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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 19, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . oakland police have several blocks closed off to the federal building as the alameda county bomb squad looks into a
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possible incendiary device. we have a report that looks like a potential pipe bomb and we are live over that area and it is clay street beef -- between 11 and 16 and they are all closed and they have evacuated the area and will keep you updated. two pedestrians killed in a san jose crash and the message today from police. >> new federal efforts to fight covid and plans to get more masks and test in the people's hands. >> president biden reflects on his first year in office and looks ahead. i have more with this news conference and the administration's expectations. good afternoon. the other top story at 3:00, police are investigating a deadly crash in san jose. two pedestrians were killed adding to a growing count in the city in just the first month of the year. it happened last night along
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the expressway and we just heard from police. >> reporter: this is where the traffic fatalities happened on the northbound lanes of the expressway here at foxworthy avenue here at about 8:30 last night. police say three people were trying to cross and say they were not in the crosswalk at the time and the car that eventually struck them have the green light. three people were taken to the hospital, a female adult survived her injuries but two other adult males died as a result of this accident. >> the messages please use the crosswalk especially at night and especially on an expressway. like i said i don't want to do any victim laming, but it was a bad decision crossing and express lane at night outside of the crosswalk. >> reporter: this is six of the seven traffic fatalities here in san jose this year which puts it on the pace ahead of
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last year and last year was one of the deadly a fun san jose streets with a two decade high of 60 traffic fatalities. >> we brought you that update on cbsn bay area, you can watch 24/7 streaming on or the news app. the santa clara county sheriff's office is under the microscope by the state attorney general. today he announced his office is investigating whether the office engaged in a pattern of unconstitutional conduct. the attorney general said this relates to conditions of confinement in the county jail and that his office will be looking into the use of force and treatment. it comes as laurie smith is fighting corruption allegations in court. they say it is clear there is a lack of trust in the county. >> it is time the truth comes to light and we will use our authority under the california constitution to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or
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practice of violating state and or federal law. if so, identify and compel the correction of any systemic violations of the community's constitutional and civil rights. >> he said the investigation will be thorough and impartial. he encourages anyone with relevant information to contact his offices. the search is underway for an aggressive mountain lion. the big cat attacked another mountain lion in belmont. >> reporter: we have been here hours talking to people to see if they heard or saw this mountain lion. no look here, police sent an alert out this morning around 2:00 this morning. they alerted people on twitter to use caution they said an aggressive mountain lion was seen a 2500 lock of hastings east of upper creek and canyon creek trail and the big cat fought and killed another mountain lion in the area.
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game wardens responded. the high school is nearby and as soon as they got this alerts sent to their email -- >> i did not see it as an issue because it did say it happened at two a clock a.m. and i read it this morning when i was in starbucks, and it was about eight a clock a.m.. i was like, okay, it has been six hours since the mountain lion was seen on campus. >> reporter: according to the department of fish and wildlife, more than half of california is mountain lion habitat. experts say their nature is to avoid humans, but attacks on humans are rare. if you see one it is recommended that you avoid approaching one and don't run. they say running might trigger a chase a recommended that you just make loud noises and even try to look bigger than you are by waving your hands are opening your jackets or even throwing rocks. if you see mountain lion and you have small young children with you, it is recommended you pick those children up and
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again there is no longer any danger. new numbers from the state with covid are trending down slightly. there are 98,000 new cases. the test positivity did drop a bit to just under 21%. dozens of santa clara firefighters are reportedly asking the department for exemptions from the booster mandate. the mercury news reporting about 40 of them have filed that request. when we reached out for a response, we are waiting to hear back. stanford university under pressure to drop its booster mandate. hundreds of people signed a petition that calls it unethical. students returning to in-person classes must provide booster proof by the end of the month. in just the past hour the san francisco symphony is announcing it is requiring all patrons to where a n95 or kn95 mask inside the symphony hall
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and that requirement takes place tomorrow. across the country the seven-day average for covid hospitalizations is skyhigh topping 137,000. despite the surge the biden administration is shifting 400 million n95 masks to pharmacies and community health centers and they are coming out of the strategic national stock pile and available next month. covid home tests are also becoming more accessible. they could order four free tests for residential addressed and after a soft lunch yesterday there were isolated problems with user address verifications but no significant issues reported. if you're looking for a covid tester vaccine a booster you can visit the county by county resource guide on on the eve of his one year anniversary since being sworn in office, today president biden held his first major news conference in months. it comes amid low approval ratings over his handling over
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the pandemic and record inflation. >> reporter: president biden held a major news conference a day shy of marking a year in office. and just like day one covid-19 continues to be a priority. >> omicron has been challenging us in a way that it is the new enemy. but while it is a cause for concern, it is not a cause for panic. >> reporter: aricaresc plan fo helping to get more than 200 million eligible americans fully vaccinated, but the supreme court struck down his vaccine request requirement for most companies with 100 or more employees. the lowest news poll gives him low marks in the handling of the pandemic and a majority of respondents say he is not focusing enough on the economy and record high prices due to the inflation. >> we have seen record inflation and record economic growth in the past year but there was still a lot of
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frustration. >> reporter: two of the major domestic priorities of his his social spending and climate bill and voting rights legislation and installed in the senate held up in part by members of his own party. >> we knew all along a lot of this would be an open flame. >> reporter: the buildup of russian forces along the ukrainian border has fear of a possible invasion and for weeks the biden administration has been in talks with its allies and officials to ease tensions. >> we will have massive consequences for russia if there is further aggression against ukraine. >> reporter: wednesday the u.s. announced an additional amount of money for military aid in ukraine. still ahead, more and more americans are choosing to do their job remotely while traveling. we will talk with the so-called digital nomad on how to combine
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work with seeing the world. it is the niners versus the packers saturday and we will talk to the team reporter about the teams mindset as they get ready for another playoff game in green bay. the fog that was so stubborn for the first half of the day has finally cleared across the bay area. there has been some hayes on the horizon with
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san jose-based zoom just announced a return to an office
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work but only 2% of its employees will come back in person full-time. the rest will stay fully remote or switch to a hybrid schedule. zoom of course known as the company helping other companies around the world connect during the pandemic closures. with many employees now able to work from just about anywhere, michael george reports that a lot of them are staying longer in rentals like airbnb. >> reporter: taylor guilbeau gets paid to help other people become digital nomad like her, working while traveling the world. >> right now i am in columbia. in the fall i was able to visit cape town, south africa, kenya. truck with millions of employees able to work remotely, more and more are choosing to untethered themselves from a home base. >> the longer the pandemic goes on, the longer the world never goes back to the way it was as well as travel.
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>> reporter: airbnb said nearly half the nights the books from july through september were for stays of seven-day or longer and 1/5 of its businesses people now staying longer than a month. on tuesday airbnb ceo started his state at an atlanta area airbnb. he plans to move to a different town every few weeks to get a feel for nomad living. >> i really want to test the experience and optimize it and show you can run a big company doing this. >> reporter: he started doing this in 2018 and she has seen the community grow exponentially since the pandemic began. >> the flexibility to travel and be in different places allows you to have new experiences outside of work every day. >> reporter: she said a hybrid approach is also gaining popularity, traveling 4 to 6 monthly or while still maintaining a home.
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we will check in on wall street now and another rough session today. the dow lost 339 points and nasdaq closed falling 166 and the s&p was down 44. as investors go over the latest corporate earnings and prepare for higher interest rates. the 49ers playoff fever is certainly running high in the team is that the play the packers this saturday lambeau field, the frozen tundra and in an interview on cbsn bay area, we talk to the senior reporter keanu martin about the teams mindset after dallas and heading into green bay. >> looking at them and being able to hold on to that says a lot about the fight about that team and i think we have seen a lot of that this season so the team is excited about green bay and it is their second playoff appearance in the last three years and they still have a big core of that team together and a lot of young guys on this team, but overall they are pretty excited about this weekend.
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truck do you think the cold weather at lambeau field will be a factor for the niners this weekend? >> will it be a factor for me? probably. i actually talk to jimmy garoppolo this week and he said he has been playing in the cold weather all of his life so he is used to this and ready for it and eager for. but with that, it will be a little tougher with these guys catching this ball at full speed and this ice cold weather. i think right now it says the low could be about 2 degrees with the evening kickoff in green bay. it definitely will be chilly but everybody says this is the cold weather team and they can weather the storm and elements and it is definitely a lot different than playing in santa clara and i know it definitely doesn't get that low in california. >> reporter: a lot of talk about the 49er faithful last week in dallas and before that in la and you think we will see a lot of red and gold in green
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bay, especially with the weather we are expecting this weekend? >> this is another organization that has such a rich history and a rich strong fan base. i guarantee they don't want to see too much red but when i was leaving dallas i saw so many 49ers and they are like we will see you in green bay so i think the faithful will make their way out but make sure you bring those hand warmers. >> we do have a pretty good playoff record against the packers too. right now stub hub said that game is the highest selling nfl game for this weekend with more than 1500 tickets available starting at $190 and the average ticket is $331. stub hub said nearly one quarter of the fans minor from california with 17% wisconsin and 8% are from illinois. time for the weather. paul is joining us and california is going to green bay and there will be a shock factor. it will be cold and there
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are no two ways about it. we will start with the forecast for saturday evening with a 5:15 kickoff in the pacific time zone. it will be 7:15 there. the gametime temperature will be in the upper teens and the wind chill will be likely in the single digits and that is what it will be what it feels like. they will get some light snow during the day saturday but winding down by times we don't the snow globe effect during the game, but it will be cold. i the end of the game temperatures will be down to 11 or 12 degrees and it makes you glad to live in california. high pressure is building here on the west coast so it means more dry weather and as it gets closer to the coast there could be a storm system sneaking up to the east with nothing more than a wind shift but they will be gusty because there will be a strong pressure gradient between the high and low in the air has to flow in between and it will produce gusty offshore wind over the next few days but not tonight it will be in at five to 10 mile-per-hour range and while the winds may be noticeable tomorrow it won't be
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bad with the strongest being about 10 mph. on friday is when we start to see gusts in the 30+ mile-per- hour range especially in the higher elevations and the gustiest wind will occur late friday night into saturday morning to get some 50+ gusts especially the higher elevations but some of those could make their way down into the lower elevations in the valley and it will help stir the air around and help to improve the air-quality which was okay for the most part today and it may actually be good on friday but then as the wind dies down saturday afternoon the haze will start to reform on the horizon and we will be back to moderate air- quality by the second half of the weekend. right now there is fog in the distance and the temperature downtown is 59 and also in oakland. others in the low to mid 60s and everybody warmed up nicely after the boggy cool start and it will try to reform but the wind is stirring around enough that it won't be as widespread or dense as the morning and it should dissipate faster than it did today allowing temperatures to warm up by another degree or so compared to today.
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the temperatures will start off here in the 30s and most of us low 40s by thursday morning. the high temperatures tomorrow will be low 60s around the bay and low to mid 60s further inland and warm spots for the inland in the north bay and cool spots along the coast right around 60. the warmest days will be friday and saturday and again the gusting wind will continue through the first half of the day saturday and the offshore wind will relax and temperatures will drop back close to what is normal for this time of year but still slightly above average to the middle of next week and the one thing that hasn't changed at all, the sunday forecast, there is no rain in sight until the middle of next week and likely to the end of next week beyond the seven-day forecast. >> i hope we can crack that open soon. a popular reality show picking up where it left off pre-pandemic. >> i am excited for them to try to do it a different way and what have we all been doing for the past 18 months and we have
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all been adapting. >> the preview of the amazin
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breaking news this afternoon, the supreme court saying it is allowing the release of january 6 documents to house committee investigating the u.s. capital insurrection. now the justices rejected a bid by former president trump to withhold the documents from the committee until the issue is finally resolved by the court.
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the documents include presidential diaries and visitor logs. tonight, a historic episode of the amazing race. after taking the shows longest pitstop due to covid, it picks up 19 months later. the host looks at the changes they made to keep the team safe. >> what is going on? >> this is serious. took right now the world is dealing with the coronavirus. >> in order to keep you safe we believe the best choice for all of us is to suspend the race. >> we never saw something like covid affecting our ability to do the amazing race. >> we stopped the amazing race season 33 after three episodes. >> for them to shut down a race
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of this magnitude, in february it was a scary time. >> our responsibility was to get everyone home safely. >> the only reason we are back here is because cbs and the production company that put it together presented us openly with the plan to do it safe. >> in a way it is fun to flirt with a different way to do the show and one of the ways we are adjusting is saying we won't put on a commercial flight and we won't be allowing our teams to just go out and jump on public transport. so i am excited for them to try the race in a different way. and what is everyone been doing for the last 18 months? we have all been adapting and none of our lives have been the same. >> we have been through a lot in the year and to lose her job and we both had to move back home. >> in february of this year i have my beautiful son miles and he is literally change my life. >> it will be interesting to see how people come back into this race and whether they have used that time wisely. >> this time around i know her weaknesses and strengths and she knows mine and we will really plate and that.
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>> she and i are competitive and we know our abilities i think this time we will be easier on ourselves. >> i really wanted to showcase my hard-earned stick shift skills. >> it is a 10 out of 10 in excitement to come back what we started. >> a lot of changes and you can watch the amazing race restart tonight at 9:00 here on kpix 5 followed by good sam at 10 and the news at 11. you can catch the one on one interview with phil cogan on cbsn bay area and we are always on on and the app. coming up, alert, a cute baby video of the furry kind.
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san jose has hockey of course in soccer and outward a cricket stadium may be coming. we look at the draw to the south bay. that story and more coming up on the news at 5:00. finally, some sibling love. these are polar bears, twin cubs born a few months ago at a zoo in germany and new video shows them playing with a ball in the hay and one of them taking its first steps in the other we are told sleeps most of the time. visitors can only view them online and the first outing is planned for march. the sleeping guy sounds like my
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kind of guy. >> get your energy anyway you can. it is hard to believe it is so big, isn't captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, a lot of news out of president biden's first press conference in months, from combating covid to fighting a new cold war with russia. we have all the details. the breaking news after president biden took reporters' questions for nearly two hours. how he plans to break up his signature piece of legislation, the "build back better." and his message to america about the pandemic. >> i'm not going to give up and accept things as they are now. some may call what's happening now the new normal. i call it the job not yet punished. >> o'donnell: plus his bold putin prediction. >> i guess since he will move in, he has to do something. >> o'donnell: what the president says will hapn


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