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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive salesforce camera, no need to adjust your eyes. a lot of fog on this thursday. good morning. it is january 20. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with weather and traffic beginning with darren peck. all the fog doesn't look real. i know. it looks down right beautiful, view from salesforce east looking east where you just see the tops of the bay bridge towers above a sea of fog tells us two things. it is a lot foggier in the heart of the bay and the fog has been compressed which means really what we have is the same mid level cloud we had yesterday that was not an issue. high pressure has taken the cloud and squashed it to the ground which is why we are living with it today. if you look at where the dense fog advisory is, you will see
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it is primarily focused on the entire bay area. we have a dense fog advisory exempt for inland valleys of the tri valley and through concord. readings have us to zero for petaluma, 0.3 for hayward, oakland, 0.3, san francisco, in general everybody will want a little extra time on the roads. daytime highs today, this is going away by late afternoon, and daytime highs will be warmer. it will be sunny and mid # 0s again today for most of the bay area. let's go to gianna and see how the drive is doing. it is certainly foggy as you mentioned, pretty soupy as we take a live look. you can see cars making their way heading towards san francisco on the west bound side. over all we are tracking foggy spots.
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a few advisories by cal tran and chp, you can barely make out any cars at the bottom of the screen. even the golden gate bridge is foggy as well. limited visibility is going to be an issue for your drive so be extra careful as you hit freeways. a live look at the san mateo bridge, you can kind of make out the towers. already a busy start with the fog. travel times under ten minutes across the bridge and 12 minutes from 880 and 101 if taking san mateo bridge. developing news out of san jose where a deadly shoot out with police left a carjacking suspect dead. maria cid medina spoke to some witnesses in the city's rose garden area. >> the car burst into flames. i was there. >> reporter: the scene of a deadly shoot out with police leaving neighbors trying to piece together what unfolded. >> it went from pop, pop, pop
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and then there was a whole lot. >> about 20 shots. >> reporter: the department's helicopter pilot began tracking the suspect after receiving an alert from a low jack device it had been stolen. >> the suspect in the stolen car exited the stolen car and attempted to carjack another vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect was not successful and got back into the stolen car eventually ending up in the rose garden neighborhood. >> it was very loud. we could hear it through our kitchen window. >> reporter: he crashed into another car. moments later officers approved to be confronted by the suspect carrying a gun. police say the suspect immediate lid began firing at officers who were then forced to fire back. >> there was a few shots at first and then rapid succession. it happened so fast, shots were fired before i could even understand what was going on. i was kind of duck and cover if there were stray bullets going
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everywhere. concerned for everybody in the neighborhood. my family has been here over 30 years. >> the two inside the car the suspect crashed into were recovering at the hospital last night. the suspect's identity has not been released. california's attorney general launched civil rights probe into the santa clara sheriffs office. sheriff smith is already facing from a civil grand jury as well as no confidence vote from a board of supervisors. >> public safety is built on trust. when communities feel they are treated fairly and equitably, it increases trust. our investigation will seek to determine whether the sheriffs office has engaged in a pattern or practice or of of
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unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> it accuses smith of refusing audit and political favoritism. in a statement the sheriff says she welcomes the review, believes they will provide expertise for a fair impartial investigation. to oakland where authorities are looking for the person who left a suspicious device outside the oakland federal building yesterday. investigators believed it could have been a pipe bomb but turns out it was a clever fake. nearby buildings were evacuated and several streets were shut down until about 6:00 last night. investigators feared worse when x-ray technology showed wires and screws inside an abandoned book bag but they were able to determine it did not pose a threat. fbi san francisco office will be taking the lead on further
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investigation. the pandemic is taking a huge toll on workers at a napa hospital. they say queen of the valley medical center is severely under staffed and workers are underpaid. andrea nakano takes a closer look. >> reporter: this was an informational pickett as employees came down during their break hoping to let people know what's going on inside this hospital. >> when they say cut back, we say ... >> reporter: support staff in napa say negotiations with its employer have gone nowhere. >> all of us are tired. >> reporter: queen of the valley is dealing with staffing shortages. to ease stress on california hospitals asymptomatic covid positive employees can return to the workplace. >> they had a positive lab person come in and work and then everybody in the lab had to test. another lady tested positive. they told her you don't have
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symptoms. you can come to work. now her whole family is infected and she's working. she's taking blood from cancer patients. >> reporter: covid led to staffing shortages and protesters say providence has a history of under staffing the hospital. >> they don't care about staffing. they don't care about helping our families when they're sick. they don't even care about our patients because they're not staffing us up so we can take care of them properly. >> reporter: providence says it is taking a multi pronged approach to resolving staffing issues. the statement reads at providence we want the same thing as caregivers represented by unions. competitive pay that supports caregivers and their families and allows us to retract and retain the best talent. providence says it is working with national staffing companies and offering signing bonuses to candidates but employees say salary is the main issue. >> we've had a couple people
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come in, mri people, tu re when work at kaiser and make $50 an hour more? some ambulance companies are telling state lawmakers paramedics have to wait up to eight hours to transfer patients to emergency rooms. first responders expressed frustrations to assembly committee yesterday. they say long wait times prevent them from responding to new emergency calls. >> patient transfer should take no more than 20 minutes. last year we were held on the wall for over two hours more than 700 times in 2021. >> it's only a matter of time when a community member will likely die simply because they cannot get to the hospital. a north bay institution shutting its doors after almost 33 years. the company is closing at the end of the month. the impacts of the continuing pandemic were too much for the
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business to bear. >> reporter: it's not unusual to find this group of guys holding court at the end of the bar at marin brewing. >> probably been coming here since early '90s, late '80s. >> reporter: regulars who helped make the restaurant what it is. a gathering place for so many. >> we will miss you. we will miss what this place was, a real community hub. >> reporter: the cost of the pandemic was too much to bear. the brewery is behind on rent because of forced closures by health department but the final straw was when he wasn't able to get help from the almost $30 billion restaurant revitalization fund. it's difficult to say good-bye to a place that holds so many fond memories. >> i might have to stop by a couple more times before they close. we have done this exact thing so many times that to not be able to anymore will be really weird. >> reporter: the brewery
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doesn't close until the 31st so there are about ten days left to grab one last beer. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. let's take a live look at the capitol hill where democrats have been licking their wounds after an all day all night senate session debating voting rights legislation. that failed as well as a debate over the filibuster going down early this morning on the senate floor, no republican support. the bill they were talking about would have made election day a national holiday and ensured access to early voting and mail in ballots among other changes. this marks the sixth time republicans have blocked the legislation, president biden sending a statement right after the voting rights legislation crashed and burned saying he is going to continue to work with his allies to advance legislation that will protect voting rights.
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back to you. >> thank you. 4:41. still ahead on kpix5 and cbsn bay area, after 100 years, major changes planned for a bay area entertainment landmark. the radical rethinking of the castro theater. a key decision whether to build
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looking live at san jose where there is growing concern over the safety of city roads after another crash that killed a pedestrian. tuesday night a car traveling north bound hit three people killing two men and leaving a woman injured. the car had a green light and the driver suffered injuries from a broken windshield and air bags. some city leaders and residents are saying enough. to oakland where a's cleared a key hurdle in the effort to build a new stadium
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at howard terminal. city planning commission voted to advance the environmental impact report to city council. council will have final say on $11 billion proposal which includes 35,000 seat stadium along with new retail and residential development. a live look at san francisco where century old castro theater will be getting a face lift. another planet entertainment is partnering with the owners of the castro theater to upgrade sound, lighting, production, hvac system. it will pivot to hosting live performances including music and comedy acts. it recently hosted premiere of the matrix resurrections movie. why tech stocks are on a trading slump plus an update on covid-19 vaccine eligibility for children. diane king hall with details from the cbs broadcast center.
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stocks fell again on wednesday. dow slid 339 points. nasdaq dropped 166 and s&p 500 fell 44. tech heavy nasdaq is in a correction meaning it is more than 10% off its all time high. many on wall street are blaming the drop on the federal reserve's promise to raise interest rates. children under 5 could be eligible for coronavirus vaccine as soon as next month. during an interview with a nonprofit group dr. fauci says he can't guarantee anything but hopes to see fda approval soon. pfizer is expected to ults receive. my bologna has a first name. oscar meyer has a bologna inspired beauty mask it says hide rates the skin.
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it went on sale on amazon yesterday for $5 but quickly sold out. oscar meyer promises there will be more in stock soon. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. it is 4:47. let's get a check of weather and traffic. we'll start with darren peck. good morning. that dense fog advisory we were watching yesterday is issued once again and it is more widespread today. it includes more of the actual bay. let's go to the camera on top of the salesforce tower to give you what is perhaps the most i think illustrative example of what's going on out there. clouds that filled in the bay yesterday are similar to the ones we have now. it's just that we've pushed them down closer to the ground. now they're not only on the road deck for the bay bridge but you see over towards the east bay, see the lights shine
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mile. the roin ward visi3 of a meate 's ent was t it't alfog on the road and today it is. as a result national weather service issued a dense fo it telling for where they did it. watch what happens. san jose you are not included in this. but the peninsula and east bay are because they're closer to that deck of clouds that's filled in the bay. that's where the trouble spots are, going up 101, certainly 280, 880, 580, all of them towards the east bay and into the city as well. then our usual spots, north bay you've got it. visibility is down to 0.3 of a mile but it's the hayward reading that really stands out. temperatures are relatively comfortable with mid to upper 40s. petaluma you are down to 39. most places are in the 40s. we've got a nice set up.
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we'll be back in the mid 60s for most locations. once the clouds burn off, fog goes away by late morning. early afternoon, it's a clearer sky and it is warm, relatively speaking for this time of year. low to mid 60s, upper 50s for the heart of the bay. north bay, we will see temperatures well into the mid 60s. friday gets more interesting. we can use the map we usually only show for fall which is offshore wind season but we are going to have offshore wind event friday. you see how the colors picked up. this is going offshore. it does get windy in the mountains tonight but that's the mountains. we don't notice it at the elevations where the overwhelming majority of us live until friday. maybe 20 to 30-mile an hour gusts. the main thing that does is guarantees we won't have fog.
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it will be 63 in san francisco friday, not 6. that will be fixed shortly. the rest of the seven-day forecast shows us temperatures warming up as we get to the weekend and early next week. let's go to gianna and see how the drive is looking. thank you. let's look at the roadways right now if you can see them. we have a lot of fog we are dealing with. a live look at the golden gate bridge, we've got a little bit of a murky live look and you can see the fog hovering over the span of the bridge. we are dealing with a lot of this this morning. give yourself extra time for your commute. we are not seeing a lot of crashes or major incidents. hopefully people take it slow and give space between you and the car in front of you. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off. things are pretty light into san francisco. overall it is about seven minutes from the maze into the city but again foggy as well and foggy across the upper
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deck. here is another perspective. you can see that fog hovering. we've got foggy conditions at the san mateo bridge. you can see one head light on the east bound side. be extra careful there. richmond san rafael bridge, seven minutes. 12 minutes from 880 to 101. out of marin into the city via golden gate from highway 37, 19 minutes to make that ride into san francisco. checking similar traffic conditions, an overview of freeways. looking at 101 where it is foggy, 280, through the peninsula, be careful. speeds are okay for the most part as well as along 880. we are not seeing major issues on the nimitz. we are tracking brake lights from the altamont pass. we'll have a look at that in my next report. good morning everybody. straight ahead in sports, city
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bragging rights. we've got a first for you and i to enjoy for 2022 and jimmy garoppolo, perhaps the most beat up starting quarterback left in this nfc tournament having
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good morning everybody. i want to talk about this guy, jimmy garoppolo. 49ers, nearly every player was on the stadium field yesterday for practice including this fella reportedly impressive enough, nfl network said last night he will no doubt play packers saturday night despite his shoulder and thumb injuries. teammates admire his toughness. >> football is a tough sport. you have to grind through things. you have to say this is going to suck for the rest of the game or maybe the rest of the season but i am going to deal with it. >> garoppolo yesterday showing no signs of pain, six point under dogs, have one more practice today before an afternoon flight to green bay.
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other good news, number 97 who suffered a concussion on this collision sunday was a limited participant at yesterday's practice, a sign that he will play too. number 92 is next man up to rush the quarterback. he came over in a trade with houston texans. texans won four games. he was asked to compare the two. >> the leadership between the coach and gm, it doesn't seem like it's a power struggle. they're on the same page. it's not like a circus show here. >> good crowd last night, basketball fans one side green and white of sacred heart and at the other a city battle, a wildcat sharp shooter up ten at the half and as much as 13 and then sabrina did more damage to
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keep a 12-2 record intact. 60-47. if boys' team wins friday the school would take the annual series. the first kpix top five plays of 2022 is ready to go. we'll see if i still got it. come on. number 5, klay thompson loosening ligaments, two and a half years away from the game, whatever he needs to get going. number four, florida state basketball banners up high, even in a year that wasn't. number three, lebron james at 37, don't believe me, lets you know age is a number. despite the jam lakers lost to indiana. number two, played the ball on the other side of the net, apparently legal so long as he
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didn't touch the net. number one, young, a wild move, the star has handles and can score, scored 37 on the first kpix top five plays of 2022. there you go for this morning. speaking of indiana that i voiced over in the highlights, pacers are playing warriors later on today. more of that later on. see you later. 4:57. still ahead, shots fired in san jose. the incident forcing police officers to draw their weapons and kill a suspect last night. first responders calling it a crisis point. long
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deadly shoot out with police in the south bay. we are hearing from witnesses who saw it all go down. recommendations are set to be released on how to help rebuild paradise after the deadliest fire in state history. a cronic issue worsened by the pandemic. long wait times for ambulances at hospitals in california. vote in oakland moving the stadium project forward this morning. good morning. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's get to your forecast with darren peck and fog is covering most of the bay area. for a moment you've got to take a second and enjoy how pretty it looks from above it when you don't have to drive through it. this is down perfectly situated on the deck of the bay bridge. the towers are above it and you get that beautiful blanket of gray. since the clouds have en


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