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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 31, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at noon, we follow breaking news. a bomb squad investigation prompts a shelter-in-place alert near three antioch schools. minutes ago, chopper5 flew over the scene along f street with the body of a man and his 50s being discovered near live oak high school. police said wires were found near the body, prompting the bomb squad to be competent right now, a shelter-in-place warning covers f street between west 11th through west 17th street's. classes have been canceled at live oak high school and parents are being notified at antoniak middle school. i'm amanda starrantino. len kiese is often we have another breaking story out-of- stocks and with anne makovec at the live news desk. >> reporter: the stockton fire
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captain was shot and killed this morning while responding to a call in within the past hour. we learned that a 67-year-old man is in police custody in connection with the shooting and the firefighter is identified as a captain, max fortuna and there is a new video with the shooting happening just before 5:00 near the highway 4 underpass. the crew of max fortuna was responding to a dumpster fire. they heard a gunshot and realize that the captain had been hit. he had been a firefighter for 21 years and leaves behind a wife and two children. >> captain max fortuna was one of our heroes. this is a sobering reminder of the sacrifices of firefighters making day in and day out in service to our community.
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his leadership and commitment to our city is reflected here by his brothers, sisters, community and showing relentless support. max was a firefighter who showed up every day and never complained about the job. i don't know many other firefighters that enjoyed it as much as him. >> police have recovered a weapon from the scene and at this point, no word on motive or what else might have led to this shooting and we will keep an eye on the investigation. today marks two years since the first covid case was reported in santa clara county with kpix's jocelyn moran live in the newsroom. as we think about it, there is a silver lining? >> reporter: yes. in two years, covid is still with us but things are looking good with the omicron wave and the public health director says we are about halfway down that slope of the omicron surge with the positivity rate down to 17%
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from 12% and the case rate is about half what it was. they made it a point to say covid is not like the flu with the mortality rates much higher with covid but the good news was highlighted that we've learned a lot more about covid and we have vaccines and new drugs on the horizon and new tools that we learn to live with to manage covid. it's about having a balance. >> going forward, we will continue to have more peaks and valleys. the pandemic is not over but it's a question about how we manage the pandemic, individually and collectively, as we face the waves that will come. >> as part of that forward thinking, they say d.c. vaccines and testing done by medical providers, updating the testing order with large health care providers providing access
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to testing within 24 hours and some cannot refer a patient to a different provider or county run testing facility. >> for pcr test, the results have to be provided within 72 hours and if there are delays, there is the affirmative duty to inform us of those delays and what they are doing to resolve them. >> dr. sarah cody was asked about masking and if the requirements would be loosened. she cannot say what is ahead for masking because it's difficult to tell how fast we are getting out of the omicron wave. a live look at san francisco. tomorrow, the city will ease the indoor mask mandate, meaning you can ditch the mask in offices, gyms and other places where groups are gathering and
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they will have them in schools, bars and restaurants. for high-risk settings, get vaccinated and boostered but the move has firefighters bracing for more overtime demands and staffing challenges. they will have to cover shifts for workers that defy the order and are not allowed not allowed to come to work. in oakland, anyone entering bars and restaurant facilities that are over 12 must show proof of vaccination. the ordinance passed in december and applies to senior care facilities and adult entertainment venues. in-person classes resumed at berkeley, cal state east bay and other places with covid cases continuing to decline in alameda county with records showing the seven-day act rivage cleared 100,000 in the county dipped to 197.5 from a high of 247.52 weeks ago. santa clara county is seeing less infections.
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the american academy of pediatrics updated pandemic guidance and says keeping schools open should be the primary priority. they urge vaccinations, masking and physical distancing and say remote learning has worsened equities among children. a group of parents in marin county said schools are discriminating against them for being unvaccinated. they said public and private schools are blocking them from taking part in or watching their kids' activities on campus and they also described masking and quarantining rules as forms of harassment. the group has now sent cease- and-desist order's out. new at noon, the fda has given full approval for the moderna vaccine for adults in this announcement after pfizer was approved in august. moderna said booster shots of the vaccine are still only under emergency use authorization.
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kaiser in san francisco is opening a new flu vaccination clinic to accommodate twice as many as the tent that was set up nearby in the clinic on geary boulevard is open monday through friday. you do not need to be a kaiser member to make an appointment or to stop by. >> we can vaccinate every three minutes and can double up and it is not a matter of the vaccine or personnel space. this space is really welcomed. >> in 15 and up is now eligible for the covid vaccine and kaiser said the new clinic will be open for at least next six months. podcaster joe rogan apologizes today and posted on social media say he would try to balance the controversial views of some of the guests that have spread misinformation about covid and vaccines point. >> i'm going to do my best, in the future, to balance things out and i will do my best.
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but, my point of doing this is always to create interesting conversations and once i hope people enjoy. if i bleeped you off, i'm sorry and if you enjoyed the podcast, thank you. >> this is after neil young and joni mitchell pulled their music from spotify for the misinformation. spotify said it would add a content advisory to any broadcast that discusses covid. for more covid testing and vaccines and the latest on health restrictions across the bay, go to our website at new at noon, governor newsom is dismantling death row at san quentin. he wants to move all the inmates condemned to other prisons within two years. newsom imposed a moratorium in 2019 and now the administration will speed up the existing pilot program to transfer those inmates. a spokeswoman for the corrections
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department said it will repurpose the death row section of san quentin into a, quote, positive healing environment. taking a live look of the state capitol where the assembly will vote on a proposal for single-payer health care. the bill authorized by assemblyman ash carlotta of san jose would eliminate private health insurance and replace it with a state-funded system to guarantee health care for every california resident. tax increases would be necessary in future legislation. the wildfire that broke out 10 days ago near big sur is close to full containment with the flames scorching a total of 687 acres near the well-known bixby bridge and along the coast. cal fire said the colorado fire is now 98% contained. speaking of that big serve fire that broke out when we had gusty offshore wind, we will likely see offshore wind
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developing as late as tonight. a high wind watch is in effect from midnight tonight through tuesday and wednesday and into thursday morning for most of the bay area. i'm watching northerly wind kick in. 45 miles per hour and as much as 75 in the north bay mountains. we will watch downed trees and power lines. through late tonight and for the north bay, you will see northerly wind and i will talk about the timing of when we see those offshore winds and the strongest wind event is coming up in just a few minutes. a school board meeting in oakland will discuss potential closures and mergers put oakland unified says it has too many schools with too few students and said the problem drains resources and puts a damper on salaries. some families and staff say a diverse student population would be heard by the closures. the meeting starts at 6:00.
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coming up, a man accused of over two dozen hate crimes is in court today and
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developing now for the second time this month, a number of historically black colleges and universities are
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investigating bomb threats on campus. some of the schools included the cookman university, lbni state and delaware state either on lockdown or have issued shelter-in-place orders. two of the men convicted of murdering ahmad arbery and georgia have reached a plea deal in a related case. travis mcmichael and his father, gregory, face federal hate crime charges in a trial set to begin next week. they had planned to argue that the men were motivated by racism but now but now have asked a judge to approve plea agreements for the father and son. arbery's mother said she opposes the deal and plans to urge the judge to reject it in court with a third man also convicted in the killing not reaching a deal so far. today in san francisco come a court hearing for a man accused in more than half of last year's hate crimes against the aapi community. 37-year-old derik barreto plead
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not guilty to several charges, including vandalism and burglary. police caught him on surveillance video last summer smashing windows and stealing from asian-owned businesses. many were in the ingleside neighborhood and he has been in a mental health diversion program since place there last september by a judge. taking a live look at san francisco, golden gate furry will add extra trips today to existing commuter service, for san francisco. the golden gate very resumed service between those areas in december after running limited service for much of the pandemic. time for a check of the first alert weather and we have meteorologist mary lee. >> partly sunny skies with temperatures on the rise and a mild day but tracking gusty offshore wind that will develop late tonight and will continue into tuesday and wednesday.
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we are looking at offshore wind developing. a high wind watch is in effect for most of the bay area highlighted in yellow with wind advisories in that brown color for solano county and sacramento and san joaquin valley's through midnight tonight through tuesday and wednesday and into thursday morning because of northerly winds, 15-30 and gusting up to 45. gusting up to 70 in the mountains with a very kept eye on this for you. breezy conditions and watch as the wind takes the turn out of the north and we look to tuesday and into wednesday with the strongest wind with the offshore event looking to late tuesday into your wednesday and everything is so dry and three weeks with no measurable rainfall. all eyes on that with a live look with the salesforce tower
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camera across the bay with partly sunny skies and temps in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s with high pressure keeping us dry and mild and we have that low pressure system dropping into the great basin with the inside slider east of the sierra to bring northerly wind. the daytime highs, 58 in san francisco, 61 in san jose and 61 for the napa valley. looking to the rest of the day with high clouds streaming in, sunset at 5:32 and tomorrow, 7:13 with the first alert seven- day forecast for san jose with offshore wind kicking up tuesday into wednesday, we look at temperatures on the rise for the weekend and the north bay and the coast and you will start to see the wind late tonight and looking ahead through tuesday and wednesday, we could see another chance of
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offshore wind toward the weekend. the pizza place tipping th coming up on cbs news bay area, we hear from the 49ers following their defeat to the rams in the nfc championship cream's. you can watch us on pluto tv channel 1021 and any platform using the free cbs news app. join us in we
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let's look at the big board. the dow is up in the green, 140 points. if you are looking for the best city to relocate to, you don't have to go too far with glassdoor releasing the list of the 100 best places to work. san francisco topped the list, thanks to high marks for companies like google and nvidia. boston was number two and l.a. and new york the top four. people praised companies in
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these cities for flexible work environments, strong benefits and access to senior leadership. domino's pizza is flipping the tipping etiquette in a push to get more customers to choose carry-out. they say they will tip customers $3 if they choose carry-out in online orders. it's a credit that domino's said can be used in a future order and the new policy begins through may 22. still to come, the bay area is bracing for high wind and we have first alert meteorologist, mary lee, to break it down for you. on the drew barrymore show,
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a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers with the nfc championship of the big question is, what is next for quarterback jimmy garoppolo? more after 3:00. let's check in with first alert meteorologist, mary lee. tracking those gusty winds with your first alert weather forecast, we are looking today that temperatures will be mid- to-upper 50s and low 60s with partly sunny skies. late tonight through tuesday and into thursday morning, i will
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watch the northerly winds kicking up for us. a high wind watch starting at midnight tonight and through thursday morning. watching those northerly winds gusting to 45 with gusting as high as 70 for the north bay mountains. looking ahead on futurecast, breezy with westerly wind and taking a turn on tuesday with the gusty conditions and through tuesday evening and into wednesday morning, we will see strong wind with the offshore wind event. spacex will launch its cosmos sky mid-second generation mission tonight. here is a video of the launch this month. it comes after spacex was forced to delay several rocket launchers and the cosmos sky matt was set to launch thursday but stood down due to bad weathe then shed to frid and then saturday and now today.
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that's it for kpix5 at noon and we are 24/7 on cbs news bay area and streaming on and the next newscast is at 3:00. have a good afternoon. have a good one. dramic music ]
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