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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 29, 2022 2:06am-2:34am PST

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male announcer: the preceding program is sponsored by "your move" with andy stanley. now at 11:00 on kpix5 and streaming on cbsnewsbayarea. 49ers now in enemy territory. what are the team's odds for sunday? our experts sound off. we are here, baby, we are here. what i have been telling rams fans they think they are going to win, all they will wins the coin flip. plus, a scary situation that could have gone much worse after firefighters found themselves in the middle of a gun battle. the plea tonight from a bay area man
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after his cat is stolen from an air b&b. first, countdown is on for sunday's big game. good evening. san francisco 49ers in los angeles tonight where they will duke it out against the rams for a coveted spot on super bowl sunday. they will not be doing it alone. kpix5 is at santa clara levi stadium with the extra help the niners are getting that could give them the win. >> just a short time ago fans wished the niners good luck here in santa clara. all is quiet here now. it is not because nothing big is going on behind me. it is because 49er fans are on the way to los angeles, too. >> reporter: the faithful are not just ready to see their team win another nfc championship game. they are prepared to help the team went. [ crowd chanting ] >> it is being generous, i
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think we will take it over. right now ticket sales are showing more 49er fans will fill up sofi stadium for the big game against the rams, that could make a big difference during the team's match up a few weeing ago. the crowd noise was so loud that the rams were forced to go into silent countsa the their own stadium. they had to blame the fans. this is not our home fans, all of the 49er fans took it over. it is just amazing that they have to prepare as if they are go into a hostile territory even though they are in their own stadium. >> 49ers fans hit the road and seen at all three bay area airports. >> we were getting honks and thumb's ups and 90% of the people that we saw were all 49er fans. >> i covered the team for 20 years, the fans love to travel. >> reporter: the reporter for the mercury news will be there on sunday watching the 49ers and the army
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of fans behind the team. >> 49ers have beaten l.a. twice this year, twice last year, twice the year before, that is six meetings in a row. it will not mean anything if they don't win this game on sunday. they need to win a ring, it has been too long. >> the last championship game the 49ers won was just a couple years ago with jimmy g. >> with a big game comes big parties, the san francisco police department says it will be ready to keep the festivities at a safe and responsible level. unformed as well as plain clothes officers will be assigned to crack down on impaired driving and minimize other activity. officers reminding fans to celebrate responsibly. 49ers already in l.a. right now two days before the championship game against the rams. kpix5 reports on the latest
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from the 49ers ahead of the big game. >> reporter: yes, the 49ers hope when they come back they will come back with their seventh straight win over the rams and a ticket to the super bowl. jimmy garoppolo has a record of 35-15 as san francisco's starter including 4-1 in the playoffs. he has taken a lot of heat from fans that led star receiver samuel to defend his quarterback on twitter this week calling jimmy a pure winner. >> i don't think is was motivation i think, if you click social media you see people talking about, you know what i am saying, jimmy this, jimmy that, numbers do not lie, that is what people say. i just say check the winning percentage. >> as for his thumb injury he says he feels grate, it is san injury he will deal with in the off season. for now it is holding up, guys? >> all right. thank you, andrea.
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>> plenty of 49er faithful showing their pride. look at the sea of red and gold if you are young, old, or not even human we want to see your photos. share your game day celebrations. you may see them on. it v. now at 11:00 take a live look at bay area bridge one of the infrastructures hoping to get the funds, how important the funds will be to the bay area. >> reporter: the urgency of using $1.2 trillion of infrastructure money came into focus this morning. a screech of metal alerted neighbors that something went wrong with the fern hollow bridge in pittsburgh. >> possibly off of the bridge stating the bridge fully gave out. unknown injuries. >> reporter: the 50-year-old bridge last inspected in september 2021 gave way injuring 10 people and
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leaving a bus dangling. >> had it been between the minutes later you would of had school buss on there, a lot of cars and you would of had fatalities. >> reporter: it all happened as joe biden was heading on a pre-planned trip to pittsburgh to talk about the benefits of the infrastructure deal. >> we are going to fix them all. not a joke. it will be a gigantic change. >> reporter: here in the pay area far less drama and danger as leaders showed off projects funding from the bill will pay for in this big hole you see is $250 million that will then resurrect the rest of the final phase of the terminal one. >> including cal train, even bringing it to the transbay terminal. a possible transbay two for b.a.r.t. >> there is completion of b.a.r.t into san jose and santa clara. there is a complete
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transformation of highway 37 that is a absolute vital east/west corridor in the north bay. >> it includes a 50% raise in general transportation assistance and a lot of that money will go towards bridges. >> our engineering team will look for signs of stress in the materials that comprise the bridge. signs of fracture. signs of deterioration. >> they are looking at $5.4 billion in federal funding from the deal with more money possible through federal grants n . san francisco. kpix5. the bay area is expected to receive its portion of that trillion dollar package over a five year period. new at 11:00, scary moments for several firefighters that became caught up in a drive-by shooting. the police say the team is headed to a medical call on monday when two
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vehicles began shooting at each other. thankfully the crew was able to take cover inside of the fire truck. no one hurt. however, the truck was left with several bullet holes. building fire led to a power outage in a santa clara neighborhood. flames broke out after 5:00 on martin avenue near stop boulevard. fire and smoke appear to be shooting out of the roof out of the elk lodge building. unclear what started the fire. silicone valley power says they are working to restore power to impacted customers. here is a bizarre story in the north bay now, involving an air b&b guest accused of taking a neighbor's cat. tonight the owner of the cat wants her back. along beach couple rented a air b.&b. two doors down from the home in october. when they left he says they stole his outdoor cat named nobins. he was out of town at the time when he returned he got a call from a vet in long beach who
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scanned his microchip. >> i just want my kid back. i want my friend back. she is my friend. i don't have kids. she is my kid. she seen me through so many things. [crying] and they took her. i want her back. >> the couple apparently took the cat in for a health check but after the vet asked them to contact troy they refused. he filed a cat napping report. demand for covid-19 testing, coming up, how health officials uncovered a fake testing site and what you should be on the look out for. the bay area mall getting push back for its plan to charge employees and customers to park in its lot. plus, how the bay area is already celebrating the year of the tiger.
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f . well, the pandemic has given scam artists a number of opportunities to take advantage of. >> we have seen edd and ppp frauds. fake testing sites are the latest low that thieves are going to. we have the latest on this unfortunate trend. >> reporter: major hazards including dangerous electrical systems, just one reason why this shipping container turned covid-19 testing site shutdown. >> everything looked legit. >> i saw was some guy with a blue apron on and a full mask on with a
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clipboard. >> reporter: this week, nevada county colfax avenue testing site in grass valley. when he arrived he was not sure where to turn to test. >> i was here to get my first covid-19 test. over here was another site and they said it was a rapid test site. >> steps from the county site, a shipping container advertising covid-19 testing. >> a sign on the side and some people went over there and they were confused on which place was the place they were supposed to go. >> reporter: the site, no longer running, shutdown, marked as dangerous and unsafe to occupy by nevada county public health for not having the necessary authorization to operate. the site agreed to close its doors and not reopen without approval. who was running this site and what exactly did they do wrong? we are getting answers. >> reporter: grass valley p.d. confirms to cbs 13 a local community group was trying to get permitted by the
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city's community development director to operate the site. the city had yet to give the green light. the group went ahead any way. testing residents without the proper permits. to make it worse, shipping containers like this are illegal in grass valley city limits. >> maybe their hart was not in the right place, they were trying to fill a need. but still, you got to go about it the right way. >> grass valley p.d. says the group was not stealing money or the identities of the people tested. >> all it does is erode trust in the legitimate places that are doing it the right way. >> if you did take a test here officials are retaking the test as a precaution. they asked about them in that community group who runs it. they did not have that information for us. >> county governments have their own covid-19 page including a detailed list of sites. the department of public health
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has an online search tool that maps out and confirms the authenticity of all testing sites. san mateo county is partnering up with at the event center, 2,000 pcr tests a day, the site will be open tuesday through sunday from 8:00 until 4:00. a renewed battle over street closures between restaurant owners and retailers. voting to keep a section of santa cruz avenue closed to traffic. that decision accommodates parklets built along the streets to allow outdoor dining. restaurant owners are thrill about it. others are saying it is hurting their business. >> we are barricaded by not just departments we tolerate but the exposure from the street. and, the occupancy of the
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street with tents. >> it is important to have the outdoor street closed and have the parking lot outdoor to seat our clients to survive. they made temporary street closures permanent. they have not made that move just yet. shoppers and employees at san jose's valley fair mall are fighting back against a new plan to charge for parking. the mall says people heading to the airport will get two hours free and pay $1 after that. employees will pay $3 a day or fork over $40 for a monthly pass. 450 people signed a worker petition demanding free parking passes. the mall says the parking plan is more to do with security and controlling who parks there. and speaking of parking, let's check in with paul. things like dry weather parking over california right now. >> at this point it is beyond parking, it is loitering. we would like it to move out
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and give us a rain chance. we don't have that in the forecast. patchy fog, possible tonight, it will be confined. chilly temperatures overnight. a lot of locations dropping down into the 30s. we will bounce back another mild afternoon on saturday. just a little cooler for the second half of the weekend. looking dry next week once again. no rain in the seven-day forecast. let's take a look at future cast. we will see clouds over head tonight. these will be high up in the atmosphere. they are not substantial enough to drop sprinkles on us. midday tomorrow, thinning out. we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. allowing the temperatures to warm back up in the 60s across the bay area. things shift a little bit for the second half of the weekend. we are going to see a stronger breeze kicking in. more fog and coastal cloud cover spreading inside of the bay and into the inland valleys, dissipate towards midday on sunday. even with the lack of rain our air quality will improve. that is good. it is not great right now. a few spots where it is okay. green dots in the santa cruz
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mountains and densely populated parts of the bay area, the lower elevations, mostly in the moderate category. that is where we will be tomorrow. stronger onshore winds are going to have an improvement over air quality. a lot of green dots on monday and tuesday of next week. the stronger winds will disburse more pollen. medium category again tomorrow. right now, just high clouds way up in the atmosphere. temperatures dropping off. clouds way up there. not good at insulating the ground. cooling off. 53 degrees, warm location, down to 40 degrees in livermore and santa rosa. those are the spots that we will drop farther down into the 30s. close to freezing in santa rosa by tomorrow morning, temperatures around the bay, the coast, stay in the 40s. the temperatures bounce back tomorrow, in the 60s for everybody, everywhere from 40 to 60
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degrees. normal temperatures on sunday. lower 60s on the coast. middle 60s for the south end of the bay. warm locations in the santa clara valley. temperatures in the inland parts of the east bay and lower to middle 60s. above normal. mostly in the lower half of the 60s around the bay. warmest spots in the middle 60s. temperatures reaching to the 60s for the north bay as well. a couple more warm spots as we look farther north into northern sonoma and napa counties by tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures drop off as we head into the second half of the weekend. heading into the mountains, things are good. no new snow. a base from what we picked up in november and december. things are still wide open in terms of the number of lifts and trails open. those are those temperatures, more clouds in the forecast by monday, tuesday, wednesday. no rain out of the clouds. we are in the midst of a three week dry stretch of weather. today is three weeks since we
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had muchable rain. it will last another two weeks. andrea? >> less than 48 hours now until the nfc championship game. 49ers have a few injuries. we break down the chances of the star tackle taking the field
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f the 49ers have arrived in los angeles tonight ahead of sunday's do-or-die game against the rams. the niners won each of the last meetings between the teams. they are still three point under dogs heading into the weekend. when the 49ers beat the rams san francisco was without trent williams. williams nursing an ankle injury and listed as questionable. he did participate in today's walk through. shanahan say fist it is up to williams he
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is definitely playing. >> he came out for walk through today. he is going, he was last time, too. which, i mean, i believe him when he says that, he will do everything he can to play. i would be surprised if he doesn't. i was surprised he was able to finish the game. so, hopefully his mind set will be how his body reacts on sunday and we know it will help us a lot. if not, we will deal with it. >> the warriors gone back to their winning ways after stumbling. they won four straight as they welcome the nets tomorrow. it comes just in time as thompson is starting to look like his old self-again. last night's win over the t wolves, scoring a season high 23 points, over the past two games, clay's shooting percent acknowledges 57% from three. shooting is not the only thing that has been impressive. he is also getting his teammates involved. >> clay, i thought he was, you know, he
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was great against dallas the other night. tonight, he was better. adapting quickly. i loved his kicks. he made excellent passes himself. >> he thought we were going to play this way first time back. maybe i did, i was naive. it will get better every night. when our full squad is back, it will be scary. i am excite about that day. >> just took a little bit of time. serenading the team tonight. shutdown defense, they helped arizona state to just 8 points in the first 15 minutes of the game. three minutes to go in the half. jones, getting it done on the other end. finishing with 12 points as a cardinal run away with this game 78-50 is the final. to torrey pines for the farmer's insurance open. on 14, torres, trying to keep up with the leader. sinks a birdie as he cards a seven under
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today to take a share of the lead. moving on to the 18th hole, jason day, trying to sink his third straight birdie. he is tied with the lead going into saturday. you can catch the final round action tomorrow afternoon. that will be right here on kpix5. the 49ers are going to be playing on sunday. so, we will look to see what happens on that game. guys? >> all right, andrea, i will put you on the spot, what happens on sunday? >> the 49ers are going to win. >> nice and simple. >> 24-21. >> i love it. . >> still ahead, a look at the lunar new year celebrations happening all over
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f events planned all to usher in the year of the tiger. the lunar new year calender officially flips on february 1st. tonight some communities got a head start. >> playing host to this lunar new year celebration. the family-friendly event partnered with chinese chamber of commerce. the groups unveiled a life-size tiger statue outside of the arena that will be up through mid-february. also tomorrow night several in- arena activities are planned during the warriors game against the nets. >> san francisco chinese
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chamber of commerce will hold a procession happening at 10:00 a.m. and the chinese new year flower market runs all weekend 10-six in the south bay, the vietnamese new year kicks off in san jose tomorrow morning at 11:00 at the museum history park on center road, celebrations will continue through sunday. and oakland will host a family-friendly event at jacqueline square tomorrow afternoon. featuring lion dancers, martial arts demonstration and crafts for
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