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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 19, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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some international flights in to the united states canceled thanks to a 5g showdown the the impact on you coming up next. some oakland students preparing for day 2 of their boycott despite the district saying they are meeting all of their demands. what is going on? >> this could be a big step to keep the a's in oakland that. key vote that could determine the fate of the howard terminal stadium project. >> the way i say what we are experiencing now is sort of a disaster with in a disaster. >> that is from an agency that worked through fires, taeach oe
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>> update on this over the last hour. there is a dense fog advisory in the north bay. we have been tracking reduced visibilities. about an hour ago they threw in the towel and said that's it. north bay valleys, 101 the whole corridor. as you get into napa. look at the slew from the top of mount diablo. into the valleys of the east bay. no dense fog advisory and most sensors fine. you should know of the east bay you should plan on hitting fog.
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when we look at the visibility we have talked about the north bay. let's look over at the tri valley. livermore. that's foggy. extra time on that drive through the tri valley. rest of the day is fine by the way. this all melts away by late morning and then it's more blue sky. we will be in the low to mid- 60s's. foggy. i can't use one of the cameras. it's just blanketed in fog this morning. i can show you sensors not far from there. if you are up, a super commuter, you are making that ride in to the pass. it's busy out of tracy. getting onto 580. stay slow to north flynn and you will have ia few more brake lights as you approach that 680 connect we are a 37 minute travel time, 205 toward 680. that is one of our slowest spots this morning. looking better on on the
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nimmets. here at the live news desk and we are continuing to follow this breaking news on the peninsula. a mountain lion sighted and police warning people to use caution in this area because this one has attacked another one apparently. here is a look at that area. the 2500 block of hastings. the mountain lion last seen at around two this morning and they call it aggressive. belmont police tweeting out about this saying that it actually fought and killed another mountain lion in that area. this is just east of the upper creek and can john creek trails there just west of carlmo. indang keep you posted. back to you. >> going live toteational flig seeing disruptions and it could get worse. major international airlines have even canceled some flights
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due to the 5g roll out. justin andrew is on sfo for us this morning. taking a look at the impact. >> travel experts warning that today could be chaos. there are several international flights into the united states that have been canceled at several major united states airports including here at sfo. dallas, chicago, and others across the country. major airlines and pilots have been sounding the alarm warning the new 5g technology could interfere with flight systems. the potential concern is there could be 5g interference with that critical airplane technology. they are launching the service nationwide but not at many of the country's major airports. the showdown started when the airlines for america released a letter warning the launch today could interfere resulting in chaos at the nation's airports and a disaster crisis.
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>> the faa lists 71 system that could be affected it said the pilot may not catch those errors in time to maintain safe flight and landing. >> we just checked this morning and so far there are only eight cancellations when it comes to international flights here at sfo. we are told that number could rise. at sfo. kpix5. looking live out at oakland this morning student leaders say that they plan to continue boycotting classes today over covid safety measures even though the district said it is meeting all of their demands. yesterday the boycott led to three school closures. students and teachers also held a car c aravan. hundreds have signed a petition demanding the district provide masks, more spaces to eat safely outside and twice weekly covid testing. student leaders say that they
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are still at an impasse over testing policies which a trick spokesperson outlined earlier. >> we have very robust testing at ten hubs across the city throughout the week and we have been doing that since last fall. last fall, the fall semester this school year we did 130,000 tests. >> the students say the testing sites are only open during school hours which make itself hard for families and teachers to get tested. there are some indication that omicron has reached its peak some areas seeing a high number of cases. this as the government begins the process to mail out free covid tests. while the rate is steady infectious disease expert dr. hong said the good news is that at least at ucsf doctors haven't seen the increase in hospital case in about a week. yesterday the federal government took a step to combat omicron. by offering four free tests per house. >> it's a little too late for
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omicron but i would encourage everybody first of all to keep it on there is still going to be disease around. >> the first shipments of the tests should to out by the end of this month. the website to sign up for those free test kits, already having problems. some people in the same apartment building could not order a kit because of the duplicate address. we have posted the link to order your test on our website. happening today the a's taking a big step toward relocating their ballpark to howard terminal at the port of oakland. we are live with more on what we could expect as they present their final environmental impact report. >> today during the public hearing the planning commission will consider recommending the approval of the environmental impact report to city council. this could be a big step forward to keep the a's in oakland. the project would include a
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waterfront ballpark with capacity of up to 35,000 people, 3,000 units of housing space for retail use and offices. as we approach today's hearing we know not everybody free was this. the east oakland stadium alliance, a group opposed to the site released a survey that asked 509 people how they felt about the deal requiring the city to pay $350 million in infrastructure improvements to the area around the site. >> when we do not give a specific number, we just saido you support or oppose the use of taxpayer money to help build or help make possible the building of this stadium? more voters are opposed than support. a total of 46% are opposed and 37% support. >> however the city said those funds would becoming from taxes generated from increased economic activity that won't happen without the project but not everybody is convinced of that. been a lot of back and forth on
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this. city council expected to decide whether to approve the report in february. that planning commission meeting today is set to start at three this afternoon. for now i will send it back to you. it's 6:09. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> san jose police investigating a string of smash and grab targeting atm's. the businesses hit and why it could have been much worse. and this may affect your breakfast plans. the staff at a bay area bagel shop announcing they quit. the show of support for their manager next. and one view of things from our camera on top of mount diablo. shows up the creeping fingers of fog out here. it's actually the forth bay where the dense fog advisory is now in effect. we will talk about trouble spots on the road and look ahead to the rest of the forecast coming up. we have the brake lights in to the pass. livermore valley because of those foggy conditions and the
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bay bridge getting busy across
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two mes are dead and a third is in the hospital arch a horrible crash in san jose. it happened late last night near the intersection of the expressway and foxworthy. it is not clear what led to this crash but police are talking to the driver who stayed at the scene. five pedestrians have now been hit and killed in san jose just since the start of the year. >> no fear in my eyes. >> this was the scene in san francisco's china town where more than 100 people gathered last night to remember the life of michelle go. the fremont woman was ed in fro city subway train. her family hopes people remember her life rather than the way she died. this morning the search is
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on for the suspect involved in a series of unprovoke add tacks on the berkeley campus. the most recent assault took place yesterday on the south side of hawes school of business in berkeley. police say the man in this photograph shoved another man from behind causing injuries to his face when he fell. investigators believe the same suspect is likely responsible for three separate assaults on campus in the last 48 hours. a half dozen san jose businesses are accepting up this morning after rash of smash and grabs targeting their atm's. store video shows them running through the glass. >> this happened all over the city from the south part of the city into downtown. toward the north end. we believe this group was working in concert together. different vehicles, same group
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of people. >> the suspects were only able to get away with one atm out of the six businesses that were targeted. a staff at a bagel shop in vacaville just quit their jobs in protest. >> they posted the video to tiktok showing their final day. it has gone vi are, al with millions of views. they say it was in response to what they are calling a toxic workplace. a loved manager was fired a supervisor responded to complaints with a threat that everybody could be replaced. so, in protest every staff member resigned at the same time. >> we all walked in at the same time. we dropped off our keys and wrote a note saying we get. when you be little someone to the point where they don't want to work with you anymore. why would i want to spend eight hours for a company that doesn't appreciate me? >> right now the shop is still open with managers taking on the responsibilities of their
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former employees. new the building that housed san francisco's famed cliff house restaurant may finally be serving food against this year. the national park service owns the build that overlooks ocean beach and started its form leasing process yesterday. interested restaurant owners have 120 days to submit a proposal. the park service said its hoping to choose an operator by the summer. late last night marin water voted to repeal heavy fines for excessive use that just took effect last month. this after december storms brought local reservoir storage back up to nearly 95%. the decision will not lift the current restrictions on certain activities like outdoor irrigation. it is 6:16. let's check weather and traffic now. >> we will start with darren with a look at the forecast. >> main the fog. right out of the gate let's talk about the dense fog. it's for the north bay valleys. by no means are the north bay valleys the only place that need to be aware of this.
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goes to ten. this throughs soon man county, napa, all of the valleys through here. when i show you the visibility readings here you will see judge. this is the view from treasure island. looking back at the bay bridge. you will have to take my word on it. you can't see much here. we really can't see the traffic move across the bridge deck at this point. this has been a consistently lowering cloud deck over the last few hours. i don't see any measurable issues with fog on the road in the city. from that view you want to plan on giving yourself extra time. san jose you look fine. when we go to the camera on top top of mount diablo. you can see what it looks like here for places like concord, out toward walnut creek. you have the low clouds that are creeping in. that is the scene in the city right now. this means that's temperatures are pretty warm. nobody is in the 30's but for
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ukia. it's in the mid-40s's. that will feel feed. it'll feel warm. to go along with that. zero for them. that's our trouble spot. that's why we have the dense fog advisory. the tri valley with just as much of an issue. by noon we will break free. in terms of rain, you can see where the storms are out here.
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doesn't that paint a picture? a big doughnut hole of nothing with that ridge of high pressure and that is why the seven day forecast is the way it is. no rain through the end of january. and a warm up by the time we get to the end of this week we will climb in to the upper 60's for san jose. 67. will be in the mid-60s ha for oakland. look at that middle line. north bay valleys. two degrees shy of 70 by friday. we will be in the mid-60s's for the inland valleys of the east bay. let's see how the drive is looking. >> let's take a look at traffic as you work westbound 580 toward the dublin interchange. we are dealing the foggy spots as darren said. boy love to show you a live shot of the area. we normally do but that's not the case. can't see the camera. it's completely socked in with fog. it's slow as you work through there. westbound heading toward 680 once are you on 680 speeds are looking okay.
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have fog to deal with through the livermoren. to the pass we have the slow stuff here. westbound 205 onto 580. extending to north flynn. the slowest spot around 14 miles an hour. tracking brake light as long highway 4 westbound. sluggish out of bay point into the area heading thwart highway 4 through concord. that's a little sluggish. checking your travel times. westbound 580. over toward 680. that highway 4 commute around 35 minutes antioch toward the east shore. east shore itself looking okay. no crashes right now. 15 minutes highway 4 to the maze if you are taking westbound 80. once you get toward the bay bridge toll plaza starting to see fog. just over the toll plaza. as i was looking at live shots here say look. one of the cal trans cameras at the tower. you can kind of -- can't make out the roadway. photograph sick getting a little slower, little foggier there. also gets better off the skyway
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heading into san francisco right at that's fremont street exit. you can see in the live shot its getting sluggish and crowded as you head over into the city. san mateo bridge. no delays on 880 right now and 101 is clear through the peninsula. still to come bay area food banks operating in crisis mode. it has nothing to do with the food. how you can help next. and don't forget to check out the new evening anchor. you can watch him with elizabeth cook in the five, 7 and 11:00 p.m. newscast.
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question will spotlight that noon to 2:00 window to help you peak your plans for
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that part of the day. it'll be bluer sky by the time we get there. it's pretty cloudy and foggyw. he will talk about the dense fog advisory coming up at the top of the next news block to get you ready to step out the door. by lunch it's not a factor. maybe a few leftover clouds in the bay and in the low 60's for inland spots. mid50's for the bay. see with you the forecast coming up. bay area food banks are operating in crisis mode, each with a different problem but not because of a shortage of things to eat. >> they all have one problem in common. the pandemic, second harvest said it doesn't have people to help pack donations and may hire temporary workers which costs them around $50,000 officer two weeks. santa rosa redwood empower has a staffing shortage due to covid and quarantining employees. the ceo is making deliveries. >> the way i show what we are experience experiencing a disaster with in a disaster.
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>> if you want more information on helping bay area food banks check out the website it is now 6:26. the next half hour on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> the launch of the new 5g connect follow guilty making airlines scramble. and unprecedented blood shortage. the american red cross is declaring an emergency blood crisis for the first time. we will tell you how you can help. and a bay area university under pressure from a petition. what hundreds of people are asking the school to
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here are your morning head lines. this morning, student leaders say that they plan to continue boycotting classes today over covid safety measures. it's meeting all of their demands. this restill at an impass, over testing. the a's represent their final impact report to the planning commission which could we a big step forward for them but not everybody is on board. today's meeting starts at three this afternoon. the roll out for a new
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technology is scheduled for today. this morning major airlines and pilots sounding the alarm. they warn it could interfere with flight systems. especially at foggy airports like sfo. it's wednesday, january 19th. good morning to you. let's start it off with traffic and weather. starting with darren and the fog is taking over this morning. >> nice view from the top of mount diablo. illustrating that beautifully. here is what it looks like for many of the inland valleys of the east bay. there's a difference between having, you know, midlevel stratus clouds and fog on the road obviously. what we are concerned about is where the fog on the road is going to be. that's mainly north bay valley issue. looks contract mat frequent treasure island. that's the bay bridge. just chicking in on the cameras. can drive on the bridge. the visibility is okay until you get over the water. once are you in the city are you okay. livermore is foggy. santa rosa has been foggy there. the best way to get a handle on
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this is to look at the visibility readings. the smaller the number the bigger the fog issue. that's where the dense fog advisorys. look at livermore. three tenths of a mile. the take a what is the inland valleys of the east bay. we are doing okay in and around the heart of the bay. doesn't mean that won't change over the next hour or two. we have been watch that cloud deck just drop as we take a look at the bay bridge and the view from treasure island. then more blue sky and daytime high that will climb back in to the low to mid-60s's. more on that coming newspaper a bit. let's get specific on the drive now and check in with gianna. let's go over to the south bay. we are tracking a trouble spot along northbound 101 this morning getting ready to take the ride route of san jose. it is have you. there's a crash at that 680 connector over on the right hand side of the roadway. one of our busy spots. we normally see extra volume in
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the 6:00 hour. that's moving nicely in both directions. want to show you conditions on 680 in the dublin and westbound 580. slow speeds approaching that 680 connector. we are tracking brake right lights as you head through pleasanton. this is an area we are seeing some limited visibility due to foggy conditions. be careful in to the pass. into the livermore valley. slow speeds out of tracy onto 580. travel time now 38 minutes, things slowing down on highway had. we will get a closer look at that in my next report. the live news desk. continuing to follow this breaking news on the peninsula after police say that an aggressive mountain lion was spotted and game wardens now on scene trying to find him. going to give you a map of where this was. this is in belmont. the 2500 block of heatings. the big cat last scene seen at
6:33 am
around -- the police saying it's aggressive that fought and killed a of another mountain lion in the area. this is just east of the upper creek and canyon creek walking trails. also just west of carlmont high school. they want to make more the area is safe before students start coming. game wardens now on scene but police urging people to use caution. we will stay on top of it. back to you. is inrlin are rushing to sc or change flights to the united states over the launch of new 5g technology. experts warn we could see significant flight disruptions today. justin is at sfo for us this morning looking at the impact. >> we just checked and here there are only eight cancellations but that number is expected to rise over the next several hours. we know that at&t are launching 5g service nationwide. the showdown between wireless carriers and the airlines
6:34 am
started when the airline for america released a letter warning the 5g launch many on today could interfere resulting in chaos at the nation's airports and a disaster aviation crisis. they warn that the new technology could interfere. several airlines cut service. >> carrrs wh spa ton ofing ssrks. i don't think a lot of people would argue with them. >> travel experts are warning us that the best advice is to delay the international flight
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by a day. at sfo. kpix5. let's go live to the big board to see how the markets reacting after yesterday's cell off so the dow is up in the green about 50 points this morning. happening today a blood drive in the east bay. this is hospitals are facing an unprecedented blood shortage. >> think are declaring an emergency blood crisis. it's a problem we are seeing across the nation. a doctor with the american red cross said blood banks and hospitals empty. omicron has led to fewer donors and staffing shortages and the winter weather we are seeing isn't making it any easier. >> a ic d fire. the re thcountry short falls.
6:36 am
>> the regional medical center -- to give blood. we are holding a load drive from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you can head to red cross and enter the sponsor code. can still donate blood. you should wait two weeks after a positive test and be healthy and symptom free the day you donate. for now back to you. happening today state attorney general set to announce a new police over sight effort in northern california. this virtual event is scheduled for 11:15 this morning. we will stream is it on cbsn bay area. live now to san jose where police are considering putting detectives back out an patrol part time to help cover for dozens of officers sidelined by covid. the department is already
6:37 am
struggling with a staffing shortage. the city has a budget for 1150 officers but currently has only about a thousand. then subtract officers who are sick, injured, on leave or off shift. >> we sign to our patrol division where somewhere in the neighborhood of 450. that's 450 for a million people. seven days a week. 24 hours a day. >> the police union said that the plan would rob peter to pay paul by taking detectives away from where they are needed. they want to see the spots filled with voluntary overtime. stanford university under pressure after hundreds of people signed a petition urging the school to drop its booster mandate. the student who started the petition gathered nearly 1600 signatures a week ago asking stanford to take back its decision requiring everybody to get boosters. the petition called the mandate unethical. students returning to in person
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classes must provide booster proof by the end of the month. the president will be holding a news conference today at 1:00 p.m. our time. cbs news will hold a special report. you can watch it live right here on kpix5. tomorrow marks the first anniversary of biden being president. its been a turbulent year. pan democrat. >>announcer, economy and foreign policy challenges have loomed large with the midterm elections on the horizon. >> time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs mornings. nate from new york. good morning. >> good morning. ahead on cbs mornings americans are now able to order free at home covid tests. the details on that and how the biden administration is ramping up the fight.
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to talk about a new concert film. and we go inside an art filled 16th century villa on the market for hundreds of millions of dollars and we meet the texas born princess who is selling the property offer a messy legal fight. and one more thing. how about those 49ers? >> hey. >> see you at seven. >> can't forget that. you buried the lead. i can't wait to see what happen was bill onset today. i no he that will be interesting as well. we will see you at seven. thank you. still to come a potential vote today as democrats try to get a voting rights bill massed. we are live with why the measure seems all but certain to fail. and that already expensive peleton bike about to cost you more. what's behind the price hike next. and all morning long been watching the cloud doing get lower lower. there's a dense fog advisory out there this morning for the north bay valleysw. don't have one here at the bay
6:40 am
bridge. it's starting to looking toy. we will look at this coming up in the forecast after the break.
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? stocking open intersection the green after yesterday's cell off and peletom is raising its prices. diane king hall live from new york with your money watch report this morning. good morning. >> good morning. yeah trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and investors in a buying mood after that route yesterday. it's bargin hunting right now. the dow is jumping 91 points, had been up triple digitsw. will see if it regains the highs. over in the tech sector are you seeing gains there as well. the nasdaq on the plus side by 82 points. peletom is about to start pedestrianing higher prices. the exercise equipment maker
6:44 am
said that it'll start charging customers 250 dollars for delivery and set up of its bike if you want the treadmill that will set you back another $350 which would bring that total for the tread to nearly $3,000. the company cited rising inflation and higher supply chain costs but they have been fighting the slump in demand amid people going back to gyms. >> they can take all any money at this point. thank you. >> you got it. live look. the senate could take it's first vote today. no suspected republican supports. the bill is all but certain to fail. what is expected to happen today. > >> we should have a vote here of late afternoon. at least the first in a series
6:45 am
of votes. they don't have the votes to make this law but they want to be trying on voting rights, with their supporters and with other americans. the laws in the senate would make election day a federal holiday. would open up mail in and early voting in all state across the country, we will see a vote late today but again there is a consensus that there is no path forward to making these bills law. >> why are democrats going ahead without a path to victory? >> they think this is a good political message. they think there is a victory to be had ahead of the 2022 midterms. the two democratic hold out
6:46 am
senators, have been clear. they won't vote to change senate rules to get thispassed. that works for them in home states. there's victories to be had even though there's no victory to be had in the legislature. some of the local members of congress have taken the floor in this debate. what have they had to say? >> among the first to speak during what will be a marathon senate debate was california senator alex padia who said the senate has changed or worked around the filibuster 160 times in its history and should do so here. he also called this debate and this vote a generation almonte. he is one of the first that would be a long line of senators to speak here today and this week on voting rights. >> certainly one to watch for
6:47 am
sure. staffing shortages creating a headache for muni riders. extended wait times for more than a dozen lines through the evening. it's not clear if the delays could continue into today but be prepared in case. according to new study california ranks in the top five. >> it ranked states on a few points like cost of ownership and maintenance. traffic and overall safety. rounding out the five worst states, maryland, came in 46th. my home state there. california wasn't the worst but came in at 47. delaware and rhode island came in at 48 and 49 respectively. the worst state to drive in is hawaii. at the top of the list ohio was ranged as be the best state. i can attest to that.
6:48 am
not the greatest. and california yeah,. >> san francisco, must take like the brunt of it too. drive around here is just a nightmare. >> it's a mission every day. >> we need gianna all the time. civil it bad if i'm having emotions toward delaware right now? take that delaware. it looks like daylight. low level clouds out there. there is a fog issue in livermore. we will look at that when we check out the senators. it still looks like the night here. that's the view across the bay bridge. north bay and east bay valleys.
6:49 am
this is what it looks like and you can just kind of get that overview of the low clouds filling in the valleys. there's a difference between having a midlevel cloud or having fog on the road. what we care about is fog on the road. that's why they have issued a dense fog advisory for the north bay valleys this is where the issue is. goes to ten. if we switch to the visibility map you see why. santa rosa that's not much better. napa is the same. fairfield has gotten better. livermore is at three ten thes of a mile. it's foggy in the tri valley. gianna has been watching that closely. this has kept the temperatures warm. nobody is in the 30's but four yukia. places like santa rose a. that will feel warm when you step outside. this all melts away by late morning or early afternoon apt the latest. the clouds are thick over the
6:50 am
bay. they will clear out in time that you will get breaks of blue sky. we will go in to the low to mid- 60s's for daytime highs. you can see how all this stuff melt at way on that high resolution forecast. the question of rain out here. the storms are going to keep hitting a big block in the atmosphere like that one. watch that. just fall as part. the big blocking ridge is really going to set up shop right off the coast of california. that dominant ridge will force all of the rain up and over it. when you look at the accumulated rainfall between now and the end of the month, you see the big doughnut hole of nothing right there. that's why we have kind of entered one of our classic prolonged periods here in northern california where we go without rain. that's the seven day forecast. you can see how things play out with plenty of sun showing and dae hi warm in to the upper 60's here over the coming days. by the end of the week in fact san jose will be three degrees shy of 70. same story for the north bay
6:51 am
valleys. since i showed under how supe it'll be how about the idea of getting up in the mountains. kirkwood with 80 inches on the base. the conditions are great. we won't be putting any more snow down. taking a look at the roadwaysw. retracking a few brake lights. dealing foggy spots this morning. be careful, hit the roadways, especially in the north bay. if are you going through the tri valley area. limited visibility an ir. we are seeing a bit of fog at the toll plaza. metering lights were turned on around 6:27 this morning. traffic slow across the upper deck heading in to san francisco. i have been watching some of our cameras trying to show you traffic conditions this is a look at the upper deck of the bay bridge near the tower. can't see the cars too much. that's because of a bit of fog. westbound 80. fremont street exit off the bay bridge. you can see traffic certainly slow as you head over into san
6:52 am
francisco. under 15 minutes from the maze over to the city. let's look at traffic conditions in to the pass. in to the livermore valley. seeing slow speeds here and there around 37 miles per hour in some spots. slower if are you going out of tracy onto 580 down about 16 miles an hour. foggy there as well. you know in that dense fog just be careful. you only have a few seconds to reacts if you can't see well. give yourself extra space while are you driving. northbound 101 at 680 out of the south bay. san jose its busy on that ride toward 880. if you want to stick with 280, maybe 87, guadalupe parkway. your hot spot is that ride along 101 and we are tracking brake lights. that's a look at your morning ride. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead a vote to put the a's a big step closer to a
6:53 am
ballpark. and a california high school senior gets
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. the live news desk. continuing to follow this warning from police about a dangerous mountain lion on the loose in belmont this is on the peninsula. giving you a map of the area. the 2500 block of hastings. that is where what police are calling an aggressive mountain lion that fought and killed another mountain lion in the area was last seen at around 2:00 a.m. they have been searching for it. this is east of upper creek and canyon creek trails. they want anyone who is in that area that morning to use caution. an important hearing
6:57 am
happening today. that could be a big step forward in keeping the a's in oakland. the athletics will present their feinstein mental impact report. the planning commission. they will decide whether to recommend the approval of the report to city council. the project would include a waterfront ballpark with a capacity of up to 35,000 people, 3,000 units of housing space for retail use and offices. they released a survey that asked 509 people how they felt act the deal requiring the is it i to pay $350 million in improvements to the area around the site. more were opposed but the city said the funds would come from taxes generate from increased economic activity that won't happen without the project. the planning commission meeting today is set to start at three this afternoon. back to you. let look at the roadways. if are you headed toward the
6:58 am
bay bridge, about a 15 minute ride into san francisco right now. we have a few slow spots to deal with in the south bay. northbound 101 at 680. brake lights due to a crash at that 680 connector. checking the travel times. bay and highway 4, westbound 45 minutes isn't hacko 840. first reports of a crash near marsh creek. a vehicle stuck on its roof. heads up and be careful it's foggy this morning. that's the headline in terms of the weather side of this story. i will go right to that dense fog advisory. north bay valleys. until ten. by no means the north bay valleys the only locations where you will encounter fog. let's not leave out the tri valley. livermore, three tenths of a mile. give yourself extra time for any of the inland valley and in the heart of the bay its cloudy. we are avoiding that low cloud grloseveday forecast. plenty of sun warmg
6:59 am
trend. and new this morning only a fraction of a number of sat test takers achieve a perfect score. >> a northern california high school senior just pulled off the feat. that is right. every single question is answered correctly. he said he prepared when he had free time many is he student body president and vice captain of the robotics team. >> i was able to take up a job as a software engineering intern. >> he said's applied to around a dozen colleges and expects to start hearing back in march. probably safe to say he will get into every one of them. >> good for him. >> yeah. >> that's great. i feel like identify studied every fremont i had not even close. >> is he only vice president of the robotics club. >> probably by choice. >> good job. the news continues all day
7:00 am
on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings up next. have a great day. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast on this wednesday. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> i think the omicron surge is going to be one that will be up and down in five to six weeks. it is going to be a challenge to get through those five to six weeks. >> the white house launches its free at home testing program today. is it enough as omicron surges? airlines warn of possible cancellations due to the new 5g rollout. we'll


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