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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> neighbors say it is a busy road but no one was around when the tree came down. 4 a live look from san jose and the wind is blowing those trees around right now. the wind advisory is in effect for the bay area, and it will get gusty on the highest peaks. meteorologist brian hackney is tracking this issue. so far the wind gusts up by mount diablo, 64 miles per hour . at the lower you get, the lower the wind. san jose just a 26 miles per hour, but there are wind advisory sent high wind warnings posted around the bay area. down below, 40 to 55 miles per hour. that means downed trees, downed power lines. it's going to get worse as we get towards midnight. the high pressure offshore combining with the low to the east of the bay area, it is a strong pressure gradient. it will be windy enough to fly an
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iron kite at times. more during the forecast. san jose police releasing new detailed pictures of a deadly gunbattle with a carjacking suspect. officers shot and killed 32- year-old robert carter after what police describe as a series of crimes on wednesday night. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us the dramatic images detailing what led up to the deadly exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: police chief began his news conference by saying the shooting and the killing of the suspect in this case was a tragedy, but then he went on to give a long list of reasons why in his view the officer's actions were justified. san jose police helicopter images of the suspects fatal confrontation with officers
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wednesday night, apparently showing the suspects, 32-year- old robert seth carter, pointing a handgun at approaching drivers and officers, and the muzzle flash from him pulling the trigger. >> this was a traumatic incident for everyone involved, for the surviving family of mr. carter, for the officers involved have families to get home to, and our community. mac the incident began with a helicopter on routine patrol spotting carter driving a stolen toyota camry near story and king road. >> the camry fled and began driving erratically in opposing lanes of traffic on surface streets. >> reporter: the helicopter track the camry, where carter is seen to attempting a carjacking at gunpoint. the driver ran away, but carter was unable to operate the vehicle. he got back in the camry and drug to heading and park avenues, where he crashed into another car causing the camry
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to burst into flames, and then fled on foot. a short time later, several officers confronted carter in front of the house, and then opened fire when he continued to point his weapon. >> four officers in total fired their weapons. >> reporter: a police dog was used to separate carter from his weapon. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. flowers and small mementos now marked the spot of the shooting. >> the handgun recovered from the suspect at the scene is an on serialized nine millimeter privately made firearm, also known as a ghost gun. >> reporter: the officers involved are all on paid administrative leave, and the incident is being investigated by the das office and the independent police auditor. in santa fe, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the state attorney general has confirmed to kpix 5 that it is investigating a deadly police shooting at sfo. we have learned today suspect was armed with two replica guns. yesterday, police were called to the b.a.r.t. station at the international terminal for a man acting strangely it after some interaction, san francisco police say the man approached them in a threatening manner before they opened fire. police plan to release more
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information at a public townhall meeting in the next few days. a new setback for the biden administration. u.s. judge in texas locking the presidents vaccine mandate for federal workers. the judge called it and overstep a presidential authority. it comes as he was covid hospitalizations have started to level off. today for the white house coronavirus response team expressed cautious optimism about the direction of the pandemic. >> we are moving toward a time where covid won't disrupt our daily lives. where covid won't be a constant crisis, but something we protect against and treat. three new studies from the cdc show booster shots are highly effective against the omicron variant. one study found the booster doses were 90% effective at keeping people out of the hospital. another study found the odds of developing asymptomatic infection were 66% lower for people who were blistered than those only got two shots. while the omicron surge appears to have peaked in many bay area counties, the cases are still staggering. california reporting another
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125,000 cases. the 7 day positivity rate remains very steady at 21.2%. there is good news and some areas were the omicron wave first hit. new york reported its rate is under 10% for the first time in a month. anti-vaccine protesters are planning to march in washington, d.c. tomorrow. organizers say as many as 20,000 people could attend mobile dc police say it is likely closer to 3000. noted the niners playoff run, with kickoff about 24 hours away. dan's have their bags packed and are leaving sfo en route to green bay. it will be a chilly matchup against aaron rodgers and the packers. >> kpix 5 reporter max darrow says whether it is here or in green bay the 49ers fans are ready for one of the biggest games of the season. >> reporter: the closer we get to kickoff, the more the excitement grows. though it will be called it lambeau field, a lot of people think the niners are going to bring the heat. it was hard to miss the red and gold at sfo today, as 49ers
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fans make the trip out to green bay for the playoff matchup against the packers. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: it will be called it lambeau field, but these faithful fans are ing a ze student thermal shoes and everything. lots of beanies, face coverings, everything. or manicure at home -- >> super excited for the weekend. >> reporter: lots of meager fans song by levi's stadium for new gear. ryan sakamoto, known as beast writer, as well connected with the fan base. >> man, an understatement would be on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10. it is at a 20. >> reporter: fans were there to send the niners off to green bay earlier this week, hopeful they will come back with a win. though the 49ers are the underdog to muslims a recent niners-packers layoff history
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points in the niners favor. >> whip a good record against the packers. hopefully it stays that way. >> aaron rodgers has not been the 49ers in the playoffs and his nfl career. that says something, because if you play sports, you always know, there is always that one team you can't get over. >> reporter: mark has been a niners fan for a few years. >> i went to a game with my dad. >> reporter: he be wearing his brand-new jerry rice jersey at kickoff, hopeful the niners come home a step closer to the super bowl. in santa clara, max darrow, kpix 5. the 49er fans are getting good news is they hadn't of every met with aaron rodgers and the packers. >> charlie walters joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: great news. don't expect aaron rodgers to make mistakes this weekend. just four interceptions on the season. he hasn't thrown it to the other team since mid-november. you're not going to completely contain number 12. he's going to get his him about some pressure early will be vital, so the much-needed newsbreak earlier, how about nick bosa clearing concussion
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protocols. he will play tomorrow against the packers. he missed the second half of last week's win in dallas. he was fourth in the nfl with 15.5 sacks this season. another key for the niners to pull the upset tomorrow, how about getting off to a fast start. they forced dallas to play catch-up ball game after san francisco scored on their opening drive and jumped out to a 13-0 lead. >> it would be huge. you're on the road against the top team in the nfc. i think, i would love for us to have a hot start. that will be the goal going in. there would be the goal every single game. we had a hot start last week and it carried us throughout the game. >> reporter: we can all agree that the method beating this team is, you take the forrest gump approach and run it until you cannot run anymore. the packers are one of the worst teams in the nfl for
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stopping said run. in order to run often, you don't want to fall behind in the game early. they did come back against the packers the first time, but they went up losing that game. fast start would be good. >> i just keep hearing run, forrest. thank you. still ahead on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , home covid test kits are in hot demand, and now tens of thousands are up for grabs in san jose. how you can score some for free. vice president kamala harris visits california. helping communities devastated by wildfires and preventing future and disasters. adele's tearful apology to fans. by she is
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so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at breaking news now out of new york city. we are getting reports that two
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nypd officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. the shooting happening in a harlem neighborhood, and our sister station is a new york reporting that officers were responding to a domestic incident involving a mother and her son. a third officer was also shot. the suspect was also wounded in the shooting. more information as we get it. onto a live look now at the white house where president biden turned his attention to supply chain issues. he wants to increase the supplies of much-needed microchips. the president met with his commerce secretary, and intel's ceo at the white house. he applauded the company's plan to invest $20 billion to create a production facility in ohio. >> folks at home might be wondering why it is such a big deal for manufacturing something so small, the size of a postage stamp. semi conductors are small computer chips that power virtually everything in our lives. >> the historic announcement
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comes amid a global s■hortage f microchips that has also slowed production of cars, smart phones and other household items. the biden administration is now urging congress to pass legislation to strengthen research and development to help relieve supply-chain bottlenecks as a result of the pandemic. onto the crisis in ukraine, top diplomats from the u.s. and russia held high-level talks aimed at diffusing a possible russian invasion of ukraine. both sides called the meeting between secretary of state anthony blinken and the russian foreign minister useful and frank, but there were no major rake through us. >> this was not negotiation, but a candid exchange of concerns and ideas. there are several steps that we can take, all of us, russia included, to increase transparency, to reduce risks, to advance arms control, to
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build trust. >> 100,000 russian troops are at ukraine's border. experts believe the buildup could be an effort by russia to gain leverage. moscow wants assurances ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. president biden has worn if russian president vladimir putin invades ukraine, there will be severe economic consequences. in washington, d.c., demonstrators gathered for the an annual rally against abortion . that march comes on the eve of the 49th university of roe v wade. the court considers the biggest challenge in decades. the mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks last month. last month a majority of justices signaled they are inclined to side with the state. >> i'm hopeful of course that they will make a choice for life than honors the rights of all people. >> i will always trust women to make decisions about their bodies and their healthcare. >> well it's unclear if the court will go as far as overturning roe v wade and allowing that law to stand, it would be a major shift from the
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ruling in 1992 and the court said states may not bar abortion prior to viability, or around 24 weeks. the decision is expected in june. a rough ending to the week on wall street. the nasdaq was at the hardest falling more than 2%, its worst week since 2020. the dow fell 450 points, and the s&p lost about 85 points. you can hear the wind rustling. this video was taken this afternoon in san ramon. check out this. drivers had to dodge this giant tumbleweed in dublin. the ch p is warning people to watch out for debris on the roadway. you know it is windy when you see tumbleweeds and, where was that? >> that was in dublin. >> that is cowboy country, come on. it is windy and will be windy
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through midnight tonight. we have high pressure offshore that is building in and combining with a low to the east. the combination means it will be windy, especially towards midnight tonight. here is more proof. salesforce camera looking out towards mount diablo is being shaken a little bit. as we head towards sunset on this friday night, it will be a warm weekend. it's fairly balmy for january. temperatures today were about 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. we look at yet another flag that demonstrates that yes, we aren't kidding, it is windy. were mostly in the 60s. tumbling into the 40s tonight. a clear and windy night tonight, then looking for wind to slowly ease up, especially in the south bay. it will take most of the day for the wind to back off. dry and mild for longer than we would wish. no rain. the first hint of anything coming in is not until
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early february. between now and then, we continue with fairly dry, and certainly no rain on the way for the bay area, and somewhat balmy weather. you see things not unlike this in august, september, and october. when we get a high- pressure product offer near the pacific northwest. look at the offshore flow. in this case being helped along by the low over the baja peninsula. they are close enough together that the tight gradient means heavy wind. by the time we get to sunday evening, it will be calmer. he could offshore wind, but the difference in pressure between the high and low not so much. they will get stronger before they do. you can see that by 7:00 tonight i'm up 47, 37 in napa. south bay, 16 miles per hour. it's not such a big event for the south bay and it is for the upper elevations of the north bay.
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windy in the east bay, not so much in the south bay. right out of half moon bay, near 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts. strong enough to, as we have seen, bring trees down, could be a threat to power lines, or you may get a tumbling tumbleweed. forecasted gusts for saturday morning shows things backing off. by saturday afternoon, things ease up. not so much in the north bay until late saturday and early sunday. by sunday, the wind is gone, temperatures are nice. overnight lows are mostly in the 40s. all the windows mixing the warmer temperatures down to the surface. san francisco, 48 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow in the 60s. this continues the above average trend. that will hold true all the way through the weekend. temperatures will be in the 60s the next couple of days.
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a nice weekend on tap all the way through next friday. not a drop of rain in sight. it will specifically be windy. all of that eases up as we get from sunday into friday, and a fairly warm week for january ahead. more on the wind and what to expect in the forecast in a bit. a message to fans from adele , why she is being to forced to postpone her vagus residency. why the sister of a security guard is now blaming facebook for her brother's murder in oakland nearly 2 years ago. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, the first half of a two-part episode of "nci s hawaii" set to air this sunday. what viewers can expect at 8:30. you can find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app. also, you can always find the cbs news app.
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vice president kamala harris travel to san bernardino today. she's announcing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for wild fire prevention and recovery across the state. how that money will help firefighting efforts. >> reporter: this afternoon, the vice president took a helicopter tour at the san bernardino national forest, along with governor gavin newsom, the secretary of agriculture, senator alex padilla, and others. one area she viewed was where the so-called gender reveal fire burned for 2 months back in 2020. vice president harris announced billions in funding for year- round help with wildfires, including several million dollars for californians who
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have been impacted by the devastating effects of these fires. with the intense drought in many places and climate change bringing extreme weather to california, federal, state, and local governments are joining forces to assist communities in fryer prone areas. the goal is to take proactive and preventative measures, according to the vice president, and address wildfire risk reduction and response. >> not only are we dealing with forest's, but we are talking with homeowners and reaching out to communities to figure out how we can support them to create a community that is less likely to be so significantly damaged if a fire should hit. >> reporter: here is some of what is coming in the infrastructure law. $5 billion to fight wildfire risk, and the response to it. $1.3 billion in disaster relief, including $600 million for californians. and another $600 million for federal firefighter salaries. >> we are very excited to
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acknowledge their work not only in words, but with the pay that recognizes the value of the skill and dignity of the work that they perform. >> harris plans to spend the weekend at her home in los angeles, and will then travel to milwaukee on monday to discuss the plan to replace lead pipes. adele fans disappointed this evening. the singer announced she will be postponing her i/o highly anticipated weekends with adele concerts in las vegas. >> we tried everything that we can to pull it together in time, and for it to be good enough for you, but we have been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. >> the grammy winning singer was originally set to perform every weekend at the coliseum at vegas caesars palace. this was supposed to be the opening weekend. some fans that already made the trip. >> no adele? we will come back to my but honestly it seems that it could've been coordinated a bit sooner.
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>> the singer says rising covid cases and staffing issues are delaying the concerts. there is no word on when she will be able to take to the stage. st. clair county is heading out 60,000 free at home covid tests. here is how you can get yours. >> starting tomorrow, 60,000 at home antigen chests will be available for direct distribution through four drive- up sites. tragedy hits in northern california police department. an officer hit and killed by a runaway driver. what we are learning about the husband and father. new data out today says the workforce is smaller now than it was before the pandemic, and here in the bay area, ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. the disappearing workforce. why the job market recovery is lagging in the bay area, and the struggle for small businesses to hire new employees. northern california officer hit and killed by a runaway driver. how the husband and father are being remembered. the top story at 5:30,
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getting more at home covid test kits into the hands of south bay residence. kpix 5's kiet do has details on what people need to do first before picking up those hard-to-find antigen tests. >> reporter: the sign up for the free tests begins today. it isn't hard, but there are a couple of things you need to know. >> starting tomorrow am a 60,000 at home antigen chests will be available for direct distribution. >> here we go. here we have boxes being stickered. >> reporter: you're looking at one of the most coveted items at the moment, the county stockpile of antigen tests stored at an undisclosed location. the county was able to buy a large stash from eye health, the same suppliers for schools at the start of the new year. who knew at home antigen tests would be to 2022 toilet paper was to 2020. >> we will be booking appointments for the drive-up sites at >> reporter: that well-known
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county run website now has a new button to schedule a pickup appointment, so enter in your information and email address, where you receive a link to login. once again, select one of four sites labeled home antigen test pickup. the sites are foothill college, hellyer county park, and marshall cottle county park. each site was chosen for its capacity to move high volumes of vehicles through quickly. here at cottle park, the county has budgeted about one vehicle per minute per pickup. >> through this system, 15,000 appointment slots will be available, and each individual will receive four tests per appointment. 4 the appointments are going fast. as of late friday afternoon, the first couple of days were already booked up. the county will run this program through january 30. finally, a few reminders about those who may want to cheat the system and get a couple of free tests and resell them for a profit. the county's computer system


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