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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 21, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the injury list. good evening. i am ryan yamamoto. and juliette goodrich and for liz. there's wind whips across the bay area tonight. drivers may have to spend the weekend filing insurance claims after strong gusts sent a large tree toppling onto their parked vehicles in san jose. >> i was inside cooking and i heard a thump, this really loud thump. i thought it was a car crash because i heard a longhorn after, and then i came outside and see the tree on top of my truck. a live look now at the bay area bridges where drivers of high profile vehicles are being warned to use extreme caution. on city streets, be prepared to stop at intersections in case the power goes out, and be on the lookout for debris, like this giant tumbleweed that drivers spotted in dublin.
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from tumbleweeds and downed trees, how long will this last? >> in the north bay, through tomorrow evening, but the worst of it will come around midnight tonight. when gusts so far have been somewhat impressive, especially the higher up you go. oakland hills, 41 miles per hour. fairfield, 40. san jose, 26 miles per hour. not as big of a problem in the south bay as a north bay, but it will get windier as we approach midnight tonight. forecasted gusts up to 70 miles per hour at the highest peaks. downed trees and power outages are possible. strong high-pressure coupled with a deep low over the nevada- utah border means the offshore wind will continue through the night. they will pick at midnight. whether or not we will ever get rain again, we will cover that in the forecasted just a few minutes. now to a live look at the state capital, where lawmakers could soon allow kids as young
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as 12 to get a covid shot without their parents okay. >> kpix 5's andria borba on the proposal that even some bay area parents say goes too far. >> reporter: senator weiner says this proposal would empower the nearly 1 million california teens to make their own medical decisions about the covid-19 vaccine. parents on the other hand are skeptical. >> it makes our schools less safe point >> reporter: on the steps of everett middle school differences go, state senator scott weiner introduced a bill that would allow kids age 12 to 17 to get the covid-19 vaccine without parental consent. >> many children do want to be vaccinated, but sometimes the parents don't let them be vaccinated, and sometimes parents are not prioritizing taking them to be vaccinated. >> reporter: it would not be first in california. kids in that age group can already choose without parental consent to get vaccinated
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against hpv and hepatitis b. assembly member james gallagher from yuba city, a father of five, says the proposed legislation removes parental rights. >> these are conversations that should happen between parents and their kids, and not to sort of isolate them, and make this sort of a conversation that happens with the school nurse. >> reporter: even the bay area where vaccination rates are high, the proposal was met with skepticism. >> this does feel like removing the parents from that equation. i don't think it sits well with a lot of parents. >> is a pretty tough decision, because it is a fairly young age to be making that type of choice without a parent being present. >> they are still very young, not even a teenager when you are 12. i am actually against it muscle i think they should ask their parents before they do something like that. >> reporter: california would not be alone in this proposal. washington, d.c. allows for 11- year-olds to make decisions like this on their own. in alabama, the ages 14. across the border in oregon, that age stands at 15. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. a live look at oakland now
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where it is anyone's guess whether teachers will be in class on monday morning. the union is threatening a strike if they cannot reach a new covid safety deal with the district by tonight. teachers are demanding weekly testing at all schools, high- grade masks, and coverage for every classroom vacancy. many students have also been staying home, and protest, demanding a return to online learning for now. i also want more testing, masks, and other eating spaces on campus when they do return. the district tells us it has reached eight safety agreements with the union over the course of the pandemic, and meetings are scheduled to discuss a brand-new deal. santa clara county is making 60,000 rapid antigen tests available at four drive- up sites beginning tomorrow. >> they can be used for people who have recently tested positive for the virus, and who have met criteria for leaving isolation this on cdc guidelines, but may need a negative test to do so. >> pick up appointments need to be made online, and we have added details on the program to our online resource guide. just click the red banner at
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the top of the homepage. a great news for niners fans tonight, and also great for cal alum aaron rodgers a star pass rusher. cleared concussion protocols, meaning he will play tomorrow night in green bay. and the 49ers will have plenty of support from the hometown crowd. max darrow kind of with diehard fans as they bundled up and made the trip to the frozen tundra. >> reporter: the closer we get to kick off, the more the excitement grows. though it will be called at lambeau field, a lot of people think the niners are going to bring the heat. it was hard to miss the red and gold at sfo today, as 49ers fans make the trip out to green bay for the playoff matchup against the packers. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: it will be called at lambeau field, but these faithful fans are ready for it. >> i am wearing a freezer student thermal shoes and everything. i should be good. lots of beanies and face coverings and everything.
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>> i'm super excited for the weekend. >> reporter: at home, lots of eager fans song by levi's stadium to get their hands on new gear. ryan sakamoto, known as beast writer, is well-connected with a 49ers fan base. >> man, an understatement would be on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10. that's an understatement. at that 20. >> reporter: fans were there to send the niners off to green bay earlier this week, hopeful they will come back with a win. though the 49ers are the underdog, some say recent niners-packers play of history points in the niners favor. >> we have a good record against the packers, and i don't want to jinx anything. hopefully it stays that way. >> aaron rodgers has not been the 49ers in the playoffs and his career. he is 0-3. that says something. if you played sports, you always know there is that one team you can't get over. >> reporter: mark has been a niners fan for a few years. >> sendkeys our stadium. i went to the game with my dad.
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mckee he will wear his brand- new jerry rice jersey at kickoff, hopeful the niners come home a step closer to the super bowl. >> have faith. >> reporter: in santa clara, max darrow, kpix 5. people are gathering in fremont at this hour for a candlelight vigil in honor of michelle go, the 40-year-old who grew up in fremont, and lived in manhattan. she died last week and after being pushed in front of a new york city subway train. we had a crew headed to the vigil, and we will bring that to you tonight at 11:00. oakland police say witnesses heard someone streaming out, i am going to kill someone, just ahead of the city's latest deadly shooting. video from citizen app shows the scene on center street last night. police say it doesn't appear the victim knew the shooter, who later turned on a pair of nearby firefighters for being arrested. >> the suspect then without provocation fired four rounds of the firefighters, striking their vehicle four times. the firefighters were able to flee in their vehicle, narrowly
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escaping harm. >> the man who died has been identified as ronald sanders of oakland. our da lin spoke with his mother a short time ago. you will hear from her tonight at 11:00. the state justice department investigating yesterday's deadly police shooting at sfo after it was revealed the man shot and killed was carrying two replica guns, not real ones. that shooting happened near the b.a.r.t. station entrance at the international terminal. police said the suspect approached them in a threatening manner before they opened fire. they plan to release more information at a public townhall the next few days. police in san jose say the cars jacking suspect shot to death in a crime spree on wednesday was armed with an untraceable ghost gun. officers say 32-year-old robert carter pointed it at approaching drivers and police officers, and fired it at least once while fleeing the scene of a crash he caused at story and king. he allegedly tried and failed to carjack another driver before crashing his original stolen car and running off. a short time later the officers confronted him at a nearby
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yard, where the chief says carter pointed the gun again, and his officers fired. >> this was a traumatic incident involved for everyone, for the surviving family of mr. carter, the involved officers in the family to get home to, and for the community. >> the officers involved are on standard paid leave tonight. their body camera footage will be released at a later time. still to come, the bay area doctors who say it is time to drop covid restrictions once and for all. after years of delays and blown budgets, there is good news to report tonight on a big area transit project. why you should expect delays if you are driving into downtown san francisco tomorrow.
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four ucsf position starting a petition. they want the state to drop the remaining pandemic restrictions as the coronavirus becomes an endemic. they are calling at the omicron pivot. they say they especially want to focus on getting things back to normal in schools, and preserving or regaining the trust of california's largely vaccinated public, saying in part, our restrictive policies have long lost their justification is necessary for prevention of serious illness and death. these pervasive policies continue to negatively affect our lives without clear benefit, nor any end in sight. nearly 4000 people have signed that petition since it was posted on just 2 days ago. taking a look at top headlines, the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken said there were no breakthroughs on
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ukraine as he met with his russian counterpart in geneva today. the two countries are on a clearer path to understanding each other's concerns. >> there are several steps we can take, all of us, russia included, to increase transparency, to reduce risks, to advance arms control, to build trust. >> the u.s. is threatening sanctions and other consequences for a ukraine invasion. russia says that is not the plan, despite having roughly 100,000 troops stationed on the ukrainian border. meanwhile, russia has deployed two missile-defense divisions to their military drills. the as/400 system can shoot down aircraft up to 150 miles away. russia also flew to nuclear capable bombers over the neutral waters of the arctic, a regular practice that some nato members regard as saber rattling. tomorrow, noncitizens must provide proof of full vaccination to enter the u.s. by land or fairy through the canadian and mexico borders.
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new cdc data shows booster shots are up to 90% effective at keeping omicron patients out of the hospital. three new studies of millions of cases found two doses alone which is 57% effective after 6 months. ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ >> he had a name to remember, and a voice we will never forget. meat loaf has passed away at the age of 74. he was famed for his wild presence on stage and screen, and his 1977 debut "bat out of " is still the ninth best selling album of all time. veteran comedian actor and tv host louie anderson has died after a battle with cancer. the three-time emmy winner was hospitalized in las vegas earlier this week. he was 68 years old.
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>> both of them gone too soon. on the eve of the 49th anniversary of roe v wade, demonstrators traveled to washington, d.c. for the annual march for life. it comes as a conservative leaning supreme court considers the biggest challenge to roe versus wade in decade, mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks. in 1992, the court ruled that states cannot ban the procedure until a fetus is viable, around 24 weeks. a decision is expected in june. the dc march is the only one in the country bigger than san francisco's tomorrow's walk for life west coast, that will fill market street from civic center plaza to embarcadero plaza starting at 1:30. if you are headed into the city, prepare for detours, but as we take a look from treasure island right there, a beautiful shot of the city. wind is the problem tonight. it will be tonight, especially at higher elevations with 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts possible around mount st. helena and mount diablo. even down where we live, gusts could be up to 50 miles per hour. in the meantime, that wind means relatively warm weather.
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the highs from today show lots of the readings a bit warmer than we have seen lately. why is my clicker not working? okay. standby 1. i will be darned. if you like that picture, i would suggest -- there we go. i was going to suggest we get used to it as we may be looking at it for a long time. santa rosa 71 degrees for the high today. hayward is up to 70. san jose, 68 degrees. san francisco 67. same for concord and pacifica. here is how it looks, clear and windy tonight. gusts from 25 to 35 miles per hour down in the lowlands. the higher up you go, the windier it will get. the wind will ease tomorrow, especially in the south bay. it will be windy in the north bay through tomorrow afternoon. it will continue dry and mild as far as the eye can see you with no changes probably until
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early february, if then. it will stay breezy for us tomorrow, with high pressure off of the pacific northwest. that low over the baja peninsula means good offshore wind, and easing up by the time we get to sunday. the situation will change. look at when the wind will peak tonight, 7:00, 40 miles per hour in fairfield. the focus is more in the north bay, it also brought along the coastline. as we get toward tomorrow morning, brighter colors disappear, meaning the windy's is up. north bay is still a bit of a factor through tomorrow afternoon . 33 mile-per-hour breeze is a pretty good one in napa. south bay, not much.
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then for everyone heading into sunday, calm wind. temperatures overnight tonight mostly mid-40s. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 41 in santa fe. 40 at livermore. demise tomorrow, it will be a nice day. temperatures mostly in the 60s for much of the bay area. 67 in santa fe. 64 in fremont. plenty of sunshine, and not much in the way of fog with the strong wind. fog is at a minimum, and son at a maximum. fairfield 66. 61 in brentwood. north bay, 65 for nevada. 67 in petaluma. mill valley, 67 degrees. 71 at ukiah. the extended forecast, boy, there is no rain as far as the eye can see. san francisco, oakland, san jose, breezy tomorrow, but for the entire bay area, we look for numbers to be in the low 60s for the most part of the way through next friday. the next chance, ryan and juliet, that maybe the pattern fundamentally changes is not until early february. >> i think we are okay, marinating on the transamerica building for a little bit. >> it wasn't a bad shot, thank god. the bay area school district hanging out the help
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wanted sign to staff its classrooms, no experience required. summing tonight on cbsn bay area, we hear from one of the stars of "nci soi" about what viewers can expect in a special episode this sunday . is it 8:30. you can find cbsn bay area on, or on the kpix app.
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tonight, school districts all over the bay area are desperately seeking subs. >> fremont unified is casting an especially wide net. the superintendent says the most important thing is being able to connect with students. that doesn't necessarily take formal experience. >> is not a prerequisite to have classroom teaching experience first. as a matter of fact, substitute teaching is often the first place that teachers start. >> and he will be teaching from scratch. subs will help students with work they've already started using lessons left by teachers.
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as many looks to rebound from the pandemic, testing along san francisco's long- delayed and budget busting line, it's going well. >> the good news is all of the systems right now, they are under testing, and the testing is going well. we're looking at revenue service in october. the trains are running every day. >> it will take writers from south of margaret to union square and chinatown. how one new addition at the san francisco zoo is honoring the late, great betty white tonight.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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looking for something to do this weekend? why not visit the san francisco zoo's four new mexican gray wolves. >> one could actually be considered a white wolf, because she is named in honor of the late and great betty
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white, a lifelong supporter of animal causes. >> the mexican gray is the most endangered wolf subspecies, nearly wiped out in the 70s by hunters and ranchers. there were just a small handful left. there are now about 400 split between zeus and the wild southwest. >> can you see the kids going to see the betty white wolf? i love it. >> she would be so honored. >> that was her favorite animal growing up. she's given so much attention to all of the animal but i
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