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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  January 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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will move out and miss out on that. >> captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: tonight digging out, at least ten states hit by an icy nor'easter, hurricane force winds and waves batter hems on the coast and swamp nantucket, tens of thousands without power and now the dangerous big chill. >> i'm mola lenghi in boston where nearly two feet of snow have made this one for the history books. >> duncan: also tonight rapid retreat. covid infections fall as deaths add up... many preventable. >> i'm lilia luciano in loss-- los angeles. >> plus the u.s. and europe sound the alarm on russia's military moves as ukraine plays down the threat, donald trump donald trump consider considers pardon for january 6th rioters
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if he is elected again. >> we will treat them fairly and if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. >> duncan: and more than a year after that attack why trials are facing delays. later they call her gnarly carlie ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york, with jericka duncan. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: good evening, to our viewers in the west, and thanks for watching. the sun was shining today across much of the east coast but for millions of people the weekend was a white out, a powerful nor'easter swept from virginia to maine, bringing blizzard conditions to many areas and leaving a trail of power outages. fortunately, the damage is not extreme but massachusetts no doubt bore the brunt of the storm's furry, boston now storm's fury, boston now recovering from one of the
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biggest snow storms in its history, that is where we find mola lenghi tonight, good evening, mola. >> well, good evening, jericka, the relentless all day snow storm buried boston and most of new england. today the city emerged and began to dig out. >> homes were encased in a shell of snow and ice when the sun rose over massachusetts. froze on the houses as hurricane force winds lashed the east coast, the ferocity forcing some to evacuate. >> we got some sand bags elevated things in our basement but this is one of the worst storms i've seen so far. >> on cape cod the storm left this home hanging by a thread. and on flooded nantucket homes are underwater. the storm brought snow from south carolina to maine including nearly two feet in boston. it was one of the city's biggest single day january snow falls on record. >> at times the snow was coming down at more than three inches an hour.
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it was very, very fast, very intense and so we did reach zero visibility and white out conditions. >> new york is digging out from more than 20 inches in some areas while temperatures in the teens are creating a new danger. >> want to remind all new yorkers it going to be very, very cold. >> but in rhode island love conquers all, for this providence couple the storm only made their wedding day more memorable. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: and unfortunately it wasn't all happy endings three people did die on new york's long island while shoveling snow. here in boston schools will reopen tomorrow, people will return to work so the work continues on the road to make sure they are clear and ready to go jericka. >> duncan: all right, mola lenghi in boston, thank you. we turn now to the covid-19 pandemic. new cases top 500,000 on saturday, that is down 33 percent over the last two weeks. cbs's lilia luciano is in los
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angeles with more, good evening. >> good evening, jericka. new infections here in l.a. county have dropped nearly 50% and tonight what is on people's minds is football, fun, even great fashion. but covid is still happening and officials are urging caution. >> a sigh of relief this weekend as the omicron surge starts to stabilize in cities nationwide. >> it's scary to be out because there is so many people around. >> covid deaths skyrocketed 86 percent since new years but new infections and hospitalizations are now dropping. and there's some welcome optimism on the new variant front. former fda commissioner scott gottlieb says it is appears vaccines could serve as against the variant. >> suggests a fully boosted person may be more protected against the new variant than the original strain of omicron. >> reporter: still just 41% of americans are boosted. roughly 80 million haven't gotten a single shot.
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yet the nation is eager for normalcy, san francisco will be the first major city to roll back its indoor mask mandates starting tuesday. and in arkansas where masking isn't required governor asa hutchinson is calling for a whole new mindset. >> we need to move from a pandemic status, i think we need to move out of the panic mode. >> lilia luciano with the latest in los angeles, thank you. a horrific crash in las vegas has killed nine people. it happened saturday night when a driver sped through a red light causing a six vehicle crash. the driver and his passenger died along with seven others. >> well, a former teacher from kansas is under arrest in
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virginia tonight charged with leading an all-female isis battalion in syria, 42 year old allison fluke-ekren is now in u.s. custody, the justice department alleges she trained women and children on the use of ak-47 assault rifles and suicide belts. she is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow in alex adria, virginia. ukraine's president is trying to tamp down talk of war. cbs' christina ruffini is at the white house tonight as the u.s. and allies in europe are engaged in some high-stakes diplomacy. christina, good evening. >> good evening, jericka. the white house said that while it understands the difficult position president zelensky is in it points out as he tries to downplay the threat of a russian invasion he is also asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to guard against one. >> we're not downplaying the risk. >> reporter: ukraine's ambassador said today their country knows very well, what russia is capable of. however.
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>> we cannot afford to panic. >> reporter: this follows comments by president zelensky that increasingly dramatic warnings from the u.s. and e.u. are threatening to destabilize his country. >> panic is not a policy. >> reporter: but biden administration officials say their rhetoric reflects reality. so there is no sign yet of any kind of de-escalation. >> on the contrary he has moved more forces since we have been encouraging him to de-escalate. >> reporter: over the weekend the state department posted guidance on land routes out of ukraine for any americans needing to leave. >> the u.s. has 8500 troops on >> reporter: the u.s. has 8500 troops on standby to reinforce nato allies and the u.k. is considering making its biggest possible offer of military support. meanwhile after eight years of war with russia, soldiers on ukraine's eastern front wait to see what will happen. and civilians have already seen too much.
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>> ( translated ): make peace, reach an agreement, you're all adults. >> reporter: and cbs news has learned north korea is stepping up missile testing in the region recently and the u.s. military overnight released a statement saying it should refrain from further de stabilizing acts. north korea restarted the missile launches after failed talks by president kim and president trump howrch the biden north korea restarted the missile launches after failed talks by president kim and the biden administration said it would meet with north korea-- corio without conditions but so far they haven't taken anyone up on that offer. >> christina ruffin aye thank you, former president donald trump said if elected to a new term as president he would consider pardoning those rioters being prosecuted for ak taking
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the u.s. capitol last year. former president trump spoke about it at a rally in conroe texas last night. >> if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly. and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons. >> reporter: right now those trials related to the january 6th attack are among the largest criminal prosecutions in american history. but justice is facing some delay, scott mcfarlane explains explains why. >> for a mob that moved so quickly january 6th, life is moving slower now. more than a year later not one capitol riot defendant has gone to trial. only a handful are scheduled to do so before april. >> reporter: the court has in which the nearly 720 defendants are being prosecuted remains closed to jurors through at least february 7th due to covid. some defendants say their case is just being stalled. >> i'm sure they're frustrated. the delay in the progress.
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>> reporter: yeah, it's just the >> yeah, it's just the unknown, looming out there. >> reporter: stacy peterson and katie cusick's father and brother are charged, pleaded not guilty and are waiting. >> he definitely thinks not this year, unfortunately. >> reporter: not in 2022? >> right. >> reporter: have you made peace wth that yet? >> i would say yeah. to some degree. >> reporter: a review of court filings by cbs news he show some defendants have sought delays to avoid going to court in person amid the pandemic but we also found covid isn't the only complication. it's the evidence. not a shortage but a tidal wave of it from a day in which accused rioters streamed and posted their every move. prosecutors say there are 14,000 hours of capitol surveillance video plus social media videos, hundreds of phones and more than 200,000 tips from the public. prosecutors must also organize then share the evidence with the court and the defendants in a new court filing the feds acknowledged they are still working on it and it will take time. but it's not just defendants
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waiting. >> you have to be patient. >> reporter: capitol police officer harry dunn said he faced physical assault and racial epithet from the mob and cbs news learned he is on the witness list on some of the cases whenever they happen. >> you have to put things in perspective. and yeah, everybody wants to rush, and everyone wants immediate acknowledgment or gratification about anything it is worth the wait is worth the wait >> one defense lawyer tells cbs news he expects at least some of the cases to last until the next counting of the electoral college. january 6th 2025. cbs news, washington. >> duncan: and we'll be right >> duncan: finally tonight the
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>> turning of to tad news we heard today of the death of howard hesseman. >> he was best known for his he was best known for his role as radio disk jockey dr. johnny fever of the cbs sitcom wkrp in cincinnati t ran from 1978 to 1982. hesseman's character was so popular that he hosted saturday night live three times. he died in los angeles on saturday due to complications from colon surgery. howard hesseman was 81. straight ahead on the cbs weekend news, a new hurdle to filling the shortage of high- paying jobs.
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>> duncan: the tricking industry estimates it needs 80,000 new drivers for some of the supply chain's toughest jobs. next week new federal regulators will add another hurdle, wilson walker of our san francisco station kpix has the story. >> you might need to come out and go this way because are you out of the box right now. >> reporter: parallel parking the challenge today at a1 truck driving. at the wheel eugene allen who is two days away from his class a commercial driving test. >> i was looking for a new journey in life, a new way to provide for my family. >> reporter: ask him why he is here. >> trucker shortage. we need a lot of truckers. truckers provide everything for these stores. as far as grocery stores, or anything, all the necessities. >> reporter: like many other parts of the economy, truck driving has been hit by the great resignation just as demand for freight hits an all-time high.
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this has been driving up driver pay now rising five times faster than its historical average. >> actually this place here we're getting a lot of students. >> reporter: and starting next month commercial licenses will require exactly this kind of entry level training course. until now you just had to go in and pass the test. >> you know, these companies looking for new drivers, drivers coming out of schools, they should be willing to give a higher pay rate. >> hourly rate we're looking at least from 35 to 240 bucks an least from 35 to 40 bucks an hour. people are making literally over a hundred grand a year driving trucks across country. >> so the rising pay will it attract enough drivers when the hours can be brutal with a lot of nights away from home, that is our question our supply chain now demand-- depends on. >> it all depends on who is out there that wants to do it. who wants to be a truck driver. >> the federal government is looking at a number of of things to get more drivers out there including allowing those under the age of 21 to cross state
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lines but even with that and rising pay, a lot of experts think it might be years before this industry is fully staffed again. wilson walker, cbs news in hayward, california. >> duncan: somebody's got to do it. still ahead on the cbs weekend news, they're living robots that reproduce. fisher investmens different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition
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lab near boston, massachusetts, but font's week-- weekend journal we take you there to find out what this remarkable discovery could mean for all of us. >> reporter: inside this lab at the allen discovery center at tufts university, scientist douglas blackiston shows me the petri dish where xenobots also known as robots live, they are robots but not made of metal and circuit boards. >> why do they call them robots when it really feels like it is just a small very, you know, organism. >> they are robots because they are designed and engineered from the ground up to behave in very specific ways. these are returned to the original conception of the word robot which is just a worker made out of living tissue. >> sam creedman son a team of three other researchers who have been working on this project since 2018. a closer look through the microscope shows tiny uniquely
5:52 pm
shaped organisms derived from one day old frog eggs on the move. >> they are swimming around in a dish, pushing other cells into piles. >> this is actually how they reproduce, a super computer reshapes the organism giving them a pac man like appearance the manufacture erred mouth then collects single cells placed in the petri dish which eventually form into identical replicas of the original. >> is it tall about the shape. >> everything we have done is just simp leigh the shape, the shape is really important. we can play with the molecular biology and again etics as well to push the cells to do things they normally wouldn't. >> these researchers believe these tiny organisms could one day do big things in the field of region tiff medicine. >> so if we fully understood how to decide to build things then we should be able to control it to make them build other things to stop growth during cancer and to restart growth to regenerate limbs or other organs. >> reporter: it is possible these organisms could even help the earth recover from environmental disasters like oil
5:53 pm
spills. >> it shows us that there are many kinds of ways that nature can be creative and reproduce itself. >> how far are we away from that? >> we are far away but we. >> how far, will we still be here? >> i hope so, that is my goal, to do something useful in our lifetime. >> duncan: and the department of defense is funding the project, scientists it tell us the d organize d funds hundreds of medical and scientific research projects each year. well next on the cbs weekend news, she recovered in record time. to compete at the upcoming olympics.
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>> duncan: finally tonight the winter olympics open friday in china. more than 200 american athletes will represent the united states, charlie de mar introduces us to one of them who is proving just by being there that she is already a winner. >> dropping in next, carly margules. >> she passed on the half pipe has taken more turns than one of her high-flying tricks. >> 900. >> ranked fourth in the country and 13th in the world, she was
5:57 pm
poised to ke.s. women's half pipe ski team. >> a dream the 24 year old had since she was a kid. >> we were watching and we were like oh my gosh, that could be us one day. like we should try and do that. >> but last month during a routine, disaster. >> as soon as i put pressure on that leg i kind of had a feeling that something was up. >> she torn her meniscus, doctors said a 6 to 9 month recovery, time she didn't have. basically crushed. >> my olympic dreams were basically crushed. he told me i wasn't going to be able to compete this year. that day was pretty and hard on me. i was crying all day. >> no stranger to setbacks the mammoth, california, native was now staring at her 7th knee surgery. >> yeah, there is no chance i'm going to be coming back it to sport again. i can't put myself through this again. >> but after so many injuries and heartbreak, she was told. >> there's a possibility that
5:58 pm
this meniscus isn't repairable. >> reporter: that strangely turned out to be good, if it was removed and not repaired, she could get back on her skis sooner and keep her olympic dreams in the air. she got to work rehabbing that damaged knee, and about a month after surgery returned to the mountain and last week she got a call, a decade in the making. 6>> actually making the olympics and making my dreams come true i feel like the legacy that i can leave is the story of kind of persevering through it all. >> an olympic dream fulfilled, earned, not given. charlie de mar, cbs news, mammoth, california. from all of us, thanks for watching, have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now, nearly 2 dozen schools on the chopping block and the controversy tonight unfolding at one of the largest bay area school districts. why some community members say they are blindsided. if there was a plan to keep 49er fans away, it has backfired. you see red and gold trying to turn the stadium into levi south. a fiery crash leaves eight people injured and what we know tonight. a rallying cry and hundreds take to the streets calling for justice a year after the senseless killing of a san
6:00 pm
francisco grandfather. good evening. we begin tonight with a battle unfolding over school closures in one of the largest bay area districts. >> the oakland unified school district revealed they could close or merge 19 public schools over the next two years. >> the decision could come this week. >> reporter: it's no surprise they think they have too many campuses and have been trying to close them for years but a new list is come out and what is surprising is how quickly they hope to do it. took this community school in east oakland is on the list for possible closure but the only reason the public knows about it is because the district 5 director spoke up about it. >> this really was just dropped out of the sky in the community. took a special meeting of the board has been called for tomorrow to discuss the plan publicly for the first time, but a letter to the community released thursday set another special meeting will be held
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