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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 31, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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length of old soda springs. we can take you back in time. this is some time lapse video from the past hour to show you how quickly this took off. first it was just a small section of fire, just a little bit of smoke. and then it grew very quickly. it is burning as you mention near multiple vineyards and that very popular resort. this is a different time lapse from a different angle. that large smoke pushed towards one direction. it's so far burned 50 acres. >> let's go live back to chopper 5. there is the smoke, the plume there. blocks and blocks of land. and really the headline here, s sara, this is a cautionary tale for all of us. you see the ground not shrouded by smoke. it's dry. that is all about fuel. it's a tinderbox. in the last few minutes, we've seen fire crews take up positions all around structures. one looked like part of a winery. there are a couple in the immediate area. also, we're getting our first look at the cal fire air attack. we've seen planes dropping fire retardant to try to really hit
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the pockets of intense flames. so we continue to watch this. live pictures on the left. live pictures on the right knowing first alert meteorologist paul heggen while this is happening in realtime, people are evacuating. what can you tell us? >> conditions in that area. the wind pattern is a little confuse right now. that's part of the problem the fire crews are battling. the latest update it's up to 100 acres already. we've got the location of the fire pinpointed here. this is to the east of highway 29 that runs through napa valley to the east of silverado hill. temperature around there is around 80 degrees. that's not overly hot for the bay area. but the humidity levels are at or below 20%. some parts of the higher elevations, the humidity levels dropping down closer to 10%. where that fire has been burning there the lower elevations, that's where we have at least a little more moisture in the atmosphere. winds along the valley floor are blowing from south to north. as you go up in elevation, the winds are blowing from north to south. so it's a confusing wind pattern
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that the fire crews are going to have to deal with as this moves uphill. the winds are going to start to push the fire in a different direction. you're getting a look at one of the structures threatened by this fire. you see the flashing lights. they're already hosing down the structure itself, along with all of the vegetation around that building as well. a lot of smoke being produced by this fire. if we go back to the weather graphics, i can show you a different perspective from one of the cameras, one of the pg&e cameras on sugarloaf. i can put this in motion the last 15 minutes or so and show you how it has grown. you see the smoke plume growing uphill being pushed north to south. but then as it gets closer to the top of the hill, the wind starts to blow that smoke back to the south because the wind sought of a different direction as you go up in elevation. that just exactly points out the problem that the fire crews are dealing with along with the very dry vegetation. this chart follows the dryness of the vegetation called energy release component.
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you don't want to be near the red line, but that's where we are. this is a fire fuel index indicating the growth and dryness of the fire fuels. we're in near record dryness levels for not just that part of the bay area, but basically, all of the higher elevations. so it's a dangerous combination. and those are some of the challenges that the fire crews are facing. >> well, and the tools to fight, this paul. you know when you have a wildland fire, early stages of planning are really where it's at. they need to know where to put the fire lines. one part being driven by winds going one way. one part of the fire going drifb by winds the other way. that makes hard for planning for dropping the water, for digging the fire lines. and in the meantime, this entire hillside is up in smoke. >> paul, i wanted to ask you about some of the fuel we're seeing here. not a good scenario given that fire runs faster uphill. i know the north bay has seen their fair share of fires outside of napa in the last several years. it look likes this is not a burn scar here. it looks like there is still plenty of brush to burn out
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here. not a good situation. >> the finer fire fuels, even if it has burned in the past couple years, those things will regrow fairly quickly. and once they dry out, which we're at record dryness levels now for the first five months of the year, that's just going to the fuel, even if it is an area that has burned more recently. that kind of vegetation grows back so quickly. it then is the fuel for additional fire activity. i'm going put the lower left-hand image in motion over the last 15 minutes. you can see the smoke being blown in different directions. from right to left, as it's blowing up hill. but then higher up it gets blown back from left to right as it encounters the level winds going a different direction. imagine if you're flying an aircraft, you're encountering one wind direction at flight level, but where they're trying to drop the fire suppressant, the fire retardant, the winds are blowing in a different direction. that's going to be very challenging. >> that's the fire. that's the landscape. let's talk about the people. so we know evacuations have been triggered along old soda springs
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in napa county. and we are starting to hear about these evacuations. the people situation. our team is working very hard to find out where the people are going. oftentimes in these situation, they create one central place where people can go to get information and then be redirected to services. so our team is really trying to get the people angle of this story. because not only do you see the fire, you see the science of it, you see what's going on with mother nature and there on the ground, but there is a people part to this story. we have containment at what again? >> 5%. >> just 5% contained. >> and you know what? paul mentioned how they're trying to drop phos-chek there to draw some lines around this thing, get a box around it and keep it from spreading. but the wind factor here, the fact that the brush is so dry out there, and the proximity of the fire already to a couple of buildings. so we know it's really close to the resort there. i believe its silverado resort where they have golf and they have some resort buildings
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there. a popular place for people to go when they're visiting wine country. it looked like the fire was burning pretty close to some of the buildings there. i'll imagine, and we'll get confirmation on this that that resort is probably going to be evacuated, or at least part of it, depending on how close to where the fire is burning to the guest lodging. paul, we already know in the last few minutes this went from 50 acres to 100. so it sounds like it's burning quickly and spreading quickly. >> and every time you see a new plume of smoke go up, we've been watching those time laps videos you know that something new is burning. whether it's another stand of trees or large shrubs or potentially structures. we don't have any confirmation of that, whether any structures have been impacted by this as yet other than the evacuations, but the fire is large enough at this point that we can see the smoke clearing from space. if you look at and a half pa county, you actually see a gray dot indicated right there in napa county. that is the smoke plume that has
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been produced by the old fire. already visible from space from the weather satellites floating overhead. no clouds. that is purely smoke we're seeing over napa county right now. it gives an idea of the size and intensity of the fire already that's only a few hours old. >> all right. so a note to our viewers. if you can safely do so, please send us your pictures and your video. make sure you do that within a sense of safety. first of all, you've got to get your family to safety, your animals if you're up in that area. if you have video or images, we will take them. we will continue to follow this story, which is not only happening in realtime, but it's a cautionary tail for all of the bay areas. we start to see water restriction. we start to see the temperatures come up. we start to see the dry tinder, making four fuel on the ground. we'll continue to be a landing spot for this breaking news. you're watching continuing coverage of this fire here at old soda springs in napa county. let's talk about another area. crews in san jose quickly put out this vegetation fire. it happened near brasilia way
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off of almaden expressway. here is the aftermath. you can see crews are checking to make sure there are no hot spots. and that's kind of baby-sitting it for 24, 48, and sometimes 72 fires. in this case, the fire burned about three acres near a neighborhood. thank goodness, though, they acted fast. no structures were threatened. the bay area is riding out a major covid surge right now. cases are spiking as we come out of the memorial day weekend. chances are you know someone who has had covid, or maybe you've had it yourself recently, and the numbers back that up. the bay area has the highest infection rates in the state right now. you can see san francisco's case numbers are higher than past surges with the exception of last january's omicron wave. kiet do on when we could see the peak. >> reporter: so the rise in cases that we talked about back in march and april is still going on. no obvious signs that it seems to be slowing down or tapering off. what a heck of a way to start summer. your family finally, after more than two years.
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>> more than two years. yeah, we just got it. >> reporter: genevieve sanchez, whose family dodged covid for the whole pandemic says many of her eight grandkids just tested positive. >> they're missing their last days of school. i really feel bad for the kids, because they were looking forward to their last -- everybody did. the last day of school is the best time. >> reporter: here in the south bay, the sixth wave of covid is going strong as ever. the seven-day rolling average now up to a thousand cases per day. the curve, seen right here, is pretty sharp. but not as steep as the omicron surge here back in january. over in alameda county, a similar situation with a significant rise. but again, not as bad as the omicron surge. however, in san francisco, this current surge here is the second highest, now at about 500 cases a day. even beating the delta surge here back in january 2021. san francisco's case rate has caught the attention of dr. bob w
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wakcrter who quoted that it was big-time surge and the true number was probably closer to 2,000 cases a day. if you're trying to stay well, time to up your game. >> the cases we're recording are likely underestimates. >> reporter: the county's assistant health officer says it's difficult to calculate the true number of cases in claire county. as for when the surge might level off, the doctor says he has been looking at computer models from the state. >> those models are predicting that the peak of the surge may come in mid-june. there is a famous quote that says all models are wrong. so we use this for planning purposes, but they're not really a crystal ball to predict the future. >> bottom line, wear your mask for now and make good choice. >> when cases are going down, people can perhaps be a little more relaxed. now that cases are going up, now is a great time to buckle down and take the steps to protect yourself. >> reporter: as for genevieve, who has not yet gotten kocovid,
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she's she'll continue to wear her mask everywhere. >> planning on anygetting it? >> no. we're good. we don't need it. >> kiet do, kpix 5. all right. we go back to the fire triggering the evacuations in napa county. this is old soda springs road. you see that huge plume of smoke. paul was able to tell us a little while ago that the time lapse shows that this has gone and gone fast. we have a guest i don't know the line in proximity. are you hearing us right now, mr. ortiz? >> yeah, i can hear you. >> so what are i don't seeing? what's your proximity to the fire? i'm reid collins. sara donchey is on set. we have questions for you. >> i am not at the fire itself. but i'm the sheriff of napa county and getting regular updates and getting resources on the fire. >> can you tell us, sheriff, about some of the evacuations? i know there aren't many homes in this area, but we do have the resort nearby, and we do have a
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few homes. you tell us where the evacuations are and where people need to go, if they need to leave? >> so it's not a densely populated area. so the fire is the -- the evacuations are for soda canyon road. the fire origin, initial dispatch was to old soda springs which is another street that comes off soda canyon road. it is not a densely populated area. beginning at the 1300 block all the way to top of the mountain. and we have about 20 deputy sheriffs going up and down the mountain facilitating those evacuations and we're alerting our animal rescue teams to have them on standby. >> any early indication about how this whole thing started? >> no, nothing at this point. we're very early. >> can you tell us about the evacuations, how long into the night do you anticipate these will be going on? >> you know, obviously, we're going to work with our partners,
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the fire service. the evacuations were ordered at 4:30 p.m. they have significant air resources and ground resources on there. we have chp also helping at the road closure at silverado trail. as we get updates, the evacuation also get lifted or expand depending on the firefighting efforts. we're hoping for some calm winds so they can get their arms around the fire site. >> let me ask you about the silverado resort. i know in one of the previous shots we saw the fire burning alongside one of the resort and close to the wineries surrounding that. do you have any personnel at the resort? is that area potentially under the threat of evacuation right now? >> depending on what the winds do right now, we do not have a warning, or advisory or anything like that for the resort property. we have sufficient law enforcement to do more evacuations. but our focus is going up to the top of the mountain, not south towards a resort.
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that's where our focus is based on working in conjunction with our county fire partners. >> you're saying not densely populated, but is this an area who like the back country and maybe somebody who would have stayed over from the memorial day weekend holiday? and are you looking for people who might be up in that area, using this for recreation purposes to get them out as well? >> no. there is no like hotel properties or anything else like that. it's residences, ranches, ranch houses, large lots. these folks that have lived there, a lot of them lived there a long time. so it's not their first fire, unfortunately. and it's a country road sometimes used for mountain bikers. but it's not a heavily traveled road at all. >> all right, oscar ortiz, napa county sheriff, thank you so much for joining us. we will check in with you regarding this fire in just a few minutes. thank you again. accusations of dirty politics in san jose. yard signs being stolen and
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vandalized by the hundreds. what the candidates are saying. why they don't think this is random. also, still ahead, five years after a devastating flood in san jose, the money on the way to help hundreds of victims. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now.
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chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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welcome back with game one of the nba finals. about 48 hours away. the celtics have just touched down in the bay. did you sense their arrival? they landed at sfo not too lock ago. players, team and staff made their way off the ramps to the team buses. they're getting ready for a wild battle:00 and we'll give it to them at chase center. you can already feel the finals buzz around the embarcadero as the workers look to bring the larry o'brien trophy back to san francisco. >> bits an roller coaster ride to their recent dynasty status after a tough stretch through the 2000s. >> we weathered it. wilson walker met one life-long
5:18 pm
fan outside chase center today. >> i tried this before. last saturday they were out of stock. so i had to make a special trip just to make sure they have it. from oakland where the warriors used to be. >> reporter: meet long-time warriors fan gordon jong. >> well, been following them since the old rick berry days. i wasn't around for wilt chamberlain. i'm not that old. >> reporter: but he is old enough to know that many warriors days of yore look different and getting here was a long journey. >> going back then people were seeing the warriors teams. we went through the run tmc that we believe. but i'm glad they did it with this team. the strength in numbers. they finally hired the right coach. >> reporter: now like many seasoned fans, he is a little wistful for the old home. >> i just miss that. there was nor seats than this place over there. >> reporter: but he is still on
5:19 pm
board from oakland. his allegiance has not waned, nor has his confidence. >> i put $100 down in vegas october 2021. and i just said the warriors are going to win the championship. right now i'm only four wins away. and just keeping my fingers crossed. >> he is going to watch the games at home. now the warriors are asking anyone who is thinking about getting tickets to be careful of the source. those tickets are scarce on the secondary market right now. just getting in the building right now is going to cost about $750. yes here at chase center, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> yeah, those prices are going up as we speak. the warriors just announced something cheaper. they're hosting watch parties inside for all road games during the nba finals. that's for game three next wednesday. game four next friday, and if necessary game six on june 16th. and way less than $700. we're talking about 25 bucks.
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advantage against the celtics starting thi s thursday. a large fire forcing evacuations in napa county. it's burning near old soda springs road. just to orient you, that is north of the city of
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. all right. let's go back to that breaking news we've been following for the last couple of minutes.
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a large fire leading to evacuations, happening right now in napa county. this is along old soda springs road north of the silverado resort. >> not even summer yet, and that is what we have. earlier chopper 5 showing air drops from cal fire crews there. the fire is in such close proximity to several hillside vineyards. we know there are many family-owned vineyard there's. crews are able to stop the flames from spreading in one case using these drops from hitting a tennis court. >> they're dropping phos-chek to keep that fire contained as best as i they can. at last check only 5% containment as expected with a fire spreading this quickly with the crosswinds. from the ground we saw a sprinkler system turned on, no doubt an effort to protect some of the buildings right near the fire line. well actually talked to the napa county sheriff that says this is not a densely populated area. but there are a few homes. there are some vineyards in that
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area. >> paul heggen in the last several minutes has told thus is a strange one in that the winds in one part of the fire are blowing one direction and other parts the other. >> farther up in the atmosphere the winds are blowing more or less from north or south which is blowing the smoke plume in a different direction. that complicates the tanker crews, several who have been called in. we're taking a look pack. this is from 3:34, the view from the top of mount viter. this is the beginning of the fire. i'm going to put it in motion. the camera is going to jump around a little bit. i'm he is going you the past couple of hours of how fast that fire really explosively grew. you're looking to the east. so this is blowing from south to north. the fire is growing rapidly uphill. and this, again, within the last couple of hours and now continuing to grow in the uphill direction. this is on the east side of the napa valley, and yes going to continue tracking this as we head through the next several hours, unfortunately as this continues to grow.
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this is to the east of the silverado trail that runs north-south through the napa valley. the conditions around the fire right now, temperatures around 80 degrees. that could be worse. the humidity, though, quite low. only 20%. the winds at ground level are at south 10 miles per hour. only gusting up to 15 miles per hour farther up in the higher elevations on the east side of the napa valley. and higher up at flight level for tanker crews, the winds are blowing from north to south, and that results in a confusing pattern. this is something the fire crew is going have their work cut out for the next several hours. trying to boost the containment levels and still growing from north to south as the winds at surface level growing from that direction. we have high pressure in place in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, helping to produce those north to south winds at flight level and higher up in the higher elevations of the north bay. this pattern is going to shift a little bit over the next couple of days, which is good news in the long-term. because this storm system is going to be close enough to us by the weekend to give us a
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chance of rain showers. but this the short-term we still have another day of above average temperatures in store for us tomorrow. right now temperatures are warm inland, but not flat-out hot. 66 degrees for downtown san francisco. 74 in oakland. this is a far cry from the triple-digit temperature, or at least well into the 90s that we had just a week ago. but that heatwave really helped to dry out, to cure the fire fuels that are now fuelling the old fire in napa county. temperatures tonight are going to drop to the upper 40s and low 50s. this is good news because as the temperatures drop, the humidity levels go up. that's going help the fire crews as they continue to try to work around the clock to keep that fire from spreading. the temperatures tomorrow are going to warm up. napa is going to get up to 87 degrees. santa rosa is going to get up to 89 degrees. temperatures inland mostly in the mid- to upper 80s. the warmest spots east of mount diablo, a couple of degrees average around the bay. upper 60s in the city with 70s in oakland. that good news for the shower chance? let's take a look at the forecast model side by side.
5:27 pm
two main computer models we use to simulate what's going to happen. they more or less agree that a decent chance of showers is going to move in late saturday night into early sunday. where they differ is in the details. the european forecast model is very optimistic in terms of the amount of rain, how widespread it's going to be as we head through the first half of the day on sunday. the american forecast mod salil more cautious. at least they're both showing a chance of rain. it's just a matter of how much is going to fall and how long is it going to last. we'll take whatever we can get. we're talking less than a tenth of an inch in all likelihood. even if that adds a little bit of moisture, the dry fire fuels for even a couple of weeks, we will definitely take it. it is still the fifth day of the seven-day forecast. the warmest day of the seven-day forecast is tomorrow, especially for inland pars of telephone bay area. up to 85 degrees in san jose. then we cool down to below average for saturday and sunday. a chance of showers includes all of the bay area. but the best chance i think of measurable rain, anything more than a trace, may be even
5:28 pm
approaching a tenth of inch will be north of the golden gate and along the coast. we'll keep an eye on the fire burning in napa county. >> today is a reminder why we need the rain more than ever. another look at the fire burning in napa county. live pictures for you. it's burning close to several vineyards. 5% containment. more coverage when we come back. also ahead, allegations of dirty politics in the south bay. campaign signs stolen and not just a few. we're talking about hundreds.
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