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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 26, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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want more covid protections. scientists monitoring a new mutation of omicron. >> and fake testing site across the country. the way you can now verify real locations. and the reunion all caught on camera between a stolen bulldog and his owner. good morning to you. it is wednesday, january 26th. >> good morning to you. mary lee is up first with the forecast on this wednesday. good morning. happy wednesday. halfway through the workweek and we are looking at another chilly start to the day with foggy conditions. you can see that fog on the treasure island camera looking at san francisco. temperatures down to the 30's and 40's. 37 for you in concord, down to 35 in livermore. 47 downtown san francisco. mid-40s with that fog in san
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jose and foggy conditions in santa rosa in the low 40s. we are dealing dense fog in spots. down to a half mile in santa rosa, a quarter mile in napa and a quarter mile in the south bay in san jose. be careful on the roadways. as we look to the afternoon we are going to see clearing, maybe a little earlier compared to yesterday and with that, that sun will bring temperatures in to the 60s this afternoon. above average for this time of year. low 60s on the coast, 62? san francisco, low to mid-60s for the peninsula, inland 67 in san jose, inland east bay 62 in concord. 62 for the tri valley and livermore and 62 for the napa valley. we will talk about the rest of the week and looking ahead to next week with the longer range weather models if there is any chance of rain in site. let's check in with gianna. we have the foggy conditions once again. >> yeah. i'm glad you mentioned that. c hp just issued a fog
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advisory. be careful, limited visibility will be a problem as you hit the roadways. not seeing a lot of crashes or issues but we will watch that. we are tracking delays. it's the usual stuff heading into the pass. it's getting busy on 205 out of tracy getting onto 580 right around north flynn. give yourself extra time already. looks a little better as you work toward the dublin on that westbound side of 580. travel time now at 30 minutes, 205 to 680. that ride on the east shore still 13 minutes. the live news desk. continuing to physical the breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. . the search is on for two people. someone shot at a california highway patrol officer and law enforcement have been looking for them ever since. this is the area we are talking about. the pursuit that apparently led
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to this shooting ended on highway 17 at around 11. police searching for a white woman and hispanic man, both in their mid-40s. shelter in place orders were put into effect on several streets. that search continues as far as we know involving multiple law enforcement agencies. we will keep you posted. back to you. developing this morning, teachers in west contra costa are threatening to go on strike if they don't get more covid protections in schools. >> we are live with more on what they are demanding. >> there are a couple of things like many school districts throughout the bay area, west contra costa has been hit by omicron. here is what teachers want. they are asking for high
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quality masks be provided to all students and staff daily. they want weekly testing for all. they want a plan so that a qualified adult is available when there is a teacher absence and they want twice a week testing for classes with three or more cases that. last one is not possible they want a temporary shift to independent study during the quarantine period. they said it has ordered kn95 masks to be provided every day and twice weekly to staff. they say some of the masks have been given to some schools this week. they say they are looking at raising substitute teacher pay. the union met with the district monday and offered some of the proposals. they plan to meet to discuss more. if there is no agreement by friday they could call a strike vote. santa clara county confirms it's found two cases of the new omicron variant. a strain that is being called
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the stealth omicron. only 11 cases have been found so far in california. the concern is that this may be more transmissible than the original omicron. >> it spread from about maybe 20% of the sequences in december to 45% the second week of january and now it's up to 65% of the cases in denmark. >> at this point doctors aren't seeping any signs that it's worse than the original one. the state attorney again is warning about an up tick in fake covid tests. many are posing as real clinics to scam people out of money and personal information. is he now urging residents to go to the california department of public health to find verified testing sites. we have done reporting on efforts to crack down on fake testing sites here in the bay area. you can see the reporting at
5:06 am san jose just made history by becoming the first city in the nation to require all gun owners to obtain liability insurance and pay a yearly fee. it was passed late last night after listening to public comment it. was proposed by the mayor after the bay area's deadliest mass shooting that happened in san jose last year. >> i lost one of my friends. >> people got killed and you got the audacity to come up and act like you are going to be the savior of us all. >> the ordinances will need to be read next month. the insurance and fee requirements were separated into two different ordinances. the money from the fee would go do a nonprofit for gun violence prevention. in response to the vote the firearms policy coalition released a statement saying
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insurance requirement for law abiding citizens is a burden, not constitutional and prohibited by california law. happening today as we take a look at san francisco, the city's budget and finance committee is set to vote on a resolution apologizing to chinese immigrants for past attacks. they jewelry stores have been targeted twice. a group of five men swarmed a jewelry store just before 7:00 monday night. they smashed the glass display cases and took the jewelry. it's unknown how much they stole. nobody was hurt. san bruno police released these pictures of the marked suspects. they say they all escaped. another jewelry store was targeted by a group of people in the same mall just a few days before, on friday. five suspects entered a jewelry
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store. police say one of the suspects smashed a display with a crowbar and approached the store owner. the owner pulled out a gun and pointed it at the suspect. another suspect point aid gun at the owner before the group ran off. in santa clara crews battled a fire at an empty building. the inside of the building was completely burned. fire crews say that it took them about 45 minutes to knock it down. >> the crews kept it to the building of origin. the buildings in the back on gerald. all the homes and residents were sheltered in place because of the smoke. it was confined relatively quickly. >> nobody was hurt and no word on the cause this morning. some good news this morning. a french bulldog stolen at gun point in castro valley is back home with his owner. >> the reunion was caught on camera last night.
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>> hi baby. hi baby. >> he was stolen on hiner id that was walking him in castro valley when three suspects, armed with hand guns, stole him. hours later they returned to her home and stole her car. the alameda county sheriff said that detectives worked to find the dog. some came in on their days off to work on the case. deputies made several arrests related to this robbery and a number of others. yesterday detectives followed up on some tips that led them to the dog. they confirmed was him by scanning his chip. love to see that reunion. still ahead,. >> the push back this morning on a proposal at the port of oakland and the threat from environmental activists. and crews battling the colorado fire this morning when
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we are now learning was the cause of all of the damage. if you are about to head out the door don't forget your coat. we are talking 30's and 40's and watch out for the fog. we are dealing with patchy dense fog as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon expect that sunshine later on today with temperatures in the 60's. we are talking anywhere from three to seven degrees above average for this time of year. we will have that full forecast coming up. and we will look at the foggy freeways and see how your travel times are. the bay bridge looks good. not a bad ride into
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live to sacramento where there is police activity. we believe there may have been a shooting but police haven't confirmed what happened. this mean that state route 160 is closed in both directions. authorities have not given any sort of timeline on their investigation. if you are going to sacramento county you are going to want to avoid that area. a little city along the delta so certainly a big disruption to life. we will watch what is going on.
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back to you. this morning san francisco mayor is proposing more than $22 million in emergency funding to address covid related staffing shortages in the police and fire departments and to cover overtime costs. the board would have to approve that. it appears that san francisco's convention industry is bouncing back from the pandemic. they have booked 35 so far for this year including a large laser bio medical conference. they hosted 49 conventions in 2019, prepandemic. the industry accounted for 18% of total tourists spending in the city this year. taking a live look at the port of oakland where proposed sand and gravel storage facility is meeting a wall of resistance. tomorrow the port board will consider a request from eagle rock to ship in materials canada for a distribution to bay area construction sites. >> it's a loose rock facility
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and so you throw rocks around they create dust and so we are really concerned about the -- what they call partice matter. >> they are threatening to sue the port. eagle rock declined our interview but a statement from the port said the proposal exceeds current regulations including electric trucks, measures to minimize dust and reducing the vessel emissions. on the fire watch we are learning the cause of the fire burning near big sur. winds blew hot embers from a pile burning operation tono nearby vegetation. it's burned 700 acres since friday near big sur. cal fire said favorable weather conditions have allowed them to boost containment to 50%. we are hoping the weather cooperates. >> yeah. for sure and the good news.
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the winds letting up out there. that should help firefighters trying to get a handle on that big wildfire burning in the big sur area. we are looking at calmer conditions, nothing like what we saw last week. for us here in the bay area, looking at some breezy off shore winds, just the north bay and east bay hills. not as strong as even yesterday or last week. it's really just going to bring in the dry air. not a lot of change in the seven day forecast. a live look with the san francisco, mark hopkins hotel cam a. it's another gray start to the day with the foggy conditions and the chilly temperatures. down to the 30's and 40's this morning. once again, so, concord coming in at 37, oakland 47, 35 in livermore. san jose are you dealing with this fog at 44 in santa rosa. foggy conditions at 41 for you. so, patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay a. round the bay and the south bay. down to a quarter mile for new
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napa. a quarter mile in the south bay in san jose this morning. we are looking at heyward down to about a mile and a quarter. that strong ridge of high pressure. that high pressure dome in place. again we are seeing some breezy, off shore winds up in the higher elevations. the north bay and east bay hills. gusts up to about 30 miles an hour as we head through the bay in the north bay and the east bay hills. looking at definitely not as strong with those winds as yesterday or last week. really bringing in that dry air for us. as we go hour by hour on future cast, as we head through the day, we will catch that clearing, main even a little earlier to see that sun compared to yesterday. as we look to our daytime highs we will warm up in to the 60s. above average for this time of year. low 60s along the coast. around the bay, 62 in san francisco, 63 for oakland, low to mid-60s for the peninsula. topping out at 64 in redwood
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city. the south bay inland, 67 in san jose, warming up to you. inland east bay low 60s concord, the tri valley and for the north bay looking at 62 for the napa valley. we were hopeful next week we could see a change with our weather. at this point the longer range weather models trending dryer unfortunately for next week. your snow report, sugar bowl we are looking at sun if you are heading up to tahoe and in kirkwood, sunshine as well. all right. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose and there we go with those quiet conditions though looking at cooler temperatures and more clouds by the end of the week there to next week. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast a little bit of a cooldown with the clouds and into next week it'll be much cooler. all right let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. we have the foggy conditions but it's looking all right. yeah. it's looking good if you are taking any of the bay area
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bridges. this is a look at traffic. this live shot courtesy of brian kiley and is he just cruising along with no issues. that's good news if you are plan to take the bridge this morning. 80, everything is clear as you work in the commute direction westbound through there. no troubles there. same story at the bay bridge. here is a live look at the bay bridge. no delays heading over into san francisco right now. a pretty smooth ride there. no delays on the golden gate bridge. everything quiet as you head out of marin into san francisco. the san mateo bridge, it looks foggy here. just be careful. we are starting to see more cars on the roadway as that morning commute gets busier. westbound tail lights heading toward 101. as you can see, it's looking murky there. just be careful through that area. not bad. everything still looks normal. no delays, 1 minutes on that
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san mateo bridge ride. chp has issued a fog advisory for parts of napa. highway 29, on highway 12, definitely keep that in mind. we are not clocking any major issues or slow speeds. traffic is moving still okay if you are going through yontville or napa. be careful as you hit the roads. it is foggy in some spots. pass, already busy. business as usual as you work westbound. we have first reports of a trouble spot. not far from that 205 connector. the good news is it's on the eastbound side of 580. shouldn't cause any brake lights through there. maybe some slowing westbound. i will watch that. back to you. the first fully attended super bowl in the covid era is just over two weeks away but fans will have to get creative with some above the mask face paint. >> the department of public health announced kn95 masks will be handed out to ticket holders and they will be
5:21 am
required but for when eating drinks. fans will have to show proof r the l fer frd. rapid testing tefor california remaining. that's nothing new but it could be an adjustment. >> clearly we have a approached the public health recommendations in covid differently than parts of the south. we don't find it as controversial that we need to wear masks or follow some of the guidance around vaccination. >> as for sunday's game between the 49ers and the rams they plan to take the trip for a niners take over of the stadium. there will be several watch parties around the bay area. >> we will be hosting the event in sunnyvale at metro city on dwayne avenue. we are pretty much going to throw it for the people that cobb go that live in the bay area that want to hang out with
5:22 am
other fans. if you don't have a place for the game our watch party will be the go too. > >> the die hard hosting the party. ray pena is such a big fan that what he lost an eye he asked the doctor to make the new eye into a 49ers logo. that is some dedication. >> absolutely. my gosh. >> that is super cool. still ahead,. >> one dog lucky to be alive this morning. at mazing rescue to get a four legged friend back on shore. stay with us. we will be right back.
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. it looks like a beautiful afternoon. i know it's a foggy start and chilly but as we look to lunchtime hour, we are going to catch that sunshine. the coast, around the bay in the upper 50s at noon inland, already warming up to the low 60s. here is what you can expect in san francisco as we look at, for your lunchtime forecast, 54
5:26 am
with that sunshine. for oakland, 56, with plenty of sunshine and for san jose, at 59 for your lunchtime forecast. we will continue to warm it up as we head through the rest of the afternoon. we are looking at daytime highs little above average for this time of-year-old. back to you. a dog was so excited visiting a beach that he needed a jet ski rescue. >> he jumped in the ocean and ended up swimming 1800 feet off shore. so lifeguard jumped onto a jet ski and found him. when he brought the dog back the owner was delighted. >> thank goodness. he was just so excited. >> what an adventure. it's 5:25.
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still ahead. california could see fewer cigarette butts and vape pods on the streets. the new legislation that would make it happen. and a fight over digital billboards in san jose. the fear from some as the city revisits the issue. and join us in welcoming our new
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tensions continue between russia and ukraine. the message to russian president this morning. stereo and all eyes on the federal reserve. what we could learn from the central bank's meeting today. it's wednesday, january 26th. let's get a check on weather and traffic. we are going to start with mary lee. >> we are looking at another chilly start to the day. 30's and 40's with foggy conditions. watch on the roadways and we will have more on that coming up. looking at the least the foggy conditions for patchy, dense fog for the south bay. san jose you are down to a quarter mile. we are looking at a quarter mile in napa. heyward down to a quarter mile. watch out for that as possibly hit the roadways this morning. as we head through the day we will catch the clearing sun. maybe earlier compared to yesterday. we will be in the 60's.
5:31 am
little bit above average. 60 along the coast and parka. 63 in oakland around the bay. low to mid-60s's for the peninsula and looking at warming up to 67 for you in san jose once the fog clears out for you. looking at 62 in inland east bay and concord and the tri valley. livermore, 62 and for santa rosa 64. we will talk more about what you can expect through this week and next week if there is any chance for rain coming up. now let's check in with gianna. it was just issued by chp in san jose. if you plan to take 85 northbound. all lanes are completely shut down. i did get word that this is a hard closure which mean itself will be closed for quite some time. it's due to a deadly crash that happened just about 4:45 this morning. we don't have a lot of details. all lanes closed. that closure will be in effect for some time. photograph sick heavy traveling
5:32 am
northbound as you head along 85 through san jose. i highlighted 280 on the map. that is moving along with no trouble or delays. that crash is northbound 85. all lanes are shut down un further ey l top of this throughout the morning. developing san jose just came the first city in the nation to require gun owners to purchase insurance and pay a fee. the money is going to go toward gun violence prevention programs and harm reduction programs. things like safety training, or suicide prevention. this is a look at the meeting last night. it separated the proposal into two different laws. the the insurance one would cover everybody in the house. the yearly fee is $25. this is the proposal the mayor
5:33 am
made after the deadly vta shooting last year. the council will hear it one more time before it is set to go into effect on august 8th. this is sure to face a lot of court challenges. we will watch that. happening today san jose revisiting the issue of digital billboards. the airport commission is meeting to discuss the proposed installation of two double sided billboards. >> some experts speaking out >> ght. they feais pact thatause e bibo would be op e two enface the in the hillside above san jose. some say light pollution is becoming an increasing threat for the observatory saying even the best telescope is losing its vision.
5:34 am
he said for certain objects that's what is happening. now in the background light goes up they are not able to make certain detections. now they are speaking out against billboards. the airport said the digital billboards are a necessary revenue source. we will keep you posted on what happens. happening today san francisco's board of supervisors will consider the mayor's gardens of golden gate park proposal. it would provide free admission to san francisco residents to the conservatory and teagarden. happening today the governor stopping by santa clara county to expaon. sts zeroemission polis to trans clean energy cars.
5:35 am
his california blueprint proposes another $6.1 million to speed up the state's zero emission vehicle goals. we will stream today's press conference scheduled for 11 on cbsn bay area. a possible solution to the problem of litter left by smokers. a new bill looks to ban single use filters on cigarettes. this after new study claims that a filtered cigarette is less harmful. there is some push back. one smoke shop owner said it would really hurt his business. others even smokers are in support. >> i think it would be a good thing for the environment. it would force the tobacco companies to come out with a better cigarette. >> i want to smack them with my broom. it's like come on. these thing are poison. >> if passed anyone who continues to sell sill fathered cigarettes would face a fine.
5:36 am
officials france and germany will meet with their russian and ukraine counterparts. it's in hopes of finding a breakthrough to the rising tensions moscow said it's not planning to invade but the president said that he may soon deploy 8500 united states troop in with sancons if russia u it, invades. >> we have no intention of putting american forces or nato forces in ukraine. we -- i said there will be serious consequences if he moves. >> the latest shipment of aid to ukraine landed last night. the house speaker said she plans to run for re-election. >> this election is important. our democracy is at stake. as we say we don't agonize, we organize. that is why i am running for re- election to congress. >> she announced on twitter
5:37 am
yesterday but she did not say if she will run for speaker. she promised in 2018 this would be her last term in that position. she was first elected in 1987 and led in 20030 making her the first woman to lead a party in congress. new details on a security care for tim cook it. involves a stacker who has allegedly harassing him for a year. according to the news apple has a restraining order on a virginia woman who has been e- mailing cook photographs of a gun and trespassing at his home. the report said apple has accused her of erra tic and threatening behavior. more troubling, the company believes she is currently armed and in the bay area. it the restraining order forbids her from approaching any apple employees or entering
5:38 am
any property including cook's home. time for your money watch report. all eyes open the federal reserve and a solid forecast from verizon. cbs money from the cbs broadcast center. hey. >> good morning. after another roller coaster session on wall street incestors watching a close eye on the federal reserve. the central bank wraps up it's two day policy meeting today. the fed is likely to signal when the first interest rate hike of the year will come. the international monetary fund downgraded its global outlook for the year. they said it expects the economy to grow just 4.4% this year. and can you hear me now? verizon is out with its quarterly report card. it beat expectations. they said it earned $4.74
5:39 am
billion in its 4th quarter which was slightly higher than a year earlier. they have been expanding it's 5g foot print to stay at the front of consumer needs. and valentine's day is just a short time away. for those with an interest in spoiling a love interest. you have details on this. >> yeah. yes. according to a new one poll survey 79% of americans say that the express lane to their heart comes in the form of good food. three in four said they are more likely to go on a date with someone if they know their way around the kitchen. more than half say being rude to service staff or chewing with your mouth open won't get you a second date. >> i believe it. it says a lot about someone. >> right? >> all right. it does. >> be nice to the wait staff. >> be nice to them and what do they say? your stomach is always where your heart is. at least my mom says that. >> its right. >> we will see you again when
5:40 am
the stock market opens up at 6:30. >> thank you. time now is 5:39. i'm worried about you. you can make your way around a kitchen? >> i cannot make my way around it but i can make my way into it. >> i know you showed me all the good restaurants. >> i hook you up can with that. i got you there. a classic car going up for auction. your chance to get a piece of film history. the and appear app trying to make paying rent better. and i'm track that fog this morning and dealing dense fog as we start off the day. we are in the 30's and 40's on this wednesday. as we look to our afternoon we are going to catch that clearing and sunshine and highs in to the 60's this afternoon. my full forecast coming up.
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if you have been suffering allergies. you are not alone. >> you are not. there's a combination of pollen and haze in the air. we are also in cold and flu season and if that isn't enough to be concerned about, of course we are also in the pandemic. how you can tell the difference if you have allergy symptoms or covid? one expert said it's good to look at siberias that point to important differences. >> think of the symptoms that are not typical of your usual
5:44 am
allergy symptoms. if someone has vomiting, those are not normal of allergies. if you see that, it may be time to think about something else. >> and the strong winds we have this past weekend have been whipping up that pollen more than usual. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> and a lot of thaller girls come around because of that wind. what's it looking like? >> just really kicked up all of that pollen on monday. i was just sneezing constantly. not good news for allergy sufferers. we are looking at that pollen count. >> we have the warm temperatures so, that is why all of that pollen is in the air. hopefully can get some relief.
5:45 am
it's a chilly start. we are dealing fog as wellw. redown to the 30's and 40's. looking at 37 in concord, also for downtown san francisco. mid-30s's in livermore and foggy in the south bay and san jose. are you at 44 and also dealing with that fog in santa rosa at 41. looking at dense fog in napa down to a quarter mile. santa rosa about a half mile. down to a half mile in heyward. a mile and a half for the visibility in san francisco. a foggy start in the south bay. in san jose down to a quarter mill. the strong ridge of high pressure in place. this high pressure dome and tracking some light off shore winds. really looking at the north bay and east bay hills for breezy conditions for today with gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. definitely not as windy as yesterday. up in the higher elevations and not as windy compared to last week. still bringing in the norther
5:46 am
which lends and that dry air for the bay area. as we take you hour by hour we will see that clearing sun for the afternoon. maybe a little bit earlier compared to yesterday to see that sun. sunrise by the way at 718 deliberate and the sunset at 5:26. checking the daytime high temperatures along the coast in the low 60's. for the south bay warming up to 67 in santa clara and for san jose and morgan hill. inland east bay 62, concord, pleasant hill. low 60's for the tri valley. topping out at 62 for san francisco. daley city. 63 around the bay. east bayshore line for alameda, oakland, san leandro. looking at 64 for a high temperature this afternoon. here we go as we look ahead to next week. weather models trending dryer unfortunately we need that rain. it's not coming any time soon. san francisco, oakland and san jose. cooler, for clouds by the end of the week into next week and
5:47 am
same for the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast as we look at a big cooldown into next week. we still have that traffic alert this morning? >> we do. it'll be out there for quite some time. this is in san jose. a deadly crash. all lanes are shut down. it is a hard closure for the investigation. the coroner is on scene. it'll take time for the lanes to open up. we are starting to see that back up. give yourself extra time. the crash shut down all lanes, as as agaill be e r quitsome time. alternate. e it's a possibility to kind of avoid the delays. if you are coming out of south san jose you can take 101, get onto 80 north. you can take saratoga to
5:48 am
lawrence expressway, over to 280. that will get you there as well. you do have some options to avoid the delays on 85. we will stay on top of that. looking at travel times. it's about a 30 minute ride to go north 85. so, sluggish there already this morning because of that. the rest of our south bay freeway was the exception of 101 is getting a little slow this morning. if are you headed on any of our bay area bridges, traffic is quiet. no metering lights on at the bay bridge. approaches 580 are clear. let's get a live look at the freeway brian kiley in mobile5 and he is traveling southbound 880. you can see things a little foggy. you can still see the freeways okay. definitely seeing more volume on the roadways. just a heads up if you are taking 880. back to you. a car featured in the movie rain man is going up for auction. >> it stars highest grossing
5:49 am
film of 1988. the car was prominently featured in e lm. hoffman bought it when the film wrapped up. it has rarely been seen in the public in the last 34 years and was last shone at a 1989 car club event. it remained in hoffman's ownership over the years. he said its been in storage too long and that it should be driven, enjoyed and cherished. rising housing costs a big issue in the bay area and beyond. not just for potential homebuyers. this year rental inflation is expected to double to 4.5%. the average rental rate for a one bedroom apartment in san francisco is about $3,300 according to apartment list. those prices can be especially painful because renting is not viewed as an investment like owning a home. a new app aims to make paying rent more rewarding. user dear sir earn gift cards
5:50 am
and other deems by paying their rent on time. the app can help renters boost their credit scores. on cbs news bay area i talked to the ceo about how this works. >> something to keep in mind is that you aren't paying rent through pinata. you pay rent exactly how you currently we collect that data. we report it to the credit bureau and every month you will see a new trade line, see that information showing up. really ensure that every month you get that rent payment in on time. >> for more information go to or search for in the app store. >> neat idea. still ahead,. >> elton john may not be saying good-bye to the yellow brick road just yet. why he is being forced to postpone some shows. and coming up today on the
5:51 am
drew barrymore show, the good dish co host, gayle simmons and others appear. that's today at two. and ahead gayle spoke to dolly parton about her career and newest upcoming projects. cbs this morning at seven. c i'm looking forward
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>> we have been talking about the foggy conditions and the dense fog advisory has just been issue from the north bay valley, the bayshore line and san francisco. that's in effect until 10:00 a.m. with the visibility down to a quarter mile or less. slow down if you are about to hit the roadways. use your low beams and keep plenty of distance. want to make sure are you safe. you can see that blanket of fog. it is a chilly start. down to the 30's and 40's. by full forecast coming up. back to you. time now for a look at the entertain met headlines. less than a week into resuming his tour after a nearly two
5:55 am
year hiatus elton john has postponed two shows. this after testing positive for covid. a statement say he is experiencing only mild symptoms despite being vaccinated and boosted. the shows will be rescheduled. hollywood has extended its protocols through february 13th. the major unions are also asking studios to increase testing and upgrade personal protection equipment for workers. tonight a new episode of good sam airs here on cbs. the drama showcases a gifted heart surgeon who steps in after her father, the chief of surgery has a health crisis. on tonight's episode her father offers to mentor his daughter if he can take back his role as chief in return. we spoke to isaacs about the tension between the father, daughter duo. >> she is my daughter.
5:56 am
she is a very fine heart surgeon. i think i'm better. i think i'm older and -- in the hospital that i started. she is ready and maybe does it better. it is a generational, gender conflict. >> you can watch it tonight at ten. still ahead,. >> some teachers in another bay area school district threatening to go on strike over covid safety protocols. we are live with their demands next. and after a rough couple of years conventions making a come back in san francisco. where thousands of people are showing up in the city. and emotional reunion. how east bay deputies found a french bulldog stolen at gun point. and a live look outside before we head to break from the mark hopkins camera looking west into san francisco.
5:57 am
we will be right back.
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right now, a bay area city making united states history. what gun owners will now have to do in san jose. in west contra costa teachers want more covid protections. and a new omicron subvariant in the bay area. how worried should we be? a local doctor weighsn. and emotional reunion caught on camera. the happy ending for a french bulldog stolen at gun point. good morning. it's wednesday, january 26th. easy on the


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