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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 21, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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appointment, so enter in your information and email address, where you receive a link to login. once again, select one of four sites labeled home antigen test pickup. the sites are foothill college, hellyer county park, and marshall cottle county park. each site was chosen for its capacity to move high volumes of vehicles through quickly. here at cottle park, the county has budgeted about one vehicle per minute per pickup. >> through this system, 15,000 appointment slots will be available, and each individual will receive four tests per appointment. 4 the appointments are going fast. as of late friday afternoon, the first couple of days were already booked up. the county will run this program through january 30. finally, a few reminders about those who may want to cheat the system and get a couple of free tests and resell them for a profit. the county's computer system will only allow one pickup
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appointment per household, and each test will come with a warning label not for resale. of cot, you could face criminal prosecution. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you can find more information on santa clara county's free at home covid test on you can also find information on vaccines and boosters on our resource guide. just click the red banner at the top of the page. tragic news from sacramento county. an elk grove motorcycle officer was killed today after a runaway driver ran into him. the driver was books for suspected dui. that happened this morning while the officer was riding a motorcycle on his way to work. we have more on how they officer is being remembered. elk grove pd noun. >> reporter: the call for officer ty lenihan. it's a loss elk grove police chief timothy albright says they have never had before. >> recall of an officer down needing assistance is a tug at anyone's heart. >> reporter: this photo displayed while chief albright shared more. he served in the air force, a husband and father of two, spent time as an officer in citrus heights.
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>> we heal from the support of our community. it's in these times that our community shows up, demonstrates that support, and we feel that, and we appreciate that. >> reporter: the same kind of support lenihan offered as a police officer back in 2016. this photo, taken by a stranger, shows lenihan playing basketball with kids in the neighborhood. the next month, he came back to play before they went to school. the kids in the photo told their parents at the time that he made their day. >> officer lenihan was a 6 year veteran of the elk grove police department. the city of san leandro is now joining other bay area cities and banning the sale of menthol cigarettes. city council leaders unanimously approved the ban this week. the cdc studies show that menthol in cigarettes likely leads people to experiment with poking. researchers say they also have a harder time quitting once they start. other cities that adopted the
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ban include san francisco, san jose, hayward, and oakland. the new ban and san leandro takes effect next january. santa rosa firefighters put out a place this morning that engulfed a one-story home, but not before it caused $150,000 in damages. they controlled the fire around 7:23 this morning, but just 20 minutes before arriving on the scene, cruz confirmed the house was empty at the time. an update on san francisco's newest light rail. the word is testing on the central subway is going well. they will take riders from south of market for union square and into chinatown. the project is years and millions of dollars over budget. the director of the sf mta blames trouble during the boring phase, and construction delays due to covid. as of right now, all systems are go. >> the good news is that all of the systems right now under testing of the testing is going well. we are currently looking at
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revenue service in october him about the trains are running every day. we are needing to test the train control system to make sure it is flawless and ready to safely carry people from chinatown to union square to southeastern san francisco. >> muni is also looking to bounce back from reduced schedules due to covid. the agency hopes to resume services on all muni lines in march. a chilling confession in the gabby petito case. what the fbi discovered inside a notebook. facebook sued over the murder of an oakland federal officer. by his sister is blaming the tech giant for his death. coming up all new at 6:00, a new push to make it easier for kids to get vaccinated without their parents permission. the controversial proposal in california, and by some say it goes too far. if you have that interest, and you have care and empathy for kids, we would love to talk
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to you. >> the call for help goes out again. tonight we ask the question, what makes for a good
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a new revelation in the gabby petito case. the fbi revealed that her fiance, brian laundrie, confessed in a notebook that he was responsible for her death. the fbi believes he wrote the note before taking his own life. the notebook was discovered in october at the florida natural preserve his remains were discovered. gabby petito set on a road trip, but brian laundrie returned alone in september. gabby's remains were found in wyoming soon after, and her
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death was ruled a homicide. the fbi is now closing the investigation. we are hearing from a woman suing facebook's parent company meta over the murder of her brother. >> the fbi says antigovernment extremists shot and killed federal officer patrick underwood and oakland in 2020. his sister told tony to gopal that he would still be alive today if not for facebook. >> reporter: on the night of may 29, 2020, not far from protests over the murder of george floyd, a surveillance camera captured this white van outside of the federal courthouse in oakland, california. investigators say the vehicle pulled forward as the door slid open, and someone inside opened fire. loading one federal security officer, and killing another. >> and assassin cowardly shot two federal protective service contractors as they stood watch over a protest.
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>> reporter: according to a criminal complaint, robert justice junior drove the ban while stephen carrillo pulled the trigger, using the protest as cover for an antigovernment attack. both men have pled not guilty, and yet -- >> the world is a little less better now with him not being in it. >> reporter: angela underwood jacobs is the sister of murdered officer pat underwood, and she says there was a third accomplice that tragic night -- facebook. >> reporter: if not for facebook, do you think your brother would be with us today? >> i do. i believe that if facebook had acted with the information that they were privy to, that no one else had, of course. of course i do. >> reporter: and a new wrongful death lawsuit, she alleges justice and carrillo had never met in person, and had no reason to cross paths until a facebook group them together. the suit clams a social media network recommended justice join groups dedicated to the extreme list boogaloo movement,
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where the two men connected and hatched and planned the attack. >> they had the information. they could have stopped all of this, and they sat on it. they choose to not handover the information to authorities. >> reporter: said leopold is her lawyer. >> if facebook were monitoring that, what makes you comfortable with them determining what is people talking and what is a crime? >> they know through their actions of bringing these extremist groups together that bad things are going to happen, and they know through their own algorithms that there are codewords that these groups use. i don't think anything that was happening amongst communications of these groups was unknown to facebook. >> reporter: he acknowledges lawsuits of this kind have never succeeded against social media companies, because of
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section 230, part of a broader 1996 internet law which protects internet platforms from being held liable for content posted by users. leopold says that law should no longer apply to facebook. >> they don't fit within the guidelines of section 230. they don't get it. >> reporter: everyone thinks they are protected by section 230, but from where you said, their behavior is so outside of what that section is intended for that we are in different worlds. >> that's right, because they provide the content. they drive people to various groups. they bring groups and that otherwise would not be there, but for facebook actively bringing them to their platform. >> reporter: have you heard
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from facebook? >> not at all. >> reporter: facebook for its part declined our request for an interview, but in a statement it calls the lawsuit without legal basis, and says it has banned more than 1000 militarized social movements from its platform, including the boogaloo movement, a ban it announced after the murder of pat underwood. >> it is like they fueled the fire. her back for underwood-jacobs, that is the very definition of too little too late. >> reporter: what do you think pat would say if he knew all of the details of what happened? >> he would tell me to hang on. he would say have faith that the right thing will be done so that other people wouldn't lose their lives the same way that he lost his. >> reporter: tony dokoupil, cbs news. the new simulator that shows just how quickly the virus can spread in an office. coming up on "cbs evening news" tonight, the president set to meet with his national security team this weekend as tensions rise between russia and ukraine. plus, an ice storm with a bone
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the music world is mourning the loss of one of rock 'n roll's most unique performers, meat loaf. he died last night at the age of 74. >> he had one of the best-
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selling albums of all time "bat out of ." we look back at his career. >> reporter: with hits like "paradise by the dashboard light," boko imama was known for fast talking delivery and a performance on stage. in 1977 he released "bat out of ," which would become one of the top-selling albums in history, over 40 million copies sold. it cemented meat loaf's place among the industries hardest workers, not only in music, but in film. including his scene stealing performance in 1975's cult classic "the rocky horror picture show." he acted in more than 100 shows and movies, including memorable turns and "wayne's world" and
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"fight club." he was born in 1947 in dallas. he sang and danced in high school, and acquired the nickname meat loaf as a teenager from a football coach who called him a hunk of meatloaf. after opening such acts as the who and the grateful dead, he relocated to new york city, and landed several stage roles. the 90s ushered in a new era of success for meat loaf, with another chart topping hit, "i would do anything for love." it spent 5 weeks at number one, earning him his only grammy nomination and win. >> ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ cbs news. >> fans are also remembering veteran comedian louie anderson. the three-time emmy award winner host died at a las vegas hospital today from cancer complications. he was 68 years old. anderson's career spanned four decades, but in recent years he gained acclaim for his performance on the fx comedy series "baskets." he was familiar as a host on "family feud" from 1999 to 2002. tennis starting the osaka be able to defend her title
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after missing two backhands. she was eventually upset. this was the first against the top 20 ranked opponent in the last nine matches. and the videogame is educating people about the spread of covid. the portland game company made a covid simulator. it will be available on pc next tuesday. the game takes place in an office setting with the intent to educate players on how variance spread. >> these kinds of things are good information to give to people so they can make an
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informed decision about what they should be doing. that's the mission statement of the simulator in the first place. >> a free trial is available with the full release coming on the 25th. yosemite national park to limit the number of visitors this summer, and it is not just due to the covid spike. park officials say the summer will be a crazy construction season for the park with seven major projects planned. the mercury news reports they are concerned it could cause massive traffic jams, so park officials are drawing up plans to require reservations for day visits and cut down on crowds. several campgrounds will be closed this summer for upgrades, and road repairs will continue all summer on tioga pass road. an unusual rescue in the uk. >> a pet dog was reunited with her family after a search involving police, coast guard's, and sausage dangling drones. millie escaped from her owners. after 2 days, the dog was found in marshland. that area was due to flood within 2 hours. however, millie would not cooperate with her rescuers. out of desperation, they tied sausages to the drones, and hovered them over millie. sure enough, the treat lord the stubborn dog to safety. >> feed them and they will come. >> there is no dog on earth
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that will resist a sausage dangled from a drone. >> i heard she only ate half the sausage, took off, and then the next day they found her. >> heaven sakes. in the weather department, whether it is in the headline for good reason. gus could approach 50 miles per hour, even down below, and up top in the highest elevations where we don't live, 70 mile per hour gusts. it will be windy overnight tonight. it will abate as we head into the weekend. you can see we have flags flying from an unusual direction , headed offshore. usually we have the seabreeze in the bay area, but not tonight, and not tomorrow. as a result, with the strong wind mixing warmer air mother temperatures were fairly warm today. santa rosa, 71 degrees. heyward hit 70. san jose was 68. pacifica, 67 degrees. unusually warm, and it will stay that way this weekend.
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high wind warnings are posted , upper elevations in red. further below, 40 to 55 mile per hour gusts. at the peak, 70 miles per hour. that means power lines and trees could come down. always that threat, especially with the ground being saturated. all happening because a strong high pressure out in the pacific, coupled with low pressure over the desert southwest. futurecast shows between now and midnight. here is where we are by 7:00 tonight. strung out in fairfield and along the coast at half moon bay. let's roll ahead to midnight tonight, and look at napa. 50 mile per hour gusts up in the north bay. even in half moon bay, 48 miles per hour. in san jose, just 19. south bay, not so vulnerable to the offshore wind event. not too worried about fire danger from this with all the water around from the rain we had recently, but the costs
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continue through tomorrow morning, ease up in the south bay, and as time goes on, the wind eases up in the north bay as well by tomorrow night and early sunday morning. the peak of the wind coming tonight about midnight, that will be blowing all sorts of allergens around, so saturday looks bad for allergy sufferers, but it improves sunday monday, and tuesday. tonight, numbers won't be as cold. santa rosa, 45. 46 at napa. 41 in san jose, and 43 in mountain view. numbers for everyone tomorrow 5 to 10 degrees above average. san francisco, 64 is a forecast high, 6 degrees above where we usually are. it is winter. it is january. numbers in the 60s are unusually warm. 66 in sunnyvale. los altos 63. los gatos, plenty of sunshine this weekend. mid to low 60s in the east bay.
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fairfield at 66. 61 at dublin, and 62 degrees in walnut creek. sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 68 in san rafael. look at the numbers for ukiah, 71 degrees. 66 at clearlake. in the extended forecast, we are just this side of severely clear with numbers in the mid 60s tomorrow. we look all the way to next week and beyond, and there is no rain in sight. the numbers are going to be high and dry, and reminder once again, it will be windy. that is what is ahead in weather. i am allen martin. coming up at 6:00, a new plan sparking a lot of debate. should kids be able to get the vaccine without their parents knowing? the controversial bill in california. firefighters narrowly escaped death. the shooting that helped lead
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oakland police to a homicide suspect. the bay area school district in need of substitute teachers. the staffing shortage officials say has only gotten worse. the news at 6:00 coming up in about 5 minutes. still ahead, the struggle to hire. we look at th
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during the pandemic, millions of americans quit their jobs. new data shows 415,000 people voluntarily left their jobs in california in november. that's only half of the story. the states are more than 700,000 hires in the same month. experts say workers are leveraging labor shortages to secure better pay and benefits. so, almost 2 years into the pandemic, we are still not back to the workforce we saw in early 2020. >> shawn chitnis with the struggle for the bay area economy to bounce back. >> reporter: five little has locations around the bay area, including two in the north bay.
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the business has been tested with each curve covid throws at them. >> we keep thinking we are made in the shade, and then suddenly something else will flare up. >> reporter: when challenge is finding enough employees. >> sometimes anyone body will do. we aren't in that situation yet. >> reporter: california doesn't have almost 1 million workers that were in jobs before the pandemic. our region continues to be behind. >> our recovery is lower than the u.s. recovery. the bay area is summer in california's overall recovery. you look at places like austin, boise, denver, salt lake city. many of them are much closer to full employment. 4 is is is here along grand avenue say they have to be concerned about the big picture, but to really know if we are coming out of the pandemic, they are focused on how other stores are doing here on the same street. >> i see hiring signs and some of the windows. i know we lost a couple of stores in the past year. >> is this still the great resignation or great reassignment? how do you categorize it? >> it is too early to tell. i think we will see people coming back, but it's a very different dynamic than we have seen in previous california recoveries since the early 1980s. >> reporter: one positive outcome could be helping lower wage jobs get pay raises. >> reporter: do you think the labor market in the bay area will improve? >> i think our biggest concern
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when we talk about bay area jobs has always been affordability of housing. >> reporter: for those hiring entry-level positions, often geared towards students, the pandemic may make these jobs more valuable as well. >> in these times, they are looking for some, quote, real- world skills, especially in this time, because so many of them have been stuck behind screens and ipads. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area , kids getting the covid shot without their parents even knowing. a look at the new proposal in california that some say goes too far. >> they are still very young, not even a teenager when you are 12. fierce wind slamming the bay area right now, toppling trees and knocking out power. we are tracking all of the trouble spots. >> we did not expect the wind to be this strong. be forewarned now because
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the wind will get even stronger between now and midnight tonight. high wind warnings posted at the bay area. we have the details coming up in just minutes. am super excited for the weekend. >> excitement grows, fans gearing up to see the 49ers face-off against the packers. that evening. i'm allen martin. of juliette goodrich and for elizabeth. a new california bill would allow children to get a covid vaccine without parent permission. >> kpix 5's andria borba is live in san francisco with more on this proposal that is getting a lot of people talking. >> reporter: well, state senator scott weiner says this will empower the nearly 1 million california teens who have yet to be vaccinated against covid-19 to take their health into their own hands. parents on the other hand are skeptical. >>


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