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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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kpix 5's max darrow is inside with the very latest. >> reporter: san francisco police officer shot and killed a man they say was armed with two guns after an incident at sfo's international terminal this morning. investigators remained on scene or the entirety of the day. crime scene tape up inside of sfo's international terminal all day on thursday after a deadly police shooting. it happened near the entrance to the b.a.r.t. station. the tsa employee alerted authorities about a man acting suspiciously around 7:25 in the morning. several more people also calling 911 about the same person. >> arriving on scene my favorite san francisco police officers made contact with a male individual, establishing that he appeared to be armed. we know they were handguns. >> activity at san francisco international airport. are back radio attractive traffic detailing a large response. as fpd officer grace says the situation unfolded over the course of about 45 minutes. >> it was enough time to provide resources, to get resources to the location to
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help de-escalate the situation. >> reporter: the airport spokespersons has included trying to use nonlethal measures which did not work out. >> the individual continued to advance in threatening ways towards the officers. officers fired several shots. >> reporter: a bystander was shot in the leg and the suspect died at the scene. >> the number of officers involved in this investigation is still being determined. >> reporter: investigators have not released the suspect name yet, nor the reason why he was at the airport. >> at this point there is no indication of this incident being involved with terrorism. >> reporter: as fpd will release more information during a public town hall which will take place within 10 days. from sfo, max darrow, kpix 5. san jose police are still gathering information from a deadly officer involved shooting last night.
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officers say they were shot at by a carjacking suspect in the normally quiet rose garden neighborhood. that is after police say the man crashed a stolen car. officers fired back telling the suspect. police are expected to give an official update tomorrow as they continue to interview officers and witnesses. san francisco is the latest bay area city to weigh in with good news on the omicron surge. city health leaders say cases are steadily dropping. data from san francisco shows cases peas on january 9. a patent nearly 21 cases per day, but on january 12, cases dropped a little more than 1000 cases per day. but the medical director warns that the omicron surge is not over yet. >> hospitalizations, which trail the peak in cases you will still continue to go up. for now, we expect to meet capacity within the healthcare system to take care of people both with covid, and with other healthcare needs.
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here is a look at the latest statewide covid numbers. the test positivity rate continues to inch down slightly to 20.7%. that is more than 86,000 new cases reported. today marks 2 years as the cdc confirmed the first u.s. case of covid-19 in washington state. looking live at the white house where president biden today marked his first anniversary in office. covid is just one of the big challenges still facing the biden administration. cbs news correspondent natalie brand joint just live with the hits and misses from the president's first year. >> reporter: i spoke to a political science expert today who characterized this past year as uneven, with some highs, including one big bipartisan win, but then some lowe's, including continued frustration among the american people, with the pandemic, and now the economy.
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>> reporter: president biden marked 1 you're an office by focusing on his biggest legislative win to date, the bipartisan physical infrastructure law. >> we demonstrated that democrats and republicans can actually work together to get something done. >> reporter: some of his biggest priorities remained stalled, from voting rights to his massive social limit and spending plan. >> we are going to have to probably break it up. >> democrats really need to scale back what they had. back george washington university professor laura brown notes the president has had major wins, like the american rescue plan covid relief package, but also setbacks from the catechist skin again withdrawal, and current ukraine tensions and a spike in inflation. >> what has bedeviled president biden is a lack of consistency on the issues that americans care the most about.
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>> reporter: recent cbs news polling show a dip in approval ratings. >> polls go up and down, but we have to remain consistent in fighting for the american people and their needs. >> reporter: republicans have seized on the low ratings as they try to win back control of congress this november. >> what the election this fall is going to be about is about this administration, and how it's doing. >> i tell my republican friends, here i come. what are you for? >> reporter: the president has vowed to travel more this year, and engage with the american public on his policies. >> what is the political science professor say about the president's performance and the midterms coming up? >> reporter: we know historically the president's party typically loses seats in midterm elections, and professor brown says the performance during the midterms will really be an indicator to the white house about how much the president might have to adjust his approach heading into a presidential election year. she says looking ahead to 2024,
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she really counts the third year of a president's first term as the most important one to watch. >> that will be interesting to see. thank you. president biden was doing some damage control today, clarifying a comment he made yesterday about the russian threat to ukraine. he seemed to suggest that a minor attack by russia into ukraine could bring a weaker response from the u.s. and its allies. >> i have been absolutely clear with president putin. he has no misunderstanding. if any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion. and it will be met with a severe and coordinated economic response that i have discussed in detail with our allies, as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. >> ukraine's president volodymyr zelensky fired back at biden's earlier comments. he tweeted mustang, there are no minor incursions, just as
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there are no minor casualties. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol, a senate committee moving to advance a major tech antitrust bills. it's a big win for backers of restrictions for big tech. it targets giants like amazon, apple, google, meta. it also includes foreign-owned tech platforms like tiktok. it would make it illegal for those companies to favor their own products and services over competitors? for example, apple and google couldn't rank their apps higher than rivals in their app stores? california senators voted in favor but expressed concerns about targeting companies in their own state. apple and google when it could protect the ability for them to protect privacy and security. now to the nfl playoffs. some of the 49er faithful were outside levi's stadium this afternoon. they gave the 49ers a proper sendoff as they left for green bay, and their showdown with the packers. >> len ramirez tells us fans
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are heading out with the team to chip away at the packers home-field advantage. >> reporter: 49ers fans began gathering here just outside of the practice facility, several hours before the team was to get onto the buses to head out to the airport. they are hoping to give the team a warm area sendoff before they had to a frozen green bay. cheers for the 49ers as the team heads out on the road and across the skies for the nfl divisional playoffs. destination, green bay. >> they do a lot to bring our hopes up in this time of the pandemic. so this is exciting for us. >> reporter: the 408 faithful's fan group will just be cheering from home. several members like desiree herrera are going to the game. >> we are going with a group of 20, i believe, and we will be tailgating. it will be freezing and cold. >> reporter: how cold? for that we go to green bay's meteorologist. >> the actual air temperature
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might be around 50 degrees. it will probably be feeling close to 0 around kick off. it's only expected to get colder throughout the game as well. >> reporter: here's a live weather camera shot in green bay. snow on the ground. >> a big-time shock for them, especially considering where they are coming from, and how relatively warm it is by you guys at the moment. >> i have my boots ready, thermals. i will be probably five layers deep. >> reporter: 49er fans have been taking over opponent stadiums this season in hopes of giving their team an edge like they did in dallas. >> there has been a sea of red everywhere we have been. it takes a home-field advantage away from thop>>or they admit g bay may be the toughest test debt. in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. we keep talking about how cold it is going to be , and jim e.g. reminded it to us yesterday, he
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is from back east and played in the midwest. he understands what cold is. i think they are going to be just fine. >> that one lady, only five layers, that is 15 layers short of what you would wear. >> i think i would wear everything i own. >> he would look like the michelin man up there. >> i will maybe skip it and watch it in the hotel and cheer them on. >> xo fireplace or something. vern glenn will have the latest at 5:30 on the team/practice at home, and how they feel about playing in the freezing cold. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a judge rips into pg&e over wildfires , as the utility ends its criminal probation. his scathing parting words. we have seen the incredible video of thousands of packages littering train tracks in los angeles. the governor's plan to crackdown on the rail robbers.
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pg&e is days away from ending a 5 your felony probation over its troubled safety record. today, a federal judge rips into the utility company, saying pg&e has gone on a crime spree and will emerge from probation as a continuing minister california . in an eight page report, the district
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judge wrote that while on probation, pg&e has set 31 wildfires, burned nearly 1.5 million acres, burned 23,956 structures, and killed 113 californians. also they been on probation since conviction back in 2016. the crimes are tied to a 2010 natural pipeline explosion in san bruno that killed 8 people. the term is set to expire on january 25. pg&e responded saying in part that it has become a fundamentally safer company over the course of our probation. the utility also acknowledged that it does have work to do. the jury has been selected in the federal trier of three fired minneapolis police charges officers facing civil rights charges in the george floyd case. they are facing charges for their part in the deadly arrest of george floyd. the three are accused of willfully depriving floyd of his civil rights, while their colleague kneeled on his neck for more than 9 minutes.
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>> what is the defense argument? >> is twofold, number one, that they did not willfully try to violate the rights of mr. floyd. secondly, that they had no part in what mr. chauvin was doing. >> they all took part in this and killed him. >> two of three former officers had been on patrol for less than a week. the house committee investigating the january 6 capital attack wants to talk to the former presidents daughter. the committee sent a vodka trump a letter asking her to discuss her father's actions on that day, including an alleged phone call to then vice president ice mike pence to reject the 2020 election results. yesterday, the supreme court rejected an attempt by former president trump to block the transfer of hundreds of white house documents related to the riots. new surveillance video captures the moment a home in new york explodes. take a look at this.
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that video was captured by a neighbor's doorbell security camera. the blast since the room of the home flying. chunks of debris landed across the street. one person died. several others were injured. san francisco's chinatown is getting a special cleanup to help welcome in the lunar new year. the department a bubble works has cruise as steam cleaning sidewalks and making pothole repairs. san francisco's chinatown is the oldest and most populated in the country. crews will be working for the rest of the month to repair, prepare for the year of the tiger that starts on february 1. another foggy morning in parts of the bay area. check out this time-lapse video of the san francisco skyline, just peeking out over the blanket of fog. we've been seeing a lot of that recently, overcast mornings, and then the sun finally peaks out. it is great right now. i don't think we will see as
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much fog tomorrow morning. it will dissipate quickly because the wind will start picking up. that's the big story over the next couple of days. angie and dense fog will be out there tonight and tomorrow morning. wind continues throughout much of the day on saturday. the dry weather continues as we had through the weekend and through the duration of the forecast. still no rain in sight. we will check the wind hour by hour. they aren't a problem this evening and won't be a problem this evening. even early tomorrow morning, the strongest gusts will be starting to drop into the bay area from north to south. 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts possible at the lower elevations. the peaks could get gusts even up to 70 miles per hour. that will continue into saturday morning. finally beginning to die down as we had deeper into the day on saturday. those are some strong gusts.
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that's why we have a wind advisory that goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and continues through 7:00 a.m. on saturday for most of the bay area. the lowest elevations around the bay and into the santa clara valley are not included, but those are the only spots that aren't. be prepared for the possibility of downed trees, may be sporadic power outages. tomorrow is trash day. you may want to bring containers and is and is a pickup happens. make sure your outdoor furniture is well secured as well. the gusts will pick up. they will help disperse some of the ground-level pollution. shouldn't be as prevalent tomorrow and saturday. better air quality is all of that stuff gets dispersed. and as soon as the wind dies down, the haze will return to the bay area by sunday, and especially next week. we always have to be concerned about fire danger with the strong offshore wind. the wet vegetation helps them about futurecast does indicate on the fire danger index which ranks the ingredients from 0 to 10, some elevated levels already by midmorning tomorrow. they make it about halfway up the scale, which seems to be
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the upper limit of how high we would climb, given how much rain we picked up in october and december in particular. we saw little bit of rain early this month, but we've had a few dry weeks in a row. we can't say the fire danger is zero. if this was happening this time last year, these would be towards the top of the scale. we will keep an eye just in case. in terms of when we will get rain, it will be a while, but there are signs. we have equal chances of above average or below average precipitation for the bay area, so some indications that we will transition to a more active pattern in february. we have new outlooks for the month of february, and a new 3 month outlook as well. equal chances of above or below average precipitation for the bay area. a similar scenario once you add everything up for february, march, and april is a hole. we don't expect exactly normal rainfall, but no strong signal pointing in either direction of wet or dry. we hope we can break out of the
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dry pattern. a pretty sunset as we look towards the bay. temperatures are currently in the upper 50s and low 60s. those numbers will drop down to the low to mid 40s by tomorrow morning. the offshore wind, that is a warm direction. temperatures by noon will already be climbing into the upper 50s, most spots low 60s, with high temperatures well into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. it isn't record-setting, but above average for this time of year. good 6 to 7 degrees above normal. even once be cool off, temperatures will still be above normal. monday through thursday of next week will bring a few fairweather clouds back into the forecast. they will be fairly sparse, and no rain in sight and the entire 7 day forecast. we are getting closer to the end of the month, so lovely by the time we get to february the we can get back into a more active weather pattern. 18 pilot concludes a record-
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breaking fight that included a stop in the bay area. a new development into the investigation into potential rogue coping testing sites in the bay area. what san francisco's city attorney is demanding. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, the season finale of "seal team" is set to stream this sunday on paramount plus. we will hear from one of the stars of that drama series area than at 8:30, the 49ers senior reporter gives us the 411 on sunday's showdown with the green bay packers on saturday. you can find ame is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen.
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we have just been having the most spectacular sunsets lately. a teenager from europe became the youngest woman ever to fly solo around the globe. >> her journey involved hundreds of hours of flying, and included a stop right here in the bay area. >> reporter: it was a picture- perfect touchdown in belgium as rutherford landed her shark ultralight plane with family and friends cheering her on. >> i wasn't expecting so many people. >> reporter: the 19-year-old belgian-british team earned a spot in the record books as the youngest woman to fly around the global by herself. >> it's really crazy. i haven't quite processed it i think. >> reporter: her epic journey started last august. she spent 260 hours in the air. we talked to the groundbreaking pilot back in september when she made a refueling stop in
5:25 pm
palo alto. >> growing up i never really saw any women in the field i was interested in. that was discouraging so i'm hoping to change that. or back it was supposed to take 3 months but stretched to 5 because of dangerous conditions including wildfires over california, and bad weather and other spots. >> coming out to frankfurt, there was lots of rain and snow . i had a bagel and valleys and wait for the snow to clear. >> reporter: the adventure covered about 30,000 miles, and included stops on five continents. >> it worked out because here i am. met rutherford's parents, both pilots, began taking her in small planes when she was a toddler. by the age of 14, she started flying herself. >> we told our children that they could do anything and that there are no limits. >> reporter: she hopes her accomplishments inspire other young guards girls trying to succeed in male-dominated jobs. she plans to soar to new heights herself, and eventually
5:26 pm
become an astronaut. >> no doubt that space will be in her future. for the youngest man to fly around the globe alone, he is a british aviator who completed the trip last year at the age of 18. all new at 5:30, san francisco demanding answers about potential rogue coping testing sites. the investigation into two companies, and what you need to know. the governor taking action after the shocking theft of packages from freight trains. the plan to crack down on rail robbers. i'm in the santa cruz mountains, and we will ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, or local news at 5:30. a major treeplanting operation in the burn scar forest in santa cruz county. how it could prevent future fires. the governor takes action after seeing the incredible video of packages plundered from freight trains. the crackdown on rail robbers. first our top story, the investigation into possible rogue covid testing sites in the bay area now entering a new phase today. this morning, the san francisco city attorney issued
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subpoenas seeking records from some california-based companies. allen martin joined us with the very latest . >> reporter: the city attorney told kpix 5 that his office is investigating tips from citizens concerned about where they got a covid test , or that they never got their results. investigators are having trouble getting answers from some muscle today they demanded documents from two companies. the subpoenas were served early thursday morning to community wellness america, and crestview clinical laboratory. as to why, the san francisco city attorney, david chiu. >> the fact that these two companies have not been forthcoming with us on exactly what is happening is very troubling. her back as omicron surged in the bay area, so too did crowds seeking to get a covid test. community wellness


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