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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. thieves target the bay area jewelry store. what our cameras captured tonight inside of a poplar peninsula mall. you can not keep the faithful away. niners fans rushing to buy tickets after the rams try to keep them out of the stadium. omicron spike has put considereddable considerable stress on the ems line. >> leaving them stretched thin and overwhelmed. it is wintertime, january, it is pretty crazy to see a fire like this. rare january wildfire. what it could mean for the rest of our fire season. later, it is a federal offense to shoot a laser at a pilot. just a few miles away at the
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san jose airport there is a plan to shoot crows with lasers. good evening to you. we begin tonight with a developing story. an apparent smash and grab on the peninsula. it happened just after 7:00 p.m. thieves targeted at least one jewelry store inside of the shops in san bruno. our photographer got video of the aftermath, several glass cases were smashed, no word yet on exactly how much was taken. the mall has been a recent target for robberies in the past few months. the police tell kpix officers will release more details tomorrow. also tonight, all westbound lanes on the bridge remain closed due to police activity. the chp shutdown all lanes just before 10:00 p.m. the police are asking people to avoid the area. no word when it will reopen. drivers urged to use
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alternative routes. in other news, 49er fans are free to pack the stands in the championship in southern california. >> it comes after the rams went to extreme measures to avoid another sea of red at sofi stadium. we have the fall out. >> reporter: the l.a. rams with the big win. barely beating the tampa bay buccaneers. >> it was a beautiful disaster. had me on the edge of my seat. >> reporter: next up, nfc championship at sofi stadium. a rematch agnsthe 49ers, two weeks after they beat the rams in overtime. the rams did have home field advantage the crowd was a sea of red. rams fans are hoping to change that. >> we need to depopulate their fans and sell more tickets to the rams, get the people to go for the rams in the stadium and i think we got it, man. >> reporter: the rams hope to do the same, hope of keeping the 49er fans out of
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sofi stadium. ticket master only sold tickets to people living in the greater l.a. area. the restriction was lifted. >> they are trying to block us. they don't want to block us. they are afraid to have us in the stadium like before. >> i think the whole thing is almost silly. >> reporter: he says after sunday night's game internet sales were through the roof. >> you have so many transplant northern california, san francisco 49er fans that live in the l.a. area so, you are not keeping them out any ways. >> it will not be 0-7. >> reporter: his final prediction. >> 27-30. again. >> anything else. >> rams. >> now to the coronavirus pandemic. california confirming 300,000 new cases over the weekend. the test positivity rate is still trending in the right direction. it is now at 20.4% after peaking at 23.1 on january 10th. despite this the omicron spike
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is putting a stress on emergency services and hospitals in contra costa county. firecrews are overwhelmed with calls with people with covid-19 symptoms. >> reporter: agencies are optimistic that we are on this downward trend for the omicron surge. they had to juggle resources to be able to respond to every call for service. >> omicron spike has put considerable stress. >> reporter: calls for paramedics keep pouring in. ambulances at an alarming rate are responding to those with covid- 19-like symptoms and resources stretched thin. >> we had to rely on a few times in the last couple of weeks. dispatching one of our paramedics on an engine. not uncommon that we do that. >> reporter: not just the number of calls but cases that patients are sitting in ambulances as they wait to be admitted to emergency rooms. tying up vital resources. in contra costa county there
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are 61 covid-19 cases in icu down from the peak it hit last week. con-fire had to reach out to outside agencies for help. >> you have contracted with private ambulance companies to provide us additional ambulances in our fleet during this time of additional stress on the system. >> dispatchers have been key in determining each case over the phone. even with the stress on the system they assure the public every call will be answered with the appropriate resources. it encourages the public, though, to make the right call if it is to your primary physician, going to urgent care or calling 911. >> we don't want anyone to be discouraged from 911 but in many cases it may not be the best first choice for health care. >> reporter: back to you. looking live out at the state capitol tonight, a covid-19 vaccine could soon be mandatory for california public school
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students no matter what. governor newsom is already mandated them once the vaccine is fully approved for kids. now a state senator wants to eliminate the personal belief. tonight, pg&e is set to emerge from the probation. aimed at rehabilitating the nation's largest utility after the 2016 conviction for six felony crimes. back in 2010 the natural gas lines triggered an explosion that blew up a neighborhood killing eight people. the federal judge over seeing pg&e's probation is less than happy. the judge called the utility a menis to california the judge wrote that during the probation period pg&e owned equipment that sparked 31 wildfires, flamed burned 1.5 million acres killing
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113 people. the utility issued this. pg&e is a safer company over the course of our probation, we are focused every day on making our system safer. now to that fire watch. the wildfire that erupted in the big sur area, torching 700 acres, destroying a structure. that fire began on friday night, jumping highway 1 and forcing evacuations we spoke to wildfire experts that fear the fire season could become a year around danger in our state. >> >> reporter: the wildfire in big sur a wake up call for residents and firefighters. >> it is wintertime now. it is pretty craze tow see a fire like this. >> despite weeks of record- breaking rain last year the fire along the coast had more than enough dry fuel to fan the flames. and that has many concerned for what is to
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come for california. >> what we are finding is the traditional 3-6-montfiseason that we are normally accustomed to fighting now it is a 6-8-9 month fire season that we have now or year around. may restructure how we do business. >> we have a wildfire season but it is getting stretched farther and farther and soon the two ends will connect. >> reporter: the director of the wildfire interdisciplinary research center. the university's fire models predict thursday week to be extremely dry with the absence of rain so far this month. >> so, it makes sense when you have a big wind event, which we did, and very, very dry fuels, even though it is in january that is what is causing this fire. so, it is quite unique. >> reporter: the rare event says could be more frequent in the future with climate prediction models showing our state becoming
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even drier. >> so, our fires are only going to get bigger, climate change has its fingerprint all over the drought in california. as we dry things out we have accumulation of dead fuels. >> for us it makes us realize that we have to be vigilant year around not just in the summertime when we think we have the greatest risk. >> reporter: a rainy season could make a fire season more imaginable. in san carlos, can kpix5. still ahead tonight at 11:00, a crow invasion leaving one south bay city so desperate it is using green lasers and scarecrows. the bizarre plan to ward off pests. and president biden caught on the hot mike. what happened after he cursed a fox news reporter. and the first in the nation gun battle brewing in san jose tonight. gusty winds kicking in
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a live like at the white house where president bid den not like a fox reporter's question about inflation. rising inflation for a political liability in the midterm elections, take a listen. >> that is a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a . >> all right, an hour after the incident president biden called the fox news reporter, peter doocy over the phone to clear the air. the two talked and reconciled. giving you a live look. tonight, we are learning the identity of the man shot and killed by
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police officers near the airport b.a.r.t station. the shooting unfolded on thursday morning near the b.a.r.t station, the district attorney's office says he was armed with two air soft guns when san francisco police shot and killed him. the california department of justice now investigating that incident. live look now at san jose, tomorrow, city leaders are expected to vote on a proposal requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance. if passed san jose will be the first city in the nation to have the ordinance. under the plan gun owners would pay a fee of about $25. the fees coming from thousands of san jose gun owners could generate more than a million dollars a year. the money would fundamental health, violence and suicide prevention programs and firearm safety training. >> that funding will be used to off set the damage. many organizations working in
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our community. limited resources to help the families dealing with the aftermath of gun violence. >> they are vowing to file charges as early as wednesday. the antioch city council is expected to formalize a new ordinance requiring gun owners to disable or lock up their firearms at home. new at 11:00, like a scene out of an alfred hitchcock movie. more than 1,000 crows taking over. the city is desperate to get them out. they are using green lasers and scarecrows to shoo them away. >> reporter: the problem started in the pandemic with fewer people out and about and in office parks, now, outdoor dining here to stay the shunt on to make the skies look a little less like bodega bay in 1963. a collection of crows is called
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a murder. while in sunny valley consider it a megamurder of crows that has gotten friendly. >> we had lots of crows in our community for years. in the last two years the numbers kept increasing and increasing. >> i call it hitchcock hour and i think it is super calming, personally. >> reporter: but with the flying flock comes the falling drops. lots of them. >> a tree where there is a lot of them you notice. >> reporter: the daily cleanup was getting expensive. the mayor chatted with a friend and came up with a solution that was less hitchcock and more dr. evil. >> a possible solution, the green laser pointer. yes, that kind of laser. >> reporter: city employees are taking pains not to interfere with air traffic from nearby airport as pointing a laser at a pilot is a federal offense. and, this is not a first, other u.s. cities have tried the same thing with limited
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success. >> we don't want to get >> repo hanging here. perhaps the original scarecrow to send the message this place is not safe for the birds. meanwhile, this neighbor has this suggestion. >> have it as the mascot and lean into it. >> reporter: this is a three week pilot program to see if the crows get the flock out. back to you. [ laughter ] >> okay, i absolutely love the way she writes a story for one but i never knew a collection of crows is called a murder. >> who knew. >> never knew that. >> oh, yeah. it makes it that much more creepy it is a murder of crows. >> we hope the lasers work. [ laughter ] >> exactly. we will see. just send them to a different community. somewhere else in the bay area and they will have to invest in the green lasers as well. let's take a look at what is happening weatherwise out there. no big changes to the overall
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pattern. atmosphere steering everything in terms of rain and unsettled weather away from the bay area. sending farther up in the northwest towards british columbia and down in the rockies. every time it squeezes the atmosphere over. high and low pressure it means we will get gusty winds again tomorrow. the winds right now, not a problem. not a problem to start the day tomorrow. the winds that we do experience tomorrow are not as strong as last week. friday, saturday, but 25-30- mile-per-hour gusts tomorrow afternoon for napa and higher elevation spot could get 30 plus-mile-per-hour gust in the afternoon and then the winds will calm down after the sun goes down. air quality should improve at least slightly because of the wind stirring around the atmosphere. not great today, could be worse. hopefully we will see more raindrops, until we get more rain around here until the next several days. the wind will disburse more
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pollen. it is alder and juniper. wednesday and thursday and friday. be prepared for that. looking outside, clear skies, not see anything fog on the horizon just yet. temperatures dropping down in the 40s in most locations, down to 39 degrees in santa rosa already. we will see the frog spreading out around the bay and spilling into the inland valleys to start the day on tuesday. locally dense fog will take its time dissipating but gone late morning until middle day. the temperatures will warm up from a chilly start. dropping down a couple more degrees in santa rosa down to the middle to upper 30s. more in the 30s on the map. normal for this time of the year. coldest spots down to the 30s and high temperatures tomorrow, a degree or two above average around the bay near 60 degrees with high temperatures, the off shore winds will help to boost the temperatures up into the lower to middle 60s. some spots reaching the upper 60s farther inland. the temperatures do not change a lot as we head through the next several days. lots of sunshine with the wind
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direction. sunshine sticks around through the workweek. passing clouds, sunday into monday, but no rain in the forecast. hint that maybe as we finish off january and head into february next week we might finally get a more active weather pattern around here, vern? straight ahead in sports. the kpix5 top plays is back. beautifu and, as we watch video of 49er tackle williams, we will hear from one of the guys he is expected to block all day as 49ers/rams championship week gets ignited
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nfl up top. 49ers were off today. the 49ers, although 3-1/2 point under dogs have had six straight wins over l.a. all pro defensive tackle, aaron donald responded. >> you would not know it now. you know, getting ready for a dog fight. >> indeed in tampa yesterday,
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kicker matt gay won as time ran out to save l.a. season. early birthday present for head coach that turned 36 today. did his good friend carl shanahan help him blow out the birthday cake candles? >> we are not big birthday guys. he never communicated with me. i held a grudge over it. just joking, we don't do birthday things i do not know, i don't know what date it is. i hope he is celebrated. >> the birthday present i wanted, keep working. i feel 36 years young, kevin. >> it is vern, coach, my name is vern. injury report, left tackle trent williams finished packers win with a sprained ankle. he likely will not do much in practice this week. does have a chance to play on sunday. baseball, a big day for barry bonds brewing, tomorrow, the hall of fame voting will be announced. there is his final year on the
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ballot. it is believed that he will not receive the required 75% from the baseball writers which would send him to cooperstown. college basketball, santa clara breaking the huddle. design defense to protect the lead on san diego. final minute, contested on the shot, not the follow, tied it, forced overtime. and scoring six of the broncos eight points in over time and broncos won it 78-74. even 2-2 in west coast conference play. yes. i start off the week right. a kpix top 5 plays. here we go. number five, american medicine keys, playing the right keys of the australia open semis, straight set winner. keys, never won a major.
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number 4, sudds, jaw dropping, monster jam put that on a poster. how about number 3. how to block a jam. robinson from oklahoma city. denied troy brown jr. number two, pat mahomes, kelce, champagne for everyone in kansas city, provided by mahome's fiancee. drunk fan on the field. he will remember that hit. courtesy of buffalos diggs. the kid was whisked away by security. now, i wonder at what point that kid thought to himself this was not a good idea? >> as soon as he got smacked. >> will he remember the hit? >> ouch. >> all right, thank you. still ahead, nasa's $10 billion telescope reaches its final destination a million miles from earth
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z4of7z zi0z y4of7y yi0y
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a giant leap for nasa's telescope. >> scientists promise the $10 billion telescope will deliver priceless images, a launch from south america last month, the final destination one million miles from earth. roughly four times further than the moon. the mission is to peer into the universe's past and better understand the big bang. >> we will be looking at things in the universe ranging from objects within our own solarsystem all of the way out to searching for the first galaxies to be born after the big bang. >> we should start seeing the first images within a few months as it begins a deep space mission that can last a decade. up next, a police patrol turns into a rescue mission in a san francisco neighborhood.
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before we go tonight, san francisco police officers made an unusual discovery while patrolling the tender loin. >> they found this little injured hawk last night. they took him to a local wildlife rescue for treatment. not before naming him, they are calling him, of course, eddie. we look for an update on this guy in the days ahead. can you imagine if you are a police officer walking up and you see this little guy, do you pick him up? do you pet him? >> you scoop him up? i don't know. >> he has those talons. >> yes. >> he might be injured but that
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beak is still sharp. >> yes. the late show is next. >> thanks for watching, the news continuing stream g captioning sponsored by cbs >> another negative portrayal for peloton in a fictional television show. this time on the season six premiere of "billions," a character on the show suffered a heart attack after riding a peloton bike. remember, last month, peloton shares plunged when mr. big died after riding a peloton in the "sex in the city" spinoff series "and just like that." ♪♪ >> all right, daddy pig, time to try your new peloton bike! >> but isn't that the thing on tv giving people heart attacks? >> what could go wrong? i'm literally made of the thing cardiologists tell you not to eat.


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