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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, deadly police shooting in south bay under investigation. hear from the witnesses who watched it go down. the pandemic taking a huge toll on workers at a north bay hospital. this morning, the struggles amaid staffing shortage. this is really something that government needs to step in to deal with. >> the warning, look for fake covid testing sites. how health officials say you can spot the scams. recommendations are set to be released on how to help
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rebuild the town of paradise after the deadly camp fire. we'll have details coming up. you can see all the fog behind joycelyn. good morning. it is thursday january 20. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will talk about that fog with darren peck. is it going to fade off soon? we have a lot of drivers on the road. >> the typical time will be about 11:00 before it really starts clearing significantly. it can be earlier in places. what's different is it is more widespread and in the heart of the bay. that's the bay bridge, looks pretty from above it, but you gotta drive through that on the deck of the bridge. it's not only there, entire east bay shoreline, peninsula, 280, 101 but it is not san jose. dense fog advisory does not include. hayward, your visibility is down to a half mile. it's less in the north bay valley.
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do you know who doesn't have a problem? inland valleys of the east bay. over concord, it is not foggy. we'll watch and see if anything develops for you guys. temperatures are in the low 40s but it's a cold 37 in livermore. that's part of that clear sky. this lasts until late morning and for the rest of today, more blue sky and we'll warm to the low and mid 60s again. i will have more in the forecast but for now let's see what gianna's got on the drive. we've got brake lights and fog. that's what you can expect when you hit the roadways. a live look at the bay bridge, it is certainly foggy. that dense fog advisory is in effect. metering lights are on and we've got a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it stays foggy all the way into san francisco. a live look near the skyway area as you come off the bay bridge into the city. we have a couple accidents in
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san francisco, two separate crashes. north bound 101 at that 80 connector east bound there is a left lane blocked because of the crash. north bound 101 at cesar chavez, a crash blocking lanes. >> thank you. we continue to follow that deadly shoot out with police in san jose. it left a carjacking suspect dead and others injured in the process. justin andrews is live. we talked to witnesses who watched as all of this played out. >> reporter: those who saw this whole thing go down in the typically quiet rose garden neighborhood are still trying to make sense of all of this. >> it went from pop, pop, pop and all of a sudden there was like a whole lot. >> probably about 20 shots. >> reporter: san jose police tell us its chopper pilot started tracking the suspect after notified that the car had been stolen. police say the suspect in the stolen car got out and tried to
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carjack another vehicle. after a failed attempt, the suspect got back into the stolen car and ended up in the rose garden neighborhood where people inside their homes heard a loud crash. they were hearing the suspect slam into another car with people inside. officers say they were confronted by the suspect carrying a gun when he began firing at officers. that's when the bullet battle got underway and officers were forced to fire back. >> as soon as he saw units arrive, he shot at them more than one time. obviously fearing for their lives they were engaged by gunfire by the suspect. officers on scene returned fire. the suspect was hit and he was quickly transported to a local hospital where he has been pronounced deceased. >> reporter: police are still investigating. that scene is still active. as for the two people inside the car the suspect hit they
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had minor to moderate injuries. i am anne makovec at the live news desk on the first anniversary of president biden's inauguration. he has been on the job for a year. a live look at the white house where he is dealing with disheartening news on his popularity. a clear majority disapproving how he is handling his job according to the poll by the a.p. yesterday he took questions for the first time in several months in the face of the big time pandemic and inflation. he was asked about the waning popularity and responded i don't believe the polls. according to it only about 28% of americans say think want biden to run for reelection in 2024. less than half of democrats say they want that to happen. we'll keep our eye on it. happening today, national education association and other educators will be discussing ongoing teacher shortage. amid covid-19 pandemic on the agenda how the shortage is
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affecting schools and how we can help students, educators, communities during this time. it comes after the governor signed executive order making it easier for districts to hire teachers and other employees. it allows schools to extend substitute teachers assignments, bring back retired educators, speed up hiring process for short term subs. new numbers show covid cases trending down slightly. there are 98,000 new cases and the test positivity rate dropped a bit to just under 21%. to napa where workers at queen of the valley medical center claim the hospital is severely under staffed and underpaid. like many healthcare facilities queen of the valley is dealing with staffing shortages. employees say it is due to covid and lack of fair compensation. to ease some of the stress from california hospitals the state allowed asymptomatic covid positive workers to return to work. >> then everybody in the lab
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had to test. another lady tested positive. they told her you don't have to symptoms, you can come to work. now her whole family is infected and she's working, taking blood from cancer patients. >> providence says it is taking a multi pronged approach to resolve issues. talks are expected to continue today. some ambulance companies are telling state lawmakers paramedics have to wait up to eight hours to transfer patients to emergency rooms. first responders expressed frustrations to assembly committee yesterday, say long wait times prevent them from responding to new emergency calls. some ems workers called this the most significant medical crisis in the state and recommend imposing fines for any ambulance that waits more than 20 minutes and updating old ems rules. better business bureau is issuing a warning about fake covid-19 testing sites. >> it comes as high demand for test lead a surge in mobile
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test sites nationwide. bogus sites are putting consumers at risk. some advice on how to avoid being scammed, do research to find authorized testing sites, read fine print on everything you are asked to sign and watch for look alike websites made to look like legitimate companies. >> that's the real risk, that people are going to get your personal information and take that and try and get more money out of you. this is really something that government needs to step in to deal with. >> remember you can request free covid tests from the government at for more information on tests, vaccines, boosters, visit our county by county resource guide at a group of real estate professionals are releasing recommendations on how to help rebuild town of paradise after
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the camp fire in 2018. joycelyn is following this for us. what are some of the proposed plans to do this? >> reporter: there are quite a few things we can expect from this. this last november marked three years since camp fire, deadliest in california's history. today a team of real estate professionals are expected to release the report. that includes ways to overcome challenges to rebuild paradise's housing stock over five years, includes adding housing for mixed income levels, efforts to rebuild properties and services lost. the recommendations are intended to build on top of already existing efforts in paradise. this is as president joe biden this week unveiled a ten year plan to spend billions to reduce fire risk and combat destructive wildfires on roughly 50 million acres of land. that report of recommendations is set to be released around 10:30 this morning. of course, we will keep you
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updated. >> thanks. 6:09 on this thursday. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> more trouble for santa clara's top cop as state launch as civil rights probe into the sheriffs department. we break down the complaints. san francisco symphony rolling out new rules. what all guests are required to do starting today. more of us are waking up under the dense fog advisory than yesterday, particularly right in the heart of the bay for some heavier commute corridors. we'll spotlight the fog and then look ahead and show you what this weekend looks like coming up in the forecast. we've got troubles if you are heading into san francisco, dealing
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california's attorney general launched civil rights probe into santa clara county sheriffs office. sheriff smith is already facing public corruption accusations from a civil grand jury as well as no confidence vote from the board of supervisors. among complaints, the county has had to pay large settlements to people with mental illnesses who were severely injured in jail. >> safety is built on trust. economy communities feel they are treated fairly and equitably it increases trust. our investigation is seek to determine whether sheriffs office has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> the corruption case accuses smith of resisting an audit into allegations of negligence and political favoritism regarding conceal carry permits. in a statement the sheriff said she welcomes the review adding, quote, i have great confidence in attorney generals office and believe they will provide
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expertise for a fair impartial investigation. we remain focused on our mission to provide highest level of public safety services. authorities are looking for the person who left a suspicious outside the oakland federal building. investigatessers initially believed it could have been a pipe bomb but turns out it was a fake. x-ray technology showed wires and screws inside an abandoned book bag but they were ultimately able to determine it did not pose a threat. an update out of oakland, a's cleared key hurdle in the effort to build a new stadium at howard terminal. city planning commission voted to advance the project's environmental impact report to city council. the council will have final say on the $11 billion proposal which includes 35,000 seat stadium with new retail and residential development. looking live at san
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francisco where starting today, san francisco symphony is rolling out new entry rules for davey symphony hall. all patrons will be required to wear a mask like n95 or kn95. starting next month anyone eligible will have to show proof they've been boosted. new, a teen pilot has become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. the 19-year-old landed in belgium this morning. the belgian teen breaking two guinness world records. she's beaten a record held by an american who was 30 when she flew around the globe and she also now holds the title for the first woman to fly solo in micro light aircraft. 6:16. let's get a check on weather and traffic. we will start with darren peck. i am sure san francisco looks pretty interesting from the skies now with all the fog we
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have. i will show you perspectives. first, from the top of the salesforce tower tells you everything you need to know about the bay bridge. there is fog on the deck of the road way. you get breaks at times but that's going to be foggy. dense fog advisory covers entire interior of the bay this morning. it didn't do that yesterday. you will have more fog certainly in the city. here is the other vantage point. it's like the postcard view where fog is filtering in through the streets of the city. yesterday that was a cloud that was up the ground. high pressure has pushed it down. it made it look gloomy yesterday and now it is down right foggy because it's pushed the cloud on the road. that's why we've got the dense fog advisory not only for the city. this is up and down the peninsula, 880, 680, any of the drives that take you along east bay shoreline.
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primarily 880. there are clear skies in san jose. this is the closer you are to the bay shoreline. certainly the city, oakland. north bay valleys are doing what they always do. itfogy there but not for inland valleys of the east bay. that is the view from mount diablo looking east towards concord where we don't have issues. livermore, san jose, you are fine. the best way is to look at the visibility readings and you see why there is an issue. oakland, 0.3. give this until late morning before it clears out. the fog advisory is until 10:00 a.m., so at least until then. we've got one number in the 30s, petaluma at 39. everybody else is in the 40s. you want the jacket but it could be a lot colder. daytime highs under a mostly blue sky because once we get rid of the fog, we have a beautiful day coming our way. blue sky, few high clouds,
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daytime highs that will climb to the mid and upper 60s. inland valleys of the east bay, low and mid 60s. the numbers for north bay valleys also topping out, says 68 for clover day by the way. the seven-day forecast, we will see a pattern. more on the snow report in the next half hour. the seven-day forecast shows us temperatures holding the line. we are not going to budge for the next seven days. there is also no rain coming our way through likely the rest of january. it will be more blue sky and temperatures that stay where they are now not only through the weekend but also into much of next week. back to the matters at hand. gianna. a bit of a tough drive if you are headed into san francisco. definitely give yourself a few extra minutes. you are looking at one of the
6:20 am
cal trans cameras. lanes are still blocked due to a crash with injuries. at one point they had all lanes shut down and vehicles to the side of the road way. it is still slow as you head into the city. you might want to stick with 280 extension if you are heading into san francisco. we are seeing speeds down to about eight miles per hour in some spots as you head through. we did have another trouble spot north bound 101 before cesar chavez, looks like that's in the clearing stages, everything to the right side of the road way. let's head to the bay bridge, we are dealing with all this fog, dense fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge. metering lights are officially on and traffic backing up already for the drive into the city out of the east bay, oakland. we are getting reports of a new crash. this is 80 west bound upper deck near the tunnel and it looks like we are getting details from chp.
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lanes are blocked. that's going to cause brake lights. you can make out the bridge, not really seeing cars easily because of the fog but it's foggy and you've got that crash. golden gate bridge, a fog advisory. limited visibility for your ride into the city. using the golden gate bridge, you will see foggy spots along 101, 280, along the peninsula, as well as if you are headed through the north bay and san mateo bridge, foggy there. back to you. the end of an era, neighborhood favorite that finally fell victim to the pandemic. kpix5 is welcoming our evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch him with elizabeth cook in our 5:00, 7:00, 11:00 p.m. newscasts.
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we're going to spotlight lunchtime for you. we will zero in on noon to 2:00 just to give you the quick look ahead so you can plan your day. we likely will have cleared the majority of the fog. by noon we might have patchy fog left in the bay, maybe even at the coast. it clears by 1:00 or 2:00. daytime highs will go to the low 60s. as gray as it looks, it will be more blue sky than anything by that early afternoon time frame. daytime highs will go to the mid 60s. i will have the forecast in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. last call for a popular north bay brewery. >> you can blame the pandemic again. marin brewing company announced after 33 years this will be its last month in business. the owner blames a combination of staffing shortages and past covid closures. >> this is one of those heart felt sort of it's more than
6:26 am
family, it's more than friends. it's the place that you come. >> i am going to miss everybody. it's been a long run, a lot of fun. >> the brewery will close its doors for good on january 31. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> president biden marking one year in the oval office, the challenges he is facing as he takes on year two. >> reporter: a deadly shoot out with police in the south bay, scene active. witnesses saw it all. what they're saying coming up next. a smart
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. an investigation is underway right now after a deadly shooting involving san jose police. a carjacking suspect was killed, two other people were injured in the process and taken to the hospital. today a group of real estate professionals is releasing recommendations on how to help rebuild the town of paradise after the camp fire in 2018, the deadliest fire in california history, nearly
6:30 am
14,000 homes were destroyed. a's cleared key hurdle in the effort to build a new stadium. city planning commission voted to advance the project's environmental impact report to city council. the council will have final say on the $11 billion proposal which includes 35,000 seat stadium with new retail and residential development. good morning. it is thursday january 20. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we begin with a check on your friday eve forecast with darren peck. it's a foggy one. it is one of the mornings where the fog looks so dramatic and beautiful above it but down below it, that's a different story. that's fog on the deck of the bay bridge. that's what makes it different than yesterday. the advisory includes the heart of the bay through busier commute corridors. certain liriano on the bay bridge. if you look at the areas shaded in gray, it's the entire peninsula. 280, 101, certainly 880. give yourself extra time. we will hear more from gianna.
6:31 am
it does not include san jose. you are looking at clear skies. this does include city, oakland, north bay valleys. you know who it doesn't? inland valleys are also clear. concord, livermore, you are fine. hayward, you are down to a half mile. that's an issue because that's new. we don't want east bay commuters caught off guard. temperatures are fine in the low and mid 40s. this melts away by late morning or early afternoon and it will be more blue sky than anything else, mid 60s. let's go to gianna. we are dealing with a trouble spot in san francisco in an area where we are seeing a lot of the fog. they just cleared the crash out of lanes. it's still slow on the west bound side and they're zooming in where the crash was on the right hand side of the road way. at one point all lanes were blocked. this is 101 as you preach the
6:32 am
east bound connector heading into san francisco. expect brake lights down to six miles per hour, 280 extension is better so use that if you are headed into the city. we have a crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge near treasure island. tow crews are on scene trying to clear that one out of the road way. developing, a carjacking suspect dead after a shoot out with police in san jose. it ended with a crash and two others injured. justin andrews is following this for us. where is the investigation at this point? >> reporter: the investigation spilled into the morning hours, a scene in san jose's rose garden neighborhood was active an hour ago. digit times were still working to uncover all the details and there are quite a bit. witnesses tell us they heard gun shots, at least 20 of them. the helicopter started tracking the suspect after being notified that the car had been stolen. the suspect got out and tried
6:33 am
to carjack another vehicle. that failed and the suspect got back into the stolen car and ended up in the rose garden neighborhood where people inside their homes heard a crash, were hearing the suspect slam into another car with people inside. officers got there and say they were confronted by the suspect carrying a gun and the suspect began firing at officers. that's when the bullet battle began. officers were forced to fire back. witnesses heard it all. >> there was a few shots at first and then rapid succession. it happened so fast, shots were fired before i could even understand what was going on. i was honestly duck and cover if there were stray bullets going anywhere. >> reporter: the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. we have learned police will likely not give an update on this until tomorrow. the suspect's identity is still not yet been released. >> thank you. it's been one year since joe biden was inaugurated as president of the united states. mr. biden marked the occasion
6:34 am
with a two hour news conference where he acknowledged some of his successes. >> we created 6 million new jobs, more jobs in one year than any time before. unemployment dropped, unemployment rate dropped to 3.9%. child poverty dropped by nearly 40%, biggest drop ever in american history. >> with an approval rating that's fallen 17 points since taking office the president promised to keep working on his agenda. >> number one, i will get out of this place more often. i will talk to the public. number two, i am also going to be out there seeking advice of experts outside from academia to editorial writers, think tanks. third, i am going to be deeply involved in these off year elections. >> challenges that loom over his second year, covid-19, inflation, ukraine russia crisis, lingering questions
6:35 am
over u.s. pull out from afghanistan. i am anne makovec at the live news desk keeping eye on u.s. secretary of state's visit to europe to try to get a handle on what is happening between russia and ukraine. new video of blinken in berlin, just met with european leaders to discuss security concerns as russia has about 100,000 troops near ukraine and there are worries it is poised to attack. he also discussed iran saying it will be impossible for us to return to the deal if there is no understanding there in the coming weeks. blinken will fly to geneva where he will meet with the russian foreign minister tomorrow. we'll keep our eye on it. supreme court giving go ahead for release of documents related to last year's january attack on the capitol. they rejected the effort to withhold documents from a congressional panel investigating the riot. a live look from capitol
6:36 am
hill where an effort to expand voting rights is effectively dead. yesterday senate republicans blocked democrats' efforts to bring a pair of bills to vote. that prompted a separate show down over filibuster rules. most democrats wanted to move forward with changes to force lawmakers to debate continuously on the floor in order to oppose legislation. after that, the senate would have been able to hold a simple majority vote for final passage but democrats joe manchin and krysten sinema joined every republican in voting against the changes already they would use the nuclear option to override a rule that we have used ourselves but now seem to find unacceptable. >> this is not time for politics as usual. times cry out for moral leadership for integrity, for empathy. >> at least 19 states passed laws to restrict voting last
6:37 am
year with more states expected to do the same this year. developing this morning, smart station could be coming to solano along congested highway 37. joycelyn moran joins us with more on how a state plan could help make all this happen. >> reporter: this state plan could include a new commuter line that connects novato and solano county. keep in mind this is not something that can happen any time soon. the passenger rain would cost between 780 million and $1.3 billion according to a 2019 feasibility study by smart. it estimated that service could begin four to six years after transportation planners find the funding. this is something that can help communities that know how congested highway 37 can get. the highway is also threatened by flooding and heavy rains. a spokesman with metropolitan transportation commission told sf chronical this can move
6:38 am
slowly but the need could help speed efforts. the state plan is set to be released in early february. as to the specifics of that, of course we will keep you updated. joycelyn moran, kpix5. there is a new proposal to give californians under conservatorships more protection. it comes after discussion surrounding battle between britney spears and her father. a state assembly man introduced a bill he says will limit further abuses of power by giving more control requiring courts to consider alternatives and making conservatorships easier to end. not everyone is on board. some are concerned publicity surrounding spears' unique case may have negative impact hipsm protec. legislation on top of legislation, it's making it more difficult for people to
6:39 am
get conservatorships to protect people who legitimately need to be protected. >> spears' saga with her father is not over. lawyers for the two sides were back in court yesterday. her father's attorney is arguing he is entitled to additional legal fees. still ahead, the pandemic has a lot more people working from just about anywhere. how that's changing how people book rentals like air bnb. the bay area may be getting a new pro sports team. push to bring a correct stadium to cricket stadium to san jose. a blanket of fog over the entire bay. it is a little more widespread. we'll go into the fog advisory coming up. a beautiful shot, the market just opened about ten minutes ago. the dow is in the green about
6:40 am
130 points. before we go to break, a quick preview of what's next on cbs mornings. good morning to you. coming up, vice president kamala harris joins us as she and president biden mark the one year anniversary of inauguration day. we'll talk about recent setbacks for white house agenda and what she says the administration got right. sir elton john kicks off final leg of his farewell tour. he is in new orleans. he tells anthony why he is looking forward to retiring from the road after more than five decades of touring. he is still going strong. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have.
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a major airline is warning of omicron's impact on travel recovery. diane king hall is joining us
6:44 am
live from new york with that story. firsthow is the dow this morning? we are looking at some green today with trading underway a little more than ten minutes. investors are trying to claw back some losses from yesterday. you are seeing dow jumping 211. you recall nasdaq fell into correction yesterday. right now it is rallying, nasdaq in the tech sector better by nearly 200. s&p 500 as well. airline says it lost 646 million in the fourth and expects sales this quarter down as much as 25% from prepandemic levels. united lowered its forecast for the year. >> the prices went up a bit too though. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you got it. starbucks says it will no longer require employees to be vaccinated against covid-19. this is after a supreme court
6:45 am
decision halted federal mandate on large employers. starbucks was set to start enforcing on february 9. the company says it respects the court's decision but still strongly believes in intent of a vaccine mandate. the pandemic made it possible for many employees to work just about anywhere. >> a lot of them are staying longer in rentals like air bnb. a fifth of its business is people staying longer than a month. tuesday the company ceo started his stay at an at an atlanta bnb. >> i want to really test the experience, optimize and show you can run a big company doing this. a lot of people can do this. >> last november air bnb reported record high profits as
6:46 am
number of bookings surpassed prepandemic figures. developing, a proposal to build a new cricket stadium in the area can help bring one of the world's most popular sports to a new audience. santa clara included exclusive negotiating agreement with major league cricket. it allows county and league to move forward with lease negotiations and design approvals to develop a cricket stadium near the fair ground. the plan is to lease the land, not use any public money. >> the negotiation is just getting started so everything is still on the drawing board. ultimately what we want is make the best use of the land but at the same time we weren't expecting that i am aware of to shovel a lot of funds to help build the facilities. >> early concept renderings show a large circular stadium with palm tree lined promenades. we can start a team.
6:47 am
>> we'll have to come up with a name. what would we call ourselves? let's talk about weather and traffic. i will need the pamphlet on how you play. i am so clueless. let's get caught up on what it looks like with the fog advisory that includes the heart of the bay and that is different than yesterday. if you are just joining us, the fog is more intense right through heavier commute corridor this morning. it looks so pretty from the top of the salesforce tower with the tops of the bay bridge towers jus above that carpet of fog which is on the deck of the road way. gianna has adout an accident on bridge. i am sure there are other issues as well with this. in terms of where fog is and isn't, it is not in san jose. we are looking at clear skies for santa clara valley. all the drives along the east bay shoreline or peninsula and in the city, north bay valleys,
6:48 am
all those locations are included but not inland valleys of the east bay. we sausage in the clear. i can show you the view here, looks great for san jose, no problems whatsoever. from the top of mount diablo looking east, we look fine over here. this is towards concord. livermore you are fine. visibility map is showing us ten miles there. it is slow going for hayward but you have improvement. still plan on patchy fog, less than half a mile for north bay communities. temperatures are in the mid 40s. grab a light jacket. we can watch this melt back by late morning, early afternoon. the fog advisory is until 10:00 and we'll likely see some in inland valleys until we are past that. high clouds show up today but you will get blue sky for thursday afternoon, not perfectly clear. mid 60s for daytime highs. we'll go to 65 in sunnyvale, 63
6:49 am
union city. danville hits 62, pleasanton 63. as we look in the heart of the bay we'll go to 63 for san leandro and san rafael will also hit that mark. santa rosa that was you in the mid 60s as well. one item about friday, we will have a little bit of an offshore wind event. you will see it on the big picture view. watch the colors lighting up. the streamline shows offshore wind but the question is how much do we feel it where we live? offshore wind events are normally felt in the mountains, become weather concerns when we have that. we don't have that because the landscape is fine. it will get windy in the mountains. do we feel this in the communities where we live? that's possible for friday afternoon. it will be a breezy day friday afternoon and evening. the main impact is offshore winds dry things so it will help with the fog. this means it's not a major
6:50 am
fire weather concern thankfully because of the landscape but it will help with the fog. if you have plans to go to the mountains, keep them. it will be easy travel and still a base even though there is no new snow coming. highs stay right where they are, sun icons stay right where they are. we are locked in this pattern and it doesn't show signs of changing not only for this next seven days but really for the rest of january. more on february as we get closer to it. how is the drive? it's a busy one this morning especially as we deal with all that fog. a dense fog advisory in effect for some bay area bridges. includes bay bridge, golden gate, san mateo bridge. we have a handful of crashes, extra busy heading into the city. a live look at the toll plaza, you see that fog hovering over the toll plaza area of the bay bridge and it is backed up to
6:51 am
the foot of the maze with over 30 minutes from the maze into san francisco. we lost our live shot at fremont off the skyway but we did have brake lights into san francisco. north bound 101 from 80, that's where that crash was. but the damage is done. lder traffic stays busy all the to get on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. there was an earlier crash north bound 101 at cesar chavez. there is still activity but it doesn't look like it is blocking any lanes. golden gate bridge, traffic is at an okay pace but murky in this area as well. limited visibility will certainly be a factor. san mateo bridge, we are dealing with fog. you can make out the cars in the live shots. the morning commute is definitely underway, 38 minutes
6:52 am
highway 4 from antioch 280 and brake lights building in the altamont. today, warriors will hit impressive milestone, their 400th consecutive sell out. the current sell out streak which includes home, regular, post season games started on december 18, 2012, against the then new orleans hornets. justin. >> reporter: we're tracking that deadly shoot out in san jose, where the investigation stands, coming up next. the 49ers headed to green bay in hopes of being one step closer to the super bowl. what you need to know if you plan on cheering them on at saturday's game. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we sat down with a 49er senior reporter ahead of the show down. that's coming up at 8:20. at 8:40 watch at
6:53 am
or the kpix
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thank you. let's look at the roadways now if you are just getting ready
6:58 am
to head out the door. i want to show you bay area bridges because it is foggy in some spots. it's a busy ride heading to the marin side, a 12 minute commute to head west bound. to the bay bridge, you are looking at about a 35 minute commute from the maze over into san francisco. metering lights are on and it is a busy ride at the toll plaza. golden gate bridge, foggy here as well. you've got a lot of fog on your freeways. so be extra careful. 22 minutes south 101 from highway 37 into san francisco, still busy in the altamont, east shore freeway, highway 4. the financial district looks like an island, cloud city as the tallest towers are visible. this is from the top of sutro. i think the one from top of salesforce tower is as dramatic though we are starting to lose our view of the towers of the bay bridge. same cloud deck that was with
6:59 am
us yesterday. only problem is high pressure pushed it lower to the ground and now technically we've got fog. it's a dense fog advisory for the whole heart of the bay, really that whole peninsula east bay drive, 280, 880. san jose you are not in this. it is clear skies. if you have to take the drive, plan on more fog than you had yesterday. same in the north bay valleys, back to you. today, the 49ers will be flying to wisconsin as they prepare to take on green bay in two days. >> if you are thinking of following the red and gold this weekend be sure your wallet is full of cash money and your suitcase is full of clothing. you will pay a minimum of $200 to get in the gates. if that doesn't hurt, this might. game time wind chills saturday could be near zero.
7:00 am
>> ouch. >> big ouch. >> the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is coming up next. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on the west coastn hursy i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupi. >> and i'm nate burliswe'r all . let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> did you overpromise in your first year in office? >> i didn't overpromise. i have probably outperformrmed what anybody thought would happen. >> president biden strikes a defiant tone at a news conference to mark one year since he first took office. a new voting rights bill fails in the senate after two
7:01 am
democrats join republicans and refuse to push it through. >>


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