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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 26, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios. this right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, looking live from the treasure island camera. looking at the skyline of san francisco. good morning. it is wednesday, january 26th. >> let's start with a check on the weather and traffic. kicking it off with mary lee. good morning. >> good morning. we are looking at another chilly start to the day with patchy, dense fog. in fact you can see that blanket of fog on the camera. we are down to the 30's and 40's. 38 in concord and oakland. alorsa cio. livermore mid-30s's. santa rosa in the low 40s with those foggy conditions. san jose in the south bay you are down to a quarter mile. dense fog for you. we have sign in concord visibility down to a quarter mile this morning. looking at napa near zero and a half mile for the visibility in santa rose a. if you are about
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to hit the roadways be extra careful and caution on the roadways. as we head through the day we will see the clearing and sunshine once againw. he are looking at highs into the 60s. from 61 in pacifica, 62 san francisco, san jose topping out at 67, once the fog clears out for you, 62 in concord. looking at 62 for napa. we will talk about if there is any change in site as we look to the rest of the week and next week. let's check in with gianna for traffic. >> yeah. right now you want to be extra careful, especially in the north bay. looking at the freeways. 101 looking okay. highway 12. we will keep a close eye on that. checking the bridges right now. off to a good start for the wednesday morning ride. if you are working in to san francisco. no delays or issues. everything is clear heading over into the city.
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no delays in both directions. traffic quiet there. if you are taking the san mateo bridge. things are moving at a nice pace. westbound toward 101. travel times that bay bridge ride over ten minutes. san mateo bridge that's a 12 minute commute. no delays on the richmond, san rafael bridge. live news desk. we have breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. the town of scott's valley is on lockdown as officers try to find two people who were involved in a shooting incident at highway patrol officers. want to show you where it's going down. this is also where the chase ended at around 11 last night. police looking for a white woman and a hispanic man, both in their mid-40s. the shelter in place orders are covering bethany drive, vine
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hill school road. we have multiple law enforcement agencies in that area trying to help with the search. we are going to stay on top of this. san jose is the first city in the nation to require live insurance liability insurance for gun owners. >> i lost one of my friends last year. >> tonight councilmembers. >> my own family has been touched by gun violence. particularly from the gilroy shooting. >> among the residents who shared their personal stories. >> my daughter was shot and killed in san jose. i know firsthand the terrible loss. >> last year's deadly mass shooting at the vta was the
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catalyst for the proposal that the mayor believes will reduce gun violence and promote firearm safety. if passed the ordinance would require gun owners to pay a yearly fee of about $25 as well as obtain insurance. not everybody in the community agrees. >> people got killed and you got the audacity to come here and act like you are going to be the savior of us all. >> councilmembers listened to an hour and a half of public comments, a mixed bag of those for and against. >> vote no on this ridiculous law. >> we don't believe this proposal will stop gun violence. >> jonathan fleming director undati said a constitutional ri arms shouldn't come at a cost. >> it wasn't surprising that
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it was passed. the councilmembers seem to ignore the 1500 comments in opposition in the public record because they want to approve a political agenda and advance their political careers. >> and it would need to be read again next month before it goes into effect this august. kpix5. >> the insurance and yearly fee requirements are in two different ordinances. the money would go to a nonprofit for gun violence prevention in the community. and the firearms policy coalition released a response to the vote saying this. insurance requirement for law abiding, firearm owning citizens is a burden, not constitutional and prohibited st el camino real has reopened after a fire shut it down. the fire broke out at the
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closed wheels and deals car dealership. fire crews say it took them about 45 minutes to knock it down. >> the crews kept it to the building. the buildings in the background, all the homes and residents were sheltered in place because of the smoke. it was confined relatively quickly. this morning we are learning jewelry stores have been targeted twice at a popular san bruno mall. a group of five men swarmed the jewelry store at the shops just before 7:00 monday night. it's unknown how much they stole. nobody was hurt. san bruno police released these pictures of the masked suspects. they say they all escaped. the police say another jewelry store was targeted by a group of people in the same mall just a few days before. on friday five suspects entered
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a jewelry store. police say one of them smashed a display with a crowbar and approached the store owner. the owner pulled out a gun and pointed it at the suspect and another suspect pointed a gun at the owner before the group ran off. now to the coronavirus. santa clara confirming two cases of a new being called the stealth omicron because it can be harder to detect. what doctors are saying and what this means for the pandemic. >> in technical terms this mutation is called ba2. there are only 11 cases in california but the concern is that this is even more transmissible than the original omicron. >> it spread from about 20% in december to then 45%st second week of january and now it's 65% of the cases. >> a specialist has been
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looking at data to learn more. >> we don't think its causing more severe disease. i'm confident that our current vaccines will work at protecting most people from getting into the hospital. >> this new mutation wasn't a surprise to those in the medical field. >> i have no illusions that this virus will disappear any time soon. >> doctors feel vaccines the best way to slow down the virus. >> i do think that if we were more vaccinated that would help. remember, it's not just the united states. we have to make sure everybody in the world gets access to vaccines. >> as doctors learn more about coronavirus, she hopes there will be a shift in the approach to this pandemic. the goal is to have the data to be able to focus on those that are most at risk.
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>> how can we predict who are people that will get most symptoms and potentially in the hospital? not run the risk of winding up on a ventilator? there will be more and more information that shows us who are the people of high risk. >> kpix5. the state's attorney general warning about a uptick in fake covid test sites. many are posing as real clinics to scam people out of money and personal information. he is urging residents to go to the california department of public health website to find verified testing sites. we have done reporting on efforts to crack down on fake testing sites here in the bay area. you can see our reporting at the first fully attended super bowl in the covid era is just two weeks away. >> the department of public
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health said kn95 masks will be handed out. they will be required except when
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. some good news. a french bulldog stolen at gun point is back home. >> the reunion was caught on camera last night. >> hi baby.
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hi baby. >> is that him? >> hey baby. >> i can't imagine how she felt. he was stolen on january 15th. his owner said that she was walking him in castro valley when three suspects, armed with guns stole him. hours later the suspects returned to her home and stole her car which has since been recovered. in the alameda county sheriff said detectives worked to find the dog. some coming in on their days off. they made several arrests related to the robbery, and a number of other robberies. yesterday detectives followed up on some tips that led them to find the dog. they confirmed was him by scanning his chip. >> the chips so important. this morning in your money watch report why the top ceo's are stopping by the white house today. and you could soon have
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access to ruth bader ginsberg's personal library. >> stocks fell again in another wild session on wall street. the dow fell 66 points, the blue chips were down more than 801 points. the nasdaq slid 315 and the s&p500 lost 53. investors are watching the federal reserve. the central bank wraps up it's two day policy meeting today. the fed is likely to signal when the first interest rate of hike of the whyer year will come. the president is expected to meet with some of the nation's top ceo's at the white house today to discuss his stalled build back better bill. among those invited are the heads of gm, ford and microsoft. the administration hopes to convince businesses to support the bill by highlighting how it'll help various independent strips and boost united states
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competitiveness in the global economy. ruth bade r ginsberg's personal library is up for auction. the collection includes a copy of the harvard law review, which is going for more than $10,000 and assigned copy of my life on the road. that is your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money this morning for the first time in more than three decades, new bars can open up in san francisco's castro district. the board of supervisors just passed a new ordinance overturning a law that had been on the books since 1987. until now they had been banned for several blocks. the chronicle reports there are currently eight in the area. according to city data castro
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store fronts had a 15% vacancy rate in november. let's get a check of ather lee. we are looking at another foggy start to the day with actually dense fog and also the chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. you can see how foggy it is with the san francisco mark hopkins, hotel camera. it is a gray start to the day. we are down to the 30s and 40s again. concord at 38. oakland, 48, mid-30s in livermore. mid-40s in san jose with the fog in santa rosa and the low 40s with foggy conditions. with that dense fog santa rosa half mile, nap a quarter mile. san jose down to a quarter mile as well with that dense fog. we have this strong ridge of high pressure. this high pressure dome in place and that is a dominant weather feature for us through the week and likely into next week as well.
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we have some light off shore winds so as we go through the day today, looking at breezy conditions for the east bay hills and the north bay hills with those northerly winds. nothing like what we saw last weekend. not even as strong as yesterday. still bringing in that dryer air for us out of the north. as we go hour by hour with the skies we will see clearing and sunshine once again. could see that sun a little earlier compared to yesterday. with it we will see the daytime highs into the 60s. it'll be a pleasant day across the bay area. from low 60s along the coast and around the bay 62 in san francisco, 63 oakland. low to mid-60s's for the peninsula. for the inland locations the south bay, 67 in san jose, 62 inland east bay and concord. also for livermore and the tri valley and the napa valley in the low 60s. we were hopeful next week we could see changes and now the longer range weather models trending dryer for next week. we definitely need the rainfall
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and we are going to stay dry over the next several days. san francisco, oakland and san jose we will see cooler temperatures, more clouds by the end of our week into next week. for the inland east bay and for the north bay as well. the cooler temperatures, more clouds, especially as we look ahead to the weekend and next week. let's check in with traffic. >> you know getting just a little busy, especially for super commuters going out of the tracy area, getting in to the pass. we are starting to see the brake lights build near grant line, near north flynn. give yourself a few extra minutes. down about 26 miles an hour in some spots. once are you past that it's just a little crowded toward the dublin. traffic still moving at an okay pace though there are a few more cars. no major delaysful everything pretty quiet. 29 minutes, 205 toward 680.
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if you are taking the east shore freeway. highway shore to the maze. highway 4 all clear so far, so good. no delays from antioch to 80. no foggy freeways as far as delays. you may see fog. not seeing any brake lights or issues. 101 from san jose. that is only 36 minutes. checking the south bay. thlimit for the most part. be careful. it may be foggy this morning. be careful. if you are going out on the richmond, san rafael bridge we have a broken down vehicle. the left lane is blocked. traffic just a little slow. evything clear and no delays p. at the golden gate bridge. that's a look at traffic.
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cooperstown gained a first hall of fame ballot but how about a last ballot chance for barry bonds? and i would say the knee looked fine to me. steve kerr told you not to push the panic button. the only button being pushed last night was that red staples button. easy work in san francisco. it's coming up
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welcome into sports. ten years on the ballot and the greatest hitter of his generation is not heading in to the hall of fame after failing to get the needed votes baseball writers. the home run king clearly had the qualifications but the link to steriods never allowed him the chance. bonds received his highest vote at 66% this time around but needed 75% to get in. his fate is now in the hands of the veterans committee which could vote him in later this year. to make it more controversial, david was
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the only player elected. he also linked to ped's. he received 78% of the vote on his first try and said it was strange to get in over bonds and roger clemens. >> when i see these guys to be on -- i don't even compare myself to them. it's hard to believe. those guise, they did it all. >> bonds was second behind ortiz. arod in his first year had 34%. jeff kent had 33%. to the nba. warriors at home, hosting the mavericks. slightly concerning development on sunday when clay thompson was announced a late scratch due to knee soreness. no reason to panic. he is. knee looks fine to me. how about the mavericks night
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in a nutshell? punted in to the crowd, can't do that. season high 26 points. three long balls. 15 for thompson. also had six assists. this one behind the back to wiggins who puts it in. this was never in doubt. more nice passing. airs it like is he trent. team high 22 for the 19-year- old. let's go back to clay. he is like houdini. now you see me, now you don't. easy work last night at chase. 130-92 was your final tally. they get the twolves at home thursday night. >> the last couple weeks we have been kind of grinding and just hoping to get out of the mud and tonight felt kind of cleansing like okay, we are right again. >> i thought it was an a plus
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for the warriors. >> give them the a plus. also give the los angeles clippers last night the a plus. they came back from 35 points against the wizards, won that game at the final second. that's the second largest come back in nba history. that's sports. time now is 4:57. still 5 streaming on cbs news b teachers threatening to strike. the demands for the school district this morning. and the warning from the state's attorney general about a jump in fake covid test sites. stay with us. we will
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west contra costa teachers
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want more covid protections. scientists monitoring a new mutation of omicron. >> and fake testing site across the country. the way you can now verify real locations. and the reunion all caught on camera between a stolen bulldog and his owner. good morning to you. it is wednesday, january 26th. >> good morning to you. mary lee is up first with the forecast on this wednesday. good morning. happy wednesday. halfway through the workweek and we are looking at another chilly start to the day with foggy conditions. you can see that fog on the treasure island camera looking at san francisco. temperatures down to the 30's and 40's. 37 for you in concord, down to 35 in livermore. 47 downtown san francisco. mid-40s with that fog in san jose


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