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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios there, is kpix five news. san francisco health officials are easing some covid restrictions. what you can expect if you are going to the gym. plus at-home covid tests have become a part of daily life for many people. the new warning from experts on their reliability. >> a reversal from the san jose unified school district.
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>> definitely put on your coat. your first alert weather forecast and helping you prepare for the day ahead. you won't need that coat later on in the afternoon. with that sunshine. ament atracking a bit of a cool- down as we look to the end of our weekend into next week. in the meantime, you can see a live look with our roof cam as we look at the tower. lit up. it has been lit up all week long in red and gold as we clear on our 49ers. so excited about the game. over the weekend. beat l. a. here we go with our temperatures in the 30s and 40s. sack santa rosa to sub freezing. mid 40s in oakland. mid 30s for concord. as we go through our day today, we are looking at a little bit of high clouds streaming in so
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still some sunshine. but we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds really in the 60s for the daytime highs. well above average for this time of year. warmer compared to yesterday. we'll talk more about that cool- down in the weekend into next week and the first alert seven- day forecast coming up. now, let's check in for a look at traffic. is it friday light out there? >> it is friday light. maybe, aim with you. i can't wait ng look at the roa it is slightly busy coming out of 205 to 580 itself. no rash. that is the good news. it is safe to say it is friday light. once you are through a few of the brake lights. the rest of your drive looks actually really good. a live look at the dublin interchange. traffic is moving nicely through that area. your travel time only about 33 minutes. east shore freeway. 101 looking good as well.
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we are tracking a afew brake lights. brake lights extend to 880. a big collapse. a bus caught in that collapse. 7:00 a.m. localtime right during the morning rush. just hours before president biden was scheduled to speak there. and to speak about the infrastructure law. and rescuers had to repel. others form a human chain to help rescue seven people from a conditioning dangling bus there. quite the scene. there are there is concern about a gas leak at first. and that line is turned off. so far no word on whether or not this will affect the president's plan to visit
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today. to break this all down. there are a lot of questions with masks on off, on after. what is the status now. >> what we know is omicron was spreading. bay area counties were implementing these restrictions again. now trends seem to be going in the right direction. health officials are getting ready to ease restrictions. starting february 1s, san francisco will once allow other stable cohorts of people to take off their masks indoors. hospitalizations. this is the time to be careful and cautious. that may change in a couple of weeks. as far as the easing of mask rules, rutherford says these are relatively minor changes with relatively little risk. >> and it is basically easing
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mask restrictions. the same way we had earlier on. everybody is up to date on their vaccines like gyms and at offices. so i think it is okay. and it is not -- i adopt see it causing really anything in the way of problems or real big transmission risks. >> and there is another cake when it comes to getting into megaevents. a 500 or more people like warriors game. and unvaccinated people will be allowed to go in as long as they provide a negative covid test and wear their masks. now, that negative covid test had to be takennen within 24 hours if it is rapid test or 48 hours if it is a pcr test. that goes into effect on february 1st as well. just in a few days.
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es ex-mnoha county health officials. >> awe lye look towards oakland. starting on tuesday, the city will require people 12 years and older to show proof of vaccination to enter places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms and concert venues. >> rapid tests may not be as reliable. they are warning these tests are giving more false negatives during the omicron surge. >> we are seeing the rapid test often take more than a couple of days of illness sometimes before it becomes positive. it does suggest maybe the rapid test is having more of a
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difficult time detecting e omacron. doctors say if you have covid- like symptoms you get a negative rapid result. always follow it up with a more reliable pcrest test. nearly 3500 teachers could go on strike. the united teachers of richmond demanding better protection for staff and students against covid-19. the group is now asking for high quality masks, weekly testing for all and the option for remote learning. if classes have multiple positive cases. the district tells kpix five it has taken significant action to insure its schools and staff are safe including providing employees with multiple kn95 masks providing weekly testing and exploring pay raises for substitute teachers. en. for more information on covid testing and vaccines as well as the very latest on health restrictions across the bay area, just head to
6:08 am a group of east bay gnaw boars being called heroes. fire crews say something electrical may have sparked those flames which quickly spread through a second floor unit. many of the people who lived there were able to escape this building. but some became trapped. >> we rescued him by getting him down from the balcony. >> my heart is still pounding. >> firefighters say only one man rescued from the complex needed to be treated for injuries at a nearby hospital.
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invest gaiters are many. >> a berkeley woman has been arrested. the chp shared this photo of officers arresting the 41-year- old woman. on tuesday, they pulled up behind an suv on the highway 17 shoulder near glenwood avenue. according to the chp, the female driver took off and the male passenger started shooting at officers. wednesday morning chp. she was spotted walking along. the suspect from the central valley is facing attempted murder charges. police in south san francisco investigating a fed death today. it happened yesterday. the driver was traveling westbound on east grand avenue. approaching a green light at. outside of the crosswalk. that driver stayed on scene for
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the 6789 the man who was hit and killed has not been identified. the school board is looking to approve 27 police officers. each will be paid up to $8,000 to provide services on campus. today, schools will have the option to submit a request for a school resource officer. they will patrol on campus during class hours or special events. er. >> i would hire 27 counselors. i would be looking at more teachers of color. special education. >> officers were removed from all campuses back in june 2021. until a more permanent policy is in place, the schools will have discretion to bring the officers back. ten minutes after 6:00. still ahead here on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area, many 49ers fans planning to head out to l. a. for the
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nfc championship game this weekend. the ticket scams to be on the lookout for. plus, a massive winter storm taking aim at the east coast. how millions of people are getting ready this morning. >> here on the east coast tracking that noreaster that could become a bomb cyclone. for us, your first alert wealth wealther forecast for the bay area. in some spots this morning with partly cloudy skies. as we head through the afternoon, mostly sunny to part any sunny skies. still even with a few more high clouds. warming up into the 60s this afternoon. throe to eight degrees this afternoon. a bit of a cool-down. onshore flow. a strong ocean breeze kicking in for us to cool us down. your first alert seven-day tore cast coming up. >> the bay
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you. welcome back. it is 64:14. the championship. and battling against a tough opponent of their open. ticket scammers just days after being banned from purchasing tickets. countless reports have come in from niner faithful claiming they have been bombarded. by ticket scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. some fans are well aware of scammer tactics. >> i asked a copy to send me a picture of a driver's license. they asked if they were located either. >> experts suggest sticking with sites like stubhub.
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so a warning if for last-minute buyers. if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. >> always wise words. the east coast bracing for a major winter storm that could dump as much as two feet of snow and pack winds with hurricane force. forecasters expect the storm to track just off the eastern seaboard. winter storm watchingss are issued from north carolina all the way to maine on new york's long island. officials are urging people to get ready. >> let's think about getting prepared. getting ready. getting smart and being safe. those are the key things we need to remember for this weekend. >> and the heaviest snowfall is expected in new england. the national weather service says the exact map of the storm is still urn certain. it could move close tore the coast bringing with it even heavier snowfall. it makes us feel lucky to live here. it is just about 17 minutes
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after 6:00. time to check our forecast. a big difference with what the east coast will be dealing with. they have winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings in effect for the east coast. nothing like that here. we are looking at really settling into a dry and quiet weather pattern. we could use a pacific storm system to bring some rain. at this point, just looking at temperatures a little bit cooler. a few more more clouds as we look to the end of our week into next week. that is about it. our first alert weather forecast. if you are getting ready to head out the door, here is what you need to know. it is a cold start. here is our hotel camera. concord, 36. mid 40s for your in oakland. san francisco at 50 degrees. 39. a chilly start r once
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again in san jose. so you won't need it in the afternoon. warmer compared to yesterday into the 60s. from low 60s along the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper ever zeros inland with a few more high clouds. sunrise at 7:16. our sunset at 5:28. for the peninsula in the mid 60s. six # in san matteo. for the south bay, looking at daytime highs. the east bay here shoreline. low to mid 60s.
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high clouds as we look to the weekend. the onshore flow. the dry streak continues from today. about three weeks of dry weather. we really need that rain. your seven-day forecast. there go into next week. for the coast. we aring looing at temperatures just a bit cooler with those clouds streaming in as we look to the end of the week into next week. still straying dry. as we look to the roadways. how are things shaping up? you know, not bad at all for a friday. if you are taking the freeway this morning. 880 is actually looking really good this morning. here is a live look from mobile five. our photo journalist giving you a great perspective of what traffic is looking like. this isn't too far from hayward. or in hayward as you approach that 29 connector getting over towards the bridge. if you are headed northbound 880. you shouldn't have any
6:20 am
troubles. southbound looks pretty good as well. ge here is a live look right now. we have reports of a stalled vehicle. we'll show you a look in just a second. there it is. we are seeing things getting a little bit crowded just past the toll plaza. hopefully we'll have that cleared out pretty quickly. a stalled vehicle. second lane. getting slow on that westbound side. we'll check your travel times here in just a bit. 880 north of there in oakland. actually not bad. traffic is moving nicely near the coliseum. here is a live look at conditions. you can see things are not slowing down at all for that ride through the oakland area. so travel times on 580. 2480. all clear. no delays. if you are taking 8080 as well. it is a nice ride towards the maize. where we are tracking some break lights that ride westbound 580 out of tracy getting on to the pass here. so a little slowdown.
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not too bad. things ease up. volume westbound which is the commute direction. it is not causing breaklights or issues. 205 towards the dublin interchange. streaming on cbs news bay area. at the biden white house, the first feline family out of the bag. the new family cat of the historic homes. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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it is time for your lunchtime forecast. after a cold start to our day. we are looking at temperatures on the rise. it is going to be a lovely noon lunchtime hour along the coast.
6:25 am
low 60s. also around the bay and inland in the low 60s as well. so breaking it down for you in san francisco at noon. 56 i can degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll see a few more high clouds as we head through our day today. in oakland at 57. for the south bay in san jose. 61. a bit of a cool-down as we look ahead to our weekend into next week with your first alert seven-day forecast coming up back to you. a northern california dog is lookintoa new home some massive love. 185pounds of it. such a big dog. that is how much the bum mass differ mix weighs. he is up for adoption at the sacramento spca. the shelter says don't let his size for you fool you. he is a big sweetheart. if you are looking ifer a giant couch potato, this is your guy. you will need a uhall or pick- up truck to bring this guy
6:26 am
home. >> he is a big boy. >> a lot more to love. >> yes. it is true. check this out. a cat has landed at the white house. joe biden revealed the long- awaited biden family feline. he is a short-haired two-year- old gray tab by named willow. the name is inspired by the first lady's hometown of willow grove, pennsylvania. willow shares the white house with commander, a german shepherd, the bidens adopted in december. when there is a kitty story, i cannot, you know, misan opportunity to show my rescue kitty. >> it is a multi-pet household. it is a good time. >> love it. time is 6:26. more options for travelers at sfo.
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the united airlines nonstop flights coming back to the airport. plus, outrage over a basketball superstar. why a san francisco supervisor is not happy about brooklyn mets guard irving coming to chase center. and welcoming our kpix five evening an door. you can catch him with elizabeth cook in our 5:00, 7:00, and 11:00 p.m. newscast.
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life from the cbs bay area studios. >> if you are just waking up, here are your morning headhines. offices and gyms in san francisco can go maskless once again. people have to be up to date on not only their covid vaccines, but also their boosters. and a live look towards oakland land. we are starting on tuesday. the city will require people 12 years and older to show proof of vaccination. it will be needed to enter places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, colonel vet venues. nearly 1500 teachers could go on strike in west contra costa county. the united leaders of richmonday. the district telling kpix five it has already taken
6:31 am
significant action to insure it schools and staffers are safe. good morning. thanks for starting your friday with us. it is january 28th. >> i'm amanda. we're going to get a check of our wealther and traffic. gianna is standing by with our traffic. and let's begin first with first alert meteorologist mary lee. >> good morning to you. we are starting off our day with cold temperatures. so helping you get out the door and imagine your day. a live look with our roof cam. we are looking at mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. not really dealing with that fog this we had earlier this week. and i love this view lit up in red and gold as we cheer on our 49ers. taking on the rams. beat l. a. and we know they can do it. all right. let's check out our temperatures. from 36 concord. oakland, 35. 35 in livemore. downtown soon face sea san francisco at 506789 check out santa rosa. sub freezing at 31 degrees. you will not neat your coat later on today as we are looking at a few more high
6:32 am
clouds streaming in. mostly sunny to clouds. temperatures will be on the rise into the 60s. low ever zeros along the coast. mid to upper 60s inland this afternoon. so we aring looing at those daytime highs on the rise. also from mountainview. looking at 62 concord. and 63. a bit of a cool-down. i amtraking as we head into our weekend. our first alert seven-day forecast coming up. now a look at traffic and how are the roadways often this friday morning. >> not too bad. in fact, we are going to stamp off with conditions for that ride into the pass. tracking just a few breaklights westbound. coming out at 205 getting on to 580. nothing out of the ordinary. it is the typical stuff. sluggish. 22 to 22 miles an hour. extra volume heading westbound.
6:33 am
live look toward 680. overall, your travel time is variable. 34205 towards 680. the rest of our major freeways are showing lots of green which is good news on a friday morning and the freeway. only a 15- minute commute. it looks like things in the so 101. continuing to follow on breaking news. the red cross has just arrived at the bridge collapse in pennsylvania. several cars and a bus were on this bridge when it fell. it happened in bits pittsburg at 7:00 a.m. local time right during the morning rush. this came hours before. biden was scheduled to speak there about the new intrastructure law. rescuer hearsay to repel 150 feet while others formed a human chain to try to help rescue people from that dangling bus. ten people totaled were injured. they are all expected to be okay and the white house says biden will proceed with his trip as planned.
6:34 am
if you are all up to date with your covid vaccines and booster, you will soon be able to take your mask off in san francisco. >> that is good news nor a lot of people. kpix five is live in the city. this comes as cases actually start to fall. >> yeah, and they are falling pretty quickly. now, we are still seeing a high number of cases and hospitalizations in the guy area. trends to be pointing in the right directions. changes are coming soon to events like a warriors game. starting february 1s. come just this tuesday, san francisco will allow office workers, gym members and other cohorts of people to take off their macings indoors. they must be up to date on their covid vaccines. that means fully vaccinated and boosted when you are eligible. children in schools will still be required to wear a mask indoors. as far as megaevents at 500 or
6:35 am
more people like a warriors game or an event at a chase center, unvaccinated people will be allowed to go in as long as they provide a negative covid test and wear their masks. ucsf george rutherford says these are minor changes with relatively little risk. we spoke with a gym owner and they are welcoming this. the city is saying it is safe to go into the gyms if you are boosted without a mask. that say big step forward. that is a real reassurance for somebody who may have been on the fence a little bit. these changes. other counties will follow. health experts say we are still coming off of this surge. kpix five. >> jocelyn, thank you. and a san francisco supervisor says no play fresh a visiting nba team should be allowed to play against the warriors if he is unvaccinated. that includes irving, the prove
6:36 am
innocent toward with the me theas who will be in town tomorrow. you supervisor matt hanes says he does not think irving should get the exception. an update on a billboard battle. the international airport. the propro sal is for two double-sided. and as we reported earlier, the plan ran into some opposition from an unusual source. astrongmys argued that the light from the billboards would have disrupted their work. bay area members of congress are going to be at sfo to talk about infrastructure upgrades. house speaker nancy pea willosi. and they are going to be
6:37 am
talking about the airports. infrastructure across the nation. , isfo is going to get about 50 million. and meantime, the dominant carrier united airlines. and resuming nonstops to several major issue cities. nonstops to paris will be reenstated starting in late february. and other destinations with renewed morn nonstops include pittsburg, atlanta, and new orleans. united executives say they are acting based on early signs of recovery from the omicron variant. and another major car year. it expects to lose money in the first quarter. staffing and bookings have both taken hits from, omicron. southwest says it is hoping to return profitability in march and for the rest of the year. 63:00 now. still ahead on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area. the warriors being represented at the nba all-star game. the teammates named starters this year. plus, we will introduce you to a 49ers super fan who will be in the stands for the nfc
6:38 am
championship game on sunday. first alert weather forecast and helping you get out the door. check out the gorgeous view. looking at san francisco with those beautiful colors in the sky. temperatures are running in the 30s and 40s to low 50s. so it is a chilly start to our day and as we led through the afternoon, lookings at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. a few more high clouds in the 60s with daytime highs. three to eight degrees above average. cooler for the weekend ahead. i'll have that coming up. . and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. taking a quick check on the big board this morning. the dow is down in the red. about 285 points. cbs moneywatch reporter diane king hall breaks down these numbers right after the break. but first, here is what is coming on on cbs mornings. we'll have the latest
6:39 am
forecast as the east coast braces for a massive winter storm. plus tony romo. they join us to talk about this sunday's nfl championship games. and nicole kidman. she walk talks to gale about her golden globe winning performance and how meeting her husband, keith urban was the best thing that ever happened to her. we'll have all of that and more. we'll see you at 7:00. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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time for your money watch report. a look at the stock market this morning and the health of the economy. diane king hall joining us live from new york this morning. good morning to you, diane. >> good morning to you. trade trades has been underway a little more than ten minutes. and you can see it started out
6:43 am
with some green. heading further in the red. it had also started on the plus side. the nasdaq down by 62 points. the s and p500 lower at as well. and meantime, the u.s. economy has axel lated in the fourth quarter. 6.9% by the end of last year. 5.7% for all of 2021. that was better than expected. good to see you there. thanks so much. >> thank you. team usa making its way to the olympic winter games. and the largerrest ever sent to the games. a total of 220 athletes. the team left los angeles yesterday morning. the athletings onboard include snowborder sean white and figure skater nathan chen. the winter olympics on february
6:44 am
4th . this morning, warriors stars are now officially all stars. they have been named all-star starters in late february. this is the sixth time in warriors history that the team has post boasted two starters for the game. other include lebron james. lots of fans will be in los angeles on sunday to cheer on the red and gold. >> they include a lifelong season ticketholder who inherited the enthusiasm from his father. his dedication goes a long way back back in 1952 when the 49ers were still playing at the stadium. his father, leo got his hands on season tickets and pat still holds them. 70-yard years and three stadiums later. how many games have i been to many i in my career?
6:45 am
north of five hub. we have been going in games. it is in my blood. if it wasn't for him i owe it all to my father. >> he is grateful his family can be part of the 49er's latest wave of success. finalized a bet with the cbs anchor team in los angeles. here is their challenge for us. take a look. it is time for a little snackdown before we put it down with the 49ers in the nfc championship. bay area have a football team. >> we have the track record. as i do recall a few months ago, you were proudly wearing dodger blue.
6:46 am
here is the deal for this next victory. the lams win this sunday. you have to make us a tiktok. >> we want to see your best moves for 30 seconds. >> the song you are doing. >> i love l. a. and post it on social media for the world to see. >> just make sure you put a little feeling into it. oh, please. look at these two. acting like they are the biggest fans in the world. this team is on rent from st. louis, still. it is barely even been in l. a. yet they are all of a sudden the big die-hards. sour doe some is going to be ready to pick up the remains of his team with his pick axe off
6:47 am
the field. i am confident. we have the track record to prove it. i am not not doing a tiktok dance. >> absolutely. we have no fear. we have no fear. >> i know you are a big 49ers fans. are you feeling this confident? >> we have got this for sure. yeah, cheering on our team. excited about the big game. by the way, in l. a., temperatures will be gore. we are looking at great weather for the day area as we look to our weekend ahead. your first alert weather forecast and what you can expect. it is a chilly start to our day. we are looking at those temperatures down to the 30s, and who 40s. in some spots, sub-freezing as we start off our day. i want to show you this
6:48 am
beautiful view. high clouds streaming in from us. oakland in the mid 40s. mid 30s in livemore san jose 39. and 31 sub-freezing in santa rosa. sunrise, by the way, officially going to come in at 7:16 a.m. and our sunset at 5:28 p.m. let's walk you through the day. we are looking at a few more high clouds streaming in. going to warm things up. great weather as we look t■o he city. 64 for a high as we walk you through your friday. and you're going to warm up to 68 degrees. with that sunshine as we head through that day today. the locations for the peninsula. mid 60s. 65 in redwood city. freemo inat topping out at 66 this afternoon. we are looking at 62 for the inland east bay in concord. for the napa valley. 63 for a high later on today. a few more high clouds stream
6:49 am
in for today. that ridge of high pressure backs off a bit. dry weather dry for our weekend. temperatures will be cooler with a bit of an onshore flow kicking in for us. that cooldown continues into next week. but still looking dry for next week as well. so that dry streak continues for us over the next several days. for today, it now makes three weeks of dry weather with no measurable rainfall. and we need that rainfall here in the bay area. snow reports. kirkwood. if you are heading up to tahoe, partly cloudy skies. for tahoe, looking at sun and clouds. looking great in the sierrah. your seven-day forecast. san francisco, oakland, and for san jose. with that cool-down as we look ahead to our weekend and into next week. a few more clouds streaming in with that onshore flow kicking in. inland, east bay, north bay and
6:50 am
the coast. loo looking at partly sunny skies. how are things shaw shaping up for that ride and that travel down to l. yeah, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket, a lot of niner fans expected. i don't know what you are talking about. this is going to go our way for sure. if you are headed down, saturday is your best bet to. >> you can take i-five down. the stadium is located near 45 and 105. we know it is l. a. they ve a lot of traffic issues. hah head to l. a. tag us at kpix if you can see all that 49er fateful fan. so excited for the big game. taking a look at the roadways right now. not too excited about these
6:51 am
break lights. no crashes, but it is a little. definitely see more volume on the road justice of the peace ways. a live look at the dublin interchange. travel times about 36 minutes. that is bearable for a friday for that pass ride. if you are taking the east shore or highway four or 101 out of san jose. all of that is in the green. we have some early-morning brake lights along 101 in san jose right along that 286 connector. still a little slow here or though. it is definitely improving. once you are past 880 heading into mountainview. no brake lights or issues. the rest of the way along the peninsula looks goo good. if you have an early flight to catch, you can throw those bags in the car and get going. you should be good to go. no metering lights just yet.
6:52 am
it has been an easy ride into san francisco. our photo journalist is abdomen making that connection. a pretty easy ride this morning. back to you, girls. eight minutes shy of 7:00. still ahead here on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area. easing mask requirements in one bay area city. the new rules going into effect in just a couple of days. plus, the new warning from health experts this morning on covid rapid tests. coming up on our streaming service. cbs news bay area. we are sharing some predictions for this weekend's nfc championship between our 49ers and the l. a. rams. plus the brother of justin steven briar joins us to discuss his retirement from the supreme court. a pretty candid conversation. you're going to want to check that out. it comes up at 8:30.
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watch our stream
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6:56 am
a. i'm jocelyn live in san francisco. just a few days of covid masking rules and other covid restrictions will soon be loosened. starting february 1s. so coming this tuesday, san francisco will once again allow office workers, gym members and other stable cohorts of people to take off their masks indoors but they must be up to date on their covid vaccine. that means fullvaccinated and boosted when you are eligible. children and schools will still be required to wear a mask indoors and masks still must be worn in other public places like retail store stores, bars
6:57 am
and restaurants. here is another change. 500 or more people like a warriors game. unvaccinated people will be allowed to go in as long as they provide a negative covid test and wear their masks. that goes into effect on february 1s. now, for that negative covid test, it has to be taken within 24 hours. if it is a rapid antigen test, or within 48 hours if it is a pcr test. live in san francisco,, kpix five. three minutes before 7:00. time for a look at this morning's other top stories. a new vaccine mandate kicks in a few days from now in oakland. starting tuesday, the city will require everyone age 12 and older to show proof they have been fully vaccinated. this will be necessary to go into places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, and concert venues. health experts say rapid antigen tests are sometimes producing false negatives. during the omicron surge. they say anyone with covid-like symptoms should follow up with a more reliable pcr test.
6:58 am
. and as we take a look at the roadways right now, here is a live look at the dublin interchange. some extra volume westbound working that way towards the 580, 680 connector. a little sluggish there. that travel time is 34 men minutes. that is you about it. a pretty easy ride this morning. and if you are up early in the freeways. back to you guys. and to your first alert weather forecast. as we are looking at a chilly start to your day with partly cloudy skies. just some high clouds streaming in. i want to show you this. it is really making for a spectacular sunrise. and we are watching this on our hotel come looking at san francisco and across the bay. you can see that fiery sunrise. such a pretty sight. show you our temperatures. mid 30s in concord. mid 30s in livemore.
6:59 am
39 in san. get ready for a warm-pup. weaver talking temperatures into the 60s with just some high clouds. take a look at this 12-year- old making us look like a bunch of underachievers. he 126789 hernandez is making history. he was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and right now is taking classes at the high school senior level. he plans to attend arizona state university. >> he was many specify therapy. thee years old until five years old. his iq test came back gifted. so that is when they knew he was gifted at that point. he got accepted as a bio chem. >> and he has big dreams. he says he wants to be.
7:00 am
>> wow. >> talk about big dreams. >> young sheldon come to life. pretty impressive. >> don't forg the news ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's "eye opener," it's your world in 90 seconds. it could be the biggest nor'easter in years. millions in the east prepare for a dangerous winter storm expected to hit this weekend. >> reporter: 1:00 on saturday, you got heavy snow coming down. two inches an hour from boston to the east end of long island. russia's foreign minister says there will be no war in ukraine where military drills continue and tensions remain high.


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