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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 22, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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love from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news . right now onfire mont dealing with high wind warnings. >> please stop. >> an emotional plea from a oakland mother after son was shot and killed. we will get to those stories and just a moment.
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breaking news out of japan. a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit south japan. 13 people are reported to be injured. there are reports of damage to building, roads, and infrastructures. there is no threat of a tsunami. good morning, i am devin fehely. we start this morning with the growing wildfire along the big sur coast. cal fire says a colorado fire grid of 1500 acres overnight. that forced evacuations in the area. the flames jumped highway 1 late last night and now that road is shut down in both directions between big sur and carmel. and here is a view from a pg&e wildfire camera. the red cross has open an emergency shelter and carmel middle school. evacuations are underway for those living along colorado
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road. the strong gusting winds we expected yesterday have not settled down. the national weather service says there is a high wind warning. the strongest winds are expected at the highest elevations. and this massive tree came crashing down crushirsand knock it happened on north 17th street. neighbors say it is a busy road and luckily no one was around when that tree came down. let's get a better luck. the focus will be the winds and the local mountains. some oppressive mountains coming in well away from town and up into the mountains. within the last hour we have had a wind gusts in the 90s. it says a lot about the intensity of the wind and a lot that the national weather service has those north bay mountains under a wind warning and not a red flag warning.
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that tells us it is certainly windy , but not a significant fire threate landscape can handle it here because we have had a lot of rain. the warning stays in effect until 11:00 this morning we have seen some spots higher than that. there is a wind advisory for the diablo range and that has been allowed to expire now . we will look to the forecast to show you what it looks like. here comes the good news. we will get play and watch the winds dramatically decreased the the day . they have already let that wind advisory expire. and the wind needs to be watched through 11:00 this morning. if you're getting ready to stop out the door, it is not terribly windy down where we all live. this is primarily a mountain issue.
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they are felt so much more in the mountains and down here at the lower elevations. we will have high clouds and daytime highs in the low to mid- 60s. back over to you. oakland police say a government randomly killed a man and shot a firefighters without any apparent provocation. we are hearing from the mother of the victim this morning. we spoke to her at a candlelight vigil last night. >> reporter: community members, family and friends celebrating the life of ronald center jr.. >> he just came home. you just rold sanders jr. and shot up him. his mom says the community support is keeping her strong. >> i am still in shock. >> reporter: investigators believe the killing was random. the victim and suspect did not know each other. neighbors so police the gunman
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was walking in the streets screaming he was going to shoot someone. a short time later he came across ronald and shot him. >> this is a senseless act of violence. >> reporter: half a block later he saw two firefighters in a city owned suv. city say the gunman fired four shots into the suv. the bullets did not hit the firefighters. we have set him o i truly don't have an answer for that. >> reporter: police arrested the suspect one hour later. they say he was convicted of manslaughter for a 1996 killing that happened two blocks away from thursday's homicide. oakland councilwoman carol five organize the vigil. she heard the gunshots and ran over to try to help ronald. a homeless woman was graced by a bullet but declined medical
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attention. >> why is he roaming the street? did he need dental health services? should he be under the care of a psychiatric physician quite >> reporter: denise forgives the suspect but wants accountability and justice for her son. >> in order to move forward, i had to forgive. i don't want to walk around holding grudges. >> reporter: police say the suspect admitted to being involved in the crime and now he faces homicide charges. kpix5 . oakland police say thursday nights killing was the eighth homicide of the year. we have video from fremont security cameras were there was a car theft and crash. the suspect is now in jail thanks to some good samaritans. police say the man stole a car and return to the neighborhood hours later. witnesses say he drove recklessly and hit several cars and crashed into a tree.
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bystanders say they held him down until officers arrived. also in fremont, a candlelight vigil to remember michelle. >> i want to remind people that michelle stood for love. that is the most important word here today. >> the 40-year-old grew up in fremont and lived in manhattan. she died after she was pushed in front of a subway train. close family friends had a message from her parents. >> we don't want people to focus on how she died and the tragedy around that. they want people to focus on what she lived for and some of the things she was doing in the community. she led a life of service and in her spare time she was volunteering to help women and children and people experiencing homelessness. she is an example of what we all need to be to serve our
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community and the best way we can. >> a 61-year-old man is in jail charged with 2nd degree murder for allegedly pressing her to her death. starting today, santa clara county will give out 60,000 free covid test kits. you must schedule an appointment online before picking them up. they will be handed up at four drive up locations. each household can receive up to four kits. teachers are threatening to take a strike vote if they don't reach a new covid safety deal. teachers are demanding weekly testing at all schools and coverage for every classroom vacancy. many students have been staying home in protest and demanding a temporary return to online testing. the district tells us it has reached eight safety agreements with the union over the course of the pandemic. meetings are scheduled to discuss a new deal.
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a live look at the state capitol where debate got underway about legislation to enable some children to get a covid vaccine without their permission. scott weiner of san francisco introduce that bill. it would apply to kids between the ages of 12 to 17. that age group can get vaccinated against hpv and hepatitis b without their parents consent. >> many want to be vaccinated but sometimes their parents don't let them and sometimes parents are not prioritizing taking them to be vaccinated. >> these are conversations that should happen between parents and their kids and not to isolate them and make this a conversation that happens with the school nurse. >> several other states and washington d.c. allow minors to get vaccines without parental consent. a live look in san jose where the sharks are teaming up with the stanford blood center.
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it starts at 7:30 a.m. at the north conference to the sap center. dozens will win free tickets. an update on san francisco's newest light rail line. the word is, testing on the central subway is going well. muni central subway will take writers to union square and into chinatown. the project is years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. the director blames trouble during the boring phrase and construction delays due to covid. as of now, all systems are a go . >> the good news is that all of the systems right now are testing and it is going well. we are currently looking at revenue service in october. the trains are running every day. we are needing to test the train control system to make
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sure it is flawless and ready to safely carry people from chinatown to union square to mosque coney and down to southeastern san francisco. >> muni is looking to bounce back from rigid schedules due to covid. the agency hopes to resume all services in march. still ahead, parts of the bay area under a high winds warning this morning. we will break down what we are seeing. we will hear from bay
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welcome back. developing now, a wildfire and monterey county continuing to grow this morning and it is forcing evacuations. the colorado fire broke out last night. cal fire says that fire has grown to 1500 acres. the flames jumped highway 1 last night. the road a shutdown in both directions. parts of the bay area are under a high winds warning. the because gusts are expected at the peaks of hills and mountains. it will continue until later today for higher elevations. with that, here is a look at our full forecast.
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this will go until 11:00 this morning. wind gusts up in the 30 and 40 mile per hour range. we have already seen wind gusts stronger than that. i know it looks red on the map but it is a high winds warning and not a red flag warning. a red flag warning is specific to fire concerns. we are not looking at that because of the nature of the landscape. it is not an immediate fire thread. here are a couple of notes of interest. we have had one peak, and isolated peak will up a love town that is gusted into the 90s in the last hour. it is really isolated. in general, this is the speed that were looking at. wind gusts from 30 to 50.
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it is barely breezy at the lower elevations where we all live. if we look at the current temperatures, it is 63 degrees and santa rosa at 7:15 in the significant and has everything to do with this is an offshore wind event. warming up the lower elevations too. if we watch the progression of the wind speeds, the good news is, things begin to quiet down over the next few hours. the wind has effectively turned off by later this evening. there is good news on improving the situation for strong winds in the mountains. there is a few high clouds. there is no other significant item to discuss. the wind will of turned off completely for the majority of us by the time we get into the afternoon today. the storm track is continuing
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to stay well away from california. at this point, it is moving into canada. it looks like it will continue to hold for quite some time. we have nothing but sunshine and for daytime highs that warm up into the mid-60s for san jose . a similar story will play out mpesd an. th an ra at thk looking out on the long- range, we probably have to look into the first week of february before we can start thinking about that again. >> with all the wind we have had, i am surprised we haven't had more power outages . restaurant week is kicking off in napa. restaurant owners hope for a shot in the arm. for others, they have had to call it quits. we have a report on how some
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restaurants are trying to stay afloat. >> reporter: a busy night in downtown napa with many restaurants fully booked for restaurant week. >> it has been extremely difficult to hang on and stay alive. >> reporter: they announced their closure on facebook. the owners writing they gave it their best for as long as he could. it was the pandemic the finally force them to close their doors. we were open and then we were close. and then we could open for indoors. you need a mask and you don't need a mask and it has been so complicated to understand. starting tonight, an event to get diners back into restaurants again. restaurant week is when we spring back to life. >> reporter: charlie palmer steak house are taking part in the event.
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restaurant owners safe food costs and staffing shortages remain a huge issue but restaurant week gives businesses a big boost. we can reservations are hard to find as restaurants offer special menus at a time when some diners may be hesitant to dine out. restaurants have had to find ways to entice customers >> it became an opportunity to take everything we have learned over the years and find a different way to express it. >> reporter: the region is seeing signs of recovery. hotel occupancy is above 90% on weekends, but weekday businesses are slow to return. kpix5. a live look now at the white house for president biden is turning his attention to the
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supply chain. you want to increase the supply of much-needed microchips. the president met with his secretary and the ceo a semi conductor production factory in ohio. >> people might wonder why it's such a big deal. semi conductors are a small computer chip the power virtually everything in our lives. >> the president's announcement comes amid the global shortage of microchips. the biden administration is urging congress to pass legislation to strengthen research and development and relief supply chain bottlenecks as a result of the pandemic. sports is coming up after the break. we are setting the table for 49ers and packers. how they could be the x factor in tonight's game.
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steph curry was not hanging his head in crunch time. what steph did tonight he had never done before. you don't want to
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one point during last night's game, i found myself going down the rabbit hole of which mba drop was the worst ever. 2000 is my vote. i don't think i'm the only one whose eyes wandered from the game. the game was anything but pretty against the worst team in the west. if you did change the channel, i hope you caught the end life. steph curry without klay thompson last night. not a good start for 30. the team picked up where they
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left off. he slams it. they were down 15 points and things are bad when you start kicking things. in the third quarter, golden state down one. he hangs it off the window, he had 20 points. the chase center is starting to wake up. the final seconds tied up. it is off the mark. rebound, warrior's. 5.1 seconds. you know who is getting it. it is staff. one-on-one and he stepped back for the win and cold lead it. shades of campbell walker shot from that back in the day. celebrating like they just won get all. that was steph's first ever game-winning buzzer beater. hard to believe. only 6-21 for staff but throw out the stats. >> all good. >> it felt great. it felt great. we wanted to give them space and he found it and hit a beautiful
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shot. it was an amazing moment. hearing the buzzer when the ball is in midflight. knowing that this is it and seeing it go when and hearing the crowd. what a cool moment. >> pass blocking is not good for them but bosa and is 15.5 sacks off concussion protocol. he will play in today's game. as for the pressure on rogers from that first game, it was almost nonexistent. only one sack in that two point loss. this is a different niners pass rush. san francisco leads the nfl with 29 sacks with three per game since week 13. it was sack prescott last weekend. >> stanford is hosting the cal
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golden bells. that is data curry for cal. she was feeling it yesterday. 30 points for her. by the third quarter, it was all cardinal. outscored the bears by 20. 5-3's and it improves to 14-3. 97-74 the final. >> the bengals and titans is right here on kpix5 at 1:30. derrick henry in sclera and expected to play in that ballgame. that is sports. coming up, wildfires striking in the off season. we've got the latest from big sur. vice president kamala harris is back in california and talking about millions in federal help for wildfire victims. we will be back in a moment.
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princess cruises was born right here in california.
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for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. thank you so much for joining us. i and devin fehely. we have new video of a wildfire forcing mandatory evacuations along the monterey coastline. the colorado fire has grown to
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1500 acres it was first reported last night in palo colorado canyon which is north of big sur. the chp has shut down highway 1 along a roughly 20 mile stretch between big sur and carmel. here is a view from a hours earlier. the red cross is opening an emergency shelter and carmel middle school. mandatory evacuation orders are on for people living along palo colorado road. damaging winds developing in the bay area . there is a high winds warning until later today. we saw that focusing on that very thing. we are taking a look at the oakland hills. you can see mount diablo in the distance. the hills in the foreground up above oakland experiencing wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour
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last night. it is much lighter now and we are down to 30 mile- per-hour wind gusts. if we look at the wind speeds across the bay hour, 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mountains. diablo mountain and 60 miles per hour. sweeney ridge, 37 mile-per-hour wind gusts. much stronger in the mountains than down at the lower elevations. there it is a breeze like yesterday. it is certainly warm because those winds going to the mountains our downsloping as we get into the valley . 63, santa rosa. near 60 for the east bay communities. so those winds are not terribly strong, but they have made it feel warm where we live. it's this in effect until we get to 11:00 this evening. i will show you the winds improving throughout the day . the rest of today looks pretty
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good. relatively calm and sunny. back over to you. vice president kamala harris was in san bernardino to announce a plan for federal funding for wildlife prevention and recovery. >> the other important announcement we are making today is that we are committing $1.3 billion to disaster relief funding including $600 million for california. we are working with this funding to make sure we are putting the resources where they are needed to address the unique challenges fires present. >> some of the money will go to clean hazardous waste, restore forests and replace infrastructure caused by wildfires. a woman is suing facebook over the murder of her brother. and antigovernment extremist shot and killed patrick
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underwood in 2020. and sister told cbs morning anchor that he would be alive today if not for facebook. >> reporter: on the night of may 29th, 2020 not far from protests over the murder of george floyd, a surveillance camera captured this white van outside the federal courthouse. investigators say the vehicle pulled forward as the door slid open and someone inside opened fire. they wanted one officer and killed another. >> and assassin cowardly shot two federal protective service contractors as they stood watch over of protests. >> reporter: robert justus jr. drove the van and stephen carrillo pulled the trigger using the protests as cover for and antigovernment attack. both minute pleaded not guilty. and yet, >> the world is less better with him not in it.
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>> reporter: angela underwood jacobs is a sister of pat underwood. she says there was a third accomplice that tragic night, facebook. >> reporter: if not for facebook, do you think your brother would be with us today? >> i do. i believe is facebook had acted with the information they were privy to, that no one else had, of course. >> reporter: in a new wrongful death lawsuit she alleges justice and carrillo had never met in person and had no reason to cross paths until a facebook group brought them together. the suit claims a social media network recommended justice during groups dedicated to the boogaloo movement where the two men connected and hatched and planned the attack. >> they have information that could have stopped all of this. and they sat on it. they choose to not handover the information to authori. >> repoe
7:35 am
>> if nitoring that, what makes you comfortable with them determining people talking and a crime? >> they know through their actions of bringing these groups together that that things are going to happen. they know through their own algorithms that there are code words that these groups use. and so i don't think anything that was happening amongst communications of these groups was unknown to facebook. >> reporter: he acknowledges losses of this kind have never succeeded against social media companies because part of a broader 1996 internet law that protects internet platforms from being held liable for content posted by users. leopold says that law should no longer apply to facebook. >> they don't fit within the guidelines of section 230. they don't get to be immunized.
7:36 am
>> so everyone thinks they are protected by section 230 but where you said, their behavior is outside of what that section is intended for. >> that is right. they provide the content. they drive people to various groups. they bring groups in that otherwise would not be there but for facebook actively bringing them to their platform. >> reporter: have you heard from facebook? >> not at all. >> reporter: facebook declined a request for an interview. in a statement it calls the lawsuit without legal basis and they have been more than 1000 militarized social movements from his platform including the boogaloo movement a band they announced after the murder of pat underwood. for underwood jacobs, that is the very definition of too little too late. >> what you think pat would say
7:37 am
if he knew all the details of what happened? >> he would tell me to hang on. he would say, have faith that the right thing will be done so that other people would not lose their lives the same way he lost his. >> reporter: tony the couple, cbs news. a new revelation in the gabby petito case. her fiancc confessed in a notebook he was responsible for her death. the fbi believes he wrote the note just before taking its life that no book was discovered in october at the florida nature reserve where his remains were discovered. the couple set out on a trip in june but only he returned in september. gabby's remains were found in wyoming and her death was ruled a homicide. the fbi is now closing their investigation.
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adele announced on instagram she will postpone her highly anticipated weekends with adele. >> we tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you. we have been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. >> the grammy-winning singer was set to perform every weekend at the coliseum and the seeker, caesar's palace. this was supposed to be the opening weekend. >> we love adele and we will come back, obviously. it seems like it could've been coordinated a little bit sooner. >> the singer says rising cases and staffing is delaying her concert. part of the bay area are getting blasted with wind. we will break down when you can expect that to end. how a north bay doctor made
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it her mission to
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struck a wildfire in monterey county is continuing to grow this morning and forcing evacuations. the colorado fire broke out
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last night and palo colorado canyon a few miles north of big sur. this morning cal fire says that fire has burned about 1500 acres. the flames jumped highway 1 late last night and now the road is shut down between big sur and carmel. taking a live look outside. part of the bay area are under a high wind warning. the biggest wind gusts are expected at the top of peaks and mountains. nds san jose crushing several cars and knocking out power to that neighborhood. it happened along north 17th street. we talked to a neighbor that came out and found his truck totaled. it is normally a busy street but luckily no one was around when that tree came down. drivers had the dodge this dragon tumbleweed in dublin. the chp is warning people to watch out for debris on the roads. let's start out by taking a look at an update on this fire.
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we have some video to share with you. it is burning and big sur. if you're familiar with the drive, the most notable landmark is bixby bridge. this fire is actually burning close to that bridge. the bridge is in no imminent danger but just to give you the perspective on where it is. this will give you an idea on the wider map. i realize the fire detection is small on here. i will circulate right there. if we take a look at this on the big picture, here is the bay area. you can see south bay, the bay itself and the fire burningh. i'd like to spot the latest detail. the winds are fairly well behaved. the closest weather station i checked in on said 10 mile-per-hour wind gusts with relative humidities that are 56% , and that is good news in terms of a fire weather
7:44 am
scenario and in terms of fighting this fire. i have let this advance to noon. this is a subtle reversal and wind direction on that meaning it will probably blow back up the canyon or maybe back onto itself over the next several hours. the pictures look dramatic, but hopefully there will be more good meanwhile back here at home, it is still windy in our local accounts. we do not have a fire weather concern but there is a warning in the local mountains. 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the last hour in the oakland hills where we are also looking at wind gusts around 30. not nearly as bad as yesterday. if we look at the current wind speeds, that is pretty typical. mount diablo the strongest at 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts.
7:45 am
so when you're about to step out the door right now, it is warm. the reason it is warm is because these winds downslope and compress and warm up as they get to us. it feels like 63 degrees right now. this is at 7:45 in the morning. that is part of the reason why. and so, a high winds warning and the north bay mountains until 11:00 tonight. some of the highest peaks up here are isolated but they are in excess of 70 miles per hour. the majority of the wind speeds are in the 30 to 40 mile-per- hour range. if we switch over to future cast, we will watch how this plays out. the deeper the color, the stronger the wind. watch what happens over the next few hours. much better. and so the winds really calm down and it will be a big
7:46 am
improvement there. that leaves us with a really nice day. nowhere near as windy as yesterday. it was windy for many of us yesterday. in terms of today, that will start to calm down and the winds get a whole lo better and you are left with the sunny day with daytime highs the climate into the mid-60s. the storm track is still getting pulled well into canada and very far off track from us. there is no rain in this forecast. daytime highs will climb into the mid-to upper 60s. san jose, low 60s. as we look across our microclimates, the temperatures will do the same story here. upper 60s as we go into the north bay valleys like santa rosa, petaluma, over the next few days. a subtle cool down by the end of the week. no rain and relatively warm temperatures. >> we have covered so many of
7:47 am
these wildfires. topography and terrain matter. the wind direction matters and you can cross your fingers that all of those conditions are favorable for firefighters. >> a lot of experts have been caught offguard. we got a good amount of rain and big sur as well. it says a lot about the intensity and long-term impacts of several years of intense drought. i think we are seeing that play out in this fire. water levels around the bay area are expected to rise to -5 feet high the end of the century. highway 37 will likely be underwater by mid century. highway 37 is a 21 mile stretch of road along the north show of san pablo bay. it is a vital transportation route. caltrans says this particular stretch of highway is extremely
7:48 am
vulnerable to flood related closures. the agency is in the process of trying to, with a long-term solution. it is preparing a comprehensive study to identify the best options. the ultimate answer will cost billions of dollars and the agency is asking for the public's input. >> this money will be spent in a way that should be congruent with what the public wants. we need their feedback so ago in the right direction. there are bumper stickers out there that say 37 sucks. they are the ones that drive it every day. >> for more information on how you can wait again, had to . antiabortion demonstrators showed up in waonfor life. the rally was scheduled for the 49th anniversary of roe v. wade the case that established the right to win the person in this country.
7:49 am
conservative supreme court is considering a legal challenge it comes from a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. in 1992 the court ruled that states cannot ban the procedure until 24 weeks. the decision on the current case is expected in june. the dc march is the only one in the country bigger than san francisco's. today's walk for life will tell market street from civic center plaza to embarcadero plaza and starts at 1:30. if you have asthma or an airbrake you don't have to go that far to see a doctor. and other countries there is no clinic nearby to nort a physician is changing that for remote areas of guatemala. we are introduced at this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: dr. kate feibusch of windsor travels to northern guatemala to improve healthcare evermore rural villages.
7:50 am
>> the roads are in poor condition. people can live as much as four hours away from a clinic in eight hours away from the hospital. it is a grueling volunteer experience. >> reporter: k practices family medicine at kaiser permanente. the nonprofit trains community health workers in guatemala so they can provide affordable emergency care the neighbors back in their villages. they treat ailments from dentistry to fractures >> it is a rural farming area and there is lots of injuries. they show up lacerations all the time. >> reporter: they built a new clinic with $250,000 raised in bay area donations and serve 6000 people last year. the center includes dormitories for visiting professionals that teach and students to train for three years to become community health workers. this retired
7:51 am
physical therapist volunteered in 2019 to give orthopedics instruction for a week. >> it was a phenomenal experience with these highly motivated students that really want to learn how to help people. >> reporter: so far they have trained about 40 community health workers like miguel who was killed to improve and save lives. he said sometimes we never thought we were going to have the ability. we are becoming more experienced. this health worker says appreciative parents have told her you are an angel. the covid search has postponed travel for volunteer teachers when it is safe to go she says her family measured in residence cannot wait to experience the joy of giving through her training program. >> it is such a testament to who she gets. she is so focused on caring for others. >> it is the most rewarding
7:52 am
thing i have done in my life. >> reporter: for our neighbors to take care of their neighbors, this week's jefferson award and the bay area goes to dr. kate feibusch . kpix5 . we are celebrating all of last year's jefferson award winners and have a virtual ceremony scheduled for january 27th. everyone is invited, but save your seat. go to to register. that is where you can nominate someone for a bay area jefferson award.
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park officials say this summer will be a crazy construction season for the park with seven major projects planned the mercury news reports they are concerned it could cause massive traffic jams. park officials are drawing up plans to require reservations to cut down on crowds. several campgrounds will be closed for upgrades and road repairs will continue all summer on the tioga pass road. the san francisco zoo is welcoming for new residents. they are female mexican gray wolves some of the most endangered will populations. one of them is named betty white to honor her lifelong animal-rights support. pleasanton police want to know if anyone is missing and adorable piglet. this little piggy was found wandering the city on sunday. the piglet that they have name bacon, kind of rude, was turned
7:55 am
over to the east county animal shelter. police help someone will bring bacon home. a hard-working principal got the surprise of a lifetime. he was invited to attend the super bowl for free by the raiders. >> i would like to surprise you with 2022 super bowl tickets to los angeles. >> the principal has helped out at the cafeteria, vacuumed and even cleaned the tickets. the raiders decided to recognize him. he says he's not the only principal taking on many roles and never expected to be reckoned guys like this. >> i just lost it. i was speechless, and i'm never speechless. we will have one more check
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a pretty picture on the start of the safe and treasure island looking back for the skyline. how gorgeous is that? the high winds warning stays in effect for the north bay mountains until 11:00 this morning. we are seeing wind gusts diminish. the winds will come down to the remainder of today . the majority of today is at most a manageable breeze. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. your seven day forecast shows
7:58 am
the pattern will hold steady all the way through. upper 60s for san jose for the next several days. numbers in the mid and upper 60s for our north bay valley as well. back over to you. thank you for watching cbsn we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday, and
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