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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 28, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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century, and now it is the first latino owned business to mark a historical milestone landmark status. a live look right now for the scene at levi's stadium, where the 49er faithful are gathered to team up in style. they are due to leave in about 30 minutes to meet the rams in sunday's nfc championship game. we say good evening to you. kpix 5's len ramirez begins our countdown to kickoff coverage. he is with the fans of santa clara. >> reporter: fans have been gathering here at levi's stadium all evening long, waiting for the 49ers team buses to leave on their way to los angeles. really fans have been taken in this area all morning and all year long. we were getting haunted and thumbs up. 90% of the people we saw were all niners fans, but we had
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maybe 10% rams fans. they showed us their iq. it was a couple of shouts at their windows that is. we have been heckled a little bit. there are more niner fans and ram fans that we have run into so far. >> niners. >> we are l.a. bound, baby. >> the lucky ones are the ones i get to fly in and be there in an hour. we will be on the road for a while. >> what i've been telling the rams fans we run into, the only thing they will win on sunday is the coin flip. >> as for the fans staying behind, tonight, san francisco police say they are boosting staffing around the city to handle any celebrations they get out of hand on sunday. the team wrapped up its final practice a few hours ago. >> andrea nakano continues covered with how it went. >> reporter: the 49ers are getting ready to leave tonight
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to visit their home away from home, and there is positive injury news. trent williams is questionable for the game with an ankle injury. he did participate in the walk- through today, and kyle shanahan said the all-pro is adamant that he will play against the rams. jimmy garoppolo has led the 49ers are their second nfc championship game in three seasons. he has a record of 35-15 as a san francisco starter, including 4-one back in the playoffs, but he has still taken a lot of criticism from fans, which led star receiver deebo samuel to defend his quarterback on twitter this week, calling jimmy a pure winner. >> out of the good with the motivation. i think, if you take social media, you see people talking about, you know what i am saying, jimmy this or jimmy that. numbers don't lie, that is what people say, so check the win percentages. >> reporter: as for jimmy's thumb injury he says it is feeling great, and the shoulder is good point he will address it in the off-season, but for
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now he's doing just fine. looking that that chase center, where the warriors will host kyrie irving and the brooklyn nets tomorrow night, but there is controversy over irving's unvaccinated status. as a visiting player, he is exempt from rules requiring everyone at chase to be vaccinated. one san francisco supervisor is calling that a double standard. irving missed more than 30 games this season after maate. g the league's pass earlier this month, he was permitted games and practicing on a part-time basis. starting tuesday, anyone 12 and up will need to show proof of vaccination to get into restaurants, bars, entertainment, event venues, gyms, and adult care facilities. on tuesday, san mateo county will open a new walkup testing site at the event center. we are told it will be able to accommodate up to 2000 pcr
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tests per day. it will be open from 8:00 to 4:00 daily except on mondays. we are waiting to hear on whether 1500 teachers in the west contra costa school district will call a strike vote over there covid concerns. their union is demanding high- quality masks, weekly testing for all, and the option for remote learning in the event of a classroom outbreak. they could call for a walkout if a deal is not reached today. the district tells kpix 5 that they already offer kn95 masks to student and staff along with weekly testing. they are also exploring pay raises for substitutes. the oakland unified school board will hold a special meeting on monday to hear proposals on potential school closures. he reached out for more details on what campuses may be impacted , so stay tuned. a bizarre story out of the north bay where a couple from southern california stated a sonoma airbnb and went home with a neighbor's path. kpix 5's da lin spoke with the owner , and reports getting the
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animal back has been about as easy as herding ts. i want my kid back. i want my friend back. she is my friend. >> reporter: troy farrell is in tears thinking about his cat nubbins, missing her every day. >> i would go outside stressed- out and burnt out, and she would just come running , and sit on my lap. she was my support cat. and they stole her. >> reporter: the sonoma man says a long beach couple rented an airbnb two doors down in october. when they left, he says they took the outdoor cat with them. troy was out of town at the time. when he returned, a vet called him after scanning nubbins's microchip . >> i'm like, nubbins is in long beach? she did not walk to long beach, nor did she hitch a ride. how on earth is she in long beach? >> reporter: long beach couple took the cat in for a health check.
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the vet returned the cat to the couple, and asked them to contact troy. they refused. >> those are evil people, people without conscience or a heart. >> reporter: troy filed a cat napping report with the sonoma county sheriff's department. the clinic that contacted troy tells me they fully cooperated with the sheriff's department. an investigator tells troy they forwarded the case to the das office. 3 months later, troy is still waiting for nubbins's return. >> i don't have kids. she is my kid. she has seen me through so many things, and they took her and i want her back. sorry. i don't mean to be emotional, but i just think of all of the millions of times -- second i opened that door, or drive up the driveway, or go about, there was nubbins in my lap. >> reporter: he says he won't give up. if law enforcement doesn't act, he made hire an attorney and
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private investigator to get nubbins back. i'm da lin , kpix 5. >> we did reach out to the sonoma county sheriff's department about the case, but have not heard back. events planned around the bay area this weekend to usher in the year of the tiger. the lunar new year calendar flips on february 1. annual festival kicks off in tennessee tomorrow morning at 11:00 at the history park on center road. celebrations will continue through sunday. oakland will host a family friendly event at jack london square tomorrow afternoon featuring lion dances, martial arts demonstrations, and crafts for kids. the chamber of commerce will hold them in a procession at st. mary's square, and the chinese new year flower market fair runs all weekend from 10:00 to 6:00 in chinatown. a staple of san francisco's mission district is closer to becoming a historic landmark tonight. the designation for casa
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sanchez, known for its salsa, chips, and tortillas will be a first for a latina business. while the company no longer operates out of the old location, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to designate the building a historic landmark. the hope is it will keep the history of a multigenerational latino family in this neighborhood, and encourage more to do the same. >> the mission will only remain the mission as we know it, the centerpiece of latino, history, culture, and music vibe, if latino people can still live in the neighborhood. >> the board has one more vote. once the mayor signs off, it could be a historic than in about a month. the big bay area projects that could finally get moving with a $4.5 billion push. it is the last thing they area businesses struggling to hire wanted to hear. >> now, you're telling them, you also have to pay $40 per
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month to work here. >> the new model parking plan many san jose workers and their bosses are calling unfair. temperatures today heated up into the 60s across the bay area. another warm day tomorrow, but a cooldown for the second half of the weekend with details coming up in the first alert forecast. plenty of fans are putting the 49er finest on display ahead of sunday's big game. does the tag kpix inner social media photos, and your i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to
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caltrain is about to receive millions of dollars in federal funds to electrify its bay area operations. the money comes from president
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biden's infrastructure bill. congressional leaders say the switch could take 30,000 cars off the roads. meanwhile, sfo is giving a quarter billion dollars to complete the final phase of the harvey milk terminal 1 renovation. a total of $4.5 billion is earmarked for the bay area in the infrastructure bill. other potential projects could finally get the funding they need, like the elevation of the flood prone highway 37, a caltrain connection to the trans bay terminal, and in the long discussed second trans bay tube for b.a.r.t.. in addition, more money could be doled out later in the form of federal grants. >> the bay area is going to have to compete with other metropolitan areas, not just in california, but around the country. we believe that bay area projects will compete very strongly. >> another big chunk of the
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initial allocation will go towards repairing bridges. in pennsylvania, president biden toward the scene of a bridge collapse in pittsburg, just hours ahead of a planned speech to sell his infrastructure package. >> across the country , there are 45,000 bridges in poor condition. it is simply unacceptable. the next time, we don't need headlines saying that someone was killed in the next bridge collapse. >> a port authority bus and multiple vehicles were on the bridge at the time. amazingly but no one was killed, and all of the injuries were minor, thanks to rescuers are formed a human chain to lift people to safety. >> technicians rappelled down using ropes to go down over the side. also they had a daisychain of hands grabbing people and pulling them up. is the u.s. continues to ship military supplies to ukraine, russia's top diplomat says moscow will not start a
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war there, but he warned it won't allow the west to trample on its security interests either. russia is demanding that nato block ukraine from joining the alliance. hundreds of mourners packed st. patrick's cathedral in new york for the funeral of rookie police officer jason rivera. the 22-year-old and his partner were shot while responding to a domestic violence call last week. rivera got married just months ago to his high school sweetheart. >> today i am still in this nightmare that i wish i never had, full of rage and anger, hurt and sad. >> rivera died the night of the shooting. his partner died 4 days later. the gun man who killed him was fatally shot by a third officer. a winter storm is expected to slam the east coast this weekend, and tonight, millions are bracing for the impact. in some states thomas snowfall could quickly surpass 20 inches, making it all but impossible to get around. speaking of transportation, airlines have already canceled 2000 flights to major east coast hub starting tomorrow.
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one flight on schedule tonight, the 49ers charter to l.a. here's another live look at levis, where the 49er faithful are waiting for the buses to roll out. they are set to leave for minetta in about 15 minutes from now. how's the weather looking for that flight? no problem weatherwise. we hope for smooth sailing on their way down to southern california, and while they are there as well. a few changes in store as we head into the weekend. this high pressure has been slowly shifting to the east, and there is a small area of disturbed weather that will dive down towards the southern california coast. even southern california isn't going to see rain out of this one. it will send a few intermittent clouds over the bay area with no changes to the rain chances. despite dry forecast, air quality will improve further down the line. mostly in the moderate category . the best air quality was in the north bay. we will all be moderate across
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all zones of the bay area on saturday, but step-by-step, incremental improvement sunday and monday, and i think we will be in good air quality by tuesday. it isn't rain, just a shift in the wind direction. they will be light through tonight and most of the day tomorrow. still, a little bit of an onshore component right along the coast, but the offshore wind is not strong enough to disperse the pollution. that's why we will be in the moderate category on saturday about the onshore window swivels around suupa sunday afternoon. we are not talking about gusty conditions at all. a 15 to 20 miles per hour only, but they bring in fresh ll he will notice a drop in temperatures for the second of the weekend. clear skies overhead. we see high clouds floating in later on tonight. 47 degrees in santa rosa to 57 degrees in downtown san
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francisco. 55 degrees right now in san jose. in oakland, a pleasant friday evening. on friday evenings are pleasant because it is friday. into the 30s tonight and close to freezing for santa rosa. temperatures will stay in the 40s along the coast, and that everybody warms up. temperatures run about five back degrees above average. 60s across the bay area. low 60s along the coast. mid 60s for the south end of the bay. the warm places, in the santa clara valley. low to mid 60s in the east bay. low to mid 60s around the central bay. ci64 oakld. counties as well. es arming up e cond half of the weekend,
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but they drop by 2 to 4 degrees. it just puts us back down to where we should be for this time of year. we finish off the month of january with additional cloud cover, but a continuation of the drive pattern that has plagued us for so much of january, and it continues right into the first several days of february. some additional cloud cover on tuesday and wednesday, but very low. lower than 5% chances of any moisture them back to sunshine and a slight warm-up towards thursday and friday of next week. we will check out the ski report coming up at 11:00. it could be the next frontier. the free-speech debate, and how apple is trolling spotify tonight. coming up on are streaming service cbs news bay area, we share our thoughts and predictions for sunday's nfc championship showdown. that's coming up at 8:30. you can stream whatever, whenever. find us on pluto tv channel 1021 and any platform using the
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another delay four teslas cyber truck. seo elon musk told investors the pickup won't be ready until 2023, 2 years after it was promised. he said the main issue is new technology, and finding a price people are willing to pay for it. the initial plan was to listed just under $40,000. apple music is trolling spotify a day after its arrival a grade to remove neil young's music from its service. >> in a tweet at the top of its account, apple music causes platform the home of neil young. some users also reported seeing his music prominently displayed in the browser section with the banner "we love neil." earlier this week, he said he didn't want its music on spotify because of its relationship with joe rogan. he's made frequent inaccurate claims about covid-19 and vaccines. the backlash has begun in tennessee over a plan to charge for parking at valley fair mall . that includes customers and employees. the mall says people heading to the airport in nearby jobs are taking advantage of its lot.
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starting february 8, customers will get 2 hours free, and pay one dollar per hour after that. employees will pay three dollars per day, or for over $40 for a monthly pass. >> that makes no sense to me. it doesn't make any sense to any of the people running other stores who already find it hard to have enough employees to stay fully staffed up. >> a worker petition demanding free parking passes has already gathered more than 400 signatures. still to come, the bay area animal control officer who deserves some hazard pay tonight.
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let's take one last look at levi's stadium where the 49ers going to leave for the airport any minute from now. the fans, you can see and hear them, they are in full force to send them off to the nfc championship game.
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kickoff coverage continues tonight at 11:00. finally tonight, it is a pretty hard and fast rule that you never want to make a skunk crabby, but this one did it to himself. >> the poor guy himself got caught in a crab trap in san francisco. an animal control officer had to carefully cut the critter free will hoping to avoid getting sprayed. >> that certainly deserves hazard pay. good news, the skunk scampered away, spray free. how did she do that? >> that's dangerous work. thank you for watching. the news co inues streaming on
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