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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 19, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now, looking live from treasure island this morning. looking at the city of san francisco. good morning. it's wednesday, january 19th. >> let's get a check on the weather and traffic to start the morning off. darren has that. >> good morning. i have even fewer cameras i can show you right now because of the fog. the only few that are giving us anything to look at are the ones on the top of the mark hopkins hotel. anything higher is in the fog and anything that's looking at sky from below is looking at clouds. the view frthof the mark hopkins looks cloudy out there. livermore is reporting fog in the tri valley. we can see that when we look at the current. santa rosa reporting fog. remember the difference between having a midlevel cloud instead of actually having fog on the road and that's going to be the concern this morning as who are the trouble spots for fog in the temperatures are fine. if we look at the visibility
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the north bay has the issue. napa, visibility down to less than a mile. look at livermore. livermore and the tri valley included in it this morning. clouds and fog burn off by late morning and then it's a beautiful day. the low and mid-60s's. let's see how this is impacting the drive this early. gianna over to you. my traffic cameras are limited this is due to the fog. one of them is the dublin interchange. an area you are talking about with fog this morning. it's just socked in so just a heads up if are you hitting the roadway. give yourself extra time. you may run into areas with limited visibility. as far as brake lights and delays still moving at an okay pace. approaching that dublin pleasanton area. there are a few brake lights,
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slower speeds off 205 onto 580. you will see slow speeds through the pass. 25 minute travel time. also getsing reports of a trouble spot. a new crash south 680 just before mission. two cars involved. also new crash on 80. two pedestrians are dead and a third is in the hospital after a horrible crash in san jose. the crash was reported around 8:30 last night near the intersection of foxwortthy. police were seen speak together driver who stayed at the scene. just this month five pedestrians have been hit and killed in stab jose. in san francisco last night more than 100 people gathered to remember the mile go. after being shoved in front of a new york
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city subway train. how family and friends hope people will remember her life rather than how she died. >> i'm here, no fear in my eyes. >> the song going through china town was filled with sadness as those who knew the 40-year-old michelle go gathered. >> she was smart, intelligent. a very givenning person. >> she just showed what it meant to be alive. to be human. >> a vigil was held in time square in new york, not far from where she was killed. as who knew her growing up gathered in san francisco's china town. >> could not believe that something like this would be someone we knew you hear the stories. >> go grew up in fremont to and moved to man shoot and was working there.
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around nine saturday morning she was standing on a subway platform at the time square station when a man shoved her in front of a train, killing her instantly. police say the manipulator turned himself in and was identified as 61-year-old simon marshall who is now charged with murder. friends say go spent the last decade working for the homeless and was trying to help those like her alleged killer. >> just very kind through and through. it makes this tragedy all the more senseless and difficult to bear. >> just be here and support our community. doesn't mat father are you asian, brown, black, white, doesn't matter. you just want too be there for the people and support. >> detectives in new york are investigating this as a possible hate crime. they say so far there is no evidence that michelle was targeted because of her race. in san francisco, kpix5. oakland student leaders say that they plan to continue
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boycotting classes today over covid safety measures though the district said its meeting all their demands. yesterday the boycott led to three school closures. students and teachers also held a car care van. hundreds have signed a petition demanding the district provide kn95 masks, more spaces to eat safely outside and twice weekly covid testing. leaders say they have still at an impasse over testing which a district spokesperson outlined yesterday. >> we have very robust testing at ten hubs across the city throughout the week. we have been doing that since last fall. last fall, the fall semest, this school year we did 130,000 tests. >> the students say the testing sites are only open during school hours which makes it hard for families and teachers to get tested. there are some indications
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that omicron has peaked. some areas are still seeing an extremely high number of cases. this as the federal government starts the process to mail out free tests. andrea has more from napa. >> napa like other count yips saw an excess ib amount of cases after the three day weekend indicating the surge is not over quite yet. >> i can safely say we are not increasing at a high rate. i'm not saying that we are going down but we are certainly -- the rate of increase has decreased or flat. >> while the positive rate remains steady infection disease doctor said that the good news is that at least at ucsf it hasn't seen any increase in hospitalizations in about a week. the federal government took a step to combat the infectious variant by offering four flee covid tests per house. >> it's way late but, you know, better late thannever.
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>> napa topped a thousand cases since the early stages. many residents feel that the tests should have been available sooner. >> two weeks ago people couldn't get testing. i don't think omicron will be the last we see of coronavirus. >> people who wanted them have had such indictmenty finding them. the lines to go through the drive through ones are just endless. >> billions of tests ready for distribution under the federal program. health experts say that even if the omicron surge starts to fade the need for the test will remain. >> it is a little too late for omicron. i would encourage everybody first of all to keep it on. there is still going to be disease disease around. and the website to sign up for free test kits is already having some problems. some people in the same
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apartment building kiulcos.t her rsus sa the five digit zip code isn't enough. you need to enter the additional four digits. the next frontier for the biden administration is to try to get free high quality masks out there. let's start with a live look at the white house because the president going to give a press conference today. it's pleasant to highlight some of the wins of his first term including a vaccine drive, a rare bipartisan law to fix infrastructure and his move to smooth international relations but he will have a lot of tough questions to answer as well. his administration announcing the plan to distribute free n95 masks. 400 million of million will be available at pharmacies and community health centers, all coming from the strategic national stock pile. the administration will begin shipments this week. they hope to have the program
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operational by early next month. the president will be speaking about that today as well. we will watch that. this morning the search is on for the suspect involved in a series of unprovoked attacks on the uc berkeley campus. the most recent assault happened yesterday on the south side of the school of business in berkeley. police say the man in this photograph violently shoved another man from behind, causing injuries to his face when he fell. investigators believe the same suspect is likely responsible for three separate assaults on campus. shocking video showing a burglary crew's rapid crime spree through the south bay. this morning the suspects remain on the run. maria is at the san jose police department with the common thread in all of these crimes. >> san jose police are searching for the group of thieves they say worked together to hit a half dozen businesses, their main target cash inside atm's. >> we believe this group was
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working together. different vehicles, same group of people. >> surveillance footage shows a pair of suspects working together. after one car smashes the glass store front, the driver of a truck jumps in to help drag and steal the shop's atm. >> this happened all over the city from the south part of the city into downtown. toward the north end of the city. >> san jose police say the thieves worked at warp speed, breaking into a half dozen businesses from three until 4:30. hitting liquor stores, even a nail salon and safeway. each time allegedly trying to pry open offer steal amt's. >> i don't recall where there was six businesses targeted with in a short amount of time. i mean an hour and a half to target six businesses. these criminals were very busy. >> joe owns santa clara smoke shop where the burglars were only able to get away with a few pieces of clothing. >> what they gain? nothing. you get like a couple hundred
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dollars maybe? come on. >> jimmy singh has been in business more than two decades and he has never been a victim like this he hopes the video helps police catch the crooks who stole his store's atm and robbed him of his sense of security. >> almost got a heart attack to see that store, you no he? >> and police say the thieves also used straps to pry open business stores. also important to note. out of the six businesses targeted, only one atm machine was stolen and the store owner said that the machine didn't have that much cash any way. at the san jose police department. kpix5. the time is now 4:42. still ahead on kpix5. democrats pushing to expand voting rights. why they are calling the process an uphill battle. the and sound at alarm. why travel experts warning airline passengers to postpone
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their flights today.
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democrats pressing forward on legislation to protect and expand voting rights but they admit it's an uphill battle. activists are keeping on the pressure. >> we have to be the generation that defends and extends our most fundamental freedom. the right to cast a vote that counts. >> the senate could wrap up debate as early as today but republicans are expected to block the measures coming up for a vote in the evenly divided senate. time for your money watch report. this morning why 5g network is being delayed at some airports and the new push to reduce
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plastic pollution. wall street tanked on tuesday. the dow dropped 543 points. the nasdaq slid 386 and the s&p500 fell 85. earning season got off to a rough start for the banks. goldman sach's reported operating expenses jumped 20% as it paid its bankers more. profit fell we low $4 billion and shares of the company dropped 7%. at&t and verizon are delaying the start of 5g cover the concern it could affect equipment. the new antennas go live today. several airlines have canceled flights because of the uncertainty. and a call to reduce plastic pollution from some of
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the biggest polluters. coke, pepsi, nestle and others are asking the un to put in a global pack that reduces production of the material and increases recycling. the plea a month before the environmental assembly. they said that now is a moment to turn the tide on this global crisis. and that's your cbs money watch report, for more head to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center, i'm diane king hall. it's 4:47. if are you just waking up with us it's weather and traffic time. >> and da rren has the forecast. >> it's foggier today than it was yesterday. so let's start off with the -- one of the few cameras where we can see stuff. everything else is either up in the clouds or has fog on it. it's the fog on the road that will matter the most obviously for the drive. i want to spotlight where you would be most like toy to encounter that. what you are seeing, that's not
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fog. that's just a midlevel cloud. want to be called fog? you have to be on the ground and most places don't have it on the ground. you can see the impact this had on the temperatures. it's relatively warm. nobody is in the 30's. many places are in the upper 40's. it's 50 degrees right now in san jose thanks to the low clouds that are acting like a blanket. even up in the north bay the coldest temperature 41, that will feel warm when you step outside. that's where the deepest layer of fog is. when you local the two visibility sensors, santa rosa, napa you are also included in that for the north bay valley and a new addition today. the tri valley. so this is going to be an issue on the road in the tri valley. we will hear more from her in a second. in terms of how much long their will last you can see the future cast. the ability to see where the fog is. look at the pools of gray in the north bay. ly play this forward.
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it takes a while for that stuff to melt back. by the time we have the late morning it does. like it always does. we will have sunshine as we get in to the afternoon it. will be a pretty day. have you plenty of blue sky and temperatures will warm up into the mid-60s's. we will go to 64 in san jose. 65 for the daytime high today in santa rose a. as we watch this morning's clouds, just kind of disappear there's the wednesday afternoon with plenty of sun. we get into thursday. thursday stays the same. more blue sky on thursday than anything else. then high clouds for sunday. storm track is well to the north. you can see all of the rain continuing to group into the pacific northwest. all the weather goes up and around the long way. we have been watching that pattern. that intense center of high
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pressure off the coast. inmog.whs news to friday yoenveu so -- you can see it ri there. rainfall between now and january 28th. that's such a striking image. all the ray which is why we aren't getting it. we get warmer. san jose your numbers going up to the upper 60's by the time we get to saturday and sunday. we look across the micro climate. it'll be near 70 degrees on friday. up in the north bay. all right. let's hear specifics on that drive now. how many issues the fog causing? we don't have a ton of accidents which is good news. i am seeing some slow speeds in the areas are you talking about. we are seeing foggy spots this morning. that includes that ride into the pass. livermore valley. the tri valley area. if you are taking 58o, 680, 84 give yourself extra time this
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morning. be careful and leave a lot of space between and the car in front of you. speeds down about 35. right around north flynn. sluggish there. we have the brake lights out of tracy this morning. plan for that. if you are going the rest of the day toward the dublin a little slow connecting onto 680. there are a couple of crashes this morning. south 680 at mission boulevard. a couple of cars tangled up. all the activity is block the left lane. traffic just a little slow approaching that area. as we take a look at the travel times we are at 29 minutes for the ride on westbound 580. 205 toward 680. east shore doing okay. 13 minutes from highway 4 over to the maze. there is a crash along 80 that we are monitoring. westbound 80 actually is reported eastbound 580. that's where that trouble spots. just a heads up there. if you are headed toward the bay bridge, things look good. no delays in to san francisco right now. the bay area bring bridges quiet and you can see them. not a lot of fog on the san
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mateo bridge. the gold especially gate bridge looking good. easy ride into san francisco. again remember north of there, santa rosa, those areas, you will run into foggy spots for the drive. that's a look at traffic. morning. straight ahead. here is what we have. big names. on a roll. in the land down under. jimmy swivelled his hips? the warriors u well. they felt right at home. we will go up
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seven straight games at chase center. last night, the home cooking started. did you know that detroit pistons have a total of ten wins? green on the shelf a couple of weeks. no wishes for curry. they started jonathan. the rookie over the scoring. finished 12 points and 10 rebounds. took the heat off curry. here is curry in the corner pocket three.
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18 points for him. warriors up 16 and he was the assist machine. here is one of his eight here. andrew wiggins brought it down. they led by 26. as many as 34. the warriors have been up and don lately. not tonight. not last night. not any night. thompson, is second game at home since his return. he scored 21, warriors regular 32-12 won it last night. the pacers are here tomorrow. nfl and the 49ers. six point under dogs at the packers on saturday. they got to work last night. first. >> what's bothering you more in the shoulder or the thumb? >> yes. i don't know. they are pretty close. >> got to play through it. on the stadium field last
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night. the hips swivel. you got to be loose, right? give me a shot of lambeau field. the divisional showdown site. there are reports of single digit temperatures with a wind chill saturday night. is it mind over matter? >> me personally, i understand how cold it dress as warm as possible. that is how i just -- whatever guys need to do, understand that it is the real deal. >> i played in the cold my whole life. i don't thinkly be too crazy with that. >> what does rogers think this is? the 9th postseason meeting between the two in the last years and 4th time since the old cal bear became packerns quarterback. he is a historian. >> dewatch this rivalry growing up. one big moment that sticks out was young to to for sure. i think a lot of packer fans talk about their being a fumble
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on that drive that wasn't called. >> no matter what you do you daaul.thlidrate, right? or fropoman theit en near court wa he andreasled yannick in straight sets. nadal is on the way to the third round. is he trying for his 21th grand slam and first ozzie since 2009. that is sports at this hour. the 49ers are on the practice field later on today at two as they insert more of the game plan for that 5:15 saturday kickoff. the divisional round in the nfl. we will see you later. it's 4:57. still ahead. many students staying home in oakland again today. frustration was the school district over covid safety measures. and the new pressure on
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. right now open kpix5. a live look at sfo this morning. the safety concerns at some of the country's airports with a 5g wireless roll out. and the a's today are planning to present their final environmental impact report to the planning commission. the details coming up. and the website to order free covid tests up and running. the promises for some americans. and the new demand for stanford university to change it's covid booster mandate. good morning. it is wednesday, january 19th. >> good morning to you. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting it off with darren and a foggy start for some out there. >>


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