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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 25, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. just justice has not been served. in 2019 while i was out for a
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walk in china town, i was suddenly and violently attacked by the adult male and his son attacked me with a long baseball bat in broad daylight. >> today in a separate development the san francisco da announced an an expansion of his victim's advocate division. new at noon, state lawmakers and the governor have just reached a deal to ckler covid. any business with at least 26 employees would have to comply. the bill calls for up to two weeks of paid leave for full time worker who are ill or caring for an ill family member of the 80 hour maximum is the same as what existed in a previous law last september. in a new addition the current
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bill would restore some credit. oakland teachers have just reached a deal to strengthen protections against credit, covid. it includes a high quality mask provide each day and outdoor meal times. a booster mandate proposed by the san jose mayor is going up for a vote before the full city council. it requires boosters for city workers and anyonegoing to big events. it's designed to reduce the risk of transmission. pfizer has started a trial for an omicron specific vaccine. the company is studying the safety and immune response right now. some patients will be getting toy. accine as bociscwhere the c
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we have a full fion thlickbann p e pa y sa ulbecome thon require gun owners to carry liability insurance. >> we are inwith the growing push back. >> this ordinance aims to reduce gun violence in the city. the money from the fees would go to nonprofits that are helping victims of gun violence that are helping reduce gun harm this is included in the proposal. if passed gun owners would have to keep proof of insurance and the fee payment with the weapon at all times. it would have to be ready to show that to a police officer if asked. penalties impoundment for a fine. each house would have to pay $25 yearly. like we said that money would go to nonprofit that provide services like addiction
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treatment, mental health, suicide prevention, domestic violence and firearms safety training. san jose mayor said that they can't wait for congress to act. >> gun liability insurance available today on the market can adjust premiums to encourage gun owners to purchase and use instalger loane n expect there will be addiseva nonprofits l lpthe stay. those oppose reasonable doubt ready to file legal challenges. >> any chipping away at a constitutional right, no matter how small is the beginning of the down fall of the constitution and what rights really mean. this is set to be voted on tonight. if passed would take effect in six months but fees wouldn't be collected until the legal challenges are resolved. of course we will be sure to update you. in san jose kpix5.
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in contra costa later today the antioch city council is expected to formal eyes formalize a new orderrance requiring people to lock up their guns at home. thieves targeted a jewelry store in san bruno. our photographer got video the aftermath last night, several glass cases were smashed. no word open how much was taken. the mall was been a target recently for several robberies in the past few months. the police say that officers will release more details today. and a live look at san francisco where city supervisors will review the mayor's ordinance to expand police access to surveillance cameras. it adds certain property crimes like organized retail theft and looting to a list of critical event that would let officers monitor the cameras in realtime. the push comes roughly two months after several flash mob style robberies in san
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francisco and other nearby cities. new, the sat college admission exam will soon go digital. it was just announced this morning. >> this move also means the test will be shorter. justin andrews is live talking to colleges about this change. >> the board did a pilot test on digital sat's for months it. revealed 80% of students found it less stressful but this is at a time when thousands of colleges and universities have already either halted or ended testing requirements. in a couple years those paper sat tests and number 2 pencils can be ditched. tuesday morning the college board announced the sat will go all digital starting in 2024. current sophomore nora tam in oakland said she is already doing practice sat's and very curious to see how it'll play out. >> we are transitioning in to the future where the future is
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digital. >> the college board touted this sat to be easier to give. all of it pressure around fairness and relevance. >> my sense is that is the college board is trying to say that, right? this is going to make itmore accessible, is going to be something more comfortable for students to access. my concern is why has this gone down to two hours? > this new test will be two hours and will allow more time per question. another big change is that test scores will come back in days rather than weeks. sean harvey in san diego said that he is sure students will like this change but his concern is with accommodations. >> i know many students do tests with accommodations. whether it's extra time, the
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testing environment, having a -- someone read the test to them so, you know, from my perspective i'm always working for what's best for students. my hope is that students will still have access to those accommodations even with the digital sat. >> some of those said they can't wait to see what the enrollment data looks like when the digital change takes place. the csu board of trustees will be deciding on discontinuing standardized tested tomorrow. the university of california is already not considering score from the sat or the act at all. on the fire watch the wildfire in big sur is now 45% contained. the colorado fire has burned 700 acres since it broke out last friday and has damaged a single structure. on shoising the humidity, aiding firefightersas they are continue to strengthen control lines. and happening today cal tran is asking for your input
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on what to do about highway 37. the 21-mile stretch of road along the north shore of san pablo bay is sinking and could be under water in a matter of decades. twice in the last five years highway 37 was forced to close because of flooding. when that happened officials say detours are over 40 miles long. part of the changes includes raising the roadways, from there cal trans wants input for the reconstruction. today's hearing starts at 5:30 and is being held virtually. you can have a link on the website. coming up. russia's tough posture against ukraine has the united states officials on high alert. the latest from the white house. and some relief could becoming to california homeowners. the new program being proposed today. and we are looking at the skies starting to clear. a live look with the mark hopkins hotel camera looking at san francisco. we will talk about what you can expect for the rest of the week
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and when we could see some rain chances in that
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. developing now russia is not backing down from its border with ukraine. the site of thousands of troops on stand by is now causing the united states and it's allies to stay on high alert. skylar henry has the latest now from washington. >> with ukraine troops manning the frontlines, the united states is preparing to step in if needed. around 8500 american troops have en pn higher alert.
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>> th no desire by president to send troops to ukraine, nato is a forum to support partners and countries. >> russia has 100,000 troops on the border with ukraine. moscow said it has no plans to invade but many don't believe that. in 2014 russian backed separatists seized control of the crimean peninsula. this soldier said that russia won't stop. there is no negotiating with them. here on capitol hill the biden administration will update house and senate leaders today on the situation. they are making plans to brief all lawmakers in the coming days. on monday the president had an 80 minute video call with european allies. >> i had a very, very good meeting. >> in addition to putting
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troops on alert, the united states is sending 200 million dollars in emergency military assistance and another shipment of military equipment for its part russia said its watching america's actions with great concern. a statewide mortgage relief program is getting a billion dollars in funding. it's supposed to provide up to $80,000 for homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. today senator media met with those who will take applications. >> we could help upwards 20,000, 30,000, maybe 40,000 homeowners in california. yes it'll depend on details and
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specific circumstances of individuals who apply. >> the money comes from the american rescue plan act that the president signed into law last year. time for a check of weather with mary lee. >> hey. we are looking at that sunshine. breaking through the clouds this afternoon after a foggy start to our day. you can see a live look with the sales force tower camera and you can see sutro tower and starting to catch that sunshine out there with blue skies. temperature wise, we are in the upper 50's for concord, upper 40's in oakland, 60 in livermore, san francisco 53, mid50's in san jose and santa rosa in at 53. high pressure in place for us and that is the dominant weather feature and that will be over the next several days. the storm track well to our north. temperatures, we are looking at seven in pacifica, 59 in san francisco, low 60's for the peninsula and low to mid-60s's
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inland. 64 in san jose, 63 concord and mid-60s's for the napa valley. watching the north bay mountains with some off shore winds developing. so, gusts could be as high as 30 to 40 miles an hour for the north bay mountains. really the locations that could see those gusty off shore winds. nothing like what we saw last week. last fried and over the weekend. something we are watching and those northerly winds will bring that dryer air to the bay area. as we look to our skies, plenty of sun as we head through the rest of the afternoon and with that off shore wind flow for tomorrow morning, not as foggy as what it was earlier today and looking at that sunshine tomorrow in the afternoon. all right. something we are watching the rain chances for next week. this is the precipitation outlook from the climate prediction center as we look to next week with above average rainfall possible. we are really looking to next week for the change in our weather pattern for unsettled
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weather and hopefully rain chances for us. we need it. sunset at 5:25 and the sunrise tomorrow at 7:18. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose as we are looking at that dry weather through the week. also for the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast with partly sunny skies by the end of the week. bob dylan just sold his entire record catalog. what we are learning about the block buster deal. and coming up on cbs news bay area we will break down san francisco's special election. that's at 1:00. you can watch the stream wherever, when ever, find us on any other platform using the free cbs news app. and join us in welcoming our new evening anchor. you can catch hitch with elizabeth cook in the
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bob dylan has inked another deal to sell a music catalog that is worth millions. he sold the entire catalog of his recorded music to sony. it took place last year and was announced today. sop y isn't saying how much it spent but it spans everything from 1962 to 2020. it's estimated to be worth $200
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million. and san francisco's second tallest building is getting a members only luxury club. >> it's building a luxury facility in the bottom three floors of the transamerica period. it'll include three private restaurants, three bars, a fitness center, theater, six member suites and four private meeting rooms. it's set to open in 2023. its part of a larger evolution of the pyramid under the new owner. who plans to invest in renovating the tower. the news at noon returns. a chilly morning gave way to some sun this afternoon. there is a slight chance of rain in the future forecast, we will have all the details after the break. and today on the drew barrymore show. watch
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a new app could give bay area renters a boost. how they say it gives you rewards even helps raise your credit score. when you pay your rent on time. we are looking at that fog starting to burn off. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera looking southeast. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50's in concord, upper 40's in oakland. livermore at 60 and low to
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mid50's in san jose. as we head through the day we will continue to see more sun this afternoon. san francisco oakland and for san jose. you can see as we look to the rest of the week we are going to stay dry. it's next week when we could see some rain chances as unsettled weather in that change in our weather pattern kicks in for next week. in the meantime, looking at that sunshine over the next several days. back to you. >> sunshine is good. that's it for the news at noon. remember on 24-7cbs news bay area. streamingon the next newscast is at th e.
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