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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 26, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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jose as gun nethe city's new insurance requirements. and getting the red and gold, meeting the 49ers l.a. fan base as we give you a live look at coit tower. as the landmarks lit up for the 49ers tonight. good evening. the team hit the practice field in santa clara today ahead of the trip to l.a. to meet the rival rams in the championship. vern tkpwepb is -- vern glen is there with the action. >> reporter: not about the action happening inside it is about the practice field outside. as championship week continues to soldier on. today was a big one. game plan insulation day. samuel, nice and loose.
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then, the quarterback, jimmy garoppolo, he continues to take plenty of jabs from fans on social media. >> friends, family, they will always, they seem to remind me of those things. >> that is the story of my life, no respect. >> he is not looking at what everybody is tweeting about him. who knows what he does outside of the building but i know as soon as lecomes inside of the building he is the same guy every day. >> you get lost and believe in those things. >> i get no respect at all, are you kidding me? >> jimmy g., you can not say enough, the. [beep] he takes, consistently people try to pull him down and all he does is try to deliver. >> as long as these guys in the locker room have faith in me and belief in me that is all i care about. >> reporter: not go a guy hiding behind a laptop taking shots it is 52 guys looking at you as their leader and that carries a lot of weight. that'll do it from santa clara, more practice tomorrow.
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vern glen, kpix5. go 49ers! we are hoping to see a sea of red and gold at sofi on sunday. >> if you think it is all driving down from the bay area, think again. we caught up with the l.a. saloon squad. >> fans just wanted to support a team and well, it is easy to support a team with a winning history. and aside from that i think a lot of us fans like myself and fans that i know, our parents were 49er fans since the '80s. we want to see your 49er pride. tag kpix on your social media posts. san francisco city supervisors voting next week on a resolution to formally apologized to the chinese community for past atrocities and committing to support future investments. meanwhile, we are learning more about a plan charged in dozens of attacks on asian businesses in the city and why he is not in jail
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tonight. here is kpix5. >> reporter: the 37-year-old suspect is scheduled to appear in court again at the end of the month. >> reporter: surveillance video from several chinese- owned businesses captured a man on a scooter last summer. smashing windows, sometimes with a slingshot, entering stores and burglarizing the property. >> the authorities say that leis the man responsible for a string of 27 separate attacks. and chinatown and the ocean avenue corridor. and august of last year. >> his target was the asian community. what would of happen if any of the victims were in this at that time, came out, trying to defend their store. >> reporter: they charged him soon after the police arrested him in august with 27 felony counts of vandalism, four felony counts of second degree burglary, one misdemeanor count of possession of burglary tools, one misdemeanor count of possession of a concealed
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weapon, in addition to 31 hate crime enhancements. the authorities say they were based on racially charged statements made by him. the judge granted him mental health diversion in september. >> the da's office argued against it, what else can they do? >> there still needs to be an accountability mechanism and check and see what he is doing and not just let him out. >> the real question is who is responsible for making that decision, is it just the judge that decides? then we need to look at how does the legal system work. >> reporter: we reached out to his attorney, her client pled not guilty. we are gathering documents. it is unclear what is exactly on the table for his next court appearance on january 31st. in san francisco, kenny choi, back to you. a 21-year-old plan is under arrest tonight for the murder of a pregnant mom in berkeley. 19-year-old serenity henderson died in october of 2020 after someonr c
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her 1-year-old son was with her along with other family members. investigators say forensic and electric evidence led them to the suspect on monday. turns out he was already in jail for a gang-relating shooting. the suspect, who has not been named, is now charged with murder, attempted murder and weapon violations. meanwhile, the police just made four arrests in connection to a mass shooting at a san jose restaurant that happened just five days before that berkeley murder. two men killed, three more wounded in that attack. the police arrested three people on narcotics larges and recovered a huge cache of drugs, firearms and money. tonight, the chp says a pedestrian, struck and killed after running on to the highway early this morning, was reportedly trying to get hit. the man who has not been named turned out to be a suspect in an earlier triple stabbing and reported just after 2:00 a.m. at a home. all three victims are suspected
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to survive. investigators say they knew their attacker. so far no word on a motive. new crime numbers out of san francisco. they are a mixed bag. residential and commercial burglaries dipped last year but larceny took a sharp turn in the other direction driven by car break ins and gun violence rose by 33% in 2021. tonight, guns are at the center of a legal showdown in san jose which just voted to require owners to carry liability insurance. kpix5 reports that the ink was not even dry on the new ordinance when a 23 page lawsuit arrived. >> we did it immediately because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications to passing america's most insane gun control. >> reporter: dudley brown with the national association for gun writes is spearheading the legal battle with local attorney. the lawsuit claims the city has no right to charge gun owners a $25 fee
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because it is a tax on their second amendment right. >> the supreme court ruled that the power to tax is the power to effectively destroy a given activity. that is why the courts are highly skeptical of taxes on constitutional rights. >> reporter: greg wood says professor of criminology at san jose state. >> the tax will definitely demand criticism. ultimately the court will conclude that the city of san jose is within its power in this particular measure. >> reporter: $25 fee will be collected by a nonprofit to be distributed to other nonprofits that do work with suicide prevention, domestic violence and firearms training. >> the ordinance says the city of san jose will not be controlling how the money will be spent. that is itself unconstitutional under city law and state law. >> it is not discussed as an attempt to get people to stop using guns, right? that would be a restraint.
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>> reporter: in san jose, kpix5. >> san jose state reportedly agreed to a $560,000 settlement with a whistle-blower in a sex abuse scandal. former deputy athletics director claimed he was fired in march of 2020 for opposing his former's boss's efforts to cover up misconduct and retaliate against those that reported it. most of it had to do with former athletic trainer who worked for more than a decade after female athletes first started accusing him of abuse. more than a dozen ever those accusers won a $1.6 million settlement last year. in-person classes will resume at berkeley. santa clara university and cal state east bay will be back after a virtual start to the term. san francisco state are staying on line until february 14th and sonoma state will not return before the 11th when the county's ban on large gatherings is set to
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expire. covid-19 cases are dropping across the board in the bay area tonight. state figures are showing the new case average peaked january 15th. a peak on january 9th for costa county. banning together to buy homes for the homeless. >> where the money is coming from. a look at retiring supreme court justice stephen breyer and the women who might replace him. shark attacks are on the rise tonight, not necessarily where you might think. temperatures were a little above average across the bay area today. climbing up in the lower half of the 60s, warmer temperatures tomorrow. how long can it last? we will look ahead to the weekend, coming up
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president bid 7 -- biden is poised to pick his first supreme court judge. justice breyer was born in san francisco in 1938. he attended loyal high school. graduate friday highest honors from stanford, his father also practiced law and his brother charles sits on the bench. president biden pledged to appoint a black woman and she may have golden state ties as well. judge crouger is one of them. >> we are talking about shaping the court for the next generation, that is one important difference. the second important difference is that somebody with different life experience and different skills can persuade other justices on decisions. so, we might actually see some
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decisions change because of the conversations that happen in conference among the justices changes. taking a look at your top headlines now, russia released new video of war ships leaving the port after a concern of possible invasion of ukraine heats up. as the u.s. embassy encourages americans to leave the area, president biden may soon deploy the 8500 u.s. troops currently on alert to get them into position along nato's eastern flank. >> we have no intention of putting american forces ornateo forces in ukraine. but, we -- as i said, there are going to be serious economic concerns if he does it. >> meanwhile concerns that putin could cut off oil and gas shipments that run through ukraine in the coming weeks. the federal reserve signaled they will likely have rate hikes in march. the central bank slashed rates to near 0 when the pandemic hit, fueling job growth and stock
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market gains, also high inflation. and in greece, many drivers spent a freezing night trapped in their cars as a rare blizzard shutdown a busy highway in athens in neighboring turkey the storm grounded flights and forced rescued on the roadway. one icy blast nearly knocked a woman off of her feet as she boarded a bus. speaking of weather, some of the changes, big changes coming to your department. that is right. starting tonight, launching first alert weather. our new approach that puts even more focus on when and how specifically changes in the bay area's weather will impact you. >> it is climate change in action, look at this. it is wild. >> reporter: we have seen this winter how severe weather can impact the bay area. >> oh, my! >> reporter: weather conditions putting lives and property at risk. it is one of the reasons why kpix5 is introducing first alert weather. it is our renewed commitment to serve our
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viewers, a promise to be first to alert you to changing weather so you can better plan your life. >> and it goes deeper than just that. every day we promise to be transparent about how the forecast is evolving. and when conditions take a turn our team will declare first alert weather days when bay area weather will be severe or disruptive. on first alert weather days we will help you plan, prepare, and stay safe. it is not just winter storms. look for first alert weather days for extreme cold, dangerous heat, poor air quality plus something we come to know all too well. fire weather and wildfire smoke. first alert weather is not just a slogan. it is our pledge to keep you informed across all kpix5 platforms. it is our promise to clearly communicate weather changes before they impact the bay area. >> so important. and also it is important to note first
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alert is not just about severe weather, right? >> right, in the bay area we typically do not associate our weather with severe very often. it will be a key part of it when it does happen but every day we will put the focus how the forecast evolves with changing weather patterns and we will try to get you ready for even just inconvenient or weather that will disrupt your day to day pattern. we are all creatures of habit. anything that gets in the way of what you usually do on a daily basis we will let you know about it as far in advance as possible. not as much fog tomorrow and dissipate more quickly tomorrow. a lot of temperatures will warm up even more than today. mild weather in the first half of the weekend. a brief cool down is on the way by sunday and monday as the breeze gets stronger and more cloud cover moves in. unsettled pattern will shape up early next week. now, what does unsettled mean? it means there is a chance of a couple of passing showers. but, it is a slight chance, still, in the forecast.
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it has been pushed back a little bit timing wise. we had it in the forecast for late sunday, sunday night, now it looks like the likely time frame sunday night into monday. but the height of these bars on the chart has not changed we are still talking about a 20 to 30% chance at best of passing showers, even a trace of rainfall and beyond that time frame, the next seven-days, we are looking at a dry forecast well into february. the latest 6 to 10 day out look? the 8 to 14 day outlook, looking into february with the dry pattern. that would be a five week stretch of dry weather at that point for the bay area. we need the rain, not just drought conditions but to improuf our air quality that was not great today. in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range for the north bay, central bay and inland in the east bay. it will drift farther south tomorrow and then as a stronger breeze kicks
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in friday, saturday, sunday, it is back to the moderate category across the board. right now, dark outside. you can see the haze on the horizon, the temperatures dropping down to 49 degrees in livermore, you are the cool spot. 50s in san francisco and san jose later on tonight, inland temperatures will drop to the middle to upper 30s to around 40 degrees, lower to middle 40s around the bay with upper 40s on the coast and high temperatures tomorrow, once that little bit of fog in the morning dissipates we will warm up four, five, six, seven degrees above normal for late january. let's zoom in for a closer look. lower 60s across the south end of the bay. warm spots in the valley reaching up into the upper 60s for thursday afternoon's high temperatures, lower 60s for the east bay. everybody between 61 and 63 degrees around the bay it will be lower 60s for san francisco, maybe a degree warmer on the oakland side of the bay. middle 60s for most of the north bay and the temperatures farther north in the middle 60s. a couple spots in the upper 60s. the temperatures do not change
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for friday and saturday. then the cool down arrives and it is a modest cool down, two to three degrees, clouds over head by sunday, especially monday. but the rain chances are so slight we are not adding any raindrop icons to the forecast for early next week. just additional cloud cover. we will continue hoping that those rain chances will go up. we will get more data to look at between now and 11:00 and updated look for those at those rain chances coming up then. >> all t, ersed. thank you. >> the new affordable housing proposal in one of the last bay areas you would expect to find it. >> we will talk to 49er fans that are planning to paint sofi stadium red and gold with the match up against the rams at 8:30. then, at 8:35, a check of real estate trends in the east bay. you can watch or stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv
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san francisco tenants facing eviction could have a better chance of avoiding it. a new ordinance would require landlords to give a 10 day warning before issuing an eviction notice to give the tenant time to correct any problems. the mayor still has to sign off. tonight, four cities are seeking state grant money to buy homes for
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the homeless. the bay area news group reports hayward city, livermore and piedmont applied for $12 million for project home key funds to buy about a dozen separate properties and convert them into supportive housing for up to 6 people each. >> giving you a live look at the peninsula. home to the first ever affordable housing. the owners of a three-acre parcel will scrap existing buildings and build 42 new ones including a dozen below market rate apartments, if approved it will meet a quarter of their obligations to build 160 new units under the state mandated regional housing needs allocation. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. shark attacks are on the
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after three years of decline, shark bites are on the rise again. >> all right, but you are still incredibly unlikely to be a victim, even here in california f that helps, of the 73 unprovoked attacks 47 were in the u.s. however, all but four occurred on the atlantic coast. >> wow, so surfers account for most shark bites, most victims survive once they realize we are not seals, humans do not taste good. >> that is still one too many for me. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsnewsbayarea. >> we will see you back here
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