession, the next shot. i'm not worried about klay thompson bouncing back in game three. >> dan with the diagnosis this morning. the series now shifts to boston for game three wednesday, away from home. what are some of the keys to the dubs getting that win on the road? >> i think it's the same sort of edge that they showed in game two and we know that boston doesn't lose back-to-back games. i think they're undefeated this post season following a loss which definitely concerns you. now you have to go to boston, where the celtics are going to be more comfortable but i think the warriors were able to figure something out last night and also getting jordan poole back in the game late in that fourth
6:48 am
quarter and klay thompson got a lot of run even though the game was lop-sided, klay had a chance to try to get comfortable and the fact jordan poole was able to get in late and get more come forthable bodes as well. guys, this is a heavyweight fight. they'll go toe to toe. game three it starts over. now it's down to the best of five. >> ooh, all right, feel the excitement and the nerves all at once. very pumped for this. dan dibly from 95.7 the game, talk to you soon. >> thanks. 6:48 is the time. time for a check of weather and traffic. >> we'll check in with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and a look at the warming trend in store. >> thank you, amanda and len. we're warming up a lot into the work week. daytime highs above average for thursday and friday. let's take it a step back. current conditions we're seeing a little bit of fog bleed its
6:49 am
way into the bay area, but for a lot of us, we're waking up with sunny skies. that's just a look from the sutro cam. you see a marine layer left over just in the bay alone. we are expecting a lot of sunshine as we head into this work week. yesterday we were dealing with rain. today sunshine, for the rest of the week it's the exact same setup. mt. tam got almost three inches of rain yesterday alone. we actually broke a record also if you live in the san francisco area we got about a quarter of an inch which broke a record for us for rain totals. the last time we saw that much back in 1934. so lots of rain for us yesterday. however, we dry up as we head into this week. that fog will start pulling back as we head into the afternoon hours especially those high clouds, too, we're pretty much left with sunny skies not only today but the rest of the week for that matter. winds will be pushing from the northwest, which clears the whole bay up for that matter. this is what we're looking at for wind gusts as we head into the afternoon. starting off at 8:00 p.m. this morning, pretty weak across the
6:50 am
board, san francisco light variable conditions. it kicks up as we head into the afternoon just around 6:00 tonight sustained winds at the surface level from 25 to 30 miles per hour, all the way south into the san bruno area, too. it's a mild day for us temperature wise. daytime highs mostly ranging in the upper 70s and low 80s from concord into vallejo. 68 for san francisco but notice how it starts off calm. we start off calm with the gradual warming trend but by the weekend we're getting up into the mid-90s for san jose. we're getting close to the first day of summer. however, we're also expecting upper 90s and close to triple-digit conditions as we head into this weekend for the napa area, as well as our east inland areas, too. we're keeping a close eye in the weather center. gianna, looks like things are calm out there. how is it going? >> we have the brake lights at the bay bridge and keep getting ready to head out the door for work and school. i want to show you brian kiley in mobile 5, give you a
6:51 am
perspective of what we're dealing with, making the trek right now, getting onto that area near the maze, so if you are headed to the about be been, we are starting to track a few brake lights making that merge near 80 and 580, so just a heads up, give yourself extra time. slowing down a bit there, a smidge making the connector into the maze. overall it's not that bad. i was kind of doing a search of some of our live cameras our caltrans cameras, really the slowest spot is the bay bridge at the toll plaza, so a live look here, this is where he's headed. he'll see brake lights just like this within the next 30 seconds or so as it slows down a little bit. you have it slow as you head into the city, that is the usual stuff but that's pretty much it, east shore freeway a little sluggish headed towards the bay bridge but no delays, look at this, 880 looking really good right now which typically right around this time not that bad. up next a surprise appearance fit for a sqqueen, h the jubilee celebrations wrapped up in london next.
6:52 am
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for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line. it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today! i'm jocelyn moran live at thrive city. it's a beautiful morning in the bay. the dubs won game two and tied up the series against the boston celtics. it's looking different than it did last night. last night thousands were fans were inside chase center outside at thrive city, excited to see the dubs win but not just here, though, fans at restaurants and bars, too. they erupted during some of the key shots, including the one
6:56 am
many can't stop talking about, jordan poole's half-court shot at the buzzer to finish off the third quarter. fans a lot happier waking up this morning especially after thursday night's tough loss. we're feeling confident this morning. game three is in boston, tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. on wednesday night. until then, positive vibes and we're feeling confident about that game. for now, back to you guys. as we look at the roadways, if you are getting ready to head into san francisco right now, a live look at the bay bridge, those metering lights are on but noticing something a little different today. our traffic pattern's a little lighter than usual as we get closer to kids getting out of school for summer. we'll get into the summer traffic patterns here. this is 880 near paseo grande. it is slow on the southbound side but not too bad. here is a live look at the nimitz freeway north of there, moving along nicely through oakland through the coliseum. there are slow spots. it's crowded at the san mateo
6:57 am
bridge but on 101 it's clear in both directions, 280 looking good along the peninsula as well. not too bad, but definitely keep you updated if anything changes on the adwa the forec a kind of a weird weather day yesterday, jess. >> it was a really weird weather day indeed. we broke records, onh st partly cloudy conditions. will bleed off as we head into the afternoon hours. that's a live look from the sutro cam. the marine layer building its way in, we'll clear up as we head into the afternoon. left with sunny skies and daytime highs in the 80s in our inland areas, upper 60s for the san francisco area. our coast as always sitting in the upper 50s/low 60s. we warm up a lot as we head into this week. high pressure will be building its way in from the south, giving us above-average temperatures as early as thursday and friday, right in time for the warm weekend. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. back to you. yesterday was the final day
6:58 am
celebration of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. >> the queen made an appearance after skipping some events to get some rest. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> the queen had a pop concert with perform ans like rod stewart and diana ross. a stage coach showed a hologram of the queen as she has had mobility issues but stole the show with an appearance on theo. >> all the videos from the kiddos, they have lighting up my instagram. i love it. >> the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area." >> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great monday. we'll see you right here tomorrow morning. >> bye-bye!
6:59 am
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