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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 28, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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f0 you. live this is kpix five news. right now on kpix five and streaming. taking a live look from our tower cam looking east you over the city of san francisco. it is january 28th. line >> reporter: let's get a check of wealther and traffic. happy friday to you. >> happy friday up. we have been looking ath a mix of clouds. here is your first alert weather forecast and what you can expect if you are heading out the door. we are looking at temperatures inth 30s and 40s this morning. so another cold start to our day with a louver look. 37 in cob cord. oakland, 46. mid 30s livemore. upper 40s. san jose down to 33. and down to 34 in santa rosa. we are starting off our day with partly cloudy skies to
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mostly cloudy. as we head through our day today, we are going to see some sunshine. in the low 60s walking you through the day. in san francisco and oakland, low 60s as well. you're going to see that sunshine as we head through our day today and that clearing. for the south bay, san jose warming up to 67 degrees for a high temperature. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast coming up. now let's check in for a look at traffic. it is friday. and everything just opened up and everything is clear. we are looking at our maps of that area. just a few brake lights. south 101 aapproaching. that was due to a fatal crash that happened several hours ago. it did take some time for the investigation to clear everything out of lanes. all lanes are now open.
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southbound 101 near guadelupe parkway. travel times so far so good. north 101. eight minutes. 85 to that 682/80 connector and no delays on 85 itself. next week people will be able to do go without a mask. asks a health expert if this is the right move. >> it was october 15th when mask handdates were repealed for offices and gyms provided everyone was fully vaccinated. then came winter and omicron and those who say mask handdates were back on. starting february 1s, though, those offices and gyms can once again go maskless provided everyone has a booster shot. we post the question to ucsf's dr. george rutherford. is this move safe? >> yeah, these are relatively minor changes with relatively
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little risk. it is basically easing mask restrictions the same way we had earlier on for places where we me everybody is up to date on their vaccines like gyms and offices. so i think it is okay. it is not going to -- i don't see it causing really anything in the way of problems or real big transmission risk. >> for dave, coowner of mxthree fitness, the announcement is a welcome one, and even one that might bring people back for their regular sweat sessions. >> the city is saying it is safe to go into the gyms if you are boosted without a mask. and that is a big step forward. that is a real reassurance for someone who may have been on the fence a little bit. >> reporter: he says the constant flip flopping as variants spike and fall is tough on an industry that has taken nearly two years of hits. his gym won't go mask-free right away. >> our gym in particular. we're going to wait a little bit to allow everybody a chance to get boosted. >> reporter: with case rates
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falling sharply after the holiday surge, this could be the first of many pandemic restrictions to be peeled off. >> right now, we are still in the glide path down to being free and clear. >> reporter: also changing on february 1st, the criteria to get into megaevents of more than 500 people. unvaccinated people can once again be allowed inside provided that they give a negative fest and wear a mask. in san francisco, an kpix five. >> and meanwhile, in the north bay. sanoma county health officials say they, too, will ease some of their health orders. the county is now allowing up to 50 spectators at indoor events. a live look towards oakland where starting on tuesday, the city will require people 12 years and older to show proof of vaccination. it will be needed to enter places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, and concert venues. as this recent covid surge continues, many of us are relying on rapid tests to go about our normal lives. now, we are discovering they may not be as reliable as we
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thought, particularly when it comes to the omicron variant. kpix five is in san carlos with what she learned from a local doctor. one bay area doctor says just a few weeks ago he relied on rapid tests to safely gather over the holiday, but now, there is a question about its reliability and whether rapid tests can pick up the omicron virus as well as past variants. >> my husband passed away from the virus. >> reporter: joanne wishes rapid tests were more readily available early on in the pandemic when her husband was still alive. >> back then, maybe, save more lives. >> reporter: while health experts have been encouraging the use of rapid antigen tests before gathering, now they are warning rapid tests during the omicron surge may not be as reliable as once thought depending on when you take them if you are infected with covid. >> at this point, it is not completely clear what is going
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on. we have not seen this with the previous variants. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor and infectious disease expert says the fda and cdc is starting to gather data on what is happening with rapid testing. they are finding the tests although quicker than pcr tests are giving more false negatives during the omicron surge. >> we are seeing the rapid tests often take more than a couple of days of illness sometimes before it becomes positive. and sometimes, it just isn't becoming positive for several days. so this suggests maybe the rapid test is having more of a difficult time detecting omicron than it did with the other variants. >> reporter: if you have got covid-like symptoms but get a negative rapid result, always follow it up with a more reliable pcr test. until more data is gathered by the federal government. frankly, we should have
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always been skeptical with the negative test. after the loss of her husband, joanne says she is just grateful rapid at thes are now available at her fingertips. >> and so in the convenience of your home and you are not around anybody else. >> reporter: earlith exfor the perts say if a rapid test comes back positive whether you have symptoms are not, you likely have covid and don't need to get a follow-up pcr test. kpix five. for more on covid vaccines and testing as well as the very latest on hemth restrictions across the bay area, just go to happening today, nearly 1500 teachers could go on strike in west contra costa county. the united teachers of richmond demanding better protection for staff and students against covid. the group is now asking for high-quality masks, weekly testing for all, and the option for remote learning if classes have multiple positive cases. the district tells kpix five it has taken significant action to
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insure its schools and staff are safe including providing employees with multiple kn95 masks, providing weekly testing, and exploring pay raises for substitute teachers. a goo up of east bay neighbors is being called heroes after helping rescue a man from a burning apartment. it happened yesterday at a senior living facility in pleasant hill. fire crews say something electrical may have sparked the flames which quickly spread through a second floor unit. many residents were able to escape the building, but some became trapped. >> we rescued him by lifting and getting him down from the balcony. and we have some -- two men -- they said come on, jump. jump. they held him. and brought him down. >> my heart is still pounding. >> thank god. >> right time. right place. >> firefighters say only one man who is rescued from the complex needed to be treated for injuries at a nearby hospital. invest gaiters are still working on an exact cause of
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this fire. sam jose unified school district is set to allow police officers back on campus. a school board is looking to aprove 27 miffs. each will be paid up to $8,000 to provide services on campus. today schools are going to have the option to submit a request for a school resource officer. they'll patrol on campus during class hours and during special events. >> e i would hire 27 counselors. i would be looking at more teachers of color. more counselors of color. special studies. special education. >> officers were removed from all san jose unified campuses back in june of 2021 until a more permanent policy is in place, the schools will have discretion on when or not they want to bring those officers back. 20 minutes now before 5:00. still ahead on kpix five and streaming on cbs news bay area, she one of san francisco's most
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infamous cold case murder errors. coming up, the new reward to catch the doodler. and 49ers fans. the target of scammers. beware of if you are looking for tickets to sunday's game. the deal is too good to be
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amazon workers are preparing to hold a union vote. plus pizza hut is rolling out a special delivery for spicy loves. dan king hall reports from cbs broadcast center. wall street fell on thursday with txdot hit the hardest again. the da ow dipped seve. the s and was down 23. the iphone maker says profit topped $34 billion and sales grew more than 11% during the
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holiday quarter. apple predicts sales will be up double digits in the first three months of 2022. workers at another amazon warehouse are preparing to hold a union vote. the national labor relations board gave the go ahead to employees in new york that on the island after enough signatures were elect collected no. date has been said. amazon employees voted down a union last year but are preparing to try again next month. pizza hut is heating things up. the chain is out with a spicy loves pizza which features a new sauce with sliced red chilis and crushed red peppers to deliver a touch of heat. couples can get double pep row knee, hawaiian chicken or vegetable. the chain says it is available for a limited time. for more, head to at the cbs broadcast center. i am diane king hall. yesterday marked the 48th anniversary by the doodler
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killer. there were some new developments in that decades old cold case. and in the 1970s, the doodler would draw his victims before killing them. he terrorized the city's guy community. he would find his victims at bars and night clubs and they say the bodies of those victims were discovered near the beach with multiple stab wounds. >> people were very worried. it was scary. at night, the city was different then. at night, there was a lot of activity. and it was kind of like easy prey for somebody of that depth to perform. >> a sixth death to san francisco's doodler killer. they have increased the reward to $200,000 for any information on the suspect. california could soon be compensated for donating blood. a new bill being considered at the state senate wants to provide a major tax break for blood donors. it would apply to california whether or not donates blood at least four times a year. in return, they would receive a
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$500 tax credit. the proposal comes as the state continues to face a critical blood supply shortage. with the nfc championship kicking off this sunday, niners fans are stuck battling against a tough opponent of their own. ticket scammers r being nned from untlesreo have ve been bomb boarded by ticket scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. some fans are well aware of scammers' tactics while others were caught by surprise. >> # hundred dollars a ticket. then i would call them and text them. it has just gone back and forth. i realize it was fake. >> they won't take paypal. i asked them for a copy to send me a picture of their driver's license. they didn't answer that. then i asked where they were located and they won't answer that either. >> reporter: experts suggest sticking with sites like stubhub so a warning for last- minute ticket buyers. if the deal seems too good to
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be true, it probably is. wise words for life. it is 4:47 now. time to get a quick check on our weather and traffic. >> in first alert weather meteorologist. mary lee here to give us our forecast. happy friday. here is your first alert weather forecast. i amtraking a few changes. the e seven the seven-day forecast. if you are getting ready for work or school. we are looking for another cold start to our day. we look north. you can see 37 in concord. oakland 46. 36 in livemore right now. and 38 at san francisco. san jose in santa rosa coming down to 43. let's walk you through the day. 60s. and also a mix of sun and
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clouds. so low 60s along the coast. mid ever zeros around the bay. and upper 60s this afternoon. a strong ridge of high pressure in place. it is slowly going to back off just a bit and that will bring stronger onshore flow and cooler temperatures as we look into the weekend into next week. in the meantime for today, we are looking at 63 along the coast and pacifica. 64 for a daytime high. san francisco around the bay. mid 60s for the peninsula. 62 in concord. in the north bay. and a mix of sun and clouds. clouds stream in as we look toward tomorrow morning. maybe looking at clearing in the afternoon for your saturday. at this point, we are still looking at drier conditions as we look at next week with that ridge of high pressure in place. your snow report looking at sun
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and clouds up in tahoe and your snow report for kirkwood, partly cloudy skies, but still looking. and san jose with that first alert forecast. you can see temperatures will be cooling down by end of the weekend. and for the coast. that cool-down as we head through the next seven days. and let's check in for a look at traffic. are the roadways still looking all right out there? >> yes, they are, mary. it is safe to say it is rid from. to hit the freeways. right now is a good time to be on the road. you can see things are moving really nicely. no delays as you head into the east bay. it has been pretty quiet ride here so far. this is good news. westbound, things are pretty
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clear here as well. first reports of a crash westbound 80. it doesn't look it is going to cause any brake lights or issues. still looking pretty good right now with only 13 minutes to go from highway four over to mcarthur maize. westbound 58 to. 25 minutes right now. so smooth sailing for the most part. no delays on highway four and 101. looking northbound out of san jose. near 87. this was due to an overnight crash. you can see all that green there on our mapping system. everything is actually clear with some pretty nice speeds overall. 73miles per hour, in fact, of your commute on 101. no delays along 280 and things are all clear on 87 right now. good news if you are traveling out of the south bay. a look at those travel times. everything in the green here as well. so 85 to 80 all checking in problem-free. there was an earlier crash north 101. that has cleared out of lanes as well.
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that is a look at traffic. here is sports. straight ahead, one more 49er practice and it
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good morning. i've got the nba. steph curry, his 78th and wiggins, were named all-star game starters last night and then the minnesota timberwolves came to town. the attaboy congrats for wiggins as they walked into the chase center picking up second quarter. no first half passes. inside and out. scored 23 of his 31 in the first ha. minnesota by four midway. big warriors third quarter. and they are up to, watch this. steph curry. mystifying. crazy. warriors were up by five. warriors had 21 made threes. increased the lead to 14.
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they outscore the timberwolves 38-20 in the third. under five minutes to the left. curry scored 29. and on the very next position. and clay thompson in one of his five tees. the warriors had a 29 assists. and 115. for your five and one in the seven-game home stand and brooklyn is in tomorrow. the nfl and the warriors at afternoon practice today and in a flight to los angeles and on that plane, samuel, the rams will see one of the most bruising, punishing runners in the league. unheard of from a receive but appreciated and respected. >> usually, receives are prima donna. someone to impose
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his will on before he finished anything. that is a guy who is not doing it because he is asked. this is a guy doing it because he has probably been doing it since he was five. watching him doing it in the backyard against everybody. >> and college basketball last flight. the game plan hosted west coast rival st. mary's. he lead by as many as 23 in the first half. look how the half ended. at the buzzer. and they grinded. at the three-minute mark. the lead was only six. later tied at ever three. tied until it wasn't. a follow shot at the minute mark. and he scored 27. st.mary's stormed back and won it. 72-70. the cons have lost three of their last four. no time to waste for santa clara. six seconds left last night. and williams was able about to
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be a big man on campus. williams scored seven ever. the broncos upset. the cougars 77 had-76. you usa looking strong this season. ingram. and strong to the back and stanford took the lead. 17-three now. two of those losses have come against the cardinals. e short-changed you. bears dropped the 81-57 loss to number seven ucla. back to the 49ers. legals up. later on on the. destination loss angelas. that will do it this morning. i'll see you later. just about three minutes
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before 5:00. still ahead, san francisco easing covid rules means changes coming to the chase center. what you need to know if you are going to catch a game any time soon. plus, new concerns
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five news. >> as covid cases continue to fall, san francisco is ready to ease covid restrictions including its mask rules and what you can expect if you are going to a warriors game. >> it doesn't appear to be substantially different. >> plus why health experts say they are still feeling optimistic despite the concerns surrounding a new variant of omicron. >> and the looming school district strike that could impact tens of thousands of east bay students as soon as
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this morning. and after cutting ties, one of the biggest school districts in the bay area looking to bring police officers back to campus. good morning, it is friday. january28th. i'm amanda s. >> i'm ann in for lynn this friday. time to get a quick check her anaffic gi th firsert meorologist. how isit lookg? we, we arg at ld temperatures once again in the 30s and 40s. here is your first alert weather forecast as we are looking at temperatures down to 36 in concord. livemore. 36. downtown soon face sea cox 48. 41 in san jose and santa rosa at 34 with that live look with our tower camera as we look southeast across the bay. as we head through the afternoon, we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures warming up into the 670s well above average. along the coast, low 60s. around the bay, mid 60s. and inland topping out in the upper 60s this


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