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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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49ers are set to face the rams in the nfc championship. hear from fans just returning and planning to go to l.a. >> reporter: what they're asking the district for. big change causing headaches for travelers at the border over the weekend. why fda may place a limit on monocolonal antibody treatments for covid. good morning. thanks for starting your monday with us january 24. i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. we have mary lee with a look at our forecast to start this week. good morning. happy monday. hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. we will continue with sunshine and mild temperatures through the afternoon. it's a chilly start, grab that coat if you are heading out.
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a live look at san francisco with clear skies with our mark hopkins hotel cam. check out these temperatures, much colder compared to yesterday down to the 30s and 40s. oakland in the mid 40s, upper 40s in san francisco, 41 san jose and down to 35 in santa rosa with some patchy fog for parts of the north bay. santa rosa down to a quarter mile, dense fog for you as well as for napa and other locations look good with that visibility. we are talking upper 50s to low to mid 60s this afternoon. 59 in san francisco around the bay, 60 in oakland, 62 for the peninsula, red wood city, south bay san jose mid 60s, 61 in napa. we'll talk more about what you can expect as we head through the week coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic.
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good morning. let's head out and look near the altamont pass. traffic is moving as it should be, a little slow for super commuters. we are tracking brake lights west bound out of tracy onto 580. that is our slowest spot. zooming in you see speeds down to about 43 miles per hour, maybe even a little slower as you work near grant line. towards the dublin interchange, the 580, 680 connector, extra volume west bound but it is okay. we'll check the south bay in my next report. it can be argued this weekend was one of the most exciting weekends of playoffs in pro football history. every game won with a walk off play. >> including our san francisco 49ers with less than five minutes left and green bay up
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10-3, a punt blocked, the 49er rookie tied the game with a touchdown. niners got the ball back and set up robbie gold for a 45- yard kick. final, 13-10. the team heads to next weekend's nfc championship game in l.a. against the rams who held off tom brady and tampa bay buccaneers with their own game winning kick. >> you just find a way. every week is different. the fight in the team is ridiculous. it really is. >> kansas city chiefs beat buffalo bills in over time sending chiefs to afc facing off against cincinnati bengals. bengals knocked off top seeded tennessee titans on a last second field goal. >> let's go to joycelyn moran live in san francisco with possible hurdles as niners fans try to buy tickets at so fi
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stadium. >> reporter: we have seen the niner fans show up, saw them brave the cold in green bay. a couple weekends ago we saw them take over in so fi. the rams may be trying to avoid a repeat. before the rams knew there would be nfc championship game there were posts and reports that fans looking to get tickets at a possible 49ers rams game were notified tickets would be restricted to residents of the greater los angeles region and this would be based on credit card billing address at check out. we've seen fans make it to l.a., dallas, green bay. we spoke with fans returning from lambeau field yesterday. some even losing their voice. >> it was legendary, an epic, epic experience. niners brought home the win at lambeau in an ice bowl.
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the trip of a lifetime. >> we stayed faithful, came out just like we went to dallas last week. we'll be in l.a. the following week. >> reporter: we have reached to ticket master to confirm. fun fact today 40 years ago 49ers beat the bengals in their first super bowl win. we'll see if they can make it to the super bowl this year. go niners. it is exciting. happening today, oakland unified heading back to school. it comes as teachers in the city are threatening to strike following hours of negotiations. >> this morning there is still no compromise. justin andrews is live in the newsroom following the back and forth on this. >> reporter: the teachers union in oakland set a friday deadline at midnight to avoid a strike. this morning there is still no deal. teachers say they simply wanted an updated covid plan for
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schools. core demands include weekly testing, high quality masks for students and staff, a plan to address the staffing shortages at schools by making sure there is an adult covering every classroom vacancy. 72% of members in the union voted yes to participate in strike if their bargaining demands are not met. without agreement on this, picket lines could be packed for days to come. for a little more than a week students and teachers have been boycotting classes by staying home. schools were shut down last week because there weren't enough teachers and students. we checked and there is still no deal. these next few days will be telling. we'll keep an eye on it. with omicron cases starting to decline in many parts of the state, there is a push to ease covid restrictions that come as california's positivity rate is seeing slight improvement. as of friday the state was just
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over 21%. that is about a percent down from the same time last week. some doctors are spearheading a petition demanding state officials lift all remaining restrictions in public schools after the omicron surge. >> i also see kids in distress and kids who are not doing well. it's not because of covid. it's because of our covid policies. >> we are not there quite yet, but it is my sense that it is coming sooner than later. >> state laws don't allow local counties to loosen indoor masking mandates on public transportation, in restaurants, or in schools. new rules for border crossings went into effect leading to long lines at the border between mexico and california. department of homeland security says essential travelers crossing into u.s. must show proof they are fully vaccinated for covid-19. restrictions apply to nonu.s. individuals who are traveling
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for both essential and nonessential reasons. before the requirement only applied to nonessential travelers. >> yeah. asking for vaccination. i have both. i have pfizer. >> took three and a half hours to cross. >> normally takes how long? >> hour and a half. now it is taking more longer. >> new rules do not apply to u.s. citizens for lawful permanent residents but people in the categories still have to wait in line in order to cross. federal regulators weighing limits on monocolonal antibody treatments for covid-19. fda has found they are not effective against omicron variant. the same problem prompted national institutes of health to advise clinics not to use the antibody treatments. this is as vast majority of new infections stem from omicron. some are calling on governor newsom to release prisoners who are under 18 and
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who are within six months of their parole date as well as those with medical concerns from state custody amid a covid outbreak. supporters of the 640 youth held, 175 tested positive. that is the highest infection rate since first case was reported in 2020. happening today, students in the loss a angeles unified school district are required to wear surgical masks or higher grade. health officials say the shift away from cloth masks was prompted by guidance citing need for skarha raon higherrade masks bein prupon quest. inand guests wanting to protect themselves against covid got two freebies, a vaccine and pass to the children's discovery museum. >> it really does soften the blow for the child.
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it reduces anxiety. this is a friendly happy place they're used to coming to verses a big clinic. >> i felt like i was over reacting. i was so scared. i felt like the entire world was going to end. then i got it and it felt like a little didn't feel like much. >> the next clinic is february 13 open to everyone 5 and over. if you are looking for a covid test, vaccine, booster, visit our resource guide at click the red banner at the top of the page. funeral services for the sheriffs recruit killed in a shooting. he was set to graduate in february but on the night he was shot along the highway 80 ramp in oakland. his funeral will be at 10:00
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this morning. a dog is back home after rescued over the weekend. duke fell down a steep cliff and was clinging to rocks. thankfully fire crews were able to repel down and save him. 11 minutes after 5:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, new worries about the castro theater, concerns from film lovers with new management in place. maternity leave limbo leaving moms without relief in california. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area with that sunshine. if you are heading to the beach, use extra caution. we have a beach hazard statement in effect through this afternoon due to dangerous sneaker waves and large swells. we'll talk more about that and of course the rest of the work week coming up in just a few minutes. as you get ready to head out the door, maybe head to work, we are already tracking brake lights for the ride into
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wow! no braces, everything's hands-free. i wasn't so lucky... invis is not your parents' braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. 14 minutes after 5:00, now a bizarre situation at sea, cruise ship bound for miami docked in the bahamas instead after u.s. issued an arrest
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warrant for the ship. a u.s. judge granting an order to seize the crystal symphony ship as part of a lawsuit over unpaid fuel fees. passengers were obviously surprised to learn about the ship's legal issues and the big change in plans. they were ferried from the island yesterday to fort lauderdale. one passenger said it was a very confusing situation. >> none of the crew knew how they were going to get back to home countries. they've given us nothing. the information was coming so fast it was very hard to digest, trying to make plans, everyone trying to switch their travel. most of us didn't have reception because we were in the middle of the ocean. >> the lawsuit seeking $1.2 million from unpaid bills. waves crept up behind unsuspecting beachgoers. the water packs a punch. just about every year more than a few people are swept to sea.
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one family had a close call of their own. >> we were having a really interesting conversation and next thing you know, a wave came from the side where we weren't really looking. it's ocean beach. there are always warnings and everything but i never thought it would actually be true, . boom linr tu yourback on the ocean. swimmers are also warned about rip currents. despite a mostly dry january, snow levels along sierra are still above average. expects say current levels in north sierra are 113% above normal levels for this time of year. no rain is expected for this coming week but the national weather service says there could be more snow for the area at the beginning of february. 16 minutes after 5:00. speaking of the weather, let's get a check of it with mary lee. good morning. we are looking at dry weather
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this week but looking at the longer range weather models next week, could signal a change with weather systems i am tracking. hopefully that will come into fruition and we can get some rain. it's been sometime for us. we definitely need it and we need sn in the sierra. i do want to let you know about a beach hazard statement if you are heading to the beaches. use extra caution today as we are looking at northwest swells at three to six feet at 17 to 20 seconds, watch for dangerous sneaker waves at our beaches today. now let'owa live look with our salesforce tower camera as we look east across the bay at our beautiful bay bridge. it is a cold start to our day. we are down to the 30s and 40s this morning. a big differencemuch colder this morning compared to yesterday at this time. bundle up and put on that big winter coat if you are heading out. concord is 41, oakland in the
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mid 40s, mid 30s in livermore, 47 in san francisco, san jose you are down to 41 and a cold 35 in santa rosa and patchy dense fog in santa rosa, down to about a quarter mile. through the day, plenty sunshine and we are going to see daytime highs in the upper 50s with that sun for oakland in the east bay, warming up to about 60 this afternoon with that sunshine. south bay, san jose topping out in the mid 60s with that sun. a really pretty day, high pressure in control, sunshine, mild, above average daytime highs and that ridge will be in control e next several days. hour by hour on futurecast you see sunshine, sunny to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. the coast for the peninsula, 62 red wood city and mountain view.
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concord 63, inland east bay, 61 for north bay in napa. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose there we go with dry, quiet conditions though a few more clouds as we look to the end of the week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see that sunshine through the week, a few clouds friday and into our weekend. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this monday? good morning. we've got our slow spot. super commuters we are tracking brake lights west bound 205 onto 580 west bound to just about north flynn. sluggish conditions, plan for that this morning. as we zoom in you see slow speeds down to about 18 miles per hour in some spots. the good news is once you are past north flynn area as you head into livermore valley things open up nicely and agree better as you are working towards the dublin interchange.
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no major delays but we'll keep a close eye on that as the morning commute gets underway. 36 minutes for your travel time. 205 to 680, that is a slow ride. it updated. highway 4 to the maze, 14 minutes, highway 4, 101 looking good. 101 out of the south bay, you can't see troubles or issues. things look really good. all south bay routes are in the green which is good news. here are your travel times. north bound 101, 85 to 280, 680, a seven minute commute. north bound 280 is looking good as well as 87, no delays. our bridges are pretty quiet. a live look at the bay bridge, things are moving nicely. the freeways are off to a very good start. it is 5:20. tomorrow, cal trans is set to present a series of options for widening a stretch of highway
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37. here is a look at limits of the proposed improvement project. officials are considering adding extra lanes, widening shoulders, or turning the stretch into a three lane road with a moveable center median. the project will be discussed during a public zoom meeting tomorrow night. this morning county connection officials with contra costa will be at the lafayette bart station to help process cards, applications. help will be available from 8:30 to 10:30. >> thanks. in san francisco, people are worried about future of the castro theater as the landmark is getting new management. the castro theater is celebrating a century of showcasing cinema. this is as bay area based concert production company another planet entertainment takes over management of the space. some locals are feeling unsure about the transition. >> i am very nervous that another planet is a live music
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event producer. they do not have a history of film programming. >> castro is one of the most important cultural institutions remaining in san francisco. >> another planet entertainment said in an announcement it has a history of preserving land marks in the area and knows importance castro has for film lovers and lgbtq community. many california moms who recently gave birth are waiting for the delivery the maternity leave payments. the state's employment development department is delaying about 345,000 disability claims claiming fraud prevention. the agency is trying to verify identity of doctors whose credentials were used by rerted patients. some mothers are getting caught in the middle. >> we have mortgage to pay. we have hospital bills. >> when government agencies fail this badly i believe it
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breaks the public's trust. >> last year california lawmakers held a hearing over e.d.d. back logs, 20 billion in pandemic relief fraud and complaints ever unresponsiveness. 23 minutes after 5:00. still ahead, the spacex cargo ship on its way back to earth and valuable research coming with it. stay with us. we're going to be right back.
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good monday morning. are you ready for lunchtime? i know i am. i have some left over burmese food for lunch. very excited about that. sunshine and mid 50s at noon. inland, already warming to the low 60s with that sunshine. we'll talk about the rest of the week and what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. >> i want to hear more about that burmese lunch. sounds yummy. check out the video of the spacex unmanned dragon cargo ship that finally successfully undocked from international space station. the ship is carrying medical
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supplies, thousands of pounds of cargo and scientific research. it is expected to splash down today off the coast of florida. 5:27. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, rising tensions between russia and ukraine. the preparations on both sides for a potential military conflict. be sure to check out our new kpix5 evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch him with mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread,
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thank you to all those in our clinical trials. my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. 49ers are set to take on the l.a. rams sunday. the rams may be trying to avoid another niners take over. we'll tell you how.
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>> reporter: we are keeping our eye on that raging rare wildfire shutting down highways, forcing evacuations. a look at the images, next. thousands of protesters making voices heard in a rally against vaccine mandates. americans concerned filing their taxes today. why some people might be waiting longer than expected for their refund. good morning. thanks for artingyour monday u. it is january 24. i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a look at our weather forecast with mary lee. good morning. good morning. happy monday. it's a cold start. bundle up and put on that big winter coat. here is a lovely live look. temperatures are down to the 30s and 40s as we start our day. mid 40s in oakland, mid 30s livermore, san francisco 41, 41 in san jose and mid 30s, a cold
5:31 am
start in santa rosa and dealing with patchy dense fog in santa rosa. this morning in santa rosa, three miles in napa and other locations looking good with visibility. 58 along the coast in pacifica, 59 around the bay in san francisco, 60 oakland. peninsula, low 60s. south bay, san jose 65, inland east bacon cord 63, tri valley livermore 63 and napa valley, 61 in the north bay. we'll talk about the rest of our work week and if there are any changes in sight coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? good morning. we are keeping a close eye on the 580, 680 dublin interchange. no word if this is blocking lanes or if injuries are involved. definitely a couple cars are tangled up. right now we are not seeing
5:32 am
major brake lights or issues. west bound is our commute direction. it looks like the crash is on the east bound side of 580 near san ramon. noncommute direction. we are seeing usual stuff as you work west bound 205 getting onto 580. it is a slow ride. travel time is 41 minutes 205 towards 680. we'll check the bridges in my next report. fierce flames burning near california scenic highway 1, colorado fire was sparked in the big sir region. justin andrews is live with images of the flames and update on the fire fight. justin what can you tell us. good morning, this is a rare winter wildfire. when the evacuation order was issued friday only 100 acres burned. over the weekend it jumped to 1500. jaw dropping as flames are
5:33 am
burning right to the edge of the bridge closing a 21-mile stretch of highway 1. flames so frightening and full they were seen from santa cruz county. that's about 70 miles away. fire crews were back at it yesterday fighting flames with more manpower on the ground and in the air. people who live in the mountains say this is a sight they'll never forget and the timing they say is a wake up call. >> the sky was lit up with red, a red glow. we are like oh my god, that is a fire. >> we packed our things and put them by the door in case because the wind was blowing the fire towards where we are. >> reporter: the terrain there is rough and very steep. the rugged mountains are a challenge for fire crews. we'll hear from cal fire in the next hour at 6:30. justin andrews kpix5. 49ers are facing off
5:34 am
against l.a. rams on sunday in the nfc championship game. >> joycelyn moran is live in san francisco for us. there may be hurdles to get through for niners fans wanting to go to the game in l.a. >> reporter: that's because 49er fans have showed time and time that they show up even braving the cold. a couple weekends ago also taking over in l.a. it seems leak rams may be trying to avoid that happening again. on the rams ticket website you see general public on sale started yesterday at 3:00 p.m. it says restricted to so cal residents. we have reached to ticket master to confirm. we'll let you know when we hear back. fans in the last couple games have been trying to take away home field advantage from the other team. some fans are getting ready to head to los angeles after being in green bay over the weekend and witnessing the field kick that won the game. >> i have never felt so cold in my life. honestly it was something you
5:35 am
can't prepare for. i had multiple jackets, sweaters, two sets of socks and i was still freezing. being in person at lambeau with the snow, all the elements against us, it was awesome. we had a great time. >> reporter: for this game the trip is closer so we'll see if fans are able to blanket so fi stadium in red and gold. >> we'll see. developing, tensions are continuing to rise as the standoff between russia and ukraine takes an ominous step forward. u.s. ordered american families working in the region to leave immediately. that includes nonessential embassy staff. u.s. is accusing russia of sending agents to ukraine to perform false flag operations to trigger an all out war. nato is bracing for the worst. new reports show the organization is outlining potential troop deployments. the u.s. and allies are weighing if and when to impose
5:36 am
sanctions on russia. >> the most important thing we can do is use them as a deterrent, as a means of diswading russia. once sanctions are triggered you lose the deter effect. >> reports are claiming russia is trying to replace ukrainian government with a pro moscow administration. the kremlin is denying this. a live look at capitol hill, thousands gathered at the lincoln memorial yesterday protesting vaccine mandates. >> we will not comply with your silliness. >> robert f kennedy jr getting flak after taking the stage and comparing vaccine mandates to naz germany. the former fda commissioner shedding light on when a vaccine for children younger than five could be available. >> i think even if fda were to reconsider the approval of the vaccine you are looking at a time line when this would get
5:37 am
pushed at best perhaps to late march because you would have to readjudicate data, get the vaccine to the supply chain. i think you are looking at a march date, maybe late march. >> the white house medical adviser dr. anthony fauci said there is no time line set in stone yet for this age group. new, olympic organizers in beijing reporting dozens of covid cases ahead of winter games. so far none are athletes or team officials. a statement from the beijing organizing committee says there are 72 positive cases so far, describes the people as personnel separate from athletes and coaches. chinese authorities set up what they call a closed loop system, essentially an olympic bubble cut off from the rest of the city. gonzaga blocking access for one of its best known former basketball players. the nba hall of famer refused to wear a mask at a home game
5:38 am
in spokane and it prompted his alma mater to suspect pendleton his season tickets. he is an outspoken opponent of mandates, lock downs. you could be waiting a long time. last year taxpayers had refunds delayed because of pandemic issues and irs is still catching up. treasury department is warning of more delays is year. jackson hewitt says expanded childcare credit is part of the issue. >> that can be complicated. you have to fill out the form on how many dependents you have. >> shared custody can create a complication. >> irs says the fastest way to get a refund is do it electronically and sign up for direct deposit.
5:39 am
filing deadline is april 18. general motors making a multi billion dollar bet on electric car market and investors are hoping wall street can bounce back from a dismal week. diane king hall joins us in the cbs broadcast center in new york. good monday morning to you. futures have been indicating a higher open so we'll see if last week was worse week for s&p 500 since march of 2020 when the pandemic began. investors are turning to the latest batch of earnings. general motors set to make a big announcement. it plans to invest more than 6 billion in two electric vehicle plants in michigan. it will hel 4,000 jobs. electric vehicle sales, forecasters expect big increases over the next decade. intel investing billion to build semi conductor production facility in ohio. the ceo joined president biden
5:40 am
to make the announcement. biden administration hopes the plant will avoid future supply crunches. if you are paranoid about elon musk's latest venture, it could be all in your mind. fill me in. >> yes indeed. the out of the box thinker is working on a brain computer interface. the chip implant will allow people to communicate with computers using only their brain. the implanted chip captures and records electric signals produced by the brain and relays to your digital device hands free. i am out on this one. >> i am right there with you. a little too close to home. >> pass. >> i agree. thank you so much. we'll see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens. >> all right. thank you. you got it. still ahead, another pr problem for peloton. the publicity headache for the
5:41 am
exercise equipment company. the on board service reductions coming to american airlines after complaints from flight attendants. good monday morning. a live look with our sutro cam with mainly clear skies. i was near sutro yesterday at twin peaks and it was beautiful. we are looking at another beautiful day. it's a cold start in the 30s and 40s. as we head through the day, sunshine and mild temperatures ahead. i will have that full forecast, coming up.
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5:44. in a developing story, american airlines making on board service reductions to address concerns from flight attendants. the airline reportedly will allow attendants to serve all courses of the meal at the same time in first class. in the main cabin, a second round of beverage se longer fli happen. flight attendants' union have been pushing for these aiming to limit interactions passengers especially when not wearing masks during meals. peloton pushing back against unfavorable images. last night a character in billions had a heart attack while on a peloton bike. a month earlier you might remember sex and the city killed off mr. big with a heart
5:45 am
attack after riding. peloton says cardiovascular exercise helps lead long happy lives. the company said it did not give billions permission to use its brand. it's hard enough trying to buy a home with prices so high. now it is difficult to even find a home to buy. the number of homes for sale has hit a record low. december figures show supply of homes in san francisco in the east bay dropped 22%. in the south bay it was down 32% compared to the year before. guys, i am feeling it. >> same old story. >> i don't know how many times we have looked at houses and it's the same people we see there every time. >> you again? >> it's crazy out there. good luck to anybody else in that situation. >> for sure. if you are out looking for homes over the weekend, i am sure you noticed that sunshine. we will continue with that as we head through today and actually through most of the week. really settling into a dry,
5:46 am
quiet weather pattern for the bay area. hopefully by next week, longer range weather models bring some rain chances in. fingers crossed on that. it's been a while for sure. a live look with our salesforce tower camera as we look southeast. it is a cold start. we are down to the 30s and 40s this morning. bundle up. put on that big winter coat. mid 30s livermore, san francisco 47, san jose 41, 35 in santa rosa with patchy dense fog for you, down to about a quarter mile in santa rosa this morning. here is what you can expect, walking you through the day with our micro climate. for the coast, upper 50s, sunshine, mild temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s around the bay and warming inland with that sun into the low to mid 60s this afternoon. daytime highs well above average for this time of year. you may have noticed that haze that we had yesterday.
5:47 am
we did have that ridge of high pressure that acts like a lid trapping pollutants at the surface. watching the fire, thankfully the winds should ease so it should help firefighters. we are looking at moderate air quality. you may notice the haze again today and through most of the week. we have the satellite and radar view, ridge much high pressure in control, sunshine and mild temperatures ahead. as we take you hour by hour with our skies looking at sunny to mostly sunny skies this afternoon and specific locations this afternoon, 58 in pacifica this afternoon, 59 in san francisco, 60 in oakland and around the bay, inland east bacon cord 63, tri valley livermore 63, 61 for napa valley in the north bay. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you can see all that sunshine
5:48 am
for most of the week though a few more clouds streaming in friday and into our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, coast, quiet weather ahead, above average daytime highs for the next several days with partly sunny skies friday and into our weekend. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? i am keeping a close eye on the dublin interchange. we have reports of a trouble spot east 580. hopefully it is not causing a lot of brake lights or issues. you see traffic definitely loading up with the head lights heading towards 680. the crash is east bound heading towards 680 so it is more toward san ramon. things are a little slow as you approach the interchange. keep it in mind as you are out there. it may cause spectator slowing in both directions. traveling out of altamont onto 580, that is where our slow
5:49 am
spot is. it is sluggish. all the way to north flynn, down to about 19 miles an hour. the morning commute is in full swing. i do want to check traffic in the south bay. it's about 39 minutes north 101 from hellyer to sfo but we did get reports of first crash at the 880 connector involving overturned vehicle. all the activity is to the side of the road way but it is starting to slow down a little bit, down to 34 miles per hour. we'll keep an eye on the travel times and keep you updated. if you want to use 280 or 87, traffic is moving nicely there. 880 in oakland, clear. nimitz freeway, you see near the colosseum everything is moving really well. if you are headed south over towards san mateo bridge, no delays, traffic is moving at the limit. we are looking at a 13 minute commute between 880 and 101.
5:50 am
no delays at the bay bridge, everything looks good heading into the city. that's a look at traffic. >> thank you. opening statements are scheduled to start in the federal criminal trial of michael avenatti. he is on trial in new york for allegedly stealing 300,000 from stormy daniels in connection to her book deal. daniels and avenatti became household names in 2018 for lawsuits against former president trump of the the adult film actress who claims to have had an affair with the former president is scheduled to testify tomorrow. avenatti says he is not guilty of taking money from daniels. meanwhile the former alaska governor sarah palin's defamation lawsuit against "new york times" goes it trial today. the former vice presidential candidate sued the paper in 2017 over an editorial times later admitted was incorrect. times implied palin's political action committee had somehow
5:51 am
inspired shooting of representative gabby giffordss in 2011. the paper corrected and error and apologized and a judge initially dismissed it. get ready for a new season of star trek picard. a preview of what you can expect from the sci-fi show. today on the drew barrymore show drew talks euphoria season 2. that's today at 2:00 on kpix5. schools across u.s. turning to covid testing to keep kids in the classroom amid the current omicron surge. coming up, how some schools are handling the tests and whether they're really the answer to preventing learning loss. >> is testing the answer to
5:52 am
keeping schools open? >> for us being vaccinated and boosted and having a test is the answer.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. a live look with our new mount diablo camera. love those twinkling lights out there. it is a cold start, down to the
5:55 am
30s and 40s. mainly clear skies though some patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay as we kick off a new work week. high pressure in control, sunshine, mild temperatures. we are going to see highs well above average. i will let you know what you can expect where you live in a few minutes. entertainment headlines, paramount plus releasing trailer for its second season of star trek picard. the crew go on a bold journey to the past to confront problems of 21st century earth and save the galaxy's future. whoopee goldberg is joining the cast. star trek picard season 2 launches march 3 with new episodes every thursday on paramount plus. cbsviacom is the parent company. >>christmas
5:56 am
story in the works. christmas story christmas will follow ralphy as a dad who returns to celebrate christmas with his children. peter billingsly will reprize his role. a country music star kicking off 2022 tour june 17 in new hampshire. the bring the bar to you tour will visit at least 30 cities including shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. tickets go on sale this friday. 5:56. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, six days until niners are ready to take on the rams. can bay area fans watch in person? there is buzz on social media making people second guess their decision to try to buy a ticket. long lines flooding u.s. mexico border. new covid rules leading to chaotic wait times. the fresh powder in the sierra is looking pretty solid. above average report card and when more snow is on the way.
5:57 am
we'll leave you with this live look from our treasure island camera. we are still waiting on that does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c.
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plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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testifies legendary, an epic, epic experience. niners brought home the win. on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, after claiming victory against green bay, 49ers are ready for their next win in california. why fans are worried about snagging a ticket and it doesn't have to do with the cost. oakland teachers ready to strike amid failure to meet their covid demands. what they're asking the district for. i see kids in distress and kids not well not because of covid. it's


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